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Suddenly a Spanking – CPENTERTAINMENT

20 Feb

F/f; year: 2013: time: 19 minutes

Another appearance at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking ranch for Amelia Jane Rutherford. The premise here is that Amelia messed up her schedule on a U.S. tour and shows up four days late at tbs ranch. She was going to make a spanking film anyway, and now they have the pretext.

Chelsea starts the traditional OTK spanking

Amelia wears denim shorts and a short sleeve flannel shirt, cowgirl stuff. Shorts down, white panties. Chelsea takes her rings off. Panties down, it takes a lot to crack Ms. Rutherford’s pain or humiliation thresholds. Hairbrush last. The film concludes with Amelia rubbing her bottom full screen with her back to us. Very nice.

Chelsea Spanks Sierra Salem – CHELSEASPANKS

30 Oct

F/f; time: 30 minutes

Sierra Salem pays a visit to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s spanking ranch. Ms. Pfeiffer gets her share of distinguished guests. Chelsea wonders why, if she lives with Dallas, why she should need a spanking. Chelsea takes her OTK on the covered couch. Twelve spanking implements are line up on a coffee table.

After some handspanking on her jeans, which Sierra finds mostly amusing, she stands to drop the pants. OTK again, blue panties soon down. Hairbrush next. Then a paddle. Sierra is not so amused any more.

Sierra kneels on the couch for another paddle. A strap, a fraternity paddle and finally a baton-sized cane and a more conventional cane.


10 Jul

F/f; time: 25 minutes

A  rare but not unique occurrence where Chelsea Pfeiffer is a Bottom. Sinn Sage seems to have enough to blackmail her and will extract some revenge here. OTK on the familiar couch at the Spanking Ranch, fully tax deductible by now.

Chelsea wears kaki slacks and a black top. It isn’t much of a spanking, unfortunately. The film was produced in clips. Chelsea’s panties match her slacks. Panties down, Sinn makes her shiver with her fingernails. Sinn knows where the implements are and takes a strap out of a reachable drawer.

Chelsea bends over her couch. Her bottom still excites. Good for her. Sinn also uses a lexan paddle.


25 Jun


F/f; time: 36 minutes

Tall redhead Linny Lace, worth a moment of your time, gets a standard spanking at Chelsea’s spanking ranch.

She arrives at the ranch, knocks on the door, and is admitted. Her tied hair streams well down her back. After a brief chat, Chelsea takes her  OTK, skirt up, transparent panties down, Linny has a dramatic big bottom, well cared for. Handspanking and a paddle, various angles. Chelsea takes off her belt and has her kneel on a chair for a whipping.

Another session, a long one with the hairbrush. Linny attracts a lot of facials.

Showdown Session – AAASPANKING

7 Jun

F/f; time: 22 minutes

John Osborne, and off camera voice, has brought Sarah Gregory to see Chelsea Pfeiffer. It seems John has been spanking Sarah Nd not making an impression. He asks Chelsea to the job. She is only too happy. The scene is Chelsea’s spanking ranch.

Chelsea takes Sarah OTK and is impressed with her .bottom immediately. After some swats, she has Sarah stand and take off her dress. OTK again in bra and panties, the bottom looks even nicer. Chelsea uses some fingernails. “Oh, yeah.” This might be more than punishment.

Chelsea wants the bra and panties off. The panties are wet. “Not getting excited?” Chelsea plays with her boobs and spreads her buttocks. She blindfolds Sarah and uses a black leather paddle. Riding crop tease. Sarah kneels on a chair for the crop and some easy bastinado. Boobs hang. Chelsea plays with a spiked wheel all over her body. Boob and pussy slapping. They kiss, really kiss. More paddle ; bottom to the wall on parade.

Well Disciplined at Gamma Sigma House -CPENTERTAINMENT

19 Nov

F/f; time: 25 minutes

Harley Havlik and an older Chelsea Pfeiffer. Chelsea is on her familiar set and will give Harley a routine spanking. Harley is a pretty auburn haired model on whom we not reported much. She has the lovely full feminine bottom so admired in this business. Skirt up, panties bunched then down. Face,rear, and overhead shots.

In a second part, Harley cavorts on a bed, on her cell phone, wearing a negligee. Girls on cell phones get spanked a lot, but only in CP films. Chelsea catches her and takes her OTK on the bed. Tiny bikini panties, which soon come down. More varied views. Good spanking, but nothing new here. Chelsea finishes her off with a hairbrush. Varied angles may have allowed for repeats.







All I Did Was Take Off My Clothes – CPENTERTAINMENT

19 Nov

F/f; time:  10 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer will spank Alex Reynolds. A standard spanking on a bed. Alex splays her legs with experience. This simple film ends with the strap over the end of the bed.


30 May

A collection of six spanking scenes from various films of hers. ‘A Pilgrim in Progress,’ ‘The First Spanksgiving.’ ‘When Elves Go Bad,’ ‘A Kind of Weddng Present,’ ‘Bad Grades, Bad Girl,’ and ‘The Play Dates.’ Nothing much here, except a reminder of how many great bottoms Chelsea had for friends.

Strict Accounting – CPENTERTAINMENT

4 Dec

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 39 minutes

Two of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s employees, ‘Paris’  and ‘Darling,’ have finagled the business records to the point that the IRS is involved. Chelsea is going to spank them, and she is going to use one of the company CP film cameramen to make a documentary.

While ‘Larry’ rolls the camera, “Take off your skirts and your panties.” Darling is spanked first, and we see the videotape notations on the screen. It is a long spanking. Paris is spanked next, an equally long 8 minutes.

Cut. Chelsea is going to let the girls settle the score between them. Paris actually made the errors. The next morning, Darling is permitted to spank Paris on the covered couch used in so many Pfeiffer films. A long spanking, on the panties and on the bare, a hairbrush. Chelsea joins for some spanks.

FADE. Chelsea has studied the books and Darling is not so innocent after all. She gets the same conventional spanking on the couch.



22 Sep

F/f; time: 12 minutes

‘Christy Cutie’  is spanked briefly in Chelsea Pfeiffer’s ‘ranch’ setting. OTK hairbrush spanking underway. Split screen for facials. Strap, and low shots.