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Coach caned, Bus Blamed – NORTHERNSPANKING

28 Nov

M/2f, year: 2011 ; time: 32 minutes

Stephen Lewis, with Irelynn Longeen and Zille Defeu. Irelynn is a star player and Zille the coach. Seems Irelynn won a food race in an impossible time. She sneaked a ride on a bus.

Headmaster Stephen Lewis confronts the girls and takes up almost a third of the film explaining how he has caught the trick. He will spank coach Zille first. He has taken Irelynn’s place on a folding chair, so he is in position. Handspanking on her gym shorts, and only a perfunctory objection when Lewis pulls them down.

Irelynn is spanked next. She wears a white gymslip and blue gym knickers.
Lewis then canes both girls, one at.a time, their hands on a chair. Little frontal flashes as they move around. Both girls should wear full knickers for a few weeks.


1 Oct

Poor Little Liar’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) This may be Irelynn Logeen’s first appearance at GBS. She arrives at the school and hands Headmaster Tom the court order. There is some mistake, she is not ‘Irelynn’ and does not belong here. He calls the Court, but he is not fooled, he is ready for her.

The court order is for 3 months at the girls boarding school, corporal punishment, as often as every day, in 10 minute segments. He calls her ruse, sends her to the corner. “Take your coat off.” Tom will arrange to have her sentence increased to 6 months.

The spanking begins, and she acts like this was not going to happen. There will be no lying or cheating around here. Ms. Logeen is tall, thin, pale of complexion, with shoulder-length curly red hair, sharp, crystal features, and evening for anyone.

“Take off your trousers.” A brief argument. “Drop your panties.” He wants her to raise her flannel shirt so that all of use can see the whole Irelynn. This is the way he wants to see her. “This is how your bottom will look for the next six months,” which is getting pink, although he hasn’t gotten to any bare skin yet.

OTK again, she struggles, very pretty. He wants her to repeat back to him “Harder. Faster.” To the corner, a sight to see.

Sentenced to Be Caned’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Irelynn, still in her first-day flannel shirt and now jeans, enters Headmaster Tom’s office without knocking, her first rules violation after being informed.

Tom sends her outside to knock; now she has forgotten the most important rule if you sit where we sit. A girl’s trousers and panties must be at her ankles.

That settled, she stands, hands on head, shirt riding up again, while she shows her his canes. “I will be using them on your bottom.” She has been allowed to pull her jeans back up.

Now Tom teaches her one of the exquisite spanking positions here at GBS; hands-on-tabletop, spread shoulder width, bend-over, knees locked, on tip-toes. Tom begins snapping the cane on the logo of her designer jeans. Jeans down, the white panties get the cane. He takes the panties down himself. “Oh, please, sir.” Jeans and panties off completely; good marks for Irelynn and a future for us as observers.

‘New Resident Irelynn-First Week Report’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) One of the earlyt performances at GBS from this smoldering redhead. Headmaster Tom interrupts her sleep. There are paddles hanging on the wall of her bedroom. Very fancy quarters for the girls here at the Boarding School.

Irelynn is sleeping in just T-shirt top and pajama shorts, her long red hair braided. Before any action begins, she must read aloud some school rules about her transgressions.

Time for the spanking. She must pull down her shorts. Her bottom is already red and bruised from a previous session, which are continual by court order, a by-product of having a pale Irish complection. She bends over the bed; Tom seems proud to point out the cane marks from the previous spanking.

Hard handspanking; her bottom seems swollen; her pants fall to the floor. This looks like it really hurts! “Ouch,” our notes say. When she turns to face us, we see she is a shaved naughty girl.

After more rules-reading, she bends over again, “Spread your legs.” Tom uses a big wide strap; sniffles and running tears. Nice.

“Your first week at boarding school has not been a success.”

‘Fraternity Bonding: Irelynn Logeen’ (MF/f; time: 7 minutes) Part of the BarsAndStripes incarceration ritual, redhead ‘Irelynn’ gets a cellmate. She tries to befriend the girl, who need some attention, showing Irelynn her bottom, from a recent spanking. Many of the girls in this prison have red bottoms.

Guards ‘Stephen Lewis’ and ‘Zoe Hamilton’ enter the cell and catch them sitting close by on the bottom bunk–a prison rule violation, because things can happen if girls do that. Irelynn is going to get a spanking for it; she bends over a chair. You’ve got to love those little red smocks the girls are issued–they ride right up to show regulation panties (if they wear any).

Lewis and Harrison take turns paddling her with a thick sole-shaped tool for the rest of the film, that pale Irish skin achieving a glow.

‘Fraternity:Logeen Solitary Day 1’ (MF/f; time: 5 minutes) Solitary confinement is another part of the ritual for girls after Intake; guard Stephen Lewis marches Irelynn into a darkened cell, puts her against the wall in the ‘frisk’ position, pulls down her panties, and spanks. Her bottom is still red from her last encounter. Zoe Harrison arrives and joins, then concludes the session by having Irelynn crawl into a large dog’s cage and locking it.

‘Fraternity:Two Much Cheek’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) ‘Irelynn Logeen’ is put in her cell in Leia Ann Woods’ website prison series. Guards Stephen Lewis and Zoe Harrison enter. Irelynn is searched, although no rubber gloves this time. They toss the cell. Both guards share in a long handspanking for her, turning her bottom as red as any smock. She lies on her bed, bare bottom, the cheeks virtually blinking like lights. Never too much cheek from this diminutive jewel.