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11 Aug

F/2f; time: 19 minutes

Hastings-Gore in her familiar classroom, trying to instruct two insouciant brunettes, who seem unconcerned on what happens here. HG has had enough of their behavior, she will paddle them. The punishments are perfunctory.

First girl over her desk, handspanking and paddle on her panties. Same for the second girl. HG pulls the panties down, harder spanking and paddling, bottoms side by side.


2 Dec

M/f; date: 2008; time: 18 minutes

Delicious Samantha Johnson, wearing just a sports bra and just adequate black shorts, works out on a treadmill. A male enters and challenges her poor training regimen. Like most trainers in this genre, he knows how to fix things.

He begins a standing handspanking on her shorts. He bunches the shorts then pulls them down. One of the enduring lovely bottoms in the trade. Closeups. Sam drops her shorts and places her hands on the machine for a paddle. To a weightlifting machine for more bare bottom paddling, then the wonderful shot of her seated bare.

Correction of a Catholic College Girl – CHRISTINAPRODUCTIONS

31 Aug

F/2f; time: 40 minutes

Models Collette and Bryony, with ‘Aunt Gillian,’ of course Miss Gillian-Lancer. Some mild OTK for both girls in a sitting room. A lot of talk, we were hoping for some action given the length of this film.

A lot of talk; handspanking, strap, and cane. Bare bottoms. Disappointing from GL.


2 Aug

F/2f: year: 2006;  time: 12 minutes

Christina Lee, another girl, and Miss Gillian Lancer. It must be an older film, done in conjunction with others. The scene is the familiar school cloakroom, where Miss GL has made a number of films. Here she wears on of her familiar outfits, gym clothes. She is in good shape.

The girls are in full British schoolgirl kit. GL has them do some simple PT. She scolds them and brandishes a cane. They will be caned bending over the traditional wood vaulting horse. Regulation knickers, routine stuff, except that GL can be expected to cane just a little harder than the usual domme.

Only one girl loses her knickers. Before the girls are sent off, she collects their kilts. We assume this is a way of letting the school know the girls have been punished.


7 Oct

F/f; year: 2005; time: 16 minutes

‘Christina’ fidgets at her school desk, in the same classroom we have seen in many films. Other students which have passed through these corridors include Niki Flynn, Emma Brown, and Dublin O’Brien, to recall just three of the bottoms. Chistina wears a little green dress, not school kit.

It is ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ who confronts her. Christina sits with a long, sullen face, writing punishment lines. Miss G-L smacks her desk with a cane, startling her.

Conventional spanking, hands-on-stool for a long ruler on white lace panties. OTK for another offense, panties down, handspanking. Bend-over for the slipper. Christina is sent back to her desk to sit bare skin on the hard wood. The camera zooms on her panties, which Miss G-L has tossed on her desk.

Breaking and Entering – CHRISTINAPRODUCTIONS

7 Oct

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 27 minutes

‘Christina’ and a girlfriend sneak into an indoor lap pool, the one with the faux-Mediterranean wall mural we have seen many times. The sight of water is good in a CP film–it assures us of wet bottoms.

The girls frolic in the water in their blue bikinis. They are caught in this trespass by a blond matron, the property owner. There is lengthy verbal interplay; the girls accept the concept of corporal punishment to avoid the police. And of course the woman has a strap just off-stage.

The two girls are strapped on their wet suit bottoms. Squeals and cracks echo in this high-ceiling’d room. Second round for the girls, with the suits pulled down, bare bottoms.

Over to the mural wall, the girls have to hand over their wet bras and are now naked. Now for the cane. Christina is caned first, a dozen strokes, and then 6 more while on tiptoe. Her girlfriend gets 15 strokes. Both bottoms are developing mottled bruising patterns from the palm, strap, and cane. These colorations are really the only interesting variation in this conventional spanking film.

Christina bends for 15 more strokes, 12 more for the second girl, then they run off naked,

Punishment Chair – SPANK-CHRISTINA

29 Jul

F/2f; year: 2005; time: 17 minutes

More spankings in a familiar classroom, seen in a number of productions. We’ll have to investigate to see if is a collection of films of an earlier time. The performances have a classic British schoolgirl theme.

Miss Gillian-Lancer stands at a lectern and addresses an unseen assembly. Two girls stand in front of the group. They will be given a session in the ‘punishment chair,’ a straight-back wooden bar-stool height chair with a footrest.

The first girl steps up on the footrest, leans over, Gillian-Lancer flips her skirt up and pulls her panties down for a conventional spanking. The second girl gets the same treatment.

In the next phase, Gillian uses a large rattan rug beater, the largest we have seen, big enough to cover the entire buttocks. She doesn’t hit hard with it, but it causes some reaction.

For the final phase, she threatens with a large clothes brush but decides to have the girls spank each other, with the usual threat of what will happen to them if they don’t turn-to. She points to spots on buttocks which need attention. As the girls move back and forth to take their turns, their knickers have fallen and hobble them at their ankles.