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Rob Banks Get Spanked – DALLASSPANKSHARD

19 Oct

M/f; year: 2018; time: 28 minutes (2 parts so far)

A contemporary release from DSH, either from the archives or from maybe a recent visit by Amelia Jane Rutherford to the U.S. for a spanking party. Didn’t we hear some dialogue somewhere that she promised never to visit without a stopover with Dallas? If these dates are close to current, Ms. Rutherford might be over 40 years old here, and we say again, she still stirs our loins.

An intentionally silly story to set the scene: Amelia is a bank robber, part of a criminal organization; Dallas is an FBI agent, doing ‘black ops,’ which includes “enhanced interrogation.” When Amelia is given the choice of a ‘black hole,’ being released onto the street to face her gang, or interrogation, she’ll take the latter, feigning not to know what that means. Of course we all know and we’re ready to start.

In one of Dallas’ rooms at his studio. Amelia wears a flower-print blouse, a very tight skirt, and, we’ll see, stockings. Her hair is braided into two pigtails. The spanking begins in an opening scene-‘The Red Division.’ She is OTK, but pretends not to know why this peculiar posture works for discussion until the first smack lands. We’ve seen her portray this moment hundreds of times and it still entertains. As she squeals, Dallas: “This is much better than a  lie detector test.”

Skirt up. “What are you doing?” Beige lace panties soon down. “No!” Her stockings terminate at her thighs. This session ends with her lying bare bottom across a long hassock, awaiting the next phase.

‘OTK by the FBI’:  Dallas returns with a small oval paddle, about the size of a vanity hand mirror. OTK again, the paddle bites, and Dallas soon splits it. “Maybe you were doing it too hard.” Amelia demurs but must hand him a handy hairbrush. “Ow. That’s so much worse.” Silly gangster talk. Back onto the hassock to await the next phase.




22 Aug

MF/f; Time: 51 minutes

An unusual format for Dallas, in 3 segments. ‘Tiki’  is the model, a tall blonde. Graphics describe her ‘submission’  here as happening before ‘Fifty Shades.’ You’ll read around that big CP producers have been angry that the movies ‘Secretary’  and ‘Ffity Shades’  had the effect of mainstreaming their product . This film may have come from archives, because Dallas looks quite young, and Tiki has a bikini tan from the Sandra Dee period. With a bottom like hers, if thongs were extant, she would have worn one. Dark lighting, few facials, and almost no dialogue.

Tiki appears in front of a roaring fire wearing a loose chenille robe, which she drops slowly. She is naked. She has a big feminine bottom, completely white against a body tan. She rests her elbows on the mantel, and Dallas begins caning her. The scene is dark, the fire crackles. She is getting both her bottom and her pussy torched.

FADE, into the bedroom, they probably found the fire too hot to continue there. Tiki lies over the foot of the bed on pillows, beautifully positioned. Dallas starts with a paddle, which makes her squirm out of position. White strap, tawse, flogger, and a big wood fraternity paddle which makes her ask to stop. Zoom on red bottom and fondle.

In the next scene, we’re back in front of the fire; this time a screen has been placed to separate Tiki, so that she won’t catch sparks or have her pussy hair singed. Dallas wears his chenille robe now, and with two whirling floggers, gets her stinging so much she needs to stop.

OTK naked, it looks like she is exploring under his robe as he spanks. In fact, she drops to her knees and performs a spirited blowjob, graphic enough, not a perfect camera angle. This segment ends as it appears she is positioning for some doggy-style sex. You won’t see this in those mainstream movies.

In the last 30-minute segment, Dallas has been joined by either ‘Zoey’  or ‘Sierra Salem.’ The girl takes Tiki’s pants and panties down at the bed and begins handspanking and flogging. Kiki’s wrists are manacled. Dallas hovers. “You’re doing a great job, but you can  go a little harder.” A few spanks from Dallas make Tiki squeal. Zoey strokes. “You’re very very warm.”

Dallas shows Zoey how to snap with a paddle. After Dallas applies some aloe, the spanking continues. “Instructional spanking, I like it.”

White strap, black leather paddle, kneeling up on the bed for the flogger, knees apart. Head down, bottom high. Dallas joined–they both paddle, the finale for Tiki.

When A Stranger Spanks – DALLASSPANKSHARD

8 Aug

M/f; year: 2011, time: 64 minutes

Another odd film from DSH. The actress ‘Vivian Sweet’  plays the part of a floozy hooker-type, hitchhiking in a residential area. She wears a very tight, short skirt and stiletto heels., Dallas stops and picks her up in a silly parody of a street corner hooker pickup. Not quite “Pretty Woman.”

After a short ride, he invites her back to his place for a drink. She doesn’t bat an eye. Left alone, Vivian examines a Playboy nude statue and finds BDSM stuff in drawers. Dallas wants her to snoop. He makes her a dirty martini, and when he invites her to lie over the table, she is eager .She pulls up her dress, and at Dallas’ request, slips down her pink thong. Slowly, nice.

Dallas begins right off with a cane, which seems to surprise Vivian, “Ow-y, Ow-y,” she cries out, in an odd way. A harsh caning start for what is going to be a long session. Dallas actually canes vertically a few times.

The film was sold in segments. Dallas will now spank Vivian though his repertoire as he does. The next session is OTK. Very red, Vivian is startled. Then the leather paddle and a ‘Keith Jones paddle.’ Somehow Vivian knows: “Keith Jones gives wicked spankings.” No offense, but Dallas far outdoes him. The paddle is an oval ping pong type, a little bigger, and thin.

A hairbrush session is next;  there are bruises now, especially on that far side. Dallas has not be careful enough to evenly distribute. Vivian is looking distressed.

Over a chair for an antique strap. Lots of facials, an experienced actress. “I want to be stopped,” she confesses. She bends over an old school desk for a long strap, a 2′ length of leather. Dallas really whacks. She is shocked.

And a razor strop finale. After displaying her bottom on a leather couch, she lies lengthwise on a box on legs. Excellent facials. As she dresses and leaves, she winks: “Same time next week?” She’ll need to attend to that bottom to do this again so soon.

Stand Up, Can’t Sit Down (Yevonne) – DALLASSPANKSHARD

8 Aug

M/f; year: 2012; time: 40 minutes

Longer format for DSH. Little light brunette ‘Yevonne’ calls at Dallas’ house. She has come for a “record label interview,” not knowing that she has been sent to Dallas, the professional disciplinarian, to   be punished for her habit of standing people up. The record label owner is nearby, and Yevonne is a little alarmed when Dallas marches her by the arm to see him.

It is explained. She must undergo an “examination” with Dallas, who soon explains he is a professional disciplinarian. If she wants the job, “you’re going to get a very long, hard spanking.” He has her kneel on a footstool and throws up her blue summer dress to expose full apricot panties. He whips them down immediately. Not a peep from her.

After some standing humiliation, hands on head, he takes her OTK and does his thing with the aloe. He explains it increases the sting and that he can smack less hard and longer. Yevonne will have to hold a three-minute egg timer for sessions. The first spanking starts at the 11 minute mark. A rousing 3 minute spanking Dallas-style. “That was the beginning.” She is left hands on head to anticipate the next spanking.

OTK again, she is reluctant. More aloe. The timer again. About one smack per second with a few breathers. Another corner time contemplation, then OTK. “Again?” Aloe, timer, a cute struggle.

After a lecture about her habits, she lies lengthwise on a bearskin rug on the low table. Dallas brings a stack of implements. Yevonne is made to line them up and examine them. Then, short impressive sessions with: big razor strop, kitchen stirrer, long white strap, black leather paddle, short strap, and a paddle.

Zoom on a very red and bruised bottom, one of those classic soaring beauties. You’d follow this girl in a mall.


3 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

‘Summer Severe’ A two-parter. Dallas introduces a pretty blonde who he will repeatedly insist contacted him. She is a college girl who wants some discipline to refocus herself and reduce her partying. She has specifically requested the long-handled bathbrush. Plausibility? She’s a cute one, face and bottom, we’re OK with it.

Dallas likes tension and spanking talk. He explains the procedure to her. OTK she goes, and he begins with the bath brush. Her face is to us, and she is shocked right off. And her slacks are still on. Summer kneels up on a bench, her slacks come down, and the telltale brush bruises peek out from under her red bikini panties. OTK again with the brush; Dallas whacks even harder when she keeps forgetting ‘sir.’

She kneels again. “Pull down your panties.” Major paddle-like bruises. There should be no doubt that Dallas’  reputation as the hardest spanker in the genre is confirmed. OTK again, brush on bare skin. The pretty blonde is struggling to maintain composure. She gets a scolding at this conclusion. Dallas insists this is a true  story, as if he needs to justify the LUPUS-level bruises. Hands on head to contemplate, The Summer saga continues.


11 Jan

M/f; year: 2010; time: 45 minutes

A long film from DSH, made to be marketed in segments. Zoey is a tall, thin brunette, somewhat of a Sandra Bullock derivation. The pretext here to get at her bottom–in an exterior scene, Dallas catches her walking his property, inspecting it like a realtor. She doesn’t know it apparently, but she is casing the place for a client who is actually a burglar. This is good enough for a trip into the house to the punishment room.

Dallas explains that he is a professional disciplinarian, and that, in lieu of a possible 4-year prison sentence, he will spank her, “here, today.” She agrees and is shown the table of implements.

There follow a series of separated spanking scenes, with Zoey bare-bottom OTK over Dallas’s padded ottoman, and occasional trips to the corner. First comes a treatment with aloe gel. This may increase the sting, and it is reputed to have healing qualities. Both will help in this long film.

She will hand the implements back to Dallas one at a time and set a one-minute timer. The implements are identified in the segment titles–paddle, paddle strap, small bath brush, small razor strap, large razor strap, wooden paddle, and plexi glass paddle.

Zoey squeals through some of the segments, maybe a bit too melodramatically. Watch your volume control. Over the sessions, her bottom takes on a mottled glow, showing the bruises of the various implements.

She is interviewed while she lies bare bottom on the ottoman. She was brave and entertaining.

Heat of the Knight – DALLASSPANKKSHARD

27 Dec

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 17 minutes

Dallas issued 3 episodes featuring ‘Abi Whittaker’ and ‘Audrey Knight,’ both of whom made spanking films with other producers, and some together on their own. They made have been lesbian partners.

In the first segment, Dallas interrupts the girls poolside in their bikinis, lovely to look at, especially when we know we will see it all. He marches them inside, first pulling down their bikini bottoms. Abi first, then Audrey. The girls put on different panties.

Scene cut–Audrey is spanking Abi, when Dallas catches them. Dallas sends Abi away, concluding her appearance here. He spanks Audrey,

The final twelve minutes of the film feature Audrey being spanked bare bottom OTK. The egg timer is used, and there are pauses for the application of aloe gel. Audrey seems to have some tears, and maybe a bit of a temper.