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9 Feb

f; time: 13 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Sarah Gregory and then interviews her from off-screen. Some interesting terminology and Inside Baseball on the spanking film industry. Sarah is quite articulate and avoids melting into giggles for the most part. She got her first play spanking in high, but knew from kindergarten that she was fascinated. She had an early lesbian experience with a ”kinkster.” She doesn’t agree that spanking is a ”gateway kink.”

Her first professional spanking was with Clare Fonda. She mentions a number of the dommes—Paul Tubaman; Dana Specht was a ”theme mommy” at one point. She doesn’t think the ”vanillas” are as happy as the kinksters. She talks about SHADOWLANE, Erica Scott, and Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Sarah is ”involved” wIth John Osborne. He seems to have spanked her out of lesbian their first time, and later Sarah invited him to spank her at a Las Vegas suite party for SHADOWLANE. It became sexual.

Veronica and Coach – SPANKINGSWEETIES

3 Jan

M/f; time: 6 minutes

Clare Fonda introduces Veronica and coach Daniels. Apparently they are at a spanking party in Los Angeles and Veronica did not pack dark socks for him, a mock transgression to film a spanking. He is going to ”spank your bottom” red. They laugh through the scenario. ”I look like a goober in white socks.” ”I apologized, three times.” We see now that Clare has already spanked Veronica in another film. We have reviewed films of them together.

OTK, skirt up in one of her pretty flower print dresses, black lace panty pantyhose down. ”Is this what you do to your girls?” Squeals. She reports a ”sore bottom.” ”I know.” Hugs. Too brief.

Clare Fonda and Veronica Burns – GIRLSPANKSGIRL

19 Oct

F/2f; time: 1 hr 15 min.

Another of the rare appearances of Veronica/Elizabeth Burns outside of the REALSPANKINGS entries. Here, Clare and Elizabeth will spank three girls, Anthea, Kelly, and Sophie.

Clare is leaving her daughters Anthea and Kelly with the intimidating Elizabeth for a ”weekend with me….they will be new girls when you get back.” We see the girls in their pajamas. Cut (there are awkward plot changes we stopped trying to decipher) to Sophie, who is Elizabeth’s daughter. She reeks of cigarettes and will be the first bottom up. OTK, ”bare bottom.” Burns loves the ritual language. Dress off, Elizabeth has a pillow over her lap to improve the position. Burns looks buxom here—she has never flashed a vlimpse we have seen. Sophie kneels on a chair for more. She is blistered.

New scene, the sisters are summoned. Redhead Anthea is spanked first. Burns tskes her dress off and pulls down her knickers. Very good at this. Fast spanking. Kelly watches. Kelly next, again Burns helps to get to the bare skin. Bottoms on display.

Burns will soap Kelly’s potty mouth. She moistens a bar of soap and scrubs Kelly’s tongue then jams the bar in, one of the more aggressive depictions of soaping we have seen.

Choppy cut again, the girls are writing apologies as Burns brandishes a ruler. Palm slaps for the girls, then they pull their knickers down for the ruler.

The hairbrush next, and Burns is changing her outfits, to illustrate the passage of time.

Clare returns, and now some money is missing. Both women will spank. Anthea and Kelly together, bare bottom. And Sophie is spanked last. Back and forth. And Sophie gets the soap, same thorough job.


22 Mar

F/f; time: 30 minutes

A film from Clare Fonda, featuring Elizabeth (Victoria) Burns, in a rare appearance outside REALSPANKINGS. The set looks like a motel room from a Holidrome hotel, the converted Holiday Inns from 40 years ago. Elizabeth plays a hotel manager, calling on Fonda, who has been making noise, having male visitors, and annoying other guests. The solution, for the present, is a spanking.

Burns wears a black dress; Fonda is casual in jeans and top. Burns takes her OTK for a crisp start. Fonda has to stand to lower her tight shorts. Back OTK, the print panties come down. A long and effective spanking. Burns has the experience.

Somehow, we didn’t see how, Fonda finds a stash of marijuana on Burns and manages to turn the tables. When Fonda threatens to tell Burns’ husband scene is set for a revenge spanking. Clare takes Elizabeth OTK for a conventional spanking, on her skirt, then her pantyhose, then on the bare. Without malice, we praise older women.

Elizabeth does her usual crying thing, real tears, her face colors up. The camera always loves it. We can’t think of another model can can be as dependably miserable as Ms. Burns. It certainly has the erotic effect of you wanting the spank to pour it on.


27 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Need a title here. We review this film out of admiration for how Clare Fonda, no longer the nubile post-teen spankee, can still bring it. She is on the phone. A smiling guy enters the room and she is quickly OTK. She is quite impressive in little denim shorts.

Nice squawking during the spanking, and a lot of dialogue. He pulls her ps to down. Just spanking. A lot of phone.

Kat St. James Clare Fonda – SPANKEDCALLGIRLS

27 Jul

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Clare meets Kat in what is not disguised as a hotel room. Even the cable TV guide is visible on the table. Clare is giving Kat a lecture on what is expected of her as a company call girl. Of course that means a sample of the kind of discipline meted out.

Kat accepts it. OTK on the bend, kilt up, black panties. A conventional hand and hair brush spanking.

Sierra Salem Interview -SPANKEDSWEETIES

20 May

f; time: 7 minutes

Clare Fonda interviews Sierra Salem about her spanking life. She was spanked at home, all the way through high school. Hairbrush and other things. She sits in a full screen shot, nervously twirling her hair.

It was she who contacted the video companies to perform. We are most familiar with her for her performances and production management at DALLASSPANKSHARD. Her boyfriends were encouraged to spank her, and she admits she like spanking more than sex.

Clare Fonda as housemother

13 Aug

F/2f; time: 28 minutes

We need a title here. Clare Fonda plays a housemother who jumps on girls as they return to the house. In the hands of FIRMHAND or similar serial producer, this could make a great string of episodes.

Amber Pixie Wells and ‘Ashley’ sashay into the building. Silly acting, long discussion of the girls’ behavior. They seem to be messing with each others’ boyfriends. Clare suggests Amber should spank Ashley. “Is everyone in this building a spanking fanatic?”

It is Clare who takes Ashley OTK. Amber will spank her also. Skirt up, thong down, After Ashley is finished, it is Amber’s turn. Clare gets her panties down. Two bottoms on the screen now. Both bottoms over the arms of the couch, facing in opposite directions. Clare spanks and paddles both. This position is not great for the camera. Standard spankings to completion.

Hot Girls Spanked – CLAREFONDA

27 Apr

F/f; time:18 minutes

Subtitled ‘Clare Fonda gives Missy a Wet Bottom spanking. Entertaining wet bottom spankings are infrequent but occasionally shown. We guess many studios don’t have readily accessible plumbing. On another occasion, we’ll list our favorite wet bottoms.

Missy, a tiny blonde, is in a leotard. She has an adolescent figure. We picked this film to see how such a youngish legal girl was portrayed. She is on the phone with a friend and is telling her Ms. Fonda has positioned a spanking chair. Clare enters and notices Missy has a wet bottom. She is made to take off her leotard.

OTK, apparently she was recently given 200 smack, but it was ineffective. “You’re going to get 300.” They are mild, but 300 is a number you won’t hear in too many spanking films. She is sent to the bathroom, very good frontals for this F/f market. The OTK continues. Clare must slow down the strokes, because the counting becomes cumbersome. “Two hundred sixty nine…two hundred seventy.” Etc. She is left on her bed on her stomach.

Clare Fonda

4 Mar

Clare forced to strip’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A brief nudie exercise from Ms Fonda. She confronts a  male employee for slovenly dress and fires him, but he won’t go. In fact, he will turn the tables. He has “made copies” of goings-on in the office.

“I need you to take your clothes off.” The information  he has must be damning, because Clare immediately goes to buttons. She is wearing a sky blue business suit. Shoes first, then jewelry, jacket, skirt, bra, and panties last, with that last pause of desperation. And Ms. Fonda knows that little drill, how to cover your nakedness with just two hands.

He has her twirl  naked. Marvel at Ms. Fonda. He takes her clothes and leaves her naked.


2F/8f; time: 37 minutes) GIRLSPANKSGIRL

Not sure of the marketing interest in these films. Seems too tame, given the choices out there. Ms. Fonda in a classroom with 8 students and 2 teachers. She wears a nurse’s uniform. She is teaching a class in “birth control,” and flourishes a huge dildo as she lectures. The girls have been stripped down to camisole tops and panties. They will be spanked, two at a time, by the teachers, by hand and hairbrush. Bare bottoms cute enough. An enema trolley would have helped.

At the conclusixon of the spankings, the bottoms are lined up LUPUS-style except they are mostly clear from the light work.

all Clare Fonda ‘ (F/m; time: 18 minutes) We will assume this is GIRLSPANKSGIRLS or one of Ms. Fonda’s affiliates. She does full porn here. She is not shy about her age or her skills.

A ‘boy,’ a friend of her son’s, peeps into a window and sees Clare working in the kitchen with no pants on. She catches him. “Patrick, right?” He has taken photos and she looks on his phone.  She starts off by giving him a silly spanking in the kitchen, but wait.

He must drop his jeans, she checks, and he’s got an erection. We wish this happened more often in F/m scenarios. They both get naked and the rest  the film is conventjonal porn, no holds barred. “Can you keep a secret from my son? Why don’t you let me suck that dick, Patrick?” The otherwise unimpressive kid is huge. Surprisingly, the experienced Ms. Fonda looks at the camera while she gleefully sucks.

She takes him by the cock into another room  and continues the blowjob.

Spanking in various positions. Time for fucking. First,  doggy-style on the couch. “You’re not going to tell him, right? ” Bit silly, but she is getting rammed. He holds still, she does the work. On her back on the couch, very porno. Doggy again, then she goes cowgirl for the longest segment. And finally, an acceptable money shot.

Interview’ (F; time: 10 minutes) MOMMASPANKINGS  A POV style film where Clare Fonda acts out making a video for a dating service. She portrays a divorced mother encouraged by her children to re-enter the scene. She wears a sleeveless sweater and slacks. Clare makes it clear she has a hard time talking about herself.

The silent narrator making the video coaxes her to stand and show off her figure. She is proud to say she is 5’7”. The video maker now asks her to begin taking off her clothes. [a dog barks on the set, repeatedly] Slacks first, red panties. She shows off her 38” hips. Ms. Fonda still brings it!

The director wants the bra off. “Do these look good?” We’ve reached the moment. The panties  “Everything?”  Ms. Fonda has done a wonderful job of making this simple exercise and erotic trip. Panties down, she does a professional bend-over. To conclude the video she is making, she must sit and open her knees. She must cover her eyes in the embarrassment.