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Working Girls Spanked – DROPSEAT

13 Feb

F/2f; year: 2003; time: 57 minutes

An American producer we should become more familiar with; three actresses are credited – ‘Jennifer Antone,’ ‘Susan Mills,’ and ‘Sabrina Stone,’ but we can’t determine who is who in the story.

Two girls are called in front of their female boss. They look at little frightened. After just a short scolding, “Get those pantyhose down and your shoes off.” The girls comply quickly, bending over a desk.

The boss will start with the redhead, skirt up. “Nice panties,” she says, of full white flower-print tighties. She bunches the panties as she spanks, demanding the girl keep her head up and stare at the wall. She spanks the brunette next, who is wearing full, mostly transparent panties.

Both girls strip slowly to bra and panties. Full, professional bodies. The redhead seems to have a full-body tan, with some odd pale creases, suggesting she did not move around enough on the tanning table.

After some odd spanking and a ruler on their palms, the girls have to squat under a conference table, supposedly an uncomfortable posture. This director never saw a LUPUS film. Panties gone, more spanking and strapping.

‘Over Time’ says the screen graphic. More spanking and strapping, panties off, in what looks like an exercise room. The girl have to bend over a waist-high T-bar for some of the spankings.