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Hockey Girls – STMACKENZIE’s

14 Aug

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Not much here, except a spectacular naked Ella Hughes for most of the 10 minutes. Our guess at the title. The girls are off the hockey field, in blouses and shorts. Natalia is going to spank Ella, quickly get her clothes off, and take her own clothes off in the process.

Nice classroom setting. Someone stopped the wall clock to prevent exposing elapsed time. Ella is bent over a school desk, skirt off first, then her blouse; Natalia unsnaps her bra. There are Ella’s permanently erect nipples. Handspanking with two hands.

Natalia keeps stripping. Down with Ella’s thong. Soon both girls naked. Mild spanking but two gorgeous bodies.

Naughty Girl Guide – AAASPANKING

16 Nov

M/f; time: 11 minutes

John Osborne with the magnificent Ella Hughes. Ella has been sent home from Girl Guides because her skirt is too short and she is wearing “ridiculous underwear.” When Osborne asks to see her panties, he comments “You have already been spanked…this is your lucky day.” A busy shooting schedule for Ms. Hughes, apparently.

Osborne shows her the implements he is going to use, then takes her OTK. Panties down quite soon. Fair Ms. Hughes colors up quickly, as usual. Ella stands and bends over table for a strapping.

Conventional stuff here—Osborne loved the Girl Guide theme. Ella is young and subdued. Because of the size of the room and the placement of the furniture, the camera could not catch sufficient facials of this stunning model. Plenty of glorious bottom.

Ella Hughes Collected

17 Oct

We collect various appearances by this spanking and adult film actress. One of the most striking to look at.

’Party Girl’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) SPANKINGSARAH. Sarah Stern seems to know what an extraordinary model Ella is. This film is mostly a celebration of her beauty. Sarah has caught her drinking. Ella stands in a lovely flower print party dress.

After a long scolding, Ella pulls the dress over her head. She wears a coordinated bra, panty, and garter set. Sarah wants the bra and panties off, just the garters and stockings to remain. Sarah then has her pull on schoolgirl clothes. Since she acts like a schoolgirl, she will be treated like one.

At the 7 minute mark the spanking finally starts, OTK on a couch. Bare bottom. Pale Irish-like Ella always colors nicely. Even her face blushes. Watch her getting a workout in a sex film.

’Shoplyfter’ An extravagantly naughty porn site, where young girls are apprehended on the retail floor by store security, taken to a store room, blackmailed into a strip search, then forced to provide blowjobs and raunchy sex over a table, in return for no police report. On some sites, shoplifters get spanked or receive enemas (!). This is straight hardcore sex, and vigorous.

Shoplifting blackmail provides plot for many films. This series is about the best we’ve seen. The pretty girls are all reluctant, and to a girl they  are shocked and appalled at how HUGE the rampant security guard gets. Some of the humiliated models struggle to comply.

Ella Hughes plays a shopper caught. She is visiting from Britain. She gradually hands over her clothes. After just token objection, she gives a sexy textbook blowjob, one of our favorites in all of CP literature— imagine licking a very hard ice cream cone. Then some rousing sex on the table and a money shot.

Spanked at School, Hairbrush at Home’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) ENGLISHSPANKERS. Ella has returned home from school and confesses she was spanked at school for fighting. The rules of the house—it will be the hairbrush. She wears her hair up and eye glasses. Quite proper.

Blazer off, OTK, she is very red. “You’ve had quite a spanking, haven’t you?” The cover for some of the fierce spankings contained in this series. White panties down, marks on her thighs also. Hands on the couch, very hard with the hairbrush from experienced Sarah. Centered bruises. Low shots.

‘Submissive Slave Girl For Hire’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) ENGLISHSPANKERS. One of the hottest spankings of Ms. Hughes we have found. Sarah Stern calls an escort agency to arrange for a girl she can cane. It will be a “ferocious” caning. The agency has just the girl, although she is marked from a session just this morning. OK with Sarah. “Saves me having to warm her up.”

Fade. Gorgeous Ella has arrived, and she sits on her haunches before Sarah. Ms. Stern fondles and slaps her. Blouse down. “Do you like your tits pinched?” Her breasts are startling little erect headlights. “The caning should leave nice marks.” Ella confesses she is marked from a spanking and cropping. Busy day.

Ella strips slowly to just garters and nylons. Terrific. She bends over a table. “Spread your legs.” Sarah will lay on 25 very surprising strokes, one very high. Ella must thank her and ask for more, “harder.” She begins the reflexive quiver, and from the look of her thoroughly roughed bottom, this will be the last film for a while. Unusual for STRAND.

Stern pretends not to be satisfied with Ella’s sincerity in her suffering. “You came for a severe caning.” Impressive film, no repeats, bottom full screen often, facial anguish. Ms. Hughes can act, bent over here, or on her back elsewhere.

’Ella at DDF Network’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) Straightforward BDSM  from stunning Ms. Hughes. She has arranged for a house call from a masseur. The guy arrives with his table and bag. Ella strips naked, always very nice, and lies face down on the set up table.

Through the hole for her face, she spies restraining equipment in the guy’s bag. The guy ties her to the table, no resistance from Ella, and does some spanking. Her bottom rises nicely in this posture. Onto her back, some pussy play then the diaper position. He ties her legs down then paddles the front of her body, up and down.

He has her lubricate a dildo in her mouth, then inserts it. She kneels for more paddle. He must be ready. He forces a BJ on her. He  is almost too big for her. Why isn’t she more enthusiastic here?

We switch to the couch then the floor, where the guy gives her a jolly screwing. Facial money shot.

‘Ellla in the shower’ (2f; time: 6 minutes) ELLAHUGHESOFFCIAL. Ella is naked in a tub with another blond girl. Ella is deadly here, and looks as barely legal as can recall. The two girls will sponge and soap each other front and back, plenty of emphasis on bottoms. Boob rubbing, kissing..  terrific for us redhead fans.

Nurses Bottom Caned’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) ENGLISHSPANKERS. Punctuation by the producer. Another terrific caning for Ella from Sarah Stern, and maybe our favorite nurse spanking. Massive marking again, and different from ‘slave girl’ above. Sarah is a senior nurse, in the blue uniform. Ella, also in uniform, is already over a table bare bottom. She is always cute, hair up here.  “You are a disgrace to the uniform.”

About 35 very hard cane strokes, some in fast flurries NU-WEST style. Some nasty shots on the bottom crease. Heavy speckling on Ella’s upper thighs. “Is this getting through to you?” Loud crying from Ella.

Sarah is going to put her out in the corridor, bottom on display, with the cane between her cheeks. Nice film from STRAND.

‘Wicked Education’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) STRAND. Another rousing spanking from Sarah Stern. Somehow these two models can extend the STRAND severity marker. The ladies are having a drink. Ella does not look too keen on what else might be coming.

To justify a red bottom: “You took your spanking very well. I thought you enjoyed it….let me have a look at your bottom.” Frightened Ella goes OTK for Sarah to fondle and caress her bottom and slip in a few kisses. Ella is promised good grades from school supervisor Stern in return for these spanking favors.

ZStern plays with her pointy boobs. Ella is shown three straps. She stands and drops her dress and panties. Sarah has her kneel on the easy chair for the straps. Full screen bottom, Ella always colors quickly. Her buttocks crack chafes. Speckling, mottling.
“It’s looking nice and sore.” After a heavy Spencer strap, “I think you could take more.” Sarah suggests the cane might be next.

Strand Compilation

25 Jun

6f; time: 1 hr 7 minutes

six spanking episodes from STRAND files. Pauline, Ella Hughes, Kiki Vee, Susie Swafham, shell Madox, and Sarah Collins.

We we’re fascinated with the 14 minute episode with the delicious Ella Hughes. She is a call girl, hired out as a submissive. Sarah Stern has hired her. Ella already had a spanking that morning, a cute way to justify a red bottom.

Stern plays with her, face slapping, boob pinching. After a fade, the lovely, lithe, pale Ms. Hughes is bent over and ready, but Sarah decides she wants Ella naked. The clothes come off, “the knickers as well.” Ella fixes her hair for the camera. She wears just garter belt and stockings.

Sarah will use the cane. 26 very hard strokes, quite hard. Sarah forces Ellla to admit that even though she likes being dominated, this caning was tough. Ella’s nipples rise and she moans. One of the loveliest of CP models.



Caned for Lying – SPANKINGSARAH

2 May

F/ f; time: 11 minutes

Sarah Stern, and quite a performance by redhead Ella Hughes. Sarah is going to cane her. Ella is very fetching, in shorts and green top. After her scolding she drops her shorts and panties.

Ella bends over a chair. Her bottom is already faintly red. For popular CP models, a clear bottom is a rarity. We love the excuses in the dialogue. Sarah begins a moderate caning, with a very thick one. Ella struggles immediately, having to adjust after each stroke. Marks immediately.

Tears and a red face from Ella,  nice acting if not real. There are marks down her thighs from a previous film. Sarah is surprisingly severe here, even concentrating on the buttocks crease. Lovely from both. Hugs.


19 Apr

F/f; time: 16 minutes

We’ve singled out a few films featuring the auburn-haired, fair-skinned ‘Ella Hughes.’ Here she is featured in a little ditty with ‘Aleesha Fox,’ who plays the wife of a boss with whom Ella is apparently traveling and fooling around. Instead of going after her husband, she is going after Ella’s bottom.

She calls Ella “a little strumpet.” “What?” utters a surprised Ella. “What you need is a good spanking to deter you.” When Ella hears the choices, she’ll take the spanking, like they always do.

Ella is quickly OTK, her little skirt rides up, and her tight white panties are on full display. “I can see why they might like you around the office.” Panties down, a moderate and unimportant spanking, except that Ms. Hughes is a memorable subject.

Ella is now directed to bend over a chair, and Aleesha is amused that Ella did not see a paddle waiting for her. Hands on the chair, “this will teach you to keep her hands off things.” It is a small hard leather paddle. There are repeats, because it stings. “This will teach you not to fuck everything in sight.”


15 Jan

Leia Ann Woods, in her day, and now Michael Stamp, are admirers of this pale-skinned redhead, who made a number of CP films as well as a full adult porn career. Redheads  make wonderful spanking subjects. Ms. Hughes’ hair color varies a bit in the films we have seen, but she is worth your attention.

‘Ella Hughes Intake #1 (M/f; year: 2015. time: 9 minutes) Warden Michael Stamp will be somewhat lenient here. Some of the girls are given a pretty rough time at their Intakes–we have reviewed a number of them.

Ella is brought to Stamp by guard ‘Zoe Page.’ Ella is a small auburn-haired girl, very attractive. She wears a plain brown dress here. After some instruction and scolding, Stamp begins her spanking, taking her OTK while he sits on his desk. Dress up, black mesh panties. Stamp has her slide off to drop her panties herself. Usual lovely stuff from this continuously inventive producer.

‘Ella Hughes Intake #2’ (M/f; year: 2015; time: 10 minutes) The spanking continues, Ella bent over the desk for the strap. The last half of this segment has Ella undressing to her undies and putting on the orange smock. Unfortunately for us, she is spared the procedure of stripping naked in front of the warden.

‘Ella Hughes Solitary Day One’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Ella sits on the floor of a simple room, not much of  a depiction of solitary confinement from BARSANDSTRIPES. Stamp enters and gives her a panties-down spanking. Once again, she is lucky. Some girls get tough visitors in Solitary.

‘Ella Hughes Solitary Day Two’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Guard Zoe Page enters the cell this time, and she too is on the gentle side. A mild bend-over spanking with a long-handled slapper.

Ella Hughes on the X-cross‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ella is naked, already strapped down to the arched X-Cross, her bottom elevated by folded blankets, and her red hair pushed off her face so we can see. Her bottom is already red, from the previous filmings, we assume.

Stamp canes her, harder than any of the spankings described above. And of course this trestle provides great shots between her legs, together with an expanse of pale Irish-like skin.

‘Ella Hughes Midnight Visit’ (MF/f; year: 2015; time: 18 minutes) One of our favorite redheads, very much the colleen. At this prison, girls occasionally receive late night visits from guards and staff. The prisoners here fare better than they do in LUPUS detention  houses or MISS MARCHMONT jails.

Guard Zoe Page and staffer Dave Dodgy enter Ella’s cell and pull back her blanket. She is sleeping in just bikini panties. Zoe and Dave will share spanking and paddling, in various positions–OTK, standing, and kneeling on the bed. Camera angles inhibit the facials Ms. Hughes can do so well. At one point we see her nipples are raised to the max. She must like this. Not that common in CP films.


11 Sep

‘Ashley’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Sarah Bright interviews ‘Ashley,’ a long-haired brunette with rather theatrical makeup. Ashley nervously giggles over the process of a spanking as it is explained. Her boyfriend is with her, and she expects he will get excited and continue the action later. This amuses Sarah.

OTK, handspanking on denim shorts. Shorts down, cute pink striped panties, and Ashley’s bottom has assumed the color of those knickers. Sarah is very happy with her work.

‘Ella Hughes’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Ms. Hughes with Sara Bright. Ella claims this is her first spanking film.  We’ve found LATER appearances by her at BARSANDSTRIPES so far. She claims here to be 19, been into fetish since she was 18, and has had pleasant encounters with people who wanted to spank her.

Sarah explains the filming procedure. OTK, two cameras, one for the face and one for the bottom, stop any time. After 4 minutes of chatter, a vigorous spanking begins. Panties down 2 minutes later. Sarah becomes winded. “I’m smacking you really hard and you’re loving it.” “I probably like it more than I should.”

Sarah achieves a firm red glow on both Ella’s buttocks and thighs. “Look at my poor red hands,” says Sarah. Very entertaining, and go to BandS to see a slightly different Ella. Not a MOOD audition, but plausible.

‘Elle’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A long-haired brunette, Eurasian. She has a long interview with ‘Mr. Stern,’ including a description of what she is willing to do for men in the escort business.

She agrees she will try a spanking from Stern. Routine OTK, red satin panties. He asks her to keep glancing at camera. Panties down, spanking continues. She keeps her front covered.

‘Honey’ (M/f; time: 28 minutes) ‘Mr. Stern’ does the work here–‘Honey’ is a hefty blonde, a bit unusual for the CP scene. She is from South Africa and purports to be a fetish and figure model–with no experience in adult films, yet. She is paddled and caned in various postures, and she struggles to the extent this may not have been what she was expecting.

‘Imogen’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) Sarah Stern, with a shiny-faced saucer blue-eyed pigtailed blonde in country garb who will remind you of 1970’s ‘Hee Haw’ TV, if you don’t mind the ancient reference. The girl wants to try a spanking film.

Long and silly dialogue occupy much of the film. Sarah shows her the implements she will choose from. The spanking begins on white panties;  when they come she seems more red than we would have expected. And she has a unique tramp stamp tattoo– a UPC scanning label.