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Agean with 2 schoolgirls – HIDEFSPANKING

3 Apr

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes

Agean sits with a cane, awaiting two schoolgirls. A blonde and a brunette come in, late of course. The thin blonde will be spanked first, OTK, kilt up, Agean takes down the white knickers. A pretty brunette, Audrey Hepburn-like, is spanked next. She struggles.

Agean will now cane them. The brunette puts her palms on the couch, kilt up, 7 strokes on her tight little bottom. Thong down, there are noticeable stripes. The blonde gets the same caning, although we counted 15 strokes. She cries out and needs recovery time between strokes. Bottoms on parade.


15 Jun

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Agean, a bit paunchy here, at work in a classroom. Someone has written obscene comments about him on the blackboard. He has a thin little brunette in his grasp. He gives Rachael a conventional OTK spanking on white panties, then pulls them down.

Next comes a tawse, harder. She is reddening. Over the desk for the cane, still harder. Bruises. To the wall, rubbing. Simple performance, but a hard spanking.

Summer Schooldress Spanking For Emma – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jul

M/f; year: 2009; time: 14 minutes
Emma Brown knocks on Magnus’ door. He plays a headmaster here. He begins scolding her. Emma cannot control a smile on her face. She has been spanked so often by this actor, and these lines are so corny.

She has been caught smoking and goes OTK. Simple blue dress up, full white panties come down. Magnus puts a finger on her love tattoo and comments on it. After the spanking, pants down in the corner, Magnus enjoys the view.

After she has been cornered for a while, she bends over a chair for the slipper.

Emma Really Wants a Spanking – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jul

M/f; year: 2008; time: 17 minutes
Magnus (Agean) interrupts Emma Brown, who is curled up in a nightie. singing blithely on her earpods. It appears to be noon and she is still in her nightie. She was supposed to be studying.

She seems to be begging Magnus for attention, more specifically, a spanking. “You haven’t taken me over your knee for ages.” He shrugs but does not need much convincing, and takes her OTK. “Is this why you are wearing this, for easy access?”

After some brief spanking on the pink polka dot panties, he pulls them down. “A little bit of pink.” “Stand up, take your pants off.” She kneels on a cushion, kicking her feet. “Is this what you wanted?” “Yes.”

Emma’s Pottery Penis Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

30 Jun

M/f; time:14 minutes
‘Magnus’ has caught ‘Emma Brown’ crafting a penis in pottery class. Ms. Brown wears a school uniform, and has longer hair, more blond. She is amused by her imagination and is not much concerned about what Magnus will do.

“I’m going to have to deal with you.” OTK on the couch. White panties down, not much new here. After he gives her a good spanking, “I’ve have no one say I’m a cruel person,” and he creams her bottom. That’s a good excuse.

Punishment of a Spoilt Brat – HIDEFSPANKING

5 Jun

M/f; year:2009; time:20 minutes
Agean and Amelia Jane Rutherford in another of their simple domestic romps. They are opening Christmas gifts, she in a nightie and he in his robe. In addition to her gold silk short nightie, she wears black panties, garter belt, and beige stockings.

They banter and argue and Agean takes her OTK, what was intended all along for both of them. She soars on his lap; he struggles to get her tight little panties down. He reaches down for one of his slippers. “Don’t you bloody dare!” she squawks.

After this spanking she sits on the couch, panties half-down, all leg. She stands for a leather paddle, then unwraps another ‘gift,’ a soft martinet. She pretends to be puzzled by what exactly it is.

Her next posture is to lie flat on the dining room table, which will permit overhead shots. Agean uses the martinet, moderate. After the opening session, he instructs her to pull her nightie over her head, take off her bra, and remove her panties the rest of the way. She cavorts, naked now, on the table. Great overhead shots. She kneels up, head down. bottom high, all the favorite shots.

Cheerleader Chastised – HIDEFSPANKING

2 Jun

M/f; year:2008; time: 11 minutes
‘Niki Flynn’ does the cheerleader CP fetish here. She has been sent to ‘Agean’ for punishment because she is not practicing enough. Ms. Flynn wears short hair here, and if this date is correct here, she is back from her experiences with LUPUS/RIGIDEAST. She looks a little gaunt and uncomfortable in a cheerleader’s outfit.

Agean puts her through the anticipated paces–bend-overs, legs spread, thrust position, star jumps, for the paddle when he can access her bottom. Her panties read “Most Likely to Succeed.” She takes them off and throws them to Agean with some contempt. Her bottom shows some deep old bruises.

We can’t put our finger on it (we would have liked to try), but somehow Ms. Flynn did not seem into this trifling film.

It’s A Slipper(y) Slope – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2010; time: 15 minutes
‘Emma Brown’ and ‘Agean’ in a schoolgirl romp. Ms. Brown’s blond hair is longer here and she is in a thinner phase. Naughty thing, she has been caught on camera running naked through the boys’ dorm. Sounds like fun. Who mans the doors?

‘Assume the position…you have been here before.” OTK, white panties down, the famous tattoo on display. While he spanks, she pokes at him, which angers him. He switches to the slipper.

She stands and bends over for the slippering to continue, displaying some winks between her legs not so common in her films. Some closeup rubbing to conclude.

Well Spanked Secretary – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2014; time:19 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford reports to ‘Agean,’ as his secretary. She wears a striped blouse and skirt and as usual looks 8 feet tall. She has switched letters to two different customers, and the mistake will cost Agean’s business 10,000 pounds.

Amelia offers to take a pay cut, however briefly. But, again, Agean will recover this loss the old fashioned way. He does not mention the installment method, as is done in some other CP films. “I intend to spank you.” “That’s not legal!” She stands and pulls up her skirt to display black panties, garter belt, garters, and bare thighs. She comments she wasn’t expecting to display all this, but she looks quite content to us.

OTK, handspanking, panties down, to the wall for rubbing. All nice.

School Party Flirting Retribution For Amelia – HIDEFSPANKING

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2014; time: 19 minutes
Amelia Jane Rutherford and ‘Agean’ are a couple who like to play schoolgirl spanking party ritual. She is dressed in a schoolgirl kit, and he wears a cap and gown in the headmaster role. They have returned from a party where Amelia flirted with other “boys,” which included having her hands down a man’s pants. She thought that was perfectly OK, what ‘boys and girls’ do.

Back at home, Agean takes her OTK for this flirtation. “It’s too late for that, Mister!” Don’t know why that would be==isn’t this the logical pre-bed conclusion to such an evening? He likes her outfit. White panties center screen, they come down. silly dialogue.

Amelia keeps the action going by taking off her sweater, skirt, and blouse, and then after we can take it all in, her white panties. She is stark naked and the usual eyeful. She leaves the room naked and returns with the official ‘slipper.’ She lies over the arm of the couch for some slippering, then kneels on all fours on the couch for the school cane.

As usual, her spanking positions are erotic ritual posings. She runs off naked, but why doesn’t Agean follow?