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Now You Have Something To Cry About – OOHTEEKAY/CONNOISSEUR

22 Jun

MF/f; time: 60 minutes

An odd and unsatisfying film. We’re guessing at the producer. Mr. David plays blonde Fiona’s father. She is a trim little schoolgirl, dressing for the last day of school, and unwilling to fit out correctly on this last day. David can’t control her— she gets out of the house improperly dressed. She is confronted after school, ”breaking school rules and defiance.”

David will spank her. OTK. A lefty mild handspanking. He wants her ”in proper uniform for an important guest.” She dresses properly and ’Miss Gillian Lancer’ arrives as the guest. She seems to run some sort of disciplinary service. Long talking throughout this film and not much bare skin. She knows David is a spanker and is amused it hasn’t worked.

Fiona serves coffee and will be taken OTK again. Again ineffectual, Miss Lancer will try, righthanded position, and predictably much harder. ”Miss Lancer will come back every night.” David pulls her knickers down and makes her straighten the kitchen bare bottom while he gets a slipper. Both use it to spank her harder. There is passing conversation about some cane marks ”from yesterday at school.”

Lancer is alone with Fiona now. The cane is coming. Talk talk. Over the kitchen table again, Lancer pulls the knickers down. Fast spanking. Fiona is reluctsnt to tell David how many cane strokes she deserves. No girl ever answers. David lays on 9 strokes, surprisingly hard. Fiona really seems to suffer. It appears she is going to be spending five weeks with Miss Lancer. We’d like to see that setup in the RIGIDEAST detention style.

Fiona puts on so e punishment clothes, they make her do bend-overs in a shortened skirt. Hey, just flog her. Over the table again for some hard caning from David and Lancer.

Vicar Spanks – CONNOISSEUR

17 Nov

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 52 minutes

Not the title. Michael Stamp, with Sascha Harvey and a blonde. Stamp plays a vicar, a naughty one to be sure, who takes on the disciplining of two girls whose mother has asked for help. It is a long film, without much variation, so we will condense the details.

The vicar begins by spanking both girls OTK. Nothing much yet. After a segue, both girls return in Santa Claus bikinis. Not sure why. Another OTK for both. Sascha is maneuvered into the diaper position for a strapping while the blonde waits, then gets a standing strapping. Stamp is never a hard spanker.

Off they go, another segue. Stamp waits with a cane. The girls return in gym clothes. The girls both bend over for an ineffectual handspanking and caning.

Another segue. The girls return in pajamas. A wood ’A’ frame is set up. The blonde bends over the frame first, pj’s down. Sascha strips naked, frontals. She is a powerful girl. Stamp shows a flogger. The blonde strips also. Silly flogging for both, could have been much harder without ruining anyone’s day. A vaulting horse has appeared. Both girls are caned tap-tap, you wonder why for these two experienced models.

Headmaster’s Detention – OOHTEEKAY

22 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

Cecil B, Paris Kennedy, and Christina Carter. Unlikely schoolgirls here. This producer has never made film we found advancing the genre narrative. The girls are in detention. Headmaster Cecil enters with his implements. The girls want to avoid suspension. “What would solve the problem?”

Cecil is quick to explain, because he came prepared. “There is a side rule—corporal punishment.” Paris: “I’ve never been hit.” The girls discuss their choices and decide on a spanking. Both girls start with short OTK sessions on pants.

Second round for Paris, Cecil helps her down with her jeans. Same for Christina. Then another round, panties down here. Christina takes her top off. She has show biz boobs, unusual in the CP trade. She gets the strap. Paris takes her top off for a crop. Both girls are naked. They hobble around the set, their panties at their ankles. Both girls get some harmless cropping and caning, bare bottoms to the wall.

Naughty Nun’s -OOHTEEKAY

3 Jan

M/2f; time: 41 minutes
Punctuation by the producer. Two nuns in full habit, one paddling the other’s bare bottom. They spank each other, there is some frigging, this does not seem to be punishment.

FADE; a priest interrupts, he will have a go at these two bottoms. He spanks each nun over her habit, then bare bottom with just a thong protecting. (At least it is a black thong; OOHTEEKAY never fussed about authenticity.) Then, thongs down.

FADE; the nuns flirt with the father. He has them spank each other and strip to undies, which must have come by mail order. Silly and naughty. Father takes Sister Maria over the desk for a spanking. Her crucifix necklace swings between her boobs.

The other sister, with the biggest boobs, is bursting out of her camisole. Over the desk for her. The film ends with lesbian plays between the nuns.

Cane Hurts – OOHTEEKAY

9 Sep

M2F/2f; time: 55 minutes
A long film, where ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ and another female disciplinarian spank two girls in a variety of settings. Brunette ‘Lisa’ and blonde ‘Lea,’ wearing schoolgirl kit and various colors of regulation panties, are worked out by the two women.

G-L is an aunt or teacher. In the first spanking scene, the girls are taken on a couch together, not really enough room to do a proper job, and the couch is too soft, so the bottoms are too high and difficult to hit.

‘Back at Home’: The girls’ skirts are stapled up, and spanked with a hard wood paddle, “all the rage in American schools.” A lot of moving around and talk. The girls straddle the arm of an easy chair for the paddle. [there are production glitches and sound irregularities]. The girls change into gym clothes for the cane at the chair. Mild stuff so far.

‘Summer Term’: The setting is the classroom so frequently used often by OHTEEKAY/CONNOISSEUR/REDSTRIPE, suggesting to us, amateur non-historians, that this film is made by the genre of CP fetish Scottish folks associated with NORTHERNSPANKING and other studios. Gillian Lancer torments Lisa here,  gets her knickers down, and gives her the hardest caning on the film. She actually checks with the director before she begins, a flaw rare for this experienced domme.

Boarding School Discipline 2 – CONNOISSEUR

10 Dec

2MF/3f; time: 58 minutes

This multi-film series continues. Two students who were caught bribing the school nurse to get sick permission slips were already spanked. Now the men have the distinct pleasure of turning to the matter of the school nurse herself.

She is called in-it is the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ a/k/a ‘Natasha’ in some films, one of those models who can simply not be spanked enough. She is wearing a rather naughty uniform, a short skirt with stockings showing at the thighs. When she sees the two spanked students standing to the side, she puts on one of her patented smirky looks, the kind which should be followed by fingers in the waistband of her panties. She sees what is coming.

She laughs when see hears that she is going to punished like the girls were. She is taken OTK, skirt up-not hard to do, pink panties. Panties down–we notice tattoos on her back, new to us. Both men spank her. Dublin is always argumentative or naughtily angry.

As she is spanked bent over a chair, one of the men reads the label on her panties–from an expensive line. That is what she does with the student bribes. As the men spank and strap, those panties puddle at her shoes. They shift to a leather sole and open a bottle of wine, enjoying her bottom as a plaything. And why not, it is Dublin!

When they show her the cane, she insists she has already had enough. Such a silly girl. For the first guy she bends over a tall stool and takes about 25 moderate snaps. The two students are listening outside the door, giggling. Various angles, she is counting. We did not detect repeats. This caner understands that whippy canes play havoc with the flanks, so he moves from side to side.

The second caner, ‘Klaus,’ takes over. 12 fast strokes, then a rub, then seven more. Touch-toes, 6 more.

She kneels over two chairs in the Winchester position for the birch from both men. When the men hand her knickers back to her to put on, she turns her back to do it, preserving her modesty and presenting her bottom like the professional she is.

The two students are called back. While her own bottom is still burning, she is allowed to spank and cane both girls, playing with them at the same time.

Boarding School Discipline 1 – CONNOISSEUR

10 Dec

2M/2f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr, 12 minutes.

Two men discuss matters in a gaudily decorated room we have seen in a number of CP films. This film is probably a redistribution from STRICTLYENGLISH or REDFSTRIPE. Trouble with some students at this school. One or more of the girls has been paying off the school nurse to get sick slips. Any geezer could spot this opportunity–spank all the girls AND the nurse. Get to the bottom of it of course.

The first student is summoned, ‘Isabella,’ in the person of actress ‘Gina Moon.’ She of course denies any such relationship with the nurse and cannot prevent a little grin on her face,surely at the acting. “We’re going to take that smile off your face…you’re going to be spanked.” “I don’t think that’s legal.”

Nothing will stop these ageplay guys. Isabella is soon OTK and bare, and will be spanked by both men. She is moved to bend over a chair, panties still down, but she prevents any frontal peeks. Both men strap her. Then some palm slaps, and as usual, it seems the most painful of all, maybe because of the concomitant full facials.

Bend-over again, the slipper from both men. Tie off, blouse off, no bra, now naked, hands-on-knees for the slipper. She kneels on the couch for the cane, then bends over the back of the couch for more.

The actress ‘Monica’ enters; she is a class prefect, and she too has been bribing the school nurse. She gets the same spankings from the two men, as Isabella watches and dresses. For some reason, the men want Isabella to strip to the waist again.

Both girls are birched over chairs, two men, two bottoms. And after the men leave, Monica exercises her rank and authority and canes Isabella a few times herself.


27 Mar


Part 2 begins with spankings underway (a base-skin start from Part 1); a thin blonde, the ‘babysitter,’ is spanking a curly-haired blonde, daughter ‘Marilyn,’ who is wearing just panties. The blonde kisses Marilyn’s bottom–this is more than a spanking, when ‘Daddy’ interrupts. “I don’t know what came over me,” sputters the babysitter.

“Where’s Nicky”? asks Daddy, and in walks the actress ‘Nicky Montford,’ herself in just panties. A lot is going on in this household, both daughters in little knickers, which may be explained in part 1.

Father takes daughter Marilyn OTK and continues–handspanking, strap, and slipper. He then canes her–tap-tap, in this OTK posture. Next, father spanks the babysitter. No one is much disturbed by anything here. A lot of squeezing, fondling, rubbing. The babysitter drops her white dress, and is not wearing a bra, only lacy white panties.

The babysitter stands to discard her panties, making sure we see it all. Bend-over for a strap–she’s got a pussy ring. She keeps smiling through it all, even when her employer slaps the front of her thighs with a sole. He even uses a martinet between her legs. Then cane taps, some mild birching, and cream for her bottom.

Daughters Nicky and Marilyn return in their two-piece pajamas. The father and the babysitter (who is still naked), spank them together OTK; pj’s bottoms dropped, tops off, three nude girls on the screen. Pretty confusing all in all, but everyone must have gotten their rocks off.

Miss Baker’s Dozen – CONNOISSEUR

4 Feb

MF/3f; year: 2006;Time: 1 hr, six minutes

Student teacher ‘Miss Baker,’ played by actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ is not much further out of spanking reach from the headmaster than her students are.

Baker is on the carpet with that headmaster, having been observed “touching the girls intimately” on a field trip. The film cuts to another scene, with two willowy blondes, wearing just bras, panties, and heels, caress in lesbian embrace. One actress is ‘Samantha Johnson.’

Baker catches them. Their excuse: “Just a cuddle, miss.” A great opportunity for Baker here–two almost naked girls with no leverage. Baker will spank Sam first, a bend-over, grabbing the ankles for a handspanking. A lot of wiggling of this nofty, often-filmed bottom. Baker pulls her black panties down-she helps herself to caressing, probing, and kissing. If the girls behave, Baker won’t report this incident.

Sam’s friend ‘Jamie’ is next–she is bursting out of her bra.

Fade back to the headmaster and Baker. He will deal with Baker for her transgressions, in-house. “This office is where it is going to stay.” She will be spanked, just like a student, and the girls will witness, to satisfy them justice has been done.

The girls report, in full schoolgirl gear, even straw boaters. They will witness Baker’s punishment, but first they will be spanked. He gives them both slow spankings on the bare, a bit too much fondling, suggesting his agenda.

Baker joins and sees the two spanked bottoms. She is now in full kit too, not quite carried off by the more mature-appearing Ms. Lewis. The headmaster gives her the same punishment, OTK and straps. Now there are three red bottoms.

He will now begin an odd OTK caning, with a half-length cane which permits a still restricted backswing. It must have been evident this didn’t work, because a trestle is dragged out, the buxom blonde Jamie bends over first, and takes 20 conventional cane strokes, the hardest yet. Miss Baker, at the wall, shows anxiety. “I’m concerned for my charges, sir.” She’ll probably more concerned about her own bottom.

“Miss Baker, come here.” She gets six over the trestle. the girls must turn to observe. Blond Sam is last, over the trestle for the strap, then six of the cane holding ankles.

He is going leave and allow Sam to “give Baker a thrashing.” Himself, he takes the magnificent cupcake Jamie to the gym, to give her yet more caning for the tramp stamp tattoo he has discovered during the action. He should have some fun with her there.


1 Dec

F/2f; year: 2006; time: 53 minutes

Female roommates and spanking; two girls, actresses ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ and ‘Sam Johnson,’ are excited about a party they are going to. The third girl, the dominant one, wearing a British traffic warden’s uniform, brings two similar uniforms into the room for the girls to wear to the party.

In the next scene, we hear the audio of a police radio broadcast–two uniformed female imposters have been accosting motorists for money. The senior girl, we’ll call her the ‘Warden,’ controls the rent in their arrangement, and, we will see, she controls other things as well. “So it was you two, was it?…I could lose my job over this and I don’t even get a ‘sorry’ from you.” She’ll throw these two roommates out of the apartment. How else can they learn a lesson?

The Warden: “I think a good hard handspanking might do the trick.” The girls confer and quickly agree. “We’ll accept the spanking if we can stay.”

The Warden begins with short OTK sessions for both Sarah and Sam. Their little police caps survive the spanking–after all, this is a uniform-fetish film. The Warden takes Sarah’s black lace panties down; no need for Sam, who wears a thong.

Both girls kneel on a couch, their hems pulled up. The Warden fondles their bottoms and adds some hand spanks.

“That was just the warm up.” Both girls get more OTK and everyone is rubbing everyone else. The Warden gets out her paddle and martinet. Both girls will be spanked with these, after they strip down to just bras. The Warden has the girls spank each other.

Time for the cane. Sarah goes over a stool for “your first six,” moderate taps. Six for Sam. then six more for each girl. “All done. I want my rent by Monday.”