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31 Aug

F/2f; time: 46 minutes

This producer has made rather mild M/f and F/f CP films for our taste, but this one intrigued us because it contains girls doing ballet exercises in the nude. NETTLES probably did this best–skip roping, PT; a few at CALSTAR.

Ms. Paine has two girls standing at the ballet barre; both in trouble with her for one thing or another. She spanks the girls, a blonde and a brunette. They got back and forth to the barre, and they gradually lose their leotards and some of their undies. For a paddle, Kelly uses a long 3-footer, but she is too polite with it.


12 Sep

F/f; time: 26 minutes

Kelly Payne’s F/f pursuits, and mostly trivial, we thought. Ms. Payne never quite gets into fourth gear in her films for our money, although they are plausible and well-made.

‘Aunt Kelly,’ appears in a silly housedress, as if she had access to the NuWest wardrobe of 15 years ago. She challenges her nice, ‘Sarah,’ wearing a schoolgirl outfit also not carefully thought out.

Kelly grabs Sarah for an ineffectual OTK spanking, and is horrified with her semi-transparent panties, which, for us, are the best thing so far.

As the spanking proceeds,  Aunt Kelly begins to take off her own clothes, fine with us, and we know this is fatiguing work. By the time Kelly is down to her own bra and panties, Sarah’s bottom, thanks to a well-directed hairbrush, is red/purple and mottled.

Since Sarah has been seeking respite from this spanking because she says she is feeling poorly, Aunt Kelly will take her temperature, and, why not, since her bottom is right here, rectally. Decent view of this makes the film for us. More handspanking to conclude.


10 Sep

F/4f; time: 48 minutes

Ms. Kelly Payne explains documentary-style how CP is used in schools; she should have watched a lot of films from England and Eastern Europe first. Four models are identified, ‘Annie,’ ‘Ciselle,’  ‘Heather,’  and ‘Janet.’

The girls are paddled in four long segments, OTK, bare bottom, with a small paddle, never applied with any zest. We are still looking for an impressive American spanking, with the possible exception of a few CalStar ‘American Classics.’ However, the paddlings are long enough to accrue some impressive coloring on the girls’  bottoms.

American Substitutes in London – KELLYPAYNEPRODUCTIONS

14 Aug

2F/2f; year: 2000; time: 46 minutes

American spankers in hallowed halls; the credits say “filmed on location in London.” and the studio looks in fact like the set ‘Moonglow’ used over and over for schoolgirl attitude adjustment. KP pulls the cameras back to show the set and lighting on this stage.

‘Kelly Payne’  and ‘Daisa’ spank two schoolgirls, ‘Juliette’  and ‘Tracy,’ for smoking in school. Presumably this is all a spoof of the many British films of the girls in plaid skirts caught doing things behind the toolshed. Not much happens here.

The girls are spanked OTK, strapped over a bench, get the sole kneeling on a chair, and are finisihed off with the Spencer paddle, Despite the length, neither girl will have any trouble at the dinner table tonight.