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Over The Knee – CALSTAR

18 Nov

F/f; year: early 1990’s; time: 26 minutes

An unimpressive collection of American actors; a pretty blonde (Kiri Kelly, an attentive reader advises us) is on the phone, discussing with a friend how she is going to spank the young lady she is babysitting when she shows up. Carrie, a darker blonde and loud, returns late with weak excuses.

“I’m going to take you over my knee…get over my knee if you want to go to that party tonight.”

The scene FADES to an OTK spanking underway. Carrie’s white panties on display. She squawks too much. She is cute, with big hair, and white go-go boots in the late 80’a fashion. Silly facials. After the spanking, she is sent to her room. “Bitch!” she calls back.

Carrie undresses slowly to white panties, no bra, a little nudie interlude typical of this film era. She drinks from a bottle of wine she keeps hidden, then puts on a slinky leopard-print dress, does her face in the mirror while the camera concentrates on her feminine hips in the tight dress, then climbs out the window to go to the party.

Her sexy caregiver finds Carrie is gone, discovers the wine bottle, locks the window, then dozes on the parlor couch, awaiting her return. Carrie sneaks in, forced to use the front door. Caught! “Oh, shit!”

So many producers could have turned this scenario into a toe-curling, rousing, roof-raising spanking, but not this time. The woman pulls up Carrie’s skimpy dress, takes her panties down, and then goes to work on her ample, feminine young bottom. Carrie struggles enticingly in a good long scene, nice closeups of her delightful tush. Carrie retires to her room in tears, rubbing and checking her bottom, more or less silly. She’s lucky this film wasn’t made in a British studio.