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30 May

A collection of six spanking scenes from various films of hers. ‘A Pilgrim in Progress,’ ‘The First Spanksgiving.’ ‘When Elves Go Bad,’ ‘A Kind of Weddng Present,’ ‘Bad Grades, Bad Girl,’ and ‘The Play Dates.’ Nothing much here, except a reminder of how many great bottoms Chelsea had for friends.

Strict Accounting – CPENTERTAINMENT

4 Dec

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 39 minutes

Two of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s employees, ‘Paris’  and ‘Darling,’ have finagled the business records to the point that the IRS is involved. Chelsea is going to spank them, and she is going to use one of the company CP film cameramen to make a documentary.

While ‘Larry’ rolls the camera, “Take off your skirts and your panties.” Darling is spanked first, and we see the videotape notations on the screen. It is a long spanking. Paris is spanked next, an equally long 8 minutes.

Cut. Chelsea is going to let the girls settle the score between them. Paris actually made the errors. The next morning, Darling is permitted to spank Paris on the covered couch used in so many Pfeiffer films. A long spanking, on the panties and on the bare, a hairbrush. Chelsea joins for some spanks.

FADE. Chelsea has studied the books and Darling is not so innocent after all. She gets the same conventional spanking on the couch.



22 Sep

F/f; time: 12 minutes

‘Christy Cutie’  is spanked briefly in Chelsea Pfeiffer’s ‘ranch’ setting. OTK hairbrush spanking underway. Split screen for facials. Strap, and low shots.

Chelsea Spanks Sinn Sage/Veronica Daniels – CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT

22 Sep

F/f; F/f  time: 60 minutes

In the first half of the film, Chelsea Pfeiffer has arranged a spanking session with ‘Veronica Daniels/Elizabeth Burns.’ We read somewhere that this was cobbled together at a Las Vegas Spanking Party. The action occurs on a couch in front of a cloth backdrop, Probably the corner of a conference room.

Chelsea explains in notes that she was honored to be able to spank one of the leading Tops in the CP industry, and in fact one of her rivals. In brief conversation before the spanking starts, Veronica explains that she has been spanked only by “Professor Daniels” (at REALSPANKINGS, and many times!) and once by another woman.

Chelsea performs a standard OTK spanking, first on her jeans, then on black lace panties, and then on the bare. The girls laugh and manage to keep up the chatter. When her panties come down, “That’s the best warmup I’ve ever had.” It might be one of the longest.

Veronica likes the feel of Chelsea’s fondling.  The hairbrush next, a round wood paddle, a stiff strap, and a bigger wood paddle. Typical Veronica tears.

‘Sinn Sage’ is spanked in the second 30 minutes, on Chelsea’s familiar couch. She is eventually naked and displays the long frame and accentuated bottom which must have helped her agent suggest CP films for her.


12 May

F/f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is baking chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen of the ‘ranch’ set we have heard referred to as the ‘spanking ranch’ in other films. An older ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ is furious, because it is 100 degrees outside. The air conditioning! A spanking offense here at the ranch.

Amelia is taken OTK for the conventional spanking skirt up, pink lace-trimmed panties down quickly. The spanking is filmed by three cameras, front, rear, and overhead.


18 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer in what must have been intended as a rustic setting for what might be a ‘Spanking Ranch’ series, where Ms. Pfeiffer seems to find occasion to spank any female she can access.

A very tall Amazonian redhead, maybe Christy Cutie,  is having a birthday, her 26th. Chelsea is going to celebrate the occasion, requiring a variety of positions, about 10 of them. The girls will giggle through much of this.

In sets of 26, on the skirt, on her crinoline, the slip, then the thong “on your bare,” and then thong down.

With pants gone, the big redhead will kneel on a chair for 4 more sets of 26–with a rattan loop, a thin fraternity paddle, handspanking, and a straps. Mostly mild stuff–it had to be.

Interview with Chelsea Pfeiffer – HELLRESTRAINT

13 Apr

M/f; time: 7 minutes

We think we have this right. Here is a mature ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ being interviewed by an off-screen male, who acknowledges her place in the CP and BDSM industry.

The film cuts to a naked Chelsea, being tormented in several very creative bdsm poses. Variously: her arms are strapped at 90 degree angles to a 2″ x 8″board; bare feet in stocks for bastinado; head in a vice; nipple clamps; butt plug; hung upside down; electric vibrator in pussy. Classic poses, full exposure.