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Investigator – SPANKINGSARAH

10 Jul

F/f; time: 29 minutes

STRAND product, and long enough to attract our interest. Miss Lina plays an insurance claim investigator. She has caught Leia Ann Woods and her blond roommate perpetrating a fraud. This theme is found throughout CP films. Inquiries by police, electric inspectors, landlords, tax collectors, and other authority figures result in girls having to drop their pants at home.

Leia is lovely in white shorts and a red top. The blonde wears some sort of bustier. Miss Lina points out that some claimed stolen items are still present. She has spanking implements with her.

The girls try to bargain, what can they offer? The blonde will be spanked first. Lina helps her down with her jeans and tugs off the red panties without delay. The girl tries to cover. OTK, Lina adjusts her bare bottom for the camera. After this warmup, the blonde bends over the couch for a paddle, straps, and the cane. We didn’t see Miss Lina carry in all this gear. We remember a PAIN4FEM film where the police officers went out to their car to get what they needed.

Leia gets the same spanking in the second clip of the film. White shorts down, that tight gym trained bottom is always a treat.

More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

17 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

A bored John Osborne is watching television. Two girls, one is Leia Ann Woods, who are living under his guardianship for a brief time, try to sneak out of the house. They are wearing Girl Guides uniforms and are going to a costume party. Osborne catches them and is appalled at their appearance, a nod to the use of the Girl Guide uniform in CP films. The girls admit they bought the uniforms on EBay.

The girls are going to get the “strap and hairbrush.” They girls kneel side by side on the couch. They already smell of wine. Skirts down, handspanking and the strap. Then Osborne pulls the panties down. “Oh, come on!” The hairbrush and the strap.

Scratched Car -AAASPANKING

7 Jun



Not the title. A large cast for a CP film, all regulars from the halls of NOTHERNSPANKING and AAASPANKING. Jean Bradley accuses two girls, Pandora Blake and Leia Ann Woods, of deliberately scratching her car. Got to love that Bradley accent. She is going to strip search the girls to find the keys they used. Pandora caves.


Both girls must bend over the desk. School skirts up. “At least you have regulation pants on.” Not for long. She handspanks both bottoms and pulls the knickers down.  Bradley looks at the director. We always wonder why they do that, these experienced actors. Pandora kneels for a ruler, same for Leia.

There is a fade here – we thought they were struggling with the script. Paul Kennedy enters. It seems the girls were after HIS car. He is a lech and a peeping Tom at this girls’ school, an occupational hazard much exploited in CP films. Bradley suggests he continue the spankings. He’d like that.

After another segue, probably to reset things, the girls are

arranged OTK over the two laps, facing in opposite directions. Handspanking and hairbrush, and of course Bradley and Kennedy switch bottoms. Kennedy gets his close looks at two pussies.

Mother Daughter – SPANKINGSARAH

28 Apr

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

Not the title. Three warriors—Mr. and Sarah Stern, with Leia Ann Woods. He is scolding both the ‘mother’ and daughters.’ There is a table of spanking implements on a table. Mother Sarah will be spanked first, she kneels up on a chair, skirt up, white panties and nylons on display. Stern will use a black paddle.

Leia will help him paddle and joins in. She doesn’t know that adage about people who live in glass houses. It is a routine paddling, unusual just for the roles the actors play. Leia pulls down Sarah’s panties.

Stern takes up the cane. Sarah throws her panties off in petulant insolence.It is a mild caning. Looks like Ms. Woods is next.. She drops her shorts and psnties to display a clear bottom, not always the case. She kneels on the same chair for her 8 cane taps and stands for the paddle. Nice shave.

Unruly Behavior – SPANKEDCHEEKS

5 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Zoe Page in uniform o find ‘reform school’ set. Leia Ann Woods is a prisoner and she is not in uniform, in fact,  in not anything all. Zoe is going to spank her, showing a bit of Lesbian interest. They stand in front of the wall rack which contains all the implements.

They start off with an OTK spanking. Miss Woods is always wonderful naked, and they know that. A standard spanking. Leia will now that at the wall, hands high on the wall, and be spanked with one implement after another from the rack. She is an eyeful.




Correctional Administrator -SPANKEDCHEEKS

30 Mar

M/3f; time: 53 minutes

This would appear to be a production of one of the STRAND affiliates. Long and repetitive, and mostly boring until the appearance of Leia Ann Woods. Two rather sleazy girls are waiting to be punished. Miss Lina, we believe it is, will be spanked first. She is brought naked into a punishment room for a mild handspanking and a spell over a wooden trestle. The spanking implements hang on a rack.

The second girl is brought in, she is also naked, and she gets the same Surely by accident, some sunlight casts some artistic rays over the bare skin.

And finally, Leia reports. She is wearing only a string top and shorts. She strips naked, always a big moment for this wonderful actress. Hair up, some frontals, very cute.

Leia and Jenny – AAASPANKING

21 Jan

M/2f; time: 14 minutes

Need a title here. Leia Ann Woods and Jenny seem to be in some sort of school, under the control of John Osborne. The set is an unusual one. It looks like office space on the upper floors of a tall building. Leia and redhead Jenny report to Osborne in institutional uniforms. Osborne is unhappy that Leia’s blouse is unnecessarily too tight. They wear blouses and shorts. They have been smoking and doing graffiti.

Osborne announces “It’s going to be the strap.” Leia and Jenny are handspanked OTK first. “Next will be with those (shorts)  down.”  OTK again, Osborne disposes of Leia’s black bikini panties, and then Jenny’s full white knickers when her turn comes. Entertaining varied camera angles, maybe repeats. Nice shots of puddled panties.

And an unusual closing touch—Osborne has the girls stand on the window sill and display their bare bottoms out plate glass windows across the high rise environs. Leia is comfortable with the frontal she presents; Jenny covers up.






Drug Mules’ Judicial – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 Dec

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 10 minutes

Leia Ann Woods, Andi Switch, Paul. Kennedy. The girls are brought into a concrete walled room which contiains the ‘X’ frame and a spanking horse. Kennedy, in uniform, will spank the two drug offenders. The story here is none too imaginative, and the cinematography is not up to NORTHERNSPANKING  standards.

Looks like guilt or innocence is no longer at issue. Leia drops her skirt and panties and goes over the horse. Kennedy uses a very large cane, not hard, he couldn’t have. Andi gets the same caning. Girls to the wall, pants, down,  facing us.

Leia gets the bastinado, standing beside the horse, and offering one sole at a time. Rather athletic, but not hard. Andi escapes this.



More Singapore Judicial Canings – AAASPANKING

14 Nov

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Another surprising film released under the banner of both Triple AAA Spanking and SARAHGREGORYSPANKING. Several films on this theme. Two girls stand, already naked. Awaiting a Judicial punishment sentence. One is ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ young here. See our review of ‘Severe Singapore Judicial Canings.’

“LB” (Leia) is called into the next room first; she pads in naked, where Sarah Gregory, in white matron’s  uniform, and a male with a cane (Johnny Lake), confront her. “LB, you have been convicted of sections 3 and 6 of the Arms Offense Act of 1973 and you have been sentenced to 12 strokes on your naked buttocks.” Since Leia is already stark naked and the cane looms, there  is no appeal. She declines to make a statement. Probably good judgment when you’re shivering  naked.

This harsh start appeals to our spanko interest and suggests influence from and some actual improvements on SPANKINGSERVER, LUPUS, and even SPANKINGCOURT. A quaking naked girl  facing a matron, an athletic man with a cane , and here, a tall spanking bench like a lifeguard stand. Leia  steps up and bends over the platform. “Legs apart.” Ms. Gregory ties her wrists and ankles with soft white rope.

“Rear View” A very thick cane is used. “STROKE!” directs Sarah. Stripes ripen as we watch. Leia  quivers, squeals, and sniffles. This is an unusually severe caning for her.     She especially does  not like the shots to her buttocks crease. A six-minute repeat from the facial side is very good. She has turned facing us and her hair is under  control. A good look at her bottom when she is released. Impressive caning.

The second  naked  girl, ‘Alyce Juan ‘ is called in. When Leia  returned, Alyce is appalled at the condition     of her bottom. She hears the same conviction, but her sentence is 24 strokes. She has the temerity to say, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” She finds out and is soon yelling up a storm. Alyce’s caning is longer as announced, and just as LUPUS-wicked. Her laddered wheals ripen just as vividly. Her bottom is held full screen most of the way, and the caning is repeated from the side so we can see her misery.





18 Sep

F/f; year: 2014; time: 12 minutes

In a continuation of this bizarre experimentation, Dr Leia the pain doctor has tied Pandora hand and foot and stuffed her in a cupboard wearing just panties. Pandora manages to untie herself and jump Leia, who sleeps through all this clatter. Pandora still displays some significant bruises from yore.

FADE. It must not have been much of a struggle–Leia is tied face down on the lab table in front of the whiteboard containing the pain stats. Pandora flogs her, using a hard little strap and paddle, unsnaps her bra, pulls her panties down, and drops hot wax on her. A bit silly from these two pros. When Leia is released, she modifies some of charts and stats. As the Bottom, she has a revised view of pain.