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Girl2Girl-Total Buttocks – XEROTICS

19 Feb

Time: 37 minutes
“4 Tales of the Female Rod”

1. ‘Dublin O’Brien’ and another woman confront a cute blonde who has come home late or committed some other domestic infraction. Both women take the pretty thing OTK for a significant spanking, then the girl bends over the foot of her bed for a strap and cane on her bare bottom from both women.

2. This time Dublin is on the receiving end from another woman, and her bare bottom is held full screen for a significant part of this 11 minute segment. We would offer this episode as an example of her female attributes; she does more acting in other films. This is straight, old-fashioned spanking.

3. A blond schoolgirl is spanked and strapped in her bedroom in conventional style, an entertaining moment occurring when her spanker throws her panties across the room.

4. Emma Brown is taken from the bathtub and spanked sudsy naked in a segment we have reviewed elsewhere called ‘Bathroom Discipline.’

Summer Schooldress Spanking For Emma – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jul

M/f; year: 2009; time: 14 minutes
Emma Brown knocks on Magnus’ door. He plays a headmaster here. He begins scolding her. Emma cannot control a smile on her face. She has been spanked so often by this actor, and these lines are so corny.

She has been caught smoking and goes OTK. Simple blue dress up, full white panties come down. Magnus puts a finger on her love tattoo and comments on it. After the spanking, pants down in the corner, Magnus enjoys the view.

After she has been cornered for a while, she bends over a chair for the slipper.

Emma Really Wants a Spanking – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jul

M/f; year: 2008; time: 17 minutes
Magnus (Agean) interrupts Emma Brown, who is curled up in a nightie. singing blithely on her earpods. It appears to be noon and she is still in her nightie. She was supposed to be studying.

She seems to be begging Magnus for attention, more specifically, a spanking. “You haven’t taken me over your knee for ages.” He shrugs but does not need much convincing, and takes her OTK. “Is this why you are wearing this, for easy access?”

After some brief spanking on the pink polka dot panties, he pulls them down. “A little bit of pink.” “Stand up, take your pants off.” She kneels on a cushion, kicking her feet. “Is this what you wanted?” “Yes.”

Emma’s Pottery Penis Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

30 Jun

M/f; time:14 minutes
‘Magnus’ has caught ‘Emma Brown’ crafting a penis in pottery class. Ms. Brown wears a school uniform, and has longer hair, more blond. She amused by her imagination and not much concerned about what Magnus will do.

“I’m going to have to deal with you.” OTK on the couch. White panties down, not much new here. After he gives her a good spanking, “I’ve have no one say I’m a cruel person,” and he creams her bottom. That’s a good excuse.

It’s A Slipper(y) Slope – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2010; time: 15 minutes
‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Agean’ in a schoolgirl romp. Ms. Brown’s blond hair is longer here and she is in a thinner phase. Naughty thing, she has been caught on camera running naked through the boys’ dorm. Sounds like fun. Who mans the doors?

‘Assume the position…you have been here before.” OTK, white panties down, the famous tattoo on display. While he spanks, she pokes at him, which angers him. He switches to the slipper.

She stands and bends over for the slippering to continue, displaying some winks between her legs not so common in her films. Some closeup rubbing to conclude.

Shoplifter’s Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

25 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 14 minutes
A cute Emma Brown, in full schoolgirl kit–blouse, tie, pleated skirt, bobby socks, reports to ‘Agean,’ late coming home after school. She is going to be spanked for being late, for a report she was shoplifting, and for removing change from the cookie jar.

She spots the spanking implements on the mantel. “What are those for?” “You know what they are for.” It will be a conventional spanking for Emma, just bare bottom, that tattoo prominent, her modesty otherwise preserved. Full white panties come down during an OTK.

She stands, skirt covering her front, panties at her knees, cute. Agean tawses her palms.

For the shoplifting, she will now be caned. She bends over the arm of the couch. We counted about 15 moderate strokes–there may have been some repeats from various angles. Panties puddled at her maryjanes. Strokes hard enough for her to catch her breath, as this actress does so well.
Bare bottom displayed at the mantel for a moment before she is sent off.


18 Apr

This British producer snagged some of the English CP queens for series of short films, roughly in the 2010-2012 period, judging by the maturation of the girls we are most familiar with. Here is one of our favorites.

‘Caned in Their Pyjamas’ (2M/2f) Three girls are in bed in their pyjamas, gamboling about and pillow fighting. Two guys, ‘Paul Down’ and webmaster ‘John Osborne,’ enter with canes.

Emma will be caned first; she bends over the bed, pj’s down. The guys alternate on her bottom, mild but cute. Brunette ‘Sara Wynter’ gets the same, bottoms dropped. Then blonde ‘Cindy Hodges.’ Cindy is already quite bruised. Emma watches all this, quite amused.

‘Cheating Cheerleader’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Blond Emma, her hair darker and shorter here, and a few pounds heavier, which doesn’t hurt where we are concerned, plays a cheerleader being confronted by a teacher who is her coach. The headmaster has ordered her punished, for not only sloppy performance, but for putting laxative in a cheesecake served at a party. We know how we would punish that last one. The Head wants proof that the punishment was administered.

Bend over the desk; ‘Foxy’ is printed across the seat of her panties, which come down. Handspanking here, then OTK with the teacher sitting on the desk. “I am going to take a photograph afterwards, or a little video clip, with my camera phone.”

The lady continues with a large hair brush. In the background is a “naughty chair,” whose seat is covered with plastic spikes. It won’t be used in this film, but we will be watching for it.

The woman gets in a lot of rubbing to go along with her photography, and keeps adjusting Emma’s bottom for the (our) camera. For her snapshots, Emma is not red enough. She keeps touching up spots on her bottom with the hairbrush.

‘Christmas Party Interview’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Emma is upstairs in a hotel, having just attended a spanking Christmas party. Celebrity that she is, she is eiil always be a Bottom at these parties.

She introduces herself, her light blue eyes flashing in closeup. We are along in her CP career here. The interviewer asks her to show her bottom to the camera. “It’s still warm,” she says. There are faint cane marks. After all, she was spanked by other members of the scene, who know what her schedule might be like.

“We’ll just warm that up a bit,” says the interviewer. He seeks a “nice cherry red.” Handspanking OTK, the over the couch for more. He asks her to turn and present a nice smile for the camera.

‘Emma’s Detention’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Emma Brown sits at ‘Miss Summers” desk, on her cell phone. Miss Summers enters, we notice her office is full of canes and straps, and we will see soon, that ‘naughty chair’ is handy.

Emma has been sent her for detention, and sitting at Summers’ desk on the phone just aggravates things. OTK begins, white panties down. Emma stands, hands-on-head, for the palm slapper, hard enough to get her to jump and flinch.

Bend over for a heavy strap, with holes drilled through the leather. Summers has her fun fondling Emma. the cane next, moderate, but enhanced by Emma’s wriggling.

The naughty chair looms. Emma is led to it and convinced to sit on a chair pad covered with little plastic spikes. This of course is a modest CP version of a medieval torture device. We can imagine more severe sets of spikes for different offenses. Emma makes a delightfully unhappy face as she eases herself down to do some homework.

‘Girl Guide Cookie Thieves’ (MF/3f; time: 19 minutes) A somewhat playful performance. from these 4 experienced CP actors. ‘Sara Winter,’ an older female who can play the domina, confronts ‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Cindy Hodges,’ two slightly older ‘Girl Guides,’ sort of girl scouts, who are salacious enough to be invited inside on their cookie-selling tours. The girls are accused of pocketing sales proceeds.

Both wear slightly silly uniforms and find some amusement in the corny dialogue. Miss Winters is going to get to the bottom of this; Cindy is bent over the desk first, uniform skirt up, white panties. When Winters tries to pull them down, there is the prototype struggle and the prototype line, “It wasn’t me, Miss,” according to our records, the 104th time we have heard it.

Emma is bent over next–she is a good girl too, at least as far as dress code, because she has the white panties also. As Winters spanks, “Mr. Osborne will want to spank you as well.” Panties down for the paddle. No one is getting roasted–these actresses have several films on the schedule. More spanking for Cindy, during which she calls Winters a “cow.”

John Osborne comes on the scene, takes note of the bare bottoms and the ongoing proceedings. Being no fool, he scolds Winters for exceeding her authority, and borrowing his spanking implements without permission. He’ll turn on Winters herself first.

Over the desk she goes, he lowers her skirt and drops her panties. She’s not a schoolgirl, but she is no ‘cow.’ Not only that, she is wearing pussy rings. He handspanks, then uses a paddle and hairbrush.

But he has two other bottoms on hand. “You, Brown, over the desk.” Handspanking and paddle. Cindy gets another dose also. In general, the girls get off rather lightly in this film.

‘Waiting Up’ (M/2f; time:8 minutes) Actor ‘John Osborne’ waits up at night for two girls, ‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Cindy Hodges.’ He is reading KANE magazine. The girls return in party dress. Cindy is still wearing jewelry from another AAA video-we’ll see about her panties.

No guy in these films ever waits up for a young lady without giving her a nighty-night spanking. Osborne grabs Emma first; kneeling on the floor, for a handspanking. Flower-print bikini panties, which he pulls down. He moves Emma around a bit so her bottom gets better exposure to the camera.

Cindy is spanked next, he has her kneel up on a hassock, better to be filmed. He drops her black panties. In the background, spectator Emma is amused by Cindy’s acting and checks the crew to see if they are also. Because Cindy has cursed a bit, Osborne puts her panties in her mouth to quiet her.