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19 Feb

More from XEROTICS

Gym Kit‘ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ and ‘Jean Bradley,’ two CP road warriors at this juncture! And Elizabeth a bit improbable as a schoolgirl here.

The scene is an authentic looking office near a school gym or locker room, a great place for a little impromptu spanking. Elizabeth is apparently not in proper dress. “You’re going to get your bottom well and truly thrashed today.”

A routine spanking follows. Elizabeth bends over a table and is spanked on her gym shorts. Elizabeth is told and removes her shorts. The spanking continues and Jean herself removes the white satin panties. Mild stuff, but long enough for thorough pink coloring.

Some moderate slippering, then hands on head, bare bottom to the wall. Closeup rubs.

Katie Leigh and the Bible’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Blonde Katie Leigh is seen praying before she reports to Peters. She is wearing one of those flimsy yellow smocks, so easy to come off. She will be punished, for some offense. “You have to be naked, Katie.” She quickly strips naked in front of him, very nice part of the film and the series.

She will be left naked and waiting. She curls into the fetal position in a leather chair and soon begins to masturbate. Before Peters returns, she opens a folio-sized Bible and is ‘reading’ when he returns.

She will get a handspanking, paddle, and cane, starting with a standing handspanking while she holds the huge Bible. Then OTK spanking and kneeling for the strap. No cane. Katie is very sexy being naked most of the film.

‘Katie Leigh prays again’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Not the title. Katie, in the concrete room, wearing a yellow quite disposable house dress, kneels in front of a huge Bible. She is seeking support to stop masturbating. Jean Bradley enters and the scolding starts.

Bradley wants her naked. Dress overhead, bra and thong off (the camera missed the thong part). Katie will sit and wait naked in a leather chair. It would have been cute if this leather was depicted cold. While she is alone, she can’t resist masturbating more. Katie is spanked in various positions with the Bible. We’re pretty sure this girl will never learn.

‘Miss Bradley’s Classes’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) ‘Jean Bradley’ spanks two girls, ‘Ashley,’ a blonde, and a brunette, in a conventional OTK session.

‘Party Girls’ (F/3f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Jean Bradley’ confronts 3 girls who have wrecked a house with a party–20,000 pds damage. The girls are rather amused about it. Bradley will spank all three– a blonde, brunette, and redhead. What should the penalty be?

‘Peters’ enters. He is going to photograph the spankings. Nobody seems to mind. The girls are spanked and caned over a table, individually and in a row. Good for the camera. Bare bottoms.

‘Peters/Simpson and Cane’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A simple exercise; an older ‘Peters’ and ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ Even though she is not a schoolgirl, she must wear a uniform and Peters will keep disciplining her until she stops the bad language.

Bend-over, skirt up, full white panties, mild tawse. She pulls her panties down. Peters snaps with the cane, white lines on her red bottom, and little gasps she might be trying to control. Soft dialogue difficult to hear from these two warriors.

‘Really Needs a Spanking’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) ‘Katie Leigh’ has called on ‘Agean.’ She wants a spanking to improve her attitude. Agean is surprised, he claims, but quickly agreeable. The scene is the simple set with cloth backdrops.

Katie goes OTK. She is wearing a scandalous breezy summer frock and white thong. Agean comments that the slightest breeze will expose her bottom, which seems quite OK with Katie.

After this handspanking, Katie kneels on a chair for a flexible paddle. Lot of puss along the way.

Sara buckles‘ (M/f; time:11 minutes) An unusual caning film in this often bland series. Brunette ‘Sara,’ in full kit, stands before Peters. She was spanked yesterday and here she comes today. She misbehaved on a school trip.

“Take off your skirt.” She kneels on a chair and Peters immediately pulls down her full white panties. This first caning is 12 strokes, viewed from the front and on her bottom. You feel stupid on the chair, with your bottom in the air?” “Yes.”

Sara stands, drops her panties to her ankles, bends and touches the floor. Six strokes counted aloud. Then, almost 20 more. there are opportunities for repeats, which might have been mixed in skillfully. Sara’s got marks both cheeks and thighs, including in the crease below the buttocks.

‘Schoolgirl Pants’ (F/2f; time:12 minutes) A very buxom blonde is posing in just panties, very proud of her boobs. Panties down, she is shaved. ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ will be the domme here and spank two girls.

She spanks the blonde and a brunette, both are soon naked, a lot of pink flesh on the screen and care taken to keep two bottoms in the shot.

‘School Uniforms’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) See Jasmine collection.

‘Student stealing’ (M/f; 14 minutes) Agean must be the guardian of a naughty blonde lolling on the couch. He has received a call from her employer, who is a friend of his. She is sluffing off at work and  doing a bit if stealing.

The blonde listens to his disapproving tone on the phone. “It’s not that bad. You’ve done worse.” Since the girl’s parents have put him in charge, he will begin the spanking right now. The girl is wearing an black and white  skirt and a white blouse.

OTK, skirt up, a white thong. A closeup of the spanking. Thong down, nice bottom closeups. She steps out of her panties  and kneels on the couch to complete the spanking. Tears.


5 Jan

More XEROTICS shorts, mostly in alphabetical order.

‘Emily Baxter’s Knickers’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Emily stands in the three-stall open shower, awaiting punishment. She’s been caught with dirty knickers. Her female disciplinarian has her strip and take a shower first. “Looks like Mr. Harvey has already spanked your bottom.” Rarely a clear bottom for these hard-working XEROTICS models.

The woman supervises; Emily is very pale and vulnerable in the shower. A bend-over for a wet handspanking. Loud gasps. Out comes the cane.

Jodie and friend’  (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Reviewed in the Jodie collection

‘Masturbate on bed’ (M/f; time:7 minutes) Peters catches a brunette masturbating on the bed in the garret bedroom we have seen in a number of films. “Dirty little cow,” he says. She bends over the bed for handspanking, flashing a naughty Mohawk.

This naughty girl now bends over the bed. Peters has a very thick cane, which he had better be careful with. He pokes her between her legs and teases: “Want something there?” “No.” She is frightened by the cane wooshes. She takes about 8 strokes, and to us, it looks like Peters eased up after the first one.

‘Private SG Discipline’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Agean has a brunette on a simple set where backdrop cloths cover the walls. The girl has a sweet young face, exploited in closeup as she is scolded. She casts embarrassed glances at the camera, and does a nice gasp when she hears a spanking is coming.

Agean leaves her to prepare and wait–she takes off her skirt and panties. Her blouse is long enough to protect her modesty, but there are some flashes. A routine OTK spanking and bend-over for the strap. She is cornered and allowed to rub.

’Prostitutes Punished’ (F/2f) Two naked blondes, ‘Robin’ and ‘Shay’ loll on a bed. They are prostitutes, and their Madam is unhappy with their performance–complaints from customers, etc. A spanking is in order.

Standard spanking and strapping; the most interesting part of this film is a shot of the two spanked bottoms, lying on the bed, viewed up their legs.

‘Punished Master’ (M/3f; time: 16 minutes) Feviewed in Sarah Collins collection.

‘Visit to Disciplinarian’ (F/2f; time:8 minutes) Don’t have the title here. Two schoolgirls in full kit, one is ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ one of the more improbable schoolgirl castings. In an ambitious exterior scene, the two girls pass through a steel gate, which closes behind them.

The girls have been sent to a female disciplinarian. There isn’t time in this short film to flesh out the storyline, as has been done by CALSTAR and others where girls are sent to professional disciplinarians.

The girls have been instructed to prepare–they drop their panties and display their bottoms through a pair of doors, awaiting the disciplinarian. She arrives with a cane. The girls have been sent by their guardians for stealing and fighting. “You’ve been sent to me. I’m your disciplinarian.”

The first girl will be spanked. The woman takes some pleasure in pulling her panties down the rest of the way. OTK spanking, a clear bottom here. Sarah is then spanked, also an unblemished bottom. Despite the cane as a prop, it is not used.

‘Blondes on bed ‘ (F/f; time:9 minutes) Don’t have the title here. Two girls, wearing very little, loll on a bed and discuss spanking.

One girl wants to be spanked but her boyfriend doesn’t not do it well enough. Her friend, with her boobs popping out of her lingerie. She gets the girl’s bra and thong off and spanks her, handspanking and strap, and masturbates in the process.

‘Girls with potty’s ‘ (M/2f; time:23 minutes) No title here. A very young and mangy ‘Peters’ here with two brunettes in schoolgirl dress, who seem to have some requirement to pee in potty bowls for him.

They report to Peters in his study, where he will spank them both. He is going to punish both girls until one of them tells him what he needs to know.The first girl goes OTK here, skirt up, red panties down. The lighting is weird here, like they failed at it. The second girl, a big lady, gets the same.

The first brunette’s turn again–Peters urges her to lie up flat on a table, not very good for filming. She gets the strap and cane. Her long blouse gets in the way, but she accidently flashes us some puss.

The second girl crawls up onto the table for a noticeably milder session, as if there was some arrangement. But she does break down and point the finger at her companion. The first girl then gets six more strokes.

Blonde Masurbates‘ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Jodie’ catches a girl masturbating. “You’re just a slut.” Both girls are wearing bikini’s. Plenty of eye candy in this film. Jodie gets the girl’s G-string off for a spanking.

‘Jasmine Expelled’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Collected with Jasmine.

‘Peters spanks nurse’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) This film is a bit more aggressive than these XEROTICS films we have been reviewing, and we don’t have the title correctly. We park this review here for expediency.

A very cute nurse, wearing just a simple white working smock, reports to a young ‘Peters.’ She is here in this empty room for discipline–she knows it, and there will be no resistance. After a short scolding, she pulls up her smock and lies over a table, displaying white panties. Peters decides he wants the panties off, so she stands and removes them. Peters notes that her bottom is already a bit red.

Peters begins immediately with the cane. Five strokes ripen as we watch. He calls her a slut and notices she is a bit wet between her legs. The nurse climbs up on the table, head low, bottom up, knees spread as far as she can without falling.

Peters leaves her fully exposed to get more implements. First a black paddle, then a ping pong paddle, which handle he breaks. She takes off her smock and lets her hair down, very sexy.

Hands on head, Peters makes her hold a cloth between her teeth, maybe her panties. More paddling standing, facing us, very erotic. A second paddle.

Touch toes, legs spread, she spreads her cheeks and Peters pokes her anus with the cane. Definitely advanced XEROTICS! Six more from the cane, she is wet again. The film contains a lot of profanity, and this nurse knew what she was in for. Peters most aggressive.

‘Polish Slut’ (F/f; time:6 minutes) A familiar female domme from the Glasgow studios, Miss Smith,  is berating a brunette. Angelina,  for her dress, her short skirt. The set is the concrete block room with the long metal stairs. OTK. short denim skirt  up, white satin panties. mostly talk.

“Strip here for me and the Colonel.” “Are you joking?” A simple OTK spanking follows. No colonel.

‘Drunk Slag’ (M/f. time: 10 minutes) This game and willing actress Sarah Harvey Lewis made just a few films for the British producers who provided product for XEROTICS. We have reviewed three or four.

A few words about Ms. Lewis. She was both a Bottom and a Top, and made many appearances for producers/distributors such as CALSTAR, CONNOISSEUR,STRICTLYENGLISH, and more. And some famous bottoms, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Catherine Corbett, and more. Two characteristics of hers which come to mind—her bravery, and that her skin was always a uniform tan.

In this film, she lies flat on her stomach on one of the double beds in the garret room, sleeping off a drunk and looking much the worse for wear. She wears a blue shirt and jeans. Peters wakes her up, and after her head clears a bit, he takes her jeans and knickers off, all the way, so he will be able to spread her legs.

OTK, a mostly clear bottom. We said ‘brave.’ Peters spreads her legs as wide as they will go. Full vaginal view, including some jewelry, and flash of a Mohawk as she positions. After the spanking, top up, breasts exposed, hands on head, frontal. Peters asks her where she wants to be whipped with a tawse. He has all the choices. Palm slaps. She stalks off at the end. Very good SHL

‘Sally’s Strapping’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Aunt Shanelle is waiting up for Sarah Harvey Lewis. It seems aunty has just spanked another girl, who stands bare bottom at the wall. After an all-nighter, Sarah is taken OTK, skirt up, blue panties. She stands to rub. Hands on the couch for the strap. There might have been a first part to this.


29 Sep

‘Antique Methods’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Five short films packaged together, all about naughty girls who are stealing, filmed on the same location, and featuring the same male disciplinarian, Colin Baxter.

 ‘Headmaster’ type Colin summons two students, ‘Hedford’ and ‘Hanna,’ as best we could hear their names, played by Helen and Kathy.  An antiquarian bookseller reported the girls for stealing books from the school and selling them to him.

Now these old guys will stick together. In some stories, the retailer, possibly conspiratorial, gets to participate in the punishments also. After denials (there was surveillance camera footage), then apologies, then the shopworn line, “Sorry is not going to cut it,” we learn the Head has gotten waivers on the school CP prohibition. Both girls are spanked bare bottom in the conventional manner. 

‘Asleep on the Job’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Nothing like errant nurses being spanked by their doctors. nurse Jenna is cleaning a room when she decides to stop and take a nap. Conveniently, she strips down to just bra, no knickers, and gets into a hospital bed. Doctor Sean discovers her and is appropriately shocked. He puts her into the diaper position in the bed. Might as well,  she has nothing to hide and he has seen it all. 

Sean spanks her here and then lets her up. Off with the bra, for no reason except to do it. She is put back to work naked. 

‘Belt for Kayla’ (M/f; time; 7 minutes) Kayla looks on the chubby side here. She bares her bottom, already red, and is waiting for Peters. She bends over for the belt, top off, very red already. She lies on a bed, for more. Not much here.  

Caned Before Breakfast‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ surveys a messy kitchen and calls out ‘Simone!” Down the stairs comes Simone, the actress ‘Samantha Johnson.’ In this short film, we have the pleasure of two titans of the CP film industry.

Simone is put to work cleaning up; Dublin soon returns, a cane hidden behind her back. Simone bends over the kitchen counter and Dublin flips her dress up and begins handspanking her on the jeans she wears underneath. Dublin unzips the jeans, drops them, and continues on the black panties. Dublin tugs the panties down–all this is conventional stuff, except of course Ms Johnson would possess one of the very best and most willing bottoms in the CP film industry.

Dublin switches to a thick synthetic cane. About 30 strokes are shown, repeats from several angles. After some more cleanup–bare bottom at the sink–the best way to do it, a few more cane strokes.

‘Cheerleaders fight’ (M/2f; time; 14 minutes) Michael Stamp with his two girls again, Chessie and Rosie Ann. The girls are cheerleaders, sitting on  a locker room bench. They are teasing and fighting with each other. Stamp will try  to spank some sense into them. Chessie kneels on all fours for a strap while Rosie holds her still. Handspanking first. the girls’ bottoms retain pink from the day’s work so far.

Rosie gets the same spanking. Stamp moves from bottom to bottom. Knickers down, slipper for both. Not much to see here.

‘Corporal Punishment at Home’  (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Peters and Kayla again. He is examining her school record. After a long discussion, he lifts her skirt and pulls down her knickers, getting his faceful. OTK. an already red bottom, a slow handspanking. Kilt off, blouse up, a long  frontal. Over the couch arm for  a slipper, Routine stuff to fill out Kayla’s shooting day. 

Domestic Discipline‘ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) A slightly contrived plot–an ageplay guy found throughout XEROTICS finds two girls goofing off in a sauna room where they were supposed to be working and cleaning. They will be fired or take a caning–two minutes to decide.

Must be a recession going on, because they will take the punishment choice. Two girls like this could find work anywhere. A tall thin blonde will go first–this guy likes his girls naked and gets right to it–she strips to the skin, shiny white skirt and top off, no undies.

She bends for a caning and presents a bottom already spanked. Recently we were reading a history of the partners who put together the MOONGLOW collections. Booking a model with a clear bottom was a challenge; the popular girls had either been recently spanked or wanted to preserve their appearance. The girls must have been free-lance. How exactly do you word the question to their agent?

The blonde is caned, 12 strokes, welts on top of welts. Then, hands on head, facing us, peach fuzz. A buxom pigtailed light brunette gets naked for the same caning. She was spanked recently also, and harder. She has a naughty dragon tattoo over her left buttock.

The girls gather their clothes, do perfunctory tidying in the bath area, and then get caned again for not moving fast.

Drunken Girl Spanked’ (F/f: time: 11 minutes) Jenna plays a patient this time, in the same hospital room as we see with these two in other films. Dr. Sean is upset with her; she has been admitted for drunkeness. Her mother arrives, in the person of Sarah Stern. Sean leaves and Sarah takes her out of bed to begin a spanking. Ourselves,  we’d take her down the hall for an enema.

Over the foot of the bed, a strap on Jenna’s pj’s. Pants down, no knickers. Sarah her take off the rest of her clothes–some tough mother she is. Low views of the bare bottom strapping. Jenna faces us for a palm slapping. Nice fuzz. 

Early Morning Punishment’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) All in a day’s work  for these three. Chessie and Rosie Ann  with Michael Stamp. The girls wear matching two-piece pajamas. Stamp starts with a handspanking on the pj’s, then pulls them down. No knickers. Few good shots of these two bottoms, especially Rosie. Routine stuff, some frontals as the girls move about. 

Fighting Schoolgirls’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) Schoolgirls  Jenna and Kiki fight in class, over boys, it seems. Teacher Sarah Stern interrupts and will spank and paddle them both over desks. Very red results, but otherwise unnotable.   

‘Heather Stanton interview’ (f; time: 5 minutes) The typical interview and a good one. Heather sits in white bra and panties. She will be held full screen as Peters interviews her. Today’s spanking shoots included handspanking, strap, cane, and tawse. Peters hands her implements to hold. The tawse is worse than the strap. The cane is the worst—sharp pains. She invites viewers to visit her new website, To conclude, she displays her bottom, a bit pink, the day is probably not over. Peters fondles.

‘Kayla’s Correction’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Kayla sits on a bed, sucking her fingers, waiting for Peters. He arrives and the standard spanking begins immediately. She kneels on a stool and leans forward so that her elbows rest on the bed. Bare bottom slippering, she wears just a bra. Red blotchy bottom, a bit more than usual.

‘Kayla interview’ (f; time: 4 minutes)  Brunette Kayla is interviewed by an off screen male voice. Kayla has been a “glamour” model, which sounds like a nude model, but now she is into spanking. She has been spanked OTK and caned today and found she likes pain. She shows us her bottom. “Very red,” and still warm. She is asked to rub. “See you next month.” That must be the rest period.

‘Literature Exam’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Miss Smith with Lena Williams. Ms. Williams is a well fed brunette. She sits at a school desk, struggling with an exam and idly playing with herself. The set is the familiar garage/workroom. Miss Smith sees her lack of progress and will give her a spanking.

Lena must bend over her desk, kilt up, for a handspanking. Smith pulls the knickers down. Lena stretches them wide at her ankles. Lena steps out of her knickers and sits back down. Smith wants bare skin on the wood. Her knickers are in a pile on her desk. She scribbles recklessly.

Smith returns with a strap. Another bend-over, a bit silly, some rubbing. Lena must kneel erect on a chair and think.

Lost Horse”  (F/f; time: 12 minutes) The barn set. Kayla and another girl argue about the handling of a horse. Kayla will be spanked for it and is taken OTK. She wears a white top and denim shorts. She stands and drops her shorts to display a black thong. Standard spanking. She will drop her thong also. A big bottom. All handspanking.

‘Lost Orders’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) An entertaining film from two CP warriors. Peters is on the phone with a customer who is missing a shipment.  As Peters looks into the error, he realizes his employee Katie Leigh is responsible. 

Peters summons Katie, who seems blasé and insolent as she is scolded. After a long 8 minutes, Katie drops  her slacks and prepares to go OTK. It must be an accepted office practice. She stands in front of Peters as he pulls her knickers down facing him and bottom to us, as he likes to do. Her bottom is vaguely pink already. Lovely facials as this model struggles. Very hot round bottom full screen. 

To the wall, lovely red bottom very prominent, one of the special ones. Hands on head. Peters goes for a strap. Hands on a chair, legs spread, a lot of puss. No frontals today. Katie is left to kneel erect on a chair in a stress position.

‘Lottie Interviewed’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another spanking filming breather. Peters interviews Lottie Kinsade. She has been hired by his ‘Devine Cat Network.’ He explains the budget production of this company, which distributes films through XEROTICS, SOL, and others.

Lottie wears schoolgirl kit.  She  has been making spanking films for two years. Before Peters continues, he wants Lottie to show her bottom. “Quite red,  why?”   “I have been spanked, paddled, and caned today. ”Peters is rather pornographic here. He has her show her shaved vagina. He claims his customers don’t care so much about “fronts.”

He will continue the interview while he spanks her. “Let’s see what you are made of.” She shows some old bruises. He spanks harder. “It stings a lot.” She has gotten used to the shame and humiliation. “The  captain [owner] will be very pleased…touch your toes for 2 strokes…let’s make that four.” Slow motion repeats of the caning.

‘Lottie and Peters’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters is on the phone with his friend Jenny, who has emailed him about not being about to control her daughter Lottie (Kinsade). Mr. Fixit suggests she be sent over for a “damned  good thrashing,” the way he handles things. “She will leave here with a very sore behind.” 

Lottie arrives, a penitent-looking schoolgirl. She knows what happens in this house. “You’ve spoken to our three.” After a long explanation, Lottie is finally OTK. Kilt up, regulation knickers down. Somebody has been spanking Lottie somewhere. Old bruises. Handspanking and the slipper. Bottom on display.

‘Lucy asks to be slippered’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Lucy sits with Elizabeth Simpson. “I’m getting into spanking.” Lucy has experienced most of the thrills. Now she wants to try the slipper. Simpson is only too glad to oblige. “I’ll warm you up first.” Lucy takes position and  kneels on the couch. Simpson pulls down her knickers.

Lucy is surprised by the  smacks, which sound like dull thuds. She likes it. “It takes a while for the sting to spread out.” Lucy thanks Elizabeth.

‘Model interview’ (3f; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson, Masie  Dee, and Kayla sit together  on a couch. Peters interviews them from off screen. Masie is a saucy interrupter. “All’s well in the spanking world.” Kayla talks about spanking with her boyfriend. Her favorite sex position—“doggy style.” Goodness. She likes the paddle.

Elizabeth says that the girls have been good performers. She herself got her start by volunteering at a spanking party. She likes being both a Top and a Bottom. Peters asks her about her favorite model, who is ‘Annie Mae,’ disappeared into the archives by now. Her favorite spanking film is ‘The Music Lesson.’ Pornographic Peters wants to know how close she came to “topping out” as she spanked  the girls. She didn’t.

Ebullient Masie is interviewed next. Peters wants to hear her “sexiest exploit” but wasn’t quite prepared  for the answer. She describes a girl “squirting” in her face, some fisting in the “lady garden.” Peters ends the interview and reminds the girls the next shoot starts  in 10 minutes. 

‘No Party Sore Bottom’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Masie is on the phone, arranging for a party. Peters interrupts and discovers Masie is going to a party without parental supervision. Not only  will there be no party, but soon there will be no pants. Masie is not happy about it. She kneels on the couch, floral dress up, ruffled panties. Peters pulls them down, and Masie whimpers through her spanking. Knees wide,  some puss from Masie. 

Prefect’s Buttocks‘ (M/2f; time:20 minutes) A subtitle: “Exquisite Humiliation In Conjunction with Quivering Cheeks.” A dippy blonde we see from time to time plays a prefect. She has convinced new girl ‘Sarah Burgess’ to report to the wrong class, which is now going to cost Sarah a caning. This is a tough school.

Ubiquitous ‘Mr. Peters’ will take this opportunity to give this new bottom at the school a caning, 20 strokes are shown–welts, gasps, and a few wild ones low on the thighs they could not have intended. He makes Sarah stand in the corner and clench the cane between her buttocks.

In the hall, he jumps the blond prefect and has her touch toes. When he takes her knickers down, she is already marked. Busy actresses. She gets only 8 strokes and turns to stare at us like we shouldn’t be here.

‘Slipper and Buttocks’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Two blond students, one the regular ‘Heather Stanton,’ dressed in schoolgirl outfits, wait in the cinder block-walled space XEROTICS often used. The girls discuss the spankings which are coming.

An older woman, Miss Smith, another XEROTICS  regular, arrives and scolds. She will spank Heather first, OTK, skirt up, full white panties down. The second blonde gets the same, side by side.

When the girls start to argue and accuse each other in obscene terms, the matron switches to a slipper on both bottoms.

One of many undistinguished XEROTICS products of this length.

Spanking Naked Thieves’ (MF/2f; time: 27 minutes) A longer film,  with Kyle Johnson, Stevie Rose, and Kendra. It seems the girls spent on his credit card after he passed out at a party. Another circumstance where a guy can exact a price on a girl’s bottom for a payment. After a long scold, the girls strip naked, and they will not be shy about frontals as they move around. Kendra is spanked first. then it is Stevie’s turn. 

After Stevie’s warmup. Kyle takes off his belt and she gets a whipping. “Oh, my God.” 

Strapping Before Breakfast‘(M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Colin Baxter, using the same house set, plays a smarmy father who will spank his two daughters. The ‘vicar’ caught them stealing some of precious garden vegetables, destined for a county fair contest.

Father has ‘Kathy’ drop her pants and panties, and his other daughter, the marvelous Jasmine Lau, already in just panties and gymslip, strip naked. The girls don’t hesitate.

He spanks them both OTK–the naked girl is unconcerned about her exposure. While he fetches a strap, the girls hurl obscene remarks at each other, which will increase the intensity of his strapping. He uses a body-length low hassock for the girls to lie on, very Russian. An odd piece of furniture.  

Strap Slipper or Cane‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Colin Baxter, playing an ageplay ‘uncle,’ same setting, the Victorian rooms of an old house in keeping with these characteristics. The downtown ‘chemist’ saw his ‘niece’ shoplifting.

He searches her person and finds expensive cosmetics in her uniform. That will be a spanking. She is left waiting for him, holding the implements.

OTK and over a stool, pants down, for straightforward spanking and the strap.

‘Tables Turned’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Danielle and ageplay Richard. Daniele is in the process of spanking Jenna when Richard interrupts. Richard will have Jenna spank Danielle, who strips to panties for her turn. Standard stuff, some frontals from both girls. 

‘Tanned Hides’ (F/3f; time: 14 minutes) Stevie Rose with two other girls, Marie Lavender and Daisy. The trio has made a series of films. They gambol  on a bed. Stevie has darker hair here. They are giggling about pictures on a phone. Stevie will spank only Marie in this episode, kind of silly, lying flat on the bed. Daisy escapes. Maybe there is a part two.

Thieving Maid‘ (M/f; time:5 minutes) The same actor as above finds his ‘maid’ searching bureau drawers. He’ll search hers; she leans on a trunk standing in the bedroom and takes a brief spanking from him.

‘Timing and Discipline’ (F/2f; time: 28 minutes) Jean Bradley, with Isis and Ashleigh. The girls wear street clothes, nice brown floral print dresses. They are supposed to be cleaning up the film studio, but they sit and talk. Bradley interrupts and will spank them.

Ashleigh is taken OTK first, dress up thong down. We don’t see the crescent tattoo we thought was on her right buttock. Lovely bottom gets red. Isis is spanked next, she bares her bottom herself. Bottoms on display.

The girls are put back to work, dresses tucked up and knickers gone. Nice glimpse of Ashleigh’s well trimmed beaver. The girls then bend over a chair for handspanking and the strap.

Teenager Needs a Hard Strapping’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Colin Baxter and Lottie Kinsade in the kitchen of the country house set. Blazer off, kilt up, white knickers down for the strap. Routine, but always fun with Lottie. 

Truant‘ (time: 14 minutes) ‘Tom Cooper’ or ‘Bob’  plays a school disciplinarian, in a distribution by XEROTICS, with the feel of MOONGLOW, but too short. Somewhere in storage is a trove of unreleased spanking clips. Where are the archivists?

He will spank a tall brunette, in her gray schoolgirl kit and, good girl, full white knickers. He takes her OTK, panties down and soon is using a doubled belt.

The cane next, 15 strokes. The girl does some nice suffering, and camera angle adjustments probably permit repeats. Hands-on-head, to the wall, white lines and marks, sniffles. The British never fail us.

‘Truant Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Danielle and Mr. Atkins. She gets a long scolding and then palm slaps begin the festivities. Like most models, she doesn’t like it. School blazer off, over a large spanking trestle, skirt up, knickers down for the strap. Low shots up legs. Routine stuff.

‘Yes, You Get Your Bottom Spanked’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson has caught Masie Dee cursing, both verbally and in writing on her computer. That would be a spanking. Masie wears her red mesh top. Simpson takes her OTK and flips up her kilt. She is surprised by the knickers. “These are a bit lacy. Where are the white briefs I bought you?” Knickers whisked off. Handspanking, zoom on her bottom. To the wall, modesty preserved.

Caning For Jasmine – XEROTICS

1 Dec

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A spanking fantasy concept we love; ‘Jasmine’ misbehaves beyond control. Her father is on the phone with his friend, the ubiquitous XEROTICS actor ‘Dino,’ serving here as a disciplinarian. Jasmine will be “sent over.” to be dealt with “under my rules,” which will involve “a good old-fashioned short, sharp shock.” Jasmine will be spending the weekend, and, depending on how the discipline affects her, she may miss a few days of school the next week.

CALSTAR, LUPUS, MOONGLOW, ROUE, and others have made entertaining versions of this storyline, where recalcitrant girls are farmed out to detention houses, retired schoolmasters on-call by school districts, or local disciplinarians-for-hire. The girls may be delivered for treatment to a location, have the humiliation of reporting on their own with their overnight bags, or in some humorous cases, a counselor is called to come over for home remedy.

Jasmine arrives and sits on a couch, hanging her head, “slightly nervous.” She is a plausible dark redhead, authentically schoolgirl. she has been here before, knows that this time it will be worse. Dino tells her that her family wants “me to knock you into shape,” Sterner measures are needed,” she will “learn a painful lesson the next couple of days,” and there will be “a good dose of the rod.”

After 10 minutes of scolding, the spanking begins OTK. After a brief spanking, Jasmine stands. “Lift your skirt and lie across my knee.” Dino soon has her white panties down to her knees. The spanking is slow and erotic. She must know she is showing some puss. Jasmine stands and steps out of her knickers; Dino removes her skirt–she is flashing a full frontal in his face as he is seated before her, and is quite relaxed about it.

Jasmine kneels on the couch and drapes herself over an arm, bottom high–“arch your back,” for the first two strokes of the cane. He has her lean all the way over, head to the floor, forcing her buttocks to the highest. A few more cane strokes. She mutters obscenities. He will use a slipper (“plimsole”) next.

Jasmine sits back on her haunches on the couch and removes her necktie, sweater, shirt, and bra, until she is naked–very nice.

She kneels naked for the slipper, stands for more handspanking, frontal shots of her tended Mohawk held in closeup, and bottom full-screen. She is sent to her room, naked. Wish there were sequels on how the weekend transpired.