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Spank Me Please Pt 1 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

12 Apr

M/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Agean’ and a dark complected brunette who reminds us of the actress ‘Cher.’ The girl admits to Agean that she has spent her household allowance from shopping sprees. And not only that, she has broken his favorite vase. She is quick to agree that a spanking will do her a lot of good.

She bends over the kitchen counter to start. Her very short cut-off jeans don’t help her much. OTK on a kitchen chair. She peels down her jeans–that is the only way they are coming off. Just a little black thong now. More spanking; overhead views. She stands rubs. Graphic: “The punishment continues”

Pair of Au Pairs 2 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

7 Sep

F/2f; time: 12 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Jess’ are au pairs working for ‘Sarah Stern.’ Punishment is underway. Amelia has been spanked–she is sitting on the couch with her pants down.

Sarah goes to get her “nice strap” and gives Amelia a few smacks on her palm. Sarah is going to spank Jess now, and she wants her naked for it. Apparently it’s in the ‘au pair’ contract, albeit the fine print. We see soon that Jess has been spanked already, and we are surprised to see a full thatch of pubic hair in what seems a more recent film.

Sarah positions both girls on the couch so that two bottoms are on the screen. Jess gets the strap and marks up quickly. Her nudity is part of her “humiliation.” Side by side, we conclude with two bottoms.


15 Aug

M/2f; time: 11 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake with a headmaster; previous episodes are cleverly merged into scene fades. At ‘St. Just’s Academy,’ the head is spanking Pandora and referring to a caning session to come.

In this episode, the girls, dressed in spiffy maroon school uniforms, get in a wrestling match. The headmaster breaks it up. He has his chance to cane them both. Pandora first, she kneels on a chair, pants down, bottom already red. Over 20 cane strokes, moderate but attention-gaining. “This gives me no pleasure.” The Head just had to say that.

Amelia next, she is six inches taller than the guy. Blazer off, “Skirt off, knickers down.” She kneels on the chair and is distressed to see she earns the “senior cane.” A few entertaining strokes.

Unwilling Recipient – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Jun

F/f; time: 17 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sarah Stern (also the producer) are featured here. Sarah has hired Amelia as a masseuse and she is just discovering what this ‘massage parlor’ is really about. She wants to quit immediately but Sarah reminds her she got some sort of signing bonus, which is what you would do if someone like Amelia walked in your door. “You’re not leaving until I’ve got my money back. You can work it off.”

Sarah begins to unbutton Amelia’s blouse and is brandishing a paddle. “You should get used to it. This is what will happen. I have a certain kind of gentleman who would like to hurt girls like you.”

Once the blouse is off, “Take off your skirt.” Amelia is down to little white panties, spectacular as always. Sarah does the panties. “Hands on your head, give me a twirl….oh, what a beautiful bottom. We’ve got men who will adore a bottom like this and do wonderful things to it.”

Sarah begins the spanking. Amelia is already mildly red. They didn’t take a long enough break from a previous filming. Sarah uses a small weighted leather strap, like a blackjack for spanking. Some caressing and the slightest suggestion of frigging. Amelia protests that she is above all this, she has “qualifications.”

Sarah uses a sort of Spencer tawse. “It hurts even more….OK OK I’ll do what you want.”

“I’m going to leave you there (naked), make some phone calls, get some customers for you. Don’t bother to get dressed, you’re going to be very busy today.”

Part 2; F/f; time:13 minutes; ‘The Cane’
Amelia and Sarah continue; Sarah wakes up Amelia, who is sleeping in the nude, hugging her Teddy. Sarah has brought her cane. It seems a massage client had wanted to cane Amelia but she refused. The parlor would have earned an extra 10 pds per cane stroke, but Amelia figured she would see none of that money. Must be British labor law on this.

Sarah assures her this caning would have paid off her bill more quickly. So Sarah will help the naked Amelia relax. She should hug her Teddy. “I am going to give you a lesson in caning.” “Why? Is there much technique to it from my point of view.” We all admire her particular vantage point.

Over a stack of pillows, pussy flashing, Ms. Stern will cane her. She is a slightly older actress/producer, and quite plausible when in charge. A mild caning on a soaring, slightly red bottom. Stripes on top of the pink. “Madam, please don’t.” Amelia finally agrees to allow men to cane her. Too bad this was only two parts. We would have enjoyed some time with the clients.

Sexy Cleaning Company #17 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Jun

M/f; time: 11 minutes
A series here; ENGLISHSPANKERS made a sequence of films where girls are interviewed to work as sexy housecleaners, the emphasis on spanking. Amelia Jane Rutherford is interviewed here, and ‘Mr. Stern’ will videotape the proceedings to used in his marketing.

Stern explains that the more sexy she presents herself, the more jobs she will get. Amelia is fine with this and describes all the naughty outfits she has at home. We aficionados of AJR can attest to that.

Stern explains that some of the men who see her video might want to hire her to spank her. Amelia, in prototypically complex dialogue for a CP film, suggests Stern form “a subdivision…a spanking cleaning company.”

For the filming, Amelia shows how she will clean, lots of bend-
overs, spread legs, and teasing. Stern wonders if she is always like this. We are to believe that Ms. Rutherford is quite the conservative girl unless she is being paid. Stern spanks her and videotapes as much as he can. She plays the “Please don’t take my panties down” routines. Stern shows her spanking implements men like to use.

At the conclusion she flashes a frontal, yet another pubic trim, or actually the lack of one.


15 Jun

MF/f; time: 8 minutes
A trifle from Amelia Jane Rutherford. A spanking is underway in this part 2. A wicked woman is spanking Amelia on a bed when a guy interrupts. He will take over the punishment and goes to work on her black bra and panty set. The reference to the woman is that she is the wicked witch preying on girls in the woods.

The Electricity Inspector Part 1 – ENGLISH SPANKERS

2 Jun

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A female club operator fails inspection with the Electrical Code officer and attempts to seduce him. She is a plausible actress and actually looks like a businesswoman, which makes her fate all the more erotic. Dark hair, breezy polka dot dress, bustling persona. the setting is multi-room, garishly decorated, empty club.

She maneuvers the inspector to a couch, lets her skirt ride up and sends some seductive signals. She suggests he use some “discretion and stop being a pen pusher,” and a little more aggressively, “perhaps there is something I can do for you.”

Faux indignation, which is what you do when you want to get somebody’s pants off. “Are you trying to bribe me….I ought to spank your bare bottom.” The lady laughs, she has scored!  Trade her bottom for some inadequate wiring.

OTK, skirt up, her blue polka dot panties match her dress and hair band. The knickers are delicious little things, bikini-cut with tie-ties. They are soon down to display a perfect unmarked bottom.

After a handspanking she stands and drops the panties. Hopefully, “Are you done?” The inspector: “Do you think we are done?” Back OTK, more handspanking, full-screen closeups. The cinematic quality is so sharp that the inspector’s white finger inprints show on her red bottom after each smack.

“Your bottom is almost the color of the walls…I shall reconsider your application.” The scene fades as she rubs and we head out to find Part 2.