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Cheating the Taxi – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes

STRAND production we will assign here. Kami Robertson and Mr. Stern. STRAND must have been easy with the air fare or they came to Scotland on occasion to harvest bottoms. This film starts off with the video shot from the back seat of a car, reminiscent for us of NU-WEST’s motel episodes, among others.

Kami is running up a big taxi bill and the driver, Stern, suspects she can’t pay him. She rides in the front seat of the taxi, an anomaly we will forgive for theatrical purposes. “I hope you’ve got the money.”

After some discussion, Stern will accept another form of compensation. Into the back seat For a spanking. You see lots of things happen in back seats in adult films, but rarely spankings. The space is too confined. Handspanking on black panties and then on the bare. And this cab driver, ever the optimist, carries a strap with him.


Kami and Osborne – AAASPANKING

20 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

Another film we can’t title. We are in the usual well appointed classroom. Kami Robertson is in perfect schoolgirl attire and again looks so small. She has been caught using her cell phone during detention.

She hangs her head in embarrassment -something she is very good at. Osborne begins slapping her palms with a meter stick. Like many models, she seems to have a tough time with this. She bends over, skirt up. She fills out a pair of white panties beautifully. Osborne pulls them down, so nice.

He will use a cane or a stick now. And he stops to get in a bit more fondling than usual. Kami returns to her detention desk to work bare bottom.


Kami the Maid -AAASPANKING

8 Jun

M/f; time: 12 minutes

No title for this. Another cunning performance from Kami Robertson and A male actor we can’t identify. She is on hands and knees, cleaning. She can look so small and innocent.

The guy she is working for takes her OTK, has himself a fondle, and begins with handspanking and a ruler. Skirt up, white panties. She bends over at the fireplace, where the guy takes her panties down. He uses a strap and leather paddle.

Kami removes her house dress and is naked. Very sweet Some more fondling and spanking, then she returns to housework, but naked.

Kami Robertson-John Osborne – AAASPANKING

19 May

M/f; time: 13 minutes

Another appearance from these two, in the familiar classroom. Diminutive Kami is in a tennis dress. Osborne will spank her. Handspanking first on the full white panties which are part of a tennis outfit, before Osborne pulls them down. She has bent over a low vaulting horse.

The usual cute bottom, just a bit bigger and more feminine than her size would predict, and how she got the job. She kneels up on the horse, where Osborne has to steady her as he spanks with a slipper and hairbrush.

Kami Robertson at LAZYMAID

12 May

F/f; time: 23 minutes

A lovely little exercise from a production company we will research. We have said before that Kami Robertson plays one of the best schoolgirls we have seen. Here she is in detention with a rather dour looking matron in academic robes. Her first event will be a knickers inspection. She bends over a desk, raises her schoolgirl kilt, to display full white panties, garter belt, and nylons.

After some scolding, the matron positions herself to begin an OTK handspanking with a slipper. Routine stuff, but perfect ritual.

After this spanking, Kami stands at the wall, bottom on display. The matron returns with a cane. Kami bends over the desk again, panties down, for a dramatic and hard caning. Kami jumps and kicks at each stroke. As often happens in legitimate depictions, her near buttock takes the most abuse and will be the focus of her rubbing.

Kami Expelled and Thrashed -NORTHERNSPANKING

6 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 12 minutes

The marvelous Kami Robertson with Paul Kennedy. Kami looks as barely legal as we have ever seen her. Two ponytails, blouse, tie, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. In this garb, she looks tiny. One of the best schoolgirl personas we can recall.

Kennedy holds a cane. Kami can hardly look at it. Hands on the couch, kilt up, Kami already red. Cane on her full white panties. She takes off her kilt, blouse, and tie, stripping down to just bra, panties, and socks for the moment. Cane on her panties, before she pulls them down. Sweet stuff.

Osborne-Kami – AAASPANKING

5 May

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Cute little Kami Robertson sits at a school desk. She wears a black dress. She is stressed to see that Osborne has a cane. She gets a lecture and is not happy about what she is hearing.

Osborne sits on another desk, takes her OTK, raises her dress, and pulls down her panties. After this warmup, Kami bends over the desk for the strap, bath brush, and another strap. The cane comes next. Such a lovely bottom in a classroom. Osborne  has enough screen time to cream her bottom with salve.



Osborne and Kami – AAASPANKING

4 May

2M/2f; time: 15 minutes

Need a title here. 2 girls pick at a stack of gym lockers, Kami Robertson and another girl. They find a paddle in one of the lockers. John Osborne and another guy confront the girls. They have found more spanking implements in another locker.

After a long discussion the girls bend over for the spankings to start. Both panties come down. The girls are separately spanked with the implements and the guys switch girls.

Case Files Reformatory -Kami Robertson SOUNDPUNISHMENT

1 Nov

M/f; time: 31 minutes

Kami has been sent to ‘Agean,’ apparently reformatory discipline. She must serve one week at this place, and he describes the arrival and departure punishments. She won’t acknowledge the fact that the punishment is spanking.

Right off, Kami refuses to put on the institution uniform, which earns her a trip OTK even before her official spanking. Kilt up, Agean is shocked at her thong, which he disposes  of all the quicker. Kami squeals (in her broken English, such as squeals are) and agrees to put on the uniform. It doesn’t help at all that she must do it here in front of him. She can’t help being insolent.

The setting is a nice furnished room,  no thrown-together set. Kami bends over a grand table. Agean lays the strap on her white panties then pulls them down. “Oh, God.”

Kami is sent to the matron and she must return at 7 pm in her night things for a formal arrival spanking. Too bad we don’t see the matron give Kami the once-over.

‘Later that evening’: Back at night, in a complicated crinoline and bloomers. Apparently policy permits Agean to check her private parts for “self abuse.” Kami doesn’t appreciate him picking at her bloomers. She lies up on a huge table, a pillow under her hips, her bloomers split open, as they do. Agean explains the martinet he uses. Shots  from above– Kami clings to the table arms outstretched during the whipping. Bloomers down for a heavy tawse.  High bottom, glows nicely in the lighting. And just for a second, Agean checks between her legs.

Kami’s Naked Shower Caning – AAASPANKING

27 Jul

M/f; time: 12 minutes

An odd little setting. A sort of shower position, with a hazardous-looking tile step/seat to stand or sit on, a clock on the wall within range of water, and a potted plant. We suggest the producer just over-decorated an open shower stall. But what the heck, we’re here for the bare bottoms.

Kami was caught writing ‘Mr. Osborne is a pervert…” on a whiteboard. He is, of course. After a long scolding, he will spank her in this shower environment. She takes off her skirt and panties for a handspanking to start.

Then blouse, shoes, bra off, naked. More spanking. Then the cane, a first six, not hard, followed by 6 more, much harder. Osborne wants her to rub  her bottom. Now he is going to sit down and watch her take her shower. Kami goes to turn the water on for the hand-held device .