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9 Jan

M/6f; time: 22 minutes

A large cast for GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; we have not seen too many of these multi-bottom episodes from them.

Headmaster ‘Tom’  will deal with Claire, Eve, Jenny, Laura, Sophie, and Linda, all quite young cast ‘schoolgirls,’  dressed in blue blouses, neckties, kilts, white panties, and knee socks.

The six girls march slowly into an empty room and fidget, waiting for Tom. We love these scenes, where the girls know their pants will be coming down. As always, LUPUS does the best at squirmy anticipation.

Tom arrives and inspects this delicious gathering. The girls spread out and begin PT exercises–knee bends, toe touches, jogging, knee lifts, more, done fully dressed, not nude, where we have advocated NETTLES as our favorite. To begin the spanking, Tom paddles two of the girls with his big Spencer.

“Late that Afternoon” The girls line up, bend over, then pull their panties down. Tom will walk  the line and cane each bottom 5 times–twice he makes the walk. Some of this caning is filmed from an alternate angle, but we can’t catch all the faces.

To the wall, bottoms on parade. Not the best of large-cast spankings, but very good.

Some Girls Never Learn-A Caning For Breaking the Rules – GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL

13 Dec

M/2f; time: 24 minutes

A long enough GBS episode that we will review it separately. In an exterior scene, Headmaster Tom catches ‘Linda’ and ‘Claire’ drinking and smoking. He marches them inside to an empty storeroom, the kind of place you’d like to see more spankings scheduled.

The girls are ordered to strip and put on school uniforms. This nudie scene takes a few minutes. Knee socks, white panties, gymslips, skirts, blouses. Tom paces and lectures. Then he canes the girls’ bare bottoms, bent over stools, moving from one to another.

Another nude scene and the girls change back into civvies and leave.

Girls Boarding School – Assorted

21 Jun

More intercepts; the product is consistent–the girls are very attractive, the spankings are hard enough to entertain, and the production values are perfect.

‘Helen’s Correction’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom confronts one of his regular models. Helen has been spanked before–there is nothing unexpected coming for her here. She is scolded and left while Tom goes for his implements.

When he returns he gins up some frustration; Helen was to have removed her skirt and panties. She now does so, unashamed. Tom has had her naked before. He begins spanking her OTK.

After a dissolve. Helen is kneeling up on a chair. Tom paddles her, very hard, producing a variety of bruises including the round splatter pattern associated with a wood paddle. A few tears.

‘Never Steal Again’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom discovers that someone has rifled his desk. He immediately shouts upstairs: “Alice!” A tall, sexy blonde appears, in cutoff top and warmup pants. She’s going to be punished. She is sent to her room, where she knows to prepare herself–she takes off her pants and panties, and waits by her bed, hands-on-head. A pale, clear bottom. GBS always excelled in these scenes of submissive surrender by the girls at the school.

Tom arrives and gives her a quick caning. He was not as careful as might have been with that far buttock.

‘Sanna -Playing a Prank’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette schoolgirl ‘Sanna’ changes the code on a door lock, so that Tom can’t get in and he misses a call on the school budget.

“You think that’s funny? I’ll show you what’s funny.” After a dissolve, Sanna has stripped below the waist and faces us, hands on head. There is plenty inside her blouse too, but that is not for today.

Tom show her three implements he will use–a rattan rugbeater, a tawse, and a bundle of birches. Sanna screams through the three spankings. And she has a thoroughly red bottom already. The spankings are filmed and repeated from rear closeup, reaction CAM shot from near the floor, and a more distant rear shot. From some reason, Sanna screams most from the rugbeater.


31 Aug

M/6f; time: 22 minutes
An attempt from GBS to do a multiple-bottom spanking and stay competitive in the genre. Six girls from the cast march in, wearing schoolgirl kit of blouse, necktie, skirt, and knee socks. Headmaster Tom will put them through some mild physical exercises.

The girls line up and first kick off their shoes. Knee bends first; when ‘Sophie’ stops and refuses to continue, Tom takes her off-screen and spanks her with the Spencer paddle. More exercises–touch toes, knee lifts, hip flexers. The girls have varying levels of interest and there is some horsing around.

Tom gets his cane. Skirts up, “drop your knickers.” Tom moves down the line and lays 5 strokes on each girl. The canings are repeated from several angles and Tom goes around again. Mostly harmless stuff, hardly any marks.


14 Jan

Two popular GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL models in every kind of trouble with Headmaster Tom.

‘In the Morning’ (F/f;  time: 12 minutes) We see our two lovelies asleep together in a double bed, in just tops and little panties. Brunette Beverly is first to awake and she discovers a note on the bedside table. The girls are being given at least one spanking a day during this disciplinary stretch, but Tom has been called away. He wants the girls to spank each other; he has provided a small hand-held camera to document the event.

Abi awakes, cute as she is, in little pants; the gig is explained to her. The girls probably figure they’re better off with this self-help program. Abi positions the camera and goes OTK for a handspanking from Beverly various implements.

The girls switch–Beverly spanks Abi. At the conclusion the girls check the camera to take a look at their performance. What? Abi failed to turn the camera on. They’ll have to do it again!

‘Not Mine’ (MF/2f; time: 12 minutes) Brunette ‘Beverly’ knocks on Headmaster Tom’s door and enters, but she has forgotten the basics and must try again. She forgot the policy–she must drop her pants and enter bare-bottom, which she does.

Beverly hands Tom a dildo she claims to have found in ‘Abi’s’ personal kit. Tom feigns not comprehending what the appliance is at first, but soon sends Beverly to fetch Abi.

Tom grabs Abi by the arm and marches her to the adjoining room; Beverly listens at the door as an audible spanking commences. After this embarrassment, Abi challenges Beverly. “It was your dildo.” Beverly agrees that it is warranted that she take some spanking from Abi. (The actress has been experimenting as a Top in some films.)

The girls return to Tom, remembering to take their pants down this time. Beverly admits the dildo was hers. The girls are told to pull their pants back up. “Why? I got it on the bare.” The reason is, the paddle is going to be used, and we must preserve Ms. Beverly at least somewhat.

Tom allows Abi to use the paddle first, 20 strokes, a long spanking. Then he takes over–5 more on the bare. Beverly is cornered, nicely marked up.

‘Worst Case’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Headmaster Tom examines the girls’ disciplinary records to this point. The notes seem to show “a ‘worst case’ situation, I am talking about a caning.”

The girls are sent to get the canes. “Trousers off…knickers off.” He has the girls dress again–they were not quick enough. (like ROUE’s ‘Dressing Lesson’). The second time he will give them 3 seconds to strip. They virtually rip off their clothes. We’d like to see this motivation, and the penalties which result, fleshed out in a longer film.

Because of this long spanking sequence, both girls’ bottoms are already marked. Beverly will ‘horse’ Abi British-style–6 strokes of the cane. Switch positions– 6 on Beverly’s bottom. She is taller and a bit more of a challenge for Abi.

Another round of six for the girls. Tom hears a ‘Swear word.’ Can’t do this–it’s in the Manual. According to Beverly this was her first caning, and an attention-gainer. Abi spreads lotion on her bottom.

‘No Swear Words’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Both girls stand, hands-on-head, facing the wall. Headmaster Tom is going to deal with their use of profanity. [construction noises pop up here and elsewhere].

Tom spanks Beverly OTK first. [a fire alarm goes off and rings for a few seconds. Tom comments on it and tells Beverly the spanking will continue unabated. He soldiers on.] Abi is spanked next. The girls wear skirts or shorts.

Abi stands, drops her shorts and knickers for the hairbrush–very loud. Beverly must write some lines. Two bare bottoms at the wall. They will recite “I will never use swear words again” 100 times. Two great bottoms–Beverly marks more.

Abigail Whittaker Collected

20 Nov


Abi and a Friend (GirlSpanksGirl; time:5 minutes) Abi and Samantha Woodley lie on a bed, in just bra and panties. A cell phone call comes in, someone is offering to spank them for money.

The girls spank each other and get naked, rare for Samantha. Lesbian games, frontals.

‘Asking For It’ (STB; year: 2006; time: 7 minutes) ‘Abigail Whittaker’ and ‘Audrey Knight’ cuddle on a knotty pine king-size bed in the attic of a house designed of logs. Abi wants a spanking from her domme friend Audrey.

She gets a strap, drops her jeans, and slides over Audrey’s lap on the bed. Handspanking first, then Audrey takes her blue panties down. Cute, uneventful.

For the strap portion, we need a different position, of course. Over the end of the bed, a long session with a strap. They hug to conclude, Audrey handling Abi’s bottom.

Into bed for a cuddle, we are wondering here in whose dresser is the strap-on dildo? We doubt we will see it.

(Abi and a Teacher; BADTUSHY)(F/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Abigail Whittaker’ reports to a teacher, she has been caught playing hooky, and the solution is simple–a paddling or expulsion.

She gets a long paddling on her denim skirt, then on pantyhose, panties, and on the bare. Tears.

(BADTUSHY) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abi has been caught stealing in her office; her male supervisor wastes no time offering her the prototype choice, a call to the police or a little-girl spanking. But he wants her to understand that it will be a “serious spanking,” not a perfunctory one.

He takes her OTK; “I’m going to spank the hell out of your ass.” Handspanking on her slacks. Slacks down, when the guy reaches for her bikini panties, she resists, but just for a second. The handspanking continues after he has her lie lengthwise over her desk. She makes out pretty well; it might be worth stealing, except for the embarrassment.

‘Enough!’ ( AW Productions; F/f; year: 2008; time: 13 minutes) When you’ve got the body and the face, and you’re willing, you might as well open up your own website and make your own films. Abi Whittaker and Sarah Gregory are roommates, dressing for a party. Sarah has put on Abi’s shoes, and used a ruler to do it. Now here is a plot that can be resolved in short order.

A silly girl-fight ensues over the shoes. Enough of this borrowing of clothes, there is the ruler readily at hand. Abi, in one of her developing dominant roles, gets Sarah’s panties down for a spanking, moderate and harmless, then they hug and head off to the party.

‘Just Dessert’ (STB; year: 2008; time: 19 minutes) ‘Chloe Elise’ joins Abi here. Abi finds a piece of cheesecake in the kitchen and eats it, hiding it when she hears Chloe coming. The cake was to be for Chloe’s boyfriend.

She will spank Abi. A silly and uninteresting spanking, Abi OTK, little green print bikini panties, which come down. It would have been fun to imagine Chloe’s boyfriend arriving about now and having a shot at Abi himself. But these are F/f films.

The hairbrush; Abi begs apologies and will go buy more cake. Into the kitchen to finish off the spanking with a stirring spoon.

‘Knowing Her Place’ (STB; year: 2008; time: 16 minutes) Abi and Audrey Knight again. Abi doesn’t want to go to a party, so Audrey will spank her. Simple silly OTK on a sectional couch. Abi fetches the cane for Audrey, pillow upright between her thighs to assist her in keeping posture. Tap-tap-snap.

‘Lesson in Sobriety’ (STB; year:2008; time:19 minutes) Audrey Knight, Abi Whittaker, and Sarah Gregory. Sarah and Abi crawl in a window, silly drunk. A little dog, who likes CP films, stands at the set window watching the action.

Audrey catches them; the acting is so awkward she checks with the director to see if they keep rolling. Audrey will spank both girls, kneeling on the couch, skirts up, a study of two
pairs of panties.

The girls drape their bare bottoms over both arms of a couch for a strapping.

(MYSPANKINGROOMMATE) MF/2f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Abi’ is being paid $500 for just having completed a spanking film. Her roommate ‘Madison’ wants the money to settle a debt between them.

The girls squabble; the jovial spanking producer will hand over the check to whomever the girls decide. Abi suggests they have a little spanking competition. The winner gets the money. The loser is the girl who gives up first.

The male producer will do the spanking; he manages to get BOTH girls on his lap for handspankings, then he takes them on one at a time. Not great camera angles for these two cute girls. Sets of 25 was the plan, but this doesn’t seem to happen.

Madison seems to have lost; Abi gives her a spanking herself, and Abi gets the check.

‘My Pantyhose’ (GBS; F/f; time: 4 minutes) Abi is getting sexier at GBS. Here, she has borrowed someone’s fishnet pantyhose. The other girl wonders if Abi is embarrassed by all the bare skin exposed. “Why should I be embarrassed? I’ve been bare-assed since I’ve been here.”

Abi’s friend puts her into the ‘Lunge’ position, which Abi knows is “very painful.” It tightens the skin. She gets a strapping on the subject pantyhose. They risk tearing them.

Abi kneels on a chair for more brief spanking. Her girlfriend promises not to report her if she puts the pantyhose back.

‘Real Spanking for Abi Whittaker’ (STB Productions; F/f; time: 15 minutes) Another nifty exercise from Abi, her tight little bottom free lancing around the CP market. Here she lies on a bed with actress ‘Audrey Knight.’ They are debating something we didn’t try to zone in on. It takes about five minutes, while we focus on Abi’s tight little panties.

Audrey takes Abi OTK, on the bed in a lying position, gets her little shorts down (she might just shop in the ‘juniors’ sizes), and gives her a fast paddling and spanking.

Abi kneels up for a fast caning, with a plexiglass instrument. which Audrey employs with quick successive snaps. We’re guessing this is more painful than it seems. The girls hug to conclude. Audrey caresses Abi’s striped bottom.

‘Two Naughty Elves’ (STB; F/2f; year: 2008; time: 15 minutes) The SpankThatBrat series with Abigail Whittaker, Sarah Gregory, and Audrey Knight. The girls wear silly elves’ costumes, spooking the movie ‘Elf,’ where no pants came down. This is a Christmas card from STB. Audrey plays the Domme in most of the films this trio made, some of which we are reviewing here. She handspanks and used a hairbrush on both of the girls. Some ‘bloopers’ are added, where the girls collapse in laughter.

(Un) Fortunate Abby’ (and parts) DALLASSPANKSHARD (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A continuation of    spankings we haven’t seen yet. Cute little Abi has been spanked already, and she has that look she can do, distressed that the punishment is not over yet. This is more significant with perhaps the most severe spanker in the genre.

Abi wears a brown top and white culottes, which have been pulled down along with panties.  She kneels on a bearskin throw for a strap.

’Whipped to Perfection’ After long scolding from Dallas (Abi cannot stifle a giggle), he will make her hold his hourglass in her palm. Her bare bottom is shiny from aloe. Dallas uses a thin strap, fast and hard. Abi struggles to maintain her erect kneeling position. Hands on head to conclude, Abi is gasping a bit. Perfect bottom.


28 Oct

One of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL’s favorite models, according to websites of bottom fanciers. So we’ll take a look. In addition to GBS’ recognition of the photogenic aspects of bare-bottom redheads, there is an interest in the Reubeneque tush.

‘Bag Control’ (M/f; 5 minutes) AT GBS, you get your personal stuff checked once an month, and sometimes at random. Headmaster Tom is distressed by the amount of contraband in buxom blonde ‘Maggy’s’ bag. So, it’s a spanking. Panties down, bend over from the bed so her head reaches the floor. The cane; tears; just a few strokes. Maggy probably made several segments on this day.

‘Just For Fun’ (M/f; 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom is on the phone with an adult sex-toy mail-order company. He wants to know who from GBS ordered a martinet, a whip. The name is spelled to him: M-A-G-G-Y.

Tom goes to her room and rousts her out of bed. She sleeps naked. She is as amused as he is angry about the purchase. She planned to use it “just for fun” as a party. She will find out what it can feel like.

Tom puts her into the frisk position against the wall, a lot of Maggy. The first swipe of the martinet changes the tone of things. “Just for fun!” says Tom. Good facials, boobs bounce, Maggy sobs on her bed at the end. Please read more about her.

‘Maggy’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Tom has caught Maggy with a very messy bathroom and the punishment spanking is set to begin when the film opens. Maggy is quite naked.

Tom arrives. “You will learn through pain…count these strokes backward…start at 15.” He uses a wide floppy paddle, a real attention-gainer here, and very popular at that other place, REALSPANKINGS. To conclude, the camera follows her red bottom around as she cleans the floor in the altogether.

‘Maggy’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A brief episode to conclude our ‘Maggy’ observations. Tom catches Maggy sneaking through the GBS mansion, follows her into a dressing room, and straps her bare bottom as she kneels in front of a mirror.

Girls Boarding School collection #7

22 Oct

Random intercepts of bottoms and plots we fancied, much to choose from.

‘Amy-Too Late For PT’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amy, a chubby blonde, at least by GBS standards, tries to sneak into the Boarding School house, but is caught by Headmaster Tom. She skipped PT, he knows about it, and things get settled quickly here at GBS.

Tom will spank her right there on the grand staircase, where he caught her. He is displeased with her wispy floral panties, which she must discard. She struggles OTK, he pins her legs with his. Apres spanking, she displays her bottom at the palatial front door.

She’ll do some of that PT. He sets her doing deep knee bends and leaves her. Two other Boarders come down the stairs and are amused by the red bottom at work.

‘Angelina-Initiation Ceremony’ (M/f; 21 minutes) These initial or welcoming spankings are always superior at GBS. Angelina, in white blouse, plaid skirt, and knee socks, nervously awaits a GBS master. “Welcome to Girls Boarding School, your first day, I believe,” he announces.

He lectures. Under-achievers are sent here, and she has surely heard what happens to them, almost every day. He wants to see right now if she can obey the rules. “Take your clothes off.” Angelina hesitates. She starts and stops and is finally naked (and shaved). Not fast enough, she has to dress again. Now she must strip in 30 seconds.

Naked, hands-on-head, she is left to think, one of those solitary poses GBS likes to use, bottom-out. The master returns and first gives her an OTK spanking, then a conventional caning as she kneels on a chair. We will look for more performances from this model.

‘At the Gym'(M/f; time: 9 minutes) The Spanked-at-Home format; ‘Claire’ is lolling on a couch, wearing just bikini panties and a top, reading a porn magazine. A male instructor enters and challenges her laziness. He nicks her with a cane he is carrying.

Claire must get up and begin exercising on a mat on the floor. He snaps at what flesh he can reach with his cane. Panties half-masted, she lies flat on her stomach for more of the cane. Upper body pushups.

Back to the mat, into the diaper position, for minor caning, and leg lifts.

‘A Beer in the Sun’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) ‘Micaela,’ a very Nordic blonde (another of the GBS preferences) in a blue one-piece bathing suit, is drinking from a very large Heineken can. A male supervisor at the boarding school catches her.

He will spank her immediately and takes her inside. She must bend over her bed. He will use a rug-beater and bunches her bathing suit. She will take her suit down, bottom facing us, retaining her blouse. More spanking.

‘Broken Cell Phone’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Maggy, a tall and powerful brunette, is quite a handful in all her spanking episodes. Headmaster Tom has found a broken cell phone–the cost is $800. She hangs her head. He scolds: “Unacceptable! Punishment is acceptable!”

OTK,handspanking on her jeans. Very crisp spanking, he holds her still by grabbing her belt. “Get up. Open your trousers.” He pulls down her jeans and panties. Har handspanking, cries, gasps, red face. She is sent to get the paddle, narrow leather affair, hands on table. Nice.

‘Cellar Room-Elin’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Elin comes down a paneled stairway, stark naked, crouches on the cold concrete floor and waits for Headmaster Tom. A loud clock ticks. She calls “Headmaster Tom,” as she was told to do when she was ready for her spanking.

Door slams; footsteps, Tom arrives. She quickly bends over, an already red bottom, and thr strapping begins. She is sent to a musty corner and made to apologize. Frontals.

‘Cellar Room Lessons’ (Jenny) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Jenny descends the cellar steps in just a jersey, no pants. Your eyes focus on what she might show. She bends and leans on a column at a ninety degree angle, in this dank place. Her bottom is already red. She waits.

Tom comes down the stairs, his footfalls part of the ominous portent. He carries a wide strap. Brunette Jenny will be required to hold her position; to ensure that, Tom lays books on her arched back. She has difficulty doing it, red blotching.

Another pose, she holds the books at arms’ length while Tom paddles her.

‘From ABC…to XYZ’ (M/f; 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom brings little blonde ‘Linda’ into a library set where we have seen a few bottoms. He wants the books on many shelves alphabetized. We can imagine there will be penalties.

She works the task, piles of books spread around. She is wearing slacks and a white top. Tom enters and inspects the results, and of course finds errors everywhere. He spanks her then and there, slacks and thong down, she hangs onto a shelf while she is caned. She collapses in tears.

‘Hidden Man’ (M/f; 15 minutes) Headmaster Tom overhears ‘Lexa’ gasping in her room; he suspects hanky-panky and in fact discovers a partially dressed man crouching in her closet. No men are allowed at the Girls Boarding School we know that. The buxom Lexa, in just bra and panties, will be spanked. Tom comments that he imagines her boyfriend must surely like her bottom; we do.

Lexa has been spanked quite recently. Tom will use a tawse and Spencer paddle. “Let’s turn red to blue.” A solid spanking on her bed, including some in the diaper position.

‘Improving Techniques’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Headmaster Tom confers with one of his young male staffers, who needs to improve his spanking techniques. Such a problem to have at GBS! Tom suggests he spank little blond ‘Linda’ tonight and film the action so they can review it later. Sounds like a plan.

FADE. A rather disconsolate-looking Linda reports to a conference room. The staffer has preceded her and positioned a small hand-sized video camera on a little tripod. “Bend over the table.” He begins a long spanking process; from the look on her face, she must have known this was to be an exploratory punishment.

First comes a rug beater on her skirt, birches on white panties, a cane bundle on bare skin, a regular cane on the bare, the always entertaining GBS Spencer paddle on the bare, and finally the strap.

When they review the film, they should pick one and bring her back for more.

‘Last Day of the Month’ (Emma)(M/f; 10 minutes) Emma is sleeping in two-piece silk pajamas. Tom wakes her up for her end-of-the-month accounting. She arranges herself over a stack of pillows and drops her pajama bottoms.

While she desperately hangs onto the wrought iron headboard, Tom lays on 20 surprisingly hard cane strokes–mean looking marks seemed real to us. When she has wriggled out of position, Tom has her kneel up more erect, to fatten the buttocks.

The film concludes with Emma examining her bottom in the bathroom mirror.

‘Laundry Room’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Schoolmaster Tom calls ‘Jodie’ to the laundry room. He found the keys she lost, in the machine; there was $300 in damage.

He begins spanking the Asian girl OTK on her jeans, then he pulls them down along with the panties. A standing spanking for the hairbrush. Then lying down for more, on a fancy lattice laundry hamper.

‘Phone Bill’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Headmaster Tom interrupts a pretty blonde in the middle of her shower with her excessive phone bill. The girl comes out of the shower and takes her time putting on a complete schoolgirl uniform.
Good buildup for a spanking! And good girl, she kept her hair dry. Blouse, plaid kilt, knee socks, sweater, maryjanes, and we see a lot of her full white panties.

She reports to Tom downstairs and now is obliged to take all her clothes off all over again. First, he handspanks her in a standing position. Then she bends over for the cane. Good low angles for the caning scene.

The girl dresses again,presumably this is a school day. This time, she puts her panties on last.

‘Simon and Vanessa and Lottie’ (M/3f; time: 13 minutes) At the Girls Boarding School, three girls won’t confess who left such a mess of dishes. The male supervisor does what you would expect. “I’m going to spank all three of you.” Simon decides to confess.

A GBS regular, the little reddish-brunette goes OTK. Skirt up, white panties down–her bottom has been attended to recently. Tom makes her take her panties all the way off and unfasten her skirt. After her spanking, she must completely the cleanup bare-bottom. Zoom on her spanked bottom as she works.

The supervisor returns with a long wood paddle–awesome. She is paddled at the sink while she works. Some face-CAM repeats do a good job of depicting how unhappy she is.

‘Single Malt’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Little brunette ‘Elin’ and Nordic blonde ‘Molly’ have found a 21 year old bottle of single malt Scotch whisky. Elin chokes on the taste, so Molly gets her a taste of Coca Cola to wash it away.

One of the GBS supervisors caches them. “This will cost you a caning…take off your clothes, all of them.” Elin is the perpetrator–she gets the caning, over a modern Danish chair, another upscale piece of furniture at the school. Molly holds her still for a conventional, short caning.

‘Two Girls Two Exams’ (M/2f; time:7 minutes) This film opens with a pop; ‘Sally’ and Natasha’ stand holding piles of books, naked from the waist down, their shaved pussies prominent. Both girls look barely legal in this video, in just little undershirts. The girls have been caught cheating and they will be punished the traditional way.

They must hold weighted book piles at arms’ length for 30 minutes. They do some spilling as time passes. Headmaster Tom returns after 30 minutes and paddles both girls as they stand erect. Then 30 more minutes with the books.

‘Welcome Amelie’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Another ‘Spanked-at-Home.’ Amelie sneaks into a room, puts a book in her bag, and is caught. She is caught by a GBS staff person and receives a conventional handspanking on the bare, jeans down. She struggles a bit more than most of the girls.

Xerotics 8 Justine

16 Sep

A popular CP actress for several producers– tall, solid, and muscular, big enough that it will be challenging to spank her hard enough to make an impression. Freckled redhead, with the pale skin CP producers covet. Norwegian, we think, she struggles with English but is comfortable in the ‘Spanked-At-Home’ films.

‘Bad Days'(M/f; time: 15 minutes) ‘Justine’ sits in the fetal position, hugging her knees. She has gotten into trouble again, the theme in these Spanked-at-Home films. A guy brings in a paddle and a tawse and puts them down in front of her. She scrunches even tighter and does not want to look at the thick red hardwood paddle or the strap.

FADE: Justine is bent over, hands on knees, her skirt up, beige panties in place for the moment. The guy begins with the tawse. Panties down, the tawse has produced some pink on her fascinating pale bottom, the reason for our continued interest in her.

Hands on the wall now for the paddle. Justine is instructed to take off her skirt. The paddle melts her–she collapses between some strokes and has to regain her composure.

‘Bound to Be Spanked’ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 8 minutes) ‘Headmaster Tom’ and one of his male associates discuss what they are going to do with problem girl Justine. They call her from upstairs; the statuesque Justine appears on the landing in a blouse and short frilly skirt.

“Time for some punishment,” they tell her, and grab her together and march her back upstairs.

Dissolve; Justine lies on her bed, face down, skirt and panties gone. He ankles are cuffed and her wrists are locked behind her back with complicated leather BDSM cuffs. Her bottom has already been thoroughly strapped. Both men take up paddles and stand on each side, one on each buttock. One is a Spencer paddle. Justine squeals, but she isn’t going anywhere.

‘Caning of Justine’ (BareBottomBrits #11, Xerotics, M/f; time: 8 minutes) Four short films in this #11 package. ‘Justine Rosenberg’ is going to be spanked/caned by the regular Xerotics disciplinarian. The set is the standard cinder block walled room.

First Justine must touch her toes for a handspanking warmup on her maroon knickers. She takes her panties off for him, and she is already red. Full puss. The guy snaps 12 cane strokes, and she must jump around after virtually every stroke. THen to the corner, hands-on-hgead, schoolgirl stuff.

‘English Exams’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) GirlsBoardingSchool/SpankedAtHome. Redhead Justine is in another earnest discussion with her male ‘roommate,’ and from the title we assume she is not studying or not doing well in English. And of course her bottom is readily available to him.

Whatever it is, she does not dispute being spanked for it and is taken OTK for the standard spanking. Next comes a brief caning as she kneels erect, hands on head.

‘English Spelling’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A spanking-at-home film, in a foreign language. Justine is trying to study her English vocabulary spelling, when she is interrupted by a guy, who quizzes her. Justine wears her typical white blouse and flared skirt. The guy threatens her with a birch bundle.

Dissolve; hands-on-head, then bend-over, skirt up, just a virtually invisible thong, a lot of pale freckled Irish bottom. He begins spanking her as she studies her word lists, birch strokes after each letter recited.

The moderate birching aggregates into the steady the sting the twigs are known for; Justine quivers. She is left to contemplate, but soon the guy is back to birch that memorable bottom again.

‘Evaluation’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Justine is in earnest conversations with the regular Xerotics Top in the block-wall, bunker-like room used often for a set. She wears a pink sleeveless top, black skirt, and knee boots. She chews her nails to cover her face to disguise guffaws at the silly dialogue. She never says much, not too good with the English.

OTK, skirt up, black thong, he points out marks on her bottom from a recent session. Thong down, what does it matter, her beautiful white Irish bottom was bare anyway, But it does expose her again.

Hairbrush, kneeling on an easy chair, thighs open, fully exposed.

‘False Information’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) In the same block-walled room, the Xerotics guy calls Justine. He has received a phone call about her, and whatever the offense, a spanking is needed. She removes her skirt to expose a lacy white thong, which he pulls down. Ms. Justine makes a lot of films, but her bottom is clear here.

She bends over a bar stool, for a handspanking and the tawse. She jumps up occasionally, and, a good girl, keeps her legs open most of the time.

‘Forgetfulness’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) More at-home spankings from the Spanked-at-Home division. Justine is lounging in bed and confronted by her male companion. As usual, she has done something and has not problem about being spanked for it.

She kneels up on the bed, no pants, the usual puss shots Ms. Justine specializes in. Standard spanking, except the guy uses a large thin clear plastic paddle with holes, not hard, but it cover a lot of the pale Nordic bottom.

‘Fraud Case’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another conventional spanking for redhead ‘Justine.’ In Norwegian, her house partner summons her. She is not shy in a T-shirt and red panties. She kneels, hands-on-head, for the usual scolding for something done at home.

FADE. Spanking scenes, facials, on the panties. Wonderful bottoms as always, surprisingly clear, considering what a busy girl Ms. Justine is. Panties down.

‘Head Girl’ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 14 minutes) A GBS staffer is distressed to discover a party mess–beer bottles and trash. Justine is called–she wears the Head Girl’s uniform–blazer and skirt. After a scolding for the mess, she is taken OTK for a handspanking, first on her skirt.

She helps out, takes her blazer off, raises her skirt and returns OTK, just a thong on her strawberry bottom now. The male disciplinarian sees to the removal of the thong and completes the spanking.

Justine is set to work cleaning up the mess, but without any pants on. Afterward, more spanking, hands-on-hassock for the strap. Low camera shots catch some puss. Then the traditional bottom to the corner.

‘Just For Fun’ (Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 10 minutes) Justine in trouble at home again, or maybe they are concerned her marks are fading and need to be refreshed. Justine is bent over, being mildly caned on one of her flaired short skirts and then on the bare, just a little thong showing. The usual wonderful facials and hair control. Thong down, touch toes, Norwegian puss.

‘Justine’s Bare Bottom’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 9 minutes) Another example, one of the best, of this photogenic redheaded, freckled colleen as she stands stark naked in the sterile setting of the commercial office space the Xerotics producer used to make so many of these short films. Here, she is wearing only black knickers and is inching them down as the video opens.

Her bottom is already red, and she is now naked in the sparsely furnished room, her panties falling to her ankles. The regular Xerotics disciplinarian approaches her with a slipper and a cane. No dialogue. Justine may be Danish–she speaks some English but is more of a chatterbox in the GirlsBoardingSchool series ‘Spanked-at-Home,’ in a Scandanavian language.

She touches toes for a conventional slippering and caning. She is as submissive as we have seen her, and that is a lot of perfect lady, all pink, filling the screen.

‘Lack of Consideration’ (M/f; time:12 minutes) GBS-Spanked-at-Home; Justine sits in a chair, her male companion circles with a strap. She kneels up on the chair, thong down after a minute, full puss.

Top off, bra and skirt, naked. Again, poor lighting for the naked strapping. Was this intended or just amateur?

‘Love Bites’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Justine’s roommate wakes her up–she is sleeping in just panties. Who wouldn’t want to nudge her awake? What has she done at home this time? (no subtitles).

She gets into the kneeling position and is paddled on her panties, such as they are. She then rolls over and assumes the diaper position, just about as revealing and vulnerable as it can be done. She gets her legs back almost over her head and locks her arms behind her knees.

The panties need to come off though, so she releases while the guy pulls them off, then she repositions. Handspanking, tawse, full exposure–quite pornographic. She has pulled herself tight enough her buttocks and thighs are a continuous target. Bruises. Justine is nude here for a self-examination, not a frequent event in her films. So this is love, there really were bites.

‘Missing Parts’ (GirlsBoardingSchool/Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 16 minutes) Very sexy Justine here; a guy in his bathrobe reads a newspaper; Justine arrives (home) looking disheveled but spectacular, wearing a tight, low-cut electric blue dress and white stockings terminating in lace at her thighs. Has she been out all night?

Maybe she has, and has just gotten out of a back seat with someone, because when she sags onto the couch and spreads her legs, she is not wearing any panties, and again she proves she is a redhead. [a perfectly calm cat ambles through the scene here, more at-home cues]

The guy steps off-screen and returns with a tawse. First, he smacks her palms, and like most actresses, this is not her favorite.

Dissolve. Justine is kneeling on the coffee table, head down, bottom up, puss on display. The guy will cane her here. Mild enough, no heavy marks; flat on the couch for more, bottom closeups, and some cunning facials of this charming lass.

‘Modelling Bell’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 14 minutes) For our ‘Justine’ collection, another confrontation in the sterile office room this producer used. Tall, redheaded, insatiable Justine is a ‘model here, and her male boss is going to teach her modelling postures and movements, using a bell she must hold. When she moves incorrectly, it rings and she gets spanked.

This is the way the guy trains his girls. Could highlight your day. And as he spanks, she begins to lose clothes. Skirt off, little black thong. Whatever she does, the bell seems to want to ring.

The session becomes simply a spanking event. The guy take off her thong. Justine’s pale bottom is mostly full-screen. He slaps her thighs to open her legs, with the anticipated view. He begins with a paddle.

Cut to an unusual posture, which took a minute to stage, for sure. Justine kneels on a stool about 2’ high, knees slightly spread to keep her balance. She bends over, hands to the floor, head low, causing her bottom to be highest and thighs wide open. Whatever you need to know about Justine, check here.

‘Naughty Chair’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Justine is fully deck out in school blazer, skirt, and bobby socks. She stands, the Xerotics guy scolds. She tries to look sheepish and coy in her pre-spanking mode here, but she cannot withhold a sly little smile.

OTK, pants down, she moves her hair off her face for us. Hands-on-stool, slipper and cane, hands-on-head, legs spread at the wall, a lot of young lady to spank.

‘New Tools’ (M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time: 16 minutes) Justine stands before bookshelves; she has done something wrong, because the guy in this domestic setting enters with a armload of spanking implements. He takes her OTK; Justine makes sure her hair is tucked behind her ear, off her face.

Dissolve; hands on a chair for an unusual implement, a birch woven into a loop. Nothing unusual about this spanking, just another chance to gaze at Justine without pants.

‘Not Sick’ (M/f; Spanked-at-Home; time: 8 minutes) Redhead Justine is roused out of sleep on a couch. She wears yellow pj’s. Her male companion takes her temperature anally and decides she is not sick, so she gets a caning. Lighting and closeups are poor here, so miss the potential good parts.

‘Ping Pong’ (Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 7 minutes) Justine is asleep on a couch; her male housemate pulls off the covers–she is wearing just polka dot panties. He will spank her with a Ping-Pong paddle. She is already marked–she is always in trouble (and she has made a lot of films.) She gets into the diaper position; a lot of redhead here, because she is so tall, athletic, and nubile. No china doll–it takes a lot of spanking.

The diaper position exposes those thighs; she is fully red. Panties down, kneel on the couch, hands-on-head, naked, a representative screen capture for this actress.

‘Punishment Day’ (M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time: 8 minutes) Pretty Justine waits on her bed, in just string top and purple panties, a series of spanking implements laid out beside her .

Her male companion enters and begins a standard spanking on the bed. After a bit, she is encouraged into the diaper position for the leather paddle. Panties survive. Good facials, crying and fussing.

‘Reminder'(M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time:10 minutes) Justine seems always in trouble, and because of the language barrier, we can’t determine why, but we endorse the solution. Here, she primps in front of a mirror, in just a black strapless top and thong. After a long discussion with a guy with whom she is comfortable naked, she is OTK.

She keeps her hair off her face, a kitchen spoon appears. FADE: that hard red paddle, nasty. Justine kneels on the hassock, head over to the floor, the Norwegian bottom as high as it can get. He paddles hard on the crease between her buttocks and thighs, merged into an inviting target by this posture. Got to hurt. She can’t hold position. Leather strap to conclude.

‘Rosenburg’s Accident’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 10 minutes) In the usual Xerotics studio, Justine is confronted by a woman. She has been caught urinating in the shower room, instead of the adjacent bathroom. Someone slipped and broke an ankle.

The woman takes Justine OTK for a conventional spanking. Our big redhead is earing a grey pinafore uniform and maroon knickers, which the dominating lady is quick to pull down. Handspanking, then bend over for the slipper.

‘Stubborn’ (GirlsBoardingSchool/Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 8 minutes) Justine gets spanked immediately, wearing red polka dot panties, which he male housemate pulls down immediately. Hand-on-chair for a clear plastic Spencer paddle. Facials, frontals, hard, fast, and fun. A lot of beautiful redheaded bottom to spank.

Girls Boading School-Collected

16 Jul

‘Veronika Bartakova (Rose)’ 15 minutes; Rambunctious Veronika has ripped her clothes climbing trees at the school. “You’re nineteen, not seven or eight.” Headmaster ‘Tom’ will spank her while she repairs the clothes.

He tawses her on her black panties, then takes them down. Her bottom looks a little raw from another spanking. She bends to touch the floor for more.

In another session altogether, Veronika now has a clear bottom. She is caned over a chair, made to ask for me, and required to take all her clothes off.

‘Not Mine’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another shortie, compensated for its brevity with demonic imagination. Punishable girls are quickly dealt with.

American actresses play students at this disciplinary school. As always, they are not permitted to enter Headmaster ‘Tom’s’ office unless they are already naked from the waist down. ‘Beverly.’ a very pretty brunette who graces the cover art, strips off her pants to gain entry and shows the faceless headmaster a dildo she claims to have found in her friend ‘Abi’s’ bag. Her shirt is not quite long enough to hide her Mohawk which peeks at us as she stands before his desk.

The HM goes and finds Abi, and Beverly eavesdrops as we hear a spanking and squealing start behind a door. The HM soon determines and Beverly admits she set up Abi, in a confrontation where both girls stand half-naked before him to have the discussion.

HM Tom will let Abi spank Beverly, giving her the same as she got. She bends bare bottom over a table, jeans still on. Abi steps into position with an absolutely HUGE soft leather reformatory-style strap/paddle and begins to whale away, full force. 3 strokes, a rubbing break, 9 more strokes, another break, then 7 more to 20, the last one hard enough to rock Beverly almost out of position. Abi herself is bottomless as she does the paddling, but her shirt is just a bit too long, adding to the tease.

Beverly is not finished. Tom makes her beg: “May I please take off my trousers and ask for five more?” The last five on her bare, rouged, top-notch GBS quality bottom, rock. Beverly has earned “two extra days” at the institution and must now stand, cornered, bare bottom, hands-on-head, for THREE HOURS. Punishment will be repeated if she moves.