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Cognoscente – FILMEXTREME

7 Oct

M/2f; time: 48 minutes

An odd story from a CP film producer with pretensions to have become the next LUPUS, except without the creative department. This may have been done in Spanish. There were no subtitles. We’ll take a stab at the storyline.

Men, appearing depressed, sit at table in a closed restaurant. We’ll guess–business is down and they need to spice it up. We recall a similar story in NETTLES’ ‘Russian Slaves’ series–the fetish club owners can then audition new girls, “fresh meat” the Russians so delicately summarized it.

The scene cuts here, and a girl, still dressed, is tied over a club table, gagged with a horse bit. One of the men pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and mildly paddles her. (All the punishments in the FILMEXTREME series are tepid, but we don’t seek out brutality.) Other men watch. Is this an audition? An errant waitress in liquor storage?

FADE: Two men in chintzy tuxedos arrive, one with a violin case. We’ve seen too many CP films–the violin case reference relates to corny mobsters and tommy guns, but we know it means spanking implements. This guy may be a hired disciplinarian.

Two girls are called from the back and directed to drop their panties on the darkened stage. What is going on?

The men gamble at a table, two more girls are brought in, tied and blindfolded, then taken away and stripped naked by them. We see the girls being scrubbed in a shower by the men, once again, without the exquisite piquancy of a well-made CP film.

The girls are brought out into the club again, forcibly redressed in silly satin dresses, displayed, and spanked on stage. Maybe they are kidnapped girls being ‘auditioned.’

CUT: The girls are tied to chairs, the tuxedo guy enters with his case, and the girls are punished on-stage in various states of nudity before an audience, which claps in European unison because they want the cane. The film mercifully ends.

School Inspector – FILMEXTREME

10 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 22 minutes

A short-lived producer, from what we can learn, very much on the dark format per LUPUS/RIGIDEAST from back-in-the-day. The film opens with another sepia Gothic architectural exterior identified as ‘St. Katherine’s High School.’ Apparently the school inspector is paying a return visit here. the mustachioed guy, who appears in all the FILMEXTREME work we have seen, looks like an American Wild West character or one of the constabulary lurkers in a LUPUS film.

He meets privately with an older blond woman, older, that is, than the schoolgirl type. She is the headmistress. No subtitles. After a brief conversation, she drops what look like pajama pants, bends over a table, and he spanks her a few times. It is some sort of welcome greeting, we assume, in lieu of maybe a quick lusty fuck in her quarters.

In another room, some men have gathered, another blonde raises her robe, drops her bloomers, and receives about 20 cane strokes. The inspector is disciplining staff, management?

Next, a gathering of staff, including the blond headmistress. The staff is seated respectfully in front of the inspector, who is going to punish one of the high school students. A diminutive, shy-appearing girl is produced and directed to undress, in front of the group. Very slowly, she removes an adolescent dress, unbuttons a complicated gymslip, and drops her bloomers. She now stands naked in front of the group, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

The inspector will use a long thin hard wood paddle, which he passes around the room for everyone to examine. Is this girl a little morsel saved for his visit (as in the LUPUS ‘headmaster’ series), or has she been selected for him to demonstrate proper corporal pounishment?

The inspector begins paddling, little cries, immediate circular bruises. He asks the group to troop forward to examine her bottom and feel the heat. He shifts to the cane, about 10 strokes. When they inspect again, one of the men traces the stripes on her bottom with a finger.

A female teacher asks to try caning. The inspector gives a few suggestions, then she begins, tentative at first, but she gets into it, laying on 12 strokes, quite hard in the end.


23 Jul

year: 2005; time: 40 minutes; MF/5f

Tintype film, Edwardian spankings; a mansion in a rural setting–St. Katherine’s School, gothic soundtrack. Good start for a CP film–its usually means maids, or house-servants, or students in trouble, or at least in situations where their desitny is not their own. A mustached young man is delivered to the mansion by carriage–the school inspector, and received by an older woman, who soon strips and bathes in his presence, quite unembarrassed. The film is in a foreign language and will present the usual challenge for us. It has the feel of a Lupus/RigidEast costume drama. We’re guessing this gentleman is a government inspector with unfettered access, paying a visit to a rural insititution.

This fellow and the now-clean woman receive a local Yiddish merchant, who apparently sells spanking testles.  Now there is a  showroom we would like to visit. The woman climbs onto a model he shows and is fastened down, a test ride? For  the insitution?

Cut to a scene in a dormitory-like setting. In the night, four girls jump a fifth girl, getting some revenge, stripping off her nightgown, and make her dance and crawl naked while they spank her, make her urinate in front fo them. They torment her on her bed, give her oral sex, make her do the same, use a dildo, whip her with a cane at length while she is held down.

We return to the trestle room, where the headmistress is just climbing off the device and covering her bottom as the inspector watches, when the girl who was beaten in the dormitory staggers in, naked. They put her on the gyno table, a Mengele-like doctor materializes, out come the rubber gloves, and we get some closup examination time of her bottom and the dildo results. The girl must tell them what happened to her.

The inspector and headmistress enter the dormitory, turn on the harsh lights, roust four girls out of bed, and soon they are bent over their beds, nightgowns up, four bare bottoms. They move like they have done this before, the scene is reminiscent of and nearly equal to several ‘Detention House’ productions at Lupus, and to a number of corny B-movie reformatory attempts, but here we will get our money’s worth.

The inspector brought a strap;  the headmistress moves from girl to girl, laying on 15 hard strokes each. She’s is going to whip until the leader is found. The girls leap and gasp under the attack and soon turn on each other and implicate a tall long-haired brunette, which earns her a special hearing.

The pretty brunette arrives at the examining room; the inspector, headmistress, and doctor await her. The camera pans the collection of punishment instruments and the trestle, whose use is nigh. The doctor approaches with his clyster enema bucket. She is going to take an enema, right here, in front of everyone. She bends over and raises her nightgown, once again seeming accustomed. She scurries off doubled over after brief filling and is soon marched back to face the trestle.

Nightgown off, naked, she is fastened into one of the most naughty punishment positions you will see,  befitting the name fo the production company, and even surpassing some of the devlish  ideas at Lupus. She climps onto the trestle, lies on her back. she belted tight at the stomach, her legs and dirty feet elevated in the air in the diaper position. A yoke is placed behind her knees and then pulled tight with rope behind her head, so that her legs are held vertically and pulled apart, leaving nothing to the inagination.

The inpsector gags her with a lace napkin, and then after tormenting her with swooshes, lays on, we counted 50,  cane strokes. She struggles mightily after each one, rocking the trestle, quite trapped by this bondage, the skin of her bottom and thighs pulled taut by the extreme position. The first marks concentrate on her lower buttocks and thighs.

She is released from this awful circumstance and is refastened to the trestle in the more traditional bent-over posture. The inspector now concentrates on her  upper buttocks–we counted almost 60 more strokes. Despite the gag, she puts up a fearsome crying and gasping,  a steady moaning. These canings are as seductive as anything we have seen, and the strokes are just skillfully moderate enough that the girl can take this quantity and not be turned to mush.

The inspector has done his job, departs on the horsedrawn carriage, and finds himself imaginjng a girl he sees walking by in the fields naked.