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Elizabeth Burns Spanks at REALSPANKINGSNETWORK

9 Jun

In one of her videos with Mistress Dee, where she is interviewed before Coach Daniels walks onto the set to help her down with her pants, Elizabeth (aka ‘Veronica’ or ‘Victoria’) Burns describes herself as a “FemDom.” She mostly dresses in normal street clothes, often more formal business attire, not the traditional corny dominatrix garb. She can look like a first grade teacher and doesn’t look menacing, but there are a few models at RSN who would testify to the contrary, and she seems to like young bottoms. Some samples. And we have added here just a few Female/male films, a side project for RSN.

Abby with Burns’ (year: 2006; F/f) Blond Abby is an employee, having her quarterly review. She is going to be fired, but we know how these things go–the begging process begins. If you were in the business a reviewing female employees, you could work in a few spankings every day.

Abby will be given another chance; she is paddled on the bare over the desk, just a white thong.

‘Burns and Miss Baker’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A ‘Miss Baker’ reports to Elizabeth in the attic room set RSN used. Burns plays a therapist, and here it is suggested “alternative therapy…corporal punishment” might be applied. Baker seeks some solution to her low morale and motivation. Maybe a jump-start?

Elizabeth is wearing a breezy sundress, good for a polo match. “Take your skirt up…panties down.” “Will it hurt?” OTK, Elizabeth spanks very fast, and moderately hard. Baker offers a lot of bottom. Elizabeth wants to know what it feels like on the RSN scale of one to
ten. “Four or five.” A small paddle concludes the session.

‘Burns and blonde‘ (F/f; 5 minutes) A blond girl has borrowed Elizabeth’s credit card, the bill has arrived, and since she won’t admit she did it and actually lies about it, she will get double the punishment.

Burns and Cherry’ Take that skirt up and take those panties down.” The girl’s bottom is already fully red–there must have been a prequel to this scene. Nobody walks around with a bottom like that. The briefest moderate paddling produces some significant bruises.

Elizabeth will make her kneel erect, feet elevated, all the weight on her kneecaps, for an hour. Uncomfortable, impossible. Maybe she will be spanked again.

‘Burns with brunette’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 1 minute)(part) A pretty brunette is spanked bare bottom and then signs a release for Miss Burns.

‘Burns with ponytail brunette‘(F/f; time:2 minutes) (part) Burns spanks hard. “Stick those butt cheeks out.” “Peel those jeans down.” She is left in time-out.

‘Burns and Cindy’ (F/f; 3 minutes) Elizabeth caught Cindy going through her things. Since she found her paddles and straps: “You want to satisfy your curiosity?…get up…take your pajamas down…it’s so much better on a bare bottom.” Cindy gets a fast moderate paddling from two items in the collection.,

‘Burns and Cherry again’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Ms. Burns reports she is in Texas for this video. She spanks Cherry, a rare ‘big’ bottom in this series, for having a potty mouth and missing curfew. Very hard paddling, lots of skin to work with.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:4 minutes) Claire shows up in a skimpy cheerleader’s costume. She “ditched her cheer practice” and tries to fool Elizabeth by wearing her uniform anyway. “Take it off.”

Claire is quickly naked, a nice amateur adolescent body. We will seek out films where Burns spanks naked girls. She bends over, hands on a chair, for the floppy Spencer strap. Burns stands too close for this sort session–all the strokes land on the far buttock.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) Burns jumps Claire on the way to the shower. She is just wrapped in a towel. Claire did not finish her chores. Since they are near the bathroom, Claire is sent to get the bath brush. She kneels on a chair, the towel is pulled up, and her bottom peeks out a little red already.

The bath brush takes a quick bruising toll. After the session she will kneel in the painful position for 15 minutes.

‘Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Ms. Burns gets explicit on occasion. Elizabeth drags Claire into a bedroom and spreads on her on a bed. She goes to work with a small vibrator, the egg variety,  on Claire’s pantied crotch,  for a start.

Burns sits aside of her and pulls her panties aside to get at her vagina. “Don’t you cum. You’re going to have to beg for that.” She slaps Claire’s thighs as she works the egg. The scene is repeated from facial an side angles.

Burns and Claire’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) From the frequency of this pairing, we’ll assume that the model Claire was especially willing to participate in some unusual scenarios. “Take your skirt and top off.” Claire is naked, not all that necessary for punishment, but especially humiliating.

Elizabeth will use a short strap,  with a handle. Claire bends over. Mild so far, but she is cute. Standard stuff from Burns, rapid fire her style, and getting harder. At the conclusion, Burns makes Claire stand submissively at attention for a bottom inspection. Scene repeated from angles.

‘Burns, girl reports’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth sits at a desk, wearing her two-piece gray suit, waiting. A girl reports to her, wearing jeans and jersey.

‘Kneel on that chair…take your jeans down…and the panties.” There are bruises from past spankings. If you’re going to make the flight to Denver, you have to make several films. Into the painful RSN holding position. “I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”

‘Burns and Jessica’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) There are lots of cheerleaders in and out of REALSPANKINGS. Jessica must report to Miss Burns. She wears her cheerleader’s outfit. She is constantly late for practice, and has recently forgotten her pompoms. Burns is amazed. “What is cheerleading, anyway?” There is a vaguely light-hearted mood going on here–these two experienced players have made a number of films together.

“We’re going to need to do some spanking to help your memory.” Jessica bends over the desk and Burns does her shock when she discovers the girl is not wearing any panties, just a thong. “I was thinking of 10, but I am going to double it.”

Jessica is spanked with a synthetic birch bundle and a rattan loop, just friendly taps here. She often takes more and Ms. Burns is no slacker herself. They must have had a busy schedule.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:3 minutes) The briefest exposure for this celebrity bottom. Burns wears a light blue business suit, and Kailee is in a black turtleneck, a favorite color of hers. She drops her jeans and is paddled on a red thong, before assuming the punishment kneeling position.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) It is Kailee’s second day on the job, she is hung over, and caught sleeping at her desk by Burns. Now, in most employments, you’d get fired for this, but domme-Burns has better solutions.

More odd camera angles here, weak facial shots, and we can’t hear Kailee. Burns wears her light blue two-piece suit. “Bend over, take your pants down, I’ll be right back.” She gets the strap in this position. There are faint traces of yellowing bruises on her bottom.

‘Burns and Kailee’ (F/f; time:1 minute) (a part) Kailee is being spanked very hard on the bare in the kitchen with a wooden spoon. Blue top, jeans down.

‘Burns with Kailee and Michelle’(F/2f; time: 16 minutes) For us, one of the sexiest of the F/f spankings from Ms. Burns. Tall brunettes ‘Kailee’  and ‘Michelle’ walk onto the set. “I want you to strip down.” These two glorious bodies are soon stark naked. Burns will spank each girl OTK and alternate, bringing each bottom to an even red glow. Handspanking and the teardrop paddle.

The eight minute scene is repeated from a wider angle, so that both naked girls fill the screen. To conclude, the girls must assume one of RSN’s punitive postures–kneel erect on the floor, hands locked at the small of the back, knees wide, lean forward and hold. Surely taxing.

‘Burns with girl’ (F/f; year: 2006; time:3 minutes) A shorty; Burns deals with a slightly older brunette who has a nasty attitude. “What are you going to do, ground me?” The theory being of course, that RSI IS grounded.

“Get on all fours on the table, now!” It is a coffee table. Handspanking, jeans down, again odd filming angles, as if no one was on the camera. We liked the floral thong.

‘Burns with girl in kilt’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A tall brunette in a kilt has been caught flashing boys in their dorm. The girl thought it was funny.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.” Burns will show her how to respect her body. “Assume the position…spread your legs…does that feel good?” Burns uses a heavy wood paddle; the filming is from the side, but it is clear the girl has been heavily spanked and recently.

10 strokes; she dresses, frontals.

‘Burns with Missy’ Burns is spanking a redhead, very rapidly, for having made a mess in her room. She used Elizabeth’s razor without permission. “I don’t have one.” We can hear the voice of ‘Dr. Daniels,’ who is operating the camera. Missy is smiling and laughing. Burns cures that with a few slaps to the thighs.

Someone on the set delivers a hairbrush. Hard smacks. “This is definitely getting through.” Bend over for the strap and paddle.

‘Burns with Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Monica, maybe the most prolific model at RSN, has been caught by Elizabeth in the pool without authorization. Ms. Burns, in one of her breezy flower print very non-porn film dresses, picks Monica out of a chair and has her strip off her bikini bottoms but leave on the bra.

Monica bends over for the slipper, which Burns does in her rapid-burst style, which can get a girl to gasping and squirming. Bra off, Elizabeth has a Spencer strap. Fast bursts again. Alternate facial views of these two sequences. The RSN website says this film was remastered during the coronovirus hiatus.

‘Burns/Monica w/guy doing porn’ (2F/m; time: 21 minutes) A long episode, mostly because of repeat angles from different cameras. Elizabeth and Monica have a completely naked guy bent over the trestle. He has been caught doing porn on the computer and doesn’t seem to upset about it.

The ladies paddle and strap him, individually and together. In oblique view repeats, we catch a glimpse of his jewels. We’ve said before, ‘David’ at NUWEST was one on the only actors we have seen who could generate a 7″ boner just being spoken to.

‘Monica and Aaron” (2F/m; time: 17 minutes) We’ll slip this review in here, although Ms. Burns did not appear. Monica and a friend are paddling the same naked guy, while he kneels erect and holds books at arms’ length. The girls use a variety of implements.

The guy must take the lunge position across the stool for more. “Don’t touch it.” What they mean he, he shouldn’t let his balls hang down and touch the stool. Repeat angles double the length of the film.

‘Burns and Raquel’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth with a stunning redhead. The girl is being spanked voluntarily in one of REALSPANKING’s two-minute drills, timed by an hour glass. “You did very well on your profile spanking…we now do our two-minute spanking test…go ahead and take off all your clothes.” A nice stripping scene, always a highlight at RSN.

Elizabeth handspanks her OTK, fast and moderate, and uses the ‘teardrop’ paddle. Sweet gasping. She gets though it, they laugh in relief. “Nice and red, properly spanked. You did a very good job for your first day.”

The spanking is repeated from the buttocks angle, 5 minutes of that pale bottom turning pink.

‘Burn with Riley’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) In one of the RSN films where Daniels spanks Elizabeth, he has accused her of spanking too rough one of the models, ‘Riley.’ We’d like to find that film.

Here, Riley presents in a messy schoolgirl uniform and gets a fast strapping over a desk, seen from the facial and side angles. This would not seem to be excessive.

‘Burns uses ruler’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Strip,” says Burns to a pretty light brunette. She is soon naked and bends over with a vigorous session with a thick ruler. Her bottom is already red. Round bruises. Moderate spanking.

‘Burns with brunette with hair ribbons’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) The brunette is mostly naked and Burns is on her with a strap. She wears just bra and panties; she sports a tramp stamp and has ribbons in her hair. “Discipline, focus, organization!” admonishes Burns. The paddle is next, off with the undies, she kneels on a chair.

‘Burns and Michelle’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) “Are you ready for your spanking, Michelle.” Elizabeth has the girl strip naked and make a neat pile of her clothing. Her bottom is already pink, surely the consequence of making more than one film a day at REALSPANKINGS. Cute scene.

Elizabeth will use a big rule labeled ‘The House Ruler.’ It produces round, different bruises on the red cheeks.

‘Elizabeth interviews Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) This interview, in the wing chair in front of the fireplace, Elizabeth quizzes Monica about her least favorite spanking implement, and we know where this one is going. It is the “bee-sting paddle.”

Elizabeth tells her it is time for a treat, a session with that paddle. Monica produces the anticipated smirk. She drops her jeans. The paddle is a miniature oak fraternity model.

“I know you can do 20,” says Burns. Monica yelps from the first. It probably stings more because it is smaller but still heavy, concentrating the power. Monica is already red–the paddle produces white bruises on top.

Monica sits, a little shaken. It was a ‘9’ on the ’10’ scale. It stings–you would to think she has a boyfriend waiting for her.

‘Burns and Monica-her attitude’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes; year: 2005) Burns does a good job with the older girls–plausible disciplinary control. Auburn-haired Monica never shows her face here–we couldn’t discern the reason for the camera angles.

Monica has a bad attitude–nothing ever gets done, and that doesn’t work with Ms. Burns. Hands on the chair, large floppy RSN paddle on her jeans, then on the bare, nothing but a G-string. She is left in the painful kneeling position. We don’t see much face of either actor.

‘Elizabeth and Monica-curling iron'(F/f; time:9 minutes) Burns confronts Monica in her bedroom–for the umpteenth time she has left her curling iron plugged in and on the rug. (Does anyone have women in their house?) Burns is wearing one of her breezy summer frocks.

Burns asks Monica what sort of punishment might make an impression. Monica sheepishly suggests a handspanking. “Take your shoes off…take our jeans down…take your panties off.” A fast handspanking on the bed.

Monica is left kneeling. “Stay here.” But she is getting dressed when Burns returns. A paddle this time, panties off, same fast spanking. “That is a spanked bottom,” declares Burns. She must stay kneeling for 15 minutes.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time:5 minutes) ‘Monica,’ an older model by RSN’s almost teenage standards, is reading in her bedroom when Elizabeth bursts in. Elizabeth gave Monica $125 for shopping, but Monica did not come back with any of the items Elizabeth needed.

Monica is wearing only a bikini, which turns out to be one of the expensive items purchased. She must bend over. Elizabeth gives her a fast moderate spanking. The bottoms must be removed–Burns returns with a paddle. After the punishment Monica must remain in the RSN punitive position–kneeling erect, all her weight on her knees, arms locked behind her.

‘Elizabeth and Monica’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) This time Burns has the cane, unusual for her. It is the last day of school, and Burns overhead some potty-mouth language on a cell phone. Burns explains that at RSN, more is expected on the models.

There will be 50 strokes, and Burns lays them on in the ‘NUWEST’ manner, five groups of 10 each. She does not cane hard; in fact, she never spanks very hard, but she is excellent at humiliating her prey.

For each set of 10, clothes keep coming off until Monica is naked.

‘Elizabeth and Monica on bed’ (F/f; year: 2007; time:9 minutes) A continuation. an auburn haired girl is being spanked in the conventional manner. The concluding punishment position has the additional variation of crossed ankles. Side views on the bed.

‘Burns likes cheerleaders'(F/f; time: 6 minutes) A cheerleader is caught picking some money out of Elizabeth’s purse. Scolding is fine, but spanking works better. For some reason, must of this scene is shot with the actors’ backs to us or faces hidden.

Elizabeth will make the girl wait while she goes to get a paddle. She returns with the ‘teardrop.’ Bend-over, hands on a table. Red panties down, Elizabeth paddles a little harder here. It must vary as to the actress’s preference. Kneel, skirt tucked up, bottom on display.

‘Burns with Racquel'(F/f; time:5 minutes) Elizabeth with a stunning redhead, already naked and across her lap. Elizabeth does one of her fast handspankings and also uses the teardrop paddle.

“Two minutes, you made it!” This was an audition. Elizabeth chuckles with her at her discomfort. “The handspanking was worse than the teardrop paddle.” They like numerical scoring at RSN. Racquel says “seven” for the handspanking and a “five” for the paddle. Racquel dresses slowly on-screen, part of the show.

‘Burns spanks Aaron’ (F/m;  time: 9 minutes) Aaron is the office mailman here, and he is going to get spanked for a mis-delivery. One would be advised to avoid Ms. Burns at any cost.

He bends over her desk, drops his pants and very loose boxer shorts for a strapping. Alternate view. His modesty is preserved here.

Admissions, Arrivals, Profiles, and Interviews at REALSPANKINGS

4 Dec

Several CP companies used this method to parade and catalogue their models and to kick off series with them, the ‘Intakes’ at BARSANDSTRIPES and arrivals at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL  being salient examples. Others use casting interviews, etc.

Some of the girls here are perfect illustrations for the CP film business. Other girls are quite ordinary in comparison to CP models,  and may in fact have contacted RSN just for the experience. We enjoy watching these girls take their clothes off for spanking in this sterile non-porno setting. Some are nervous, others confident, a few quite fearful of the spanking coming. Most of them interview awkwardly, reinforcing the amateur theme. Nicely performed.

‘Abbey Interview’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Miss Elizabeth’ will interview 24 year old ‘Abbey,’ who is delightfully nervous. “I’ll have you get undressed.” Abbey gasps during a mild OTK spanking. Nude interview. Spanking scene from two angles.

‘Abbey-Punishment profile’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Betty interviews a tall 24 year old brunette; older girls are an exciting addition to this site. In the interview, gorgeous Abbey had a spanking aunt. She is nervous about what is to come.

She undresses quickly, goes OTK, and is quick with the ‘Ow’s,’ even though she is getting off  a bit lightly here. A nice reddening, and a “little speckling,” Betty notes. The spanking is played from the front and rear views.

In the concluding conversation, Abbey thought the spanking stung more than she expected.

‘Abigail – interview’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A rather heavyset girl, unusual for RSN, is brought in to see Masterson. She is ordered to stand still while he makes his laptop entries. Abigail shakes her head in disbelief at what is going to happen to her. Masterson has her bend over, hands on desk, panties down, for a hard leather stropping. Massive bruises, see from the side and bottom views. 

Abigail is taken to a sink, a fresh bar of Dove is wet, Masterson works the bar in and around her mouth very roughly before he jams it in an leaves it. Very aggressive. 

Alice-Arrival’  One of the very best of this format. Found in the separate ALICE REALSPANKINGS collection.

‘Allison-interview’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) These interviews with Masterson or sometimes Elizabeth Burns are with the models before they step into an RSN storyline persona. Brunette sits with Masterson for her interview. She is 21. “Let’s get you naked.” He will sometimes interview his models AFTER they have taken their clothes off. 

Allison has a few layers to remove. She was a 

Allison-arrival’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Allison Donaldson,’ a flashy jet black-haired brunette in pigtails and ribbons, is marched into webmaster Michael Masterson’s office by Mistress Dee. Allison plays a sullen and disrespectful girl very well, increasing the desire to get on with the spanking which must be coming. Masterson’s ears will perk when he hears her wise mouth.

Dee tells her to strip naked. “Really?” “Yes, really.” Facing us, at the wall behind Masterson’s desk, she gets naked, none too happy to do it. Masterson waits, instructs her on RSN behavior, ‘sir’s,’ hands always behind the back, etc. “Do you know what corporal punishment is?” “Yes, sir.”

He instructs Allison to come around to the front of the desk and make a “wide stance.” Masterson begins with a hard session with the tawse, filmed on an oblique angle, keeping her pretty face on the screen. An ‘alternate angle’ repeats on her bottom.

Back to the wall, naked red bottom, nose to the wall, learn the handbook by Friday. “That was entry-level corporal punishment…just a start.” Dee helps her dress and walks her out.

‘Allison-interview’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette Allison tells us she is 21 years old. “Let’s start by getting you naked.” A lot of clothes to take off. She was last spanked “a couple of days ago.” Allison admits to being a bit of a masochist, which is good for us. This articulate Miss has always had to encourage boys to spank her.

Miss Betty comes onto the set to do the spanking. A mild handspanking to start, but it gets harder. Alternate views. Over a chair, bend to the elbows. Allison measures this spanking only a “3 of 10,” good news for Masterson. 

‘Alyssa’ (M/f; 11 minutes) Mistress Dee brings tall auburn-haired Alyssa in to Michael Masterson. “Quite the attitude on this one,” says Dee. She had to be spanked at the van transporting them.

Masterson warns her of the procedures, instructs her on how to stand with arms folded, and tells her she will comprehend in the next few minutes. “Go ahead and get your clothes off.” “What are you talking about?” After more scolding, the girl strips quickly.

She is shown how to bend over the desk, resting on her elbows. Masterson starts with the strap, filmed from the rear and side. Tears.
Dee brings in the RSN uniform and she dresses slowly.

Amber’s Arrival‘ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) A simple ‘arrival’ process for brunette ‘Amber,’ performed by an older guy. Half the film is repeated scenes.

Amber stands in front of a couch and is scolded by the RSN-staff guy–she is slovenly, improperly dressed, and too casual about the gravity of the moment. He wonders if she knew what would happen to her–the certainty of a spanking. Here at the school, she must keep straight-A’s or be spanked. If the teachers grade on a scale, there will be a lot of sore bottoms.

“Get up, strip down, get those clothes off.” Amber doesn’t hesitate. Jeans, top, bra off, no panties. Hands-on-head. Twirl. Tattoos.

“Get over here.” She gets a naked OTK spanking on the couch. She then kneels on the floor, bottom up, doggy style, not exactly a punishment position, but embarrassing and demeaning. The scene is repeated with a face-CAM.

Amber is marched naked into the next room and made to stretch across a table for handspanking. She kneels up on a table for the same bottoms-up, knees-wide display. While she hugs her knees to conclude, she hears that the implements come in the next session.

‘Anastasia Sinclair’ (MF/f; time:11 minutes) 23 year old long haired brunette, glasses, very normal in appearance; started spanking with boyfriends, most are reluctant; likes to be bratty and submissive; has been making spanking videos; never been spanked by a woman.

Anatasia strips naked—a number of tatttoos and body jewelry (nipples, navel). Miss Betty is called in and spanks her OTK, viewed from rear and face. Didn’t much faze her.

‘Annabelle’ (M/f; F/f; time: 1 hr 24 minutes) The entire RSN ritual is rolled together in one long film here. Michael begins by interviewing auburn-haired , trim little Annabelle. She admits to being an exhibitionist, no problems with nerves, spanking excites her, she was spanked as recently as yesterday, she has never been caned, she wants to test her limits, she is a kinkster. Masterson must be palpitating. She admits to being into “anal play,” and wears a tail for some games.

On request, she strips naked, and Miss Betty comes on-set for the first spanking. A long and moderate handspanking OTK, repeated from the facial view. Annabelle is very comfortable. She bends over the couch. Her bottom is developing nicely.

A new scene, back to the interview couch, Annabelle is dressed again. She is holding a strap. Betty returns. Bend over, strap on her jeans, then on her thong, then on the bare. Alternate views.

Next, the gym workout garb. A table of spanking implements, she drops her tights to show a marked bottom. Bend-over for a very large Spencer strap, tights and panties down.

Masterson selects the next implement, a big fraternity paddle. She bends over bare bottom again. He adds some cane here. Annabelle might be getting the message at this point.

The next phase–another RSN ritual. Annabelle lies pants-down face down on a wedge on a table. Thighs spread wide, very gynecological for RSN. After some spanking in this posture and alternate views. she must need on all fours in the punishment posture, on her kneecaps and elbows. Zoom between her legs. She falls a few times.

Masterson uses a flogger next. She is sent to the corner naked, then faces us. This is very much like a DALLAS show.

Another RSN ritual – frisk position at the blackboard for the strap, then chin to the whiteboard, no hands. Very nude postures follow.

Another RSN ritual. Dressed in full schoolgirl kit, Annabelle slowly pulls up her kilt and drops her panties to present a shaved vagina. Strap on the bare, nude positions, the fantasy played out is that Annabelle can’t follow instructions. Lunge position  on elbows for the strap, then the kneecap posture to conclude.

‘Anne-interview’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Masterson interviews a blonde who says she is 21 years old, which seems a sort of revelation. Masterson says he has had his troubles with 18 year old girls, We, though, have been OK with them. Anne hasn’t been spanked much, but she is kinky. She likes the “bratty” thing, paddles, canes, fetish bondage.

She strips after the little chat. Masterson likes her tattoos. Betty does the spanking, mild to start, but “bumped up.” Alternate views .10 hard smacks to conclude.

In a six minute addendum, Anne has changed clothes for a  strapping. A storyline to enhance: “No bra,” always trouble at RSN. Strap on jeans and then on panties. Bottom inspection.

‘Anne’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Slightly different ‘arrival’ format. Anne has already arrived at the Institute, tangled with a senior student immediately and been spanked for it. Now she stands naked at the wall in Masterson’s office, hands in the official RSI position.

She is a pretty blonde, with a tattoo or two too many for our tastes. And some body jewelry. Masterson is angry that she is showing disrespect so soon. He has her kneel erect on a stool facing his desk. Uncomfortable, but at least the stool is padded, he points out, not always the case.

“Bend over, hands and elbows on my desk.” He warns her, if she fidgets, he will upgrade the spanking implements until she gets the drill. The strap, with film repeats  from side and rear. Major bruises. She has to remain in this position, holding the strap in her palms.

‘Anne’ (more) (M/f; time:5 minutes) Anne reports to Michael. She has skipped English class and got spanked for it. He wants to see her bottom. “Wow!” He is impressed by how his school is paddling these days. He gives her another hard spanking on the bare. Alternate views.

‘Anne’ (more) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Blond Anne is interviewed on the clunky furniture on this “second day of shooting.” Today she will get the “belt test.” Long conversation, including her spanking history.

She shows Materson her bottom, which is not as bruised as the scenes decribed above. She gets a belt/strap over her jeans and panties.

‘Anne progress interview ‘ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) One of RSN’s exciting models, a tall and well-built blonde, who is mostly fine with a good spanking. She reports to Masterson in her RSN schoolgirl kit. Despite her top aptitude, she is just an average student, so Masterson will give her a “demo” on how to work harder, which here at RSN means your panties go to your shoetops.

Over the desk on her elbows, panties down, a handspanking. Then she must knock and enter the office again. “Take off all your clothes.” A naked handspanking, then kneel erect at the wall in an RSN posture, hands on head, nose to the wall.

After some time in this uncomfortable posture, naked Anne grabs her ankles in front of Masterson’s desk for the tawse. She concludes this visit by kneeling on all fours, forced to rest her weight on her kneecaps and elbows.

Arella Arrival (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Arella sits naked in an office, fidgeting and waiting for Masterson. He enters. He has just spanked her for insolence and now she has earned more. While he does some paperwork, he has her bend over, arms behind her back, legs spread, and present her bottom to him. He then straps her very hard over a desk, the action viewed from the side then the bottom. 

(Asian) Arrival (M/f; time: 11 minutes) xxxx is ushered into Masterson’s office and she sits down without approval. Masterson arrives with her school uniform and scolds her insolence. “Take off all your clothes.” The girl is incredulous of course, this being a big moment in all these episodes. She slowly strips, and unlike most of these scenes, she takes off her panties early, not last. lots of tattoos. 

She doesn’t put her Institute panties on immediately. She is going to get her Arrival spanking. She spreads her legs and puts her hands on the desk, pro forma. The spanking is seen from the side view and the bottom view. 

’Ava Nicole Arrival’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) An average-looking brunette is  marched in by Betty to face Masterson. Lest Ava not comprehend what this is all about, another girl stands at the wall, panties down, in the required RSN bend-over posture.

Ava is required to strip naked and carefully fold and stack her clothes. She learns the first RSN position, arms crossed behind her and legs spread. She starts, bent over the desk, for the strap. Masterson reaches to smack the bottom of the girl at the wall. Facial view repeat of this strapping.

Ava joins the other girl at the wall, two bottoms. Betty returns to fetch the first girl and gives Ava her school uniform to put on.

Baileys Second Arrival’‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A  very young Prince Valiant Michael Masterson. Very pretty brunette ‘Bailey’ is let in from an ante-room. She has been returned to the Institute, a rarity. Masterson is surely excited by the license of this prospect.

First he searches her backpack. “Stand up. Strip off. Everything.” Piece by piece–jeans, T-shirt, pink panties, bra. She is shaved. Master will make her wait, kneeling in an uncomfortable position.

Masterson returns with her school uniform, but first the spanking, and a bit more. She squeals through the spanking. He takes her into the bathroom and gives a mouth soaping, reasonably well filmed. The spanking is repeated from angles.

‘Bala-interview’ (M/f; time:5 minutes) A very pretty redhead sits on the wing chair for interview, strips naked, and gets a short demonstration spanking from Masterson.

‘Bella- punishment profile’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Masterson interviews a very pretty buxom auburn haired 20 year old, who says she likes to be the spanker in CP play, and he notes how unusual that is. She strips naked and sits to continue her interview. The first session is OTK. She displays her bottom full screen.

‘Blake  – interview’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Elixabeth Burns does the interview. A chunky brunette; 20 years old; she was curious about the RSN and thought it would be more hardcore.

“Go ahead and take off your clothes for us.” Burns takes her OTk  for one of her fast, mild, timed spankings. Bottom displayed as usual.

‘Bobbi’ (M/f; time: xxx) A slightly older girl, refreshing from REALSPANKINGS,  but not required. Betty brings her  into the Dean’s office and instructs her on how to place her arms behind her back. She looks around apprehensively, as if she knows as much as we do about what is going to happen to her.

Masterson meets Bobbi. Betty: “Yeah, I had to smack her ass a little bit in the van, but other than that…” Masterson wants her shirt off. Then the bra, and for a good reason! He wants her hands on top of her head, which makes her wonderful boobs pop up even more. He orders her clothes off one item at a time. He collects her belt so he can use it. She faces away so he can see her bottom.

Masterson puts her through some stress postures—legs as wide as possible, grab the knees, grab the ankles, arms out wide, all bottom to camera. He takes her OTK and gives her a fast and firm handspanking, which gets her fairly screaming. Scene repeated bottom view.

Some more stress positions naked. Betty brings in her school uniform, she dresses, and is sent off to class. We should follow her misfortunes. 

‘Burke Arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) We’re not sure we got this name right–we’ll  be alert for her. ‘Betty’ has brought  Burke to Masterson. She has already had to spank her twice for behavior on the bus on the way to the Institute, a technique to explain for the segment why her bottom is already red.

Burke is a mo0n-faced little blonde, with a tight and nifty little natural body. Masterson has her strip naked in front of his desk. Since she has already been spanked, she will get the cane, unprecedented at an ‘arrival.’ 12 snappy strokes, viewed first from the facial and then from the rear. Neat little gasps and grunts. A long dressing scene to conclude–into the RSI uniform.

‘Cara punishment profile (MF/f; time: 17 minutes) Michael interviews a chunky 19 year old steel colored blonde. He apparently made contact with her on Twitter. He has discussed on his blog his struggles to understand social media.

Long discussion about her spanking experience. “Dads don’t use spoons,” he observes about her early family times. After 10 minutes, it is time to strip. Betty is called out of the wings to do the spanking. Cara gets a routine naked handspanking, alternate views, and then the always cute nude closing.

‘Carrie-interview’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Mistress Dee introduces Carrie, the older sister of ‘Tricia,’ an RSN model. She is a 22 year old, slightly heavy, ordinary brunette. Because she was the oldest sister, she spanked Tricia at home, and now she will be making some video recreations with her.

The camera pulls back from the interview. “Let’s go ahead and get off all your clothes.” OTK, the typical fast and moderate interview spanking, which Carrie will tell us in her nude interview didn’t bother her very mych.

‘Charli-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Mistress Dee is busy today. She turns the arrival interview over to Kailee. Charli hears some of the rules of the Institute and the importance of the rule book.

Charli strips in front of the desk to put on her school uniform. She defies instructions and tries to keep her bra and panties on. “Keep going.” When she is naked, she reflexively tries to cover up. “Uncover!…your modesty is gone.”

An angry Kailee takes Charli OTK for a fast, simple spanking.

Delta Arrival’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A stunning brunette with wide feminine hips. She has gotten into trouble immediately and been parked nose to the wall to wait for Masterson. She was given a strapping and now gets another from him. “Turn around.” Perfect lovely humiliation. 

She must follow exact directions, each literal word. She stands in front of his desk, widens her stance to the max, and bends 90 degrees at the waist, hands linked at the small of her back. Legs back together, hands on desk, Masterson straps her very hard, the scene repested facial and bottom. Memorable.  After the strapping, she presents herself, bending over and grabbing her ankles. 

‘Devon’s arrival at the institute’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) In an exterior garden scene unusual for RSN, senior-student ‘Miss Betty’ is dragging little ‘Devon’ into the school. She is a shag-blonde, quite tattoo’d for RSN.

Betty cannot take any more and decides to spank her right there on the shady garden walk. Panties down, then clothes off, tattoos abound. Betty spanks her as best she can in these conditions. Blotching. We’re sure she’ll get the attention she is earning later.

Charli -interview” (F/f; year: 2005; time: 21 minutes) Miss Dee introduces and interviews a busty 23 year old blonde. “Let’s get you even more nervous. Take your clothes off.” Big boobs. A  friend suggested Charli visit. She had a few childhood experiences with spanking. Dee often tells girls this spanking will not be like those times.

OTK for the mild, accelerating handspanking, then hands-on-chair to display the results. In the closing interview, Charli tells us she was close to employing the ‘safe’ word. The scene is repeated from a side camera.

‘Charli -arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A diminutive tattooed brunette reports to Michael Masterson. She has read the Institute manual but forgets the ‘Sir’ in her answers. Masterson is marvelously stern and intimidating.

“Undo your pants, lower your pants and panties.” Little Charli bends over the desk and gets 30 with a strap for failing the respect portion of the manual. Bare bottom to the wall. She does a good job controlling her surprise at the pain.

‘Elle-arrival’ (M/f; year: 2020; time: 8 minutes) Elle is a tiny cute brunette with a round, slightly Asian face. We are wearing COVID masks here, not so good for actresses, but the face is secondary. She got in trouble on the way to the Institute and has already been spanked, a way to cover a previous shoot.

When she at first refuses to take her clothes off, she earns two additional spankings. Off with white jeans, pink sweater, blue panties, and white bra. When she tosses her clothes aside, “Fold your goddam clothes.” 

Masterson pulls her bent over in the frisk position at the wall, legs spread, arms behind her back. She is quite well marked already. Masterson straps her very hard, taking care to switch sides. Alternate views, bottom and face. Red bottom left on display.

‘Elle-School swats’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) “How’s your bottom? We’ve gotten tears out of you. This is the last shoot of the day.” Little Elle sits holding the autographed school paddle. She laughs nervously through the explanation and interview.

Masterson has her drop her jeans. “Holy crap,” he declares when he sees how marked she is. Looks real to is. COVID mask on. “Look at the camera.” He paddles on her jeans, back in place. Alternate views bottom and face. For the concluding conversation, she is quite shaken. Her nervous giggle seem almost tears. She signed the paddle and dates it ‘10.26.20.’ 

‘Elle-belt test’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Little Elle in another one of her introductory segments. Masterson calls her “my little marking girl,” and she has been “spanked  four times today.” He explains some of his theories about how differently girls’ bottoms mark. Elle herself is very articulate. 

Masterson hands Elle his nasty belt to hold. She stands, drops her jeans, and puts her mask on. Very heavy marks indeed. Jeans back up for the belting. She seems to be having a rough time. Giggling nervous tears. Alternate views of the belting. 

‘Elly Arrival’ (MF/f; time: 9 minutes) Elly, a small black girl, with braided hair, in jeans and blouse, is brought in to Masterson by Miss Betty. He bangs away on his laptop. She is here in lieu of prison. Because Elly won’t stand still and keeps smiling, and needs to be taught the position of attention, Masterson tells Betty, “Take that smile off her face.” Betty straps her bend over the desk, on her designer jeans. 

”Take your clothes off.” “Excuse me?” Some harsh words from Masterson and Elly quickly is naked. A thin little body, lots of tattoos. Masterson now straps her in the bent-over position at the front of the desk. Side and bottom view repeats. Some time face to the wall, then  put on her RSN uniform.

‘Erin’s Painful Arrival’ (F/f; Time: 15 minutes) We’ve said, we are most entertained by these RSN arrivals for these new students/inmates at the Institute. For us, amateur observers, better than Intakes at BARSANDSTRIPES, welcomes at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, and better than some but not all of the check-in scenes at MOOD. This is not film criticism. We enjoy the depiction of submission and embarrassment at RSI.

Little brunette ‘Erin,’ with an elegant petite body which will spawn many films at RSI, is escorted into webmaster Masterson’s office by an older RSI inmate, ‘Miss Biggs,’ another student, who has been spanked into sufficient obedience that she can now supervise other girls. Erin looks very frightened, and Masterson suggests that after a few days she may in fact be sorry she didn’t elect jail. (In some PAIN4FEM films, the girls are given an opportunity to use the bathroom at this point.)

She will memorize the handbook, every word. “To get started, remove all your clothing.” “What?” Masterson works away at his computer while Erin strips. Miss Biggs enjoys Erin’s misery, having been here herself, and knows what is in store for her. No bra, red panties, some tattoos, and shaved.

Masterson allows Biggs to start the spanking because Erin tossed her clothes around as they came off. An all-facial angle then the rear angle. Erin shows her bottom to Masterson. Nice job, Miss Biggs.

‘Evie-arrival’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Betty brings Evie to Masterson. She is dressed as a tart, and they are eager to have her strip off these street clothes. As often is the case in these arrivals, Evie has a red bottom, the pretext being she acted up on the bus. She bends over and Betty does the strapping, the scene repeated bottom and facial The far buttock takes the worst. She is given her school uniform to put on, and she hurries with the panties first.

‘Evyn-Arrival’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) Evyn was already sassy in the van on the way to the Institute, so she has already been spanked  by Staff even before meeting Masterson. She stands on a stool, bare bottom, hands behind her back, well bruised already. 

Evyn climbs down and is instructed into the legs-wide, bend-over position. Masterson likes to humiliate his students with naked displays. Auburn haired Evyn in naked from the waist down. She wears only a blouse. Masterson arranges two stools and she lies flat over them in the Russian position. The usual strapping, bottom view then facial. She is a cute one. Let’s see how many segments RSN was able to contract her for. He wants her to sit bare bottom on the table while he makes his laptop entries. 

‘Evyn Interview/Profile’ (MF/f; time: Auburn Evyn is 23 and claims never have to been spanked on camera. She wants to try. She likes being restrained and has only had play spankings. She stands and strips naked. Betty comes on set, candy hair here. OTK, a real bubble butt here. Alternate views, very nice. Evyn laughs nervously. When Evyn show the results, Masterson notes the “pepper bruises,” a useful description we will adopt. 

Fawn’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Betty brings Fawn in for her audience with Masterson. All sorts of sizes and shapes are cast at REALSPANKINGS. Fawn is a tall blonde, a big girl, with a runway body pressing for release. “Stop fidgeting. Hands at your sides.”

Masterson explains the RSN culture to Fawn, the handbook, the discipline, the dress code, and the zero tolerances. It seems she has already been in trouble–Betty has given her a spanking on the way here, a surprise for her.

“Remove your clothing.”  “Right here? Now?” Masterson screams at her drill instructor-style, and she soon doing her buttons. Blouse off, no bra, skirt and panties off. There is a lot of Fawn. He is going to do some spanking for “emphasis” and shows her his “options,” a paddle and straps.

Bend-over, hands on the desk, Masterson has her back up until her back is at 90 degrees and her estimable boobs hang. She struggles under a strapping, Alternate camera view. Betty brings in the school uniform and the nude scene continues as she dresses.

‘Hailey-Arrival’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Hailey sits at a study carrel, already naked, doing some paperwork. Masterson enters. She has had “an eventful day” so far and has lost her clothes and been spanked already by a “senior student,” which means another spanking from Masterson. She gets the usual strapping, bent over, palms flat on the wall, which ensures a flat back and bottom stuck out. Bottom view first, then side view. Nose to the wall for a bit, then Masterson retrieves her school uniform for her. 

‘ Isobel profile’ (time: 10 minutes) An entertaining film. We have not made an attempt to review the Arrivals and Profiles except where the model suited our fancy. No offense. Mistress Dee interviews Isobel in the usual ‘Profile’  fashion.

Isobel is a big, solid frizzy blonde who is quick to discuss her “bdsm” experience with Dee. She likes being spanked in public on stage and lists the spanking implements by technical names. “The whip is the most exhilarating.”  On direction, she stands and strips.

Dee: “You’ll get a good workout today.” She is spanked naked OTK and hands-on-chair, viewed full front and from the rear. Dee spanks as hard as we have ever seen from her, as hard as it can be done, full arm swings, all her power. This would personify the cliche that ‘this is hurting me as much as it is you.’ Dee is out of breath. “You wore me out.”

‘Isobel Arrival‘ (F/.f; time: 12 minutes) Betty brings redhead Isobel to Masterson. She wears glasses, a yellow sweater, and jeans. Masterson lectures her on how to make a good impression, which she is not doing. Hw wants to see her bottom. Wow! She has already received a spanking, maybe from a hairbrush, and recently. She is ordered to strip  and then bends forward, legs wide, one of RSM’s stress positions. Over the hassock for a doubled belt, viewed facial and rear.

‘Jessie-interview’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Brunette Jessie is 24 years old. “We like mid-twenties,” says Masterson. He comments that 18-yearolds can be a bother sometimes. We’d bet his marketing department would agree with us that he should get over it. 

Jessie is naughty and experienced. She likes bondage and breast play, “loss of control,” exchanging power. She has never been spanked  by a woman. She stands and strips, rather nervously. “All the way?” Betty comes on the set and gives her the RSN spanking. Facial and bottom views.  Bend over for inspection. 

Jordyn Arrival ‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another lovely long frizzy-haired  brunette is brought to Masterson by Betty. She too got into trouble on the way and “had to be dealt with.” This is a cover for the model having been recently spanked in another segment. We haven’t yet figured out the routine. Jordyn is already in school uniform here. 

Masterson instructs her on RSN posture, and worst of all, her surrender of modesty. She reaches under her kilt and pulls down her panties. She pulls up her kilt to show him her pussy then turns to display her red bottom. Why  should this bother her. Hasn’t he seen it all? 

Masterson wants Jordyn to select the spanking implement. She chooses a tawse and bends over the desk. Masterson pulls her panties back UP. You won’t see this in CP films too often. He straps her on her white panties, seen facial and bottom.

Of course the panties must come down. Another strapping on the bare, the same two views. Jordyn seems quite unimpressed by the whole thing. The camera is fascinated with Jordyn’s beautiful bruised bottom. Masterson makes her put it on display. 

‘Kaitlynn-arrival’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Betty, Kaitlynn, and Masterson wear COVID masks here. REALSPANKINGS and just a few other producers found some erotic value in masked models.

Betty marches Kaitlynn in to Masterson, who remains off camera for the moment. The set in not his usual office. After some fast scolding, Kaitlynn hurriedly strips naked. She has green and blue dyed hair and a few tattoos, not a blushing ingenue. Her bottom is already red. New students always seem to get spanked on the way in.

Masterson has her bend over and spread her legs about 4’ apart, to the max. She poses front and back for us. Kaitlynn takes the frisk position at the wall, Masterson steps into the frame and gives her a solid strapping, the scene repeated bottom and facial. 

‘Katherine-interview’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) A long interview with a very striking brunette. She is 21 years old and this will be her first adult spanking. She was “interested and curious” to answer the ad. “Take off all your clothes.” When she is naked, she smiles and stands just a bit taller, justifiably proud of her gorgeous body.

Miss Betty will do the spanking. In the nude interview, Katherine admits it was “pretty intense,” a “6 or 7” on the 10-scale RSN likes to score. When Katherine bends over to present her red bottom, interviewer Dee is quite pleased. “You are a bit of a marker.” They like that in Colorado.

‘Kajira interview’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Masterson interviews Kajira  in the classroom. She has been retired for a while,  He asks first, as he often does, “How’s your butt?”  because in fact he has often just spanked or paddled  the same model in another segment. He why she is one of the few girls who prefers the cane to the paddle. The cane stings and burns longer and she likes the “art” as to how the stripes look. The marks last several weeks. She checks every day. Masterson likes laddered stripes, not wild marks and wraparounds  Believe any of that?

Segue to the caning scene. Kajira wears the RSN schoolgirl kit. She bends over, white panties brought to her knees. 14 strokes, she cries out after the first 3 or 4. Scene repeated, full bottom and side.  Apparently he split the cane at both ends, a danger. Kajira says she breaks canes.  “Because you have a tight little butt.”

‘Kaylee Arrival’ (F/f; time:  6 minutes) A blond and older Miss Betty brings Kaylee onto an empty set. “Get your clothes off. everything.” Kaylee strips naked without dispute. She is a slightly hea y, short frosted blonde. Betty makes her spread her legs to the point of losing her balance and stay in this stress position while she gets a strap. Kaylee bends at the wall for the conventional strapping. Two views. Betty is just as severe as the Dean.  

‘Lauren-interview’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Sophisticated blond Lauren is 32 years–Masterson is experimenting with older models. She laughs at the discussion that soon she will be naked and being spanked. “Everyone has seen me naked.” She considers herself a little bit kinky.

“Stand up and whip those clothes off.” She is soon naked. Her big boobs may suggest her other line of work. Miss Betty comes on-set to do the spanking, Masterson behind the camera. Big bottom. Mild handspanking. Alternate views.

‘Lilith Arrival’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Long haired brunette Lilith sits waiting apprehensively on a bar stool on one of the small office  sets. She eyes an absolutely huge Spencer paddle hanging on the wall. Masterson enters and greets. Lilith also got in trouble enroute and has already been spanked. He wants her naked and is angered by the slightest hesitation. 

She must spread and bend at the wall on display while Masterson makes entries into her file. She is quite red already. Lilith then takes a posture we assume many models can’t do. She bends double and puts her palms flat on the floor. Masterson straps very hard. More bruises ripen as watch. On direction she pulls her legs together and grabs her ankles for more rapid-fire strapping, about as severe as a model can take. Bottom and facial repeats. Back to the wall, spread, and bent over, quite a sight. 

‘Liz – interview’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Mistress Dee interviews a small brunette.

She strips naked pro forma in front  of the desk. OTK for the standard spanking, and bottom display over the chair. In the post-spanking nude interview, Liz found the spanking within her tolerance; her boyfriend spanks harder when it is sex foreplay.

‘London-Arrival’ Reviewed with her collection.

Michelle’s Arrival’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) is  Masterson is strapping candy-haired Michelle, already bent over and taking the strap. Big bottom, blue panties down. Strapping seen from two angles. Michelle strips naked, hurriedly under pressure and presents herself, always an important part of these films. 

‘Miss Fallon-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Miss Fallon is slightly older than the average Institute client, but she is certainly welcome to sample the lifestyle. She sits in a formal chair, handcuffed wrist to chair arm, ankle to leg.

‘Miss Dee’ appears; apparently Fallon has been acting out on RSI grounds. Dee called the court and the judge is most willing to accept her back in jail. Maybe the judge is one of those guys who practices his own little punishments in chambers.

“I want you to remove every article of clothing, from head to toe.” “Excuse me?” “Did I stutter?” “No ma’am.” Fallon quickly strips. Dee instructs her into the RSI ‘attention’ posture–stand erect, arms behind back, hands grasping wrists, This leaves the all-important bottom unobstructed. Dee steps away. Fallon wiggles and can’t hold even this simple position.

Dee scolds. Apparently Fallon’s been given a spanking,’ traces of pink still visible, but it didn’t take. Dee gets a strap and lays on a few strokes in the ‘attention’ position. Alternate views.

‘Francine’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) A tall long auburn-haired girl in schoolgirl blouse, kilt, eyeglasses, knocks and enters webmaster Michael Masterson’s office. She has gotten in trouble and been summoned yet again, even though she was spanked just three hours earlier.

Masterson is delightfully disgusted. He looks at her electronic discipline record since she has been here at the Institute, a long list of punishments of every kind. “There is nothing I haven’t done here.” (We have a suggestion–trade her in for a consultation at’Wizard of Ass.’ From the look of her, they would do it gratis and she will return subdued.)

Masterson wants to see her bottom from the morning session. “That looks sore.” Well, he is going to have to try something new. He ordered Francine to strip, which she does quickly. Any delay on that at RSN is always costly. Naked, she pauses. “Everything…shoes and socks.” Long frontals, because Francine is quickly used to having stand around naked at RSN.

Masterson drags an adjustable spanking bench from off-set. First, he folds it so it looks lie a dentist’s chair. Naked Francine takes a seat and offers her palms for a long strap-slapping, something all the girls hate. Maybe some tears here.

Next, she leans back and grasps some roller coaster-like support bars while Masterson straps the front of her thighs. Nasty, fetish-like stuff, definitely fresh skin areas. Masterson flattens the chair and Francine rock back into the diaper position, and Masterson does the back of her thighs. Now she has marks from the back of her knees to the base of her spine, the bottom still marked from the earlier session (which might be available. Check back here.) On her stomach, legs elevated, bastinado.

The spanking bench is removed, a small stool is placed, and Francine is forced to kneel erect, hands on head, to hold for a time. that painful conclusion.

‘Harlan’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette ‘Harlan’ is marched in to webmaster Masterson by Miss Dee. “Get undressd.” “Excuse me?” She doesn’t get it right away, an erotic little moment in most of these ‘arrivals.’ Masterson observes, trying to appear distracted and nonchalant. Harlan is standing against the wall, behind the desk, blocking this scene somewhat.

Once Harlan is naked (and reluctant), she gets her policy-and-procedure lecture, comes around front of the desk, hair off her face, for the essential welcome. he floppy strap, and moderate–these girls have to work again, and probably soon. To the wall again, she is instructed not to cover her bottom with her arms. Dee helps her to dress and leave.

‘Isobel-arrival’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette Isobel comes in from the Colorado cold for her meeting with Elizabeth Burns. They discuss the Institute rules and the time comes to undress.

Isobel doesn’t quite get naked here and puts on her issued school uniform. So far, so good. But Burns searches Isobel’s backpack and finds liquor, the only item in the pack. Burns is mystified as to how Isobel thought she would get away with it. Panties down, first spanking here, a big bottom.

‘Kathy – interview’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A normal looking 21 year old brunette is interviewed by Mistress Dee at the fireplace setting. She too is curious about this experience.

She stands and takes her clothes off. Dee takes the naked girl OTK and begins a slow and mild handspanking. We were about to say that this girl would not appear to have an adult  film future, but when seen from the rear as she climbs over Dee’s lap, we see how she got past the initial contact.

Kathy giggles/gasps with embarrassment. The scene cuts to her with hands on the chair. The mild spanking seems to take its effect.

‘Keagan Interview’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A little brunette, Keagan will be popular at RSN. Masterson does the interviewing–she is 18 years old, seems seriously in a relationship where she has been getting spanked for a year. She was spanked at home and at school. She likes “boundaries,” and a disciplinary environment.

Time for some spanking. She drops her pants and Masterson notes some bruises. “I can tell you are a naughty girl.” He will use a small strap, several larger straps, then a Spencer. Keagan is not phased, and describes this spanking as only a “4 or 5.” Good news for more videos.

‘Kelly interview’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Kelly is interviewed by Elizabeth Burns. She sits in the wing chair; she is intrigued by spanking–she was spanked at  home and lets her boyfriends  toy with her–they have taken her to a scale of 8 out of 10 on the pain index.

“Take your clothes off for us.” As per usual, she stands beside the chair and strips naked, unselfconsciously. Burns takes her OTK for a conventional spanking, which Kelly seems to quite enjoy. Hands-on-chair for bottom inspection, nice even red. Burns’ rapid mild stroke style brought up consistent color.

Kelly sits naked to describe the experience, an informal cameo-like conclusion RSN knows its viewers like,, as the girl reflexively debates how to cover up as she talks–cross legs, fold arms?

‘Melody Arrival’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 11 minutes) ‘Kailee’ will do the formulaic honors for a tall brunette. After Melody discusses her spanking history, minimal to increase the tension, she strips naked, always well done. Kailee takes her OTK for a fast, moderate spanking. The session is repeated from the facial angle. Melody kneels on a chair for us to get a good look.

‘Natalie Arrival’  A special one and most sensational, see most all the ‘Natalie’ appearances at RSI, elsewhere on this blog.

Riley Arrival with Ms. Burns‘ (F/f; year: 2006;time: 11 minutes) One of RSN’s most popular models if the number of films is the measure. Copper redhead Riley reports to Miss Burns.  She is new at the school and immediately in trouble. She sits for a scolding. “What don’t you stand up and take your clothes off?”

Riley is a cute number. Burns searches her things as she is handed them. Hand on a bench, naked, Burns gives her a fast dose of what RSN calls the “teardrop” paddle. Warming but not severe. Repeats from angles. Naked Riley is given her school clothing for a long dressing scene.

Riley Interview and Updated Profile‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Very pretty blonde Riley has returned to RSN for a an updated interview after 2 years’  absence. Filming has gotten more complicated and Masterson thanks her for tolerating “a room full of men.”

Riley undresses, T-shirt and jeans off. She bends over a chair for a mild handspanking, which Masterson accelerates in intensity. She sits naked. That was  a “7 of 10.”

Rachel Interview‘ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Rachel answered the RSN ad on curiosity. She gets spanked at home a lot, almost daily. Elizabeth Burns finds this amusing and surely a challenge.

‘Stand up and take your clothes off for us.” Rachel strips quickly and without embarrassment. Ms. Burns give her the official RSN naked OTK spanking, long, fast, and mild. And at the conclusion, the requirement: Rachel kneels on a chair to display her red bottom.

In the nude interview, Rachel admits “it was painful.” Burns likes to quantify things. It was a ‘9’ versus a ‘3’ from her husband. Elizabeth likes this. The spanking is repeated, front and rear.

Rene-interview’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Elizabeth Daniels does the interview. She is an 18 year old blonde. Her boyfriend has excited her. Her father used to whip her with a belt. “My ass burned.” 

Rene stands and strips. She is a big girl. No bra or panties. OTK spanking, moderate by Ms. Burns very exacting standards. Faster and faster to conclusion. She bends naked for inspection, a lot of boobs. “Not too bad,” she reports. 

Reverie Interview‘ (MF/f; time: 22 minutes) Michael Masterson interviews a 27 year old model, whose visit to the Institute was delayed by a  blizzard. Reverie admits to being very kinky, she surfs the web and finds the sites to her taste. She likes to be controlled, enjoys anal play, and taboos. And she has an opinion on all the spanking implements. Our first thought was, too bad she wasn’t snowed in AT  the studio. They could have made a bunch of films.

Masterson is clearly thrilled. “Let’s start by have you get very naked.” ‘Betty’  comes on the set and does the official spanking. At the conclusion, Reverie displays her bottom and admits she has never been spanked by a woman. It is a new sensation.

‘Rita’ (M/f; time:18 minutes) An attractive pigtailed buxom brunette sits for interview, wearing a low cut, short red dress she shouldn’t go to the mall in.  “How’s your Bottom today?” “It’s a little warm.” These interview sessions usually follow other spanking performances  done by the model. She lives in a little kinky enclave. Plays about once a week.

Masterson explains his viewers want action, so he will spank Rita (again) before the interview continues. She selects a leather Spencer strap from implements on the couch with her. She bends over the couch. She is nicely bruised already, a variety of marks, including the vertical chaffing lines where buttocks rub together during hard sessions.

Rita continues to chat about her dominant and submissive interests. Sounds like she was spanked at RSN in the past. She is “afraid” of Masterson because he spanks harder when she is bratty. They try a cane next, six strokes, and Rita toughs it out. Great facials.

More interview. The cane hurt; Rita has lived most of her kinky fantasies —naked in the woods, rope play, suspension. She talks in almost clinical language about capture, kidnap, take-down, various  role plays. Where are all these performances?

One more spanking demonstration,Rita selects the “hairbrush.” It is really a lethal bath brush. This spanking seems the most painful for her. She can hardly hold position. She pulls down her thong now, a superfluous little thing except for the exposure between her thighs

Roxie‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) We are enjoying these ‘arrivals’ at REALSPANKING, their version of the ‘intake.’ Webmaster Masterson and Mistress Dee take no prisoners at these sessions. Roxie is a cute long auburn-haired number, with a touch of insouciant disrespect on her face.

“Take your clothes off.” (gulp) “Now?” Quickly naked, she tries to cover as she hears the behavior instructions. “Hands down. There is no modesty allowed here (at the Institute).” Maaterson wants her to take the widest stance she can and bend forward. Various nude poses. Kneel erect for a bit.

Bend over a table; “I will demonstrate what happens for minor infractions.” He uses the medium-sized floppy strap, a junior version of the huge implement unique to RSN. Masterson tells Roxie it is one of the “gentlest” in the RSN arsenal.

Her strapping is moderate–the rear angle first, then the sequence repeated from the oblique. Then bend-over, grab the ankles. Dee helps her to dress and leads her off.

Samantha Arrival’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A pretty, unpretentious brunette sits in the interview chair. “You are the reluctant model.” It seems Samantha was slow arranging her appearance. She was frightened by the stories her friend ‘Monica’ told her,  but Masterson points out that Monica is     an exception, able to take terrific spankings.

She tells her spanking history—her father spanked her, bare  bottom, in the bathroom, hand and paddle. Then Samantha strips naked on the set. Monica is called in to do the arrival spanking, and she too is naked. As the OTK spanking commences, Masterson comments: “Great little butt.”

This will be a “gentle start.” A mild handspanking and rubbing. Then Masterson requests: “Ten, the real deal.” They are not really  very hard. Despite Monica’s huge experience, she is not a very good spanker. Alternate views.

‘Sarah-interview’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Very pretty blonde with Miss Dee. “How old are you?” “Eighteen.” “Oh, a young one.” With no more talk, Sarah strips naked without embarrassment. OTK naked, a mild handspanking. Zoom on lovely bottom. Hair arranged; alternate views. Interview continues naked, cute giggles. She dresses slowly. 

Sophie Interview (M/f; time: 17 minutes) A 21-year old moon-faced blonde. And an adventurous lass who is going to delight Masterson. She undresses immediately, “the quicker the better” to get on with this, she thinks. The naked interview continues–she is a fan of the REALSPANKINGS site, has lots of spanking experience, with boyfriends, in public, in front of audiences at clubs, and in private. Masterson is intrigued with the filming potential.

Miss Betty comes on set to do the spanking. Sophie goes OTK and quickly gets her hair in place. Standard spanking, hot little bottom. Bend over the chair, for the zoom inspection and the post-spanking naked interview.

Staci‘ (F/f; 4 minutes) This film was made later in RSN’s history; Dee is older, and the format is different. Dee will do the discipline. We have mentioned in other RSN reviews, we think Mistress Dee spanked the hardest of the RSN staff.

Dee doesn’t like Staci’s attitude, which is always helpful to induce severity for an ‘arrival’ indoctrination. She bends over, pants bunch but not down in this episode, for the floppy strap. An impressive spanking, immediate gasps from Staci and grasping in space with her hands, “Get that bottom out.”

The first view of the spanking, an oblique with facials; the alternate view, the full bottom. “Lose the attitude or else this will continue the rest of the day….have I made my point?” “You made your point.”

Stacy Interview” (F/f; year: 2006; time: 15 minutes) Stacy is a stunning blonde, breathtaking, 30 years old, older than the teenagers normally spanked at RSN. She is interviewed by an off-camera ‘Mistress Dee.’ Dee loves to get girls to talk about their spanking experiences. Stacy’s mother kept a yardstick handy. Sometimes pants came down.

Stacy is a little nervous. “Stand up and take off your clothes.” Black dress off, red undies. “Look at you!” exclaims Dee. “All this?” “All the way.” Quite a sight, white untanned boobs and bottom, tawny fuzz, nifty figure.

Elizabeth Burns is called on-set. They shake hands and Burns begins one of her rapid handspankings. Stacy gets her hair off her face. This part of the film is repeated from the rear view.

Stacy sits naked for her post-spanking interview. It was a “7 or 8” on the 10-scale. Stacy bends over to show her read bottom, fantastic.

Summer Interview‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Michael interviews a very striking, dimpled, 24 year old blonde. She’s a little nervous about taking her clothes off and being spanked, but she is free to discuss her spanking experience. Her step-father paddled her frequently, drilling a new hole in the paddle for each spanking, making her wait and listen to the drill. She had to bend over at the fireplace with a bar of soap in her mouth. Now she’s got the bug–she’s kinky and likes some rough stuff. Masterson sounds flabbergasted at her candor. At home she got three swats each time, the holes raising welts, more and more of them. This first episode ends as she strips off her clothes and Betty will step out to do the spanking.

Tabatha Interview‘ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Elizabeth Burns interviews. A 22 year old blonde, Tabatha is another girl with a spanking boyfriend, but he is not very good at it, only a ‘2.’. She wants to try the real experience.

“Go ahead and take your clothes off.” OTK naked, Elizabeth does her same procedure, a fast and mild spanking to the cheeks and thighs. She gets Tabatha’s bottom completely and uniformly red. So much for the boyfriend. “That was a 7!”

Taylor Interview’  (F/f;  year: 2005; time: 18 minutes) Mistress Dee interviews a blonde. She is 21, and spanked at home. Clothes off. Dee calls in ‘Cindy’  to do the spanking. When she displays her bottom at the conclusion, Dee notes “You’re a bit of a marker…and we love that here.”

The naked interview–Dee noted bottom marks when she watched the spanking on the monitor. Taylor admits she had a friend give her a practice spanking. This was not as hard as her spankings at home.

Taylor Arrival‘ (MF/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes) ‘Kailee’ is attempting to induct a sullen and disrespectful chunky blonde, ‘Taylor.’ When Taylor refuses to change into the RSI school uniform, Kailee steps off screen and returns with Coach Daniels.

Taylor has been sentenced to RSI for a year. This could be tough on her bottom. Kailee is a prefect, pronounced PUR-FICT by Daniels. “You do as the ‘pur-fict’ says.” Kailee and Daniels grab Taylor and start to pull her clothes off. Taylor capitulates and completes the stripping. Bend-over, hands on couch, Daniels does the handspanking and Kailee holds her. Then a long dressing in the blouse and kilt set.

Tonya Arrival‘ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Michael Masterson does the interviewing. Tonya is an improbably goofy hippie-type, wearing a lot of clothes and costume jewelry. She is bi-sexual, and noticeably nervous here.

“We’d like to get you naked.” Masterson recommends the jewelry stay on–it will take too long to come off. When she is naked, she keeps her legs together reflexively. She has played with spanking and remembers a broken paddle and splinters.

Miss Betty does the spanking. Standard stuff. And only a “2 or 3” on the scale. Encouraging for Masterson, because if they hire her, they can go much harder.

Tonya Punishment Profile (MF/f; time: 11 minutes) 20 year old Tonya, goofy, hippy-like, and a bit inarticulate by RSN standards. She sits in the Queen Anne chair for her interview and in short order he has her take her clothes off to continue the chat. She has been spanked mostly by girls and began spanking games at the age of 10. She is bi-sexual. A boyfriend once gave her splinters with a shattered paddle.

Miss Betty comes on set for  standard OTK spanking–there is a cut to a standing position. Something must have happened. In a closing interview, she was unimpressed by the severity, only a ‘2’ or ‘3.’ We wonder, has Masterson ever reopened the action after such a desultory response?

Vanessa Interview‘ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Elizabeth Burns interviews a very self-confident 20 year old brunette. She’s always been interested in spanking, was spanked bare bottom at home, and the waiting was the worst.

“Take your clothes off for us.” Big girl, lovely body. Elizabeth does her fast introductory spanking; bottom display, some blotching. Vanessa describes the experience as “not that bad…three’ish.”

Giving It Up -Abi Whittaker – FIRMHAND

4 Dec

(BA)(F/f; year: 2008; time: 7 minutes) A series made with ‘Kailee Robinson,’ both girls very young here, but legal. Abi has asked for residence with Kailee for some discipline to get her life back in order.

Ms. Whittaker wears a pink top and jeans with fashionable holes. Kailee explains the submission she will require, has Abi sign an agreement. She will have a place to live while things get better. She must relinquish her clothes and her friends. “My friends?” “What good are they to you, they got you in trouble.”

Festivities immediately. “Stand up. Pants down.” Just a thong on this waif of a model. “You look like trash.” Maybe for purposes of the story, but she looks spiffy to us. After a warm up OTK spanking on her bikini panties, they go off to throw out all the clothes she brought.

(BB)(time: 7 minutes) Abi wears khaki shorts and a black top, she has missed a meeting with a client Kailee assigned to her. Kailee is holding a big embossed leather paddle.

Shorts down, OTK; today’s panties are lime green. She is paddled OTK and then bent over a chair. The FIRMHAND graphic reports “90 strokes,” her bottom is fully engaged by the large surface.

(BC)(time: 6 minutes) Abi has skimmed off some money from a client she handled as a “commission” for her. Kailee does not permit this–her therapy here is her payment. Abi knows this means another spanking, on the spot.

She drops her slacks and bends over a table. Kailee begins with a strap. “Is this helping you at all?” she asks. Abi wisely mutters in the affirmative. Closeups of sweet black panties, then the bare bottom.

(BD)(F/f; 7 minutes) Abi sits with Kailee; little Abi is not happy in this training, is not sensing any progress. We can’t blame her; she seems to have to take her pants down every five minutes. “I don’t feel good about what I am doing.”

Well, Kailee does not feel good about her not feeling good, so we’ll have a good spanking to clear up matters. Abi stands and drops her short shorts without being asked. OTK; very colorful green polka dot panties come down.

A word about Ms. Whittaker’s panty drawer. All very colorful prints, festive bikini style, very stylish for her narrow hips and small (but eager) bottom. No frilly lace lingerie. She does not have the feminine hips which populate the CP genre, but her cute face and slight attitude suggest corporal punishment immediately.

After a spanking, she kneels nose to the wall, something not done often in her series. OTK again for a bath brush, some of the hardest we have seen yet.

(BE)(time: 4 minutes) Kailee requires Abi to strip to bra and panties to get in a shower. The water is warm enough that she doesn’t react much, a little colder would have been fun. She soaps a little despite wearing her undies.

Kailee pulls her out and we begin the wet-panty spanking you would anticipate. Here, Abi is wearing white bikini panties which are properly transparent when wet. Standard spanking.

{BF)(time: 7 minutes) Kailee approaches Abi with the strap. Abi has set up some client on the side for her own income. Despite her protestation that she was going to push the money to Kailee, she knows what is coming next. By this point in the series, her responses are Pavlovian, she steps into the spanking position even before she is told to.

She bends over a pool table–we’ve described often that pool tables are perfect height for spankings–legs straight and buttocks plumped. Like a good girl she takes her own red fringe panties down, and Kailee begins with the strap. Abi is a touch pink for a previous filming. We’ve wondered how much time can elapse between the production of these segments.

(BG)(time:6 minutes) Abi sits on the pool table in her brown skirt and yellow top. She’s been in trouble almost every day in Kailee’s care. Kailee is thinking of dismissing her. Abi pleads no place to go and volunteers for punishment. “You say yes to therapy but your actions say no.”

Abi is allowed to select the spanking implement of her choice, and she picks a large fraternity paddle, a sign of submission for sure. Bend over the pool table, Kailee takes her pink panties down. As usual, her bottom is slightly pink from a previous episode.

10 effective strokes, the paddle does the work. Bruises are developing by now.

(BH)(time:5 minutes) Abi has been arrogant and haughty around the organization, and there have been complaints. “You need to be put in your place…get the chair and I will grab a paddle.”

Abi drops her jeans and kneels on a chair. Blue thong. Kailee uses one of her favorites–the embossed leather paddle, which covers a lot of skin. Loud and sharp.

(BI)(time:5 minutes) The therapy visitation is working its way to a conclusion. Kailee needs to ensure Abi doesn’t forget where the power lies. “I want to let you know I am still in charge.” “How could I forget?”

OTK again, little white sundress–Abi usually wears pants. White print panties down, a bath brush. Abi does not like it much.

After she recovers: “I’m going to the mall. Wanna come?”

(BJ)(time: 5 minutes) Kailee catches Abi trying on some of her naughty undies–a red bustier and matching panties. She was going to wear the outfit for one of her clients. We never did catch on what business she is in. Is Kailee a madame?

Abi lies flat on the bed, hugs a pillow, and takes an impressive strapping on her mostly bare bottom.


29 Oct

‘Kailee’s Huge Mistake’ (M/f; year: 2006; time:15 minutes)

‘Kailee’ has arrived at Dallas’ studios. Her sister Lily is seen briefly in the background, having just gotten a spanking.  Kailee  looks a little reluctant about going through a spanking here, surely having heard from other models that Dallas is the hardest spanker in the trade. As she sits, Dallas places the padded bench in front of her.

Kailee quickly strips off her jeans and panties and lies on the bench. Dallas rattles an armload of spanking implements he is going to use. Panties off.  First, he gels her bottom, which rises majestically off the bench. He explains the gel “makes it sting more. Iisn’t that right, Amelia Jane.” He presumes Ms Rutherford will see this video. He starts with a handspanking; when he switches to a large strap, Kailee’s cries are different. Her bottom is fully red already, with some blotchy bruises.

Dallas oils again and continues with an even larger strap. The muscles in Kailee’s legs are prominent in this position. Another strap. Dallas brandishes it in front of Kailee’s face, but she won’t look at it. Long facials.

She has been struggling, so Dallas wraps a strap around her wrists and has Lily pull it tight, tether-like, to encourage her to remain still. More strapping, down her thighs to almost her knees. This is the worst yet. Significant marks and bruises signal this session is over. Kailee to the corner. This would be one of the more severe spankings we have seen, and maybe  Ms. Robinson was surprised too.


Girls Boarding School master collection

22 Oct

Random intercepts of bottoms and plots we fancied, much to choose

This wonderful Internet site turns out consistently erotic and stimulating spanking scenarios based on the schoolgirl theme, most about 7-15 minutes long, complete unto themselves, and featuring perfect, fresh, and plausible young ladies, and depicting the catalogue of schoolgirl spanking fetish situations  and behavior. The production values are flawless, there are no flubs, low-flying airplanes, or missed cues. When a girl’s panties come down, we’re usually front-row center. In each story, a young lady is summoned or corralled for swift punishment–the girls doing a nice job of passively accepting the policy of the school, while pleading for leniency. And throughout, we find just enough incredulity from the girls as they go through their paces that no mean edge develops.

Famous Bottoms with early appearances here: Pandora Blake, Angelina Cortez,  Audrey Knight, Kailee Robinson, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Abi Whittaker,

We joined the site and are working through our first random selections. Here are a bunch  to begin.

All My Work‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): A pigtailed brunette, in school uniform, waits with her panties down. Things aren’t going well for her, and her bottom already shows cane marks. A male master shows her he is aware she has plagiarized Wordsworth! Only in CP literature would such a claim be made.

“Bend over the table.” Bare bottom, stiff leather paddle, fraternity-aize. Tears. She has to sit again at the desk, bare buttocks on the chair, the camera gets in from above and behind, in a tribute to old Roue shots of chastised schoolgirls doing lines.

Too Late For PT-Amy’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amy, a chubby blonde, at least by GBS standards, tries to sneak into the Boarding School house, but is caught by Headmaster Tom. She skipped PT, he knows about it, and things get settled quickly here at GBS.

Tom will spank her right there on the grand staircase, where he caught her. He is displeased with her wispy floral panties, which she must discard. She struggles OTK, he pins her legs with his. Apres spanking, she displays her bottom at the palatial front door.

She’ll do some of that PT. He sets her doing deep knee bends and leaves her. Two other Boarders come down the stairs and are amused by the red bottom at work.

Annie’s Bathroom Caning‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Redheaded model Annie, her shoulder-length hair now in pigtails, shivers in just gymslip, no panties, in a bathtub. The master enters, she stands, and he delivers about 20 moderate cane strokes on her pale Nordic skin.

We view this caning from the side, several obliques, full rear, and low from the rear. Annie must thank the master after each stroke and ask for a harder one. The oblique detects welts. Annie’s bottom ranks up there with any we have seen; her shrinking innocence accentuates the eroticism. She is left cornered in the tub–“keep your position for 10 minutes.”

Angelina-Initiation Ceremony‘ (M/f; 21 minutes) These initial or welcoming spankings are always superior at GBS. Angelina, in white blouse, plaid skirt, and knee socks, nervously awaits a GBS master. “Welcome to Girls Boarding School, your first day, I believe,” he announces.

He lectures. Under-achievers are sent here, and she has surely heard what happens to them, almost every day. He wants to see right now if she can obey the rules. “Take your clothes off.” Angelina hesitates. She starts and stops and is finally naked (and shaved). Not fast enough, she has to dress again. Now she must strip in 30 seconds.

Naked, hands-on-head, she is left to think, one of those solitary poses GBS likes to use, bottoq2m-out. The master returns and first gives her an OTK spanking, then a conventional caning as she kneels on a chair. We will look for more performances from this model.

‘Detention Room-Angie’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes): A male GBS staffer rents space through a real estate agent; he needs some space for disciplinary purposes. Tall brunette ‘Angie’ knocks and enters. She wears a ridiculous pink-and-white punk outfit, top and striped bell-bottom pants. “What on earth are you wearing?”

OTK she goes, the spanking starts. “Ow, that hurts.” which is of course the idea. The disciplinarian has her drop her bell-bottoms and remove the tiny bikini panties. Very nice. Puss shots. Little screams. Angie must stand on a table, hands-on-head. bare bottom in closeup. She will learn the dress code by tomorrow or it’s another spanking.

At the Gym-Claire‘(M/f; time: 9 minutes) The SPANKED-AT-HOME format; ‘Claire’ is lolling on a couch, wearing just bikini panties and a top, reading a porn magazine. A male instructor enters and challenges her laziness. He nicks her with a cane he is carrying.

Claire must get up and begin exercising on a mat on the floor. He snaps at what flesh he can reach with his cane. Panties half-masted, she lies flat on her stomach for more of the cane. Upper body pushups.

Back to the mat, into the diaper position, for minor caning, and leg lifts.

‘Back Again-Claire‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): When the master of the school declares, “Good old Claire,” we are pleased to see this attractive and familiar actress, this time with her blond hair pinned up. She is always naughty. She stands, bends over the table in the typically sparse GBS set. White skirt flipped up, bright orange panties match her top. Arms stretched forward. Four cane strokes on the panties; the master pulls them down–there are the stripes. He takes the panties down further–6 more strokes. She drops the skirt and the underwear – 6 more.

To the wall for the obligatory cornering, but she faces us for a leisurely view of her tawny thatch, then faces to the wall, the camera zooms in on her bare  bottom.

‘Five Days Failure-Claire‘ (M/f; 7 minutes): Claire, one of GBS’ brunette regulars, in trouble again, waits without pants, for her inquisitor. He arrives–a man’s work is never done. “This will be the main part of your punishment.” Her disobedience has spread over 5 days, earning her multiple attention.

Her charming buttocks are white and clear, but not for long. She climbs over the wood arm of a couch, padded by a towel and takes 4 strokes of the cane for each of the 5-days’ naughtiness. This caning seems a bit more severe than usual–Claire can’t keep her bottom still, gasps, surges, and convulsively shakes.

Obliques of her welts confirm this was a rough session. The master expresses impatience with her sobbing. “Stop crying!” She is made to clean house without her knickers, starting on her hands and knees.

‘Bad End Nooner’ (M/f; 5 minutes): Loud noises of hard driving sex action attracts the master. The boy runs off, the naked student’s excuses will not save her. She is a cute blonde who has been able to keep her glasses on throughout all this.

The master takes her OTK, her bottom already shows some fading cane lines. This would provide some evidence that these GBS spankings are legitimate and take some time to fade.

After a brief spanking, she must assume a rather difficult punitive posture we don’t recall seeing. She takes the lunge position, bridging a chair.

‘Bad School Marks-Molly’ (M/f; 8 minutes): Regular actress ‘Molly,’ in her blond pigtails and school uniform, goes over the master’s knee for poor grades. She must have been expecting it because she wears no panties. This actress has an especially prominent and dynamic bottom; she tends to cock it up for the spanker.

In her bedroom, she strips nude, puts on pink pajamas, and awaits more punishment. The master arrives with a rug beater, he drops her pj bottoms and helps her over several pillows, elevating those buttocks even more. Rug beaters always seem harmless to us. Top off, naked, more spanking, she is left naked for us to remember.

‘Disobedient Again Molly‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): The headmaster/webmaster/spankmaster again with model ‘Molly,’  a tall, blue-eyed, pigtailed blond Nordic type, in schoolgirl blouse, tie, blue skirt, and knee socks. She’s been disobedient again, for which we are glad (and fortunate).

“I will punish you with the belt…get your skirt off…your pants down.” She kneels on a low table, her beautiful pale feminine white bottom competes for your eye with the snow-covered rural scene out the picture windows. Zinging belt strokes; Molly is experienced.

She kneels, cornered, on a padded chest for quiet time. Back on the table for a paddle/strap, then into the diaper position for some intimate views. She concludes, cornered again. The erect kneeling posture is meant to be uncomfortable.

‘Homework Test-Molly’  (M/f; 11 minutes):  The tall Scandinavian  model ‘Molly,’ blond pigtails, flared feminine hips, skates on homework., fails a test, and will be spanked by one of the masters in the glassed room with the snowy outside landscape.

She drops her own panties for a handspanking, then must kneel erect on the chest in the cornrer, causing her little gymslip to ride up. Back over the desk, a ceiling-cam catches a rousing belting of her bareness. After an additional session with a double-tongue strap, into the corner and onto the box to wait it out.

A Beer in the Sun-Michaela‘ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) ‘Michaela,’ a very Nordic blonde (another of the GBS preferences) in a blue one-piece bathing suit, is drinking from a very large Heineken can. A male supervisor at the boarding school catches her.

He will spank her immediately and takes her inside. She must bend over her bed. He will use a rug-beater and bunches her bathing suit. She will take her suit down, bottom facing us, retaining her blouse. More spanking.

Broken Cell Phone – Maggie‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Maggy, a tall and powerful brunette, is quite a handful in all her spanking episodes. Headmaster Tom has found a broken cell phone–the cost is $800. She hangs her head. He scolds: “Unacceptable! Punishment is acceptable!”

OTK,handspanking on her jeans. Very crisp spanking, he holds her still by grabbing her belt. “Get up. Open your trousers.” He pulls down her jeans and panties. Har handspanking, cries, gasps, red face. She is sent to get the paddle, narrow leather affair, hands on table. Nice.

‘Caning For Elin ‘ (M/f;  7 minutes): The brunette actress, new to the school.  Punishment does not seem to work. She bends over, legs wide; the master will cane her on her jeans; about 10 strokes, and she screeches.

Now she drops her pants, her bottom well-marked from the recent past. A  few cane strokes on her bare behind–the cameraman films from the floor–he has been watching European producers.

There are bonus scenes from other cameras for both the jeans-caning and the bare-bottom.

‘Cellar Room-Elin‘ (M/f; 6 minutes): One of our favorites so far, because it deviates from the format. ‘Elin’  walks carefully down a paneled stairway to the cellar, stark naked. She has been sent here to be dealt with. She cowers on the concrete floor- a ticking clock on the soundtrack portrays the passage of time for her, then she calls up the stairs to the master, confessing that she used the school phone and that she is ready for her punishment.

The master comes down, and very quickly gives her a beating with a leather strap, some of which we see from outside through a window. Typical, her bottom has markings from another time. At the conclusion, she squats on a dusty floor in humiliation. The cellar is a place of totrure and humiliation. We’ll watch to see who else is sent there.

Cellar Rooms-Jenny‘  (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Jenny descends the cellar steps in just a jersey, no pants. Your eyes focus on what she might show. She bends and leans on a column at a ninety degree angle, in this dank place. Her bottom is already red. She waits.

Tom comes down the stairs, his footfalls part of the ominous portent. He carries a wide strap. Brunette Jenny will be required to hold her position; to ensure that, Tom lays books on her arched back. She has difficulty doing it, red blotching.

Another pose, she holds the books at arms’ length while Tom paddles her.

Don’t Touch The Computer-Bridgett‘ (M/f; 11 minutes); brunette new resident ‘Bridgett’ finds Mr. Lewis’  laptop, helps herself to access, surfs away, reformats it, etc. Lewis catches her, is furious at the damage, and of course we know what the consequences are here at Girls’ Boarding School.

The screen dissolves to that closed door identified as the “Detention Room,” from which emanates the anguished cries of a girl being caned or strapped, one of the best portrayals we can recall of the “behind closed doors” spanking fantasy. We presume this is what is going to or could happen to Bridgett if she were sent to this room.

Lewis will paddle Bridgett on the spot. She kneels on a chair, gets the paddle on full white panties and then he pulls them down to continue on the bare. She soon has a fully-inflamed, virtually engulfed bottom, quite astonishing.

She stands, bends over and, “lock your hands behind your knees” for 6 more, followed by “touch your toes….six more.” Here is one of the reddest bottoms you will find outside of Eastern Europe (and an excited pussy, we think).

‘The Evening Gown-Amber‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) brunette ‘new resident’ Amber must have misunderstood some policies. One of the GBS faculty staff, ‘Mr. Lewis,’ enters her room, says a “boy is calling downstairs,” and is surprised to see her in the sexiest of black evening gowns, with a spaghetti strap bare back.

It seems she is not permitted to go out on Saturday nights. “Do you know what this means?….the cane.” Amber bends over a glass coffee table, dress up, and is caned on her black pantyhose. She bits into her arm in pain. Great facials.

When Lewis lowers her pantyhose, there is already an admirable array of welts and wheals to inspect. Great closeups. No one could afford a cosmetician to fake this. A few more cane strokes grabbing ankles. Great stuff.

From ABC… XYZ-Linda‘ (M/f; 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom brings little blonde ‘Linda’ into a library set where we have seen a few bottoms. He wants the books on many shelves alphabetized. We can imagine there will be penalties.

She works the task, piles of books spread around. She is wearing slacks and a white top. Tom enters and inspects the results, and of course finds errors everywhere. He spanks her then and there, slacks and thong down, she hangs onto a shelf while she is caned. She collapses in tears.

‘Improving Techniques-Linda‘ (M/f; 11 minutes) Headmaster Tom confers with one of his young male staffers, who needs to improve his spanking techniques. Such a problem to have at GBS! Tom suggests he spank little blond ‘Linda’ tonight and film the action so they can review it later. Sounds like a plan.

FADE. A rather disconsolate-looking Linda reports to a conference room. The staffer has preceded her and positioned a small hand-sized video camera on a little tripod. “Bend over the table.” He begins a long spanking process; from the look on her face, she must have known this was to be an exploratory punishment.

First comes a rug beater on her skirt, birches on white panties, a cane bundle on bare skin, a regular cane on the bare, the always entertaining GBS Spencer paddle on the bare, and finally the strap.

When they review the film, they should pick one and bring her back for more.

‘Lost Files 2-Linda‘ (time: 7 minutes) Headmaster Tom had required Linda to clean her room. “I think I’ll whip you. You will obey in the future. Get off your clothes.” After all, this is a sort of reform school for girls. Little things mean a lot.

The cute blonde strips naked, and for a change, we have a model with a clear bottom. Tom shows her his Spencer paddle. First, a warmup with a handspanking. Then the very big paddle, and a cane. Usual wonderful closeups and some.

‘Three Little Lies-Linda‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): Two masters at GBS call in ‘Linda,’ a pretty blonde perpetual liar. It’s to the be the “hairbrush, ruler, tawse…fully nude!” She was expecting a spanking, but not naked! She is urged, quite bare, into the punishment room, where a low black curved chair awaits, its purpose clear. She is draped on it, black cloth accent her pink body.

The ruler, then the hairbrush, hard and firm with no preliminaries or diversion, as always for GBS. No dialogue; sweet natural young body. She concludes, curled whimpering in fetal position, the camera circling.

“Harder “and “faster,” she asks; the pink shorts remain, but her lower buttocks and thighs show the master knows what he is doing. “That’s enough,”  and she leaves.

‘Gina’s First Caning‘ (M/f; 6 minutes): One of the films we nominate for the ‘great-pajamas’ list. Gina is a stunning brunette–we hope as we work through the GBS file that she can’t stay out of trouble. The master catches her watching a porn film, in her loose fitting white flannel Winnie-the-Pooh’s.

He begins caning her immediately, down with the bottoms; her buttocks seem a bit pink already.  About 15 strokes and no nonsense. Sniffle. For more, she has to bend over, lock her hands behind her knees, a textbook posture, for another  half-dozen. She is sent to bed without bottoms and writhes beautifully in humiliated discomfort. More of Gina!

‘Helen’s Correction’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom confronts one of his regular models. Helen has been spanked before–there is nothing unexpected coming for her here. She is scolded and left while Tom goes for his implements.

When he returns he gins up some frustration; Helen was to have removed her skirt and panties. She now does so, unashamed. Tom has had her naked before. He begins spanking her OTK.

After a dissolve. Helen is kneeling up on a chair. Tom paddles her, very hard, producing a variety of bruises including the round splatter pattern associated with a wood paddle. A few tears.

Hidden Man-Lexa ‘ (M/f; 15 minutes) Headmaster Tom overhears ‘Lexa’ gasping in her room; he suspects hanky-panky and in fact discovers a partially dressed man crouching in her closet. No men are allowed at the Girls Boarding School we know that. The buxom Lexa, in just bra and panties, will be spanked. Tom comments that he imagines her boyfriend must surely like her bottom; we do.

Lexa has been spanked quite recently. Tom will use a tawse and Spencer paddle. “Let’s turn red to blue.” A solid spanking on her bed, including some in the diaper position.

How Many More Do You Deserve?’ (M/f; 7 minutes): A rocking caning, almost European. A cute blonde in cut-off T-shirt, denim skirt without panties, and glasses, kneels on a chair, awaiting the master and his cane. She has misbehaved again, and this time she will be caned until SHE says she has had enough, but if she begs off too soon, she’ll  get double. Decisions, Decisions! The master arrives, rucks up her micro skirt to display frontal nudity, rare for us so far on this site.

Kneeling on a chair, she bends over to put hands on the floor. The master lays on 20 hard strokes. She squeals from the first and jerk violently in this highly exposed and unstable position, where her buttocks are waist-high for the caner. The posture eliminates the crease between the buttock and the thigh, exposing some very sensitive stuff. The girl suffers in desperation. At the conclusion, she must hold the position to ponder.

‘Hundred Times- Josie‘ (M/2f; 8 minutes): Two girls in this segment! They wait in a bedroom, no pants on, bottoms already red. They didn’t write their 100 lines for punishment.

The master will concentrate on ‘Josie,’ an Asian pageboy brunette. She strips naked, kneels on the bed, and leans forward, bottom up, in just little white socks, to finish her lines, getting a tawse across her spread buttocks as she writes. We are reminded of similar encouragements for piano exercises and physical training. Motivates a girl. Emma, a brunette in pigtails, has been watching and is sent off, without her pants either, of course.

Jane-Person Records‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Jane has lifted a laptop from a staff and been caught. Surveillance everywhere. She hacks in and changes her grades.

The master is going to spank her for it with three implements times six strokes for each of the three changes she made. A rugbeater, paddle, and cane.

The film suddenly jumps. Jane is naked now, getting a significant beating with the cane. Lots of results obvious.

‘Julia-Fully Nude‘ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Cute brunette ‘Julia’ has been at the Girls Boarding School for a time now, but headmaster ‘Tom’ tells her she is still behaving like a little girl. He will take his attentions to another level.

“Take your clothes off, all of them, and do it now.” A faint emotion of protest passes across Julia’s face, but she pulls off her top, unbuttons her skirt, drops a little thong, and finally her white bra. If Julia like to be naked with boys, she can be naked with him.

She sits at his table, shrinking and bare, then OTK for a moderate, conventional handspanking, then corner time.

‘Just the Belt-Katherine’ (M/f; 6 inutes): ‘Katherine,’ more buxom than usual for GBS, naked taking a shower in a large open stall, the best for such filming. The master bursts in–he has  found her speeding tickets in his car. “I want to see you on the bed, naked, in two minutes.”

Katherine walks with fearful trepidation, covered by a bath towel, to her bed. She screws up her courage and lies face down, on the towel. Another bottom which has seen some action recently.

The master enters, and without much fanfare, removes his belt and gives her an effective whipping. He helps her into the diaper position, holds her legs, and slashes her buttocks and thighs with the belt, immediate tears, and for good reason. She is left to check her bottom, which has had quite a day.

‘Keagan’s Punishment Day‘ (M/f; 15 minutes): The least imaginative we have seen so far; the American actress may have set limitations. Keagen lies lengthwise on  a chair-bench, in red polka dot shorts and a T-top. “Keagen, punishment day again, the last day of the month.” A master will strap her and work her shorts down while she reads aloud her list of offenses, one of which is to trick new girls into thinkingt these punishment days are “optional.”

We have here a vehicle for GBS to spank each of its girls on their designated day. There is no problem at this place finding offenses committed.

‘Keagan Tied and Caned—Her Last Chance‘ (M/f; 12 minutes) A story line a bit out of the schoolgirl theme. Brunette Keagan signed a contract to make films at GBS, with a stipulation of no alcohol or illegal substances during the work. She was caught having a few drinks in a lounge in the building.

In lieu of termination of the contract, Keagan is offered ‘a real life caning,’ to be filmed, which means no ‘safe words’ and the caning intensity under the exclusive control of the producer. “I want to make films. I’ll take the caning.”

FADE. Keagan is splayed face down on a bed, naked from the waist down, her ankles and wrists fastened to the bed legs by straps, pillows under her hips elevate her bottom. Tom wants her to turn her head to face the camera.

He begins caning, quite hard. Over twenty strokes of the cane are shown. Squeals from the first. Keagan ,must count down from 10 for the last half.

Last Day of the Month-Emma‘ (M/f; 10 minutes) Emma is sleeping in two-piece silk pajamas. Tom wakes her up for her end-of-the-month accounting. She arranges herself over a stack of pillows and drops her pajama bottoms.

While she desperately hangs onto the wrought iron headboard, Tom lays on 20 surprisingly hard cane strokes–mean looking marks seemed real to us. When she has wriggled out of position, Tom has her kneel up more erect, to fatten the buttocks.

The film concludes with Emma examining her bottom in the bathroom mirror.

Laundry Room-Jodie‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Schoolmaster Tom calls ‘Jodie’ to the laundry room. He found the keys she lost, in the machine; there was $300 in damage.

He begins spanking the Asian girl OTK on her jeans, then he pulls them down along with the panties. A standing spanking for the hairbrush. Then lying down for more, on a fancy lattice laundry hamper.

‘Locked‘ (M/f; 13 minutes): A redhead-student locks one of the masters in a room. Surely she knows what happens in this place for virtually any transgression. The head guy finds and releases him, and shortly the redhead is apprehended and marched into the room, her bottom already bare. “It was just a joke.” We know there is no humor in this place. She is cornered hands-on-head while the master gets his canes. She assumes the’frisk’ position, feet wide, hands on the wall. The caning is firm and rapid. Facial shots low from the floor. Hands-on-ankles for more, good obliques.

Nothing like a redhead’s pale skin for a spanking. Her bottom bruises more than usual for GBS. She kneels erect, cornered, on the wood floor, hands-on-head. The locked-in associate is invited back to see the results of the master’s work.

‘My First Day-Christine‘ (M/f; 13 minutes): ‘Christine,’ later called ‘Kailee’ in a long CP career, and here learning what a bottom is for; she is a tall, exotically pretty brunette, narrates this episode, in her school jumper, in front of the fireplace. She got spanked three times on her first day. In the first session, she is over the master’s knee, skirt up, tight white panties covering one of those bottoms born for this work. She has violated rule #1, punctuality. When she feels the master’s fingers in the elastic band of her panties, “What are you doing?”

After more narration, the second spanking–a big leather paddle, she is mantelpiec’d, panties down. The leather paddle cracks loudly on this memorable target. She must rattle off a little apology after each stroke.

She describes the cane as “the worst thing ever,” all this on Day #1. The master lays on 15 strokes. Christine bends over, hands locked behind her knees, a painful and vulnerable pose. Hands-on-head, cornered, closeups, intimate parts.

In a concluding narration, she admits she couldn’t sit down for three days.

‘Nude at Daylight Kailee‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): We hope you share our fascination with nude swimming pool scenes. A striking brunette (actress ‘Kailee’)must have stayed out all night and now she swims naked in a picturesque pool, perched overlooking the sea. She makes the prototype cinematic grand exit from the pool, walking slowly up underwater steps. After just enough time to take in her student body, she wraps herself in a towel and tries to sneak upstairs in the building to her room.

The master catches her on scenic stairs and demands that the towel not leave the pool and rips it away. “Excuse me,” he stammers, when he sees she is naked. She is going to be punished right now, and is sent naked to the ‘punishment room,’ a barren garage-like space which provides stark contrast to the palatial settings we have seen so far. She collapses and curls up on the floor, almost fetal-like, in bare humiliation.

The master arrives with his cane. She grasps a pillar and leans out from it, bare feet spread on the concete, frisk-position, and takes well over 30 cane strokes. As in all GBS segments, the glamourous brunette must remain alone to contemplate her faults. The camera zooms in intimately as she lies curled up again.

‘Never Steal Again-Alice‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom discovers that someone has rifled his desk. He immediately shouts upstairs: “Alice!” A tall, sexy blonde appears, in cutoff top and warmup pants. She’s going to be punished. She is sent to her room, where she knows to prepare herself–she takes off her pants and panties, and waits by her bed, hands-on-head. A pale, clear bottom. GBS always excelled in these scenes of submissive surrender by the girls at the school.

Tom arrives and gives her a quick caning. He was not as careful as might have been with that far buttock.

‘No More Warnings‘ (M/f; 5 minutes): a familiar brunette has misbehaved for the final time and is dragged to the barren basement room, stumbling down the stairs with him, her pants already off. In a dusty corner, she takes up the ‘frisk’ position against the wall, the most extreme, her legs spread and her back at a 90 degree angle, for ringing shots from the wooden holed paddle. Her bottom, already marked, shows more misery after this.

No Permission-Lisa’ (2M/2f; 9 minutes): Two girls dance to loud music in the lounge, during school hours. They claim to a master that they have permission from the headmaster. When he appears–game over, both girls will be caned.

Brunette Lisa and a redhead are bent over ends of a table, holding hands in the middle. The master walks from end to end, caning Lisa on her jeans and the redhead on her little skirt. Not a lot of action in this one; both bare bottoms are displayed at the conclusion, with faint marks.

Phone Bill‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Headmaster Tom interrupts a pretty blonde in the middle of her shower with her excessive phone bill. The girl comes out of the shower and takes her time putting on a complete schoolgirl uniform.
Good buildup for a spanking! And good girl, she kept her hair dry. Blouse, plaid kilt, knee socks, sweater, maryjanes, and we see a lot of her full white panties.

She reports to Tom downstairs and now is obliged to take all her clothes off all over again. First, he handspanks her in a standing position. Then she bends over for the cane. Good low angles for the caning scene.

The girl dresses again,presumably this is a school day. This time, she puts her panties on last.

‘Sanna – playing a prank‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette schoolgirl ‘Sanna’ changes the code on a door lock, so that Tom can’t get in and he misses a call on the school budget.

“You think that’s funny? I’ll show you what’s funny.” After a dissolve, Sanna has stripped below the waist and faces us, hands on head. There is plenty inside her blouse too, but that is not for today.

Tom show her three implements he will use–a rattan rugbeater, a tawse, and a bundle of birches. Sanna screams through the three spankings. And she has a thoroughly red bottom already. The spankings are filmed and repeated from rear closeup, reaction CAM shot from near the floor, and a more distant rear shot. From some reason, Sanna screams most from the rugbeater.

‘Sarah Landsfield- Assistant Teacher’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) One of the best. Reviewed in the ‘Sarah’ collection..

‘Simon and Vanessa and Lottie’ (M/3f; time: 13 minutes) At the Girls Boarding School, three girls won’t confess who left such a mess of dishes. The male supervisor does what you would expect. “I’m going to spank all three of you.” Simon decides to confess.

A GBS regular, the little reddish-brunette goes OTK. Skirt up, white panties down–her bottom has been attended to recently. Tom makes her take her panties all the way off and unfasten her skirt. After her spanking, she must completely the cleanup bare-bottom. Zoom on her spanked bottom as she works.

The supervisor returns with a long wood paddle–awesome. She is paddled at the sink while she works. Some face-CAM repeats do a good job of depicting how unhappy she

‘Simone  Meets Tom‘ (M/f; 9 minutes) ‘Simone,’  a boyish little brunette, a plausible barely-legal student and certainly not a CP  actress out of an agency, enters headmaster Tom’s office wearing a simple school uniform, especially cute with white knee socks. Tom corners her while he lectures her on school behavior. She hasn’t learned yet the rules for entering the office. Time for her first OTK spanking. skirt up, white panties. She immediately sets up some of the loudest squealing we have heard at GBS, so colorful GBS used it as background for the opening credits. Tom tugs the knickers down. Simone twtiches her bottom so fiercely Tom has to pin her legs  between his, probably quite fine for him. At the conclusion, she is cornered again, her small red bottom featured and zoomed in closeup as he concludes his lecture.

Single Malt-Elin and Molly‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Little brunette ‘Elin’ and Nordic blonde ‘Molly’ have found a 21 year old bottle of single malt Scotch whisky. Elin chokes on the taste, so Molly gets her a taste of Coca Cola to wash it away.

One of the GBS supervisors caches them. “This will cost you a caning…take off your clothes, all of them.” Elin is the perpetrator–she gets the caning, over a modern Danish chair, another upscale piece of furniture at the school. Molly holds her still for a conventional, short caning.

‘Snow Fight-Molly and Simone‘ (M/f; 8 minutes): A good example of how little it takes to get your bottom smacked in this school. Molly and Simone have a silly snowball fight outside and are marched in by one of the masters for punishment.

Molly, a very cute young blonde, must be the troublemaker, because she must take off ALL her clothes. Her bottom has had some attention recently. She has wide feminine hips but an otherwise adolescent body. She kneels naked on a stairway seat and leans over the wrought iron bannister for a solid but brief caning, her bare feet wiggling. Brunette Simone is required to stand immediately to the side and observe. Wonderful camera facials from below on the stairs in this inventive position.

‘Special Audience for Annie‘ (2M/f; 9 minutes): Redheaded Annie, with a slight Slavic accent, appears in several GBS features. Annie hasn’t done her chores. “I was tired,” she whines. “You know what’s coming next, don’t you?….and today you will have an audience.” We’re seen some private schools have special sorts of fund-raising. A Mr. Meyers sits front and center; the master takes Annie OTK, hard spanking on her jeans. Hands-on-chair, 10 cane strokes on those jeans. The master gives Meyers the honors–he unfastens her jeans and slips down her panties; unfortunately, the view is partially blocked. Annie endures this helplessly.

The master lays on a few cane strokes on her pale bare skin, then to Meyers: “Would you like to be alone with her for a moment?” He fondles this lovely butterfly capture; the scene fades as he begins a light caning of his own, and what else?

Stolen Chocolate-Ellie‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): The girls are always hungry at GBS, the modern equivalent of orphans in a Charles Dickens creation. ‘Ellie,’ a tall brunette with one long pigtail, is caught by the maater having helped herself to some candy, just sitting there on the table. “It was just laying there.”

“I’m going to give you a real good paddling.” Ellie has to take off her skirt and knickers and lie over the couch arm. The master notes her marks frrm 2 days ago. She kneels on an arm chair, a lovely British position, her face over the top, just a mild spanking, this time. She pens an apology bare-bottom on the couch.

‘Stolen Laptop-Natasha‘ (M/f; 7 minutes): ‘Nastasha’ is dragged stark naked into her room and left kneeling on her bed. “Keep position. I’ll be back in ten minutes.” Instead, she escapes out her window. The master returns and phones for her to be captured, returned to her room, and tied in place this time.

When the master arrives, Nastasha is stretched over a bundle of blankets under her hips, wrists loosely tied to the headboard, bottom ready and waiting. The master removes his belt and straps her, hard and quickly. She is lightly enough bound to struggle. Great closeups of her red bottom to conclude.

‘Stupid Girl-Emma’ (M/f; 10 minutes): ‘Emma’ is a demure brunette schoolgirl, in blouse and pinafore, sitting waiting in shame for her spanking, the hairbrush and a packet of marijuana displayed in front of her. The master arrives–she will be hereinafter referred to as the ‘stupid girl.”

OTK, maroon regulation panties down, a hard hairbrush spanking. The actress makes valiant attempts to prevent her brunette hair from covering her face. She gasps: “I’m sorry, sir.”

She lies across a chair, bare bottom centered, head almost to the floor for more of the brush. The master barks: “This is only part one…keep position for an hour!” Zoom on the red

‘Sundown-Lisa’ (M/f; 12 minutes): “Lisa cavorts in a pool in a bikini you know must come off. We’re not at the boarding school today. The master arrives, the house is a mess, Lisa appears to be the housekeeper. He gets his cane. Lisa shrinks back in horror when she sees it, one of the best reactions we can recall to what every girl must feel.

She begins to clean up, our eyes on her wet bikini bottoms. He locks the door and lowers the metal storm blinds–sundown, at least of Lisa, and she knows it. She yelps at cane snaps at her wet bottoms. “Pull these down…pull them down.” Bare bottom at the sink shot from the floor.

He canes as she washes dishes. She scrubs the floor, no pants on, cane snaps. More caning as she cleans here and there. Left ‘cornered’ to conclude, where most GBS girls end up.

‘$30,000 Lost‘ (M/f; 17 minutes): A blond student turns away a male visitor at the door, trying to pay a call at GBS. He calls Headmaster Tom on his cell phone from outside, furious, withdrawing the business transaction they were cementing.

Tom confronts the blonde and scolds her. No deeds go unpunished here at GBS. Soon she is bent over a table, wearing a long athletic jersey (only?)–cute. She is made to wait, and wait.

“Here we go, young lady, 30 strokes a day, three times a day, until I have the contract.” We see the first 30 strokes of the cane, very hard and erotic, after each one she repeats an apology. She will return that evening for 30 more. Tom lets his business friend hear her whimpering on the phone. Surely he will let a few days pass before he remakes his deal.

Two Exams Two Girls‘ (M/2f; time:7 minutes) This film opens with a pop; ‘Sally’ and Natasha’ stand holding piles of books, naked from the waist down, their shaved pussies prominent. Both girls look barely legal in this video, in just little undershirts. The girls have been caught cheating and they will be punished the traditional way.

They must hold weighted book piles at arms’ length for 30 minutes. They do some spilling as time passes. Headmaster Tom returns after 30 minutes and paddles both girls as they stand erect. Then 30 more minutes with the books.

Voluntary Spankings-Katherine (Kailee)‘ (M/f; 12 minutes): Tall brunette ‘Christine’ interrupts the master’s TV time; she wants to be spanked to purify herself; “I think I need one.” She drops her slacks to display pink shorts and selects the couch arm for her position. Oh well, he’ll stop with the TV and do a bit of spanking.

Welcome Amelie‘ (M/f; 8 minutes) A cute blond girl sneaks into an office and takes a book from behind a clock. A male supervisor intercepts her, searches her and finds the book, and she is quickly OTK  for a hard and loud handspanking on her jeans.

She gets up, very red face, and down with the jeans. More spanking on purple bikini pants; she struggles to prevent him pulling them down. He has to pin her kicking legs with his. Into the corner, bare bottom, nice spanking.

Where is Your School Uniform? Becky‘ (M/f; 11 minutes): Tall, ponytailed, brunette ‘Becky’  is off to a spanking start, having violated school uniform rules In a scene cut, we hear the sounds of anguishd cries coming from behind a door marked “Detention Room.”

A GBS male staffer is going to discipline Becky. She kneels on the floor, elbows on a glass table, for the strap, first on her skirt. Handspanking on the bare. Typical perfect GBS camera detail.

She is left whimpering on the floor.

‘Jodie, Our New Resident‘ (M/f; 11 minutes): The headmaster is frustrated when ‘Jodie’ keeps ringing the intercom but can’t figure out how to get into the house. After a few attempts, he drags her in himself. An angry Head means trouble at this place. Jodie is a small, demure, shy Asian, here wearing a simple brown sweater and slacks.

He demands her full name and where she came from. She remains mute, so over his lap she goes. A standard handspanking, then “Get off your trousers,” yes–that quote is correct. He spanks on her black knickers; she puts up the traditional little struggle when he tugs them down.

She is cornered, then ordered to face us, and forced to remove her hands from covering herself. Simple presentation, but excellent humiliation.

Jodie’s First Caning‘ (M/f; 9 minutes): Asian Jodie still won’t give up her full name or her place of origin, so the master will escalate the interrogation with the cane. She drops her gray slacks, pulls down white panties, and puts her hands on a chair. Her bottom shows faint redness. We’ll go with the theater that a girl gets spanked very often at this school.

The master lays on 20 moderate strokes. Jodie twitches delightfully  when the master’s cane touches her bare skin between strokes. She is left for the GBS contemplation period, checks her bottom for damage, and sits very carefully on the chair.

Water Resources‘ (M/f; 12 minutes): Blonde Linda gets into the most trouble we have seen so far. The master puts her to bed in her underwear after a brief OTK spanking on her white panties, with a warning that the cane comes next. The ‘Next Morning’ she oversleeps and rushes off to school, leaving the bathroom water running.

‘That Afternnoon’  the master shows her a $300 repair bill. She must take off her “trousers,” bend over a chair naked, and wait in that position, part of the standard erotic foreplay. More than usual frontal glimpses as she positions.

The master trurns. Six cane strokes are shown as she kneels, but another position must have seemed better, because we FADE to the fantastic hands-on-ankles posture, for 15 more crisp and tingling strokes. She is going to get THREE punishments for this $300, the next tomorrow. Some rubbing and intimate views back in bed.

Ashley Pratt is a Brat – SHADOWLANE

7 Oct

M/f; year: 2009; time: 40 minutes

CP actors ‘Tom Byron’ and ‘Kailee’ in a simple romp, with an opportunity for both to go such a bit further than a typical CP film. Kailee plays a rather sophisticated student reporting for detention at the Braemar School. She wears a rather formal blue dress, not the usual and often silly schoolgirl stuff.

Tom plays a teacher. He is very disturbed by her continual bad performance and behavior. After some scolding, he offers her a deal–she can trade five days of detention for a spanking on her bare bottom. After some rumination, she signs a printed waiver. Apparently this arrangement is on a pre-printed form.

Tom sets up a chair and begins an OTK spanking on her dress, gasps immediately. Skirt up, panties down, there is that often-filmed great bottom. After this brief start, Kailee is put at a desk to write some lines. [We see the tail of the studio cat passing among the actors and crew.]

FADE: A week later. Kailee is back in detention. The bare bottom thing didn’t stick. Tom has reports that Kailee has been bullying younger students. This time she will get the paddle, bottom bared over a desk, the paddle produces bruises quickly. Thong down, the strap. Her bottom is well speckled and bruised.

Tom switches to a small cane. “This is what we call ‘six of the best.'” She counts them out. He gets a small box, and as she watches in curiosity, takes out a butt plug! “That’s ridiculous.”
“It’s amazing what the human anus can accommodate..take that top off.” Tom Byron has some experience with this in his adult film career. Bra off, skirt off, her panties are already at her knees. She is naked and he wants her to twirl for him, which she doesn’t want to do. “I am going to put this plug up your asshole…spread your cheeks…who is in control now?” “You are, sir.” She must stand holding her cheeks open in submission while he makes some preparations.

But first, back OTK for more spanking, the hardest yet. He lubes her anus and the plug and works it in, out, in. “Oh, God!” He holds the plug in place and continues the spanking.

When she is allowed to get up, after a sensual removal of the plug and good facials, she has to wipe herself. She dresses and will write apologies to the students she offended. As the credits roll, we hear some dialogue about further offenses she has committed.


5 Oct

MF/4f; time: 49 minutes

The filming of a live spanking party, done in a poorly lit converted conference room in what could be any hotel anywhere. Chairs are lined up, a bar setup is visible, and spectators are on the periphery, their faces censored when the shot catches them.

‘Coach Daniels,’ in tuxedo, and ‘Victoria Burns,’ in an evening gown, head the festivities. They will spank four girls for the small paying audience. In addition to the non-theatrical lighting, the sound in this room is poor, but these conditions  add to the slightly seedy quality the production might have intended.

Daniels and Burns each begin spanking a girl OTK immediately. The production qualities prevent us from identifying them. Amidst some squealing, there is a party atmosphere. This is a much more intense and illicit feeling than the silly party films George Harrison Marks made in the 1970’s. The girls switch laps.

Two more girls are urged forward, acting a bit reluctant. Here we can identify RSN’s ‘Kailee.’ They drop their jeans and are spanked, switching laps also. Miss Burns smacks kicking bare feet when they come her way.

The first two girls return, jeans down, and bend over for the strap. And the second two girls the same, for strap and paddles. Daniels smacks thighs and calves as well as bottom. The audience gets to see some flesh, a bit more than we do, before the evening ends in hugs.

Kailee – collected

1 Oct

One of REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE’s   most popular actresses, Kailee Robinson, with appearances we keep finding  – CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT, GIRLSBOARDINSCHOOL MYSPANKINGROOMMATE, DALLASSPANKSHARD, and some softcore and more hardcore at SHADOWLANE. We will amend here until we have completed the substance of her work.

‘Ashley Pratt is a Brat’ SHADOWLANE. reviewed on this site.

‘Kailee’s Homework’ (MYSPANKINGROOMMATE; 2F/2f; time:14 minutes) We plow through these many short Internet-oriented films in the hope that something unusual might happen. This is another segment with roommates Lena, Carly, and Kailee.

Kailee has let Carly do her homework, and Lena decides that it is a spanking offense. She gets spanked by the other two girls, then Lena spanks her two roommates side by side.

‘Kailee with Dee‘(REALSPANKING; time: 24 minutes) An entertaining film; Kailee is apparently a ‘prefect’ at the REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE, which may have its perks, but at this place its perils also. Mistress Dee is admonishing her for failing to spank one of the students over whom she has authority.

“I’m going to punish you for this….stand up and remove your underwear.” Kailee kneels over two chairs in the Winchester position, marks from a previous spanking evident. Dee is going to use a nasty-looking cane bundle, four or five sticks taped together. Seven strokes from this, then a half-dozen more with some on the thighs. Dee has always been a determined disciplinarian.

Dee will make Kailee remain in an uncomfortable posture. She kneels on a chair, rests forward on her elbows, and raises her feet so that most of her weight is on her kneecaps. RIGIDEAST would have rolled out the dried peas. The spanking is repeated from the facial angle.

In a new scene, ‘Chelsea’ has been caught cheating and Dee will spank here in her bedroom, assisted by prefect Kailee. Fast bruises.

‘Kailee OTK’ (M/f; year: 2005;  time: 14 minutes) REALSPANKING. We haven’t seen this performance anywhere we can recall. A man we also have not seen will give Kailee quite a memorable spanking and get her naked. He  starts her OTK with hand, slipper, and hairbrush. Really, a model must prepare herself for a spanking this hard. Her bottom and thighs are pink, with white bruises in the center of the cheeks.

The set in the small low-ceiling bedroom. Into the corner, he wants her naked. She flings off her skirt and top with defiance. Hands on head—Kailee  shows why she was so popular at RS. The guy returns with a cane loop. Kailee bends over the bed, boobs hang. The guy canes her and changes the white bruises to mottled colors. One of the most entertaining spankings of Kailee we have seen.

‘Kailee’ (MYSPANKINGROOMMATE; 2F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Roommates Kailee, Lena, and Carly again. Carly is modeling a tarty batman cape outfit, which angers Lena, who seems to rule this roost. She decides to spank Carly for her taste, while Kailee holds her. Silly stuff. The girls turns on Lena and spanks her. No glass broken here.

‘Kailee and Clare Fonda’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Kailee calls at a friend’s house and is greeted by Clare Fonda, who will take this opportunity to spank her. We didn’t exactly divine why, but it doesn’t take much in these short films.

Kailee is wearing a skirt so short she should not be seen, and a black top. Clare starts a standing spanking, then OTK. Don’t have to raise that skirt. Panties down–apparently one offense is that Kailee has ‘borrowed’ some money from their friend. Nothing much to see in this film except Kailee’s bare tush. These girls all play lesbians.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY F/f; time: 7 minutes) Unremarkable work; Kailee is spanked in a flower print dress which proves she is one of the top bottoms in the trade. Her blond spanker keeps her still while OTK by holding her hair. Panties down, some floor kneeling before she is sent to her room.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY; F/f; time: 6 minutes) Kailee is marched to her school locker; looks like a real locker room. Again, her female tormentor controls her by grabbing her hair. The lady flashes a lot of boobs–this has better be a girls’ school.

Kailee receives a moderate caning on white panties, standing. Panties down, she lies flat on a massage table for more. Various angles, maybe repeats.

‘Kailee’ (F/f; BADTUSHY; F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kailee lounges on her bed with a laptop, smoking. an older blonde enters and is angry with Kailee for his leisure. Kailee is made to bend over the end of the bed for the strap on her jeans.

The blonde pulls Kailee’s jeans down slowly, carefully preserving her red pattern panties, which she then pulls down with the appropriate ceremony. The spanking continues and the bruises on Kailee’s buttocks take on different shapes and forms. The blond domina has a little smile on her face. Kailee lies flat on the bed for the conclusion of the spanking. “Remember to clean your room next time.”

‘Kailee and Betty‘ (REALSPANKING; F/f; time: 12 minutes) Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews two of his popular models, Kailee Robinson and ‘Betty.’ The girls giggle over the prospect that Masterson is going to have them spank each other.

Brunette Betty, fuller of face and figure and a bit older than the typical RSN girl, takes Kailee OTK first. Kailee drops her panties herself. The girls switch–Betty is one of those girls whose bottom might actually challenge Kailee.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY; M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another CP producer with a eye for model ‘Kailee Robinson’s’ bottom. She lounges on her bed, on a cell phone with a girlfriend, speaking in teenage rhythms. She is playing hooky and quite confident about it.

A guy barges in, having heard her talking. He challenges her on her school absence. She is staying at his house, and from the look of their ages, she had better keep her bedroom door locked. On the bed, he wrestles her into an OTK position, spanking on jeans, jeans down, white panties.

She lies over her bed for his doubled belt, “something for show and tell tomorrow.” Lots of ‘F’ bombs are thrown about by both of them. Panties down, the belt continues. Overhead camera angles catch the glorious expanse of the perfect Kailee female bottom. Closeups to conclude.

‘Kailee’ BADTUSHY; time: 8 minutes) Male ‘Professor Reno’ confronts Kailee and shows her a drug package he found of hers. One a blackboard a course being taught is identified, “Advanced SexEd.’ The spanking begins immediately. first she is paddled in a standing position, hands on head.

Bend over a desk, skirt up, nice white panties, for the paddle. The professor pulls down the white panties to expose the prototype bullseye bruises which illustrate the paddle has been doing its work, even in this short duration. Convincing gasps and grunts from Kailee.

She quickly lies flat on the desk for more of the paddle. No way to fake this real spanking.

Kailee’ ( REALSPANKING; M/f; time: 6 minutes) Perhaps not her first appearance–she looks theatrical here. She has come to RSN for a ‘cleansing’ for her problems. Therapy here is issued via the buttocks.

Mr. Daniels takes her OTK and begins a hard spanking on her jeans; tears. But she is stoic. Jeans down, blue bikini panties, the bare skin on her bottom is blushed red. Daniels soothes here, she sits for an exit interview, feeling better.

Kailee’‘ (REALSPANKING; time: 2 minutes) Kailee toes a tape line on the floor, fully dressed in top, jeans, and heels. Michael Masterson attends, he is in shaggy long hair and a beard here, a Jesus look.

Kailee takes six strokes of the paddle for each day of school this week. Masterson breaks two paddles in the process of delivering 18 strokes.

Kailee at MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.COM (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kailee has been hitting on her girlfriend ‘Snow Mercey’s’ boyfriend, and Snow decides a spanking among girls will go a long way. “Is this why you’re always hanging around here?” Snow grabs Kailee OTK while another roommate, ‘Chloe Elise,’ watches. “This is ridiculous.”

Skirt turned up, transparent beige panties down. There is that big, wide perfect feminine bottom, and the camera is charmed. After this routine but colorful spanking, Snow grabs Chloe, who is apparently complicit. Panties down also.

Snow finds a kitchen stirrer and a beach game paddle. She spanks both bare bottoms over the back of the couch, in a memorable shot– two glorious sets of buttocks center-screen. A screen capture. The camera moves from rear to the front for facials.

Kailee at MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.COM (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Kailee has a little dispute with a businessman; it seems her sister blew a photography appointment and offered up Kailee for a spanking as compensation. Guess her sister knows something about this guy.

The guy grabs Kailee OTK, to minimal protests. Dark skirt up, purple panties bunched; the guy spanks until some bruising begins to appear. She sits on his lap for a final scolding. We can’t see where the guy’s hands are. Kailee concludes the film by kneeling on the floor and displaying her red bottom.

Kailee Self Spanking’‘ (RSI; time: 21 minutes) Three 7-minute segments of Kailee spanking herself, by hand, with a hairbrush, paddles, straps, etc. In several places, various poses, not our favorite depiction, but we always enjoy watching this lady.

Kailee’ REALSPANKING‘ (as a Top)(F/f; year: 2005; time: 5 minutes) Our favorites. ‘Kailee’ plays a Top here and she is good at it and will become better. She spanks a dusty blonde whose appearance is not all that different from hers. Hairbrush, typical marvelous RSN bottom-high on her lap. The girl sits sobbing on her bare bottom at the conclusion. She was actually lucky here.

Kailee and Coach Daniels’‘ (RSI; M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kailee keeps breaking Institute rules, and Coach Daniels has the onerous task of having to constantly enforce them. Kailee has a bare midriff and her skirt is too short. “Maybe a little attitude adjustment will help.”

She bends over his desk, the little skirt does its thing and comes up; he pulls down her white panties. He paddles, she jumps and twists, tears at the conclusion.

Kailee and Daniels‘ (RSI; M/f; time:7 minutes) More behavioral problems for Kailee. She sits down on a couch with Daniels–she admits she has been spending too much money. Kailee is dressed here in a white top and jeans. She agrees that a spanking might help her to understand the situation better.

OTK, hairbrush on jeans. She drops her jeans, red panties, and bends over the couch. This actress, spanked as frequently as she was in this era, is very good at looking miserable. Daniels does the panties for his strap. Almost no facials in this episode, unfortunately.

Kailee and Miss Burns‘ (RSI; F/f; 2 minutes) Kailee ‘borrowed’ some money from Miss Burns and earns a two-minute paddling.

Kailee spanks Jessica‘ (RSN; time: 7 minutes) Strawberry blond ‘Jessica’ waits nervously. ‘Kailee’ enters the room brusquely and Jessica knows it is time. She quickly strips naked. No dialogue. Kailee takes her OTK, and begins a hard, steady spanking, so much so that she switches arms a few times. The vigorous three-minute segment is repeated from a right-oblique angle.

Jasmine’s Dungeon‘ (RSN; F/f; time: 4 minutes) Two RSN actresses; ‘Jasmine’ will spank ‘Kailee'(RSN’s perpetual good sport) on a padded trestle in the cellar-like ‘dungeon.’ We have commented, we enjoy spankings in these faux-hard surroundings. GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL seems to have the most dank-looking basement, hard on the bare feet of a supplicant.

Kailee Interview‘ (F/f; RealSpanking; time: 10 minutes) Dialogue suggests this was Kailee’s first spanking at RSN, the beginning of many erotic appearances, as both a Top and Bottom. She does the standard interview format with ‘Mistress Dee,’ who is off-screen as usual. Kailee sits on the Queen Anne chair. The tall, 19-year old brunette is quite relaxed.

“Before I continue this interview I have to get you naked…take everything off.” RSN uses these undressing scenes to elevate erotic tension as skillfully as do any of the CP producers. Self-confident Kailee does not hesitate. As she strips and casually discards her clothing, “You’ll see later what happens if you don’t fold your clothing.” She is soon down to just white bikini panties, which come down. She does not show the slightest embarrassment.

Dee asks her how she found out about RSN. These questioning sessions at this point in the interview are always entertaining, because the model sits naked, not sure what to do with her hands or legs. Kailee saw the RSN site on-line; she was intrigued by the money and the potential new experience; she is glad the site is about spanking, not hard sex; she was spanked as a child. (This time it will be different.)

Dee steps on-screen and takes the naked Kailee OTK on the decorative chair, and makes reference to this her “first spanking” at RSN. An impressive bottom for Dee, and we will get to know it.

Long, slow, moderate, spanking. Dee likes the developing results. “You’re going to be an easy marker,” a helpful attribute for a CP model. Dee asks her, in the naked post-spanking interview, where sitting on the chair is not as easy, “Your pain scale…one to ten?” “About 5.” More good news for Dee, who will have no problem stepping up the intensity in later films. “We’re halfway there.”

My First Day‘ (GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Kailee as ‘Christine.’ She sits in interview with headmaster Tom, admitting she has problems, surely music to his ears. He surely saw the bottom on this girl. Kailee wears a pinafore, blouse, knee socks.

Tom starts her off OTK, after she was late for her first breakfast, on full white panties, which have to come down. More interview, more spanking bent over at the fireplace, huge leather paddle, this time for “smarting a teacher,” still on her first day. Bottom on display!

After more interview, to the Headmaster’s office for hands on knees for the cane, for having left school grounds. Christine tells us she was spanked three times on her first day–hand, paddle, and cane, and couldn’t sit down for several days.

Natalie‘ (RSN; year: 2005; time:41 minutes) Reviewed separately. Kailee acts as a Top and spanks the sensational Natalie.

Shoplifter’‘ (GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; M/f; time: 11 minutes) Actress Kailee plays ‘Christine’ here in some early work; while sitting doing her homework with schoolmaster Tom, a local merchant ‘Mr. Wilson’ phones. He reports Christine has been shoplifting in his store–a tall 5′ 6″ brunette wearing a black bra.

While Wilson is on the phone, Tom makes Christine open her blouse–black bra! Wilson won’t report her to the police if Tom does the disciplining. He will spank her now, on an open phone line.

First, Christine has to hand over her blouse and bra. She stands half-naked. She bends over a table and Tom begins paddling her. She yells loud enough to be heard on the detachable handset. Wilson asks, “Faster and harder.” While Christine squeals, she apologizes to him over the handset.

Spanking finished; she must walk to the wall and “face me”; hands-on-head, modest boobs for this budding adult star. Good for her. He orders her to take off her shoes and drop her trousers; he does the panties; she wears just socks. “That will be your position for the next half-hour.” She will be on display naked. People pass through.

Kailee’s broad feminine hips and rosy bottom certainly illustrate how she was able to market herself in future years.

Sober Again‘ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 8 minutes) More of the GBS series with Kailee in the character ‘Christine.’ She is seen passed out with an empty gin bottle and just drops left in a Johnnie Walker bottle. Cigarettes scattered about. Silly, but point made.

FADE. Headmaster Tom has found her and she is now in the shower, sobering up, using a hand sprayer, her white panties still on, which will elevate the eroticism of the punishment coming.

FADE. Chistine has been tied face-down on her bed, and facing our way, seen through the wrought iron frame of the foot of the bedstead, her pantied bottom rising foothill style in the background.

Tom begins caning her, and the camera switches to a view from the opposite end. Bare feet tied and wriggling, something for everyone. Tom concentrates with his cane on her lower buttocks, bare and available. Tears. Closeups of a speckled bottom.

Chelsea spanks Kailee and Berlin‘ (ChelseaPfeifferEntertaiment; F/2f; time” 1 hr 3 minutes) Reviewed separately.

‘Revenge of testy teacher‘ (ChelseaPfeifferEntertainment; F/f; time: 21 minutes) Reviewed separately.

Sex and spanking with Kailee and Seth‘ SHADOWLANE
M/f; year: 2009 time: 31 minutes reviewed separately.

Kailee and Seth‘ (M/f; SHADOWLANE) Actress ‘Kailee’ (KI-LEE), well known for many appearances at REALSPANKINGS and a few other places, and of course possessing the sort of hindquarters which can keep a booking agent busy, fulfills whatever promise you had in mind for her in this film. Her partner ‘Seth,’ a tall and thin young guy, of course fulfills his promise when the (long) moment comes.

Seth and Kailee are boyfriend-girlfriend. He is angry at her for flirting at a party, which she only mildly disputes. Just two minutes into the film he decides to spank her, and takes her OTK on the SHADOWLANE couch.skirt up, he soon has her panties down, where we are reminded of why we enjoy her films. She squawks sexily. “It’s going to get worse.” “Why? I’m doing everything you’re saying.”

A hard handspanking, to be sure. Kailee can take good punishment, we have seen and will review when we can. Seth shifts to a heavy leather paddle, which looks like it would hurt even with light strokes.

This part of her punishment concluded, Kailee kneels in front of Seth in the formal position; he drops his trousers and she pulls down his shorts, having to work them over a developing erection, and she can’t disguise her glee. She begins a long and slow blowjob; on Seth there is plenty to work with. He is now naked and she in just her bra.

Onto the couch, she continues the b.j. and he now has access to frig. She takes off her string of beads and bra. Kailee shifts to a long hassock, kneels on it, and Seth, after some handwork, fucks her doggie-style. Onto her back for more. Quite entertaining. It is difficult to imagine the actors were not enjoying this.

Onto to his lap on the couch for more, and he puts a finger in her anus. More doggie style, and Seth acts his orgasm here, without a money shot. Good enough for us.

Director Eve Howard is not finished; back into the OTK position for another five minutes of entertaining spanking, both naked. Loved this film.

Kailee Chelsea stories’(Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment; F/f; year:2008; time:26 minutes) Another example of the greater CP sorority, where ‘Kailee,’ mostly of REALSPANKING, some at SHADOWLANE, stopped by Chelsea Pfeiffer’s website and made a few films.

This exercise is filmed in the empty office or store CP Entertainment has used–we remember Amelia Jane’s bottom under these lights. Chelsea explains to Kailee that this will be an “audition” to see if she can make a spanking film. Kailee has reddish hair here, and less facial jewelry.

The audition“: Chelsea explains the procedure, Kailee hangs her head in embarrassment (just for a moment though). Chelsea has paddles in her desk drawer, which Kailee observes with some trepidation. OTK immediately, Chelsea handspanks hard on her jeans. Loud echoes, good facials of Kailee, bent over, overhead views. Chelsea does the jeans–polka dot panties. Her bottom is already quite red. Panties down. Chelsea likes the glow she has produced.

She switches to a hairbrush; this straightforward spanking would be unremarkable except it doesn’t stop–no breaks, no extraneous conversation. Next, an oval paddle, about the size of a vanity mirror, which covers a lot of cheek. Overheads show blistering beginning.

The switcheroo“: Kailee jumps up. “That’s enough!” It had been a good 10 minutes of almost steady spanking. Kailee wrestles Chelsea OTK, not all that much of a struggle. “I give spankings, I don’t get them!” The same routine for Chelsea, skirt up, panties down, hairbrush, and paddle.

Teacher punished‘ (CPEntertainment; F/f; year: 2010; time: 27 minutes) Another film Chelsea Pfeiffer made at her website with a highly regarded CP actress. Here, ‘Kailee’ is yet another teacher who runs afoul of Miss Pfeiffer at her elementary school.

It seems Kailee has been reported for spanking her little charges. She is rather indignant when she is told such procedure is not permitted. But Chelsea has the obvious solution. “If the kids can take it, you can take it,” and she grabs Kailee OTK. “Miss Pfeiffer, this is highly inappropriate.” A good look at her bottom here–we would say Ms. Kailee is taking very good care of herself.

Chelsea points to the implements which have been laid out in waiting. “What?” questions Kailee. Black lace panties down. “It’s appealing the way your butt gets all red…and warm too.” Kailee threatens a lawyer -hardly, she is pretty much culpable herself. This is the best solution. It is long handspanking.

Chelsea shifts to a cane-loop, sort of a rug beater, but not for rugs. 18″ long, it leaves a white oval pattern when it strikes. Kailee kneels on a chair for more of this, her big perfect athletic bottom mesmerizing. Chelsea is spanking harder; she shifts to a small hard wood paddle, a very specific little instrument. “A cool paddle for a hot bottom.”

“It’s getting very colorful back here. I hope you have a cushion for your chair in the classroom.”

About now, Kailee begins to apologize. “Twenty more” with the paddle. “You’re a teacher, can you count?” She can and she does. “Go stand in the corner with your dress around your waist and your panties around your ankles.” Is there going to be a faculty meeting?

Very entertaining film from two regulars. Chelsea knows how to spank hard without malice and Kailee knows how to take it.

Kailee and Lily (DALLASSPANKSHARD; M/2f; year: 2006; time: 26 minutes) Somehow, after all these reviews, we did not know that Kailee Robinson had a sister in the trade, ‘Lily.’

The girls bicker in Dallas’ studio. Somehow, in her relationship with Lily, when circumstances arise, Kailee is the dominant. Dallas doesn’t like their arguing, so he will spank them both. He sends them both to the ‘corner,’ big enough for two, when they must drop their jeans and panties. Plenty of time to examine these two family bottoms.

Kailee will be spanked first. Typical very hard handspanking from Dallas, the oblique frontal camera angle permits views of her face plus complete sight of her swelling bottom receiving the sharp smacks. It hurts from the first. “We’ll call that a warm up.” Kailee gets through it and probably knows what to expect from Dallas.

Lily is next and the same aggressive spanking produces bruises. She is squawking early and possibly not as sure as Kailee on what Dallas likes to do.

This segment concluded, the girls pull up their pants and Kailee spanks Lily a bit more.

The final segment of this film contains one of the harshest spankings we have seen Kailee take. She must remove her jeans and panties and lie bare-bottom lengthwise on a padded low table Dallas has used for many a bottom, whose function is for nothing but spanking.

She must wait in this pose; he likes contemplation, anticipation, humiliation. Dallas enters and spreads aloe on her bottom. From the look on her face, Kailee knows what that is for. He will be able to spank a wet bottom longer, and it will sting more.

Several straps, excellent facials, more aloe. He keeps strapping, the bruises may actually be bleeding a bit. He uses a longer strap which is almost a whip. Heavy marks on her bottom and down her thighs, very European. Lily has wrapped a strap around Kailee’s wrists and draws her tight and still with it like reins while Dallas whips.

Kailee and Lily—blistered sisters‘ (DALLASSPANKSHARD;MF/2f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) A recent release of  apparently discarded archival film. Lily Robinson complains to Dallas that sister Kailee is always the Top. Now, Dallas is not someone you should ever complain to about anything.

Dallas acknowledges that Kailee is the “alpha female” of the family. He doesn’t like this bickering and will spank them both. Two girls to the corner. “Bare your bottoms.” So nice.

Kailee is spanked first OTK, she soars on Dallas’  lap. Lily is spanked next, and she begins to blotch as she turns red. After Dallas leaves them, Kailee jumps Lily for causing all this and continues her dominance.

REALSPANKINGS – More Shorts Collected

13 May


‘Auburn Girl in detention’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A conventional office spanking from Michael Masterson, unremarkable except for the very attractive auburn-haired RSN regular model. After Masterson studies her offenses, “Get undressed.” He offers the choice of a paddle or tawse.

She bends over for the tawse, facing a mirror. Hard strapping, rosy bottom, alternate angles filmed. Her bottom takes on coloring just where the tawse struck, square patterns. We know Masterson likes to torment his girls. She must kneel on her kneecaps for one hour.

‘Autumn 30 day Review’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) These 30 day reviews never work out for the girls. Autumn is a small theatrical brunette with a large mop of long hair almost like a doll’s wig. She stands nose to the wall, bottom already bare, required for the  meeting. Miss Betty had started her ‘review,’ and there are already  there—blisters and bruises. She is in the RSN position, arms behind her back. She bends over the desk for a strap, face and bottom views.

Masterson wants her naked, as do  we. She strips facing us, a terrific body. Masterson wants her hair down her back so that her boobs are on display. She bends over, with a little smile. A small thick paddle, the round bull’s eye bruises immediately.  Ouch. Alternate views. Autumn is breathing hard. Frontals. And finally, naked, she takes up the kneeling position on her kneecaps. 


’Betty with blonde naked in kitchen‘ (F/f; 6 minutes) A stark naked blonde works at the sink. RSN’s ‘Betty’ enters, upset that the girl is constantly late.

“Now, we are going to get into that lunge position that you love so much.” She has been spanked recently with a hairbrush. This time it will be the Spencer paddle. Very fast marks result from this nasty paddle. The girl has a difficult time holding the athletic lunge posture. The 3-minute session is repeated from the facial angle.

A blonde is caned’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) We’ve mentioned RSN does not title their short episodes, and we have not gotten to the point where we recognize more than a few of the models.

Here, a blonde is going through a series of spankings, and this is the cane episode. Masterson explains the use of the cane at RSN, and the girl shows the progress on her bottom so far.  She bends over–the first six on her panties. “Lower your panties.” 6 on the bare with a different cane. Then the ‘Mr. Jumbo’ cane–she can only take 2. Finally, 6 more with the first cane. She gets a number of marks on the lower part of her bottom and thighs, including some skin pops. The sequence is repeated again from another angle.

‘Blonde reports to Masterson’ (M./f; time: 5 minutes) This clip attracted us for its neat depiction of submission and humiliation. A very cute little blonde with two pigtails reports to Masterson. She is naked and she has been required to bring a paddle. First, he wants her in one of his stress positions. Sharp elbows on the desk, on tiptoes, she’ll be offering her services after just a few minutes of this. Red bottom already. Masterson continues with the paddle. Rear and face views. Red elbows.

‘Betty- guess the implement’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes,part) A familiar RSN model is blindfolded, and the game here is for her to guess what implement she is being spanked with. She is bent over a table, wearing just print bra and panties. Betty is spanking her with one implement or another. If she guesses the tool right, she gets that one stroke. If she is wrong, she gets 10. Some game. We are the winners.

For a small paddle, she guesses right. Next come a Spencer strap, which she fails to identify and gets 10 of them, yelping at each one. And to conclude this episode, she fails to identify a small hard wood paddle and earns 10 of those.

‘Kailee and Masterson-dungeon’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes, part) Kailee is strung up naked in the dungeon, another rope pulled tight between her legs, in the right slots. Masterson is reddening her body front and back with a crop and floggers. All side and face view in this episode. We’d have to say, Masterson does not communicate quite the same prurient excitement that Coach Daniels does when he has a girl or girls down here in this mold.

’Lila blindfolded’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Lila, a blonde here, is blindfolded. RSN did not use many BDSM devices outside the “dungeon,” preserving the atmosphere of academia at the Institute. Lila is naked. Betty and a friend will strap her. Lila makes that distinctive “huh, huh” gasp at the blows. It is a Spencer strap. The girls want Lila’s thighs wider. This is mostly a side view. There must be another segment.

‘Lilly returns’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Some interesting history here. Lilly is Kailee’s sister, and has returned to RSN after having made a dozen or so films there some years ago. As in the profiles, she discusses her childhood spanking experience and the films she has made. Other than at DALLASSPANKSHARD, she is usually spanked by females.

She describes the one film she made with DALLAS (reviewed here) as ‘pretty rough.’ She would not do it again. He didn’t know boundaries, for her or for Kailee. Other models have said the same. And Michael remembers a paddling he gave Kailee here at RSN, where she tried to gut it out but failed. We’ll look for it.

After the chitchat: “Stand up and get with nature.” She’s got a lot of tattoos, we suspect more than Masterson recommends. OTK, naked handspanking, not hard, but Lilly struggles. Masterson gives a last 10 hard ones to ensure she knows what RSN is all about. Alternate views. Elbows on the chair for a bottom inspection, and then the nude interview.

’Masterson needs help’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) A short and unimportant film but for three reasons: Masterson is strapping a naked girl who lies on a tilted trestle, like an ironing board. Second, his working wrist is bandaged. We’ve always thought there might be an occupational hazard to being a spanker. And, last, Betty has to complete the strapping. She is tougher than he is.

’Monica arrives’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes) One of our very favorites from this producer. Not  to be confused with the ‘arrival’ format performed by new models at RSN. Monica arrives and walks through the familiar RSN sets, as we have seen at NUWEST. Filmed jiggly POV style. She has arrived for a spanking, just as Ed Lee had his girls do. The informal candid atmosphere is very erotic for us.

Monica takes a collection of spanking implements out of a cabinet. She sits down and receives a lecture from Masterson, who is in his long hair phase here. A series of spankings begin.

Monica bends, hands on the chair, hair managed off her face. She drops her jeans, removes her blouse and bra, stripping to black panties. These she removes, she’s got some bruises. No girl in the corridors of RSN is ever without them. She takes a hard caning, and the belt and hairbrush. Zoom on extensive bruises on her bottom and down her thighs. This may be the most extensive spanking we have seen at RSN. 

She must kneel on her kneecaps in one of the stress positions, then the camera follows her unusually bruised bottom as she walks through the studio. Some actual blood. We’ve said before when a producer rivals RIGIDEAST.

‘Monica caged’ (M/f; time: 18:19) In general, BDSM themes are infrequent at RSN, although we loved the dungeon series. Here, Michael Masterson has Monica locked up in a mesh cage. He opens the cage and unshackles her. She strips naked in the cage and waits for him to return.

Masterson takes her out naked and strings her up. She is flogged on the bottom and back. Very nice. The scene is a cold and dank looking concrete room. The scene is repeated from a different angle, a lot of facial.

Monica in the dungeon’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) It certainly seems Coach Daniels gets an extra charge out of these dungeon sessions We hope Elizabeth Burns is the beneficiary when day is done.

Monica and Daniels converse in the RSN cellar/dungeon. She is handing over her clothes. Down to top and panties, Daniels puts a leather dog collar on her. Top off, Daniels flogs her mildly on her bare back. She hands her panties to him. Monica is then cuffed and fastened to the trestle found here. A caning begins. There is more to this film.

‘Maggie caged’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Another of these chain-link fence cage scenes. Beautiful brunette ‘Maggie’ caused a ruckus on the bus delivering her for her incarceration at RSI, ‘Betty’ was not able to subdue her, so now she is locked in the mesh cage.

Betty directs her to take her clothes off. “That’s what we do here.” Maggie hesitates but is convinced things will go much worse for her if she is not naked when Dean Masterson arrives, which is shortly. “Just do it, before the Dean gets here.” Maggie strips naked – a lot of body and a few tattoos. She paces in her fence/cell, not as embarrassed as you might think.

Masterson arrives, reinforces her predicament, and instructs her to get into the RSN posture with her arms behind her back. He sends Betty to get a strap. Masterson enters the cage, a lion-tamer, and has her bend and grab the mesh. After two or three very hard smacks from the strap, she yelps on every stroke. An alternate view is presented of her bottom from a camera inside the cage.

On Pedestal’ (F/f; year: 2006; time: 8 minutes) Mistress Dee has a small brunette stand on a pedestal and balance herself with palms against the wall. Dee paddles her on her shorts. Her bottom and thighs are about shoulder-height for Dee, so the swings are a bit more cumbersome, although the scenery is good and getting better. For now, the girl wears little blue shorts and a white T-shirt. Her cries are a bit exaggerated.

The girl climbs down, strips naked, and bends over for a bottom inspection so far. She climbs back up on the pedestal and must stand for a while, hands on head. She must pay attention not to lose her balance. Dee then continues, handspanking, swinging like a handball player at the bottom on the pedestal.

‘Robo spanker’ (; M/f; time: 7 mnutes); a green-eyed blonde is partially bent over, a spanking machine is in operation. Webmaster Michael Masterson sits in front her, obstensibly controlling the machine from his laptop. He is able to vary the pace of the strokes. We see heavy bruises across a narrow band of her buttocks. At one point, Masterson steps around and adjusts the strap to strike a little lower.

The machine consists of a short double strap, which snaps  forward and then retracts, for short sharp strokes. The mechanism is not as easy to comprehend as the the sophisticated devices used in SPANKINGSERVER, but the results speak for themselves. We have enjoyed some blogging here and there about the pursuit of the perfect machine, one you can set and then go to lunch.

‘More Robo Machine’ (2M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Michael and an associate sit at his laptop. “We’ve got a couple of girls saving up their offenses for this day.” ‘Monica’ enters with ‘Jordan’ and is bent over the table facing him. The robo spanking machine has been positioned. Masterson explains the keystroke commands for the controls–intensity, strokes per set, delay between sets.

This crude machine does not compare well with the sophisticated electronics at PAIN4FEM. Here, the machine wobbles and wheezes as it works, and the compressor providing its power can be heard kicking in like an air conditioner. The strap described in other films has been replaced by a lexan paddle.

Monica is paddled on her tights; we get to watch her face as she hears the machine whirl alive then smack her. Most of the sequence is repeated from the rear view, and at the conclusion Monica pulls her slacks down to display the results.

Bare bottom to the wall, Jordan takes Monica’s place. Not high marks for this machine–maybe a stiff paddle would have been better. They must have tried it.

‘Jenna’ (M/f; 5 minutes): A simple little film, but with some staging which should be used by others. Chunky brunette ‘Jenna,’ quite naked, is strung up in front of a wall of mirrors. She is then whipped by RSN’s older male dominant, using a flogger and a doubled belt. The camera angle is from the rear, with the mirrors providing complete 360 views.

She is whipped from shoulders to thighs, in just 5 minutes, completely red.

‘Michelle Paddled’ (F/f;  4 minutes): Model curly-haired redhead ‘Michelle’  seems to have volunteered to be paddled bare-bottom to fulfill some request by a subscriber, client, or customer. Are there traces on her face in closeup that she is not too happy about this, but that she will do it?

Without ado, she drops her jeans and takes 10 cracks with the large wood paddle RealSpankings likes to use and, as always, the spanking is firm, hard, and realistic. Just 10 strokes create blue and white bruises.

Ping pong paddle; (M/f; 6 minutes) A fast and hard paddling of a naked brunette by the regular RSN male disciplinarian Michael Masterson.  4 minutes of a steady, firm spanking.

New Employee Joe’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Masterson is training ‘Joe’ as a disciplinarian. We wonder if he advertised and how many applicants he had. Adriana stands at the wall bare  bottom awaiting her session. Masterson describes her as “one of our frequent fliers.” Adriana has been “popular with the staff.” 

Joe takes her OTK. Masterson wants him “to get to know the student body.” Routine handspanking. Masterson drinks coffee and rests his arm. Zoom on bottom. The usual alternate views. Back to the wall, well spanked. 

‘Three Girls naked – Kailee’ (F/2f; time: 6 minutes) Where to file this one? Kailee, Jasmine, and Laurie walk onto the set, all stark naked. Kailee will handspank and paddle each girl, the scene repeated with the bottom angle. No dialogue, plenty to look at. Masterson has mentioned the popularity of multiple naked girls.

‘Two guys at fireplace’ (2F/2m; time: 26 minutes) Mistress Dee and another female staffer are spanking two naked guys, who lean in the frisk position in front of the fireplace. The girls select from a table-full of implements and take turns. The guys yelp to different degrees to the variety of sensations. When they turn and face us at the conclusion, we see both are very well endowed, but as is often the case, neither has become excited by all this feminine attention.

The 13 minutes of strapping and paddling are repeated from a side view.

Kailee naked‘ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kailee is already naked at the start of this short film. A  strips a blonde naked, very quickly. The girl kneels up on the RSI wing chair, but with her knees spread wide and resting on the arms. Precarious but revealing. Handspanking and teardrop paddle. Facial and side views.

To the woodshed‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A conventional episode, except here we have RSN handling and exterior shoot, of which there are few. Michael Masterson is very angry with a pretty blonde, so he sends her for yet another trip to the ‘woodshed.’ He wants her to get into the required position and leave the doors open for the public to see her.

Exterior. The blonde pries open the doors of a storage shed and enters, drops her pants (no panties), rucks up her top (no bra), and stands naked, facing the street and traffic noise. Lovely. Shaved. Masterson arrives, puts her in the frisk position  at the wall for a hard handspanking. The scene is repeated for the bottom view.


24 Sep

Paddling episodes, RealSpanking style; sexy, normal-looking girls, the models playing parts as girls sentenced to time at the Real Spanking Institute,  take licks from various disciplinarians in formulaic short segments, some  collected from other films. They are volunteers. RSN makes the point that this series is a tribute to the declining practice of corporal punishment in U.S, schools.

Anne‘ (M/f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) A very recent film from RSN, this review in January 2018. Blond pigtailed Anne sits at a school desk, while Michael explains at length this ‘school swats’ episode and the use of a paddle in school history.

Anne stands and drops her jeans to show the results of a recent RSN handspanking. Then she stands, bends over the desk, and receives 10 strokes from a huge thin paddle, so thin that after 5 strokes it cracks and a second model has to be employed.

Anne struggles bravely (we will see tears in the ‘alternate view’ angle.) At one point she claims, “I don’t know if I like this,”  a remark which amuses Michael when he concludes the interview. When she drops her jeans and panties to show the bruises, Masterson is quite satisfied. She autographs the paddle, “8-17-17.’

Bailey‘ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) By film count, one of RSN’s most popular models. She sits waiting for the session in leopard print top and jeans. She holds a paddle and has asked for this school spanking.

Coach Daniels comes on the set, has her bend over, and proceeds to paddle her on her jeans. She puts up such a fuss we turned the volume down. “Stay in position. I don’t want to injure your tailbone.” At the conclusion, Bailey pulls down her jeans to display unmistakable paddle bruises. She autographs a souvenir paddle.

Donna‘ (April 2004; 10 minutes): Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews Donna, a tall dark blonde. They discuss  school paddling. We have always enjoyed these scenes where a fully-dressed girl sits facing us, in full discussion full-screen, then gets up and takes a spanking.

Donna stands, and hands-on-chair, takes six strokes on the jeans. She asks Michael to “paddle low,” She drops her jeans and panties to display the results. There is some residual evidence of a strapping she has had in the past.

She sits in a chair, bare bottom, flashing some puss, and autographs the paddle, which turns out to have cracked. Is there a muaseum somewhere which displays these artifacts?

Elizabeth Burns‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Mistress Dee is thrilled to introduce celebrity ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ who has agreed to make an episode in the ‘School Strokes’  or ‘Swats’ format. She was never caned in school, only paddled, so this caning will be a tribute to the bygone tradition.

“You’ve already been spanked 3 times today.” “Yes, I’m very warmed up.” “I’m going to have you pull down your pants and panties to show us the before-bottom.” She does so, there’s that tramp stamp, a rare bit of puss.

Coach Daniels is called onto the set, eliciting a little smirk from Elizabeth, and then a very intimate little facial greeting to him. He will give her 10 strokes of the cane on her jeans. When she demurs, he offers an alternative of 5 on jeans, 5 on the bare.

She bends over the chair. The first stroke takes her breath away. “That must have been a good one,” observes Daniels. Elizabeth grunts, gasps, and sniffles through the 10.

She sits for the post-interview, wiping tears from her eyes. She shows her bottom again, more fully red now, with some cane stripes still visible. Those jeans helped.

‘Ella’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ella is a diminutive brunette. She sits with the official paddle as Masterson interviews her. Her bottom is still warm from the last shoot; she has never had the paddle (she says). Her nervous laughter enhances the action.

Before we begin, as required, she drops her pants and panties to show her bottom. “Holy crap,” says Masterson, when he sees her massive and varied bruises. He will have to be careful. Ella puts on her COVID mask, and  Masterson steps into the shot with his mask on.
He paddles her on her jeans, the action filmed bottom view and side view.

Ella sits giggling nervously at the end. Masterson notes her “glassy eyes.” She displays her bare bottom again. Round paddle bruises have beem added. She sits tenderly on a wood stool and signs the paddle.

‘Gina’ (M/ f: time: 8 minutes) Brunette Gina sits in the classroom. She wears a sleeveless T-shirt and jeans and holds the school paddle. “What do you think of the paddle?” “Pretty impressive.” It is the big fraternity model. She is going to get this session on her first day because she has been so impressive so far, but Masterson will leave her jeans on because “your butt is a little broken up.”

After 4 minutes of discussion on paddling in American society—Gina giggles nervously through it, Masterson has her bend over for the paddle. He rocks her on her jeans. The segment repeated bottom and face, as usual. She sits gingerly on a stool for some post spanking discussion, then signs the official SWATS paddle.

Isobel‘ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A graphic explains: “Our tribute to corporal punishment in the U.S.”
Elizabeth Burns explains the proceed to chunky frosted blond Isobel, who seems a little nervous. Burns, looking very hot here herself, gives Isobel the standard paddling on her jeans. Isobel shows mild bruises and signs the paddle.

Kathy‘ (February 2004; 10 minutes); A nervous and giddy brunette discusses school paddling with Masterson, in the same interview format.

She bends over for her six strokes on her jeans; the spanking is filmed split screen–face and bottom, giving us more of a rise than anticipated. Kathy cries immediately–tears, Pants down–bruises.

Kim‘ (August 2004; 8 minutes): Nervous frosted blonde fidgets during her interview. 10  swats on her jeans; she checks her bottom herself; then pants up, bend-over, another set. She sits gingerly and bravely.

Kailee‘ (August 2004; 10 minutes): the tall pageboy brunette actress, takes “10 swats.” An RSI regular, she was spanked four days ago and twice more today. We assume, when the girls show up at the studios, RSI pieces together several scenarios at once.

After more paddling and positions, she shows the bare results; a very assured young lady, is Ms. Kailee. She also autographs.

Claire’; (May 2005; 9 minutes): Dee does the interview, and we know, actually spanks harder than Masterson. 10 strokes on her jeans, she drops her pants to show us. She also has had another studio session today. Split camera views, Clair is the only actress who takes the paddle on bare skin in this film. Angry bruises, unhappy face, some intimate views.

‘Lori‘ (August 2003; 7 minutes): Heavyset brunette gets the same treatment, another paddling split, ready for kindling.

Michelle‘ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A small redhead, with a lot under her blouse, has school swats explained to her by an off-camera Miss Dee. Lower your jeans and panties please..put your elbows on the desk. A faceless and silent ‘Russ’ comes on-set and delivers 10 with a thick wood paddle. After 4 or 5, Michelle is gasping and quivering. She sits for interview–being bare would have worked in school,very cute.

Tonya‘ (year: 2006; time: 6 minutes) Masterson interviews brunette Tonya, who has volunteered to see what this is like. She holds a cane. Masterson observes that the paddle is the normal symbolic school implement.

“Drop your pants and panties for a ‘before’ look.” Tonya shows her bottom. This is her first day at RSN and she has already been spanked twice, so she is a nice shade of red.

Hands on a chair, Masterson begins caning Tonya on her jeans. After two strokes, she asks to stop. Masterson looks at her bottom again and identifies “tramlines” over the red hue. A side view of this brief caning shows immediate tears.