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8 Sep

F/f. Time: 43 minutes; year: 2009

Kelly Payne will spank Asian girl Daisy for coming in late. Daisy is taken to a bedroom, where the spanking starts immediately. It is a standard OTK spanking, panties eventually down. And Kelly does some undressing as she spanks, like she does. A spanking bench happens to be handy. Daisy climbs up, the center bar spreads her thighs.

Handspanking, straps. Some corner time, back OTK for the slipper. A bit of the cane. Ms.Payne has never added much to the CP market for us..

Judges’s Chambers 2 – KELLYPAYNE

1 Mar

F/f; time: 40 minutes

A bit corny, unfortunately our general impression of this producer, but some good moments here, and a serial idea used elsewhere. Kelly Payne herself, with her marvelous New York accent, plays a rather pervy judge. Juliet Davis has been arrested for yet another DUI.

Julie says she is 34 years old, a stringy blonde, and a buxom body we won’t see as much of as we had hoped. Since previous punishments haven’t worked, it is time for “a good hard spanking, old fashioned punishment, and the cane.” Right here in chambers.

After a long scolding, a standard OTK spanking begins. A flash photographer seems to be shooting stills as we go, putting this film back in the era of spanking magazines. When her black slit skirt comes up, no panties! What was she thinking? Low shots, overhead views, mottled bottom, some puss.

Julie stands to remove her skirt and the judge takes this opportunity to strip down to bra and panties herself. Julie kneels on a chair for a strap. Heavier bruising and more strap. After some corner time, then handspanking, time for the cane.

Over the desk, about 20 strokes, harder and harder. Low shots. Julie signs a waiver, dresses and leaves.


Caught Masturbating – KELLYPAYNE

18 Sep

F/f; time: 45 minutes

More lesbian office action. ‘Kelly Payne’ catches ‘Miss Annie’ watching porn in the office and masturbating. Kelly will give her what she wants and spanks her right there. OTK, knickers down first thing. A big girl and a lot of bottom to work on. This is a long film, there may be time. A good start. Kelly makes her strip naked.

Over the settee for a strap, legs spread as wide as possible. Kelly must be perspiring, she takes off her blouse, NUWEST style. Annie will lie flat on the settee, the piece of furniture is too short to achieve this comfortably. Kelly wants her on her back and to masturbate with the computer remote. OTK and kneeling with Spencer paddle. More masturbating.


13 Nov

F/mf; year: 2004; time: 52 minutes

Subtitled ‘Will the Young’ns ever learn?’ Aunt Kelly catches a guy and girl in some silly sexual play in a bedroom. We love her New York accent. “You are going to get spanked, and severely.” She means both of them.

She spanks both of them in various positions. Handspanking and hairbrush. a frontal from the guy–he is not excited.


8 Nov

F/f; time: 38 minutes

Another heavily-tinged Lesbian storyline, very much in the tradition of NUWEST here, if you like horse barns,   stalls, bars, leather, straw bales (and bare bottoms).

Kelly is furious with ‘Denise,’ who has failed to prepare her horse and clean the barn. Denise is a short-haired brunette, quite masculine in demeanor. Kelly will do what can be done so well in the barn, and give Denise “the ride of her life.”

After a lengthy scolding, Denise must drop her jeans, and she is delightfully unhappy about it. Kelly takes her OTK and does the panties immediately. A long spanking follows.

Naked from the waist down, Denise is fastened spread-eagled between two stalls. Kelly straps her. Denise is fastened loosely enough that she can surge around. Kelly waits for her bottom to come back  into range.

After this whipping, Denise is put to work with no pants on, but first a bend-over some straw bales for a strap and paddle. Advanced bruises.


1 Nov

F/f; year: 2000; time: 41 minutes

We were surprised and entertained by this film. We’ll take Ms. Payne’s admonition from the closing credits and write a good review, lest she track us down from our IPO address.

Kelly plays a judge, sitting behind a skimpy little desk in a sparsely appointed office. She has the most humorous New York accent, an enhanced ‘Sarah Jessica Parker.’ ‘Juliet Davis,’ a very tall and busty curly blonde, plays a girl caught again for yet another DUI. No punishment has seemed to work, so it’s “a night in jail, a fine, or a good hard spanking over my lap.” The judge decides for herself–obscure regulations allow a spanking.

The OTK begins at 8 minutes, and most of the rest of the film will be steady spanking. Handspanking first on Juliet’s skirt, then the judge rucks it up, there are no panties. Ms. Davis has a marvelous bubble-bottom made for this work, and it will be featured, with her charms, hereinafter. As the spanking progresses, the judge kneads and probes, in keeping with Ms. Payne’s girl-on-girl tradition.

The judge stands and drops her judicial robe. She is not wearing a skirt–you wouldn’t have to if you were sure how your day was going to be. Juliet drops her skirt and the spanking continues, long and hard. We have a renewed interest in Ms. Payne’s technique.

Juliet then kneels on a chair for the tawse, advancing the bruising. After some corner time, where she must spread her legs, put her hands over her head, and stick her bottom out, she bends over the desk, quickly spreading her legs. She sees the cane coming. “Oh, no!” More handspanking first, vertical smacks one cheek at a time, then the cane, hard and real. Ms. Davis gasps throughout.

About 18 strokes of a thin and whippy cane, moderate. Low camera angles, a still camera keeps flashing away. The judge completes her paperwork, Juliet signs an acknowledgement, dresses and leaves. One of the better ‘judicial’ films we’ve seen, primarily because Ms. Payne knows how to spank.


26 Oct

2F/f;  year: 2004; time: 11 minutes

A short and largely uninteresting film except for one of the more unusual enemas we have seen. Kelly Payne with ‘Nurse Daisi’ and ‘Annie.’

A silly classroom scene, no one seen, no voices. Annie reports late, claiming sick,  and will be spanked for it. She is spanked in the corner, Nurse Daisi joins and uses a large round paddle with a Red Cross emblem. Some fast and truncated medical procedures, blood pressure and vaginal speculum.

In another cut, Annie is strapped face down to the gyno table for a whipping. Then the anal action begins. She is lubed and probed, and given enemas, with two bulbs filled from a basin, one with a huge nozzle, which seems to get rammed home. And last, an enema toy we haven’t seen before, a big black dildo with a fluid tube attached. It is [ut where it needs to go.


31 Aug

F/2f; time: 46 minutes

This producer has made rather mild M/f and F/f CP films for our taste, but this one intrigued us because it contains girls doing ballet exercises in the nude. NETTLES probably did this best–skip roping, PT; a few at CALSTAR.

Ms. Paine has two girls standing at the ballet barre; both in trouble with her for one thing or another. She spanks the girls, a blonde and a brunette. They got back and forth to the barre, and they gradually lose their leotards and some of their undies. For a paddle, Kelly uses a long 3-footer, but she is too polite with it.


12 Sep

F/f; time: 26 minutes

Kelly Payne’s F/f pursuits, and mostly trivial, we thought. Ms. Payne never quite gets into fourth gear in her films for our money, although they are plausible and well-made.

‘Aunt Kelly,’ appears in a silly housedress, as if she had access to the NuWest wardrobe of 15 years ago. She challenges her nice, ‘Sarah,’ wearing a schoolgirl outfit also not carefully thought out.

Kelly grabs Sarah for an ineffectual OTK spanking, and is horrified with her semi-transparent panties, which, for us, are the best thing so far.

As the spanking proceeds,  Aunt Kelly begins to take off her own clothes, fine with us, and we know this is fatiguing work. By the time Kelly is down to her own bra and panties, Sarah’s bottom, thanks to a well-directed hairbrush, is red/purple and mottled.

Since Sarah has been seeking respite from this spanking because she says she is feeling poorly, Aunt Kelly will take her temperature, and, why not, since her bottom is right here, rectally. Decent view of this makes the film for us. More handspanking to conclude.


10 Sep

F/4f; time: 48 minutes

Ms. Kelly Payne explains documentary-style how CP is used in schools; she should have watched a lot of films from England and Eastern Europe first. Four models are identified, ‘Annie,’ ‘Ciselle,’  ‘Heather,’  and ‘Janet.’

The girls are paddled in four long segments, OTK, bare bottom, with a small paddle, never applied with any zest. We are still looking for an impressive American spanking, with the possible exception of a few CalStar ‘American Classics.’ However, the paddlings are long enough to accrue some impressive coloring on the girls’  bottoms.