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4 Oct

M/f; time: 13 minutes and 17 minutes

A two-part film from the Strand/Spain folks. ‘Heather Crawford’ plays a nurse at work in a doctor’s office. Both segments are filmed in a narrow residential space with no feeling for a medical facility.

We’ve said before–our favorite nurse/discipline films might contain a little trip into the ‘surgery,’ and maybe a suppository or enema for a nurse who knows what it is all about. This is milder stuff, although Ms. Crawford is very well equipped to make a CP film.

In the first part, nurse ‘Sophie’ can’t handle  computer records and continues to drink coffee at her desk, so her doctor is going to give her a spanking. After a FADE, a female patient (Sarah Bright) leaves, and it is punishment time.

The doctor gives Sophie a very thorough OTK handspanking, getting her slacks and white lace panties down. After this session, she sits gingerly at her desk.

In part 2, Sophie is caught again, smoking outside and still with coffee. She is scolded. The doctor steps into his surgery and returns with a square leather paddle. “See this? This is the best medicine for you.” She is ordered to strip to bra and panties. She is shy, despite this being the doctor’s office.

She kneels on a straight chair and he begins paddling on her panties. This would cover any redness, in case these two segments were made together. Panties down, some low shots from the floor.

Sophie gets off the chair and still covers her front. She must now bend and touch her toes. The paddling continues. She twitches realistically between the strokes, which are certainly hard enough to cause such response. Facial shots through her thighs.

When the punishment concludes, she stands, no long interested in preserving her modesty. Again she sits gingerly, bare bottom, at her desk. She will probably finish the workday with no pants allowed.

Punishment Master – ENGLISHSPANKERS

27 Sep

M/f; time: 11 minutes

‘Emmily Jane Howard’ and ‘Agean’ in the familiar classroom we have seen so many times. This time, we can see some institutional buildings out the window, a nice detail. Agean is wearing cap and gown. Emmily’s auburn hair reaches halfway down her back.

This will be a conventional schoolgirl spanking, but perfectly staged. Agean takes her OTK for a slow spanking start. Skirt up, white panties, overhead shots. “Please, sir.” Panties down.

Agean has her move to a desk, keeping her panties down  and skirt up. Does he grab a few frontal  glimpses? More handspanking bent over the desk, then she is left to ponder bare bottom in this position.


14 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Wonderful ‘Nicky Montford’ lolls on the floor in front of a fireplace, in full schoolgirl kit, on her headphones, and drinking wine. Mr. Stern challenges her. The wine bottle is mostly empty. “It wasn’t me!”  she offers. The school has called with a number of violations.

Nicky claims she is a victim. “Well, I’m going to victimize you now.” OTK begins, regulation knickers come down, she shows some marks from another film. “Pervert!” Bottom full-screen, Stern gets the panties all the way off.

Good facials, Ms. Montford is one of those actresses who can carry on a credible conversation while a full spanking is underway. She stands at the fireplace, first for a standing handspanking,  and then touching  toes, quite athletic.

She is completely red;  this is all handspanking, not as severe as we have seen for her, but still a measure above most models. Rubbing and scolding.


11 Sep

‘Ashley’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Sarah Bright interviews ‘Ashley,’ a long-haired brunette with rather theatrical makeup. Ashley nervously giggles over the process of a spanking as it is explained. Her boyfriend is with her, and she expects he will get excited and continue the action later. This amuses Sarah.

OTK, handspanking on denim shorts. Shorts down, cute pink striped panties, and Ashley’s bottom has assumed the color of those knickers. Sarah is very happy with her work.

‘Elle’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A long-haired brunette, Eurasian. She has a long interview with ‘Mr. Stern,’ including a description of what she is willing to do for men in the escort business.

She agrees she will try a spanking from Stern. Routine OTK, red satin panties. He asks her to keep glancing at camera. Panties down, spanking continues. She keeps her front covered.

‘Imogen’ (F/f; time: 19 minutes) Sarah Stern, with a shiny-faced saucer blue-eyed pigtailed blonde in country garb who will remind you of 1970’s ‘Hee Haw’ TV, if you don’t mind the ancient reference. The girl wants to try a spanking film.

Long and silly dialogue occupy much of the film. Sarah shows her the implements she will choose from. The spanking begins on white panties;  when they come she seems more red than we would have expected. And she has a unique tramp stamp tattoo– a UPC scanning label.

After School Lessons – ENGLISHSPANKERS

11 Sep

F/f; time: 12 minutes

Part 2 of this of this little story, all set in a kitchen. ‘Katie Didit’ is very unhappy with the clothes ‘Honee Wells’  is wearing, so she orders her to strip naked. This happens quickly, and we’d like to say right here that we too are happy with no clothes on Honee.

Katie begins spanking the naked Honee as she stands erect, on a high and hard feminine bottom. Honee makes grunting protests as the smack penetrate, somewhat different that the exclamations of most spanking models. Great bottom closeups.

Bend-over for the slipper, very thorough. Then a kitchen spoon. Some bruising. Very entertaining.



31 Aug

F/f; time: 11 minutes

The continuation of ‘Watching Porn at Work,’ where Sarah Stern catches Amelia Jane Rutherford watching porn at her desk.

If she is so curious, the ladies agree that a caning might be interesting. Amelia wears a red skirt and black blouse, her blond hair in braided pigtails here. Amelia is good with the experiment and strips down to  naughty black panties, which she willingly pulls down.

Garter belt and stockings only, hands on chair, lefty Sarah Stern begins caning. 12 strokes. “Oh, God, that’s horrible!” She probably doesn’t mean it. Bottom full screen. They sit to discuss. A success.

April Visits Mr. Stern – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

‘April May’ is a goofy and sexy brunette. She sits with no pants on talking to ‘Mr. Stern,’ who must have just spanked her in a prequel to this film.  Otherwise, why would you take your pants off to have a conversation with a  counsellor-type?  She keeps her knees together.

April’s boyfriend has asked (hired) Stern to spank her for cheating on  him. It sounds like he has just spanked her for a confession, but she refuses to recall having sex with someone else.

Stern will step out of the office to call her boyfriend for further instructions. April admits that she does not like the sound of all this. He returns with two paddles, the boyfriend wants him to continue.

She kneels on a chair, more nonchalant about her nakedness now. She undulates and gives us quite a show as she is paddled. Tears. Seems to us the boyfriend missed as opportunity by not doing this work himself.