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Brandi – FAREAST

11 Jun

M/f; time: 42 minutes

Thin brunette Brandi is on camera, her third appearance here, but our only review of her. Like all the girls who appear with the boys at FAREAST, she will show some spunk, and guts. We imagine this producer might have a few files of girls who broke down.

Joe and two crew members kid with her. Beside the conventional spanking arousal sequence, they have some “surprises” for her. You can see here the set is a motel room. Brandi wears a red top and flower print slacks.

The OTK spanking portion begins. Joe soon has the slacks down. There is just a G-string. After a cut, the top is off, and soon Joe has the bra and G-string gone. He puts a finger in her vagina, which crew loves. “A dip stick kind of thing.” Joe is spanking much harder. Brandi is struggling a little, whimpering.

Time for the hard sex. After a long kiss, naked Brandi is on her back for a long oral session from Joe. She helps him off with his pants and begins a blowjob. The boys have gone quiet so we can hear the heavy breathing.

Brandi gets on his lap for the first ride, then doggy style—the cinematic poses. More bj and “69.” [sirens outside, you can stop a porn film at this point] And the money shot.

Danielle – FAREAST

29 Dec

M/f: time: 37 minutes

Joe and his partner interview  a curly-haired blue-eyed brunette, who says she’s 18, but the boys laughingly agree they had  double-checked her ID. She looks good to go to us. She wears a strapless halter and white  jeans. She has answered an ad to make a spanking video.

The boys like to prod and pry. She likes sex and has experimented both ways. Lots of facial closeups in the POV style. After about 8 minutes, the boys want her clothes off. Slowly, the top over her head, no bra, jeans down, then loose white panties down. Surprisingly, the panties seem ill-fitted for such an important moment in a CP film.

The boys admire her naked and ask to see her bottom, not her favorite part, she says.     But we are spankos, it is ours. Joe loves it because he gets to spank her. Her nervous laughter and her constant adjustment of her top contribute to the suggestion this is a one-timer in a hotel room.

OTK she goes, for a long and conventional naked spanking, very hard and consistent. No punches pulled. The spanking is consensual and part of the story of course, but Danielle’s garrulous self changes as the smacking advances. Heavy red-rouge  mottling. We have reviewed thousands of spankings, and this simple drill is as good as any of them. Danielle yelps along, and seems genuinely disappointed when the pauses to fondle and stroke are followed by more spanking.

Unlike  most of the FAREAST films we have reviewed, there will be no sex here, nor does Joe grope or frig, despite the target an inch away.



Summer – FAREAST

3 Nov


The formulaic performances of good hard spanking and full porn sex. ‘Summer’ is a tall, thin, theatrical fashion-style model. Auburn hair below the shoulders. She does not suggest ‘porn star,’ but we will see , she is willing, capable, and will be tested. Joe gets her. A,ed for a long spanking, with the usual banter and casual conversation.

Aftee ice cubes on her red bottom, she begins a blowjob. She opens Joe’s pants. “No underwear!” She seems surprised. Then several positions of sex and the. Only shot.


18 Oct

M/f; time: 57 minutes

The same format for this producer. A very hot girl will take a thorough spanking and perform the full varieties of sex in classic porn style. ‘Lacy’ is a smoking little brunette dressed little-girl in a tiny kilt and halter. She giggles her way through a hard spanking and then rollicking sex and a money shot.


18 Apr

MF/f; year: 2003; time: 46 minutes

Another amazing girl sits on the couch for interview. Jenni is a sophisticated blonde college girl from Charlotte, NC,  21 years old, 5’7″ tall, a little embarrassed about weighing 110 pounds. “Where did you find her?” Joe asks. She is confident in calling herself a “bi-girl” and quite OK with the spanking part of this filming.

Jenni stands and pulls her dress up slowly for the boys, displaying her back lace panty/thong. Joe loves it, and they chat about whether she might be a natural blonde.  Joe says he will find out about her hair. Joe helps her to unzip her dress. At first she covers, then displays beautiful boobs. The boys approve. “Do you work out?”

Joe teases down Jenni’s thong. She is shaved. He begins the spanking. Female blonde  model/performer ‘Taylor’ arrives on the set, and joins the two on the couch. While Joe and naked Jenni kiss, Taylor begins a blowjob on Joe.

Joe gives Jenni his oral treatment and strips for the main event. It is an excellent scene. Missionary, doggy, and Jenni rides cowboy, front and back. Back to the missionary position for a furious conclusion. The condom has disappeared; Joe gasps he’s cumming, and we have the full money shot on her stomach. She loves it. Taylor has been watching from behind the cameras, quite amused herself.


18 Apr

M/f; time: 45 minutes

These films are mostly all in the same format–a very pretty girl is interviewed by ‘Joe’ and the director POV style; we hear her biography and experience with spanking; she undresses; Joe spanks and fondles her; and the last part of the film is a conventional pornographic sex scene. The acting is perfect, the production is top-notch, and the girls are breathtaking.

‘Leah Marie’ is a 21 year old brown/auburn haired stunner from Oregon, only 5′ tall, without heels. Joe likes small girls and explains that “we brought her in because she needs to be spanked.” Leah frowns at this. The boys ask her what her occupation is. “I do porn, but not like this.” She is by-sexual.

Leah pulls up her dress to display a white thong. Joe smacks her mostly bare bottom for a “mike test.” Leah drops her thong.

The OTK spanking begins. Leah does not much like the spanking and thinks it hurts after the first two or three smacks. She is eager to move on to the sex part she was told about. They chat freely as the spanking progresses. Joe begins to spank harder and Leah begins to scream.

Joe begins to probe between her buttocks and thighs. Good thing Leah has porn acting experience. She mutters that Joe is an “asshole,” some theater talk to inflame action. Joe services her orally, front and back, which she is very much into.

Now it is Joe’s turn. Leah pulls his pants down and gives him head, very skillfully. The fucking begins–Leah puts a condom on him, as is done in this series. Nice vigorous scene, including anal, and concluded with the money shot.

As they wrap up, Leah says: “Spanking is more painful. I’d rather take it up the ass.”  Not a shy lady.

Ashley – FAREAST

22 Mar

M/f; time: 43 minutes
One of the few CP producers who added full sex at the conclusion. We’ve often thought, on the fantasy level, that a girl might offer it to bring the spanking to an end.

Another hotel room audition. A floozy blonde arrives at a hotel room and goes through a long interview with the FAREAST guy. She becomes persuaded, and pulls her dress over her head. She is wearing flower print bra and panties and a few scattered tattoos on her body.

Her bra and panties/thong are gradually teased off. She is shaved. The guy wants her to look at and address the camera. He begins a slow and mild handspanking. He pries and probes, spanks harder, and is achieving good color and bruises. He puts a cloth in her mouth to quiet her down. The camera zooms on her blotchy bottom and the guy will tease her with ice cubes. This girl avoids the big surprise in this film.