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18 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Chelsea Pfeiffer in what must have been intended as a rustic setting for what might be a ‘Spanking Ranch’ series, where Ms. Pfeiffer seems to find occasion to spank any female she can access.

A very tall Amazonian redhead, maybe Christy Cutie,  is having a birthday, her 26th. Chelsea is going to celebrate the occasion, requiring a variety of positions, about 10 of them. The girls will giggle through much of this.

In sets of 26, on the skirt, on her crinoline, the slip, then the thong “on your bare,” and then thong down.

With pants gone, the big redhead will kneel on a chair for 4 more sets of 26–with a rattan loop, a thin fraternity paddle, handspanking, and a straps. Mostly mild stuff–it had to be.

Interview with Chelsea Pfeiffer – HELLRESTRAINT

13 Apr

M/f; time: 7 minutes

We think we have this right. Here is a mature ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ being interviewed by an off-screen male, who acknowledges her place in the CP and BDSM industry.

The film cuts to a naked Chelsea, being tormented in several very creative bdsm poses. Variously: her arms are strapped at 90 degree angles to a 2″ x 8″board; bare feet in stocks for bastinado; head in a vice; nipple clamps; butt plug; hung upside down; electric vibrator in pussy. Classic poses, full exposure.


13 Apr

F/f; time: 11 minutes

A series of films at a set Ms. Pfeiffer will call the “Spanking Ranch.” Very sexy redhead Linny Lace (‘Christie Cutie’) has completed the fourth day of a punishment regimen arranged by her husband. Before her husband picks her up, she will get one last spanking.

(An aside: we remember some juicy stories in JANUS where husbands delivered their wives to punishment ranches and were allowed to watch spankings through one-way glass. And, it is our imagination? Chelsea likes redheads.)

Chelsea begins an OTK spanking; Ms. Cutie has that special bottom. Polka dot panties down. Several paddles; good overhead shots.

Linny kneels on a chair for the “graduation switch.” 30 strokes shown, with some maddening tap-tapping mixed in. “You’re being very brave…this has been a very difficult 4 days.”


20 Mar

F/f; time: 24 minutes
A two-part spanking of the Eurasian ‘Jade Indica,’ an exotic brunette who passes all of doyenne Chelsea Pfieffer’s tests for possessing a great bottom.

The first segment is filmed in the empty office or retail space, where mirrors on the walls enhance the action from several angles. Jade has done something at work to offend Chelsea, who will take the opportunity to spank her, in some subdued Lesbian play.

Jade goes OTK and a handspanking begins on red lace panties. Very nice overhead shots in addition to all the conventional angles. We’ve said before that Ms. Pfeiffer understood all the cues we spankos need. Tight little bottom and some gaps between the thighs.

Chelsea spanks professionally; panties come down and are eventually kicked off. A hairbrush appears. Excellent facials from the wall mirrors. Chelsea has a satisfied smile on her face after she finishes.

Part Two ‘Right Here, Right Now’:The film is made in a small dressing room, in front of a full length mirror. The quarters are tight, so the angles will be limited. The mirror helps. Jade wears just a bra and pink thong.

Chelsea spanks her in a standing position, all that can be done here, and soon the bra and thong come off. Handspanking, a stiff strap, and a big wood paddle. Again, Chelsea enjoys having her hands on Jade. A mild frig seems to please both girls.


19 Dec

F/f; time: 44 minutes
‘Maddy Marks’ and Chelsea in one of her older and formulaic films. No new ground or blisters will be raised here, but we are always prospecting. Another film made in parts for each Internet distribution.

I ‘Icing on Her Cake’ Redhead Maddy gets spanked by Chelsea for messing up the icing on cakes to be served at a shower for a friend. OTK, skirt up, thong down, handspanking and hairbrush.

II ‘I’m Gonna Embarrass You’ Maddy has called in sick and when she does report to work, Chelsea will spank her. OTK, shorts down, small round, hard-looking paddle for very specific work.

III ‘Late Payment in Full’ Maddy and Chelsea live together and Maddy fails to pay the cable bill. Another conventional spanking,

IV ‘Lucky Coin’ Maddy tries to steal Chelsea’s lucky coin and gets a strapping for it.

Chelsea Spanks Veronica – CPENTERTAINMENT

1 Dec

F/f; year: 2007; time: 28 minutes
A classic between two CP stars, ‘Veronica, a/k/a Veronica or Elizabeth Burns, of REALSPANKINGS and her own THESPANKINGCOUPLE, before the latter site imploded over some legal dispute.

Veronica has come calling at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s place. The girls giggle about the prospect of a spanking between themselves. Frequent references to “Dr. D,” the character Coach Daniels and Veronica’s frequent partner and possibly her real-life husband, with whom she made spanking films and then real sex at THESPANKINGCOUPLE.

Veronica goes OTK and Chelsea starts spanking on “your nice tight jeans…you look amazing.” True, true. Veronica drops her jeans; black lace panties. Chelsea continues the spanking. “I see you are a believer in that upper part of the thigh being part of the bottom, just like Dr. D.” Heavy breathing, laughter.

When Veronica’s panties come down: “That’s the best one I ever had,” high praise from her. “Are you ready for your first implement?” A hairbrush, lots of adlib. Chelsea keeps admiring Veronica’s bottom. “Dr. D. likes me to take care of it.” A small paddle–“Oh, that stings.” Some tears, Ms. Daniels can always do this. Stiff strap and handspanking.

“My butt is on fire.” “You’re shaking, baby.” A hard wood paddle. Some film edits here. Is it possible that Chelsea actually broke Veronica’s pain threshold?


25 May

F/f; time: 9 minutes
A refreshingly kinky performance we will review separately from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s other films. Model ‘Ela Darling’ has been doing housework in just a skimpy apron and nothing else. Chelsea catches her having removed her “bottom plug,” for which she will be punished.

Chelsea has a complicated Ben Wa toy, a curved stainless steel rod with balls on it. Ela kneels on chairs and Chelsea works it in her anus quite skillfully, with the anticipated response as she jiggles it in and out.

“Now we’re going to give you a bottom fucking.” With a similar tool, Chelsea works it in a little further and does in fact fuck Ela with it. She follows this with a handspanking and cropping of her open anus. We may have been caught up in the kink here, but a spicy suppository would have been a nice conclusion.