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Megan and Roxie Trust Fund – DALLASSPANKSHARD

19 Aug

M/2f; year: 2006;time: 36 minutes
Two girls, trying to appear smarmy and insolent, having been sent to Dallas. “My name is Dallas. You’re here to get a spanking…I’m going to have you strip naked.”

We’ve seen a few films where probate attorneys arrange for girls to be spanked, sometimes as specified in a will codicil. We like the clauses where the spankings must be done monthly when annuity checks are issued.

First, Megan and Roxie and sent to Dallas’ ‘corner,’ a doorway, where they must remove all their clothes, pose, and wait. He asks the girls to face him–cute little partial pubic shaves on both. They have to be posed properly–hands on head, legs apart, backs arched, bottoms out.

Dallas will spank both girls in various postures. They seem as much amused as anything else. Dallas does elicit some tears and nervous laughter.


18 Aug

M/f; year: 2009 time: 54 minutes
An odd film, longish for DSH. Dallas plays a ‘spanko hunter,’ on the prowl for girls to spank. In his car, using the back-seat video CAM technique, he intercepts actress ‘Audrey Knight’ as she leaves her house. “What are you doing here?” Dallas claims to have come to LA to track her down. Just what their relationship is we did not discern; the storyline is goofy. She must owe him.

We think of the various CP and Adult actresses Dallas has had contact with, a non-inclusive list including Audrey Knight, Kailee Robinson, Stevie Rose, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sierra Salem, Sinn, Amber Pixie Wells, to name just a few we have come across elsewhere.

But the action is not goofy. Whatever hold Dallas has on Audrey, she submits. He drives her to his place, and on the patio, tucks up her skirt and pulls down her panties to make her complete the walk bare-bottom. Pretty white cheeks against a tan.

In the house, they step over over a child’s doorway gate. What is that? Bare bottom in the corner, his usual pre-spanking routine.

He starts the first spanking, OTK, but first applies “my prefect concoction,” some aloe formula made for him. Good for the bottom, good for the hand, and Audrey points out-stepping on his dialogue, good for the sting. There will be a series of spanking scenes to make up this long film, using handspanking, hairbrush, several paddles, a nasty long-handled bath brush, a double strap, and a whippy rod.

Dallas spanks hard; we have seen Ms. Knight in a number of films, and this by far is the most severe spanking we have seen her take. The film is filled with facials, because she is so attractive as to pull them off. She maintains a modicum of poise and humor throughout. Dallas is just corny enough to assuage some of the pain.


25 Jul

The Audition’ (M/2f; time: 28 minutes; year: 2010) Dallas brings ‘Scarlett’ in by the ear and puts her in the corner. “When I get back I’m going to smoke your buns with this paddle.” ‘Crystal’ enters the studio and sees Scarlett in the telltale pre-spanking corner configuration.

She’ll take a few whacks at Scarlett with Dallas’ paddle. The competing  CP girls squabble. As far as Scarlett is concerned, only Dallas may spank her. But Crystal wants Scarlett’s pants down; OTK.

Scarlett bends over a chair for the Spencer paddle. Crystal admire her tan and white bottom.

allas returns; he wants Crystal to change into more spankable garb, not the BDSM outfit she is wearing. Dallas paddles Scarlett, hard, producing the circular bruises.

Crystal is spanked next, the Spencer paddle. Her face is never shown in the film.

‘Scarlett spanked for tickets’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes; year: 2012) In praise of postgraduates. Dallas doesn’t do much on the schoolgirl theme. She is first paddled on her skirt and then on the bare. Spencer paddle and a kitchen spoon. An old fashioned bikini tan. On this episode, some of the female crew can be seen watching. The set looks like a hotel room.

Onto the bed, over a pillow, for a strap. And last, lying over the end of the bed. Her thong survives.

Sierra Salem- The Prank – DALLASSPANKSHARD

18 Jul

M/f; time: 42 minutes
A long film with one of Dallas’ most playful actresses, a favorite of his and maybe more. Brunette Sierra plays a student here, in sweater and skirt. She has borrowed and wrecked the school principal’s car. She thinks it’s an acceptable prank.

Dallas starts her off with prototype corner time. Kilt off, black panties, frisk position at the door. Dallas starts with a strap in this standing position, panties come down to her thighs. The film has periodic graphic messages, one of which says she is “19 years old.”

The pace of the film is slow–there are inserted graphics, choppy editing breaks, and conversation. FADE to an OTK scene, then back to the corner.

“Now the hard spanking comes.” All-fours on a bench, lots of facials. Dallas likes to keep her panties at mid-thigh. Next comes a heavy strap. At the 27-minute mark her bottom is getting well bruised–especially that far buttock.

Sierra bends over a padded waist-high cross-bar for several paddles, including the ‘Spencer.’ Sierra is very good with the face and the camera. This paddle is the worst. In the long film, Sierra mostly protected her modesty and lost only her pants.


11 Apr

M/f; year:2008; time: 50 minutes 10 segments.
An appearance by ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in the lair of DALLAS, where they play for the camera–she is dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, or is she Bambi Woods from the seminal porn film ‘Debbie Does Dallas’? DSH makes no reference to that delicious early mass-market porn film, but one look at Amelia tells you she has seen the film. Here, Dallas claims to be able to influence a decision for her tryout with the cheerleaders’ organization.

A lovely young Amelia, with a lot of CP career in front of her, knocks at the cheerleaders’ door and admits herself. Dallas surpises her at whar she thought was her audition.He has heard some troubling things about her attitude. She’ll have to convince him she is worthy of his reference. “Are you gearing up to spank me?” she giggles. Dallas tells her the cheerleader managers are expecting her to show up for tonight’s final tryout with a red bottom. The first clip ends: “Now she knows she is going to be spanked.”

“Switched into high Gear. She is a hot lady.” Dallas has Amelia perform. “Turn around, shake your booty.” Pom-poms, and that bottom! She pretends to resist doing these demeaning female gestures. “I can’t I can’t!” When they stand together, a comparison Ms. Rutherford will avoid in most of her films, she appears 6″ taller than Dallas. With her back to the camera, Dallas pulls down her white Hot Pants and snaps at her bare bottom with a cane.

“Now some more with the switch.” In this clip, Amelia is lying on the leather couch, her pants at her thighs, her bottom soaring, the cool leather against bare skin. This leather couch pose, here with the right girl, is found throughout adult films. We remember a furniture advertisement with this exact pose, but here, Amelia’s pants are where we imagined they could be. He nips at her bottom with the cane. “It hurts,” she says to us in the camera. Mild marks, glorious cheeks. Her cheerleader routine will improve as the cane intensity does. The graphic reads: “On to the plexi-cane.”

‘She Hated the Cane’ Dallas uses a plexiglass cane here. Amelia lies flat on the couch, tall enough that the cushions had to be rearranged to accommodate her. He proceeds with a mild caning; her hot pants are at her thighs–she suffers as Amelia likes to do, wriggling around. Long facials and conversation to occupy the film time with something other than whipping. “I’m not psychologically prepared to take the cane.”

Dallas sets up a straight chair in the middle of the room. After some bare-bottom corner time, subtly lit by some floor spotlights, Amelia goes OTK for a vanity-mirror sized hard wood paddle, then she kneels for a strap. Vitamin E aloe is added and renewed during these spankings, and Amelia knows its rejuvenative effect only increases her misery. And a session with a hard wood Spencer paddle.

Onto the couch again, bolster under her glorious bottom, blushing and slick, the most significant strapping yet, and probably the sequence prompting DSH to tell us this is Amelia’s most severe career spanking.

“Finish with the Hand’ More aloe, she is arranged OTK; he takes his ring off–“I’m not a total bastard.” More moderate colorful handspanking, the focus always her glamorous self.

‘Now It’s Time to Burn Her Awesome Bottom’ He bottom is shiny from aloe and red from spanking. She gets a long and increasing hard handspanking in this final 7 minute segment. At the conclusion, she keeps her bottom prominent and posed as she regains composure.

Pixie’s Leather Lesson 1 and 2 – DALLASSPANKSHARD

11 Apr

Year:2011; M/f; 10 minute and 11 minutes

The celebrated strawberry blond CP actress’s visit to DALLAS’ lair. He greets her at the door. “Do you know why you are here?” What is a girl to say? She has been sent to him for discipline; she has been having problems at home. Long scolding on the couch. The frizzy blond CP pro wears a pink top and jeans.

“Go over there in the corner and bare your bottom.” She drops and kicks off her jeans, and then after a pause, pulls down her sky-blue panties. Hands-on-head, Dallas is going to make her wait alone for a while. This is part of his humiliation process.

Dissolve: He returns with spanking implements. Pixie is brought to the padded spanking bench and shown the tools. In this first episode, she gets the strap, bent over, hands on the bench. She gasps from the first stroke. We have admired her wide hips and powerful thighs before.

Part 2: Pixie is already bent over, her pants off. Before anything else, Dallas applies his aloe gel to her pinkish bottom. “Nice cold gel,” elicits a little twitch from Pixie. She hands Dallas a strap with some apprehension on her face. She knows this gel, which may protect her skin, just increases the difficulty of a spanking.

Dallas straps her rapidly. She twitches from side to side, some restless-leg quivering. Pixie the actress is a joy to watch.

DISSOLVE. More aloe for Pixie, still bent over, more of the strap, her boobs jiggle in her loose pink top. Red face, strawberry blond complexion, tears, you could easily imagine here that she is focusing on the time of her departing flight from California. Facial inserts as the strap smacks.

Abigail Whittaker Collected

20 Nov


Abi and a friend (GirlSpanksGirl; time:5 minutes) Abi and Samantha Woodley lie on a bed, in just bra and panties. A cell phone call comes in, someone is offering to spank them for money.

The girls spank each other and get naked, rare for Samantha. Lesbian games, frontals.

Asking for It‘ (STB; year: 2006; time: 7 minutes) ‘Abigail Whittaker’ and ‘Audrey Knight’ cuddle on a knotty pine king-size bed in the attic of a house designed of logs. Abi wants a spanking from her domme friend Audrey.

She gets a strap, drops her jeans, and slides over Audrey’s lap on the bed. Handspanking first, then Audrey takes her blue panties down. Cute, uneventful.

For the strap portion, we need a different position, of course. Over the end of the bed, a long session with a strap. They hug to conclude, Audrey handling Abi’s bottom.

Into bed for a cuddle, we are wondering here in whose dresser is the strap-on dildo? We doubt we will see it.

Abi and a teacher; BADTUSHY)(F/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Abigail Whittaker’ reports to a teacher, she has been caught playing hooky, and the solution is simple–a paddling or expulsion.

She gets a long paddling on her denim skirt, then on pantyhose, panties, and on the bare. Tears.

(BADTUSHY) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abi has been caught stealing in her office; her male supervisor wastes no time offering her the prototype choice, a call to the police or a little-girl spanking. But he wants her to understand that it will be a “serious spanking,” not a perfunctory one.

He takes her OTK; “I’m going to spank the hell out of your ass.” Handspanking on her slacks. Slacks down, when the guy reaches for her bikini panties, she resists, but just for a second. The handspanking continues after he has her lie lengthwise over her desk. She makes out pretty well; it might be worth stealing, except for the embarrassment.

Enough!’ ( AW Productions; F/f; year: 2008; time: 13 minutes) When you’ve got the body and the face, and you’re willing, you might as well open up your own website and make your own films. Abi Whittaker and Sarah Gregory are roommates, dressing for a party. Sarah has put on Abi’s shoes, and used a ruler to do it. Now here is a plot that can be resolved in short order.

A silly girl-fight ensues over the shoes. Enough of this borrowing of clothes, there is the ruler readily at hand. Abi, in one of her developing dominant roles, gets Sarah’s panties down for a spanking, moderate and harmless, then they hug and head off to the party.

Just Dessert‘ (STB; year: 2008; time: 19 minutes) ‘Chloe Elise’ joins Abi here. Abi finds a piece of cheesecake in the kitchen and eats it, hiding it when she hears Chloe coming. The cake was to be for Chloe’s boyfriend.

She will spank Abi. A silly and uninteresting spanking, Abi OTK, little green print bikini panties, which come down. It would have been fun to imagine Chloe’s boyfriend arriving about now and having a shot at Abi himself. But these are F/f films.

The hairbrush; Abi begs apologies and will go buy more cake. Into the kitchen to finish off the spanking with a stirring spoon.

Knowing Her Place‘ (STB; year: 2008; time: 16 minutes) Abi and Audrey Knight again. Abi doesn’t want to go to a party, so Audrey will spank her. Simple silly OTK on a sectional couch. Abi fetches the cane for Audrey, pillow upright between her thighs to assist her in keeping posture. Tap-tap-snap.

Lesson in Sobriety’ (STB; year:2008; time:19 minutes) Audrey Knight, Abi Whittaker, and Sarah Gregory. Sarah and Abi crawl in a window, silly drunk. A little dog, who likes CP films, stands at the set window watching the action.

Audrey catches them; the acting is so awkward she checks with the director to see if they keep rolling. Audrey will spank both girls, kneeling on the couch, skirts up, a study of two
pairs of panties.

The girls drape their bare bottoms over both arms of a couch for a strapping.

(MYSPANKINGROOMMATE) MF/2f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Abi’ is being paid $500 for just having completed a spanking film. Her roommate ‘Madison’ wants the money to settle a debt between them.

The girls squabble; the jovial spanking producer will hand over the check to whomever the girls decide. Abi suggests they have a little spanking competition. The winner gets the money. The loser is the girl who gives up first.

The male producer will do the spanking; he manages to get BOTH girls on his lap for handspankings, then he takes them on one at a time. Not great camera angles for these two cute girls. Sets of 25 was the plan, but this doesn’t seem to happen.

Madison seems to have lost; Abi gives her a spanking herself, and Abi gets the check.

My Pantyhose‘ (GBS; F/f; time: 4 minutes) Abi is getting sexier at GBS. Here, she has borrowed someone’s fishnet pantyhose. The other girl wonders if Abi is embarrassed by all the bare skin exposed. “Why should I be embarrassed? I’ve been bare-assed since I’ve been here.”

Abi’s friend puts her into the ‘Lunge’ position, which Abi knows is “very painful.” It tightens the skin. She gets a strapping on the subject pantyhose. They risk tearing them.

Abi kneels on a chair for more brief spanking. Her girlfriend promises not to report her if she puts the pantyhose back.

Real Spanking for Abi Whittaker‘ (STB Productions; F/f; time: 15 minutes) Another nifty exercise from Abi, her tight little bottom free lancing around the CP market. Here she lies on a bed with actress ‘Audrey Knight.’ They are debating something we didn’t try to zone in on. It takes about five minutes, while we focus on Abi’s tight little panties.

Audrey takes Abi OTK, on the bed in a lying position, gets her little shorts down (she might just shop in the ‘juniors’ sizes), and gives her a fast paddling and spanking.

Abi kneels up for a fast caning, with a plexiglass instrument. which Audrey employs with quick successive snaps. We’re guessing this is more painful than it seems. The girls hug to conclude. Audrey caresses Abi’s striped bottom.

Two Naughty Elves‘ (STB; F/2f; year: 2008; time: 15 minutes) The SpankThatBrat series with Abigail Whittaker, Sarah Gregory, and Audrey Knight. The girls wear silly elves’ costumes, spooking the movie ‘Elf,’ where no pants came down. This is a Christmas card from STB. Audrey plays the Domme in most of the films this trio made, some of which we are reviewing here. She handspanks and used a hairbrush on both of the girls. Some ‘bloopers’ are added, where the girls collapse in laughter.

(Un) Fortunate Abby’ (and parts) DALLASSPANKSHARD (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A continuation of    spankings we haven’t seen yet. Cute little Abi has been spanked already, and she has that look she can do, distressed that the punishment is not over yet. This is more significant with perhaps the most severe spanker in the genre.

Abi wears a brown top and white culottes, which have been pulled down along with panties.  She kneels on a bearskin throw for a strap.

’Whipped to PerfectionDALLASSPANKSHARD tAfter long scolding from Dallas (Abi cannot stifle a giggle), he will make her hold his hourglass in her palm. Her bare bottom is shiny from aloe. Dallas uses a thin strap, fast and hard. Abi struggles to maintain her erect kneeling position. Hands on head to conclude, Abi is gasping a bit. Perfect bottom.


13 Nov

Random interceptions from this prolific site, where the spankings are impressive and the girls more so. Around the genre, many of the actresses who paid a visit to Dallas in California have said he spanked the hardest.

Abi Whittaker an Audrey Knight‘(M/f; year: 2008; time: 7 minutes) An OTK spanking is underway; little Abi’s bottom is red and white compared to her suntan. Audrey is a spectator in this episode, and she looks a little nervous, liked she might be next. Abi struggles, Dallas  spanks so hard. She is watching an hour glass timer. “How’s the sugar?” When she is finished Dallas gets the aloe and goes directly to a bruise he created.

The handspanking continues yet harder. Abi squirms, she is one of the very best. When the spanking concludes and Dallas stands up, Ab I checks her bottom for marks.

‘The Spanking That Put Audrey Knight on the Map’ (M/f; year: 2012; year:   16 minutes) Dallas seats himself in his rug covered bench. He helps Audrey drop her slacks and panties while she faces him. He takes her OTK and centers her white bottom carefully. He very carefully spreads aloe on her buttocks.

The handspanking begins. Audrey is startled and stiffens from the first. A simple and sweet spanking Camera angles permit view of the smacking as well as Audrey’s expressive face. More aloe from Dallas—looks like so much fun. Dallas spanks hard and fast, he has to switch hands from the effort.

One of the better DSH films we have seen, living up to its title.

Abi Whittaker-whipped to perfection’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) One of our celebrities,  for sure. Abi sits talking with Dallas on a couch, and she looks a bit frightened. She is good at that. Dallas gets a strap and his bottle of aloe. Abii’s pants are already down. He makes her bottom shiny with the aloe and requires her to kneel erect, holding an egg timer. She struggles through an excellent strapping, the camera catching the action and the misery on her face.

Abigail’s Rigid Spanking‘ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 8 minutes) Another spanking, same session as above. Abi brought a change of clothes, and Audrey is not spectating here.

Abi is lying pants-down on a bearskin rug on the flat table Dallas uses. He is strapping her. She counts out two sets of 15 “thank you, sir” style. Aloe applied in between the two huge straps. Zoom on that cute little bruised bottom. Bottom full-screen, he asks her to pull her panties and tight jeans up slowly.

‘Bailey’s Traffic Mistakes‘ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Little blonde ‘Bailey’ arrives at Dallas’ door, where girls come for spankings. She wears a red T-shirt and jeans. She is getting traffic violations and has been sent here for adjustment.

Dallas begins the pre-spanking ritual. She must stand hands-on-head, and finds some humor in his scolding. Against the door, she is ordered to strip, which she does, back to us. This erotic scene is found throughout the DSH file.

OTK on the couch, Bailey still seems amused, with no embarrassment about moving around the set naked. A long, wriggling handspanking, then back to the door, hands-on-head, red bottom.

‘Bound and Spanked’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Dallas marches model ‘Dazey’ into a garage. She is stark naked, and she has been very recently spanked.

Dallas fastens her wrists high over her head against the closed overhead door, and spends the rest of the film mildly whipping her bottom. At one point he positions a separate camera on a tripod in a position where he can edit in facial shots. Glamorous and sexy.

Gia’ (M/f; time:29 minutes) A longer film from DSH, unexceptional except for (1) Gia’s bottom, and (2) the hard spanking from Dallas. The little blonde sits on a leather couch, looking vulnerable, being interviewed from behind the camera by Dallas. She has been sent to DSH by her school for hacking into the computer to change grades.

“I’m going to give you a very severe spanking tonight.” When she drops her jeans and panties, a graphic appears, “That’s a real J-Lo ass.” He begins an OTK spanking–“This is just the beginning.” And it is an extraordinary bottom. She laughs. “Are you going to tell me, ‘This hurts me more than it hurts you?'” “A little smart ass, huh?” Dallas wants to spank the names of her confederates out of her.

Hands-on-knees for the strap. “This is going to be a long evening.” Kneel on the floor for more strap, the J-Lo butt is getting blotched.

She lies flat on the couch, her bare bottom soars. Some furniture manufacturers have used a pose like this for advertising. Leather strap, more blotching. Gia begins to scream apologies.

Pants down, Gia grasps the door is a spread position for the Spencer paddle, one of DSH’s signature shots. For just an instant, Gia flashes a little smile back at us. She must then kneel erect for an hour.

Honey’‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Hooters girl ‘Honey’ has been sent to Dallas for some discipline. She needs to learn to be on time and reliable. From the looks of this cute and compact little brunette, she is worth keeping on the payroll.

Honey arrives at the door, wearing Company dress (without the logo) of a white sleeveless top and pink shorts. She is cornered, shorts come down, no panties. The spanking begins quickly. “Oh, my God!” Straightforward stuff, just bare bottom OTK spanking.

Jerzi‘ (M/f; time:19 minutes) Blond ‘Jerzi’ stands nude at the wall, awaiting her spanking. She has called Dallas and volunteered for this for some attitude adjustment. She is always late and procrastinating. Therefore, Dallas promises to be even more stern with her. “When I come back, your spanking is going to begin.” Dallas likes to insert this mode of erotic anticipation.

She is taken into the spanking room and she kneels erect on the little red stool, hands on head. The naked OTK spanking begins. Lots of facials here, tears, an entertaining miserable face. Dallas insists she look into the camera. He leaves her over a stool for the spanking to “burn in.”

A floppy paddle, very loud squawking, we had to reduce the volume, rare but not unprecedented. She kneels on the red stool to conclude, and in the post-interview claims she is cured.

Joelle Barros‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Joelle, pants already down, reports to Dallas and kneels in front of him. “It’s going to be a long, hard handspanking.” OTK in the usual setting. Dallas helps to keep Joelle’s hair off her face. When he spanks in flurries, Joelle loses some control. “I think I should give you one hundred more in a row.” And he does. He has her lie over a stool to “feel the burn.”

Katherine‘ (M/f; time:20 minutes) A varied format for Dallas. Spunky brunette Katherine has done something to aggravate Dallas, a mood we like to see him in. Specifically, she has been shoplifting from his store. He will spank her in a series of postures. OTK first, of course, and Dallas begins with the aloe early, because it will be needed.

Next is the hairbrush OTK, very hard; she must hand him a paddle next–she is begging by this time. Then standing, he whacks with a long wood paddle, a thin cricket bat size. “Almost lifts you off the floor, doesn’t it?”

OTK again, more aloe is needed. Now the bath brush. Dallas is short of breath from the exertion. Hard and erotic. Tears.

Hands on knees for the lexan paddle. Katherine is screaming by now. And last, Katherine lies over a white couch for a floppy hose-like whip, which she likes the least of all.

Leah-she gets it good‘ (M/f; time:17 minutes) Strawberry blond Leah is getting a spanking. “This is about forgetfulness.” Dallas gets her OTK, jeans down, to expose little decorative strawberry-design panties. Dallas doesn’t usually tolerate panties for long.

He uses his signature hard little red strap–his blackjack for bottoms, a bath brush, and a lollypop-shaped paddle he calls a “broad blade.” These implements are laid out on a table at Leah’s head. Dallas makes her reach and hand each one in turn to him. To conclude, he puts her in the humiliation position, kneeling on a little prayer stool, naked, hands on head.

Luccia – Brazilian Spanked Memories‘ (M/f) Luccia, a dark-skinned South American, strips naked for Dallas and must show herself to him. “I’m going to burn your little Brazilian bunda.”

He begins spanking her–she makes too much noise. Handspanking, then black paddle. ‘Sabrina’ is handling the admin chores for the shoot–she brings his hot little red strap. Nude at the fireplace for contemplation. Nude interview to conclude. Everybody says Dallas spanks the hardest.

‘Naughty Naked Nicole’ (M/f; year: 2011; time:10 minutes) Another knock at the door, this time in a hotel room. A pretty brunette has been caught cheating and is sent to meet Dallas, a sort of spanking consultant, in a hotel. Long scolding, hands-on-head in the corner.

She is told to undress, which takes just seconds, the last item the skimpiest thong. Before she is taken OTK, she is led by the elbow, stumbling along naked, to get in position. A hard, reddening handspanking.

Naughty Naked Nicole-paddle‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The hotel session continues; Nicole lies naked on a low table and takes several paddles on her red bottom, pillows under her hips.

Dallas can only smack two or three times before she twists out of position. When she recomposes herself, the paddlings continue. Paddle bruises. Back to the corner, a long hold on a very sore bottom.

Savanna James‘ (M/f; time: 32 minutes) Another longer film, in contrast to the common 7- or 8 minute segment. This is a continuation of an earlier sequence. Savanna is a solid, athletic brunette, with an almost complete body tan. She walks on-set in a white bikini, the bottoms pulled almost down.

They chat and remember earlier conversations (on film?). She had agreed to return to DSH for a harder spanking, and now is going to be the time. “Oh, my God, people are going to see me cry.”

Savanna kneels in front of the fireplace, that bikini bottom almost down. Hands-on-head. When she finally takes off the bikini bottom, in fact her crotch is the only pale white skin on her body.

A long and hard OTK spanking follows. In fact she does cry and looks quite distressed, and for good reason when Dallas does his work. Blistering. After this long spanking, she is sobbing and somewhat convulsed. Dallas spreads body lotion at the fireplace.

Scarlet‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Braided blonde ‘Scarlet’ returns at 2:30 AM after a night out, claiming to have forgotten Dallas had a date (with her bottom?) at 8 PM. She wears a very natty and festive red lace dress.

Dallas grabs her OTK immediately, pulls up her dress, and goes to work. Facials, big blue eyes, this actress attracts the camera at both ends. She bends over the back of a chair for the Spencer paddle. Very hard, she is desperately apologizing immediately. Dallas counts out legitimate strokes, and alternates sides of her bottom.

She is sent to bed, her thong stayed on. “Lie across the bed and wait for me.”

Scarlet spanked for tickets‘ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 24 minutes) Blond Scarlet is getting whacked with a paddle for some ticket mess up. Bottom to the wall, then OTK, leopard thong. Implements laid out. There is a woman on the set, probably Sierra Salem. Scarlet must hand back the implements–paddles, spoon. Routine very hard stuff from Dallas. Never disappoints. Pillow on the bed for straps, a nice pale  bottom getting red.

Sierra Salem Saturday  Night Multiple Implements‘ (M/f);Sierra waits for her Sunday night spanking appointment, presenting herself bare bottom on her bed. Dallas starts her OTK.
One of Dallas’ favorite models and maybe a girlfriend, Sierra is next strapped down on his padded bench, bottom bare and waiting. He uncovers a tabletop of spanking implements, like a dentist rotating his tools into view. “Let’s get started.”

First 5, with a paddle. Sierra: “I’m so mad at you. You’re not a good boyfriend.” She is not convincing. Five more each, with a stiff strap, cane, bath brush, spoon, and another strap.

The second part of the film continues with 2 leather paddles, a thin strap, a Spencer paddle, and a strop. Sierra wriggles and kicks delightfully under her restraints. Much talk, and Dallas; hands wander.

Sobbing,laughing; the last strop brings tears. She is left strapped down. “Let it burn in.” She gives Dallas the finger.

Sinn‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A pretty brunette enters Dallas’ house, stands at the door, back to us, and strips off her little red dress and tiny thong. Hands-on-head, naked, ready for her spanking.

Dallas takes her OTK in the conventional way on his couch for a reddening spanking, then back to the door. Now a bend-0ver, hands on knees for a paddle and the telltale red circle bruises.

Rawhide 2-switch’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) This little discovery turns out to rank as one of our favorite CP episodes in our library. We have read in several places that ‘Dallas’ is a hard and threatening spanker, and that famous CP models answer his invitation with some trepidation. Niki Flynn and Amelia Jane Rutherford are two such witnesses.

Here ‘Stevie Rose’ plays a country and western singer who has been sent to Dallas by her employer for some attitude adjustment. This cute little actress may actually have dallied on the C and W scene, but she probably found out, like Playboy’s ‘Barbi Benton,’ with her appearances in Nashville and on ‘Hee Haw,’ that most of us were more interested in her without pants.

Stevie wears a cute outfit–flannel shirt with bare midriff, cut-off jeans, and cowboy boots. Dallas is suitably prepared, in his snakeskin boots and straw cowboy hat. She tries to be arrogant, but is a touch nervous, not having a lot of leverage in this situation. She admits she has heard about his “good old fashioned lickin’s.”

Dallas explains and tells her a Texas cowgirl needs a spanking now and then. He hands her a switch stick and knife for her to peel it. He’ll be back in a few minutes to use it.

He returns. “Undo your pants.” Then, a touch we are absolutely sure we have never seen before-he takes off his thick leather belt and has her sling it under her buttocks and pull it tight with both hands, sling-like, plumping up a bottom even more that already would stop traffic. She must hold that pose. “Concentrate. That’s your world.” She must stare at a spot–the camera, more or less.

He begins rapid, brief, snappy sets with the switch on her bare bottom, setting her to squeal and struggle to hold still. The groups cause a rising, burning sting, which must be like having to hold a hot plate and not dropping it. Hang in, it subsides. Tears, desperate face, very erotic on our scale. Pauses, deep breaths, recovery.

“You’re shaking,” he says and we see. The switch bunches are increasing in pain. Dallas observes at the conclusion. “We’re hoping for a different Stevie Rose.” We’re looking for more Ms. Rose.

‘Rawhide 2 OTK Hand’ (time: 9 minutes) Stevie drops the belt from under her buttocks and is taken OTK. Delightful to watch her kick in her cowgirl boots.

‘Rawhide 2 bath brush (time: 6 minutes) Bath brushes will be delivered OTK. Dallas sets out his implements on  table for Stevie to see, like in a dentist’s office. First he sprays her bottom with aloe.

Rawhide 2 strapping and paddling (time: 13 minutes) Stevie now lies on a covered bench. Dallas straps her with a huge thick strap almost 3 feet long. Her bottom is now  a deep MacIntosh red. Cunning facials and some tears here. And a lot of talk, very necessary, because this strap is lethal. This session ends with a bend-over for a lexan stick.

‘Rawhide 2 Interview’ (time: 5 minutes) A brief chat with a just-spanked model, as Dallas likes to do. Stevie admits she had heard Dallas spanks very hard, but it was not as bad as she expected. She giggles and squirms on the couch. A dog keep barking. She moved from Salt Lake City to California and is now a popular spanking model.

Rawhide 2 hairbrush (time: 7 minutes) Bare Bottom OTK again, more aloe or water spray lubricant. Dallas doesn’t rub, must be part of the deal. Hands on head in the corner at the conclusion, a sweet bottom, they all know.

‘Rawhide 2 small razor’ (time: 10 minutes) over the covered bench again for a shorter strop.Stevie’s Bottom has faded in color, but Dallas soon returns it to apple red. Stevie struggles with tears but holds on.

Rawhide 3-wanted. The Whipping Post‘ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Stevie Rose again, naked and lying on Dallas’ padded platform. Dallas straps her soaring bottom as she struggles to control herself. He gives her a cowgirl hat and outfit to put on.

Rawhide 3 wanted-Naughty Note‘ (year:2012; time: 13 minutes) Stevie Rose again. She must write an apology note, while bent over a school desk being spanked. Plaid panties down. Straps and paddles. She sits at the desk, bare bottom, hanging out as it should be shown. No onedid it better than Roue.

Rawhide 3- Spanked Hard and Put Away Wet’‘ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 17 minutes) The country-and-western theme continues. This episode has the graphic ‘Hand and Bath Brush.’ Stevie Rose arrives at Dallas’ place with her guitar and wearing a stage outfit. “Aw, rock star!” declares Dallas. She has been stealing from her uncle as she travels. “I will jack it up this time,” says Dallas.

Into the corner. “You know the drill.” Dallas bares her bottom for the display time. The soundtrack contains corny revisions of the “Rawhide” TV series theme–Dallas is trying to have fun and parody himself at this point in his career. His scrapbook has a lot of bottoms.

OTK for the hairbrush, very good facials, and split-screen. The very effective bath brush and then back to the corner.

Smack Wrap‘ featuring Samantha Woodley, reviewed separately.

‘Trail of Tears 2-Autumn Sky’ (M/f; time:16 minutes) Autumn Sky wears her Indian squaw outfit of buckskin dress and braided pigtails. She lies on her stomach, being spanked on Dallas’ bench, here covered with bearskin. The spanking has been underway, and she is using that 2-minute hourglass other girls in this predicament are punished with.

Tears, very red bottom, bare at the wall to conclude.

‘Wanted’ (M/f; year: 2007; Time:17 minutes). The naughty cowgirl theme, the actress ‘Stevie Rose’ in ‘Rawhide 3 Spanked Hard, Put Away Wet.’ Blonde Stevie stops traffic in the manner of Amelia Jane Rutherford. She lies stark naked on an extended spanking bench, pillows under her hips.

Dallas sits in position and works on her elevated bottom with a strap. Soon there are tears. He teases and scolds as he continues throughout the short film. Tears.

In a cute erotic conclusion, he puts a cowboy hat on her head and lays her cowgirl duds on her naked body to put on.

‘Yoga and Leather’ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 10 minutes) Model Aimee Addison lies naked on a towel on a low bench. She is a statuesque and well-endowed blonde, perfect for this work. Dallas is going to punish her for being late to yoga classes she teaches.

She kneels on her haunches, bottom facing us. It is one of our favorite positions, because it does marvelous things to the hindquarters. He begins paddling her in this posture, and she is soon in tears. It is brief but sexy.

She lies on her stomach on the towel and they chat as she calms down. It must be her birthday, because Dallas delivers a cupcake with a candle for her to blow out. At least she is properly dressed for her party.


10 Nov

M/f; year: 2012; time: 76 minutes

A film in several parts; the CP actress ‘Samantha Woodley’ has paid a visit to ‘Dallas,’ in either California or Florida, where he filmed. When you visit, you don’t need much luggage.

The film opens with a long chat between Samantha and Dallas. She was driving drunk last night and she knows she is going to be spanked for it. This actress does a charming job here, camera full face much of the time. She is sweet and demure, all the while naughty and quite deserving of what is coming. Dallas did not need to devote 12 minutes to conversation, but Samantha can pull it off and does.

After the long talk, she is ready. He takes her OTK and pulls down her red shorts and panties at once, to display that glorious feminine bottom which will be now the feature for the following hour. She struggles under Dallas’ typical hard spanking. Facial inserts. She has kicked off her shorts and panties. She is left lying on the exercise bench.

Samantha wakes up in bed, totally naked, her wrists handcuffed loosely in front of her. She is all giggles and smiles, flashing her shiny face, white teeth, framed by black pageboy hair. Cute as a button, and we haven’t seen what we came for yet. In the year 2012, Ms. Woodley is not exactly the teenie-bopper from her earliest films, but she is handful, and if it is possible, even more spankable.

Dallas is going to begin the morning with one of his patented spankings. Samantha wants a “warm up,” but Dallas will not let her wrest “control” and procedure from him.

After some morning toilet, Samantha enters the adjoining room, where the spanking bench awaits. She is still all smiles and giggles, looking forward to the experience. Dallas unfastens the handcuffs, Samantha lies face down on the bench and inserts her wrists under a restraining strap designed for the purpose. Dallas points to the facial camera and urges her to focus. She wiggles down so that her bottom hangs over the end of the bench.

Dallas proceeds to wrap her lower back to the bench with a roll of shrink wrap, and pulls and wraps her thighs together and anchors them to the bench with wrap. There is nothing of purpose here other than to watch the sexy operation of it and enjoy Samantha’s struggles and squeals. Velcro straps would have sufficed, but this is theater.

The whipping begins. Samantha seems shocked at the first strap stroke, the giggles are gone; she is soon begging for Dallas to stop, and she kicks up her bare feet for protection. After the crop, a leather strap. This scene can be added to the collection of great moments on screen for Samantha’s tush. [a dog barks off-screen, and a graphic is added, “Where is the dog whisperer when you need him?”]

The next part is all whipping, handspanking, begging, kicking tears.

In a concluding segment, Dallas cuts the shrink wrap and readjusts Samantha to be centered on the bench. More shrink wrap. By now her soaring bottom is truly the color of a Red Delicious apple, and she has been crying off and on. In this posture, she gets another long handspanking. Dallas lifts her chin from time to time to allow the camera to see her tears. At the conclusion, DSH style, she is cut loose and scuttles to the corner naked.

We think this is our favorite performance by Ms. Woodley to date, and we have seen a bunch.


29 Oct

‘Kailee’s Huge Mistake’ (M/f; year: 2006; time:15 minutes)

‘Kailee’ has arrived at Dallas’ studios. Her sister Lily is seen briefly in the background, having just gotten a spanking.  Kailee  looks a little reluctant about going through a spanking here, surely having heard from other models that Dallas is the hardest spanker in the trade. As she sits, Dallas places the padded bench in front of her.

Kailee quickly strips off her jeans and panties and lies on the bench. Dallas rattles an armload of spanking implements he is going to use. Panties off.  First, he gels her bottom, which rises majestically off the bench. He explains the gel “makes it sting more. Iisn’t that right, Amelia Jane.” He presumes Ms Rutherford will see this video. He starts with a handspanking; when he switches to a large strap, Kailee’s cries are different. Her bottom is fully red already, with some blotchy bruises.

Dallas oils again and continues with an even larger strap. The muscles in Kailee’s legs are prominent in this position. Another strap. Dallas brandishes it in front of Kailee’s face, but she won’t look at it. Long facials.

She has been struggling, so Dallas wraps a strap around her wrists and has Lily pull it tight, tether-like, to encourage her to remain still. More strapping, down her thighs to almost her knees. This is the worst yet. Significant marks and bruises signal this session is over. Kailee to the corner. This would be one of the more severe spankings we have seen, and maybe  Ms. Robinson was surprised too.