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Sports Comeback-Trestle IV – CHEEK TO CHEEK

17 Dec

M/3f; Time: 40 minutes

As with the other CHEEKTOCHEEK productions, this involves mild spanking and very pretty actresses. Lots of undressing, shower scenes, etc. The storyline here involves three girls not performing properly in school sports.

The girls are caught drinking and partying, and must report to the headmaster. They either take his punishment or leave school. Undressing and shower scenes as the girls put on their gym clothes. The Head sends each girl on a run with a paddle smack to her buttocks.

Trestle time in the gym. Each girl drops her shorts or skirt and bends over a trestle, nothing but a sawhorse with a blanket pad. Legs spread wide, pussy flashes.

then a variation of the diaper position worthy of description. A brunette sits cowboy style on a chair then throws her legs up in the air, and wiggles up until her bare bottom reaches the top of the back of the chair. She is supported by the chair back and her hands on elbows–like the bicycle position. Very revealing and helpless. she can see the paddle coming.

Lunge position for more spanking, then hands-on-ankles, then into the showers.

The film concludes with a trestle tawse spanking on a stage, the presumption being there is an audience. Hands-on-ankles for the cane.

Sports College-Trestle II – CHEEK TO CHEEK

4 Sep

2M/3f; time: 37 minutes

More pretty girls and eye candy from Metro/Cheek-to-Cheek. And some of the spankings are as good as you can expect from a company who wants their actresses to be able to work again tomorrow.

Three pretty girls strip and put on PT clothes, one of several nudie scenes, and always a highlight of these films for us. because we know we will see the girls spanked also. The girls go jogging in an exterior scene. They stop for cigarettes and are caught by a male school official.

After some discussion of this unauthorized behavior, the girls agree to accept spankings on the spot, rather than be reported to ‘Mr. Marshall’ back at the school. Each of the girls, two brunettes and a blonde, must lean against a tree, drop her shorts, and take a handspanking. The faceless male bunches the panties and smacks for a few minutes. This settles the matter, we thought.

The girls decide to take a shortcut back to school, which is trespassing. They are reported to Mr. Marshall, and their cigarette butts are found in dangerous dry grass. When the girls arrive at school, we are treated to a shower scene with one of the brunettes.

Marshall summons the girls, who report in full dress, school blazers. He is an ageplay actor we’ve seen at ROUE, BLUSHES, CALSTAR, and maybe at the bar in George Harrison Marks’ KANE films. He likes his girls. He explains the transgressions and the punishments–brunette Suzi will be caned because she is the oldest and should have been the leader; the blonde and the other brunette will be strapped. See him at 6:30 PM in the auditorium.

It is the room where we have seen other wonderful punishments. We remember ‘Sarah Jane Hamilton’ in ‘Naval Discipline.’ The blonde and brunette must bend over a trestle, which is simply a sawhorse with a towel for padding. Marshall straps both bottoms, panties bunched, with a big tawse.

Suzi is next. Marshall explains that the ‘Victorian’ position will be used. Bending over a tabletop, resting on elbows, palms in the air. Marshall bunches Suzi’s knickers and uses a whippy cane. Twelve strokes. She is shocked by how much it hurts, and actually breaks and jumps up cursing before she regains control. The twelve strokes are entertaining, and if this actress was just performing for us, we loved it.

Naval Discipline – CHEEK TO CHEEK

19 Aug

Year: late 1980’s/early 90’s. Time: 59 minutes

Another top favorite of ours, because it features two actresses who had long careers in adult films later. There are a series of loosely related spanking scenes on the theme of “naval discipline,” WREN’s having to drop their knickers. All done with the masterful acting and lighting so typical of Metro-Cheek-to-Cheek.

The first scene features ‘Vida Garman,’ who apparently made some spanking films and then moved on to nude modeling and adult sex films. She is in her early 20’s here. Vida, in full uniform, walks across a windy quadrangle, hanging onto her cap, and reports to a faceless male officer in a large empty room. She is to be caned for some naval offenses. She has no dialogue here, which she makes up for in later CALSTAR films.

In the ballroom-sized space, she raises her full length blue uniform skirt and drops her white panties. The profile view of this action misses the excitement of this preparation, also corrected in later films. She gets six strokes each for two offenses. The profile view here is inadequate for both facials and rear shots. Slow-motion repeats from an oblique view improve. See CTC’s ‘Military Discipline’ for some of the best spanking Vida has done.

Two WREN’s, credited as ‘Becky Cowan’ and ‘Pip Ward,’ are spanked by the same faceless male officer, over a stool, with a boat shoe. Average-looking models, until their knickers come down.

Another brief unrelated scene of two girls in an exercise or PT mode, drop their pants, show red bottoms, do some exercises for us, then alternately horse each other to be tawsed by a male officer.

Brief scene: a girl lies bare-bottom over the stool with wheels CTS used in these films. “Have you ever been beaten before?” “Yes, sir.” She gets the tawse in this posture. The slow-motion replays show how significantly the buttocks retract and collapse when the tawse strikes.

The final 18 minutes features actress ‘Sarah-Jane Hamilton’ as ‘Wallace,’ an insouciant WREN who will be featured for the rest of the film. Ms. Hamilton has waist-length red hair here, and based on her biography, is about 18 or 19 years old. She is a stunning sight–you wonder why she didn’t emerge in conventional theater. She will be punished in several postures. She has a trait of turning up her mouth in anger, which makes you want to increase the intensity.


For the first session, she bends over a chair, knickers down, for the slipper from the male officer, a female officer fully visible in attendance. Bare bottom, just an athletic top, frontals when she moves around. The officer orders her to “lunge forward,” then he straddles her with her between his legs so that he can strike her bottom vertically. She is as shocked as we are surprised. “What are you doing?!…I think you are both a couple of perverts…I might go to hierarchy to complain about this.” It is the delivery of this line which made us wonder why her career wasn’t more mainstream. And if anyone can find the use of the word ‘hierarchy’ in another adult film, we’d be charmed.


Her insouciant tongue costs her. Best not to argue with authority when your bare bottom is facing the ceiling lights. “You’ve gone too far…six strokes of the cane.”

The scene fades. Wallace returns in little white shorts. The female attendant: “Enjoy your little break?…remove your shorts, please.” Wallace unfastens the crotch buttons and peels down the little things. The female officer turns to the unseen officer and in a tone of melting eroticism, “Ready when you are.” She horses Wallace, who is muttering “Oh, God. Oh, God.”



The officer carefully pulls down her panties in the most official CP-film style. He lays on six cane strokes. She screams out the count. “You fucking sadist.” She is horsed again for six extras. The posture of horsing elongates the bottom and joins the thigh into a continuous target. She shows wild marks.

The next scene with Hamilton purports to be before a live (silent) audience, a theme MOONGLOW and CTC did so well. Wallace and the female officer climb a stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, you are here to witness a naval punishment…a naval flogging.” Wallace is in full uniform, eyes averted, with that explosive look on her puss(face, that is).

She is sent to “get changed,” providing one of those great nudie scenes CTC has done with several extraordinary models. Harmless and mild for some, but a major contributor to the fun for us. She gets her blouse off and has trouble with the buttons like all CP models seem to do. No bra, an unenhanced youthful body. G-string off. Just a little fuzz. Bikini exercise panties and a sports bra. We follow her down the corridor for her walk to the scaffold.


On stage she bends over a sawhorse and spreads her legs as wide as they will go. The female officer uses a tawse in ceremonial style. Wallace must count down from 24, gasping out the numbers. Very erotic.


14c39858-212c-44a0-ab39-180063048bf0“Thank you ladies and gentlemen.” Wallace walks off, focus on her red bottom.


Dancing School II-Triple Trouble – CHEEK TO CHEEK

7 Jan

2MF/3f;  time: 50 minutes

Pretty and tight dancers’ bare bottoms, not much plot. Mild spankings of pretty girls at a dancing school manage to preserve the ladies for future films. no way to stitch together a plot description. We’ll describe the scenes, and we admit we craved a bit more zing to the punishments.

Two girls paddle a third over the company trestle, the device found in most Cheek-to-Cheek/Metro films. Attractive but silly, cold cream at the conclusion.

A  faceless male disciplinarian, whose voice is familiar from other CTC films, has spanked many bottoms, including that of ‘Vida Garman,’  has one of the dancers OTK and then in the wonderfully naughty diaper position for some tawse.

The lovely ‘Jaonne’ has lost some costumes of the dance company and must strip for punishment. The setting is the entry hall of a McMansion. She makes a nice picture, a modest little thong remaining in place.

Two of the actresses now appear as schoolgirls and are paddled and tawsed in the traditional British matnelpioece pose, by the male ‘Nielson,’  then spread wide over the trestle. Mild spanking but great photography.

The Head Girl gets 18 with the tawse; there is laughter on-set–think she farted.

A saucy blonde is in the OTK clutches of our mystery spanker. Down with the thong. “Oh, sir, anything but this.” Nice red bottom and the best closeups of the film.

A cute schoolgirl must strip and gets the slipper, mild but attractive. And a last schoolgirl OTK scene.



Secretarial College – CHEEK TO CHEEK

18 Sep

MF/3f;  Time: 49 minutes

Secretarial school with stern disciplinary practices; this film is consistent with our recollection of Cheek-to-Cheek work, unusually attractive girls and generally moderate, tame punishments. Two gorgeous long-stemmed girls attend secretarial school. While wearing next to nothing in their rooms–providing nudie film moments, a little catfight develops and a wrestling match, lots of boobs and butts. The struggling girls obligingly allow each other to strip off what little they wear.

A mistress at the school, “Amanda,’ bursts in: “What the fuck are you two doing?” (If she were a man, she would have watched a while.) She is going to spank both girls, blond ‘Katherine’  first. ‘Franchesca’ can watch. Mild spanking OTK, slow-motion scenes, excellent closeups, Katherine is already naked. Brunette Franchesca gets the same. Both girls have foreign accents, not the British cut glass we expect.

Amanda steps it up. Katherine faces a large embossed leather paddle over a stool, showing us a legitimate blond tawny fuzz. Franchesca is next over the stool–her thong, surviving so far, for how long? Lots of pretty facials–the crew actually relocates the stool to improve the shot.

This concludes the session. C-to-C style of bare bottom comparison as the girls are lectured.

At the secretarial school, Franchesca and Katherine determine they have  something on Amanda, and call in her, to turn the tables. It must be powerful stuff, because Amanda undresses immediately and without debate–blazer off, skirt down, over the stool, panties down–both girls handspank and caress. They take up the C-to-C paddle, and harder; Amanda displays a full thatch of pubic hair, tagging the film to the early ’90’s.

In a new scene, apparently everyone actually likes being spanked–thus so little argument. Amanda compliments Franchesca on what a good spanker she is, triggering a dream scene, where Franchesca is the headmistress and Amanda is in school uniform. She gets the slipper–a classic old boat shoe someone saved from oblivion.

And yet another fantasy  by the girls–Amanda in school uniform, Franchesca in a body suit. Amanda horses her–very old school British Empire, and an unidentified male pulls her pants down and slippers her. Excellent buttocks jiggle in slow motion.

Military Discipline 2002 – CHEEK TO CHEEK

6 Sep

Mf/3f;  time: 50 minutes

Catherine Corbett does it all; she has numerous screen credits and can take a big time spanking if need be, and so has learned to dish it out and love doing it, as she does here, as a melodramatic Army lieutenant with access to the bottoms of two of her girls, RAF trainees ‘Brigham’  and ‘Walters.’

She has them on the carpet for “atrocious apparel,” and Brigham is first to be bent over a chair. “You’re in the Army now.” Skirts up, Corbett gives a very hard handspanking on white panties. Walters is over the chair for the same. They are sent off to change into PT kit.

When they return, they are shown the official Metro spanking slipper, actually a low-cut boat shoe (we’d find actress Vida Garman’s DNA on it). Brigham must bend over a desk, pull her own pants down, for a hard, fast slippering. Same for Walters. Then each girl takes 6 running hits from Corbett, where she runs up from a few paces back to deliver a slashing blow. Silly, but we have low standards. The girls are directed to return at 10 PM. There is a slightly sadistic ting to Corbett’s demeanor.

This time it is the strap over the desk, civilian jeans down and legitimate red bottoms after a few sets. Corbett is enjoying herself and so is the cameraman. Two weeks pass and the girls are in trouble again. They are in blue uniforms and have graduated to the cane. Brigham is over the desk, pants down,  and Corbett delivers 24 crisp strokes–she knows what it is like. It is beautiful. Walters takes the same, only touching toes, and must breathlessly count ’em out. Corbett breaks the skin. The girls then get the yardstick, including some of Corbett’s run-up style.

In the last scene, training camp is over, and the girls have come to say goodbye, but they have got something on Corbett now, having seen her en flagrante with another officer, so they wrestle her over the desk, and all to easily, she takes a bare handspanking. Her trim little figure explains her movie career. Then a faceless male officer appears, a voice from other Metro appearances. The colonel knows all that has transpired; apparently corporal punishment isn’t permitted here, but, uuh, he’ll settle it with some turnabout-is-fair-play. Corbett loses her pants quickly, is first strapped, and then must “fetch the cane”  for a rousing 30 strokes, plus six run-ups, not so stylish as Catherine would have done them. Very sexy, a nicely marked-up target, and lingering closeup ending. Catch it if you can.

Military Discipline – CHEEK TO CHEEK

28 Feb

M/3f; time: 60 minutes; about 1995

Page 3 nude model and adult actress Vida Garman early in her career in the 1990’s, one of the most entertainng CP films we have ever seen,much ballyhoo’d by observers over the years. A lot has been written about Ms. Garman, all of 5’1″ and about 19 years old when this film was made.

Here she plays a naval WREN who must report for punishment in her spiffy naval uniform and cap, to a male naval officer whose face we will never see. Throughout the film, the director will choose full-face shots of Vida, because her beauty burns through so powerfully. She has the posing model’s ability to stare into the camera with her green eyes without seeming to be looking at us.

When the officer lectures her and the camera holds on her face, there are flickers of amusement, as we have seen from several of the experienced and popular British CP actresses, reacting to the melodramatic scripting.

She accepts punishment without any dispute and postitions herself leaning on a very British ladder-back straight chair. She raises her skirt to display lovely close-fitting white knickers, garter belt, and stockings. She pulls them down herself, presenting a glamorous tush, one shot or another of which is found in much of the advertising for her work.

The officer switches plans and decides to spank her OTK on a love seat, so she pulls her pants up and he has her rearrange the furniture. OTK, the handspanking starts; we see his arms when he lowers her knickers, but the camera is focussed on her fascinating face at the moment. Closeups of her spanking and slow-motion added.

The officer has her stand and bend over the couch arm. A long hold on her pink bare bottom, framed by white garters, indirect lighting, makes for one of the best still shots we have ever seen in a CP film. Vida counts aloud 12 hard handsmacks in her crystal British. She is sent off.

A brief scene is included here where Vida jogs in striped jersey and cutoff jeans, enters a large empty baronial hall, to be confronted by the same faceless male for another spanking. Again, she struggles to remain serious as she is scolded. We doubt she had the same inclination as she was about to be fucked in one of her adult movies.

She gleefully pulls off her jersey to display her bare celebrated breasts, and when she works down her cutoff jeans, we see the underlying leotard is also bottomless as well as topless. She is busting with self-satisfaction at displayng her theatrical body. She willingly lays across a half-chair, for a slippering. Once again, these signature facial or bottom closeups, dramstically lit, are collected everywhere. Oblique shots catch her boobs hanging over the chair seat as well as her soaring buttocks. The slippering with a boat shoe is not quite harsh enough to erase her smirky playful visage. Slo-mo repeats are mixed with real-time voice in an unusually creative editing for the era.

Next comes the caning sequence, which is the most often excerpted and renowned portion of this film. Cadet Vida reports to the officer again. “Fetch the cane.”

In the middle of the hall, Vida rasies her uniform skirt, pulls down those white knickers and takes an efficient and impressive caning from the officer. She counts out the strokes, but too softly. “Louder!…let’s hear it across the parade ground.” She jumps up betweeen some strokes and can’t quite touch her toes as ordered. The officer has her spread her legs to improve her balance, but the camera angle can’t take advantage. We know Ms. Garman is not shy. The thin whippy cane leaves wrap marks on her thighs and flanks. It is a hard and satisfying caning, repeats from different angles, slow motion. She dresses to leave, giving us one of her smirky smiles.

In keeping with the military theme, two more cadets are spanked by the faceless officer.

A pretty curly blonde, called in front of the officer, recalls being spanked by a headmaster for cheating. In a flashback, she must wait outside the Head’s office in that obligatory foreplay scene. She is called in, scolded, and sent to put on gym clothes, giving us another opportunity for the up-and-down the stairs action for a doomed schoolgirl having to ideal with an ageplay disciplinarian, so nicely used in this film era.

Back in front of the Head’s fireplace in gymslip and skirt, “What are you here for?” “The cane, sir.” As she bends over, her skirt is flipped up, and the Head bunches her knickers, we hear a convincing gasp from her. “Oh, God.” Six impressive zingers, lines on her thighs.

A second female soldier, in a snappy shooting sweater, is taken OTK, her white knickers down immediately. The officer is fascinated with a little “diagram” tattoo in the center of her right buttock. A  brief, crisp spanking, bottom and facial closeups, replays.

Dance School 3 -Triple Trouble – CHEEK TO CHEEK

11 Aug

MF/3f; time: 54 minutes

Another charming girlie show form Cheek-to-Cheek/Metro, with Nicky van Kriel, Amanda Patterson, and Joanna Walker, the three glamorous dancers who will create the ‘triple trouble.’ The plot which leads to the individual spanking segments is confusing, but the storyline is irrelevant, given the eye candy. The girls seem to work for a men’s club, where girls can be spanked.

The girls practice-dance in a Victorian-looking house in their undies or less. Joanna and Nicky require Amanda to strip naked and they paddle her over a trestle for some infractions. Mild but sexy, and very revealing. Nice nude bottom lotion scene on the bed.

Joanna is sent to meet “a new client who wants to spank you.” A mild OTK scene, except for the diversions of  lengthy  views of her beautiful face and closeups of a small, hard,muscular dancer’s bottom. The customer spanking gets a bit more serious. She willingly assumes the diaper position, locking her elevated legs and arms in a piece of exercise equipment for support–very athletic–for more handspanking and an absolutely huge tawse, which could only be used gently  this early in the film if Joanna has more spanking scenes.

Another separate segment: it seems Joanna has forgotten costumes she is responsible for. She is confronted by the male club owner Milton in the baronial foyer of the house. She takes off the costume she is wearing and is spanked in her bra and thong, while she holds onto the spokes of the stairway bannister, her beautiful figure set against the elegant architecture.

The girls jog on the grounds, in outfits which would stop traffic. Nicky tells her two friends the club is looking for girls “To do a dance routine and then be thrashed.” The money is good. Deal.

We then see this club act–the action is confusing. Nicky spanks the girls for unseen spectators–the girls wear school uniforms. In turn, they take off their school skirts, bend and spread over the trestle in a style special to CTC. Nicky pulls their knickers down for the paddle and tawse. The girls also make-a-bridge for the tawse–they are very athletic in this move as they are throughout. Knickers keep going up and down from scene to scene.

The tables turn on Nicky. Milton is going to give her the cane. “No way…this is not in the show!” She bends for the cane, but Milton somehow misses on the backswing, the group dissolves in gales of laughter and the caning scene fizzles into a sort of out-take.

There follow four spanking sequences which have no bearing on the preceding plot, such as it was. The segments appear to be archival material, in keeping with CTC style of moderate spankings to very fancy bottoms of beautiful girls, no frontal nudity.

Blond Jenny is spanked OTK by a facelss male, and not happy about having to take her pants off. An excellent oblique of her bare bottom, an angle under-utilized which emphasized the high swell of the female tush, especially in her case.

Blond Jenny again as a schoolgirl, touch-toes, white knickers down, for sonorous cracks with the official tattered shoe ‘slipper’  CTC uses.

Jenny and brunette schoolgirl friend gossip and whisper about the merits of a good spanking, followed by the last scene, where the brunette finds her curiosity satisfied with a mild caning and then a lecture and a long bare-bottom spanking for poor schoolwork. She too possesses the charming Cheek-to-Cheek equipment.

Cambridge Blues – CHEEK TO CHEEK METRO

9 Jun

3M/3f; time: 42 minutes

Moderate spankings, the extraordinarily attractive Cheek-to-Cheek models, and a naughty fantasy of how spanking is embedded in Brtish elite culture. College professors freely spank their students for transgressions, and the girls accept it and even earn extra money by stripping and being spanked on-stage at a club.

Blond Louise Wilshire and brunette Natasha Beecher, both CTC actresses with credits, jog outdoors and discuss how their friend has been spanked for skimming cash at their hotel job, where Louise and Natasha have in fact stolen also.  Natasha discusses the experience of  being spanked with an incredulous Louise, and in a flashback we see her mildly slippered on dark knickers over a stool. Both girls’ bottoms are so beautiful we don’t need crackling discipline.

An extraneous shower scene with blond Louise for the purpose of highlighting her dynamic figure has been inserted. She dresses in sexy lingerie, which suggests she intends to undress again soon.

The two  girls are seen on the street—tall, svelte, long legs, tight bottoms, as they report to a faceless male voice, a school  official, and are accused of skimming 200 pds at the hotel. Both girls are given mild bare bottom handspankkngs bent over the man’s office settee.

On their way to work, Louise and Natasha know there will be more, but “He’s not going to go to the police because we could tell about him spanking us and all the other girls.” Therein lies the little quid pro quo  which supports this entire elite perversion.

Another flashback: Natasha got her bare bottom spanked by Dr. Williams for schoolwork failures. When she tried to excuse her work, “I’ve been really struggling…with money,”  the professor got his cue and will have a promoter of a spanking club contact the girls. But first, “the time has come to get to the bottom of the matter.” Natasha drops her jeans, the professor expertly bunches her black panties, and she takes a moderate tawsing.

The girls discuss the spanking “shows” they can be paid to perform in. They report for an audition, where another faceless male voice offers them a “wee gram before we start.” To the pulchritudinous Louise: “Pop your things off.” She strips down to panties,goes over a stool, where the male pulls down the panties, and she squawks down the walls during a moderate slippering. She’ll be fun on stage.

The girls change into school uniforms and are seen making introductions on-stage to an unseen audience. Natasha leaves and returns in minimal white thong and sports bra for a mild tawsing over a trestle, the spanking done by a third girl, the “ex-head girl Debbie Fuller.

Louise comes on stage next in a red leotard and calmly strips it off to a G-string. Another girl, Amy,  strips to her G-string. Amy horses Louise, a position out of academia. Natasha does the tawsing. Glorious British bottoms all over the stage.

Head girl Debbie is positioning herself over the trestle, a preview for the next film, as the scene ends.

High Flyers – CHEEK TO CHEEK

15 Apr

MF/5f; time: 59 minutes

A British airline uses spanking to discipline its female flight attendants, a lovely erotic concept, an endless theme. Cheek-to-Cheek rolls out a series of delightful CP scenes, using cast from its other films. Their work, now dated in provocativeness and intensity, is distinguished by very pretty, plausible, genteel women and sexy spanking situations, when a girl has to do what she is told. Spankings are moderate and brief, but the eye candy is probably the consistent best in all of CP film that we are aware of.

Two blondes, Niki and Mary, are summoned to the office of the Director of Cabin Services for financial inconsistencies on their flights. They know the disciplinarian, a woman they suspect of having lesbian tendencies, will spank them, the only question is how much and with what. Per instruction, they strip to bra and panties and walk through the halls to knock at her office, and then are spanked, strapped, and caned, losing their undies in the process. Directress ‘Anson Woods’ does the work. The usual British procedures: bend-overs, lunge position, diaper position on a couch,horsed on each others’  backs, spread wide at the mantelpiece. Beautiful bottoms, acceptable intensity, nice humilation, and a touch of lesbian interest from Ms. Woods.

Both girls are so pretty the camera mixes frequent facials, Mary’s huge blue eyes featured. The girls are eventually naked for their cane sets of six.

Another model from Cheek-to-Cheek, a lovely conventionally decked out light brunette, plays an airline attendant, awaiting her discipline and narrating her predicament to us. An unseen male arrives, she bends over a stool CTC used to great success in ‘Military Discipline,’ skirt up, form-fitting white knickers.  Another scene is included with this girl–in a leotard with bare buttocks, over a wooden sawhorse trestle,legs very wide, for a hard paddling.

Another employee, a blonde. A long OTK handspnking with slow-motion, then slippered over a stool. She also narrates her own dilemma. “Here I am, an 18 year old, with my bare bottom over a stool.” Completely naked,a full frontal for a moment, over the trestle again for the paddle. “It leaves a nice warm glow on your bottom…don’t they all?”

This trestle provides wonderful views–legs almost 3′ apart, head and boobs hang low for camera shots. The simple carpenter’s device has been used in several films. At the conclusion of this segment, this sweet blonde  shows the ‘slipper’ (old boat shoe) and it reminds us of its famous use, also in ‘Military Discipline.’

The last segment features a blonde who could just as well have been working on a morning TV network show. She has been caught monkeying with the ‘duty-free’ merchandise. There is very long discussion, apologies, etc. She is aware that  “…there used to be another way…an option.” The faceless male disciplinarian refers to her “steward-ass,” twice in case you didn’t hear it. He mentions “school-type punishments” and gets her to say the magic words: “…a spanking, sir…the cane, strap,or hand….” He finally gets her OTK; “Lift your hips,” she hardly needs to be told, as she tugs down her knickers. Sweet handspanking, paddle over stool, diaper position on a couch–she is very expewrienced in getting into position quickly.

She is suddenly naked–too bad the undressing was omitted, because she is a vision, with her embarrassed eyes downcast. Lovely sight over the trestle for the tawse. Gasping grunts, as she counts out the strokes. And here, as many times as they have occurred in the genre, airplane noises on the soundtrack are appropriate.