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14 Jan

M/f; time: 10 minutes

We see ‘CJ’ here,  in a rare appearance other than MOONGLOW. With ‘Mr. Stern’ in the gym/dressing room setting used so often with Miss Gillian-Lancer. CJ caught smoking. He will spank her. She is very good in all her films at caring less. Over the vaulting horse which comes with the room, skirt up, panties down. Routine stuff.


8 Jan

F/2f; time: 12 minutes

part 2 of this extravaganza. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Jess, and Sarah Stern. The scene is a sunlit room with curtains open to the patio, lighting which many CP producers can’t handle. Sarah continues spanking these naughty aupairs. Brunette gets the attention here. Amelia watches in her flower print blouse and slacks. Sarah has her stand and display her bare bottom as Jess’ spanking continues. Jess will strip her top off, panties and knee socks go, a nice bush. A routine strapping, two bare bottoms on the screen. Jess has faint cane marks on her lower thighs.

The bruising from this spanking is significant,  much worse than for Amelia. Both bottoms on display, a bit more spanking for Amelia, and a lot of facial time for her



Does A Doctor Really Do This? – ENGLISHSPANKERS

10 Dec

M/f; time: 14 minutes

An erotic idea; Agean, with certainly one of his favorite models, Kami Robertson. ‘Mr. Stern’ plays a headmaster,wearing robes. He has called for a doctor (Agean) to see one of his students (Kami). Kami was just spanked yesterday, and like head concussion protocol, he wants her bottom cleared for another spanking today. But Kami claims illness.

Our first thought as a spamko, here is a doctor who has made arrangements to check bottoms at a girls’ school. He must be on call. Kami is not too happy when he invades her room. ShE  has probably heard about him. “Get out from under the duvet.” Another word you will only hear in   British CP film dialogue. “Take you top off.” Agean does the stethoscope, blood  pressure. As he proceeds to examine her, she mutters “pervert.” She’s lucky he doesn’t want to take her temperature.

“Take your bottoms down….I am not a pervert!” He checks her bottom (from yesterday). All good to go. She remains naked, a nifty little body. Mr. Stern is called back in, Agean will continue the spanking with a hairbrush. Nice thorough job from the village doctor.


22 Nov

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford has a man cleaning up viruses on her computer. He is either her husband or someone with very personal access, as we shall see. Ms. Rutherford is wearing the same dress in which she appears in the opening episodes of FIRMHAND’s  2018 ‘Doctor’s Orders.’ This would not be of note but for the fact it is rare for her. We will attribute it  to new airline fees for luggage.

Amelia has been careless about malware, she got spanked for it once before, and here we go again. OTK, dress up, pink panties. He smacks hard enough to entertain . “Your hands are too big.” She kicks her panties to her ankles, one of those little touches Ms. Rutherford is so proficient at.

Right there in the office, the guy pulls paddles and straps out of a box. Semper paratus. He has Amelia arrange chairs into the Winchester configuration. A tawse and a studded round donut paddle. Low shot, magnificent kneeling bare bottom. He has her stand and stretch her legs straight to the floor. Ms. Rutherford’ s fashion model posings  are an important part of her films, and being naked often, she fulfills the fantasy.

Customs Violation – ENGLISHSPANKERS

13 Oct

F/f; time: 19 minutes

Our title. A film of little note, except for the way the corporal punishment is delivered. ‘Miss Lina’ plays a uniformed customs officer about to deal with a girl who has been caught with drugs in her suitcase. If the girl will admit it, it will be just a spanking; if not, tonight in jail, a magistrate, and who know what then.

On the wall of this office is a rack with quite a variety of spanking implements. Lina has the girl stare at the collection while she ponders her decision. First an OTK spanking, and rather mild as usual for this producer. But this customs enforcement is a bit different. The girl must take off all her clothes. Lina has her do a twirl and give us a good look. The girl lies lengthwise over nothing more than a sawhorse, upholstered in leather.

The customs officer selects an implement and then seats herself at the girl’s bottom, for a slow floppy strap spanking. This isn’t hard work, but if it is going to take a long time, the chair is a good idea. Not sure we recall another example of this. Up and down off the bench for examination and then more spanking. Leisurely. An added feature of this narrow sawhorse is that the girl’s boobs hang slightly.

Caned in Her Bedroom – ENGLISHSPANKERS

28 Sep

F/f; time: 8 minutes

A ‘Strand’ video, made in Spain, with ‘Cherry’ and ‘Sarah Stern.’ Cherry is naked in her room, about to be punished. Sarah enters and looms over little Cherry, maybe 12″. We have seen that Ms. Stern is just an inch or two shorter than 6’2″ Amelia Jane Rutherford, so Cherry must be bobbing around 5 feet. But like the other short models who get these CP jobs, she was not shortchanged in the boobs and bottom  departments.

Sarah will cane Cherry naked on the bed. She has bought a cane and now realizes this is the quintessential implement,  that she has been wasting time with other tools. She is a big lady, so she takes some time arranging Cherry’s bottom and calculating her backswing.

Cherry on knees and elbows, head down, puss on full display. Sarah lays on about a dozen moderate strokes, but the thick cane does a nice job. Sarah lets Cherry take a break to rub, a time or two. Cherry is going to be caned every day until she gets a job. That would have made a nice film, some scene changes, time lapse, and multiple canings.


Health and Safety 2 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

27 Sep

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A continuation of “Electricity Inspector.” An entertaining form of blackmail found in some old CALSTAR, ROUE, and elsewhere. Code enforcement, tax collectors, weights-and-measures inspectors and other admin types can prey on young girls and often use spanking here and there to resolve matters. Our favorite is CALSTAR’s ‘Community Charge Caning,’ where a tax collector must be astounded when he gets a most nubile resident to take her clothes off for a spanking to atone for arrears.

Here,  a brunette is about ready to open the doors of her new strip club in a few hours. “Agean’ holds a list of code violations. It seems he spanked her once before and she knows his drill. She reminds him of the “painful experience at your hands.” She wants him to know how different this club of hers is, and proceeds to demonstrate one of her burlesque numbers on the stage of the empty club.

Back to the office, Agean is intent on a spanking. “I’ve seen bigger and better acts,” he says. When she calls him “obtuse,” he is offended. She bends over the back of a chair for the beginning spanking. This inspector comes equipped with his own small paddle. Skirt up, thong off, she gets a red bottom and will  enjoy exhibiting that to her next audience. Violations waived, they kiss.