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Just Deserts – KANE

6 Oct

M/4f; time; 42 minutes

An early, and corny film from George Harrison-Marks, so much so that his clownish plaid pants with suspenders receive a screen credit. It is one of his melee spanking films, where it becomes difficult to decipher why this person or that gets spanked. Lots of nudie stuff, GHM’s fetish. He was called the ‘Russ Meyer’ of his genre.

Marks has caught 2 nubile blondes, models working for him, stealing, and he gets their clothes off and spanks them. A tall and very sexy woman, his colleague, is blamed for not watching them, and at KANE, employees can expect spankings. She is ordered to strip in front of the girls–terrific, and a nice period pubic bush. Three naked girls on the screen.

Tall naked ¬†‘Lee’ gets the implements herself, she knows. She gets the leather paddle, a tawse, and 12 from a cane.

The two blond models are now upstairs, flipping through KANE magazines, in just panties, playing with each other. Two new people arrive, we’ve lost the thread of who is whom. They interrupt the blondes with Marks. One of the guests is another brassy blonde–you know her panties will go. She gets spanked for calling Marks a “kinky old beast.”

Marks spanks a hefty female matron-type, his “sister,” in another example of Marks’ odd derivations on the CP film format. We can’t think of any other producer who took these detours. The blond¬†guest, who is rightfully laughing at all this action, is ordered to “strip, every stitch.” One last nudie spanking.

Academy of Dr. Marcus Blunt – KANE

5 Oct

MF/2fm; year: 1992; time: 45 minutes

One of our very favorites from George Harrison-Marks; he had the good fortune to collect some entertaining CP actors to carry this film, where almost everyone loses his or her pants. We had reviewed it before on another site, and were very much titillated to be able to write about it again with more advanced experience.

‘David Brooks’ plays a stuttering don in academic robes. When he leaves his office to find something to light his pipe, schoolgirl ‘Alison deBrett’ sneaks in to take a look at the upcoming exam answers.

Alison, using several other related stage names, continued on in a long CP career, mostly with MOONGLOW, with a few at CALSTAR, and some collected elsewhere. This may be her second or third film, and she certainly was off to a very naughty start in 1992. In full schoolgirl kit, with auburn pigtails, she looks ‘barely legal,’ so to speak. But she is as saucy and immodest as she will ever be in this film. See ‘Humiliated Neighbors’ from MOONGLOW for a mature Alison.

Brooks asks her name, ‘Jenny Pennywhacker,’ and he recalls it, because he whaled on her cousin in this office just a few years ago. He announces a “sound spanking” will set things right. Jenny goes OTK very quickly, happy for the reprieve. Skirt up, regulation full dark knickers. She lurches at the first smack. All through her career, she was entertaining as she was spanked, and bold. Brooks soon has the panties down.

Jenny will now kneel on a chair, which again she does with alacrity and compliance. Brooks gets her bare bottom positioned just right. Trim and perfect, knees wide, plenty of puss. First he uses a studded strap, then 21 strokes of the cane, counted out with gasps from Jenny.

FADE. Jenny arrives at her cousin ‘Samantha’s’ house. Samantha is a hooker, and she is in the process of receiving a bare bottom flogging from a client. Jenny walks in on it, then leaves. The guy completes the spanking, pays Samantha and departs. That is apparently enough for him.

Samantha scolds Jenny for interrupting, and Jenny confesses she was just whipped at school. Samantha remembers that dirty old Don. She has Jenny show her bottom. “Oh, my God.” (not really, but these are British films) She rubs Jenny’s bottom, maybe a bit too tenderly. “I’m going to teach that bastard a lesson.”

FADE. Samantha bursts in on the Don at his desk, wearing her tarty outfit. He remembers her. She seems to convince him that his spanking of her cousin was illegal and that he had better accept a beating himself. We move right along, he bends over his desk, Samantha helps him get his pants down. He seems to be wearing regulation knickers himself. On his bare butt, he is handspanked, flogged, and caned. When Samantha leaves, he mutters his pleasure.

Back home, Samantha finds Jenny, in just panties, masturbating with a KANE magazine. She’ll be spanked. She kneels on all fours on the bed. Samantha pulls those knickers down, and we get the most explicit display of her possibly ever in her films. And her pubic fuzz actually seems adolescent. Handspanking, flogger, and cane. She actually cocks her bottom to increase the view. At the conclusion, she falls into more than a friendly cuddle with her cousin.

Caning of the Shrews – KANE

12 Sep

2M/2f; time: 40 minutes

A meaningless spanking exercise from KANE. The best part of this film for us was a long list of previews of KANE’s other films.

A bridal suite spanking first, the usual tussle to get underneath the gown.

Several more spanking scenes later in the marriage, too confusing for us to unravel.



Country Cousins – KANE

31 Aug

2M/2f; time: 45 minutes

Another confused spanking circus from ‘George Harrison Marks,’ anything to get a model’s clothes off in this era. ‘Deidre’ practices on the organ. Her Uncle Victor arranges for a special teacher, although “he’s a bit weird.”

That would be Marks of course, and when he comes to the house for the first lesson, he tells Deidre “I want to hold you or other parts of you” to feel the sexual force of the music. Right in the door, he is after her pants.

Marks gets Deidre to dance and strip. He begins an OTK spanking. She has some bruises.

FADE to the next lesson, more spanking and some marijuana he has brought with him. Cousin ‘Rebecca’ enters the scene, another bottom for Marks. “Three of us!” Rebecca has nipple rings and a rose tattoo just above her pussy. Uncle Victor arrives and spanks both girls.

You don’t need this one unless you’re Marks’ biographer.

Schoolgirl’s and Daughters – KANE

17 Aug

2M/f; M/2f; time: 48 minutes

Punctuation by the producer. George Harrison Marks at work. A boy and girl, in hippie or bohemian dress, cavort on a couch. The guy gradually gets his girl’s clothes off and gets to spanking her. She is the typical girlie so covets by Marks in this era. It is all rather silly. Too bad he couldn’t go further in this era.

The girl’s father interrupts and the boy runs off. The father continues the spanking of his naked daughter in this mostly a nudie show.

The second half of this film contains the 24-minute version of the second half of ‘Hot Young Cheeks’ we reviewed as a BIZARRE film. We repeat here–it is a schoolgirl spanking featuring perhaps the most erotic little student we have ever seen. Never saw her again.

Derriere Dynamite – KANE

22 Jun

time: 30 minutes
The KANE nightclub set, and a small unseen live audience. Four simple spanking scenarios, featuring playful and willing girls and the usual KANE guys, who we have referred to as ‘stockholders.’ KANE used this format for simple spanking presentations, featuring girls from the CP genre.

The first episode features a grey-haired guy and a dramatically perfect brunette, wearing just bra and panties. Laughing, rubbing, undies coming off, the martinet, handspanking; when he strokes her bottom, he slips a finger between her legs. She can’t keep count of the martinet strokes, to the amusement of the spectators. The KANE character ‘Oscar’ hovers. Short caning–6 strokes.

Next, a blonde who made films for STRICTLYENGLISH. She gets a little workout from another guy, “for your own good.” “Two rosy moons,” he observes. “Are you ready for the cane?” Almost 25 whippy strokes, harder than usual, lots of trouble counting, wild marks.

Another striking brunette, OTK. The guy wrestles down her slacks and then her thong. She takes off her top-no bra. After a spanking and slippering, she runs off-stage naked, to applause.

A brunette is spanked and strapped on a chair. The fantasy here is that she is the guy’s girlfriend. He hands her the keys to a new car.

The Maid Upstairs – KANE

11 Feb

M/f; time: 27 minutes

An old and slightly silly film, probably 1970’s, with the early handmade graphics. ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’ narrates–he makes reference to another film we haven’t identified, ‘Maid of Tears.’ He has been asked to ‘supervise’ Julie, a maid in the employ of a friend of his. She needs training, the story goes. That’s the excuse.

Flashback tp “Yesterday”: Dark blonde Julie, with circus-sized boobs which probably should have made up for any incompetence as a domestic. Larry is appalled (is he, really?) with her appearance. “What on earth are you wearing, girl?”

Larry orders her to strip naked for a playful and routine spanking game.