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Pet Thief Paddled Punished – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Jan

F/f; time: 11 minutes

This tenuous storyline continues. Amelia Jane Rutherford has stolen and sold Sarah Stern’s pet tortoise. She was already caught and spanked in ‘Pet Thief Caught.’ For some reason, the producers saw fit to extend the story.

Sarah flourishes a leather paddle. “I have no tortoise. You’re going  to have no bottom.” If she were really intent on that,  we’d feel a lot better. Amelia bends over a small chest and the paddling starts. She is a bit melodramatic. “You should give up stealing a d take up being a actress.” Skirt up, the same silly outfit as in the first film. Full white panties down, the usual wonderful bottom full screen.


6 Nov

F/f; time: 14 minutes

We stretch for storylines. Sarah Stern has commissioned Amelia  Jane Rutherford to babysit her pet turtle. But for some reason, Amelia sells the turtle then reports it escaped to Sarah. Ms. Stern soon figures out the caper and of course will spank Amelia.

An older Ms. Rutherford wears pigtails, a pink skirt, and print blouse. It is almost impossible to find any duplication of her clothing anywhere in her catalogue. After a long scolding, Amelia goes OTK on the bed. The camera angle is not great. Her bottom is partially obscured. Skirt up, white panties bunched before Sarah takes them down. A standard spanking; the camera finally moves to improve the view.

Institutional Discipline – ENGLISHSPANKERS

9 Apr

F/f; time: 18 minutes

Lina spanks a brunette in the punishment room, where there is the rack of implements on the wall. After a standard OTK handspanking,  the girl is made to strip naked and lie over a plastic sawhorse lengthwise. Lina picks a paddle from the rack and lays on 24 mild strokes, which the girl must count.

After this spanking, Lina observes: “That bottom doesn’t look sorry to me.” (we agree.) More standing handspanking, 24 of the tawse, mild, in the frisk position. Another paddle, 24 mild, leaning on the horse. Then 24 from the cane, very light stuff. Best part is the naked girl.

Caned in the Bedroom – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Apr

F/f; time: 8 minutes

A STRAND video. Sarah Stern confronts Cherry in her bedroom. Cherry is one of those little girls, 5′ or less, but packed in the bottom and boob department. She is given a standard naked caning on her bed, various positions. A game little model, is Cherry. Not hesitant to show us all she’s got.

Submissive Slave Girl For Hire – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

A very sexy performance from redhead/blonde Ella Hughes. Sarah Stern makes a call to an escort service. She doesn’t want sex. She wants a submissive girl who will take a “ferocious caning” and wonders if someone can come around right now. It happens a cute little girl is just coming off an assignment, but her bottom might be marked.

Ella arrives, a delicious little thing. She will be caned,and  she explains her bruises. Sarah wants to hear a lot of “Yes ma’am’s.” “Clothes off, please.” Wonderful. Down to just garter belt and stockings. The caning begins, surprisingly hard, about 20 strokes to start. Ella is careful about hair on her face.

Sarah is not satisfied with her submission. “You’re not being very grateful.” More of the cane, another 10 strokes or so, and a bit harder. Some wild marks, like LUPUS, not recommended by professional spankers.  Some bdsm talk, maybe some tears, and the best caning we can recall Ella taking. Sarah is not going to pay the agency. We would. Ella’s nipples are fully erect. Our interest in seeing redheads spanked is reaffirmed.


14 Jan

M/f; time: 10 minutes

We see ‘CJ’ here,  in a rare appearance other than MOONGLOW. With ‘Mr. Stern’ in the gym/dressing room setting used so often with Miss Gillian-Lancer. CJ caught smoking. He will spank her. She is very good in all her films at caring less. Over the vaulting horse which comes with the room, skirt up, panties down. Routine stuff.

Pair of Aupairs 2 parts – ENGLISHSPANKERS

8 Jan

F/2f; time: 38 minutes

Two aupairs, ‘Jess’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ work for different families. They are caught by employer Sarah Stern sneaking an afternoon cocktail and skipping duties. Sarah will give them both a spanking, why not, and the second one today for her girl Jess, who must show her red bottom to Amelia.

”The pair of you are going to get my hand and the paddle.” The usual foreplay in a STRAND production, often more than a third of the video. But we have said we appreciate the tension. Amelia must bend over first, and she screams at the first smack. “That really fuckin’ hurts.” White tights down, Amelia is red already.

Side by side with Jess now, bare bottoms, Amelia’s thong is down. Sarah spanks them both. Sarah gets a strap, some palm slaps. More scolding to bare bottoms. Jess has to strip—top, panties, stockings. She has quite the body, and her share of pubic hair. She bends for the strap, blotchy red now. A comparison to Amelia.

Part 2 of this extravaganza. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Jess, and Sarah Stern. This  is a sunlit room with curtains open to the patio, a lighting situation which many CP producers can’t handle. Sarah continues spanking these naughty aupairs. Jess gets the attention here. Amelia watches in her flower print blouse and slacks. Sarah has her stand and display her bare bottom as Jess’ spanking continues. Jess will strip her top off, panties and knee socks go, a nice bush. A routine strapping, two bare bottoms on the screen. Jess has faint cane marks on her lower thighs.

The bruising from this spanking is significant,  much worse than for Amelia. Both bottoms on display, a bit more spanking for Amelia, and a lot of facial time for her.