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Samantha Woodley Collection – FIRMHAND

18 Oct

A long series of spanking segments from one of the cutest little bottoms to come along in this genre, undisputed.

(A) (F/f; year: 2004; time: 4 minutes) Samantha has been insolent here in the school office and she is going to be spanked by an employee who isn’t much different in age. This is “surprising, since what happened yesterday,” as the girl checks the bottoms of Samantha’s jeans, as if this episode is a continuation.

OTK; “Take your jeans off, Missy.” Cute little resistance from Samantha and the most glorious bare bottom.

(F) (F/f; year: 2005; time: 5 minutes) Shannon Carson intercepts Samantha for some offense and will give her a strapping, having her lie flat on a pillow on the pool table.

Samantha must remove her little black shorts and scramble over the pillow, which is a good idea for padding in case Ms. Woodley gets excited. She receives a routine strapping on her elevated bare bottom. Facials, overheads, obliques, and a Reaction CAM.

(G) (M/f; M/f; time: 7 minutes) Earl Grey intercepts Samantha as she is headed out for the evening. She meets him at the door holding a very large clothes brush she was using on her Little Black Dress. She has a vague little smile on her face. We know from outtakes this duo broke down in laughter at some of the corn in the script.

Grey leads her back into the big mostly empty all-white apartment. She wants to go out, so a red bottom won’t matter much, unless she gets playful later on. Grey takes the brush from her, she bends over to touch a floor level table, skirt up, pink thong.

A nice brief brush spanking, some low shots from the floor enhance the view of one of the best bottoms ever.

(H)(M/f; year: 2005; time: 4 minutes) Samantha earns six swats of the paddle on the bare bottom for being tardy for the 4th time. It is the big frat paddle. Grey wants her thighs further apart, so that her panties are stretched.

(J) (M/f;

(K) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Financial advisor Grey is pretty much having his way with Samantha at this point. She sits with her feet up, teasing him as he circles with a cane.

She is sexy and salty at the same time. After all, what is another spanking? Her beautiful dark brown/black hair is pinned up here. She stands at the glass table, drops her jeans and white panties. The film is cut to eliminate a frontal.

12 strokes of the cane, sexy stuff. Some low shots, a bit more revealing maybe than intended. “I’ll see you next Thursday.” A screen-server quality shot of Samantha rubbing her bottom.

(L)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) The finale of the series. Advisor Grey will have one more go at Samantha’s bottom, then she is released to do what she will with her inheritance.

“This is the final part of your discipline program.” When Grey explains how difficult all this spanking has been for him, “Yes, I’m sure it was, sir.” Smirky. She is wearing a sexy summer dress with one of those breezy ballroom skirts.

Without argument, she bends over, skirt up, ‘Naughty’ printed on her panties. “Forget something, Samantha?” That means the panties, and she knows Grey wants them at her shoes. 12 strokes of the cane, lovely low shots. She can keep the cane as a souvenir. She’ll be looking for a certain kind of boyfriend, if we read the signals correctly.

(W) (F/f; time: 3 minutes) A cute co-ed Samantha bounces down the stairs of her  sorority house. She is caught by one of her ‘sisters’  wearing borrowed jewelry.

The older girl takes her OTK, pulls down her little white shorts, and gives her a brief bare bottom spanking. Nothing new here, but there is always a struggling Ms. Woodley to excite us.

(AG)(M/f; year: 2005; time: 6 minutes) Samantha sits on a table, wrapped in a towel. The male actor is angry with her–she was to be the designated driver for a group of “sisters” were partying but she flaked out. He had to do it. “You have nothing else to do but wait around for girls to spank.”

He pulls off the towel, which is what happens to towels in CP films. She wears just little print panties. “I  want you to take your panties off.” But she just pulls them down to her thighs, like a good model.

He uses a large tawse. She is in the frisk position. In a reaction-CAM repeat 0f the scene, the camera must have been on the floor shooting up at her face. Plenty of boob jiggle, not all that common from Ms. Woodley. Nice pantied bottom up the stairs.

(AP)(M/f; year: 2006; time: 6 minutes) Samantha is on academic probation. She wears a hot pink halter top and white jeans. The guy accuses her of cheating. “It wasn’t me!” a cry we’ve heard in dozens of CP films.

She bends over for the paddle, 10 strokes on her jeans. “That’s the half of it,” the guy announces. Reaction CAM repeats and a long out-take of a playful Ms. Woodley.

(AQ)(M/f; year: 2006; time: 7 minutes) The guy informs Samantha: “I’m going to give you the same 10 xxxxx got.” It is a crisp paddling, and we’ve seen Ms. Woodley spanked enough that we know this pushed her.

“Get back in position and get those pants down.” The paddling is repeated with a ‘reaction CAM,’ where we get an unusual pubic glimpse as Samantha surges.

(AS) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Ralph Marvel plays Samantha’s husband here. He overhears her calling her mother a ‘bitch’ on the phone, so he will spank her, right there in the kitchen. In this house, the a strap is handing on a hook.

“You’re going to get a lesson, right now.” It is a huge doubled strap. Samantha objects just briefly then bends over the counter. She gets the strap on her slacks, then pulls them down to see the damage. Sweet sight in the kitchen. Without her pants, she will call her mother back and apologize.

(AU) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Samantha narrates–she has gotten a $300 cell phone bill, and she is going to tell her boyfriend about it in hopes of reducing the severity of the spanking she is sure to get.

Her boyfriend is ‘Ralph Marvel,’ and he is appropriately incensed. “I have a great teaching aid.” Over the back of the couch she goes, where she is strapped on full black panties. Ralph pulls them down, lovely shots of this little Miss from above. When he marches her for some corner time, we get the briefest frontal flash, rare for her in her larger oeuvre.

(AW) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Ralph Marvel again. Samantha is at the wall, just having been spanked. Her jeans and red panties are down. She is going to get a second spanking, for lying at work and to him. He hands a stiff leather tawse and explains its history. Samantha tries to act naughty and contemptuous.

Bend over, hands on a chair, for 20 strokes on the bare. Reaction CAM. They hug, she is still bare. How could he resist reaching back?

(AZ) (M/f; year: 2007; time: 7 minutes) Samantha is taking a shower, stark naked of course. Ralph Marvel enters, and she is not at all embarrassed. It seems she drove home last night drunk and was promised some punishment in the morning.

Marvel hands her a towel; we thought we’d get some frontal looks here, but, tease, no. She is marched to the bedroom, where she sees the cane. “Nooo!” Marvel takes the towel and she bends to touch he knees. Very naked, not all that frequent for her. 18 moderate strokes, she  yelps, but this is easy stuff. She earns three extras for wiggling.

(BD)(F/f; year: 2007; time: 8 minutes) Roommate ‘Madison’ will spank Samantha for being drunk and flirting with her boyfriend.

OTK for the paddle, panties down. The camera circles as Madison spanks.

(BK) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Exterior scene, Samantha is stealing fruit and is caught by a guy and marched inside. He cuts a switch from the very same tree.

He has Samantha bend over a sawhorse, using a pillow for padding. Little denim skirt rides up, pink frilly panties are bunched to expose a lot of cheek. A  silly switching starts, but he changes to a cane. Why? It hurt too much? not enough? This caning is also silly and perfunctory. But cute facials from Ms. Woodley.

(BL) (F/f; year: 2008; time: 4 minutes) This was one busy little bottom during these years; we keep in mind there must be at least some recovery period. Samantha has ‘borrowed’ her roommate ‘Madison Martin’s’ credit card and is going to get a spanking for it.

Madison gets her paddle. “What are you going to do with that?” After a brief discussion, Samantha realizes she has no choice, and allows herself to be maneuvered into an OTK position on the couch. “Don’t even struggle. You know the panties have to come down. You know the drill.” A routine paddling.

Discipline Program – FIRMHAND

12 Sep

A lengthy series with ‘Abigail Whittaker’ and ‘Samantha Woodley’ in one group and ‘Earl Grey’ with Samantha in another.



(BA) (M/f; year: 2010) Earl Grey has been hired by Samantha Woodley’s family to oversee how she spends her inheritance annuity. He grabs her out of  a benefit party she is throwing.

On the palatial semi-circular central staircase of her house, he tussles with her, reminding her of his authority from before, and his permission to use corporal punishment. She finally consents to lie on the stairs for a conventional handspanking on her black panties, a mild but sexy start to the series.

(BB)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Grey follows Samantha upstairs, right into her bedroom. She is wearing a party dress and bounces on the bed, taunting him, asking for it. Ms. Woodley is very good at this. He pulls her to the end of the bed, gets her bottom in position, and takes down her black panties for a cute spanking.

(BC) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Grey finds Samantha in the kitchen, she has slept in, had a boy overnight, and now wears just an apron and red panties, no bra.

Grey goes to his car to get a paddle. She bends over the kitchen counter and is paddled on her panties, her boobs popping out of her apron on occasion, a rarity from her. She is comfortable enough at this point to eat grapes off the counter while he spanks. “I hope your friend is sleeping soundly upstairs.” One would think so if Samantha entertained him like she does us.

Panties down, always a thrilling moment in Ms. Woodley’s work, and she knows it. “Next time,no visitors.” Samantha promises.

After Grey leaves, Samantha calls out, “Coffee’s ready.” She should be ready for some morning delight about now.

(BD) (M/f; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) Earl Grey on Samantha’s case again, this time in the kitchen. She sits at the table, she has had an automobile accident, and Grey, being her attorney and guardian, finds himself involved. She had a few drinks.

It happens to be  the weekly maintenance  spanking visit to ensure performance of her financial annuity, and now there is more cause. Hands on the wall in the frisk position for the paddle. Impressive cracks of her black tight. 10 swats.

(BE)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Grey continues on the car theme; Samantha wrecked a brand new car, and Grey wants to extract a price for that, measured in spanking. 10 swats on her tights didn’t seem to do the job, especially not when you have weekly access to a bottom like this one.

“Ten swats were not enough…we’ll have those jeans” Samantha doesn’t hesitate. “Interesting. No panties.” She knew he was coming today, as it were.

Frisk position at the wall, Ms. Woodley cocks her bottom for us, as if she were in heat. The big fraternity paddle does its work. Oblique filming permits facials and impact shots.

(BF)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Attorney Grey has let himself in and awaits Samantha in her kitchen. He hears the engine of an expensive car as she arrives. She had lost her car in the wreck to the repair shop for a matter of weeks.

Samantha breezes in, fashionable in a sundress, boots, and rally cap. She confesses she has leased a car, a Ferrari. “This is what girls drive nowadays in my circles.”

“I know how to deal with this,” declares Grey. Samantha knows too. “Not again.” He takes her OTK, skirt up, white panties. She kicks her booted feet. Panties down, it is difficult to imagine how any guy could deal with a bottom like this in his lap. Facials, cute hair, teasing bodice.

(BG)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Earl Grey sits waiting for Samantha to arrive home; he wants to talk to her but she tells him there is always more to it than that. She wears a flowered dress and boots. Grey has told her father about the leased Ferrari and he has been authorized to cut off her credit cards.

And, to seal the deal, another good spanking on this visit. She bends over for the strap, quite used to the rhythms by now. He pulls her panties down and give her what for this series is a routine strapping. She kicks her cute booted feet up in the air. She preens her bare bottom for us as he prepares to leave.

(BH)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Grey arrives for his weekly; Samantha sits, more or less grounded–no car, no money, no credit cards; at least that is what she wants Grey to think. She has been caught using her housekeeper’s credit cards.

He promises to spank her this time with a “hair brush,” which turns out to be the long-handled bath brush so effective in previous episodes. Kneel up on the couch, denim mini-skirt down, no panties again. Hard spanking with the heavy brush.

(BI)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Grey penetrates Samantha’s bedroom. “What are you doing in my bedroom?” She sits posing on her vast four-poster in white bra and panties seen through an open robe, a mischievous little smile unmistakable on her face.

Grey has discovered that she is getting marijuana from the “pool boy.” She doesn’t think that is such a big deal, but he does and he has brought his cane. It doesn’t take much persuading to have her bend over the end of her bed. The caning in this episode is all on her white panties, effective snaps which would create the effect you want on both parties. She drops her robe with just the slightest protest. Cute low shots of that delightful little body, almost fully on display as the series winds to conclusion.

(BJ)(time: 7 minutes) The series finale, and appropriately with the cane. Samantha’s caning continues. She was required to hold position and wait for Grey to return, which she did not quite do. She is acting the little girl here.

“Grab the pole.” (of the four-poster). “A little pole dance, then?” she coos. “Sort of.” She holds the bed post with one hand, spreads her legs, pulls her own panties down, and sticks her bottom out. the caning continues, she will count twelve strokes on the bare, low shots of this lovely sequence. She quickly needs both hands on the post to hold steady.

This will conclude her training, but he reminds her his office is just a few blocks away and he can be here in minutes if called. She lies on the bed and rubs, giving us a naughty concluding look.

Learning Curve – FIRMHAND

23 Aug

Another series from hot and dynamic ‘Samantha Woodley,’ who can actually act. We haven’t found her vital statistics yet.  She is short, round of bottom and thigh, full boobs. Not the willowy runway type, but very much the CP film type. Dark hair, flashing dark eyes, and an insouciant way about her. Her acting brings forth your first instinct– a spanking is definitely needed here.

(A)(M/f; year: 2010; time: 7 minutes) Samantha has forgotten to pay her car insurance. ‘Eric Strickman’ plays the male lead here, her advisor. A girl like this needs supervision.

He takes no guff, she is bent over a table, her breezy white dress thrown up. Handspanking and belt on red panties. She kicks and struggles as well as it can be done. She is sent to get the hairbrush. OTK, more kicking. This scene is repeated from  different angles. Panties down, Ms. Woodley is very erotic here.

Strickman marches her to the corner by a handful of hair and arranges her skirt so her bottom is on display.

(B)(M/f; time: 2 minutes) In this series, some of the episodes are shorter and direct continuations. Strickman bends Samantha over the couch for the belt on her bare bottom. The graphic reports 100 strokes. On the couch, he has wrestled her around into the diaper position when the scene fades.

(C)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) More of the belt in the diaper position. Strickman holds her legs with his free hand. She squeals delightfully. She can’t help a little smile, apparently amused by all these gyrations. The camera is careful to avoid frontals all the while.

Bend over the couch for a long thin stiff strap which looks like it could hurt. The graphic for this segment reports 203 strokes.

(D)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Samantha has been caught stealing Eric’s money right in the house. . She is the naughtiest of girls–doesn’t pay bills, steals, tries to escape the house, ignores curfews, etc. Spankings all around.

Silly protestations–“If you’d give me more allowance…” She is deadly here in denim shorts and a white peasant blouse. Eric takes a strap out of the night table drawer .”You keep these in your bedroom?” Some OTK and palm slaps.

Hard handspanking. “Get those jeans down.”  The tiniest of G-strings. As we have seen on occasion, Samantha would rather her bottom spanked than palm slaps. Fast strapping, forehand and backhand, so as to cover both cheeks.

(E)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) This bedroom spanking continues. Eric yanks down her G-string. “Let’s dispense with those.” Samantha lies on pillows on the bed. A mild, fast cropping, and a bit corny here. Eric likes his work, “a bright red bottom equates to stealing.”

(F) (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A new scene. Eric pulls Samantha out of bed. She has been caught in a lie. And she sleeps without panties. She lies over a hassock, elbows on the floor, a provocative pose. Oops, there is a tiny G-string.

Eric takes her to a sink and sticks a wet bar of soap in her mouth and continues the spanking. This is vaguely unconvincing–we have seen the best soapings at NUWEST and LUPUS.

(G) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Eric catches Samantha in a tub, she didn’t go to work. She is rather smart-ass. “I am soaking my butt. It is so sore.” He grabs her out of the tub by her hair, telling her she is now going to learn what it is like to be spanked on a wet bottom.

OTK on the side of the tub. Naked Samantha is sweetly embarrassed here, despite what she has been offering us. We don’t recall very many tub or shower wet bottom scenes in the FIRMHAND work we have reviewed.

(H)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha has a bottle of liquor and is having a snort. She wears a silk top and matching loose panties. Eric knocks and waits. Samantha scrambles to hide the booze. He enters and detects it.

He grabs her, pulls down her panties, and throws her over his shoulder and takes her downstairs. An OTK spanking, loud, cute, conventional. Promises to be good. She allowed to scamper back upstairs, panties down of course.

(J) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) In an exterior scene, Samantha scuttles across the patio in full schoolgirl kit and tries to climb a ladder to go over the wall. Eric catches her and carries her back into the house and right upstairs.

He wrestles her on the bed into an OTK position. We’d have to say the actors must

have trusted each other to perform this. He grabs a hairbrush and promises “pretty little white circles” on her bottom. Pants down.

To the wall, she must stand bare bottom while Eric goes to get the cane.

(K) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha’s punishment for trying to run away continues. Eric wants some of her clothes off. She squirms on the order. “Do you want me to dance?” Eric doesn’t miss the CP cue and tells her she’ll be dancing soon enough.

Samantha kneels on all fours on the bed for fast flurries of taps of the cane. The camera maintains an oblique angle to preserve her modesty in this most revealing posture. Eric moves her around into the diaper position. A mild struggle, she is as light as a feather. When he leaves her, she has a bottle of skin cream handy.

(L)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha knocks on her neighbor’s door. She has crashed into his car on the street. We have a new male disciplinarian stepping up. Eric must be on the disabled list with a bad elbow. She is wearing a little black outfit with shorts.

The guy threatens the police. We know from above that Samantha lost her car insurance. “No, please, I’ll do anything you want.”  The guy grabs her OTK–he has the same instincts as everyone else when he sees this wiggling little morsel.

“You’re going to pay me for my car.” “Sorry.” “Not as sorry as you’re going to be.” A brief spanking to start; the guy is late for work, she will make him breakfast while he dresses. She begs that she can’t cook.

(M)(M/f; time: 4 minutes) Samantha is immediately in trouble, burning toast and not knowing how to make coffee. Kitchens are great places for spankings. The guy grabs a kitchen spoon and gives her an impressive whacking after bending her over a table. The graphic informs 90 strokes.

She drops her shorts on command and he bunches her red panties during the spoon work.  He then marches her into a largely empty large room and bundles her into a small closet, where we will continue.

(N)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha crawls out of the box-like closet to grab some food out of the refrigerator. “What are you doing out of the closet?” Samantha feigns some anger. “This is like cruel and unusual. I’m going to call the police on you.”

That cuts no ice. She is soon bent over the arm of an easy chair for the strap. Those pink panties.

(P) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) In the finale of the series, Samantha is hoovering as best she can and she decides to take a break. Her neighbor who has indentured her  catches her and begins spanking her with a plastic vacuum cleaner tube. OTK panties bunched. The strap over the couch.

The guy explains that he has arranged for his insurance company to pay for the car damage on a hit and run claim. Samantha realizes she has been had, that he has been spanking her for the fun of it.




Asking For It -Belinda Lawson and Earl Grey 3 – FIRMHAND

16 Aug

Belinda makes another series with Earl Grey copyrighted 2015. No storyline here. They will use the classroom to further experiment on spanking practices. Earl Grey wants to be called the “professor” to add some melodrama.

(BA)(M/f; year: 2015; time: 9 minutes) Belinda narrates the opening. She liked her previous spankings and will expand the experience with ‘professor’ Grey. “He knows her won’t get a better bottom than this one,” at which point she drops her slacks and panties to/ show us.

Grey arrives and a straightforward OTK begin, slacks down and then panties in due course. This first spanking raises the standard mottled pattern Ms. Lawson gets.

(BB)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Belinda sasses Grey because he is not spanking hard enough. So more OTK, Grey will spank both right- and lefthanded. Belinda steps out of her panties and gets some slipper.

(BC) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Belinda rushes into the classroom out of breath. For Earl Grey, the way for Belinda to “warm down” is to begin more exercises. She is barely covered in shorts and a gymslip. Stretching, bending. “Yes, professor.”

She came for her spanking, so she bends over the vaulting horse. Her bottom is already red. Handspanking, crop, panties down. Into the thrust position no girl likes, for the riding crop. Top and bra off, naked, back into the thrust position. Belinda’s boobs hang on full display. FH often gets her into similar postures for these results. Terrific.

(BD)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda confesses in narration that she borrowed Grey’s credit cards and ran a bit wild. He has been “subsidizing” her in order to spank her, but this is too much.

Grey discovers the missing cards, Belinda confesses. What can happen? More of what she wants. Bend over for the slipper on her shorts and then on her pink panties. Then the crop on her bare maroon bottom.

(BE)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Standard stuff, Belinda narrates. She is at her sexiest here, in white top and jeans. Tawse on jeans, then jeans down, white lace panties. Ms. Lawson may not have the panty drawer that Amelia Jane Rutherford has, but it is close. Panties down, bruises now.

(BF)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Grey is going to spank Belinda for the expensive shoes she keeps buying. Diaper position on a bench, handspanking and paddling on her jeans.

Next, a very thick “meter stick.” In the diaper position, Grey peels Belinda’s jeans UP. Plenty of bruises this late in the day of this series.

(BG)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) As always, we are working our way to the cane. Grey is distressed with Belinda’s credit card debt. Bend over the desk, the caning starts on her jeans. Then on panties and the bare. Plenty of  bruises.

(BH)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda has dressed as a schoolgirl  here, to enhance the fetish for everyone. She holds a huge tawse and awaits Grey. He arrives. Over the desk, on skirt, then white panties, then on the bare. Bruises are less here. “Oh, professor!”

(BJ) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) The finale. Grey is going to top it all off. “That tawsing wasn’t severe enough.” This session continues, Belinda’s panties are at her feet. Grey has her bend over the back of a straight chair.

“Professor, how many canings are you going to give me?” Grey never likes to commit. Belinda will count out 18 strokes; Grey traces the lines with a finger at 12 strokes and tells Belinda how much he likes her school uniform.

Belinda screams on the 18th stroke, which Grey made her acknowledge would be the hardest one. How is she feeling? “Very sore. Is it to your liking, sir?” Almost. Grey has Belinda strip naked. She does it slowly, doe eyes to the camera, and walks to the wall naked, the camera zooming in on her very thoroughly spanked bottom.

Another series with Grey. By now, Belinda is addicted to the sensation of being spanked and has decided to return to Grey for more of his “corporal punishment motivation course.”

(FA)(M/f: time: 11 minutes) Belinda reports to Grey. “Good to see you again. It’s been a while. ” Belinda goes to a blackboard where Grey maintains a list of personality “issues” he treats. Does he have appointments on the hour, the half-hour?

Belinda writes in “profanity.” They will start right, which suggests Grey DOES have a busy day. Belinda takes off her jacket and skirt and goes OTK. Grey takes down her full white silk panties. “This does seem familiar,” she says.

Standard handspanking on one of the great bottoms in the business. Facials. She has added another issue to the list. “Emotion-anger.”

(FB)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) An exterior scene, Belinda approaches Grey carrying spanking implements. She wants a spanking. She climbs over a spanking horse there on the grounds of the estate.

Grey selects a tawse and goes to work on her shorts, and pulls them down to expose blue panties. We learn that she has just popped in, that she could not wait for her next spanking appointment.

Grey hooks his fingers in the elastic. “These are coming down.” “No surprise there, sir.” Lovely grounds and artistic furniture. He leaves her, bare bottom. Birds sing.

(FC)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) The exterior scene continues. Belinda climbs off the horse without permission. Now Grey will spank her with the magazine he was reading.

“Stand up. Take your clothes off.” “But I don’t have a bra on.” That is no surprise to us. Over the horse again, naked, ping pong bat. Boobs hang so nicely. Grey breaks the paddle and switches to a strap. She is left again. In this sequence, FIRMHAND added some out-takes of Belinda’s fighting off some bugs as she lay over the horse.

(FD)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) More exterior. Grey went in the manor to get a paddle and Belinda got off the spanking horse without permission. “Get your clothes off and get back in position.” Belinda is quite Amazonian all naked in the sunlight on the lawn. He paddles her in this position. [aircraft noises] She stands and rubs, then walks away, the camera following her undulating buttocks.

(FE)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Here, Grey and Lawson sit at a table inside, in earnest conversation. She wants to increase the intensity of the corporal punishment program she has enrolled in.

Grey is always obliging. “Clear the table…lie flat.” Her straps her on her slacks Russian style. The strokes jolt her. “Trousers off.” Now that’s a surprise.” The windows are open, birds chirp. Wonderful facials as she takes the blows. “Panties down.”  “Aah, really?” Long hold on her mottled bottom.

(FF)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda rushes in, a little late for her 3:30 appointment. “I assume you would like bare-bottom, am I correct?” She quickly gets her panties down and bends over his desk.

Ping pong bat–fast and loud. “Are you enjoying yourself, Mr. Grey?” A strap next, then a bigger tawse. The hardest yet. She narrates for us. “That really hurt.”

(FG)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Who has the bigger fetish here? When Belinda misses an appointment, Grey goes to her house and pulls her out of bed. Of course she is sleeping naked.

He spanks her OTK on her bed, quite hard, achieving the same rosy buttocks. Struggling, and hanging boobs.

(FH)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda reports to Grey again. He is tired of Belinda dictating the terms of her punishments, which, from where we stand, is not happening. So  he is going to paddle her. He shows her a huge fraternity-like paddle. With a gulp, “That looks, uh, wooden.”

Belinda will bend over a tall stool, and to do that she must stand on the first rung. We appreciate FIRMHAND going to the trouble of finding these odd pieces of furniture. Six very hard strokes on her jeans. Belinda counts aloud, with gasps. Reaction CAM.

“Jeans down, Lawson.” She does this slowly, very good at it. There is that well-spanked bottom. Belinda bends at 90  degrees here for six more on the bare, and reaction CAM. She must remain in this uncomfortable position with the paddle balanced across her back.

(FJ)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Belinda is trying to work off the list of her faults written on the blackboard. This time Earl Grey is late. He finds her looking through her “case notes” and fingering a cane.

She is provocatively snippy. “Maybe you should give me a good caning, sir.” Belinda bends at a 90 degree angle at the blackboard, Grey bunches her panties, and he gives her a very hard caning, a dozen strokes, and 2 more for unauthorized rubbing.  We really wonder how they did it, albeit we are near the end of the series (and the filming day) here.

(FK)(M/f; time: 12 minutes) The sexy finale to this series. Belinda reports to Grey, asking for a final caning. They agree on 12. She pulls her slacks and panties down to expose a bottom which has had quite a busy day.

Grey begins a hard caning. Belinda sounds a bit sorry she asked for this. Sets of 6 re repeated, rear and facial. Three extras for wiggling. When Grey her bottom a final grapefruit squeeze,  she yelps. In a rather silly narration, in almost teenage, or early twenties verbal rhythms, she discusses this “long day” of spankings.

Politics of Discipline – Amelia Jane Rutherford – FIRMHAND

7 Aug

A new series from FIRMHAND, pretty much like all the others, and if the copyright date of 2017 is even close to the production date, Ms. Rutherford is almost 40 years old here. Bully for her and her personal trainer. Earl Grey joins her  again here, and the only thing he needs to worry about now is tennis elbow.

(A)(M/f: time: 6 minutes) Amelia plays the wife of Earl Grey, who is running for Prime Minister. Since they both have a bad case of the British Vice, he will spank her for just about anything. Amelia was spotted in the background of a TV appearance applying lipstick while Grey was giving a speech. No big deal for her.

The pair stumble over their lines, but this is not Stratford-on-Avon. They plow on. One of Grey’s friends had suggested a jolly good spanking would be helpful.  OTK, skirt up, white lace panties, garter belt. Amelia is afraid the gardener will hear her squawks, but Grey isn’t. We are reminded of some British films where the gardener knows the rhythms of the household and looks in the window.

(B)(M/f: time: 8 minutes) Amelia’s transgression this time: she missed a speech and so did not provide  eye candy for the press. She wears a breezy flower-print dress. We would say, bar none, Ms. Rutherford is the most fashionable of all the CP models. Her long blond hair is curly for this series.

Grey wrestles her OTK, dress up, white panties, handspanking and slipper.

(C) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia is galavanting around in a dress much too sexy for a politician’s wife. Once again, a nod to Ms. Rutherford’s  personal trainer. She is wearing what she calls a “pencil dress,” a very tight pencil-yellow knit thing. She doesn’t c/mprehend the offense. “Is this about you and your leadership thing?”

Grey has been planning ahead. He shows her a paddle he has bought. “I can’t keep up with what you buy on Amazon,” she complains. Are we to imagine that somewhere there is a dark warehouse with a small cubicle filled with paddles? “It’s for use on your bottom.” Duh

After a brief argument, Amelia bends over their desk. He paddles her on her dress. Facials here might detect some age, but we’re fine with it all, Dress up. Wow! No panties! “Red is the color of our Party.” Wonderful.

(D)(M/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia is doing ballet exercises, just to make sure we know she still has it. All eyes on those tights of hers. Grey joins her and begins complaining about a press interview she had where she is in favor of ‘Public Schools.’ Grey’s platform opposes them.

Grey has his solution. “I’ve got something from Public Schools.” “That’s a cane and they’re not legal.” It would seem that legality is not much of an argument in this little bedroom. “14 strokes on your bottom!”

Amelia bends over the footboard of the brass bed and Grey quickly yanks down her tights. A lovely sight–how does she do it? She is positive bare-bottom is not the Public School way. 14 strokes, she is very reluctant to submit to the “thank you, sir” requirement. Excellent camera angles–rear closeups and distance, oblique facial. Stripes and tears.

(E)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia returns from a bath in just a towel–great start. Grey flips through a gossip magazine article about her. She to trying to remain a working actress and wants to rehearse some lines for an upcoming audition.

Grey finds it a “seedy advertisement” role she is seeking, and that is enough for today’s spanking, especially when she wears only a towel. He wrestles her over the bed, gets her bottom exposed, and goes to work with a hairbrush. It is crisp spanking, leaving square marks. Amelia is loud here, and surprised when she inspects, with us, the results. She poses on her haunches, her favorite.

(F)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Grey has been elected Prime Minister, it has been a long day. As they prepare for bed, Amelia’s agent ‘Lucy’ calls. She’s been offered a role that Grey insists she can’t have, So it is another spanking.

Over the bed she goes for the belt, her pantyhose is open to expose her bottom. She wore these, why? This must be foreplay. When she runs off after the thrashing, we catch a glimpse that she is almost a foot taller than Grey.

Grey makes a phone call to an aid or confidente. He needs advice on “what to do with her.”

(G)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) A masked intruder jumps Amelia. Some security at the prime minister’s house! But it is a little guy in camouflage, suspiciously like Grey himself. “I have been sent here to sort you out, to remedy things.” To “take you down a peg or two…..get out of those things.” He refers to her black nightie. “You’re in the hands of “Expert Services.”

He wants her aqua lace knickers down, which come off, along with the nightie. She is naked for Expert Services. He gives her a strapping on the bed and leaves her. Amelia poses naked on her haunches again.

(H) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia wakes up cozy in her bed;  she wears a dark blue teddy. She has been locked down by “Expert Services,” she knows. When she opens and tries to climb out a casement window, the same little hooded camouflaged guy jumps her and drives her back inside.

The guy finds a paddle which must have been in the room somewhere, and quickly Amelia is bent over a table. Her bottom simply soars in a shot, aided by lower angles. The paddling starts, and soon the panties of her nightie are down. These strokes are very hard–it may be that the thin paddle makes a lot of noise but doesn’t hurt as much as it would appear to. But we are impressed.

The masked guy informs Amelia that she is going to be drilled, presumably without any pants on, as to how to act in public, press conferences, etc.

(J)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia reports to the masked Expert Services guy. She sits down for a lecture but immediately senses something and jumps up. “Am I going to get spanked?” The guy quizzes her on public policy and the identity of a cabinet minister. She doesn’t feel that in her position she needs to know these things.

“Your position is going to be over the chair.” In this series the director has tried to avoid it, but here we see Amelia towering over Earl Grey, can it be 12″? She is quickly complaining about bruises, skirt up, black panties. Amelia bends double and pulls down her panties, a position and presentation in which she excels. Her bar bottom seems to be up around Grey’s neck.

After she leaves, Grey pulls off his mask.

(K)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) The finale. Amelia calls her prime minister/husband, terrified about this masked man. The masked man bursts in and pulls off his mask. Amelia feigns surprise. Kind of silly, if that needs saying at this point.

Grey will continue. “I can tell you are sorry, but you’ll still be caned…over the desk is the usual choice.” Amelia pulls her slacks and panties down–not much doubt everyone is into this by now. Sweater to come off. “My cashmere?” Bra also. “Everything.”

Terrific sight bent over the desk. How many?  “Certainly more than six.” “Twelve?” hopefully from Amelia. She must count them.  “Thank you, prime minister.”

After he has had his fill, he agrees that his wife can do and wear whatever she wants so long as she agrees to a spanking once in a while.

Legal Penalties Dani Daniels FIRMHAND

3 Aug

(BA)(M/f; year: 2015; time: 17 minutes) A long segment starts this series. ‘Dani Daniels’ is a wealthy heiress; ‘Richard Anderson’  is an advisor appointed to help her. She sashays her estimable tush up a flight of palatial stairs in her mansion to meet Anderson in a faux classroom she has set up secretly, where she intends to discharge her spanking fantasies.  She wants Anderson back at 9 AM tomorrow.

Anderson returns. “Wow. Where did you get all this stuff?” It is the fully equipped classroom FIRMHAND has used in many series. “I make you a managing partner and you fulfill my spanking desires.” Anderson wonders how she can trust him with these naughty secrets. “My father trusted you.”

He’ll do it, and she goes OTK immediately. She is wearing a tight skirt which cannot disguise a big, perfect bottom, one of those special figures a smart girl would disguise in other circumstances. Skirt up, yellow lace panties(we will see again), a bit of a red bottom already. Overhead shots of some of the spanking–an angle we don’t see often from FIRMHAND.

Panties down, Dani does her thing to create the facial excitement of agony/ecstasy. She rubs, she loved it. He’ll be back.

(BB)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) Dani Daniels waits for Richard Anderson. He breezes into the fake classroom. “Sorry I’m late.” They must get started. “Raise your skirt.” She does so slowly, and unbuttons her blouse in the process. It is immediately evident–the camera is on her bottom as the skirt comes up. “You’re not wearing any underwear.” Dani coos: “I want a proper spanking, Mr. Anderson.”

Long, slow, and loud OTK handspanking on a photogenic bottom with traces of thong sunburn lines. Where is that beach, anyway? Dani tries to act shocked, but she loves it. Anderson kneads and pries at the buttocks.

(BC)(M/f; time: 16 minutes) FIRMHAND advertises this episode as one of the sexiest they have ever filmed. Tall statement, but fun to contemplate and catalogue against our own nominations. Richard Anderson is about to discipline his employee ‘Dani Daniels’ with a spanking of a special sort. “Are you sure?” “Yes.”

Anderson begins a very hard spanking on Dani’s skirt with a ping pong paddle. Dani does a nice job of looking shocked at the ferocity of the paddle? Dani is into it now? She stands, drops her skirt, kicks off her shoes very slowly, and removes her panties.

Dani climbs onto Anderson’s lap, into the wheelbarrow position. She squeezes his hips with her legs. With this bare bottom in his lap, he says what we have imagined many guys in CP films should have said when presented such a view, “Oh,I say!” He spanks this incredible bottom with both hands. Great facials of Dani here.

Anderson fondles and pries Dani’s buttocks apart, not unnoticed by her. “Shouldn’t you check for bruises, Mr? Anderson?” Look slow motion to conclude.

(BD)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) FIRMHAND’s graphic reports that Dani Daniels was spanked almost to orgasm in this sequence. She is a porn actress who should know.

The segment opens with Dani in the shower, very brief, but one of the best! She reports to her fetish classroom in a slinky black knit dress. She has brought a large embossed leather paddle for Anderson to use. He waits for her.

“Raise your dress.” Those yellow panties again. (Amelia Rutherford would not make this error) She does the porn routine of ecstasy as Anderson paddles.

She pulls her panties down with theatrical style and assumes the diaper position on the vaulting bench. Anderson continues the paddling. she ruck up her dress and fondles her boobs herself. We suppose we are watching an orgasm.

(‘BE’)(M/f; time: 12 minutes) Dani is totally naked, sitting straddling a  vaulting horse. She starts off ready this time. A dynamic body for certain. She rips off Richard Anderson’s belt and has an unmistakable gleam in her eye. “Are you sure?” He begins whipping her bottom, which is fully available at the end of the vaulting horse.

He caresses between her legs, overtly sexual, almost over the top for FIRMHAND. Dani is with him all the way.

Naval Discipline – Dani Daniels – FIRMHAND

3 Aug

We’ve sampled some of FIRMHAND’s collections on the porn actress Dani Daniels, another hot bottom on an experienced actress. Richard Anderson is the lucky male here. FIRMHAND did some entertaining series with girls in rather authentic naval uniforms.

(BA)(M/f; year: 2016; time: 10 minutes) Dani reports to Richard. She wears a ‘cadet’ uniform–navy blue jacket and skirt, open white blouse, and that cunning little cap with insignia. She’d be fun at the Officers’ Club or at one of those infamous military hazings.

Anderson is in a fancy office. All the sets are sophisticated here. Anderson excoriates her for missing swim practice. She has the slightest smirk on her face, and will have, as if she can’t quite take this dialogue or spanking stuff seriously .

Daniels quickly agrees to a spanking. Bend over a desk, she pulls up her own skirt and is handspanked on fashionable blue lace panties, which will stay in place, just for now.

Lots of facials; Ms. Daniels can bat her eyes and look quite unhappy when being spanked.

(BB) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) An exterior scene; Dani is lounging at a pool, wearing a one-piece swim suit. Apparently she is not permitted at the officer’s pool, too bad.

Anderson catches her, and of course discipline is meted out on the spot in this series. She kneels up on a chair, he bunches her suit to expose as much buttock as possible, and gives her a long handsspanking. The usual excellent facials, she begins to struggle a bit, some nice overhead shots, and zoom on red cheeks.

(BC) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Daniels has been summoned to Anderson’s office, still wearing that conservative navy blue one piece swim suit. He shows her his strap.”What is that?”

He wants the swim suit off. Daniels hesitates, but not for long. She peels it down slowly, stripper style. The advantages of a one piece suit are now justified, and maybe some of Ms. Daniels’  skills from her other career(s) shine here. Bottom and boobs, great.

Anderson begins strapping. Tears, mascara runs.

(BD)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Daniels is marched into Anderson’s office wearing a silly outfit–a red latex bra and panties, with the buttock cut out. He caught her at a club, and he observes,  “one of the more interesting walks from the gatehouse” he has had. As usual, Dani is vaguely amused by all this.

He is going to “revisit our lesson plan.” She kneels on a chair and he goes to work on her mostly exposed buttocks with the embossed leather paddle. When she pulls down the tight latex pants, the paddle seems to have left some marks. Nice full screen rubbing and more of her unhappy face.

(BE)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Daniels in back in her hot little uniform again, as conventional as it is. With that smirk on her face, it is so tempting to bend her over the nearest table, for whatever purpose.

Another meeting with Anderson, this time with a large wood fraternity paddle at the ready on his table. She is failing courses. He is going to give her a short sharp reminder. “Assume  the position.” You can fantasize how many cadets Anderson has to motivate. We wish FH had added a scene where Daniels sat waiting outside his office.

Six moderate paddle strokes on her skirt, but they seem to bother her more here. Tears come quickly. “Raise your skirt.” Anderson does not like her non-regulation green panties. “You weren’t supposed to see them, sir.” Three more strokes on the panties. Then she must pull them down–3 more.

This episode includes a 90 second cameo of Anderson, Allison Miller, and Dani aking lunch in a kitchen. The girls are so thin!

(BF) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Dani reports to Anderson, again in the full uniform. She has been caught off-base. Anderson has a tawse, skirt up, another pair of unauthorized green panties. Her hat falls off during this strapping. Tears.

(BG)(M/f; year: 2016; time: 7 minutes) Anderson has just inspected officer cadet Daniels’ room. A  mess of course, so she will be punished. “Take your hat off, your skirt, and your panties down.” Dani struggles and has trouble holding position. Nice miserable face.

(BH)(M/f; time: 11 minutes) Sassy cadet Daniels just can’t stay out of trouble and may just covet the attention her bottom is getting. She is caught again off-base, in just a man-shirt and bikini. This earns the cane.

Daniels and Anderson move to another room, where she gets 12 rather mild strokes of the cane, a bit silly, but the tears flow. Facials and rubbing.

(BJ)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Daniels is in her swim suit again, so you know what is going to happen. She’s been sassing her swim coach, so the suit must come off. Another slow and sexy peeling. Naked, bend over the couch for a handspanking,  very nice. Ms. Daniels likes to take her nude poses  when she can.

(BK)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) The finale. Anderson calls Daniels in to review the results of her cadet course. Daniels enjoyed most of it, “except for the spankings.” Anderson thinks one more “short sharp shock” will help. He is not the only teacher in CP film lore to want one more shot at a delectable bottom in his care.

Daniels takes her skirt off and stands at the traditional British mantelpiece. Anderson will use his belt. More unauthorized panties, yellow, with “Show me love” printed on them, what Anderson intends to do. A belting, then panties down.