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Xerotics #7

4 Nov

More alphabetized collections from this prolific distributor of schoolgirl fetish. We try to highlight the best parts.

’Ivy’s Interview’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Jean Bradley made a number of films with ‘Ivy.’ The brunette is applying for a job in  spanking film. She wears and colorful red and  black bra, panty, and garter set Bradley explains the audition procedure, then takes her OTK for a conventional handspanking, slipper, and paddle session, mild enough that she can work again soon.

Ivy’s Review‘ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blonde ‘Ivy’ is interviewed by a woman, a rather glamorous domme herself. She picks at Ivy’s schoolgirl clothing and opens her blouse. No bra.

The setting is a faux library. Bend over the table, skirt up, blue panties down, her bottom is already marked, as is often the case for many of these hard-working girls. Strapping on the bare in various positions.

‘Jasmine ‘s SG Strip’’ (F; time:9 minutes) This ‘Jasmine’ is a small brunette, not to be confused with Jasmine the freckled Irish colleen in other XEROTICS films.

Jasmine sits on a baronial oak staircase. The British CP masters repeat this noble-classsetting frequently for demonstration of the British Vice. She undulates, plays with herself, and gradually gets naked, but for a necktie. No spanking here, but somebody should give her one.

Johnson’s Attitude Adjustment‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) A long-haired brunette confronts domme ‘Jean Bradley’ at the gym exercise wall. We repeat–there will be action when Ms. Bradley is on the scene.

There are construction noises on the sound track; these Glasgow productions must have been done in an industrial setting. The late Ed Lee at NUWEST had said in intefrview that he liked to start work at dawn or so, before traffic began. These are low-budget issues.

Johnson gets the strap on the bare. She too is marked from a recent film. Then the cane. Bradley likes to SWOOSH. Just six strokes to begin.

There is a “See Later” cut; maybe Johnson needed a break–see below. Six more strokes. Bradley likes to humiliate. “This is what happens to cheeky impudent girls.”

XEROTICS retains a rare out-take here. Johnson jumps up during the caning and runs off, “Motherfucker. Ow!” Bradley laughs into the camera.

Justine in Trouble‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A saucy brunette schoolgirl returns from being out late and is confronted by the professorial disciplinarian who scores a lot of roles in this series.

Justine is sent to a double-bed bedroom to wait for him. After more scolding, she admits she was “down on High Street.” She gets a standard OTK, panties down, some rubbing time, she is shaved, add some slow-motion.

Kara Jayne Profile‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Kara is a blond schoolgirl who is confronted by ‘John Osborne,’ who is in character here as the spanking film producer he was. This will be her audition. First, OTK, white panties down.

Next, Kara bends over a chair for the cane, about 8 strokes. “How is that, Kara Jayne?” “It stings.” Osborne pries her buttocks apart for the pleasure of the film crew and detects that she is wet. “See the juice?”

A phone rings, so the crew steps in and take turns in continuing the caning and the filming. About 20 more strokes, then a round of applause from everyone.

Late for Gym‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Model ‘Angelina’ has been sent to ‘Agean’ with a note for punishment. She has been late for gym three times. Agean loves this–“If you are sent to me, you go away with far more than you came with.”

Angelina bends over a desk, handspanking on maroon skirt and panties, which come down. “Oh, fuck!” Then a mild caning, about 10 strokes. She is such a loud squawker we turned the volume down. Bottom on display at the conclusion. There are faint welts which may have come from another session.

Late KT’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Domme ‘Miss Smith’ is waiting for ‘Katie Leigh,’ in a stark workroom environment, always a good place for a spanking. Katie drops her jeans, Smythe sees to the white thong. Conventional spanking and tawsing.

Lazy Assistant‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) ‘Jenny,’ one of our favorites in the XEROTICS model group, and a preferred young lady for the camera crews also, is jumped by ‘Agean’ for the mess she has made in her space, or maybe his.

He takes her OTK, and as Jenny does, she can’t keep from giggling. “You think it’s funny?” Hazel eyes into the camera. Jeans down, very naughty little blue flower-print panties down, shaved. She keeps smiling and laughing. You want to suggest the crew be allowed to share spanking some sense into her.

With those doe-eyes, she can look into the camera and get away with it. Bend-over an easy chair for a moderate strapping. After her strapping, Agean makes her pull her jeans off over her boots. She is now set to work cleaning up the mess without any pants on.

Liar‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) A young lady has lied to teacher ‘Jean Bradley,’ and we’re happy to say that she earns an immediate spanking.

OTK, white panties down, plump bottom, the spanking occurring in a sort of hallway near the water cooler.

Lucky Numbers’  (M/f; time:13 minutes) ‘John Osborne’ with blond ‘Sarah,’ we think. She has pilfered some numbers from him–we didn’t catch why, and it doesn’t matter.

She is going to be spanked for it. Hands-on-chair, jeans down, thong down. She already has significant cane marks on her bottom and down both thighs. Here, she gets the strap. “Ow, fuck!” That costs her another dozen. Frontal fuzz. Hugs.

Bare Bottom Brits #14 – XEROTICS

1 Dec

4 segments; 37 minutes

‘Heather’s Workout’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Actress ‘Heather Stanton,’  here a brunette, narrates for the camera that today she is getting a “special workout…for my bottom.” Sounds good to us–two seats on the aisle please. She stands in just black bra and black boyshorts in the spare cinder block general purpose room Xerotics used in this series.

Her male antagonist works down her shorts; closeups rear and front; vaginal jewelry. He gets her bra off so she is naked, this is the kind of industrial room where nudity is humiliating. He makes her do nude PT–star jumps, touch-toes and hold, ensuring her back is to us for part of it. The short segment concludes with a mild paddling, accent on her facial expressions.

(untitled) (15 minutes): ‘Justine,’ a very Irish-looking redhead with strawberry-pale skin where you could leave a mark with a thumbprint, is making a spanking film, possibly the aftermath of the segment called ‘Modelling Bell’ described next.  A set of “nasty steps ” are seen, which will be put to use  below. They discuss the actress ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ She shows her bottom with fading red marks and the actor cools her bottom with a cold water bottle, which makes her blush, more or less all over.

“Modelling Bell’ (M/f; 14 minutes): Pretty redhead ‘Justine’ endures a tortorous little drill we’d like to see exploited. She must step up and down on an aerobic platform so smoothly that she does not cause a bell that she holds to ring. If she stumbles, she hands over an item of clothing and gets spanked. We’d pay to see this wrinkle added to those early morning exercise shows.

Justine is quickly in trouble, almost naked, and getting a red bottom. After her last hope, her thong, is gone, she bends over a bench, obligingly spreading her legs 3′ wide, for handspanking. She kneels on this bench and bends forward so her head is low and her hands on the floor, presenting all-bottom and puss for the paddle, and left left to hold and struggle in this uncomfortable position.

‘Stanton OTK’ (M/f; 9 minutes): Blond Heather again, in school uniform, lowers her red panties herself. A  familiar actor gives her a conventional handspanking. He has her stand so he can carefully tease down and take off her knickers. Is that a tampax string between her legs?

Bare Bottom Brits #11 – XEROTICS

31 Jul

M/f; time: 50 minutes  6 parts

This series consists of short-segment films. The same actress appears in the six stories here, unrelated in plot. If you fancy pale Irish skin, freckles, and red hair, you’ll enjoy this young lady’s performances.

Caning Justine“: Justine is in perfect schoolgirl kit. A familiar male has her in-hand. She is in trouble for something which has earned the cane. Bend-over, touch toes, skirt up, maroon knickers. She stands straight and gets handspanked erect, then back over to touch toes, the supervisor pulls her panties down, legs wide, display of charms, 12 mild strokes of the cane, good grabbing, rubbing, closeups. (8 minutes)

“False Information”: Same scene, same actors. Pretty Justine wears white blouse, dark skirt, ribbons in her hair. She is sweetly embarrassed. “Take off your skirt.” The guy soon tugs down her tiny thong. Perfectly shaven. Bend-over a tall barstool, a great spanking posture. Legs open, full charms. This British Spanking series crew loves these shots. With a tawse, the male turns her bottom a uniform pink, full cheeks and flanks. (16 minutes)

“Justine’s Arrival”: Justine in trouble again. Same actors. She starts to rub her bottom even as she is being scolded. The set is the same, the furniture rearranged. Little jacket off, OTK, skirt up, little lavender panties nicely filled out; Justine is spanked to a smooth pink;  her bottom is clear, suggesting these scenes have been spaced or cleverly arranged. He tugs the pants down; we watch her face as it happens. Just a handspanking, but bravo this actress. (7 minutes)

Justine is in the next segment, back in schoolgirl attire, awaiting a spanking, and staring at a cane and a ‘slipper’ on a table. She is scolded, taken OTK, blue knickers down. This time her bottom is tinted a bit. She stands, is cornered bare-bottom, then bends over, hands on the floor and a camera shot up between her legs. Nothing more we need to know about this colleen. She gets a mild caning, with some surprising low strokes. (15 minutes)

“Rosenburg’s First Shoot”: The redhead again, playing the model, primping in front of a screen, pink top and jeans. The photographer grabs her OTK; she drops her jeans herself; he takes her knickers down; red bottom already; over a stool for glancing blows with a paddle. Save this film under ‘Redheads.’