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Job Appointment – KURTSTEVENS

17 Dec

F/f; time: 34 minutes

An old and clunky film we have not identified yet—the production values but not the exact subject matter of NU-WEST, and at first viewing not clever enough for ROUE or BLUSHES. The TV on the set looks to be 1980’s or earlier. From the lighting, acting, and tone, we will assign it to KURTSTEVENS.

A girl answers a newspaper ad for some sort of job interview about dog training. She shows up at the designated place, and is short order the woman who greets her throws her on the floor. “What are you doing?” “You are just what we are looking for.” The girl’s wrists and ankles are soon tied. She is not much of a fighter.

The woman lefts her struggle awhile BDSM style, then returns, pulls down her pink slacks, and paddles her on her black panties. She gets a box of Milk Bone dog biscuits for some use and puts a dog collar and chain leash on her.

A guy enters the room. Faces are being disguised more or less, either by design or because of amateur filming. They torment the girl, get her on her knees, and pull her panties down. After a full cut, the girl is naked, strung up to a frame. This crew could not find a way to transition to this shot. They both flog her mildly as she swings, mostly suspended. An untended pubic bush helps date this film.

Some sort of harness is put on her head, it is a gag. Clothes pins are attached to her nipples and pubic hair. She screams and twists as they torment her, even to the point where the gag comes loose.

Onto the floor, they tied to a St, Andrews cross, laying flat. Some candle wax dripping and ice cube teasing, the purpose clear but the execution awkward. And then, a new tool for us. A paddle shaped device with long nails sticking out. They rake her exposed skin with it. All kind of mild. And smooth teasing with the metal stud side of a double sided hair brush. It would have been fun if the phone has rung with another applicant calling at this point.

Casting Ouch – KURTSTEVENS

20 May

M/f; time: 57 minutes

A familiar theme for KURTSTEVENS, whose films are usually serial spankings anyway. A guy and a woman sort through photos, applicants to make a spanking film. The first girl comes in. Looks like the set is a motel room. The woman gets out spanking implements, and the candidate does the shocked routine.

A standard OTK proceeds, hard enough, skirt up, panties bunched. A tiny hairbrush, panties down. You would have thought they could have tried harder to get a proper brush. Dress off, down to bra and panties, boring.

The next girl, ‘Brandi Coldwater,’ enters the motel room. She is shown the implements and her spanking begins. Dress up, red string bikini panties, the guy grabs them to hold her still. She kneels on a chair for the paddle. Next, the diaper position. She is very willing. “Do I get the part?”

The third girl, Nikki, quickly strips and puts on blue satin panties. Bend over for the paddle, quite hard, she struggles. A lot of closeups. Over a table for a paddle. The guy likes the last girl and he fires his associate.

Stacy’s School Lesson – KURTSTEVENS

17 Apr

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Another low end and unimaginative production, filmed in an office which looks to be little more than a motel rental by the company. The saving grace here is a very pretty and frisky curly haired brunette.

The girl knocks on a door. She is reporting to a professor, who is reviewing her shabby academic record. He will of course offer her the big choice and she will accept. The girl wears a white blouse and blue skirt here. She must return later for a spanking.

She does return, dressed a bit differently. She is taken to an adjoining room. The professor still holds her academic records. The spanking begins—OTK, flowing skirt to display white panties and nylons. She dressed up, knowing what was coming. Panties down.

Over a bar stool, a necessary piece of furniture in any CP studio. The strap now, thighs open. Nice facials of sweet girl, and a bikini tan. To the corner, blouse and skirt off. She tries to pull up her panties, but no. OTK again for a short, thick paddle, the only kind which works in this position. Quite hard for KURTSTEVENS. Closeups.

Diaper position on the couch—the model assumes the position easily. The professor paddles from behind the couch, a clever way of improving the camera angle. It’s a Spencer paddle. She dresses, wipes tears, and adds some frontal glimpses.



Spanking Showdown – KURTSTEVENS

12 Nov

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

Our last look at this producer. A shabby little exercise, where ‘Melissa’ and ‘Nancy’ will be encouraged by an off screen voice to spank each other. They alternate  sessions with each other, in street clothes, then negligees. Various OTK and bent over  poses. Lots of pubic hair. You can skip this one.

Sandy’s Sizzling Spanking – KURTSTEVENS

13 Jan

M/f; year: 1990; time: 39 minutes

An older film, at least by the standards of the evolution of the CP film  business. This short-lived Philadelphia producer certainly had the feel of NUWEST in the same early 1990’s–cheap and skimpy sets, zero budgets,  girls with big hair, awkward lighting and sound, stiff acting, and modest spankings, at least for STEVENS.

Kurt Stevens himself may be playing the lead here. He growls on the phone at a vendor at his desk and must hurry out to fix something. He leaves Sandy to get some critical documents into express mail, setting the assured spanking scenario. Sandy is an early Julie Roberts-type, with fluffy big blond New Jersey hair. Sandy fritters away the last critical minutes to prepare the mail by talking on the phone with a girlfriend.

Stevens returns and is furious. Now he must drive the mail to the distribution point. He fires Sandy, telling her that if she were a daughter of his, she would have gotten a good spanking.

FADE. Stevens at home, on a sleazy couch in a minimally furnished room. Sandy knocks and is invited in. She wants to apologize. She wears a white skirt, blue top, and white go-go boots. She begs for her job back and hesitatingly suggests that she might accept one of those spankings. Stevens feigns caution and reluctance, but then quickly  drafts a waiver on a yellow pad, and has her sign.

FADE. Well into the film, the spanking will start. OTK on the couch. Skirt up, loose white satin panties. We have never understood for some of these fringe studios, why the girls didn’t wear fitted tight panties, which would seem to have been so essential to a spanking film. Did we miss some fashion trend? Stevens himself clears the hair off her face and pins her wrists behind her.

He shifts the spanking to a straight chair, always best for the proper OTK stroke motion. Long and routine spanking so far. Some corner time.

Another FADE (needed for resting? Certainly not for scenery adjustment); Sandy kneels up on the chair and bends over its back for a small paddle. Then back OTK, and finally, panties down. Overhead shots and some tears. Corner time again, bare. Hugs and job back.

Lesson for Lee – KURTSTEVENS

22 Dec

M/f; year: 1988; time: 40 minutes

We have not been too enthusiastic about this producer’s films, which are predictably poor in production values and acting. But, like NUWEST, the plotlines are often erotic spanking fantasies we can all have.

Here, another employee-boss confrontation, where of course the girl can be fired in a minute’s time. ‘Lee’ is a tall, sophisticated, older blonde. She appears to have acceped a spanking as punishment. For a tape recording, the male boss ‘Mr. Thompson’ has her read a confession and acceptance of a bare bottom spanking, with some detail. Lee gasps realistically as she reads. She is very nervous, which plays well here.

Thompson begins handspanking her on her skirt as she bends over. He seems to reach between her legs, which she doesn’t like. They switch to the OTK position, skirt up, black panties.

The girl stands, Thompson pulls down her panties. She is surrendering little by little. Thompson begins with his implements, which she hands him. She takes off her dress and hands it to Thompson. She is down to just bra. Frontals here, but poor lighting. OTK for a ruler, then a pingpong paddle.

Bra off, he makes her twirl. STEVENS did not know how to do lighting like NUWEST did. The girl is keeping her panties at her ankles, hobbling her in erotic form. Frisk position at the wall for more ruler, boobs hang.

FADE. Another session for these two, maybe in someone’s house. The girl now wears a white undie ensemble of bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. She wants to seduce Thompson rather than be spanked, but he wants at her bottom.

Bend over for a strap, white panties down. She screams here. Bra off, they hug. Maybe everyone wins here.




Melissa’s Paddling – KURTSTEVENS

18 Sep

M/f; time: 44 minutes

A producer we could not identify. Slightly amateur feel,  worth a minute if you come across it. A guy who makes spanking films is interviewing a model and warning her about what the work might be like. He shows Melissa photos of another filming. “She got cut.” He shows her scenes of another spanking, with a paddle and hairbrush. He wants to ensure she can take it, “because you don’t have a big bottom.”

He discusses fees–she gets $200 for a handspanking and a possible $1500 bonus if they graduate to more serious implements. She is confident and eager. They step to an adjacent set, a platform in front of a photographic backdrop. The sparse NUWEST feel. They will start with a test spanking. She pulls down her culottes. Full bush. 12 handsmacks first.

He lays out his collection of implements–paddles, ruler, belt, hairbrushes, flogger. $175 fee for each one. She smacks her hand with one or another implement. But the guy observes, what we are hoping. “I am going to spank much harder than that.” She selects a brush and a paddle and he gives her one swat with each. “Forget the brush.”

He tests her with the belt. “You are already getting red.” He pulls up her top to check out her boobs. He makes a side bet with her of $25 that she won’t be able to take an implement of his choice.

Ready for the scenarios. He has a bag of lingerie. They need to have some disagreement. OTK, nightshirt up, handspanking on panties. Nightshirt off, panties down. She is beginning to struggle a bit. She bends over a barstool for two different paddles. Bottom and thighs.

On the floor on all fours for the belt. They hug at the conclusion. Tears. He creams her bottom.

Tormented Talent – KURTSTEVENS

3 Sep

F/3f; year: 1985; time: 55 minutes

A film also distributed by CALSTAR, titled ‘Casting Ouch.’ Another simple film by this producer with no pretense whatsoever that the set is anything other than a cheap motel room. It is the “talent office” of a “producer.” The male producer and his female assistant ‘Pat’ discuss the day’s schedule, which will be the ‘interview,’ if you will, od three aspiring actresses. Pat asks: “How long can we get away with this?” The sleazy producer gives vague assurances. We are about to find out what they are up to.

‘Maria,’ a brunette in a legitimate two-piece suit and silk blouse, dressed for a serious interview, is first to arrive. She claims experience but is vague and has no portfolio. Pat explains that this will be a “fetish” movie, and that “fetish” means spanking. Since there is no evidence of experience, Pat wants an audition. Maria is pretty enough, but poor camera angles have hidden her face until this closeup when she realizes she must take a spanking then and there.

Off with the jacket. Maria feigns another shock when Pat takes a small hairbrush and a little paddle from a desk drawer. OTK, skirt up, to display frilly thong-like panties, garter belt, and stockings. “My God,” exclaims Pat, “you certainly have dressed for the part.” The handspanking, paddling, and hairbrushing are trivial and boring, but Maria has a quality, entertaining tush and it has been fun to watch the girl be maneuvered into this circumstance. Skirt off, back OTK, wispy panties down. Silk blouse off, bent over the desk for more silly spanking but a good closeup. Interview over. “We’ll call you.” Not.

Second into the crucible, which we see is a second floor motel room with an outside entrance, is ‘Brandi Coldwater.’ “You’re late.” “I couldn’t find your office.” She is a frizzy helter-skelter brunette and once again poor camera work fails to catch her face. We go through the fetish/spanking explanation. This dolly does a cute acting job in confusing “fetish” to mean an hors d’oeuvre. She should be getting what is going on here–SHE is the hors d’oeuvre. OTK, up with the pink flower-print dress, nice red transparent string bikini stretched over a bottom which surely pleased the casting director. Up on a chair, pants off, nice winks. A bit of the diaper position on the chair, we finally see her sweet charming face–no reason to have waited this long. She’s done. “Do I get the part?”

And last is ‘Nicky,’ a delectable youthful reddish blonde, who completely undresses immediately, even bare feet, and puts pretty sky blue silk panties Pat has at her elbow and hands her. Nice trim youthful natural body. This is a spanking we are eager to see. OTK, panties bunched. When the panties are pulled off, they puddle sweetly on the floor. Nicky struggles naked on Pat’s lap, bottom high, feet kicking. Over the desk, nice winks in an extreme closeup. The crew knows Nicky is the star of the show. Lovely facials too, and sooner this time. Finally: “Is this enough?” Guess so; she hears while she is standing naked, rubbing her bottom: “We’ll be calling you tomorrow.”

It seems the producer has been watching through a hidden camera, explaining the central placement and posing action. He returns, they are amused at the day’s catch, and he proceeds to fire Pat, having presumably gotten his rocks off and now access to the little morsel Nicky on the morrow.

Behind in the Rent – KURTSTEVENS

10 Jun

M/2f; year: 1990; time: 36 minutes

Young appealing girls cannot pay the rent–ahh, an abundant plotline for all the producers in the idiom. This film is mild, but the girls are lovely, and probably have other jobs as actresses, so their assets are preserved. Two sweet-looking brunettes sleep peacefully in their apartment. The phone rings; ‘Julie’ wakes and answers. The landlord, a smarmy-looking guy with full rabbinical beard, wants three months’ back rent. Julue strips off her nightie and dresses for work in very naughty attire; we get a slow reverse striptease from total nudity–lovely, unshaven bush, nifty bikini tan lines circa 1990, hard bottom, perfect breasts. She is comfortable naked. This film may have been released also as “Correction of Julie.”

Julie leaves for work but is jumped by a guy hidden in the back seat of her car–it is the landlord’s son. She is dragged back inside. The bearded landlord has appeared on the scene too. Time for some action with delectable young lady. Julie demands to know what is going on. It’s about the rent, my dear, the rent. “Wait a minute…you’re not going to take this out in trade, are you?” Not exactly, Miss Julie. She is shocked to hear that spanking is the agenda this morning. She is wrestled OTK for a long mildly productive handspanking. The sexy tussle is reminiscent of ShadowLane romantic work. The pretty, reluctant bottom makes up for the mild chastisement. She loses her panties and her slip slides down, so we get the full view.

The second sleeping actress has been hugging here teddy bear and somehow didn’t hear the tremendous squawk and flesh-on-flesh in the living room. She too strips and slowly dresses, giving us another leisurely panoramic view. She discovers the strangers in the living room; Julie explains that a spanking is the order of the day, this aspiring actress endures the same wrestling OTK spanking.

At the conclusion, the landlord speaks to his agent on the phone and accepts a new rental–to two more actresses! Yes, he acknowledges, actresses are unreliable payers.

Family Matters – KURT STEVENS

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2004; time: 45 minutes

Kurt Stevens himself plays an authentic-looking ‘uncle’ who is going to lay down the law for his college-girl niece, Sarah, played skillfully by an innocent-enough blonde, who is impudently resistant to being punished but equally mindful she is in acadmeic and financial trouble as she parties through college.

Uncle brings her to a m0tel room, a theme we’ve seen several times in our limited Kurt Stevens experience. The suggestion of such an illicit setting enhances the naughty inappropriateness of the blackmail spanking Stevens will perform. He has spent $25,000 on her, she’s a ‘little princess.’ “I think you need a lot of discipline….” Sarah flips her hair and shrugs with her teenage disdain at her predicament, increasing the tension for what surely is coming.

He is going to withdraw his support, unless of course…”I think you need to deal with the consequences…a damn good spankkng.” Sarah is appropriately shocked in a facial closeup. “You can’t be serious.” Accusatory camera angles make you eager for him to get to work on her. She sits and stews, camera holding  on her face, given time to think it over, then accepts. She wants to keep her car, her life. A little skin off her bottom might not be too bad.

She is sent to the bedroom in this ‘motel’ suite. “Go to the next room and take off your top and jeans.”  When Uncle enters, Sarah has stripped to girlish innocent white bra and panties and is submissive. OTK on the bed, Uncle quickly strips her panties down to her ankles. Very sweet package, all the more erotic on the motel bed. She squeaks at his strokes and kicks her bare feet.

They stop then reposition and start again. What happened in the sequence? His gentle slapping start has begun to escalate. She now yelps. “You’re starting to get nice and warm [in his Philadelphia accent].” And red too, we would point out.

Panties all the way off. Bottom full-screen. Very sexy for us at this point.

Next position. On the bed, pillows under hips. Sarah transitions, keeps her front covered and her bra still on. He begins with a paddle and flicks the snap on her bra, which slips free as she surges. When Sarah tells her friends about this filming, she will remember the paddle.

Another position, bent over the motel desk chair, legs straight, for the completion of the paddling. At the conclusion she sits naked and contrite on the motel bed, just the slightest glimpse of her charms. You can’t help hoping she will need a reminder at the end of next semester.