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Xerotics 8 Justine

16 Sep

A popular CP actress for several producers– tall, solid, and muscular, big enough that it will be challenging to spank her hard enough to make an impression. Freckled redhead, with the pale skin CP producers covet. Norwegian, we think, she struggles with English but is comfortable in the ‘Spanked-At-Home’ films.

‘Bad Days'(M/f; time: 15 minutes) ‘Justine’ sits in the fetal position, hugging her knees. She has gotten into trouble again, the theme in these Spanked-at-Home films. A guy brings in a paddle and a tawse and puts them down in front of her. She scrunches even tighter and does not want to look at the thick red hardwood paddle or the strap.

FADE: Justine is bent over, hands on knees, her skirt up, beige panties in place for the moment. The guy begins with the tawse. Panties down, the tawse has produced some pink on her fascinating pale bottom, the reason for our continued interest in her.

Hands on the wall now for the paddle. Justine is instructed to take off her skirt. The paddle melts her–she collapses between some strokes and has to regain her composure.

‘Bound to Be Spanked’ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 8 minutes) ‘Headmaster Tom’ and one of his male associates discuss what they are going to do with problem girl Justine. They call her from upstairs; the statuesque Justine appears on the landing in a blouse and short frilly skirt.

“Time for some punishment,” they tell her, and grab her together and march her back upstairs.

Dissolve; Justine lies on her bed, face down, skirt and panties gone. He ankles are cuffed and her wrists are locked behind her back with complicated leather BDSM cuffs. Her bottom has already been thoroughly strapped. Both men take up paddles and stand on each side, one on each buttock. One is a Spencer paddle. Justine squeals, but she isn’t going anywhere.

‘Caning of Justine’ (BareBottomBrits #11, Xerotics, M/f; time: 8 minutes) Four short films in this #11 package. ‘Justine Rosenberg’ is going to be spanked/caned by the regular Xerotics disciplinarian. The set is the standard cinder block walled room.

First Justine must touch her toes for a handspanking warmup on her maroon knickers. She takes her panties off for him, and she is already red. Full puss. The guy snaps 12 cane strokes, and she must jump around after virtually every stroke. THen to the corner, hands-on-hgead, schoolgirl stuff.

‘English Exams’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) GirlsBoardingSchool/SpankedAtHome. Redhead Justine is in another earnest discussion with her male ‘roommate,’ and from the title we assume she is not studying or not doing well in English. And of course her bottom is readily available to him.

Whatever it is, she does not dispute being spanked for it and is taken OTK for the standard spanking. Next comes a brief caning as she kneels erect, hands on head.

‘English Spelling’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A spanking-at-home film, in a foreign language. Justine is trying to study her English vocabulary spelling, when she is interrupted by a guy, who quizzes her. Justine wears her typical white blouse and flared skirt. The guy threatens her with a birch bundle.

Dissolve; hands-on-head, then bend-over, skirt up, just a virtually invisible thong, a lot of pale freckled Irish bottom. He begins spanking her as she studies her word lists, birch strokes after each letter recited.

The moderate birching aggregates into the steady the sting the twigs are known for; Justine quivers. She is left to contemplate, but soon the guy is back to birch that memorable bottom again.

‘Evaluation’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Justine is in earnest conversations with the regular Xerotics Top in the block-wall, bunker-like room used often for a set. She wears a pink sleeveless top, black skirt, and knee boots. She chews her nails to cover her face to disguise guffaws at the silly dialogue. She never says much, not too good with the English.

OTK, skirt up, black thong, he points out marks on her bottom from a recent session. Thong down, what does it matter, her beautiful white Irish bottom was bare anyway, But it does expose her again.

Hairbrush, kneeling on an easy chair, thighs open, fully exposed.

‘False Information’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) In the same block-walled room, the Xerotics guy calls Justine. He has received a phone call about her, and whatever the offense, a spanking is needed. She removes her skirt to expose a lacy white thong, which he pulls down. Ms. Justine makes a lot of films, but her bottom is clear here.

She bends over a bar stool, for a handspanking and the tawse. She jumps up occasionally, and, a good girl, keeps her legs open most of the time.

‘Forgetfulness’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) More at-home spankings from the Spanked-at-Home division. Justine is lounging in bed and confronted by her male companion. As usual, she has done something and has not problem about being spanked for it.

She kneels up on the bed, no pants, the usual puss shots Ms. Justine specializes in. Standard spanking, except the guy uses a large thin clear plastic paddle with holes, not hard, but it cover a lot of the pale Nordic bottom.

‘Fraud Case’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another conventional spanking for redhead ‘Justine.’ In Norwegian, her house partner summons her. She is not shy in a T-shirt and red panties. She kneels, hands-on-head, for the usual scolding for something done at home.

FADE. Spanking scenes, facials, on the panties. Wonderful bottoms as always, surprisingly clear, considering what a busy girl Ms. Justine is. Panties down.

‘Head Girl’ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 14 minutes) A GBS staffer is distressed to discover a party mess–beer bottles and trash. Justine is called–she wears the Head Girl’s uniform–blazer and skirt. After a scolding for the mess, she is taken OTK for a handspanking, first on her skirt.

She helps out, takes her blazer off, raises her skirt and returns OTK, just a thong on her strawberry bottom now. The male disciplinarian sees to the removal of the thong and completes the spanking.

Justine is set to work cleaning up the mess, but without any pants on. Afterward, more spanking, hands-on-hassock for the strap. Low camera shots catch some puss. Then the traditional bottom to the corner.

‘Just For Fun’ (Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 10 minutes) Justine in trouble at home again, or maybe they are concerned her marks are fading and need to be refreshed. Justine is bent over, being mildly caned on one of her flaired short skirts and then on the bare, just a little thong showing. The usual wonderful facials and hair control. Thong down, touch toes, Norwegian puss.

‘Justine’s Bare Bottom’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 9 minutes) Another example, one of the best, of this photogenic redheaded, freckled colleen as she stands stark naked in the sterile setting of the commercial office space the Xerotics producer used to make so many of these short films. Here, she is wearing only black knickers and is inching them down as the video opens.

Her bottom is already red, and she is now naked in the sparsely furnished room, her panties falling to her ankles. The regular Xerotics disciplinarian approaches her with a slipper and a cane. No dialogue. Justine may be Danish–she speaks some English but is more of a chatterbox in the GirlsBoardingSchool series ‘Spanked-at-Home,’ in a Scandanavian language.

She touches toes for a conventional slippering and caning. She is as submissive as we have seen her, and that is a lot of perfect lady, all pink, filling the screen.

‘Lack of Consideration’ (M/f; time:12 minutes) GBS-Spanked-at-Home; Justine sits in a chair, her male companion circles with a strap. She kneels up on the chair, thong down after a minute, full puss.

Top off, bra and skirt, naked. Again, poor lighting for the naked strapping. Was this intended or just amateur?

‘Love Bites’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Justine’s roommate wakes her up–she is sleeping in just panties. Who wouldn’t want to nudge her awake? What has she done at home this time? (no subtitles).

She gets into the kneeling position and is paddled on her panties, such as they are. She then rolls over and assumes the diaper position, just about as revealing and vulnerable as it can be done. She gets her legs back almost over her head and locks her arms behind her knees.

The panties need to come off though, so she releases while the guy pulls them off, then she repositions. Handspanking, tawse, full exposure–quite pornographic. She has pulled herself tight enough her buttocks and thighs are a continuous target. Bruises. Justine is nude here for a self-examination, not a frequent event in her films. So this is love, there really were bites.

‘Missing Parts’ (GirlsBoardingSchool/Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 16 minutes) Very sexy Justine here; a guy in his bathrobe reads a newspaper; Justine arrives (home) looking disheveled but spectacular, wearing a tight, low-cut electric blue dress and white stockings terminating in lace at her thighs. Has she been out all night?

Maybe she has, and has just gotten out of a back seat with someone, because when she sags onto the couch and spreads her legs, she is not wearing any panties, and again she proves she is a redhead. [a perfectly calm cat ambles through the scene here, more at-home cues]

The guy steps off-screen and returns with a tawse. First, he smacks her palms, and like most actresses, this is not her favorite.

Dissolve. Justine is kneeling on the coffee table, head down, bottom up, puss on display. The guy will cane her here. Mild enough, no heavy marks; flat on the couch for more, bottom closeups, and some cunning facials of this charming lass.

‘Modelling Bell’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 14 minutes) For our ‘Justine’ collection, another confrontation in the sterile office room this producer used. Tall, redheaded, insatiable Justine is a ‘model here, and her male boss is going to teach her modelling postures and movements, using a bell she must hold. When she moves incorrectly, it rings and she gets spanked.

This is the way the guy trains his girls. Could highlight your day. And as he spanks, she begins to lose clothes. Skirt off, little black thong. Whatever she does, the bell seems to want to ring.

The session becomes simply a spanking event. The guy take off her thong. Justine’s pale bottom is mostly full-screen. He slaps her thighs to open her legs, with the anticipated view. He begins with a paddle.

Cut to an unusual posture, which took a minute to stage, for sure. Justine kneels on a stool about 2’ high, knees slightly spread to keep her balance. She bends over, hands to the floor, head low, causing her bottom to be highest and thighs wide open. Whatever you need to know about Justine, check here.

‘Naughty Chair’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Justine is fully deck out in school blazer, skirt, and bobby socks. She stands, the Xerotics guy scolds. She tries to look sheepish and coy in her pre-spanking mode here, but she cannot withhold a sly little smile.

OTK, pants down, she moves her hair off her face for us. Hands-on-stool, slipper and cane, hands-on-head, legs spread at the wall, a lot of young lady to spank.

‘New Tools’ (M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time: 16 minutes) Justine stands before bookshelves; she has done something wrong, because the guy in this domestic setting enters with a armload of spanking implements. He takes her OTK; Justine makes sure her hair is tucked behind her ear, off her face.

Dissolve; hands on a chair for an unusual implement, a birch woven into a loop. Nothing unusual about this spanking, just another chance to gaze at Justine without pants.

‘Not Sick’ (M/f; Spanked-at-Home; time: 8 minutes) Redhead Justine is roused out of sleep on a couch. She wears yellow pj’s. Her male companion takes her temperature anally and decides she is not sick, so she gets a caning. Lighting and closeups are poor here, so miss the potential good parts.

‘Ping Pong’ (Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 7 minutes) Justine is asleep on a couch; her male housemate pulls off the covers–she is wearing just polka dot panties. He will spank her with a Ping-Pong paddle. She is already marked–she is always in trouble (and she has made a lot of films.) She gets into the diaper position; a lot of redhead here, because she is so tall, athletic, and nubile. No china doll–it takes a lot of spanking.

The diaper position exposes those thighs; she is fully red. Panties down, kneel on the couch, hands-on-head, naked, a representative screen capture for this actress.

‘Punishment Day’ (M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time: 8 minutes) Pretty Justine waits on her bed, in just string top and purple panties, a series of spanking implements laid out beside her .

Her male companion enters and begins a standard spanking on the bed. After a bit, she is encouraged into the diaper position for the leather paddle. Panties survive. Good facials, crying and fussing.

‘Reminder'(M/f; Spanking-at-Home; time:10 minutes) Justine seems always in trouble, and because of the language barrier, we can’t determine why, but we endorse the solution. Here, she primps in front of a mirror, in just a black strapless top and thong. After a long discussion with a guy with whom she is comfortable naked, she is OTK.

She keeps her hair off her face, a kitchen spoon appears. FADE: that hard red paddle, nasty. Justine kneels on the hassock, head over to the floor, the Norwegian bottom as high as it can get. He paddles hard on the crease between her buttocks and thighs, merged into an inviting target by this posture. Got to hurt. She can’t hold position. Leather strap to conclude.

‘Rosenburg’s Accident’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 10 minutes) In the usual Xerotics studio, Justine is confronted by a woman. She has been caught urinating in the shower room, instead of the adjacent bathroom. Someone slipped and broke an ankle.

The woman takes Justine OTK for a conventional spanking. Our big redhead is earing a grey pinafore uniform and maroon knickers, which the dominating lady is quick to pull down. Handspanking, then bend over for the slipper.

‘Stubborn’ (GirlsBoardingSchool/Spanked-at-Home; M/f; time: 8 minutes) Justine gets spanked immediately, wearing red polka dot panties, which he male housemate pulls down immediately. Hand-on-chair for a clear plastic Spencer paddle. Facials, frontals, hard, fast, and fun. A lot of beautiful redheaded bottom to spank.