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To Punish a Princess – STRAND

1 Aug

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and a male character we can’t identify. She plays a silly princess and is throwing money out her window and cussing out the ‘commoners.’ She attracts the ttention of the head of palace security, a Mr. Huxley.

We like the idea—he has disciplinary authority over this princess and he is going to spank her. OTK on her bed, the usual Rutherford protest. Gown up, black knickers, routine spanking. Knickers down, she lies over the bed for a birch bundle, lovely kicking. Kneel on the floor to conclude, the usual dramatic poses

Boys get you in trouble – ENGLISHSPANKERS

19 Feb

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Surely not the title. Agean in his academic robes with a small dark blond pigtailed schoolgirl. A lot of dialogue, and the girl argues rather vociferously when she hears a caning is coming. The set is a faux classroom. Agean speaks to a cameraman, who has been assigned to film this punishment for someone else, another concern of the girl.

She bends over, kilt up, there are no knickers. She bends over a chair. Almost 20 cane strokes are shown, this is a continuation of an ongoing punishment. The panties must be in another room.

Agean has her turn and face the filming. He wants her jolt up. She does what she is told, but keeps up a delightful complaining. They shake hands when the caning is complete. To the cameraman, “Are you satisfied?”

Emily-Jane the Geography Lesson – ENGLISHSPANKERS

21 Jan

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Emily-Jane and Agean in the beautifully appointed classroom. An opening long shot shows the attention to detail, the space just to the right of the podium with the desk and platform. Emmily is taking an oral geography exam from Agean, and since he brsndkshes a cane, she know the oral could become anal.

When she misses the first question, it starts—one stroke with a strap on her knickers. This is slow. More questions, more single smacks. Soon the knickers come down for each smack. Emmily gets a tall chair and stands up on a rung. Agean tucks up her skirt and pulls down her knickers. He tans her entire bottom to a deep red with the strap.Nice ritual.


18 Jan

F/f; time: 21 minutes

A STRAND product, and not the title. Miss Lina and Leia Ann Woods. Ms. Woods wears one of her black and white outfits. Miss Lina is her boss, and hot Ms. Woods has been fooling around with her husband. Spanking time.

Leia is taken OTK immediately, right there in the office. Skirt up on a couch, her bottom is faintly red to start. Moderate handspanking, red lace knickers come down. Leia stands and drops her knickers, then strips naked for Lina. She has the ability to keep her knees locked and stand in almost a ballet pose as she gets naked, and of course she has the perfect body. Lina spanks her in a standing position, twirling her to present leisurely frontal and rear views.

Elbows on the desk, perfect bottom to the camera, Lina handspanks. The implements she will need are arrayed on the desk. First comes a floppy leather paddle, next a thin strap. Leia jumps sweetly at each stroke. A big red strap next. Leia will be naked for almost all of this film. She keeps her knees locked, her bottom cocked, and she has retained her red high heels.

The cane comes out at the 14 minute mark. About 20 moderate strokes are shown, from two angles, which might make for repeats. Leia is just simply glorious. When Lina is finished, we watch Leia dress again. A star.

Lap Dancer Audition – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 Nov

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A film shot in the familiar STRAND sitting room. A male club owner will audition a tall brunette as a lap dancer. The guy is a familiar staff character, who is not afraid to drop his trousers when the script calls for it.

Now how do you audition a lap dancer? Well, let’s see the merchandise. The guy tells the girl to take her clothes off, which she does, with a little are-you-happy glance at the director. Of course she stops at her thong, but that comes off. Twirl, big showgirl body, shaved.

He hires her, she dresses, he explains the job. Some patrons (this is England) want to spank. Can she take it? She bends over the desk for a handspanking, thong down, then naked again. Is this owner collecting more data than he needs. After using some straps, he lets her dress, after one more twirl and just a little fondle.


16 Nov

F/m; time: 20 minutes

Tina’s landlord has let himself into her apartment and ambushes her. She is wearing just a towel wrap. The set in the familiar sitting room where so many spankings have taken place, mostly female bottoms. You can see from the ID above what is going to happen here.

It appears Tina has huge leverage here—after all, the male landlord did ever without permission, and she is wearing essentially nothing. She takes a paddle out of a handy chest of drawers, demands he drop his trousers, and takes him OTK. She takes his boxer shorts down.

The landlord gets up and takes up the frisk position at the wall. Tina gets a large round leather paddle out of the same drawer. What else does she have in there and for whom? She spanks hard enough, and in the process her towel wrap falls off and she is naked. A nice directorial touch. Her estimable boobs could hold the towel only so long. STRAND has been watching it’s NU-WEST files. Tina smiles at the fun she is having and looks at the camera.

Tina switches to other straps and a hairbrush. She is very excited as her landlord gasps at the stings. Lovely nude she is, and this is a nice, surprising little deviation from STRAND. Too bad we can’t see how excited he might be. We are. He is left to cool in the frisk position.

Real Cane Real Tears – ENGLISHSPANKERS

22 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

An older Agean and a schoolgirl in a classroom setting. The girl squirms in front of his desk for a full five minutes before there is any action. On his desk are some spanking implements, and in the background is a stool with a dunce cap on it.

The girl finally bends over his desk. She looks a little like Pandora Blake. Agean goes right to the cane, first on her white panties and then on the bare. Conventional stuff.


22 Oct

F/f; time: 17 minutes

A STRAND product, with Leia-Ann Woods and Miss Lina. Leia has been playing with the petty cash and she is going to be spanked. The set is the familiar couch scene.

Atter two minutes of scolding Ms. Woods goes OTK. She is her usual gorgeous self, always perfectly dressed and coiffed. Skirt up, black panties, garters, nylons. She stands to remove her skirt and step out of her panties Lina positions some boxes. Leia bends forward and rest her hands on them for a paddle and strap.

Leia then lies over the boxes so that Lina can sit on the couch and use the implements. This is not the best position, either for the striking or the camera. Occasionally it occurs in these films that they didn’t figure things out too well ahead of time. Somebody realized, because Leia stands and bends over, bottom facing us, for a longer strap.

Emmily-Jane Report for the Cane – ENGLISHSPANKERS

21 Oct

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Emmily-Jane Howard and Agean again. Agean sits at his desk in academic robes. Emmily-Jane reports to him. The light brunette wears a blue blouse, tie, plaited schoolgirl skirt, the works. The set is the familiar classroom set used by Miss Gillian Lancer, FIRMHAND, and numerous others, the most complete shot of it we recall.

Emmily-Jane is going to be caned. She removes her white panties and keeps her skirt up quite willingly, presenting early and unusual frontal shots. She bends over one of the school desks. She has a solid bottom and muscular legs and what appears to be a full body tan.

Agean will give her 12 hard strokes. Emmily jumps at each stroke and needs a moment to compose herself. Low angle shots are very revealing. When she rubs at tbs conclusion, she is very well marked and in tears. A simple film And a perfect schoolgirl caning.

Club for Spankers – ENGLISHSPANKERS

19 Oct

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Pandora Blake enters a bar. Agean is behind the counter. She is applying for a job. Agean explains the policies of the club, and that he uses corporal punishment to keep the girls in line. Pandora decides not to do this, but rethinks it when she hears she can make 100 pounds a night. “Exactly what does this involve?” Agean will show her.

He has her bend over a bar stool. He raises her skirt. “Very appropriate underwear, my dear.” He begins spanking. She cries out on every stroke, but she wants the job. He explains this handspanking is for minor offenses, but for major offenses, “Take your knickers down.” “What?” After a pause, she does it. “Lift your skirt up.”

Back over the stool, harder and faster spanking. To conclude, she stands at the bar for still more spanking. “Right, Pandora, do you still want to work at the Hot Bottom club….welcome aboard.”