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18 Oct

2M/4f; Time: 32 minutes

Four girls will be caned for cash on a rack. It is sort of an A-frame or stepladder,  with a standing platform and a flat pad in the center to lie on. The rack is used similarly in other films in this series.

The four brunettes will each get 20 strokes, 10 from each of the two female supervisors. Three positions, 60 wicked strokes with massive marks as the result. The first position-  the naked girl stands erect grasping the frame. The second-the girls lie flat on the pad, bent over. And the third, the girls climb up into the frame and get into the diaper position, rather acrobatic for the taller girls and very rough for these massively striped bottoms.

Rehearsal – Caned For Cash

6 Jun


Two women will whip one of the girls who wish to be in this series, while 5 other girls watch. It will be a notable caning, and we will ask how the girl will be able to compete later after a ‘rehearsal’ of this severity.

The girl gets into five different positions, bare bottom, where she receives 10 strokes from each woman. First she stands erect at the aluminum frame; then standing on its step, putting her bottom into a direct line with the stroke; third, the diaper position lying on the platform part of the structure-nasty; on her stomach on the platform, head off the end and hanging low, bottom high; and last  a bend-over. 20 strokes, five positions, for 100.

Bench of Pain-Caned for Cash – KOOBOO

6 Apr

2F/4f; time: 29 minutes

Wiki reports on this ‘Caned For Cash’ series claim only four films made. We have found and think reviewed now allĀ of them. Although there is no connection reported with MOODPRODUCTIONS, the style seems similar, the equipment familiar, the intensity matching, and here the dominant actress ‘Kira’ seems the same.

Girls are punished on-camera and paid per stroke, that’s the pretext. Four girls sit on a couch in front of a metal rack/trestle we have seen before. The first girl, a pretty blonde, steps forward and strips naked. She steps up onto the platform, lies across it, and is strapped down at the waist. Two women cane her, each gives 10 strokes, and from different sides. Marks and gasps from the beginning.

A small brunette goes second, gets naked. These are hard canings, memorable.

Third, a dark blonde.

And fourth another dark blonde, a real screamer, who is quivering early.

After this first 20 stroke session, time for the second round. The blonde climbs onto the platform, but in the diaper position, one woman canes while the second woman holds her feet. Wicked position. The caning doesn’t need to be harder than this.

The next three girls the same, the brunette, and the blondes. The screamer can’t last much longer.

For the third round, the positions vary. The blonde stands at the footpad of the platform for her 20; the next three girls lie across the platform on their stomachs, head hanging low, so that their bottoms are foremost and in the sweet spot for a cane swing. The screamer can hardly return to the couch.

For the fourth round, the light blonde and the screamer quit, the brunette takes her 20, some lighter strokes; and the fourth girl struggles through 20 in that terrible diaper posture.

The girls are excused, there is no ‘winner per-se in this format.

Caned for Cash- Budapest Girls – KOOBOOENTERTAINMENT

27 Nov

3F/4f; year: 2006; time: 45 minutes

A film with the feel of MOOD Pictures. The ‘Caned For Cash’ series features girls willing to take canings for payment. The rules: increasing payment for complete sets of 10 cane strokes. Here, unlike some caning ‘competitions,’ where the girls vie against each other, there is no contest here other than the individual ability to accept pain. They get paid in lump sums for full sets of 10.

Four girls will submit to three dommes. The girls appear here in ‘Caned For Cash’ T-shirts and just panties. In the first round, each of the girls, two brunettes and two blondes, strip naked and are strapped down on a padded bench to take 10 strokes from each domme.

For the second round, the girls lie flat on a gurney-like table, a European posture. the cane being used is a thin whippy affair, which has been wrapping around the far flanks of the girls and playing some havoc there. This supine posture allows the caner to focus the cane tip on more limited areas.

Continuing; now the dommes call for volunteers to step forward. the girls come out hesitatingly, in no particular order. Some lie on the table, or kneel on all fours on it, or stand at the end and lean on it. Some girls take just 10 strokes, some 20 or 30 more.

Somewhere along the way, salve appears to have been applied to the girls’ bottoms. This film will appeal to those who like straight, hard caning, without any storyline.