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How to Make Housework More Interesting – DREAMSOFSPANKING

5 Jun

M/f; time: 21 minutes

Partners Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron make a little domestic playlet. Cameron is going to help Pandora live out one of her fantasies, a spanking and domestic labor. First, Pandora strips naked and puts on Victorian maid’s garb–a shift, chemise top, and a long skirt. No bloomers.

Cameron first has her bend over a chair and bare her bottom. He gives her one of those rapid tap-tap burning canings, which sets her moaning. Next, “I’m going to give you 18 cane strokes.” He wants her to remain silent, which facilitates repeats. Hard enough.

Pandora plays the submissive, kissing Cameron’s hand. The second half of the film has Pandora, naked again, on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, all bottom. Nice Dimples of Venus. A salute to Ms. Blake, who pulls off this long nude scene.

Mrs. Smith’s Method-Intractable Girls – DREAMSOFSPANKING

17 Oct

F/f; year: 2017; time: 42 minutes

The most current ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ film we have seen, this one released in 2017, and surely filmed a bit earlier. If what we read is correct, Ms. Rutherford is about 38 years old here, and still pulling off the girl-thing.

‘Pandora Blake’  plays Amelia’s mother, and brings her to a professional disciplinarian, ‘Mrs. Smith,’ played by ‘Molly Malone.’ Amelia is “intractable,” a characteristic she displays with high corn. We see Smith tending and testing her birch bundles. Maid ‘Adele Haze’ is on duty. ‘Millicent’ is expected.

Smith and Blake converse. Smith doesn’t want her “interview technique,” and especially its “surprise ending” disclosed to Millicent. Smith catalogues Millicent’s long list of transgressions to her. To Haze: “Take this delinquent to the bedroom.” As they walk off-set, there is a funny shot of the two together. Amelia must be 18″ taller.

Smith and Blake have tea. The procedures are explained. “She will be on her knees begging for forgiveness by the time she leaves here.” The fee will be 10 shillings, 6 pence. Smith describes the bare-bottom birching. She shows her soaking birches, the punishment table, the restraining straps. Pandora is getting excited and asks to watch.

FADE to the bedroom. “Strip off your clothes and put them in this basket.” Millicent’s indignant façade dissolves as she sees  how demonic Haze is getting. She likes to watch bare bottoms “twitch and tremble.” Millicent hurriedly strips naked and puts on a backless “dressing gown.” These scenes are usually a highlight of Rutherford films. It is condensed here.

Millicent is brought to Smith. Millicent’s excuse that she is now feeling queasy is discarded. “A dose of birch oil on the external area” will do the trick. Millicent’s attempt to apologize now is intentionally silly.

Millicent is bent over the table, her gown falls open, our first look at the celebrity bottom (and more) at 30 minutes. Her wrists and knees are fastened with heavy straps. “Oow!” Good moment.

“Not a sound, girl!” The first strokes at 32 minutes, Millicent screams anyway. Her bottom and thighs take on the mottled wild marks of the birch, including stress to the far buttock. Looks authentic, and Ms. Rutherford seems a bit uncomfortable.

As predicted, Millicent begs for forgiveness at the end of the birching. Pandora comes out from behind a curtain and Smith persuades her to take a few whacks at Millicent with a tawse.

When Pandora leaves, she asks if Smith will birch her! The fee and date are arranged, and there is a decidedly erotic kiss. “Thank you, mum!”


8 Jun

F/2f; year: 2017; time: 20 minutes

If the copyright date approximates the production date, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is almost 40 years old here. A cute storyline, ‘Pandora Blake’ is just finishing up spanking ‘Caroline Gray.’ ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ knocks and enters. She is a sales representative for a spanking implements distributor. She has brought some samples.

The bag contains a razor strop, black leather paddle, a thin tawse, a bigger strap, and a small paddle. Amelia makes herself comfortable while Pandora will try out this selection on Caroline. OTK again, beige panties down, Caroline’s far buttock is the most bruised, a sign of authenticity.

These are consentual games. The girls switch. Caroline spanks Pandora. And why not, they will spank Amelia also. She bends over, skirt up, another example about how her perfect bottom just looms because of her height. When Caroline uses the small hard paddle, an attention-gainer, they girls dub it “the hand-saver.”


12 May

M/f; year: 2012; time: 15 minutes

Another silly film, we’re sorry to say, and here, we are even robbed of seeing Amelia Jane Rutherford without her pants. ‘Tom Cameron’ and ‘Pandora Blake’  practice Japanese stick fighting–Kendo, in the oak beamed room they often use.

Amelia enters the room, in a silly costume, as the ‘Avenger.’ She begins dueling with Cameron, and must lose some contest, because she bends over and allows him to cane her on black skin-tights. Poor views of this. Pandora watches, amused at the Avenger’s fate. Or is she smiling because someone actually filmed this silly story she is credited as writing?


10 May

3F/mf; year: 2013; time: 12 minutes

Caroline Grey, Will Savage, Pandora Blake. Pandora and Amelia have discovered some industrial espionage in their company, Will Savage is the culprit and knows some names, and the girls decide to spank him until he talks.

They tie his wrists to  table as he stands. Amelia does the ‘rigging,’ which she is learning at her RESTRAINEDELEGANCE site. The girls have just a touch of fun as they prepare him. “Are you going to talk?” Caroline pulls down his pants, not as excited as the other girls.  They encourage Caroline to begin the spanking. Pandora takes over and pulls down his shorts–the girls are calm about all this.

Amelia suddenly announces that Caroline has been involved in this spying; she knows the contacts also so they will spank her too. She is tied standing at the table facing Will. Both bottoms bared, both are turned red with handspanking, strap, and cane. Not quite as much salacious excitement in this scene as we thought there should have been.


28 Apr

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Not much here. ‘Will Savage’ and ‘Caroline Grey’ are involved in the spanking, and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ just spectates.

Will has called Caroline and encouraged her to come out and visit a BDSM club, ‘Club Kinky.’ Ms. Rutherford is the proprietress and would like to see how Will and Caroline play at spanking each other so that she can assess their experience and with whom they might play.

So, as Amelia watches, in very conventional street clothes, Will gives Caroline a very mild handspanking on the couch. Amelia: “Woe, she really colors up.” Irish redheads will do that. Amelia hands will a paddle and notices Caoline is beginning to grind in excitement. “Welcome to ClubKinky.”


31 Mar

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Another well-made and astute film from ‘Pandora Blake’s’ production company. It involves a long and hard caning, a but more aggressive than we have come to expect from Ms. Blake, where most of her many CP celebrity model-friends have busy shooting schedules. Here, she combines some erotic severity with the usual glamour of very pretty bottoms on display.

‘Kaelah’ is completing a long education in martial arts and is about to graduate. We see this pretty brunette exercising sho-jo-ji fan dancing as part of her mental and physical adaptation to the arts. Apparently another part of her mental conversion requires the acceptance of pain as the norm.

Her male instructor interrupts her fan dancing in the oak-beamed room we have seen in a number of films. He has brought a leather case for his canes. Kaelah is not alarmed to see him. “Let’s get started.” “Yes, master.” She pulls down her slacks and panties and bends over a high table, just as routinely as if this were a medical appointment. Gorgeous bottom of course, this is DREAMSOFSPANKING.

The master takes out a cane and begins a slow 50 strokes. Kaelah will count each one aloud. The strokes are very hard, the stripes begin to mount and ripen. Kaelah gasps and practices the controlled breathing of pain management. Various camera angles–facial and rear. A large floor mirror helps the theatrics. Intercut are exterior scenes of Kaelah dancing.  This effectively extends the erotic length of this sizzling caning.

We have become skeptical of the authenticity of long punishments. But we were entertained by the realism here. “Can I get up, sir?” “Pain does not have to be feared,” says the master. “Thank you. master.” Lovely study of this athletic bottom.