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1 Jun

M/f; year: 2014; time: 21 minutes
Agean  and Amelia Jane Rutherford. She lolls on a leather couch, wearing a little kimono robe and we’ll have to wait as to what else. Agean likes what he sees: “You’re looking a little bit tasty today, young lady.” Amelia looks tall, thin, and indeed quite available as she sits on the couch on her legs. She has done something and Agean knows.

“I don’t think I’ve heard as much ‘buffalo’ from you as I’ve heard tonight.” It turns out that today the credit card bills arrived. Amelia has been spending on-line and has maxed out the cards.

Agean  will have her pay for these debts the old fashioned way. He grabs her OTK. No other actress looks quite like Ms. Rutherford lying bare bottom OTK on a soft couch. Robe up, flower print panties appear. When Lewis pulls them down–“Don’t you dare rip them.”

After standard spanking and some silly squawking from Amelia: “Are you ready for the next phase?” He orders her to drop the gown. “Kneel on the chair [couch].” He leaves the set and returns with a square leather paddle. “What the hell is that….who designed that?” Someone, we imagine, who could contemplate Amelia’s bottom. Amelia lies on a pile of pillows to complete the artistic display.

Shoplifter’s Punishment – HIDEFSPANKING

25 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 14 minutes
A cute Emma Brown, in full schoolgirl kit–blouse, tie, pleated skirt, bobby socks, reports to ‘Agean,’ late coming home after school. She is going to be spanked for being late, for a report she was shoplifting, and for removing change from the cookie jar.

She spots the spanking implements on the mantel. “What are those for?” “You know what they are for.” It will be a conventional spanking for Emma, just bare bottom, that tattoo prominent, her modesty otherwise preserved. Full white panties come down during an OTK.

She stands, skirt covering her front, panties at her knees, cute. Agean tawses her palms.

For the shoplifting, she will now be caned. She bends over the arm of the couch. We counted about 15 moderate strokes–there may have been some repeats from various angles. Panties puddled at her maryjanes. Strokes hard enough for her to catch her breath, as this actress does so well.
Bare bottom displayed at the mantel for a moment before she is sent off.

Niki Flynn Caned For Reading in Class – HIDEFSPANKING

24 May

M/f; year: 2001; time: 15 minutes
‘Agean’ is waiting for Niki when she gets home from school. He was alerted–she was caught reading a book in class. He gets his cane. “Oh, no!”

Niki touches toes; Agean flips up the skirt. Full white panties. 15 moderate strokes on the panties.

Agean sends her to get a book. Now she will lie over a stool, prop up the book on the couch, and read aloud while he continues the caning, his form of ‘aversion therapy.’ How come we don’t hear much about this practice except in CP films? Girls are spanked while doing something they must learn to cease doing. Niki’s bottom is mostly full-screen here. Five strokes on the panties, then 20 on the bare bottom, and another 6 to make sure.

Amelia Jane’s New School Pain – HIDEFSPANKING

24 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 19 minutes
Ms. Rutherford plays a schoolgirl sent to the headmaster, the actor ‘Agean.’ She is wearing a school uniform a bit too small for her–black sweater, blouse, tie, black skirt, knee socks not pulled up, and maryjanes. The Head is disturbed with her disheveled appearance and trouble she is having in the school play.

Without hesitation, he pulls up Amelia’s skirt to check her knickers. She is appalled but doesn’t stop him. He discovers unauthorized undies, “diaphanous monstrosities,” which is the last straw and triggers the spanking.

OTK, full screen on those panties. “Keep your hand away or I’ll take your pants down.” There is laughter, someone blew some lines, and a flurry of ad lib. Panties down, a long spanking, lots of talk.

The Head gets his tawse and explains the Scottish tradition–the paddle, cane, martinet, strap, and Scottish tawse. Amelia jumps as he straps her. “I hate this school.” Because she refuses to say ‘thank you,’ she earns extra strokes.

Amelia Jane Earns The Cane – HIDEFSPANKING

10 May

M/f; year: 2008; time: 31 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Agean’ in a conventional schoolgirl spanking melodrama, more of display of Ms. Rutherford’s body than anything else.

Amelia reports to the headmaster; she has put on an out-moded uniform–white knee socks, cardigan sweater, blouse, tie, barely adequate skirt. She isn’t getting along with the school matron and would not get the proper uniform from her. “This has earned you a spanking.” Amelia demands, half-heartedly, “I want to be punished by a female.”

She goes OTK. “I still have bruises from last week.” Skirt up–it almost comes up by itself. Little white bikini panties. When the headmaster pulls down her knickers, she pulls them up. If she won’t pull them back down immediately, the cane will be next. He pulls them down.

The camera pans out to put Amelia alone in the full room. In a long scene, she will strip off the little outfit, down to white bra and panties, and put on the new uniform. In the process, she takes the headmaster’s cane off the wall and smacks herself and yelps. She is both horrified and amused by the marks she has so far, knowing that her boyfriend will notice them. Her clothes must come off fairly frequently. “I’m ready, sir,” she calls.

The headmaster touches her, commenting on the tight little uniform. She objects. He notices the cane marks and figures she was testing it. Amelia bends over, hands on ankles, this little skirt also pops up by itself.
“6 on the pants, 6 on the bare.” The caning is just moderate. “Ow! Do you actually seriously do this to people?”

Unusual squawk from Ms. Rutherford. Panties down; her bottom is mostly full-screen during this caning. She complains, “I want to be spanked instead.” Not happening. She earns 6 extra for her constant mouth and breaking position.

Pants up slowly. Scolding continues. She will be spanked every time she is reported for anything. And get the proper uniform.