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Derriere Dynamite – KANE

22 Jun

time: 30 minutes
The KANE nightclub set, and a small unseen live audience. Four simple spanking scenarios, featuring playful and willing girls and the usual KANE guys, who we have referred to as ‘stockholders.’ KANE used this format for simple spanking presentations, featuring girls from the CP genre.

The first episode features a grey-haired guy and a dramatically perfect brunette, wearing just bra and panties. Laughing, rubbing, undies coming off, the martinet, handspanking; when he strokes her bottom, he slips a finger between her legs. She can’t keep count of the martinet strokes, to the amusement of the spectators. The KANE character ‘Oscar’ hovers. Short caning–6 strokes.

Next, a blonde who made films for STRICTLYENGLISH. She gets a little workout from another guy, “for your own good.” “Two rosy moons,” he observes. “Are you ready for the cane?” Almost 25 whippy strokes, harder than usual, lots of trouble counting, wild marks.

Another striking brunette, OTK. The guy wrestles down her slacks and then her thong. She takes off her top-no bra. After a spanking and slippering, she runs off-stage naked, to applause.

A brunette is spanked and strapped on a chair. The fantasy here is that she is the guy’s girlfriend. He hands her the keys to a new car.

The Maid Upstairs – KANE

11 Feb

M/f; time: 27 minutes

An old and slightly silly film, probably 1970’s, with the early handmade graphics. ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe’ narrates–he makes reference to another film we haven’t identified, ‘Maid of Tears.’ He has been asked to ‘supervise’ Julie, a maid in the employ of a friend of his. She needs training, the story goes. That’s the excuse.

Flashback tp “Yesterday”: Dark blonde Julie, with circus-sized boobs which probably should have made up for any incompetence as a domestic. Larry is appalled (is he, really?) with her appearance. “What on earth are you wearing, girl?”

Larry orders her to strip naked for a playful and routine spanking game.

Room At The Bottom – KANE

17 Dec

M/3f; time: 51 minutes

An old ‘Kane’ film, distributed by and carried in the CALSTAR catalogue. If pubic hair is the measure of history, this is probably late 1970’s.

A grubby couple, ‘Jim’ and his wife sit at the breakfast table, grousing about money, sex, job opportunities, and the absence of lodgers they seek. It seems the couple met while working at ‘Lord Appleby’s’ estate, where CP was practiced on the staff and among the staff. Jim developed a taste for it.

His wife angers him, intentionally. “You’re going to get a good spanking. You know you love it.” Also, it seems this is the only way Jim can get an erection. The wife is sent to the bedroom, where she strips down to panties, garter belt and stockings.

In a cut to a new exterior scene, 2 girls walk along with the classified ads looking for an address. A stranger they stop for directions is ‘George Harrison Marks.’

Back to the domestic scene, Jim enters and begins to seduce his wife in a soft-porn nudie interlude KANE liked so much in this era, including some playful OTK spanking and a martinet. Lots of pubic thatch in this scene.

The doorbell rings, Jim admits the two girls, and he must see the potential, because the story cuts to the kitchen table, where the girls, in their nighties, help themselves to the food and are not up with the rent. “What can we do?” the girls ask Jim’s wife. She suggests he “likes to play games,” and explains the CP fetish from the Appleby days–“smacking games,” she calls them.

Dissolve to one of the girls, brunette ‘Jackie,’ already into game playing with Jim. she doesn’t have 20 pounds. She takes off her dress, down to black undies, then bra and panties off, another big thatch of pubic hair, kneel on a chair in just garter belt and stockings. “Get your ass up in the air.” Martinet.

Dissolve: the saucy blonde roommate returns, having failed to get an audition. The wife, who knows she will benefit from any ardor Jim develops, escorts her to observe the conclusion of Jackie’s spanking. The blonde now strips naked and gets the same punishment, the wife holding her still.

Jim now grabs his wife, who seems to have sided with the girls, and spanks her. The blonde suddenly comes up with 50 pounds, pays off Jim, and the girls will leave. They invite the wife to pack and leave with them, which she does.

The Caning Club – KANE

26 Aug

MF/3f; time: 54 minutes

Another ‘George Harrison Marks’ large-cast cluster-spank; the handcrafted graphics tell us “Just Jenny in Her First Feature.” GHM works at his electric typewriter in the KANE offices. Secretary ‘Jenny’ tends to the mail.

There is letter from the ‘Spankers Club’ in the West End of London. The club owner, ‘Oscar Bateman,’ seeks GHM’s help in disciplining two of his girls, who are no longer attentive to the customer. Jenny calls the club. They will drop by tomorrow.

To ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on the soundtrack, GHM’s Bentley arrives at the Spankers Club. Inside, George accustoms himself to the afternoon gloom and is horrified to discover that the offending girls, both named ‘Sue,’ are KANE models in his employ. They are moonlighting, bottoms for hire. “They’re swingers….Jesus Christ!”

George decides he will have his friend ‘Larry Barnes’ (‘Sir Larry Graythorpe’ in other films) -“sort them out.” FADE to club action, men at the bar, scantily clad waitresses. Larry claims that he is George’s original ‘punishment man’ in his videos. He will pretend to be a buyer of the club and seek to audition the two Sues. They sass him, in their Vaudeville lingerie. They are told they will take the “discipline I hand out” or be fired.

The girls are taken to the bar, bent over among the patrons, and a series of mostly playful spankings proceed, handspanking, straps, paddle, and the cane. The girls’ protests are weak, as is the spanking. We’d have to say though, the girls couldn’t be spanked this hard by patrons and still work every day.

The girls sniffle and console each other with soothing lotion. Owner Oscar tells them their bottoms will look like this every day if they don’t behave. Jenny joins the girls, who undress each other and the scene becomes a playful lesbian game. Oscar and George join at the end for some light spanking.

An Afternoon’s Entertainment – KANE

5 Jun

M/f; time: 50 minutes

Very early George Harrison Marks, in his familiar nightclub. Maybe this is too much to be said of such a historical trifle, but enjoy the fascination with the bare female bottom. All the KANE male spankers are on hand, in a confusing melee on stage, not worth trying to sort out. GHM is auditioning girls again, by spanking them, a generally terrific idea in any workplace. Scenes follow.

Two tall brunettes are first and are surprised that the ‘CP’ references in the script mean “You’ve got to have your bare bottom spanked.” Both girls keep their backs to us–one never shows her face. She probably assumes that no one at her acting/models agency will recognize her bare bottom. A guy calling himself ‘Mal Travers’ calls on one of GHM’s best, ‘Sir Larry Greythorpe,’ and the two girls are mildly spanked, slippered, and get some martinet. One girl does strip completely, while the second girl remains hidden. The girls pass the test and are hired.

The second set of girls–two rumpled blondes in boaters, trying to look like students. The girls seem to have been sent over from Scotland to audition for what they thought was ‘The Sound of Music’; Travers is happy to tell them the show is more like “The Sound of Smacking,” Such ‘high comedy’ is sprinkled throughout the video and met with guffaws from the spectators in the dark recesses around the set, who are there to see the pants come down. Both girls are spanked, more or less, and one undresses without hesitation. Their “mother” storms in on this audition fraud (she is bigger than both of them). She joins in spanking them, along with Mal and Sir Larry. The men decide to spank the mother, a rather grotesque sight, but in keeping with the KANE tradition in this era, where any bottom is fair game.

The next event involves Sir Larry doing a Houdini and escaping from a straightjacket on stage. He gets to spank his curvy assistant if he can do it. “If I escape, you stand still for it.” Do we need to be told, she is soon OTK, a tall dark brunette, for handspanking and the martinet. Prettiest day so far, and she is naughty good sport to offer up her bottom this afternoon–she gets sixty handspanks, counted down, for the full minute of the straightjacket struggle. She takes some tawse and martinet on a chair. There is a lot of bawdy banter, difficult to hear, with roars of laughter from the audience.

Another stage scene–a silly male actor playing a butler conjures a reason to spank Pansy, his maid associate. He practices on an older woman, she pees her pants on-stage, to predictable lusty guffaws from the crowd in the darkness. Pansy is a little blonde. She is brought forward and spanked OTK on black lace panties.

Another KANE regular drags a glamorous brunette on stage; down with the pants, some hard martinet across a nifty tight bottom nominally covered by the triangle of a bikini. Top off, bend over a table for a a studded paddle, then kneel on the table–always a neat posture when the bra is on the floor. A cane appears for the first time–she counts out 13 firm moderate strokes, and closes with another kind of martinet.

A female police officer enters. “What the hell is going on here?” After all, what she sees is a naked girl kneeling on a table. It is explained to her that girls’ bottoms get caned in this club, and immediately, she accepts a monetary offer to take off her uniform for her own dose of handspanking and martinet. Sexy uniform play, but nervous-making how easily the police can be bribed.

And last, Sir Larry spanks a brunette who doesn’t display other things, pretty much everything else. At the conclusion, the cast does a curtain call.

Hot Live Caning #3 – KANE

7 May

time: 55 minutes

A KANE CLUB LIVE EVENT; another live spanking frolic, filmed in a nightclub in the quiet afternoon in front of a small and enthusiastic audience steeped in the nuances of CP fetish. These Kane/Bizarre films are of minor interest, except fore the appearance of CP stars in ad lib roles.

‘Jodi Marks,’ George Harrison Marks’ daughter, makes introductions to the unseen audience.

The first fantasy involves a guy who wants revenge on a female traffic officer who gave him a parking ticket for the slightest of reasons. The girl comes onstage decked out as a meter maid, fleshing out the fantasy. The tall menacing guy, an actor around the CP scene, takes her OTK. “How dare you!” Skirt up, black knickers down, a playful spanking, girls-in-uniform style. Hands-on-chair for for a floppy paddle with studs. She has to count and thank for the strokes. Lots of fuzz between her legs.

The guy swooshes the cane. He lays out about 15 strokes, and they argue about the count. He shows the audience her bottom and can’t resist the obvious line. “An arresting sight.” Applause to conclude this segment.

Two well-known CP actresses, ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ and ‘Sam Johnson’ play the next skit as schoolgirls in kit. They recite naughty little CP verses. A ‘headmaster’ joins them on stage and spanks them in various postures. White panties; a wide spatula strap; from glimpses between the girls’ legs, it would appear both are enjoying this performance. Both are caned on the bare; the audience laughs and encourages the headmaster.

‘Susie’ is a maid in a black satin maid’s costume. She has been using the house phone (back in the day when there were toll calls). She gets spanked with a crop and a paddle, and must take one cane stroke for each hundred pounds of expense -10 strokes. When a cell phone rings in the audience, she lifts her head from her spanking position to ask for it to be answered.

A few more skits follow, not interesting enough to describe.

I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry – KANE

20 Jan

M/f;  time : 45 minutes

Producer George Harrison Marks narrates three of his typically playful segments; we skip the first, which contains a male being spanked.

In the second, ‘Theresa Green’  has be sent by her husband to ‘Oscar’ at Kane Magazine. Oscar calls himself the ‘punishment man’ and he is going to straighten out a little pecidillo she has–she likes to wear school uniforms. You’d think the husband could have handled such an issue himself, but things happen at Kane. We love these themes where errant young ladies are handed off to efficient spankers– at a clinic, by a hired disciplinarian who arrives with his implements, etc. The girls hate it. There are many–“Tales From the Rod”  and “Victorian Interlude” are two oldies which come to mind. The spanker here is a Kane regular, dressed as, and acting like, a Vaudevillian villan, except instead of tying her to railroad tracks, he will whip her.

Theresa is made to kneel on a chair, her uniform is raised, and she is handspanked on white panties. Silly but cute. She stands, takes off the offending jumper and panties and is spanked OTK, harder and faster. She is made to rinse out her panties after she has had a little accident, takes off her tie and her blouse, exposing a trim little figure. She pulls on the wet knickers with the usual reaction. The Kaneman teases her with what he calls “cattails” and a paddle/strap.

She strips off the wet knickers and is teased with a cane, front and rear. Very sexy, but typical of Kane videos in the era, the ladies are never quite made to dance. She struggles sexily under the cane taps, must hold her wet panties in her mouth. She jumps around naked; the spanker gets in a nice frig when the opportunity presents itself. He lightly whips her breasts with the cat. Holding the cat in her mouth, like a bit, she is caned again, mildly. Now that she is cured of wearing uniforms, she must go home naked, wearing only the Kaneman’s cape. This segment plucks the bdsm strings, but none too loudly to resonate.

In a third section, ‘Mrs. Williams’  is being served a writ of divorce by clerk ‘Mr. Phillips.’ Her husband has had enough of slovenly housekeeping and grooming. when Mrs. Williams proposes that sweet compromise: “We can come to some arrangement,”  it turns out this writ has a twist, the BIG alternative–she can either “accept the writ or a damn good thrashing.” She makes coffee to ponder her choices, while the presumptive Mr. Phillips pulls out the usual implements from his briefcase. “Oh God, what are those? On my bottom?”

We begin, bathrobe up, only a thong in sight, OTK, bottom high and head low. From our vantage point, Mrs. Williams is not so slovenly. Phillips massages and separates her cheeks, maybe slightly beyond his assignment, but he is thorough. After some spanking, she stands,  disrobes, removes the superfluous thong, and is caned, kneeling on a chair. Her bottom is small and hard, so we get quite a panoramic view of her “downtown,”  with her knees apart for balance. “Oh, it stings.” Phillips will be back tomorrow to check on the housekeeping progress. We presume he has very high standards.

We’ve said before that Kane themes are now dated and tame, but erotic, mischievous, funny, and even co-educational .Who can overlook a naked Paula Meadows cavorting in ‘Kane Assignment,’ or the noises emanating from the uppeer corridors of ‘Hotel Derriere?’