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Niki Flynn at SpankedCuties

13 Sep

time: 27 minutes

A collection of short segments by Niki Flynn on one of Clare Fonda’s websites. So far we have not found these brief episodes to be part of any larger work, nor are they mentioned on  any ‘wiki’ biographical sites.

Interview’(10 minutes) Niki sits on a couch being interviewed by an off-screen Ms. Fonda. There are a lot of biographical facts about Ms. Flynn in various places, as well as in her autobiography.  Here we learn, briefly, that she grew up in various places, was raised by three brothers, was spanked by her father, and became interested in caning and the heavier CP arts. She is into “role playing.” We know she retired in 2009, not before taking many entertaining beatings. An actress.

‘Pajama spanking’ Maybe any girl’s fantasy. Niki is being spanked OTK, wearing two-piece pajamas, the bottoms of which come down. Just 3 minutes, but one of the hottest pajama spankings in our memory.

‘father spanks’ A father-character spanks Niki OTK on little panties, with the word “criminal” printed on the seat. Handspanking, belt. She keeps her hair off her face. Bruises seem to fade between sessions.

‘Clare spanks’ Just three minutes, the girls seem to be having fun. Nki wears the same outfit from the interview segment.

‘Niki in sailor suit’ (3 minutes) Niki plays the little girl and gets paddled by Clare. If she had this fantasy, she had them all.

Desperate Measures – SHADOWLANE

8 May

MF/2f Time: 46 minutes

Clare Fonda and Kailee, the latter reportedly  in her introductory appearance. Domestic frivolity in 5 vignettes.

In an opening scene in a kitchen, Kailee and stepmother Clare argue, and Kailee will be spanked, learning the ways of the house. OTK just two minutes into the film. Clare takes Kailee’s pajama pants down and then her thong. There’s the bottom that will grace so many appearances, here at SHADOWLANE and many other places. Smoky looks, perfect bottom, high pain threshold, a switcher, and adventurous. Clare works the bottom and the thighs. When Kailee is sent for the hairbrush, we get the intended frontal flash. Clare is a relentless spanker.

In the second scene, ‘River Wild,’ as Jake the plumber, arrives in the kitchen and Clare immediately intends to seduce him. Lots of plumbers have spanked their clients in CP  films. Kailee interrupts. Jake will spank Clare, taking her OTK, for a standard bare bottom affair, although it is always fun to see Ms. Fonda bottoms-up. After some argument, Jake concludes with a lengthy, steady, and rapid handspanking, a primer for any couple watching these films. As she roils, Clare glares angrily at Kailee, who is going to get it later. After this rousing spanking: “Can you at least check the bathroom toilet?” “Certainly.”

‘Danny Crighton,’ playing Clare’s husband and either Kailee’s father or stepfather, calls for the two girls. Kailee spills the incident with the plumber where Clare showed her boobs. Danny goes with Clare’s version that she was set and he will now spank Kailee.

Another conventional OTK spanking, breezy white dress up, panties down. Danny spanks very hard, including on the thighs down almost to the knees. Kailee kneels on the hassock. Danny whips her with his belt.

In the next scene, Danny will now turn to his wife Clare. “But he was a fake plumber.” “But those are real boobs.” Another hard OTK spanking, notable for Ms. Fonda, whose later career has been as a Top and producer. She fetches the hairbrush for Danny, but she is cautious not to flash. Hard smacking. She has been complaining that they never do anything. But this works, she calls him to bed.

Jake has arrived at the house to pick up Kailee, who has forgotten their date. He WAS  a fake plumber. So Jake will spank her. OTK, her bottom and thighs are now bruised and mottled after the above scenes. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” She moans. Spanking. Hugs.

Clare Fonda Spanked – SPANKEDCALLGIRLS

18 Dec

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Nothing special about this one, except the appearance of an older Clare Fonda, who is willing to take an entertaining spanking at this point in her career. She narrates the film.

A guy comes in, bends her over a chair, spanks her, and eventually pulls down her black transparent panties. Mostly playful. The lady still has it!

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Clare Fonda

19 Feb

F/f time: 8minutes
Amelia seems to owe Clare some money. Clare might be the madam and Amelia a rather implausible call girl. In any case, it is grounds for punishment. Amelia is wearing a copper colored party dress. “I’m going to spank the hell out of you.” Ms. Fonda’s acting often does not convince, but here she seems good and mad.

Amelia is taken OTK, skirt up, leopard panties. Standard spanking, panties down, and there’s that brand label still in the panties. Even though the glorious bare bottom is fully accessible, Clare unfastens and rolls down Amelia’s garter belt to maximize the subjugation. Clare spanks a little harder than the conventional.

Amelia runs around the room in pain and embarrassment. Her spanking is completed bending over the back of the couch.

Bad Girls Spanked and Enema – CLAREFONDA

10 Jan

F/f; time: 28 minutes
This is not the correct title for this CLARE FONDA film, rather naughty for her, we thought. Clare catches a blonde reading pornography and masturbating on her bed.

The girl has stripped to just panties and humps a pillow on the bed. This is not one of your willowy little models found often in CP films. Clare herself enters wearing a diaphanous nightie.

OTK spanking begins. Clare explains that if her bottom and other places must have attention, she will learn what that is. Panties down, the showgirl is now in just panties.

Clare puts on rubber gloves and takes a rectal temperature, the girl masturbating while Clare works the thermometer. Next comes several doses of a blue-bulb enema bottle. The girl keeps masturbating.

Rather explicit for Clare Fonda. The girl continues masturbating with an electric massager. Clare helps her.

Sophie’s Spanking Confessions – CLAIREFONDAPRODUCTIONS

24 Feb

F/f; year: 2001;  time:  21 minutes

‘Claire Fonda’ interviews Sophie about her spanking experiences. The interveiw is Internet-porno style, with Claire’s  voice behind the camera. Sophie is asked about her teenage spankings. She is a cute, vivacious, potty-mouthed, and naughty blonde, who communicates quickly that a good spanking for her might not be a bad idea at all, and frequently. The spanking memories will be depicted in flashback.

In the first scene, Sophie’s mother has dragged her home from the shopping mall, where she has been a pill. She is taken firmly OTK  and spanked on cute boyshorts. “I  don’t care how cosmopolitan you are.” The spanking is mild, there is a lot of talk while she is over her mother’s lap. She keeps her bottom high and prominent. Shorts down, pink panties remain, the spanking is starting to hurt. Pants down–zoom in on a red squirming bottom. “I’m going to give you 50 more. You’re going to count them.” 5o fast smacks.

After Sophie explains what it was like to be spanked by her mother, we move to the next flashback–her mother is forcing her to do her homework. She doesn’t do it of course and is bent over a straight chair, plaid school skirt flipped up for a handspanking on the bare. This bit of encouragement needs to be repeated a short time later, because she still won’t finish her homework;  leopard panties have to come down.

The last flashback Sophie presents involves a little ceremony and tradition involving her 21st birthday. A boyfriend does the honors, denim skirt, pink panties, and quickly on the bare. He asks: “You’re sure you’re not getting turned on by this?”

That concludes this performance, not much of a plot, and not much instructive about CP technique. The redeeming feature is Sophie herself. The accusatory, journalistic camera angles help with the eoticism too.

Cabin Fever – SHADOWLANE

28 Apr

2M/2f;   year: 2007;   time: 51 minutes

A co-educational romp typical of SHADOWLANE, populated by CP stars, written and directed by Eve Howard, with familiar and experienced SL support. And a placid antidote to much of the edgy severity creeping across our genre.

Two couples are snowed in at a mountian-cabin resort. The four seem dressed for dinner. The men, actors Steve Fuller and Keith Jones, play poker and sip tequila, while their wives, actresses Clare Fonda and Amber Wells, tease and taunt around the edges. The scene is in one of their hotel rooms. They have spent more money than the couple we saw in our review of  the same storyline in  ‘The Vacation,’ but the results will be similar. Tequila level goes down.

“Both of you are going to get your bottoms tanned if you keep this up,” declares Keith, who has entered the silver-fox phase of his career. For the girls, this warning is a challenge. “Ooh, that sounds naughty!”

At last, Steve takes the twenty-something Amber OTK on the end of the hotel bed. It is a cunning and sexy plausible spanking. Steve flips up her party dress skirt and pulls down her white panties after he has developed a uniform redness on both cheeks. Amber doth protest, but not too much, just right for Steve to forge ahead. Clare sits on Keith’s lap in the background, amused and surely expectant. Keith keeps his hands where we can see them, why? Clare tells Amber she’s lucky to have a strong man to spank her.

Keith spanks Clare next; she makes sassy, taunting faces. her pink semi-transparent panties were fitted by a genius. When Steve pulls them down, it is clear why there is so much fuss about her acting in the industry.

The girls promise to behave, join in a new poker game, and keep nipping at the bottle (someone added to its level). Clare wins a hand ands is caught hiding cards. Since the boys are playing for real money, this now becomes a “real money, real spanking” situation.

Some swapping–Fuller spanks Claire OTK on a chair (“Oh, Steve!”) and harder this time. Just to keep bottoms uniform, Keith spanks Amber, before they return to the game.

Time passes in the snowstorm.  The girls,well along in the tequila, lie on the bed watching the boys. Because he can, Keith joins them, pulls down both pairs of panties (“right off”) and alternately spanks both bottoms, a mild but altogether pleasant diversion to pass time with two gorgeous girls snowed-in a cabin. Steve takes his place. Both men finish off Clare’s bottom with small paddle-ball paddles. (They must have packed all this stuff for the trip). Amber takes her place to join the general spanking melee to conclude.

You’d think both couples would need another half-hour in their rooms before they trek in the snow to the resort dining room. We would insist on it.