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April Visits Mr. Stern – ENGLISHSPANKERS

15 Aug

M/f; time: 13 minutes

‘April May’ is a goofy and sexy brunette. She sits with no pants on talking to ‘Mr. Stern,’ who must have just spanked her in a prequel to this film.  Otherwise, why would you take your pants off to have a conversation with a  counsellor-type?  She keeps her knees together.

April’s boyfriend has asked (hired) Stern to spank her for cheating on  him. It sounds like he has just spanked her for a confession, but she refuses to recall having sex with someone else.

Stern will step out of the office to call her boyfriend for further instructions. April admits that she does not like the sound of all this. He returns with two paddles, the boyfriend wants him to continue.

She kneels on a chair, more nonchalant about her nakedness now. She undulates and gives us quite a show as she is paddled. Tears. Seems to us the boyfriend missed as opportunity by not doing this work himself.


9 Aug

F/f; time: 14 minutes

This is the only film we have found where ‘Nicky Montford’ hooked up with the Spanish Strand Video Remington Steel folks.

‘Sarah Stern’ is interviewing Nicky as her government benefits officer. We will learn that Nicky has been filmed dancing at a local club, for cash and tips,  while claiming disability benefits. We’ve said before for other films, you’ve got to admire this British government efficiency.

Sarah thinks that if she gave Nicky “a short sharp shock,” she would “make everyone happy” in the enforcement system. Nicky is not going to argue. She bends over, hands on chair. “Take them down.”  (jeans) Blue striped bikini panties. Nicky pulls them down–there are some faint old marks.

Sarah uses a Spencer strap, on Nicky’s bottom AND thighs, and soon achieves a uniform but mottled redness. By Ms. Montford’s standards, this was a light day, although a little more aggressive for ENGLISHSPANKERS.

Unwilling Recipient – The Cane – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Aug

F/f; time: 13 minutes

‘Sarah Stern’ wakes a sleeping ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ who is naked under a nifty duvet, cuddling with a teddy bear. It appears Sarah is a Madam, and Amelia one of her girls who, in a spanking session with a group of men yesterday, did not agree to be caned. Apparently Sarah can collect 10 pounds per cane stroke from her clients.

So Sarah is going to give her a lesson with a cane. Another of Amelia’s great lines: “Why, is there much technique to it, from my point of view?” Sarah helps the naked Amelia to wiggle around on the duvet and get over some pillows. As usual, Amelia’s bottom soars in this position.

Sarah begins tapping Amelia with light strokes, to show her  what hurts and what doesn’t. She snaps a hard on now and then and induces a howl. Sarah develops a group of white lines  superimposed over another film’s fading pink, nicely explained above.  Fast and slow, a nice caning, Amelia is always  entertaining as miserable. She probably insists on wearing her wedding ring at this point in her career. Sets this film in 2013 or later.

New Head Girl – St. Just’s – ENGLISHSPANKERS

1 Aug

M/2f, time: 13 minutes

Another film from Strand Video in Spain. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Pandora Blake.’ Both girls appear in elegant full schoolgirl kit, maroon blazers and skirts.

The headmaster, a Strand regular, is about to announce which of the two girls has been selected Head Girl. When Pandora is named, Amelia suddenly conjures that she smells cigarettes. The headmaster searches her and finds a pack of very European cigarettes.

The Head: “I’ll have to change my decision and give you a spanking as well.” Pandora protests that she has been framed, but not too much. She takes off her blazer and goes OTK. Amelia tries to be upset. “I’m really uncomfortable having to watch this.”

Pandora’s skirt up, full white panties down. “I’ve been framed.” Paddle and strap, OTK and kneeling on a chair. The Head is not satisfied and announces a 20-stroke caning, which is continued on a sequel to be added here. Then there’s another bottom on the set.

School Inspector – ENGLISHSPANKERS

6 Jul

2M/f; time: 15 minutes

The film features the indefatigable ‘Nicky Montford,’ who gets a credit above the title. She wears a school tunic, and a spanking is just ending at her house, from her ‘guardian,’ as the film opens. A school inspector arrives at the house, complaining about her and bringing a sheath of letters reporting violations that she never brought home. Ms. Montford has a difficult time keeping a straight face during this dialogue.

She’s been doing a bunch of things at school, changing into naughty uniform variations and quite available for blowjobs. So the guardian will spank her again, and the school inspector doesn’t mind at all staying to watch, thank you very much.

The guardian begins by strapping Nicky’s palms; then, tunic off, panties already gone. She kneels on a chair, blouse up for the strap. There are some deep marks healing. He straps her hard, and she turns red over her whole bottom. This is not the wicked spanking she often takes, but it is impressive. The guardian: “She just seems to take it and soak it up.” The story of Ms. Montford’s career. The inspector manages to get a feel of her bottom and is satisfied.

Spank Me Please Pt 1 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

12 Apr

M/f; time: 18 minutes

‘Agean’ and a dark complected brunette who reminds us of the actress ‘Cher.’ The girl admits to Agean that she has spent her household allowance from shopping sprees. And not only that, she has broken his favorite vase. She is quick to agree that a spanking will do her a lot of good.

She bends over the kitchen counter to start. Her very short cut-off jeans don’t help her much. OTK on a kitchen chair. She peels down her jeans–that is the only way they are coming off. Just a little black thong now. More spanking; overhead views. She stands rubs. Graphic: “The punishment continues”

Pair of Au Pairs 2 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

7 Sep

F/2f; time: 12 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Jess’ are au pairs working for ‘Sarah Stern.’ Punishment is underway. Amelia has been spanked–she is sitting on the couch with her pants down.

Sarah goes to get her “nice strap” and gives Amelia a few smacks on her palm. Sarah is going to spank Jess now, and she wants her naked for it. Apparently it’s in the ‘au pair’ contract, albeit the fine print. We see soon that Jess has been spanked already, and we are surprised to see a full thatch of pubic hair in what seems a more recent film.

Sarah positions both girls on the couch so that two bottoms are on the screen. Jess gets the strap and marks up quickly. Her nudity is part of her “humiliation.” Side by side, we conclude with two bottoms.