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1 Dec

F/2f; year: 2006; time: 53 minutes

Female roommates and spanking; two girls, actresses ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ and ‘Sam Johnson,’ are excited about a party they are going to. The third girl, the dominant one, wearing a British traffic warden’s uniform, brings two similar uniforms into the room for the girls to wear to the party.

In the next scene, we hear the audio of a police radio broadcast–two uniformed female imposters have been accosting motorists for money. The senior girl, we’ll call her the ‘Warden,’ controls the rent in their arrangement, and, we will see, she controls other things as well. “So it was you two, was it?…I could lose my job over this and I don’t even get a ‘sorry’ from you.” She’ll throw these two roommates out of the apartment. How else can they learn a lesson?

The Warden: “I think a good hard handspanking might do the trick.” The girls confer and quickly agree. “We’ll accept the spanking if we can stay.”

The Warden begins with short OTK sessions for both Sarah and Sam. Their little police caps survive the spanking–after all, this is a uniform-fetish film. The Warden takes Sarah’s black lace panties down; no need for Sam, who wears a thong.

Both girls kneel on a couch, their hems pulled up. The Warden fondles their bottoms and adds some hand spanks.

“That was just the warm up.” Both girls get more OTK and everyone is rubbing everyone else. The Warden gets out her paddle and martinet. Both girls will be spanked with these, after they strip down to just bras. The Warden has the girls spank each other.

Time for the cane. Sarah goes over a stool for “your first six,” moderate taps. Six for Sam. then six more for each girl. “All done. I want my rent by Monday.”


23 Sep

F/2f; year: 2006; time: 1 hr.

Two blondes, actress ‘Sam’ Johnson and ‘Daisy,’ in black dresses, enter a bedroom, flop eagerly on a bed, and begin lesbian embraces, as if the girls were waiting all day for this interlude. The girls gradually undress each other, spanking and caressing, keeping their bottoms always in the forefront.

Some overt oral action, paddles, martinet, lots of pink flesh on the screen. Daisy’s got the boobs, Sam keeps her bra on for some reason, for the whole film. About 35 minutes of this.

The actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ bursts in. “What the hell is going on…what is this (a paddle)?” She scolds them and strikes an immediate chord, which will supply her with all the leverage she will ever need. “What about your boyfriends…if I ring them up…how are we going to resolve this situation?”

Since both girls are more or less naked, Sarah doesn’t have much work to do and begins spanking them. A wall mirror will assist in facials. Paddles, strap, martinet. When both girls kneel and grasp the bed frame, Sarah has to move to the other side of the bed to cover both bottoms, one of those little staging problems CP actors seem to solve. The spankings are mild–this is mostly a nudie film.

Sarah now turns to the cane. Daisy is caned first; she bends so her hanging boobs are featured. “God, that stings!” Six strokes, then six for Sam. The girls swap again. “What is your boyfriend going to think when he sees your red bottom?” Sam says she’s going to try to avoid that. It’s easy to imagine what you would do if you saw Sam’s red cheeks.

Imposter’s End-Part IV – CONNOISSEURCP

6 Jun

3MF/2f; year: 2004; time: 59 minutes

Free-for-all spanking story, the fourth of four parts. The story concludes in the Fisher-house parlor, a drawing room comedy not worthy of GB Shaw, but it has been featuring what we came to see. Nurse Fisher (actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’) is spanking daughter Jenny (actress ‘Monica’) bare bottom over a stool for boyfriend transgressions. She pauses with a cocktail and contemplates Jenny’s nates.

Mr. Fisher comes home with the school Headmaster and they are unfazed by the sight of Jenny, bottom in the breeze, spanking underway. Jenny too is unruffled by males in the room–all part of the day in England. Cocktails all ’round–enjoy the scenery.

Another doorbell, School Chancellor Morgan and his lady friend arrive and are let in by Jenny, who has been allowed to get up, but who isn’t wearing a skirt or panties, just her blazer, which barely suffices. Everyone is stunned–the lady at the door is none other than (1) the imposter inspector who tricked the headmaster in part 1; (2) the imposter police officer who spanked Nurse Fisher in Part II; and (3) the imposter night nurse who tricked Mr. Fisher in Part III. After some verbal jousting, ‘Anna’ admits she paid Jenny to access chances to study “pain and pleasure” in Jenny’s little world of frequent spankings. Don’t try to follow all this–note only that pain and pleasure can be studied even more here with more spankings of Monica and Anna. The parlor room gathering decides this is the way to go. End intrigue, begin chastisement.

To Anna: “You want to learn about pain and pleasure? Prepare yourself.” Nurse Fisher, her husband, the headmaster, and the chancellor will all be spankers. Put your scorecard down. We will condense it. Anna is spanked OTK on the bare by each, then is paddled on a chair with a soft floppy harmless implement. Jenny’s spanking starts also. It is mild and somewhat comical.

The caning begins, first for Anna. She gets 6 from each participant, then eight more from the headmaster again, before he shifts to a birch bundle for 6, followed by 24 more from the other men. She jumps up unexpectedly but calms down and takes more birch from Fisher. She sounds nasal and like she is crying. She grabs her clothes and runs out of the house.

Jenny has been watching, Her mother starts with a strap over a stool. Then palm slaps. More strapping from the crew, when the cane is mentioned. “Oh please, not the cane.”

She is coached to kneel on the hassock and put her head down on the floor, who elevates her bottom into the studio lights as prominently as is possible, a pink centerpiece in the room, for 6 of the cane from the headmaster, with the promise of a repeat tomorrow in his office, “just you and me.” After all, he was made a fool of in the school administration. After a rest period with handspanking, the caning continues. 12 from Fisher, quite a bit harder than we have been seeing here; and finally, 12 rapid-fire from the chancellor.

Jenny is sent off to her room, and our cocktail group seems quite content (and maybe with some unresolved arousal?)

Night Nurse-The Imposter-III – CONNOISSEURCP

30 Apr

MF/2f; time: 45 minutes

The story of the mystery spanker continues; blond ‘Dublin O’Brien’ plays the mother and working nurse, ‘Monica’ is her nubile insouciant nail-thin blond student daughter, and there is a father of the family, and the mystery female spanker.

Nurse Fisher had a night assignment and leaves ‘Jenny’ (actress Monica), but only after finishing a colorful handspanking on her nifty red lace panties and on the bare, in repayment for the embarrassment with her boss the headmaster, depicted in part I. The minute she is gone, Jenny telephones a friend, who arrives and turns out to be the mystery female brunette “Claire” who inserted herself in the spankings goings-on in Parts I and II.

Maybe the mystery is clarifying, Jenny and Claire are acquainted and begin spanking each other for pleasure–using an assortment of paddles and straps, and working toward bare bottoms. Jenny has several canes and the birch in the next room too. The last cane, “a thick one,” gains both girls’ praise. And finally the girls birch each other, twisting the strands into tight bundles between strokes. The instrument is painful, so they use it in moderation.

Jenny’s father bursts in at this point. After all, this is a spanking household. The nurse-mother and Jenny are fully acquainted with the supply of spanking implements we have been seeing. He recognizes Claire as the very same imposter who visited his school as an administrator. “I thought you looked familiar.” The scantily clad, hastily covered up girls claim they were just “messing around.” “It’s fun. isn’t it?” comments the father. Since this is just one big cluster spank, he’ll have his go now.

Jenny goes to the corner obediently and Claire goes OTK, then a bend-over, for spanking and paddling. Jenny feeds him instruments. On the bare, hands on a chair, Claire takes a long caning, 15 counted out, then another 10 because she muffed up. Jenny gets the birch, and Dad swipes her about 25 times, not really hard, but she twitches and you will itch as you watch.

Jenny’s turn. “You, off with your knickers, over the chair.” Direct to the cane, the elegant red knickers down. Jenny sniffles; mother, Nurse Fisher arrives. No one is ever surprised to walk in on a spanking in this household. They discuss who this mystery visitor “Claire” was, setting us in line for part IV.

The Police Inspector-The Imposter -II – CONNOISSEURCP

29 Apr

MF/3f; year: 2004; time: 59 minutes

A female police officer (WPC)tickets Nurse Fisher (actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’), for a parking violation. She is the very same lady who in Part 1 conned her way into a spanking session at a school to get some of the action. Fisher begs for leniency on her parking violation. The WPC (we are learning that she is an opportunist when she smells CP) says Fisher’s husband ought to give her a good spanking.

Fisher too spots a good thing and invites the WPC back to her house, a fully furnished set we thank Connoisseur/Moonglow for putting together, rather than a motel room. In just two minutes, Fisher is being spanked on her black pants, part of a nurse’s uniform. She gets Fisher’s pants down and strokes that magnificent bottom.

“Oh, God, when is this going to end?” The WPC wants to know: “What has your husband been punishing you with?” Without pants at this point, Fisher retrieves a paddle and a tawse. This talented CP actress steps sweetly out of her puddled panties, fully understanding the importance of such detail. Great camera work, up her legs, from below. Lovely view bottom-high over a couch arm.

Fisher’s husband suddenly appears. What on earth is going on? He takes charge. Bare-bottomed Fisher must face the wall. WPC is forced OTK, told to shut up. (She is quickly submissive) Spanked first on black panties, she is ordered to stand. “Lower your knickers.” “You’re joking.”

At a chair, she is paddled and strapped. “Swap with my wife…keep your skirt pulled up.” At the chair, Fisher squirms. “You’re fidgeting more than she did. You should get used to this.” Both spanked bottoms presented for our comparison while the husband gets his cane, and “one of my favorite toys,” a carpet beater. The spankings look more like they itch than sting. 10 cane strokes, mild stuff. WPC swaps back again. Her bare bottom is nicely framed by her dark uniform top and black stockings. She gets 15 with the cane. Another bare bottom comparison and PC is chased off.

Actress Monica, from Part 1, playing their daughter, comes home and is immediately spanked for what happened to Fisher at school. (We’re having difficulty following the story line) At the conclusion, Nurse Fisher finds a calling card, dropped on the floor by WPC, which has a note: “That didn’t hurt too much, did it?”

The School Inspector The Imposter-1 – CONNOISSEURCP

29 Apr

FM/2f; year: 2003; time: 60 minutes

A four-film mini-series. Nurse Fisher, a delectable blonde, the spankable actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ dressed in a simple nurse’s smock, has been summoned by Headmaster Dr. Granger. She has spanked two students without school authority. This being England, Granger can deal with it two ways–first, report her (and she would lose her job and her accreditation), the other–deal with it in the “scholastic” manner, which is school punishment–a spanking itself. Comely Ms. Fisher elects #2.

Granger is in high dudgeon. Fisher goes OTK, skirt up, to expose black panties and hose. When Granger tugs her pants down: “Oh, my gosh, don’t do that to me.” He handspanks and adds some slippering from one which happens to be within grasp. This is a brief session, she is released, but she gives Granger her black panties–another one of those school administrators with a trophy drawer. She must return later.

One of the girls Fisher spanked was her own stepdaughter–the actress ‘Monica,’ a tall, thin pigtailed blonde. She reports to Granger. “You can look forward to one of the most severe thrashings we’ve seen at this school.” First, Granger straps her palms, hard, bringing tears. We hope her bottom gets the same treatment.

Monica goes OTK, skirt up, pants down, long legs, a tight hard bottom asking for her attention. Easy to understand this actress’s list of credits. After she stands, he slaps her thighs with a paddle and takes a few whacks at her vagina. Not your everyday headmaster. More OTK, some slippering, excellent high-quality closeups. Monica bends over a desk for the tawse–loud cracks and she cries out. Next is the strap, even harder, low camera angles up her legs. Monica hangs onto the desk, shaking it in her dismay.

A phone call interrupts, a regional school inspector is stopping in, and–Nurse Fisher has arrived for her evening follow-up, so Monica’s caning needs to be accelerated. Seven firm strokes over a desk, then the classic bend-over touch-toes for 10 more, a posture which highlights Monica’s noteworthy kiester. Fisher enters and watches some of this–it is her shoplifter stepdaughter.

The demonic Doctor Granger is not finished. Monica doubles over the classic dunce stool and takes about 15 strokes with a fearsome birch bundle, administered with enough moderation that she can endure it. Fisher is forced to observe. Granger carefully fondles his handiwork. He concludes with “some kindness” of “special cream” he lasciviously applies.

So nervous Nurse Fisher, now dressed in erotic schoolgirl attire, is prepared for her second session. She has learned what the headmaster likes. OTK, a steady spanking on neat white school panties. Over a desk, actress Ms. O’Brien presents a beautiful tableau for the strap.

At this moment, a new actor, a female student inspector, steps in, is surprised to see the official school nurse, bare bottom-up, hands-on-head, facing the blackboard, wearing a questionable outfit, in the midst of punishment. The inspector knows the procedures and checks the punishment log and is generally displeased with this situation. The log book is sloppy and Nurse Fisher’s transgressions must be reported. But there (always) is another way.

The inspector will complete Fisher’s spanking herself and overlook the policy issues. Back over the desk, the inspector spanks and straps Fisher, hard and experienced. After a bit, they figure the inspector must be satisfied. “But I’m not.” “There’s more?” Dialogue provides erotic tension.

Over the stool for a large martinet/cat o’nine tails. loud and colorful. Fisher sees Granger with the cane. “Oh God, do you have to?” The inspector does the honors, seven mild strokes, before she assumes the “official position,” the bend-over, for another set. Granger then birches her over the stool–he twists the twigs to tighten the bundle. Fisher is shocked to hear she must work in the school the rest of the day in front of the students in this uniform. At least she recovered her white panties from this second session.

The inspector has left a fancy pen behind. The headmaster calls school district headquarters. There was no inspector sent today! Who was this woman and what did she want?

Graffiti Girls – CONNOISSEURCP

19 Dec

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 56 minutes

Getting spanked for the sake of art? Two marvelously athletic schoolgirls, the actresses ‘Emma Brown’  and ‘Therese,’ get it in their heads to draw grafitti on the front glass of the school patio. Their brains must be in their hindquarters, because they are caught and marched to the headmaster. “To expel you would be to admit defeat. You’ve been punished before….this time it will be far worse.” The girls will be spanked together–a male staffer, the Deputy Head, joins the headmaster to assist. We don’t imagine he was too difficult to locate to join this action.

The girls place two chairs and are taken OTK. Emma plays Smythe, a cute short-haired blonde, and Therese plays Warrington,  red-blond haired. The spankings will be concurrent, skirts up, panties bunched, then down. The girls rise, pull up their pants, and switch laps. The men pull their pants down again. Very domineering exploitaticve stuff–these girls are putty for the HM and Deputy Head.

The girls are cornered, skirts tucked up, panties down, hands-on-head, in the prototype position, but just briefly; they arrange chairs, kneel up, and are paddled with a floppy leather paddle/strap. Rather than move the girls, the men switch bottoms. Such work, this is. Smythe has that tattoo we’ve come to wait to see on her left buttock, and it deserves some attention. Back to the corner.

Then each girl is called forward and palm-slapped with a tawse. It seems to hurt more than the spankings. Various angles illustrate the fancy room acquired to do this video.

The headmaster shows the girls several tawses. “These implements haven’t been used for five years.” Smythe shrinks back at the sight of them, sits down on the desk to protect her bottom. “I wonder why!” she comments.

Both girls side-by-side over the desk, some handspanking, and then the tawses. To the Deputy Head: “Hand me the canes.”

“Smythe, come here.” She is a little amused, not having been quick enough to wipe off the smirk. Over the table, 6 cane strokes, shots from below, the assets of Ms Emma Brown on full display. Warrington gets her six.

The girls go back and forth for sets of six, some over the desk, and some touching toes, which is a required position in any good schoolgirl CP film. The cheeky Smythe murmurs: “Oh, fuck!” and earna extras. At the conclusion of the punishment, the bottoms are compared, and seem lightly marked for the 20 or 30 strokes shown for each girl.

In the concluding scene we especially enjoyed, the girls are marched outside, bare bottom, to wash off the grafitti, skin in the breeze. There were no spectators but we can imagine.