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Kailee and Abi shower spanking

21 Sep

F/f; time: 6 minutes

A brief and simple exercise from two of our favorite models. They could have made this film in about its elapsed time. We have not yet identified the producer, maybe SHADOWLANE or GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL?

Kailee Robinson marches Abi Whittaker into a tight bathroom shot and into a shower stall. Abi wears just tiny shorts and a top. She strips to  bra and panties;  she can always look barely legal. The water has been turned on and Abi gets wet, except for her hair. If the  water was cold, she managed it.

Kailee brings her out and gives her a spanking, sitting on the toilet. Wet panties down. An erotic little tidbit from these two stars.


21 Dec

25 scenes; 1 hr. 34 minutes

REALSPANKING has excerpted and collected 25 segments, the alternate camera facial angle, from their released films. We will see many of the producer’s most famous models in short 3 or 4 minute sessions. No bottoms, little nudity, but all pretty girls in states of stress. We know that in general the spanking is very hard here at RS. 

The acting is always excellent, and this is all facial expressions. The disciplinarians are the RS staff—Masterson, Mistress Dee, Coach Daniels, Elizabeth Burns, Kailee Robinson, and others. Paddles, straps, canes. Some tears.

We could easily identify a number of the girls—Kathy, Bailey, Jackie, Claire, Michelle, Bobbi. Elizabeth Burns and Kailee both are in Top and Bottom roles. Ms. Burns is spanked in two segments, her beautiful face full screen, the usual copious tears. We see Kailee in several evolutions over the years.

For those of us very familiar with REALSPANKING production, bottoms can be seen elsewhere. We enjoyed this parade of pretty faces.

Attitude Change – DROPSEAT

11 Jun

M/2f; time: 68 minutes

Kailee Robinson and a blonde sisters, disciplined by a guy with a real fetish streak. It is a long film for Kailee, she is spanked more here than we generally recall. And for some reason the director does not insert much facial for any of the actors, so that Kailee’s bottom is extensively featured.

‘Day 1 Spanking Day’ First, Kailee, as ‘Connie,’ complains about her lazy sister ‘Joni.’ So the older father-type spanks blond Joni without any discussion. On the jeans and bare, handspanking, slipper, OTK and kneeling.

‘Motivation for Connie’ The film is in five parts, which is a way of spacing out the extensive spankings. We did not especially notice any increasing red bottoms. Kailee gets a long session here. She’s been staying out late and not looking for a job. She is soon spanked on white panties and on the bare. For some reason, we found this one of her most entertaining sessions.

The guardian guy shows his fetish. He has her straddle the couch arm so. Her thighs are spread. And he spanks thighs. Gasping. Then she kneels on a hassock and bends all the way forward for a slipper. Revealing.

‘Connie Spanked and put in Punishment Dress’ In a new scene, Kailee wears a little black dress. The guy does not like her Jon follow-up. OTK again, panties down. She is sent off. She returns in a little-girl dress, hair up in ribbons. Dress tucked up, white panties down, more hard spanking. Over a barstool, paddle and hairbrush. All this Kailee-bottom is erotic. The pervy guy spanks the front of her thighs, providing frontals. And then a big strap.

‘Joni’s Punishment Dress Spanking’ Kailee to the wall, pants down, hands on head, her bottom will be in the shot. Joni puts on a similar dress, she gets her spankings, and for good measure, her temperature is taken rectally, in closeup.

‘Spanked and Diapered’ After more spanking and strapping, both girls will lie on a bed, for talcum powder and then an adult diaper. Kailee’s session is particularly graphic. She is shyly reluctant to spread her legs. To conclude, both girls have to suck pacifiers and play with stuffed animals.

Desperate Measures – SHADOWLANE

8 May

MF/2f Time: 46 minutes

Clare Fonda and Kailee, the latter reportedly  in her introductory appearance. Domestic frivolity in 5 vignettes.

In an opening scene in a kitchen, Kailee and stepmother Clare argue, and Kailee will be spanked, learning the ways of the house. OTK just two minutes into the film. Clare takes Kailee’s pajama pants down and then her thong. There’s the bottom that will grace so many appearances, here at SHADOWLANE and many other places. Smoky looks, perfect bottom, high pain threshold, a switcher, and adventurous. Clare works the bottom and the thighs. When Kailee is sent for the hairbrush, we get the intended frontal flash. Clare is a relentless spanker.

In the second scene, ‘River Wild,’ as Jake the plumber, arrives in the kitchen and Clare immediately intends to seduce him. Lots of plumbers have spanked their clients in CP  films. Kailee interrupts. Jake will spank Clare, taking her OTK, for a standard bare bottom affair, although it is always fun to see Ms. Fonda bottoms-up. After some argument, Jake concludes with a lengthy, steady, and rapid handspanking, a primer for any couple watching these films. As she roils, Clare glares angrily at Kailee, who is going to get it later. After this rousing spanking: “Can you at least check the bathroom toilet?” “Certainly.”

‘Danny Crighton,’ playing Clare’s husband and either Kailee’s father or stepfather, calls for the two girls. Kailee spills the incident with the plumber where Clare showed her boobs. Danny goes with Clare’s version that she was set and he will now spank Kailee.

Another conventional OTK spanking, breezy white dress up, panties down. Danny spanks very hard, including on the thighs down almost to the knees. Kailee kneels on the hassock. Danny whips her with his belt.

In the next scene, Danny will now turn to his wife Clare. “But he was a fake plumber.” “But those are real boobs.” Another hard OTK spanking, notable for Ms. Fonda, whose later career has been as a Top and producer. She fetches the hairbrush for Danny, but she is cautious not to flash. Hard smacking. She has been complaining that they never do anything. But this works, she calls him to bed.

Jake has arrived at the house to pick up Kailee, who has forgotten their date. He WAS  a fake plumber. So Jake will spank her. OTK, her bottom and thighs are now bruised and mottled after the above scenes. “Didn’t you get enough this morning?” She moans. Spanking. Hugs.

Authority Figure – SHADOWLANE

19 May

M/2f; year: 2007; time: 49 minutes

We have not pursued SHADOWLANE in any great detail; we have mentioned before–the films are a bit innocuous for our personal taste, but if you are trying to cajole a partner, they work fine. And there is an interesting list of famous CP models who have come along for Eve Howard.

Here we have ‘Kailee Robinson’  and ‘Abigail Whittaker’ with ‘Lance Del Toro.’ The girls play aupairs hired by him, two of them! He doesn’t like their references- drinking and partying, but he probably got a good look at them when they came in and saw his opportunities. “In this house, you break my rules, you’re going to be spanked.”  As he scolds. “…I will have your butt.”

To start them off, he gives them a food budget and cell phones to use.

FADE: You know what happens when you give a girl a cell phone with no suggestion on use limitations. Both girls ran up huge texting bills. You’ve got to admire these models, given their pornographic film experience, how meek and vulnerable they can appear.

The girls have to bend over the table and study the phone bills while Lance begins spanking them. Handspanking on skirts, then skirts up, pantyhose and panties down. Two famous bottoms, if not for our Mt. Rushmore, replicas certainly for our gift shop.

Lance then spanks the girls individually OTK, then bottoms displayed at the fireplace.

FADE: the two girls cuddle in bed. We’ve read Ms. Whittaker was so inclined. Lance interrupts and doesn’t care for this. Both girls are spanked over the bed, handspanking and paddle. They kneel up on the bed, side-by-side, red bottoms, for a paddle. Then both bottoms on pillows for more.

A collectible film if these ladies appeal to you as they do to us.


27 Mar

More XEROTICS. some with our own titles.

Agean and blonde‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A delicious looking blonde stands apprehensively in the block wall room XEROTICS used in so many films. She is wearing just a skimpy house dress. She seems to know she is in for some trouble, because she raises her dress and rubs her bare bottom. No panties.

Agean enters, ready to get started. “Right, bend over.” There is a school desk in the room and she spreads herself over it. This model does not speak English, but all these activities are international. Dress up, handspanking, then a tawse. Next a cane, and the hardest. All this is simple but very erotic. The varied marks show the most on the far buttock, a sure sign of the authenticity of the spanking.

‘Breakfast with Peters’ (M/f; time:17 minutes) Our suggestion for the title. A pigtailed blond schoolgirl eats breakfast with Peters, who is still in his bathrobe. Much of this film is shot from overhead, unusual for most of the XEROTICS producers. The girl is begging to go out this night but Peters refuses. He’s had enough. She will be spanked.

He forces her to bend over the kitchen table—she resists a bit more than usual, very nice. Skirt up. Six strokes to start on her green panties. She kicks off her shoes and then stands on a chair so that her bottom is eye-level. Peters pulls down the panties. She will wait like this while he steps away.

Peters returns, turns her on the chair, and pulls her panties down further to expose her pussy. Naughty guy. Zoom on adolescent fuzz. Down and back over the table for the serious caning–over 20 strokes. Unusually good camera work here, and a set we haven’t seen before–just a kitchen. A short rest before the final six. Somehow, there are no marks.

‘British SG’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Perhaps the most surprising XEROTICS film we have seen, deviating from the many films we have reviewed in this XEROTICS series. The actor ‘Peters’ finally takes full advantage of his opportunity.

‘Elizabeth Simpson,’ in full schoolgirl kit, down to the necktie, knee socks, and maryjanes, awaits ‘Peters’ in what must be his office. She stands, head bowed, eyes averted. He arrives and reminds her that if in fact she had to be punished again today, she would be “caned and boogered” Did we hear that right? He makes her repeat  what they agreed would happen, “caned and boogered.” “Have you ever been boogered?” No.

Elizabeth is already sniffling, for good reason. She lifts her gray pleated uniform skirt to display white regulation panties. She must wait in that position while Peters gets the cane.

She completely removes her panties and bends over. “Spread your legs” The action is already more overtly sexual. “Touch your toes.” He warms her bottom with a handspanking, then lays on about 15 strokes. Marks start to appear at about 10. The last three strokes are with Elizabeth facing us, showing how miserable she is.

After a break, Elizabeth bends over an attractive antique table. Peters begins lubricating her anus with some gel positioned handily. One finger in, then several fingers. she is moaning and not necessarily liking this. “Relax, Simpson.” That is an instruction you will find in the how-to manuals. Peters holds her head up by her ponytails.

Peters drops his pants and rams Elizabeth. She spreads her legs submissively. This is almost barnyard stuff, not the staged porn film style. Occasional facials. Some school policy this is. After some ramming and jerking and another finger fucking, Elizabeth has to kiss his fingers then kneel on the floor, open Peters’ pants,and give him a blowjob. We don’t see much, but enough.

Elizabeth is upset and crying and allowed to leave.

‘Caned by Aunty’ (F/f; time:25 minutes) One of the longer XEROTICS film with ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ on Top. She plays a convincing aunt and is a actress who know other end of this business.

Her niece comes home late. “I’m goning to spank you. I’m going to spank you so hard.” ‘Laura’ is taken OTK and panties come down immediately, She is a cute brunette with two ponytails. After this warmup she stands and removes her skirt and panties herself, a bit reluctantly but not too much. Very sexy.

Laura bends over the couch for the slipper. From the look of her pussy, she might be enjoying this.

FADE. Elizabeth is on the phone with Laura’s parents, explaining that this spanking seemed to have had no effect, at least as far as punishment is concerned. They decide on the phone, “She’s going to have a good caning.”

The camera followed her bottom as she is marched upstairs. “Is there anything you want to say before I give you a good thrashing on your bare bottom?” Laura is adjusted face down on the bed, pillow under her hips, a long buildup.

“I’m going to give you twelve.” The strokes are fairly hard, Ms. Simpson can do it, but not every model agrees to vthis. Laura Is left for the night, tomorrow another day.

Sure enough, Laura is caught masturbating–she likes this CP stuff. More spanking and 8 more from the cane. She is left curled in the fetal position without her pants.

‘Farm Girls Spanked’ (M/2f; time: 31 minutes) A long film, and we’re not sure of this producer but will assign it to XEROTICS for now. And the film is more aggressive and graphic than the later schoolgirl stories. A very young ‘Peters’ plays a farmer here and will discipline two of his girls, dressed as schoolgirls. The first girl is ordered to bend over the table. “Nervous?” “Yes.” She must pull her own pants down. ‘Julie’ comes to the door to watch but is sucked in and must also bend over the table.

Julie is paddled very hard. She has to pee, which is what happens. We follow her to the toilet for a graphic peeing closeup, unusual for this era of film. Back to the table for more paddling. The first girl joins and Peters paddles the two bare bottoms. “Don’t rub, that’s my job.” He collects her knickers. They won’t be needing them for 24 hours. Peters orders them to stand and display their bottoms because he is expecting some visitors to the office who would be amused.

A new scene. ‘Bernard,’ a friend of Peters, who himself is referred to here as ‘Uncle Richard,’ has been given the privilege of continuing the spanking of these two girls, who are now without their panties. He spanks them both.

To the blond girl: “Take off your tie…and we don’t need this” (her blouse is unbuttoned). Then the skirt off, bend-over, Bernard throws her blouse over her head so that she is essentially naked. More paddling, then the cane. “Spread your legs.” At least a dozen strokes, as hard as it needs to be. And extras for wiggling.

Julie’s turn–her clothes don’t come off. Bend-over, blouse and pinafore out of the way, about 15 strokes, and the last three would rattle teeth. And the first girl is brought back for a few more. This is one of the most aggressive canings we have seen from this era of British film. We remember a LUPUS film where men made donations to the school for access to the punishment room.

‘Helena’s Detention’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A buxom brunette has earned a spanking for having received detention for the third time in a month.

She gets a standard OTK handspanking on her full white knickers and then on the bare. You don’t get through detention without at least a bit of humiliation–she kneels on a chair for a bare bottom strapping and presents her jewels.

‘Visit to Detention’ (F/f; time:12 minutes) Not sure this is XEROTICS. The scene of this spanking is a school office, nice oak book shelves. A very cute brunette, a prefect in fact, is going to be punished for bullying.

An older female will have no trouble putting bruises on her bottom for an offense like this. OTK, fully white panties down, a conventional spanking. The teacher gets the cane “for your naughty bottom.” Bend-over, panties at her thighs, 7 strokes with repeats.

This teacher is having a bit of fun. The girl has to remove her blazer, skirt and take her panties all the way off. Bend over again, six more strokes of the cane.

There are some fades and cuts in this film. 12 more strokes grabbing ankles with a “thank you, Miss Woods.” Cornered, bare bottom.

‘Kami Robertson Caned’ (F/f; time: 20 minutes) This may have been a FIRMHAND production, or even SHADOWLANE, but it felt so British we have included it in our XEROTICS compilation until we learn more.

Brunette Kami Robertson has been scheduled for a caning at 4 PM. The film opens with her in schoolgirl attire, bent over a desk, knickers down. We won’t see her face, just her name on the blackboard.

A matron, in academic gown, will do the caning, using several of them. There is an umbrella stand chock full. About 20 good hard strokes are shown. “Get your hands away from your bottom.” Each stroke elicits a groan from Kami and the matron lets the pain marinate between shots.

The left-handed matron really blisters the far buttock. There is a long hold on a thoroughly caned bottom and a shot of panties gathered at Kami’s high heels.

‘Two Girls in Detention’ (F/2f; time: 37 minutes) Not sure this is XEROTICS. A tag at the conclusion reads ‘’ We hope this is not a charity sponsoring a spanking film. A classic matron has two schoolgirls in blazers in detention. ‘Georgie’ has made a few films, and we have reviewed ‘C.J.’ in a few MOONGLOW films.

The two girls sit in detention in a brick-walled cellar-like room. The matron will spank them in various ways. There will be a lot of “Yes, mum.” and “No, mum.” The spankings are silly and mostly mild, but long enough that some good must come of it.

The girls get handspanked, the slipper, a bundle of birches, a hairbrush, various straps, and the cane. Panties eventually come down. The only notable spanking involves a long cane, which the matron can use on both bottoms bent over side by side at the table.


Real Spanking Network – Spanking Machines and more

22 Jun

Wonderful somewhat random shorts from ‘RSN’; this blog was written early in our exposure to RSN  and updated as we learn more; we have since collected work by Elizabeth Burns and the ‘Arrival’ and ‘School Swats’ themes separately.

‘Miss Stevie’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A blonde (Stevie Rose)  stands in front of Michael, her blouse open, her bare boobs on display, proud and firm. It seems she was caught in class without a bra. And we soon notice, she is standing on a stool, to further accentuate her nudity and humiliation.

Michael will spank her. She kneels on the stool, school kilt up, white panties down. Michael begins with a handspanking. The 3-minute spanking will be repeated, the rear first, then the side.

Stevie must now stand and bend over, hands on the stool, for the strap. They discuss how many strokes are appropriate. They agree, “12 is fair.” This strapping is also repeated, rear and side. She is sent to the corner to kneel erect, bare bottom.

‘Claire’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Mistress Dee comes into brunette Claire’s room and find her lolling on the bed, watching TV when she is supposed to be studying. Dee will fix this now. “If I can’t sleep, you’re not going to sleep.” Claire gets a short but impressive spanking with a large hairbrush on bare skin.

stars. A spanking is underway. Brunette Kailee was an hour and a half late for a spanking film shoot and ‘Dr. Daniels’ has her OTK. We know from his dialogue on that his interest in girls’ bottoms never flags.

The phone rings during the spanking. He stops to answer; ‘Sierra’ has called him, and now she will be spanked next chance he gets. As Daniels spanks and straps, there is some ad lib chatter which suggests Daniels is not hitting hard enough. He starts with a hairbrush. A male crew member calls “5 minutes.”

‘Redhead in the Cellar’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 18 minutes) A slightly nastier premise than the mainstream of REALSPANKINGSNETWORK, although the punishment itself is within their reasonable and respectable standards.

Mr. Daniels drags a stark naked little redhead to a padded spanking bench in the dank cellar set we have occasionally seen. (There is similar cellar space on the grounds of the Girls Boarding School.) Just contemplating her-a bit of fear and misery, makes the film. She kneels on the padded platform and leans forward, prayer-like. This variety of bench is for sale by some of the adult toy producers. Apparently RSN did not have a carpenter shop.

Daniels begins a handspanking, moderate but colorful. Most of these CP producers share a fondness for Irish colleen redheads or strawberry blondes. The reason is obvious–the pale skin colors immediately. The little redhead puts up such a loud squawk from the first that Daniels reaches for a ball gag, seen hanging on a rack with other spanking implements. She accepts it without dispute.

Nothing but grunts from here on. Daniels is amused to see her slobbering on the bench.

This four-minute segment is repeated NUWEST-style from a face-CAM, where we can enjoy the model’s young figure, long curly hair, her wild eyes, and the insertion of the gag.

Another 5-minute segment features the girl being flogged with a martinet as she sits on her haunches, then standing, and again with the ball gag. She is instructed to cover her breasts with criss-crossed arms to prevent wrap-around blows. Nice. The segment is repeated with the same face-CAM.

‘Michelle-School Swats’ (M/f; year:2007;time: 4 minutes) These ‘school swats’ films are sufficiently entertaining that we might collect them separately. Mistress Dee tells us that a “forum member” has requested that ‘Michelle’ be given the school swats routine, “on the bare.”

Pretty, curly haired brunette Michelle gets 10 of the paddle, hard enough to induce the reflexive quivering. And the big paddle does the most damage to the far buttock, an occupational hazard. Michelle sits naked at the end, knees apart, recovering.

Some machine spankings:

‘Spanking Monica-Robospanked’ (3 minutes) Man vs. machine. We picked this film in search of the best of the automatic spanking machines. This one is not as dramatic as those used at SPANKINGSERVER, but the results may be the same.

RSN’s ‘Monica’ kneels in place on a padded spanking bench. A slapper/paddle protrudes from a device beside her, aimed at the center of her buttocks. When it is activated, the wide leather paddle slaps her bottom faster than the camera can catch. Looks good to us, turn it on and go to lunch. Maybe the best machine, but without the drama of Peter Schrober.

Kailee-spanking machine‘ (f; time: 4 minutes) The spanking is underway; Kailee, in Institute schoolgirl kit, leans over Masterson’s desk while the machine, fitted with a plexiglass paddle attachment, whales away. Masterson reads files and pays on slight attention to the punishment.

In this short segment, the spanking is seen from the face and the rear. The paddle creates some vivid marks in just a minute or two, because all the smacks land in the same place.

‘Monica-spanking machine’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Monica stands naked while Masterson and Danny tinker with another spanking machine, a bit less sophisticated than the robospanker described above. She is going to get a taste of this machine for having lied to a staff member at the Institute.

Monica kneels naked on a folding chair, her arms folded behind her in the Institute method. Masterson operates the slapping arm of the machine with a remote control. For this device, the arm cannot be adjusted automatically to distribute blows up and down on the buttocks.

The strokes are short sharp snaps, fast and slow in spacing. Masterson likes the results. “It bruises up quickly.” Monica squeals. She must count out a last 12, which are delivered quickly. Masterson notes some “abrasions,” he means skin pops. The scene is repeated from a facial view, which illustrates that Monica was tested in this episode. She bends over to display the results.

‘Monica and Jordan-spanking machine’ (2M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Masterson and Danny sit in the classroom, tinkering with the laptop which controls their current model of a spanking machine. ‘Monica’  and  ‘Jordan’ will provide the practice bottoms for today. This is a clunky, early-model machine, not quite the Wright Brothers version, but close. It makes whirring anticipatory noises, and apparently the “compressor” is in another room.

Masterson sets it on “automatic.” Monica goes first, she is paddled on her white tights. We see facial and rear views. Once she is done, she goes to the wall and shows her bottom, not too bad, but a whole 30 minutes of this might be interesting. ‘Miss Jordan’ gets the same.

‘Riley Robospanked’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Masterson lives out his leisure. He sits at his desk, looking at his stock portfolio, or more likely trolling for porn script ideas on his laptop, while the Robospanker whirs away on the bottom of Riley, another of his blond students. Riley, in RSN schoolgirl kit, is bent over his desk, bottom bare, being bruised by the machine. The film is presented courtesy of ‘’

For the first two minutes we watch Riley’s face as she tries to anticipate the irregular smacks. The bruises are classic paddle marks with the white centers. An alternate view shows her bottom under assault.

Masterson gets up to adjust the strike of the paddle. Future versions of these machines will solve this problem, so a guy can go out for lunch. More facial and rear views.

‘Roxie and Serena – the spanking machine’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) The two girls enter the classroom and see the machine set up. “Oh, my God!” “What the fuck!” It is the clunky rattling  machine with the 2-foot long paddle attached to it. The girls sit on stools, eying the apparatus with apprehension, awaiting Dean Masterson.

Michael arrives. He explains that since his wrist is in a brace, he must use the machine to do the spanking today. He sits at his laptop to start things up. Pink-haired Miss Roxie must bend over the desk first. Michael sets the controls for “maximum stroke” and announces “10 coming.” Loud, hard smacks, irregular unpredictable rhythm, on Roxie’s shorts. She gasps from the first. Alternate facial and bottom views. She pulls down her pants to show the results–success! Serena gets the same ritual. Masterson examines both bottoms at the conclusion and is happy.

‘Miss Burns Spankings’ (M/f; year 2006-7; time: 20 minutes) We’ve seen blond ‘Miss Burns,’ one of the older disciplinarians at REALSPANKINGS, downright matronly when compared to the steady stream of post-teenage models, spank just about everyone, in all sorts of settings. There are a few occasions where she takes some punishment herself, only fair–gotta keep up the resume. We thought we would select a few and expand the file. We have repeated the Burns-Daniels collaboration separately on this site.

Miss Burns kneel on the floor, waiting, panties at her thighs, her hands behind her back, in the specified RSN handbook submissive posture. She wears a black turtleneck.

Mr. Daniels enters and grabs her OTK. He uses a small hardwood paddle, like the back of a hairbrush, with which he can be very specific about what he intends and where he intends it. He spanks and they talk. Is that a tramp stamp we see on this lady? He spanks hard, there are tears, long facials, this first segment is the front view.

Another segment of this video is essentially the bottom-CAM.

Part of this film is a 12 minute episode filmed with Daniels in 2005. Miss Burns is bent over the foot of a Victorian bed. Daniels is paddling her on her skirt with a wicked implement which looks almost like a piece of 2×4. He flicks her skirt up and takes her panties down. Well-reddened bottom, only partway through.

The 6-minute spanking is repeated again with the face-CAM.

‘Two naked men’ (3F/2m; time: 16 minutes) We have found a few examples of the F/m format at RSN. This is a playful one. ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ ‘Kailee,’ and a third girl have two men in what clearly is a hotel room. Elizabeth is wearing an evening gown, similar to what we have seen in spanking-party films she made. This film may be an extension of one of those.

The two guys stand beside the bed and quickly strip naked. Elizabeth and the third girl put on rubber gloves and then sit in front of the men and tie their genitals into protective bags. Elizabeth instructs the girl on how to do it, and there is some muted hilarity during the scene. Then men’s backs are to us.

The men kneel on the bed on all fours, genital bags hanging down. Elizabeth and Kailee spank, paddle, strap, crop, martinet, and cane them in mild sequences, suggesting that maybe these men have come upstairs from a spanking party downstairs for some personal adjustment.

‘Betty and Jordan’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) The two RSN actresses have their fun with a guy, they will be paddling him–he is made to strip naked. His butt is already a little red. Paddles and straps. Sets from each girl with paddles and straps. Betty starts with a Spencer strap, just six from her, then a rocking 33 from Jordan. Next a wooden spoon, Jordan hits harder throughout.

Hands-on-head for a rest; the girls then arrange him in stools–kneeling on one and leaning forward to rest elbows on the other. Jordan spanks, Betty points out the spots which need work.

He is allowed to rest on a stool. He has started a tiny erection. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST is the only model we’ve seen who can spring a hard one even before the spanking begins. We’re not connoisseurs of this phenomenon. The girls tell him “This is the appropriate way to let you back into the house.”

Bend-over a stool, paddling, the ruler. Why does the experienced Betty keep checking the camera. The girls make the guy kneel in the most uncomfortable erect position and set an hour glass to time him.

Elizabeth Burns Spanks at REALSPANKINGSNETWORK

9 Jun

In one of her videos with Mistress Dee, where she is interviewed before Coach Daniels walks onto the set to help her down with her pants, Elizabeth (aka ‘Veronica’ or ‘Victoria’) Burns describes herself as a “FemDom.” She mostly dresses in normal street clothes, often more formal business attire, not the traditional corny dominatrix garb. She can look like a first grade teacher and doesn’t look menacing, but there are a few models at RSN who would testify to the contrary, and she seems to like young bottoms. Some samples. And we have added here just a few Female/male films, a side project for RSN.

Abby with Burns’ (year: 2006; F/f) Blond Abby is an employee, having her quarterly review. She is going to be fired, but we know how these things go–the begging process begins. If you were in the business a reviewing female employees, you could work in a few spankings every day.

Abby will be given another chance; she is paddled on the bare over the desk, just a white thong.

‘Burns and Miss Baker’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A ‘Miss Baker’ reports to Elizabeth in the attic room set RSN used. Burns plays a therapist, and here it is suggested “alternative therapy…corporal punishment” might be applied. Baker seeks some solution to her low morale and motivation. Maybe a jump-start?

Elizabeth is wearing a breezy sundress, good for a polo match. “Take your skirt up…panties down.” “Will it hurt?” OTK, Elizabeth spanks very fast, and moderately hard. Baker offers a lot of bottom. Elizabeth wants to know what it feels like on the RSN scale of one to
ten. “Four or five.” A small paddle concludes the session.

‘Burns and blonde‘ (F/f; 5 minutes) A blond girl has borrowed Elizabeth’s credit card, the bill has arrived, and since she won’t admit she did it and actually lies about it, she will get double the punishment.

Burns and Cherry’ Take that skirt up and take those panties down.” The girl’s bottom is already fully red–there must have been a prequel to this scene. Nobody walks around with a bottom like that. The briefest moderate paddling produces some significant bruises.

Elizabeth will make her kneel erect, feet elevated, all the weight on her kneecaps, for an hour. Uncomfortable, impossible. Maybe she will be spanked again.

‘Burns with brunette’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 1 minute)(part) A pretty brunette is spanked bare bottom and then signs a release for Miss Burns.

‘Burns with ponytail brunette‘(F/f; time:2 minutes) (part) Burns spanks hard. “Stick those butt cheeks out.” “Peel those jeans down.” She is left in time-out.

‘Burns and Cindy’ (F/f; 3 minutes) Elizabeth caught Cindy going through her things. Since she found her paddles and straps: “You want to satisfy your curiosity?…get up…take your pajamas down…it’s so much better on a bare bottom.” Cindy gets a fast moderate paddling from two items in the collection.,

‘Burns and Cherry again’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Ms. Burns reports she is in Texas for this video. She spanks Cherry, a rare ‘big’ bottom in this series, for having a potty mouth and missing curfew. Very hard paddling, lots of skin to work with.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:4 minutes) Claire shows up in a skimpy cheerleader’s costume. She “ditched her cheer practice” and tries to fool Elizabeth by wearing her uniform anyway. “Take it off.”

Claire is quickly naked, a nice amateur adolescent body. We will seek out films where Burns spanks naked girls. She bends over, hands on a chair, for the floppy Spencer strap. Burns stands too close for this sort session–all the strokes land on the far buttock.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) Burns jumps Claire on the way to the shower. She is just wrapped in a towel. Claire did not finish her chores. Since they are near the bathroom, Claire is sent to get the bath brush. She kneels on a chair, the towel is pulled up, and her bottom peeks out a little red already.

The bath brush takes a quick bruising toll. After the session she will kneel in the painful position for 15 minutes.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Ms. Burns gets explicit on occasion. Elizabeth drags Claire into a bedroom and spreads on her on a bed. She goes to work with a small vibrator, the egg variety,  on Claire’s pantied crotch,  for a start.

Burns sits aside of her and pulls her panties aside to get at her vagina. “Don’t you cum. You’re going to have to beg for that.” She slaps Claire’s thighs as she works the egg. The scene is repeated from facial an side angles.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) From the frequency of this pairing, we’ll assume that the model Claire was especially willing to participate in some unusual scenarios. “Take your skirt and top off.” Claire is naked, not all that necessary for punishment, but especially humiliating.

Elizabeth will use a short strap,  with a handle. Claire bends over. Mild so far, but she is cute. Standard stuff from Burns, rapid fire her style, and getting harder. At the conclusion, Burns makes Claire stand submissively at attention for a bottom inspection. Scene repeated from angles.

‘Burns, girl reports’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth sits at a desk, wearing her two-piece gray suit, waiting. A girl reports to her, wearing jeans and jersey.

‘Kneel on that chair…take your jeans down…and the panties.” There are bruises from past spankings. If you’re going to make the flight to Denver, you have to make several films. Into the painful RSN holding position. “I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

‘Burns and Jessica’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) There are lots of cheerleaders in and out of REALSPANKINGS. Jessica must report to Miss Burns. She wears her cheerleader’s outfit. She is constantly late for practice, and has recently forgotten her pompoms. Burns is amazed. “What is cheerleading, anyway?” There is a vaguely light-hearted mood going on here–these two experienced players have made a number of films together.

“We’re going to need to do some spanking to help your memory.” Jessica bends over the desk and Burns does her shock when she discovers the girl is not wearing any panties, just a thong. “I was thinking of 10, but I am going to double it.”

Jessica is spanked with a synthetic birch bundle and a rattan loop, just friendly taps here. She often takes more and Ms. Burns is no slacker herself. They must have had a busy schedule.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:3 minutes) The briefest exposure for this celebrity bottom. Burns wears a light blue business suit, and Kailee is in a black turtleneck, a favorite color of hers. She drops her jeans and is paddled on a red thong, before assuming the punishment kneeling position.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) It is Kailee’s second day on the job, she is hung over, and caught sleeping at her desk by Burns. Now, in most employments, you’d get fired for this, but domme-Burns has better solutions.

More odd camera angles here, weak facial shots, and we can’t hear Kailee. Burns wears her light blue two-piece suit. “Bend over, take your pants down, I’ll be right back.” She gets the strap in this position. There are faint traces of yellowing bruises on her bottom.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:1 minute) (a part) Kailee is being spanked very hard on the bare in the kitchen with a wooden spoon. Blue top, jeans down.

‘Burns with Kailee and Michelle’(F/2f; time: 16 minutes) For us, one of the sexiest of the F/f spankings from Ms. Burns. Tall brunettes ‘Kailee’  and ‘Michelle’ walk onto the set. “I want you to strip down.” These two glorious bodies are soon stark naked. Burns will spank each girl OTK and alternate, bringing each bottom to an even red glow. Handspanking and the teardrop paddle.

The eight minute scene is repeated from a wider angle, so that both naked girls fill the screen. To conclude, the girls must assume one of RSN’s punitive postures–kneel erect on the floor, hands locked at the small of the back, knees wide, lean forward and hold. Surely taxing.

‘Burns with girl’ (F/f; year: 2006; time:3 minutes) A shorty; Burns deals with a slightly older brunette who has a nasty attitude. “What are you going to do, ground me?” The theory being of course, that RSI IS grounded.

“Get on all fours on the table, now!” It is a coffee table. Handspanking, jeans down, again odd filming angles, as if no one was on the camera. We liked the floral thong.

‘Burns with girl in kilt’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A tall brunette in a kilt has been caught flashing boys in their dorm. The girl thought it was funny.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.” Burns will show her how to respect her body. “Assume the position…spread your legs…does that feel good?” Burns uses a heavy wood paddle; the filming is from the side, but it is clear the girl has been heavily spanked and recently.

10 strokes; she dresses, frontals.

‘Burns with Missy’ Burns is spanking a redhead, very rapidly, for having made a mess in her room. She used Elizabeth’s razor without permission. “I don’t have one.” We can hear the voice of ‘Dr. Daniels,’ who is operating the camera. Missy is smiling and laughing. Burns cures that with a few slaps to the thighs.

Someone on the set delivers a hairbrush. Hard smacks. “This is definitely getting through.” Bend over for the strap and paddle.

‘Burns with Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Monica, maybe the most prolific model at RSN, has been caught by Elizabeth in the pool without authorization. Ms. Burns, in one of her breezy flower print very non-porn film dresses, picks Monica out of a chair and has her strip off her bikini bottoms but leave on the bra.

Monica bends over for the slipper, which Burns does in her rapid-burst style, which can get a girl to gasping and squirming. Bra off, Elizabeth has a Spencer strap. Fast bursts again. Alternate facial views of these two sequences. The RSN website says this film was remastered during the coronovirus hiatus.

‘Burns/Monica w/guy doing porn’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) A long episode, mostly because of repeat angles from different cameras. Elizabeth and Monica have a completely naked guy bent over the trestle. He has been caught doing porn on the computer and doesn’t seem to upset about it.

The ladies paddle and strap him, individually and together. In oblique view repeats, we catch a glimpse of his jewels. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST was one on the only actors we have seen who could generate a 7″ boner just being spoken to.

‘Monica and Aaron” (2F/m; time: 17 minutes) We’ll slip this review in here, although Ms. Burns did not appear. Monica and a friend are paddling the same naked guy, while he kneels erect and holds books at arms’ length. The girls use a variety of implements.

The guy must take the lunge position across the stool for more. “Don’t touch it.” What they mean he, he shouldn’t let his balls hang down and touch the stool. Repeat angles double the length of the film.

‘Burns and Raquel’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth with a stunning redhead. The girl is being spanked voluntarily in one of REALSPANKING’s two-minute drills, timed by an hour glass. “You did very well on your profile spanking…we now do our two-minute spanking test…go ahead and take off all your clothes.” A nice stripping scene, always a highlight at RSN.

Elizabeth handspanks her OTK, fast and moderate, and uses the ‘teardrop’ paddle. Sweet gasping. She gets though it, they laugh in relief. “Nice and red, properly spanked. You did a very good job for your first day.”

The spanking is repeated from the buttocks angle, 5 minutes of that pale bottom turning pink.

‘Burn with Riley’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) In one of the RSN films where Daniels spanks Elizabeth, he has accused her of spanking too rough one of the models, ‘Riley.’ We’d like to find that film.

Here, Riley presents in a messy schoolgirl uniform and gets a fast strapping over a desk, seen from the facial and side angles. This would not seem to be excessive.

‘Burns uses ruler’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Strip,” says Burns to a pretty light brunette. She is soon naked and bends over with a vigorous session with a thick ruler. Her bottom is already red. Round bruises. Moderate spanking.

‘Burns with brunette with hair ribbons’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) The brunette is mostly naked and Burns is on her with a strap. She wears just bra and panties; she sports a tramp stamp and has ribbons in her hair. “Discipline, focus, organization!” admonishes Burns. The paddle is next, off with the undies, she kneels on a chair.

‘Burns and Michelle’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Are you ready for your spanking, Michelle.” Elizabeth has the girl strip naked and make a neat pile of her clothing. Her bottom is already pink, surely the consequence of making more than one film a day at REALSPANKINGS. Cute scene.

Elizabeth will use a big rule labeled ‘The House Ruler.’ It produces round, different bruises on the red cheeks.

‘Elizabeth interviews Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) This interview, in the wing chair in front of the fireplace, Elizabeth quizzes Monica about her least favorite spanking implement, and we know where this one is going. It is the “bee-sting paddle.”

Elizabeth tells her it is time for a treat, a session with that paddle. Monica produces the anticipated smirk. She drops her jeans. The paddle is a miniature oak fraternity model.

“I know you can do 20,” says Burns. Monica yelps from the first. It probably stings more because it is smaller but still heavy, concentrating the power. Monica is already red–the paddle produces white bruises on top.

Monica sits, a little shaken. It was a ‘9’ on the ’10’ scale. It stings–you would to think she has a boyfriend waiting for her.

‘Burns and Monica-her attitude’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes; year: 2005) Burns does a good job with the older girls–plausible disciplinary control. Auburn-haired Monica never shows her face here–we couldn’t discern the reason for the camera angles.

Monica has a bad attitude–nothing ever gets done, and that doesn’t work with Ms. Burns. Hands on the chair, large floppy RSN paddle on her jeans, then on the bare, nothing but a G-string. She is left in the painful kneeling position. We don’t see much face of either actor.

‘Elizabeth and Monica-curling iron'(F/f; time:9 minutes) Burns confronts Monica in her bedroom–for the umpteenth time she has left her curling iron plugged in and on the rug. (Does anyone have women in their house?) Burns is wearing one of her breezy summer frocks.

Burns asks Monica what sort of punishment might make an impression. Monica sheepishly suggests a handspanking. “Take your shoes off…take our jeans down…take your panties off.” A fast handspanking on the bed.

Monica is left kneeling. “Stay here.” But she is getting dressed when Burns returns. A paddle this time, panties off, same fast spanking. “That is a spanked bottom,” declares Burns. She must stay kneeling for 15 minutes.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) ‘Monica,’ an older model by RSN’s almost teenage standards, is reading in her bedroom when Elizabeth bursts in. Elizabeth gave Monica $125 for shopping, but Monica did not come back with any of the items Elizabeth needed.

Monica is wearing only a bikini, which turns out to be one of the expensive items purchased. She must bend over. Elizabeth gives her a fast moderate spanking. The bottoms must be removed–Burns returns with a paddle. After the punishment Monica must remain in the RSN punitive position–kneeling erect, all her weight on her knees, arms locked behind her.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) This time Burns has the cane, unusual for her. It is the last day of school, and Burns overhead some potty-mouth language on a cell phone. Burns explains that at RSN, more is expected on the models.

There will be 50 strokes, and Burns lays them on in the ‘NUWEST’ manner, five groups of 10 each. She does not cane hard; in fact, she never spanks very hard, but she is excellent at humiliating her prey.

For each set of 10, clothes keep coming off until Monica is naked.

‘Elizabeth and Monica on bed’ (F/f; year: 2007; time:9 minutes) A continuation. an auburn haired girl is being spanked in the conventional manner. The concluding punishment position has the additional variation of crossed ankles. Side views on the bed.

‘Burns likes cheerleaders'(F/f; time: 6 minutes) A cheerleader is caught picking some money out of Elizabeth’s purse. Scolding is fine, but spanking works better. For some reason, must of this scene is shot with the actors’ backs to us or faces hidden.

Elizabeth will make the girl wait while she goes to get a paddle. She returns with the ‘teardrop.’ Bend-over, hands on a table. Red panties down, Elizabeth paddles a little harder here. It must vary as to the actress’s preference. Kneel, skirt tucked up, bottom on display.

‘Burns with Racquel'(F/f; time:5 minutes) Elizabeth with a stunning redhead, already naked and across her lap. Elizabeth does one of her fast handspankings and also uses the teardrop paddle.

“Two minutes, you made it!” This was an audition. Elizabeth chuckles with her at her discomfort. “The handspanking was worse than the teardrop paddle.” They like numerical scoring at RSN. Racquel says “seven” for the handspanking and a “five” for the paddle. Racquel dresses slowly on-screen, part of the show.

‘Burns spanks Aaron’ (F/m;  time: 9 minutes) Aaron is the office mailman here, and he is going to get spanked for a mis-delivery. One would be advised to avoid Ms. Burns at any cost.

He bends over her desk, drops his pants and very loose boxer shorts for a strapping. Alternate view. His modesty is preserved here.

Admissions, Arrivals, Profiles, and Interviews at REALSPANKINGS

4 Dec

Several CP companies used this method to parade and catalogue their models and to kick off series with them, the ‘Intakes’ at BARSANDSTRIPES and arrivals at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL  being salient examples. Others use casting interviews, etc.

Some of the girls here are perfect illustrations for the CP film business. Other girls are quite ordinary in comparison to CP models,  and may in fact have contacted RSN just for the experience. We enjoy watching these girls take their clothes off for spanking in this sterile non-porno setting. Some are nervous, others confident, a few quite fearful of the spanking coming. Most of them interview awkwardly, reinforcing the amateur theme. Nicely performed.

‘Abbey Interview’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Miss Elizabeth’ will interview 24 year old ‘Abbey,’ who is delightfully nervous. “I’ll have you get undressed.” Abbey gasps during a mild OTK spanking. Nude interview. Spanking scene from two angles.

Allison’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Allison Donaldson,’ a flashy jet black-haired brunette in pigtails and ribbons, is marched into webmaster Michael Masterson’s office by Mistress Dee. Allison plays a sullen and disrespectful girl very well, increasing the desire to get on with the spanking which must be coming. Masterson’s ears will perk when he hears her wise mouth.

Dee tells her to strip naked. “Really?” “Yes, really.” Facing us, at the wall behind Masterson’s desk, she gets naked, none too happy to do it. Masterson waits, instructs her on RSN behavior, ‘sir’s,’ hands always behind the back, etc. “Do you know what corporal punishment is?” “Yes, sir.”

He instructs Allison to come around to the front of the desk and make a “wide stance.” Masterson begins with a hard session with the tawse, filmed on an oblique angle, keeping her pretty face on the screen. An ‘alternate angle’ repeats on her bottom.

Back to the wall, naked red bottom, nose to the wall, learn the handbook by Friday. “That was entry-level corporal punishment…just a start.” Dee helps her dress and walks her out.

‘Alyssa’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Mistress Dee brings tall auburn-haired Alyssa in to Michael Masterson. “Quite the attitude on this one,” says Dee. She had to be spanked at the van transporting them.

Masterson warns her of the procedures, instructs her on how to stand with arms folded, and tells her she will comprehend in the next few minutes. “Go ahead and get your clothes off.” “What are you talking about?” After more scolding, the girl strips quickly.

She is shown how to bend over the desk, resting on her elbows. Masterson starts with the strap, filmed from the rear and side. Tears.
Dee brings in the RSN uniform and she dresses slowly.

Amber’s Arrival‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A simple ‘arrival’ process for brunette ‘Amber,’ performed by an older guy. Half the film is repeated scenes.

Amber stands in front of a couch and is scolded by the RSN-staff guy–she is slovenly, improperly dressed, and too casual about the gravity of the moment. He wonders if she knew what would happen to her–the certainty of a spanking. Here at the school, she must keep straight-A’s or be spanked. If the teachers grade on a scale, there will be a lot of sore bottoms.

“Get up, strip down, get those clothes off.” Amber doesn’t hesitate. Jeans, top, bra off, no panties. Hands-on-head. Twirl. Tattoos.

“Get over here.” She gets a naked OTK spanking on the couch. She then kneels on the floor, bottom up, doggy style, not exactly a punishment position, but embarrassing and demeaning. The scene is repeated with a face-CAM.

Amber is marched naked into the next room and made to stretch across a table for handspanking. She kneels up on a table for the same bottoms-up, knees-wide display. While she hugs her knees to conclude, she hears that the implements come in the next session.

‘Annabelle’ (M/f; F/f; time: 1 hr 24 minutes) The entire RSN ritual is rolled together in one long film here. Michael begins by interviewing auburn-haired , trim little Annabelle. She admits to being an exhibitionist, no problems with nerves, spanking excites her, she was spanked as recently as yesterday, she has never been caned, she wants to test her limits, she is a kinkster. Masterson must be palpitating. She admits to being into “anal play,” and wears a tail for some games.

On request, she strips naked, and Miss Betty comes on-set for the first spanking. A long and moderate handspanking OTK, repeated from the facial view. Annabelle is very comfortable. She bends over the couch. Her bottom is developing nicely.

A new scene, back to the interview couch, Annabelle is dressed again. She is holding a strap. Betty returns. Bend over, strap on her jeans, then on her thong, then on the bare. Alternate views.

Next, the gym workout garb. A table of spanking implements, she drops her tights to show a marked bottom. Bend-over for a very large Spencer strap, tights and panties down.

Masterson selects the next implement, a big fraternity paddle. She bends over bare bottom again. He adds some cane here. Annabelle might be getting the message at this point.

The next phase–another RSN ritual. Annabelle lies pants-down face down on a wedge on a table. Thighs spread wide, very gynecological for RSN. After some spanking in this posture and alternate views. she must need on all fours in the punishment posture, on her kneecaps and elbows. Zoom between her legs. She falls a few times.

Masterson uses a flogger next. She is sent to the corner naked, then faces us. This is very much like a DALLAS show.

Another RSN ritual – frisk position at the blackboard for the strap, then chin to the whiteboard, no hands. Very nude postures follow.

Another RSN ritual. Dressed in full schoolgirl kit, Annabelle slowly pulls up her kilt and drops her panties to present a shaved vagina. Strap on the bare, nude positions, the fantasy played out is that Annabelle can’t follow instructions. Lunge position  on elbows for the strap, then the kneecap posture to conclude.

‘Anne-interview’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Masterson interviews a blonde who says she is 21 years old, which seems a sort of revelation. Masterson says he has had his troubles with 18 year old girls, We, though, have been OK with them. Anne hasn’t been spanked much, but she is kinky. She likes the “bratty” thing, paddles, canes, fetish bondage.

She strips after the little chat. Masterson likes her tattoos. Betty does the spanking, mild to start, but “bumped up.” Alternate views .10 hard smacks to conclude.

In a six minute addendum, Anne has changed clothes for a  strapping. A storyline to enhance: “No bra,” always trouble at RSN. Strap on jeans and then on panties. Bottom inspection.

‘Anne’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Slightly different ‘arrival’ format. Anne has already arrived at the Institute, tangled with a senior student immediately and been spanked for it. Now she stands naked at the wall in Masterson’s office, hands in the official RSI position.

She is a pretty blonde, with a tattoo or two too many for our tastes. And some body jewelry. Masterson is angry that she is showing disrespect so soon. He has her kneel erect on a stool facing his desk. Uncomfortable, but at least the stool is padded, he points out, not always the case.

“Bend over, hands and elbows on my desk.” He warns her, if she fidgets, he will upgrade the spanking implements until she gets the drill. The strap, with film repeats  from side and rear. Major bruises. She has to remain in this position, holding the strap in her palms.

‘Anne’ (more) (M/f; time:5 minutes) Anne reports to Michael. She has skipped English class and got spanked for it. He wants to see her bottom. “Wow!” He is impressed by how his school is paddling these days. He gives her another hard spanking on the bare. Alternate views.

‘Anne’ (more) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Blond Anne is interviewed on the clunky furniture on this “second day of shooting.” Today she will get the “belt test.” Long conversation, including her spanking history.

She shows Materson her bottom, which is not as bruised as the scenes decribed above. She gets a belt/strap over her jeans and panties.

‘Anne progress interview ‘ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) One of RSN’s exciting models, a tall and well-built blonde, who is mostly fine with a good spanking. She reports to Masterson in her RSN schoolgirl kit. Despite her top aptitude, she is just an average student, so Masterson will give her a “demo” on how to work harder, which here at RSN means your panties go to your shoetops.

Over the desk on her elbows, panties down, a handspanking. Then she must knock and enter the office again. “Take off all your clothes.” A naked handspanking, then kneel erect at the wall in an RSN posture, hands on head, nose to the wall.

After some time in this uncomfortable posture, naked Anne grabs her ankles in front of Masterson’s desk for the tawse. She concludes this visit by kneeling on all fours, forced to rest her weight on her kneecaps and elbows.

’Ava Nicole Arrival’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) An average-looking brunette is  marched in by Betty to face Masterson. Lest Ava not comprehend what this is all about, another girl stands at the wall, panties down, in the required RSN bend-over posture.

Ava is required to strip naked and carefully fold and stack her clothes. She learns the first RSN position, arms crossed behind her and legs spread. She starts, bent over the desk, for the strap. Masterson reaches to smack the bottom of the girl at the wall. Facial view repeat of this strapping.

Ava joins the other girl at the wall, two bottoms. Betty returns to fetch the first girl and gives Ava her school uniform to put on.

Baileys Second Arrival’‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A  very young Prince Valiant Michael Masterson. Very pretty brunette ‘Bailey’ is let in from an ante-room. She has been returned to the Institute, a rarity. Masterson is surely excited by the license of this prospect.

First he searches her backpack. “Stand up. Strip off. Everything.” Piece by piece–jeans, T-shirt, pink panties, bra. She is shaved. Master will make her wait, kneeling in an uncomfortable position.

Masterson returns with her school uniform, but first the spanking, and a bit more. She squeals through the spanking. He takes her into the bathroom and gives a mouth soaping, reasonably well filmed. The spanking is repeated from angles.

‘Bala-interview’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) A very pretty redhead sits on the wing chair for interview, strips naked, and gets a short demonstration spanking from Masterson.

‘Blake  – interview’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Elixabeth Burns does the interview. A chunky brunette; 20 years old; she was curious about the RSN and thought it would be more hardcore.

“Go ahead and take off your clothes for us.” Burns takes her OTk  for one of her fast, mild, timed spankings. Bottom displayed as usual.

‘Burke Arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) We’re not sure we got this name right–we’ll  be alert for her. ‘Betty’ has brought  Burke to Masterson. She has already had to spank her twice for behavior on the bus on the way to the Institute, a technique to explain for the segment why her bottom is already red.

Burke is a mo0n-faced little blonde, with a tight and nifty little natural body. Masterson has her strip naked in front of his desk. Since she has already been spanked, she will get the cane, unprecedented at an ‘arrival.’ 12 snappy strokes, viewed first from the facial and then from the rear. Neat little gasps and grunts. A long dressing scene to conclude–into the RSI uniform.

‘Carrie-interview’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Mistress Dee introduces Carrie, the older sister of ‘Tricia,’ an RSN model. She is a 22 year old, slightly heavy, ordinary brunette. Because she was the oldest sister, she spanked Tricia at home, and now she will be making some video recreations with her.

The camera pulls back from the interview. “Let’s go ahead and get off all your clothes.” OTK, the typical fast and moderate interview spanking, which Carrie will tell us in her nude interview didn’t bother her very mych.

‘Charli-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Mistress Dee is busy today. She turns the arrival interview over to Kailee. Charli hears some of the rules of the Institute and the importance of the rule book.

Charli strips in front of the desk to put on her school uniform. She defies instructions and tries to keep her bra and panties on. “Keep going.” When she is naked, she reflexively tries to cover up. “Uncover!…your modesty is gone.”

An angry Kailee takes Charli OTK for a fast, simple spanking.

‘Devon’s arrival at the institute’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) In an exterior garden scene unusual for RSN, senior-student ‘Miss Betty’ is dragging little ‘Devon’ into the school. She is a shag-blonde, quite tattoo’d for RSN.

Betty cannot take any more and decides to spank her right there on the shady garden walk. Panties down, then clothes off, tattoos abound. Betty spanks her as best she can in these conditions. Blotching. We’re sure she’ll get the attention she is earning later.

Charli -interview” (F/f; year: 2005; time: 21 minutes) Miss Dee introduces and interviews a busty 23 year old blonde. “Let’s get you even more nervous. Take your clothes off.” Big boobs. A  friend suggested Charli visit. She had a few childhood experiences with spanking. Dee often tells girls this spanking will not be like those times.

OTK for the mild, accelerating handspanking, then hands-on-chair to display the results. In the closing interview, Charli tells us she was close to employing the ‘safe’ word. The scene is repeated from a side camera.

‘Charli -arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A diminutive tattooed brunette reports to Michael Masterson. She has read the Institute manual but forgets the ‘Sir’ in her answers. Masterson is marvelously stern and intimidating.

“Undo your pants, lower your pants and panties.” Little Charli bends over the desk and gets 30 with a strap for failing the respect portion of the manual. Bare bottom to the wall. She does a good job controlling her surprise at the pain.

‘Erin’s Painful Arrival’ (F/f; Time: 15 minutes) We’ve said, we are most entertained by these RSN arrivals for these new students/inmates at the Institute. For us, amateur observers, better than Intakes at BARSANDSTRIPES, welcomes at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, and better than some but not all of the check-in scenes at MOOD. This is not film criticism. We enjoy the depiction of submission and embarrassment at RSI.

Little brunette ‘Erin,’ with an elegant petite body which will spawn many films at RSI, is escorted into webmaster Masterson’s office by an older RSI inmate, ‘Miss Biggs,’ another student, who has been spanked into sufficient obedience that she can now supervise other girls. Erin looks very frightened, and Masterson suggests that after a few days she may in fact be sorry she didn’t elect jail. (In some PAIN4FEM films, the girls are given an opportunity to use the bathroom at this point.)

She will memorize the handbook, every word. “To get started, remove all your clothing.” “What?” Masterson works away at his computer while Erin strips. Miss Biggs enjoys Erin’s misery, having been here herself, and knows what is in store for her. No bra, red panties, some tattoos, and shaved.

Masterson allows Biggs to start the spanking because Erin tossed her clothes around as they came off. An all-facial angle then the rear angle. Erin shows her bottom to Masterson. Nice job, Miss Biggs.

Fawn’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Betty brings Fawn in for her audience with Masterson. All sorts of sizes and shapes are cast at REALSPANKINGS. Fawn is a tall blonde, a big girl, with a runway body pressing for release. “Stop fidgeting. Hands at your sides.”

Masterson explains the RSN culture to Fawn, the handbook, the discipline, the dress code, and the zero tolerances. It seems she has already been in trouble–Betty has given her a spanking on the way here, a surprise for her.

“Remove your clothing.”  “Right here? Now?” Masterson screams at her drill instructor-style, and she soon doing her buttons. Blouse off, no bra, skirt and panties off. There is a lot of Fawn. He is going to do some spanking for “emphasis” and shows her his “options,” a paddle and straps.

Bend-over, hands on the desk, Masterson has her back up until her back is at 90 degrees and her estimable boobs hang. She struggles under a strapping, Alternate camera view. Betty brings in the school uniform and the nude scene continues as she dresses.

‘Isobel Arrival‘ (F/.f; time: 12 minutes) Betty brings redhead Isobel to Masterson. She wears glasses, a yellow sweater, and jeans. Masterson lectures her on how to make a good impression, which she is not doing. Hw wants to see her bottom. Wow! She has already received a spanking, maybe from a hairbrush, and recently. She is ordered to strip  and then bends forward, legs wide, one of RSM’s stress positions. Over the hassock for a doubled belt, viewed facial and rear.

‘Katherine-interview’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) A long interview with a very striking brunette. She is 21 years old and this will be her first adult spanking. She was “interested and curious” to answer the ad. “Take off all your clothes.” When she is naked, she smiles and stands just a bit taller, justifiably proud of her gorgeous body.

Miss Betty will do the spanking. In the nude interview, Katherine admits it was “pretty intense,” a “6 or 7” on the 10-scale RSN likes to score. When Katherine bends over to present her red bottom, interviewer Dee is quite pleased. “You are a bit of a marker.” They like that in Colorado.

‘Lauren-interview’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Sophisticated blond Lauren is 32 years–Masterson is experimenting with older models. She laughs at the discussion that soon she will be naked and being spanked. “Everyone has seen me naked.” She considers herself a little bit kinky.

“Stand up and whip those clothes off.” She is soon naked. Her big boobs may suggest her other line of work. Miss Betty comes on-set to do the spanking, Masterson behind the camera. Big bottom. Mild handspanking. Alternate views.

‘Liz – interview’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Mistress Dee interviews a small brunette.

She strips naked pro forma in front  of the desk. OTK for the standard spanking, and bottom display over the chair. In the post-spanking nude interview, Liz found the spanking within her tolerance; her boyfriend spanks harder when it is sex foreplay.

‘Miss Fallon-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Miss Fallon is slightly older than the average Institute client, but she is certainly welcome to sample the lifestyle. She sits in a formal chair, handcuffed wrist to chair arm, ankle to leg.

‘Miss Dee’ appears; apparently Fallon has been acting out on RSI grounds. Dee called the court and the judge is most willing to accept her back in jail. Maybe the judge is one of those guys who practices his own little punishments in chambers.

“I want you to remove every article of clothing, from head to toe.” “Excuse me?” “Did I stutter?” “No ma’am.” Fallon quickly strips. Dee instructs her into the RSI ‘attention’ posture–stand erect, arms behind back, hands grasping wrists, This leaves the all-important bottom unobstructed. Dee steps away. Fallon wiggles and can’t hold even this simple position.

Dee scolds. Apparently Fallon’s been given a spanking,’ traces of pink still visible, but it didn’t take. Dee gets a strap and lays on a few strokes in the ‘attention’ position. Alternate views.

‘Francine’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) A tall long auburn-haired girl in schoolgirl blouse, kilt, eyeglasses, knocks and enters webmaster Michael Masterson’s office. She has gotten in trouble and been summoned yet again, even though she was spanked just three hours earlier.

Masterson is delightfully disgusted. He looks at her electronic discipline record since she has been here at the Institute, a long list of punishments of every kind. “There is nothing I haven’t done here.” (We have a suggestion–trade her in for a consultation at’Wizard of Ass.’ From the look of her, they would do it gratis and she will return subdued.)

Masterson wants to see her bottom from the morning session. “That looks sore.” Well, he is going to have to try something new. He ordered Francine to strip, which she does quickly. Any delay on that at RSN is always costly. Naked, she pauses. “Everything…shoes and socks.” Long frontals, because Francine is quickly used to having stand around naked at RSN.

Masterson drags an adjustable spanking bench from off-set. First, he folds it so it looks lie a dentist’s chair. Naked Francine takes a seat and offers her palms for a long strap-slapping, something all the girls hate. Maybe some tears here.

Next, she leans back and grasps some roller coaster-like support bars while Masterson straps the front of her thighs. Nasty, fetish-like stuff, definitely fresh skin areas. Masterson flattens the chair and Francine rock back into the diaper position, and Masterson does the back of her thighs. Now she has marks from the back of her knees to the base of her spine, the bottom still marked from the earlier session (which might be available. Check back here.) On her stomach, legs elevated, bastinado.

The spanking bench is removed, a small stool is placed, and Francine is forced to kneel erect, hands on head, to hold for a time. that painful conclusion.

‘Harlan’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette ‘Harlan’ is marched in to webmaster Masterson by Miss Dee. “Get undressd.” “Excuse me?” She doesn’t get it right away, an erotic little moment in most of these ‘arrivals.’ Masterson observes, trying to appear distracted and nonchalant. Harlan is standing against the wall, behind the desk, blocking this scene somewhat.

Once Harlan is naked (and reluctant), she gets her policy-and-procedure lecture, comes around front of the desk, hair off her face, for the essential welcome. he floppy strap, and moderate–these girls have to work again, and probably soon. To the wall again, she is instructed not to cover her bottom with her arms. Dee helps her to dress and leave.

‘Isobel-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette Isobel comes in from the Colorado cold for her meeting with Elizabeth Burns. They discuss the Institute rules and the time comes to undress.

Isobel doesn’t quite get naked here and puts on her issued school uniform. So far, so good. But Burns searches Isobel’s backpack and finds liquor, the only item in the pack. Burns is mystified as to how Isobel thought she would get away with it. Panties down, first spanking here, a big bottom.

‘Kathy – interview’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A normal looking 21 year old brunette is interviewed by Mistress Dee at the fireplace setting. She too is curious about this experience.

She stands and takes her clothes off. Dee takes the naked girl OTK and begins a slow and mild handspanking. We were about to say that this girl would not appear to have an adult  film future, but when seen from the rear as she climbs over Dee’s lap, we see how she got past the initial contact.

Kathy giggles/gasps with embarrassment. The scene cuts to her with hands on the chair. The mild spanking seems to take its effect.

‘Keagan Interview’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A little brunette, Keagan will be popular at RSN. Masterson does the interviewing–she is 18 years old, seems seriously in a relationship where she has been getting spanked for a year. She was spanked at home and at school. She likes “boundaries,” and a disciplinary environment.

Time for some spanking. She drops her pants and Masterson notes some bruises. “I can tell you are a naughty girl.” He will use a small strap, several larger straps, then a Spencer. Keagan is not phased, and describes this spanking as only a “4 or 5.” Good news for more videos.

‘Kelly interview’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Kelly is interviewed by Elizabeth Burns. She sits in the wing chair; she is intrigued by spanking–she was spanked at  home and lets her boyfriends  toy with her–they have taken her to a scale of 8 out of 10 on the pain index.

“Take your clothes off for us.” As per usual, she stands beside the chair and strips naked, unselfconsciously. Burns takes her OTK for a conventional spanking, which Kelly seems to quite enjoy. Hands-on-chair for bottom inspection, nice even red. Burns’ rapid mild stroke style brought up consistent color.

Kelly sits naked to describe the experience, an informal cameo-like conclusion RSN knows its viewers like,, as the girl reflexively debates how to cover up as she talks–cross legs, fold arms?

‘Melody Arrival’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) ‘Kailee’ will do the formulaic honors for a tall brunette. After Melody discusses her spanking history, minimal to increase the tension, she strips naked, always well done. Kailee takes her OTK for a fast, moderate spanking. The session is repeated from the facial angle. Melody kneels on a chair for us to get a good look.

‘Natalie Arrival’  A special one and most sensational, see all the ‘Natalie’ appearances at RSI, elsewhere on this blog.

‘Riley Arrival with Ms. Burns’ (F/f; year: 2006;time: 11 minutes) One of RSN’s most popular models if the number of films is the measure. Copper redhead Riley reports to Miss Burns.  She is new at the school and immediately in trouble. She sits for a scolding. “What don’t you stand up and take your clothes off?”

Riley is a cute number. Burns searches her things as she is handed them. Hand on a bench, naked, Burns gives her a fast dose of what RSN calls the “teardrop” paddle. Warming but not severe. Repeats from angles. Naked Riley is given her school clothing for a long dressing scene.

‘Riley-Interview and updated profile’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Very pretty blonde Riley has returned to RSN for a an updated interview after 2 years’  absence. Filming has gotten more complicated and Masterson thanks her for tolerating “a room full of men.”

Riley undresses, T-shirt and jeans off. She bends over a chair for a mild handspanking, which Masterson accelerates in intensity. She sits naked. That was  a “7 of 10.”

‘Rachel Interview’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rachel answered the RSN ad on curiosity. She gets spanked at home a lot, almost daily. Elizabeth Burns finds this amusing and surely a challenge.

‘Stand up and take your clothes off for us.” Rachel strips quickly and without embarrassment. Ms. Burns give her the official RSN naked OTK spanking, long, fast, and mild. And at the conclusion, the requirement: Rachel kneels on a chair to display her red bottom.

In the nude interview, Rachel admits “it was painful.” Burns likes to quantify things. It was a ‘9’ versus a ‘3’ from her husband. Elizabeth likes this. The spanking is repeated, front and rear.

‘Reverie Interview’ (MF/f; time: 22 minutes) Michael Masterson interviews a 27 year old model, whose visit to the Institute was delayed by a  blizzard. Reverie admits to being very kinky, she surfs the web and finds the sites to her taste. She likes to be controlled, enjoys anal play, and taboos. And she has an opinion on all the spanking implements. Our first thought was, too bad she wasn’t snowed in AT  the studio. They could have made a bunch of films.

Masterson is clearly thrilled. “Let’s start by have you get very naked.” ‘Betty’  comes on the set and does the official spanking. At the conclusion, Reverie displays her bottom and admits she has never been spanked by a woman. It is a new sensation.

‘Roxi’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) We are enjoying these ‘arrivals’ at REALSPANKING, their version of the ‘intake.’ Webmaster Masterson and Mistress Dee take no prisoners at these sessions. Roxie is a cute long auburn-haired number, with a touch of insouciant disrespect on her face.

“Take your clothes off.” (gulp) “Now?” Quickly naked, she tries to cover as she hears the behavior instructions. “Hands down. There is no modesty allowed here (at the Institute).” Maaterson wants her to take the widest stance she can and bend forward. Various nude poses. Kneel erect for a bit.

Bend over a table; “I will demonstrate what happens for minor infractions.” He uses the medium-sized floppy strap, a junior version of the huge implement unique to RSN. Masterson tells Roxie it is one of the “gentlest” in the RSN arsenal.

Her strapping is moderate–the rear angle first, then the sequence repeated from the oblique. Then bend-over, grab the ankles. Dee helps her to dress and leads her off.

’Samantha-arrival’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A pretty, unpretentious brunette sits in the interview chair. “You are the reluctant model.” It seems Samantha was slow arranging her appearance. She was frightened by the stories her friend ‘Monica’ told her,  but Masterson points out that Monica is     an exception, able to take terrific spankings.

She tells her spanking history—her father spanked her, bare  bottom, in the bathroom, hand and paddle. Then Samantha strips naked on the set. Monica is called in to do the arrival spanking, and she too is naked. As the OTK spanking commences, Masterson comments: “Great little butt.”

This will be a “gentle start.” A mild handspanking and rubbing. Then Masterson requests: “Ten, the real deal.” They are not really  very hard. Despite Monica’s huge experience, she is not a very good spanker. Alternate views.

‘Serena-Arrival’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The model ‘Serena’ sits in front of webmaster Michael Masterson’s desk, rocking, fidgeting, and almost shaking in apprehension, the RSN hardwood red Spencer paddle prominent in front of her. REALSPANKINGS does these setups as well as anyone. He makes her wriggle while he does paperwork.

Whatever has summoned her to his presence–she now stands in front of his desk facing him and grabs her ankles. She must hold this position for a while. It develops that she has been reported missing the same class 5 straight days. Things are fairly relaxed here at the Institute, even though the remedies for diversion are severe.

Serena squirms bent double; Masterson makes a phone call to prolong her anticipation. The paddling will begin. Masterson explains that the law has been changed–he may only administer a maximum of 12 paddle strokes a day. Her offense has earned 3 strokes per absence-15 strokes. He’ll find the opportunity to administer the paddle on another occasion. (We’re available.)

He lays on 12 absolute crackers on her jeans, her breath is knocked out of her and she struggles to hold position. She sits uncomfortably to conclude her interview, fighting tears. Masterson gives her a late-note for class. Alone, she drops her jeans to inspect the marks, impressive black-and-blue circular paddle patterns.

‘Sophie-Interview (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A 21-year old moon-faced blonde. And an adventurous lass who is going to delight Masterson. She undresses immediately, “the quicker the better” to get on with this, she thinks. The naked interview continues–she is a fan of the REALSPANKINGS site, has lots of spanking experience, with boyfriends, in public, in front of audiences at clubs, and in private. Masterson is intrigued with the filming potential.

Miss Betty comes on set to do the spanking. Sophie goes OTK and quickly gets her hair in place. Standard spanking, hot little bottom. Bend over the chair, for the zoom inspection and the post-spanking naked interview.

‘Staci’ (F/f; 4 minutes) This film was made later in RSN’s history; Dee is older, and the format is different. Dee will do the discipline. We have mentioned in other RSN reviews, we think Mistress Dee spanked the hardest of the RSN staff.

Dee doesn’t like Staci’s attitude, which is always helpful to induce severity for an ‘arrival’ indoctrination. She bends over, pants bunch but not down in this episode, for the floppy strap. An impressive spanking, immediate gasps from Staci and grasping in space with her hands, “Get that bottom out.”

The first view of the spanking, an oblique with facials; the alternate view, the full bottom. “Lose the attitude or else this will continue the rest of the day….have I made my point?” “You made your point.”

‘Stacy-Interview” (F/f; year: 2006; time: 15 minutes) Stacy is a stunning blonde, breathtaking, 30 years old, older than the teenagers normally spanked at RSN. She is interviewed by an off-camera ‘Mistress Dee.’ Dee loves to get girls to talk about their spanking experiences. Stacy’s mother kept a yardstick handy. Sometimes pants came down.

Stacy is a little nervous. “Stand up and take off your clothes.” Black dress off, red undies. “Look at you!” exclaims Dee. “All this?” “All the way.” Quite a sight, white untanned boobs and bottom, tawny fuzz, nifty figure.

Elizabeth Burns is called on-set. They shake hands and Burns begins one of her rapid handspankings. Stacy gets her hair off her face. This part of the film is repeated from the rear view.

Stacy sits naked for her post-spanking interview. It was a “7 or 8” on the 10-scale. Stacy bends over to show her read bottom, fantastic.

‘Summer-Interview’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Michael interviews a very striking, dimpled, 24 year old blonde. She’s a little nervous about taking her clothes off and being spanked, but she is free to discuss her spanking experience. Her step-father paddled her frequently, drilling a new hole in the paddle for each spanking, making her wait and listen to the drill. She had to bend over at the fireplace with a bar of soap in her mouth. Now she’s got the bug–she’s kinky and likes some rough stuff. Masterson sounds flabbergasted at her candor. At home she got three swats each time, the holes raising welts, more and more of them. This first episode ends as she strips off her clothes and Betty will step out to do the spanking.

‘Tabatha-Interview’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Elizabeth Burns interviews. A 22 year old blonde, Tabatha is another girl with a spanking boyfriend, but he is not very good at it, only a ‘2.’. She wants to try the real experience.

“Go ahead and take your clothes off.” OTK naked, Elizabeth does her same procedure, a fast and mild spanking to the cheeks and thighs. She gets Tabatha’s bottom completely and uniformly red. So much for the boyfriend. “That was a 7!”

‘Taylor-Interview’ (F/f;  year: 2005; time: 18 minutes) Mistress Dee interviews a blonde. She is 21, and spanked at home. Clothes off. Dee calls in ‘Cindy’  to do the spanking. When she displays her bottom at the conclusion, Dee notes “You’re a bit of a marker…and we love that here.”

The naked interview–Dee noted bottom marks when she watched the spanking on the monitor. Taylor admits she had a friend give her a practice spanking. This was not as hard as her spankings at home.

‘Taylor-Arrival’ (MF/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes) ‘Kailee’ is attempting to induct a sullen and disrespectful chunky blonde, ‘Taylor.’ When Taylor refuses to change into the RSI school uniform, Kailee steps off screen and returns with Coach Daniels.

Taylor has been sentenced to RSI for a year. This could be tough on her bottom. Kailee is a prefect, pronounced PUR-FICT by Daniels. “You do as the ‘pur-fict’ says.” Kailee and Daniels grab Taylor and start to pull her clothes off. Taylor capitulates and completes the stripping. Bend-over, hands on couch, Daniels does the handspanking and Kailee holds her. Then a long dressing in the blouse and kilt set.

‘Tonya-Interview’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Michael Masterson does the interviewing. Tonya is an improbably goofy hippie-type, wearing a lot of clothes and costume jewelry. She is bi-sexual, and noticeably nervous here.

“We’d like to get you naked.” Masterson recommends the jewelry stay on–it will take too long to come off. When she is naked, she keeps her legs together reflexively. She has played with spanking and remembers a broken paddle and splinters.

Miss Betty does the spanking. Standard stuff. And only a “2 or 3” on the scale. Encouraging for Masterson, because if they hire her, they can go much harder.

‘Tonya-Punishment Profile (MF/f; time: 11 minutes) 20 year old Tonya, goofy, hippy-like, and a bit inarticulate by RSN standards. She sits in the Queen Anne chair for her interview and in short order he has her take her clothes off to continue the chat. She has been spanked mostly by girls and began spanking games at the age of 10. She is bi-sexual. A boyfriend once gave her splinters with a shattered paddle.

Miss Betty comes on set for  standard OTK spanking–there is a cut to a standing position. Something must have happened. In a closing interview, she was unimpressed by the severity, only a ‘2’ or ‘3.’ We wonder, has Masterson ever reopened the action after such a desultory response?

Vanessa-Interview’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Elizabeth Burns interviews a very self-confident 20 year old brunette. She’s always been interested in spanking, was spanked bare bottom at home, and the waiting was the worst.

“Take your clothes off for us.” Big girl, lovely body. Elizabeth does her fast introductory spanking; bottom display, some blotching. Vanessa describes the experience as “not that bad…three’ish.”


29 Oct

‘Kailee’s Huge Mistake’ (M/f; year: 2006; time:15 minutes)

‘Kailee’ has arrived at Dallas’ studios. Her sister Lily is seen briefly in the background, having just gotten a spanking.  Kailee  looks a little reluctant about going through a spanking here, surely having heard from other models that Dallas is the hardest spanker in the trade. As she sits, Dallas places the padded bench in front of her.

Kailee quickly strips off her jeans and panties and lies on the bench. Dallas rattles an armload of spanking implements he is going to use. Panties off.  First, he gels her bottom, which rises majestically off the bench. He explains the gel “makes it sting more. Iisn’t that right, Amelia Jane.” He presumes Ms Rutherford will see this video. He starts with a handspanking; when he switches to a large strap, Kailee’s cries are different. Her bottom is fully red already, with some blotchy bruises.

Dallas oils again and continues with an even larger strap. The muscles in Kailee’s legs are prominent in this position. Another strap. Dallas brandishes it in front of Kailee’s face, but she won’t look at it. Long facials.

She has been struggling, so Dallas wraps a strap around her wrists and has Lily pull it tight, tether-like, to encourage her to remain still. More strapping, down her thighs to almost her knees. This is the worst yet. Significant marks and bruises signal this session is over. Kailee to the corner. This would be one of the more severe spankings we have seen, and maybe  Ms. Robinson was surprised too.