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Spankings for Two – DROPSEAT

17 Jan

M/2f; time: 40 minutes; year: 2002

CP warriors Ralph Marvel, Amber Michael, and Casey Sinclair are credited.

’At the Office’ Tepid doings. Blonde Amber Michael will entice  and  take a spanking from Ralph Marvel rather than be fired. She has a show biz body. She takes a standard spanking, more revealing than most, especially the diaper position on the desk. After the spanking, she sneaks a call to her girlfriend. “Bobbie, it worked.”

‘At Home’ Casey Sinclair gets a belt from her husband for being late. She must call the folks she was late for and gasp out an apology while the spanking continues on her bare bottom.

’In the Kitchen’ Michael and Marvell again. She gets the belt in the kitchen, where her clothes come off, and the Las Vegas body alluded to in the above sections pops out on full display. In the best part of the film, she is put to work naked, wearing just a skimpy and diaphanous apron.

Spanked and Diapered – DROPSEAT

9 Jan

MF/2f; year: 2003; time: 58 minutes

Somewhat silly, unless diapers are your thing. ‘Carly Daniels’ (Jenny) and ‘Dahlia’ (Sara) are cousins who miss a curfew and don’t get to bed on time, so the father of the house will spank them and treat them as children. (And get his own kicks)

The father helps both girls strip down to the essentials. Jenny is spanked first, Sara must watch. Panties down, Jenny has some deep bruises here and there–thighs and flanks.  Sara is spanked next, kneeling on the couch, The father takes this opportunity to take her temperature rectally.

Sara is put on her back on a coffee table into the diaper position, but not for a spanking this time, but for an actual diaper. (and a pacifier!) Jenny is spanked, then Sara is spanked again–the diaper has to come off.

CUT. “Sara’s Revenge” The girls argue in the bedroom about who was responsible for all that. Sara spanks Jenny OTK, then sets up enema apparatus. A decent scene of the process, not to the quality of LUPUS or NUWEST, but we’ll take it. Talcum powder in the right places and another diaper next, Jenny is put to bed. We never her scramble to the bathroom.

Naughty Ladies Spread and Spanked – DROPSEAT

28 Nov

year: 2002; time: 51 minutes

A series of spanking scenes, not much worth your time.

20 minutes of bare bottom OTK spanking, with a rectal temperature taking to seal the deal.

A couple plays spanking games. The girl wears just an apron, then just bloomers.

Ralph Marvel spanks his wife for speeding and gradually gets her naked.

Forgery and Truancy – DROPSEAT

7 Sep

2F/2f; year: 2005; time: 57 minutes
Please don’t send ‘Miss Brown’ after us, this is just a production company we have not crossed paths with much. This film features 4 well-known girls from the CP industry. You’ll find some humor in the poor spelling in their credits.

‘Clare Fonda’ and ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ find themselves cast in maternal roles, keeping their CP careers alive.

I-‘Togetherness’: Daughters ‘Samantha Woodley’ and ‘Sierra Salem’ have been forging excuse slips and been truant at school. This has been a spanking offense in other CP films, and no different here. Both girls are confronted, they wear full kit of blouses, kilts, and knee socks–it seems Clare and Chelsea are ‘single mothers,’ but they are not afraid to take stern measures. Both girls strip to bra and panties–very nice scene for these two actresses with significant assets and credits.

Chelsea takes her daughter Samantha OTK first–handspanking and hairbrush, panties down. We’ve said before–Ms. Woodley really has one of the finest bottoms in the business. This segment concludes when Samantha counts 50 on the bare with the hairbrush, surrenders her panties, and stands in the background. Both girls will try cover their fronts throughout, with a few breaches.

‘Anthia’ is next–Sierra Salem. Clare spanks her, with unusual attention to her thighs. Anthia is forced to say “Please Mommy, will you take my panties down?” Red thighs first, white bottom turning. Part of the humiliation–Anthia must ask for the hairbrush. She also counts a final 50–two bottoms to the wall.

‘Spanked at Home’: Bedtime now, Samantha wears panties and a shorty nightie, delicious. Chelsea spanks her bare on the bed and uses a plastic ruler. Frontal glimpse. Some slipper spanking.

‘Andrea Before Dinner’: The graphics person didn’t understand the name ‘Anthia’ any more than we did. Clare spanks Anthia in the same way, pointing out that “spanking has to be taken beyond the limit and on the bare bottom.” She should have added ‘and on the thighs.’ Ms. Fonda has a thing; she probably knows these CP actresses are toughened up. Small paddle. “Here comes some wicked ones.” Not quite. “50 good ones” OTK to conclude, and Ms. Salem flashes her only frontal.


1 Jul

F/F; time: 47 minutes
Three episodes, each gets a bit more aggressive. ‘Lana’ misses a curfew and is also late on her rent. “You’re going to make it up to me in trade.” “You can start by pulling your pants down.” Lana, a chunky brunette, goes through the ‘I’m sorry’ routines. Actually, the landlady is sexier than she is.

“Lie over this bench,” a long padded hassock. They adjust the position so that Lana rides the bench cowgirl-style, without her pants. The lady paddles Lana, straddling her back. After this spanking, she wipes Lana down with a wet cloth. She is sent to the Landlady’s bedroom, her own room having been forfeited. We can imagine the rest.

‘Lana’s Stockroom Spanking’ Lana is taken into the stockroom of a department store by ‘Miss Donna Cropp’ (the ‘landlady’ actress). She has an arrangement with the store manager ‘Mr. Hunter,’ who probably gets something out of this. Cropp spanks Lana for her store tantrum and enjoys the interruptions by people popping in, where Lana’s bare bottom spanking can be seen and the commotion heard in the store.

‘Lana’s Lesson’ Same actors; Lana will be spanked on a bed in her pj’s. She complains that she doesn’t feel well. “I’m going to take your temperature, right in your bunny hole.” Decent closeups.

After more spanking over an ottoman, “Now, young lady, you are about to get an enema.” Red enema bag on a trolley, another acceptable presentation. Lana is lucky she is getting a junior nozzle. “Hold it in, don’t spill a drop, I want you to take all the water that’s in the bottle.” She has Lana hold the nozzle while the strapping continues, an unusual moment in enema CP.

Lana is allowed to run to the bathroom, then she returns for a cleanup with a wet cloth, then baby powder, and a diaper.

20/40 Spankings – DROPSEAT

13 May

MF/2f; year: 2002; time: 1 hr 7 minutes
The title refers to a 20 year old daughter and a 40 year old mother, both of whom get spanked in this household.

Brunette ‘Mary Jane’ is being scolded by her mother; she borrowed the car and had an accident. Her mother will spank her. “It’s not fair.” OTK she goes, purple slacks do little to disguise what is going to be a sensational bottom. She has to stand to drop those slacks–full print panties. The spanking continues standing, pants down, trim little beaver. Some slippering. A lot of film left, what direction will this go? Mary Jane is cornered, bare bottom.

‘Dad Arrives Home’ Mary Jane asks: “Do you think Dad is going to be upset about this?” The parents confront Mary Jane in an office room. He has her lift her dress and he begins smacking her bottom. The mother, looking sexy here, is watching. The father actually removes his daughter’s dress; more standing spanking, panties down. Mary Jane is made to kneel erect on a low, tiny stool, hands on head, and balance in this painful punishment position while the parents step out for a little talk.

‘Father Talks to Mother’ Out on the deck, father scolds his wife. “We are going to have a little talk about this. I want you to prepare yourself after dinner.” Back to Mary Jane, she get a bit of the strap.

‘The Wife’s Turn’ In their bedroom, the wife still in her kitchen apron. The husband removes her skirt and is surprised to see transparent panties. Spanking, strapping, OTK and standing. The wife puts on white satin panties with “Naughty Wife” stitched on the seat. Various spankings, diaper position, bend-overs. They hug to conclude. We thought the wife’s hands might wander, but nothing.

Working Girls Spanked – DROPSEAT

13 Feb

F/2f; year: 2003; time: 57 minutes

An American producer we should become more familiar with; three actresses are credited – ‘Jennifer Antone,’ ‘Susan Mills,’ and ‘Sabrina Stone,’ but we can’t determine who is who in the story.

Two girls are called in front of their female boss. They look at little frightened. After just a short scolding, “Get those pantyhose down and your shoes off.” The girls comply quickly, bending over a desk.

The boss will start with the redhead, skirt up. “Nice panties,” she says, of full white flower-print tighties. She bunches the panties as she spanks, demanding the girl keep her head up and stare at the wall. She spanks the brunette next, who is wearing full, mostly transparent panties.

Both girls strip slowly to bra and panties. Full, professional bodies. The redhead seems to have a full-body tan, with some odd pale creases, suggesting she did not move around enough on the tanning table.

After some odd spanking and a ruler on their palms, the girls have to squat under a conference table, supposedly an uncomfortable posture. This director never saw a LUPUS film. Panties gone, more spanking and strapping.

‘Over Time’ says the screen graphic. More spanking and strapping, panties off, in what looks like an exercise room. The girl have to bend over a waist-high T-bar for some of the spankings.