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23 Jun

M/f; year: 2006; time: 26 minutes

Leia Ann Woods plays a nurse coming home from a late shift. She starts to undress. when her husband Michael Stamp interrupts and wants to know where she has been. She is angry and expresses it in a way new to us. “You really starting to get on my tits.” Stamp searches her bag and finds a paddle. It seems she has a girlfriend at the hospital with whom she plays games. Hey, Stamp can do that if that’s what she wants.

Leia instructs Stamp on the OTK position, skirt up, black knickers, which he takes down, a gentle start. Uniform off, she bends over the foot of the bed for the paddle out of her bag. Sexy but mild, sensual for her. She stands and strips for him. Good idea for a film but not fleshed out.

Getting to the Bottom of It – SPANKEDCHEEKS

15 Apr

MF/2f; time: 21 minutes

An all-star cast for this STRAND production. Miss Lina and a guy will team up to spank Leia-Ann Woods and Sam Johnson. The girls are called in, money is missing from Lina’s purse. The girls are very hot and cute—Leia in a lime green dress and Sam in bright red.

The girls deny of course. To Sam: “If you lie, your bottom will match your dress.” Sam is spanked first, dress up, Lina is surprised at the microscopic thong, an engineering marvel. Leia next, in more traditional knickers.

Lina helps both girls off with their dresses. No bras. Leia kneels on the couch for the strap on her bare bottom. Always a lovely sight. Sam next, the guy takes over from Lina. Leia returns for the strap from him. Sam gives us a frontal in the background. The girls are strapped side by side from the guy and then caned by Lina.

School Reunion – SAMSDIARIES

18 Mar

2F/2f; time: 16 minutes

Sam Johnson and Leia Ann Woods seemed to have returned to a school reunion. They must have dug out their schoolgirl kit to wear, and good for them, they haven’t put on any weight to speak of. The girls are very hot.

There must have been some playful spanking at the party. They decide to continue it back home. Leia takes Sam OTK on the couch, knickers down. The girls reverse roles.

For the next phase, Leia strips to just garter belt and stockings. She frequently strips naked in her videos. Sam first paddles then canes her, all very light. Sam then strips for the same. They end in. Lesbian embrace. Nothing much to the video except two gorgeous naked models.

An Arousing Evening – NORTHERNSPANKING

14 Mar

M/2f; time: 31 minutes

An entertaining film, a good cast, and the kind of ending we like to imagine. Lottie Kinsade, Leia Ann Woods, and Marcus Black. Marcus and Leia wake up Lottie and Leia begins spanking her, lefthanded. Marcus takes over the spanking and gets her knickers down for the slipper. Leia returns to do some slippering herself.

Marcus turns on Leia, of course. She goes over for the slipper, dress up, beautiful black knickers and garter belt. Leia stands and strips to just garters and stockings. Wonderful she is. She kicks through her naked spanking. They run off to the bedroom together. Can we fantasize who would play what role?


8 Mar

Agean in the classroom’ (M/2f; time: 24 minutes) Agean in the familiar classroom with Abigail and Elizabeth Simpson. As Agean prattles on as a teacher, the girls act disgusted and bored. Simpson is hiding cigarettes in her desk, which Agean soon finds.

Abi will be spanked first, OTK, white knickers bunched, then a bend over for a strap. Hands on head at the door stage center. Elizabeth gets the same spanking. Abi returns for the cane. 20 strokes are shown, with no repeats we detected. She starts to count aloud after 2. Even after the caning she makes some remark which earns her a strap. The knickers stay on, unusual.

Elizabeth gets her caming, 18 strokes, also on her knickers.

‘Angelina-lazy’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Angelina lounges, reading a magazine. Agean catches her. She is supposed to be housecleaning. At least she wasn’t reading a spanking magazine. She wears a halter tied at the neck, and jeans. Agean takes her OTK on a metal chair. After a warmup, she stands and allows him to help her down with her very tight jeans.

Pink knickers. Angelina pulls them down. A clear bottom. OTK again, she kicks her bare feet. To the wall, bottom on display.

‘Ashleigh in bedroom’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Peters spanking the lovely Ashleigh on a bed. She wears charming denim shorts. She stands to drop them and pull down her thong. Not much to this film. All about Ashleigh’s bottom.

‘Backpackers’ Bottoms’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) The story here is two girls, Anita and Andrea, have checked into a hostel and they can’t pay, so their host will take advantage and spank them, offering the girls “some other arrangement. I’m going to spank both of you.” They laugh. “For real?” It is Colin Baxter, and the set is the garret room. They would owe him 50 pounds.

Andrea is spanked first. She has taken her jeans off out of camera shot.

‘Bare and spank’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Agean works at a desk in the workspace/office/garage in one of the mansion sets. He is unhappy with the books and calls and asks ‘Ellie’ to come and see him. Half the film is taken up with a review of the numbers and a scolding. Agean finally takes her OTK and gets her knickers down for a routine spanking, followed by a strapping. The model is massively bruised already, so they took it easy here.

‘bared and spanked’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Need a title here. Auburn haired Sally sits on the end of a bed. Peters is scolding her from off screen. Sally drops her slacks and knickers and bends over the bed for a mild handspanking. At the conclusion of this easy spanking, she strips naked and gets into bed.

‘Biscuit Stealer’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Louise Chambers is caught stealing biscuits from the kitchen, the British equivalent of a hand in the cookie jar. A young blond domme will deal with it: “an attitude we have to wipe out.”

Bend over, pleated skirt up, the domme notices that Louise is “already warm.” Skirt off, handspanking only this time. There are canes hanging in sight.

‘cheating girls’ (F/2f; time: 6 minutes) A rather confusing lesbian romp, but we don’t need to make sense of these things. A pretty brunette in bra and panties is spanking her girlfriend. A third girl enters and stops tbe spanking. “You’ve been fucking someone else.” After a segue, one girl has put up a strap-on dildo and is giving the other girl an impressive rogering, nicely filmed in closeup.

‘Enough is Enough’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Valkerie as the domme. Always a pleasure to see her appearance. Someone will have stripes. She and sits in a faux library. She wears her white blouse, but with a skirt this time. A clothes tree stands in the corner with canes hanging on it. She has Elizabeth Simpson in front of her.

Valkerie frisks her for cigarettes and finds the pack and matches. Simpson will bend over for a ruler on her regulation knickers. Valkerie takes her knickers down and maneuvers her bottom a bit for the camera. Handspanking, then palm slaps. Bend over again for a bigger strap, and Valkerie is now hitting the stride we expect of her. A scolding, then off Simpson goes.

‘Fetch the slipper’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Colin Baxter and Andrea. He overhears her on the phone and confronts her for several things. A spanking is in order. OTK, white knickers down, a routine spanking, she pays careful attention to keeping her hair off her face.

Andrea gets off Colin’s lap and goes upstairs to get the slipper, keeping her knickers at her thighs in the process. Over the couch for the slipper.

‘Helena’s Exclusion’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) A blond guy is on the phone. Helena the schoolgirl is in trouble. The setting is a sitting. The guy gets a slipper to deal with Helena. She reports—a well fed brunette, surely with a bottom to match her cheerful round face. As he scolds her, she reflexively covers her bottom, always a nice depiction.

Helena raises her pleated grey skirt, the guy pulls down her knickers, getting his frontal while we get the bottom. Standard OTK spanking, After a segue, Helena bends over the couch for the threatened slipper. Slow motion repeats.

‘House Girl Punished’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A naughty premise, found in several JANUS stories. Paige has arrived as a new house girl, and her ‘master’ will ‘inspect’ her. She is sitting on a twin bed. She must know what’s coming, because spanking implements are laid out on the other bed.

The master has her raise her robe-like garment. He likes the look of her white bra and knickers. He doesn’t hesitate and pulls down the knickers. “Hello. What’s this, Paige? You seem to have a rather red bottom.” “I got spanked, sir.” The master likes that, because that is what happens to house girls here.

Paige kneels on the bed, the master pulls up her robe, and the spanking begins. Knickers down, a mild handspanking, then 6 snappy mild strokes of the cane. Paige jumps on each one.A bit later, Paige has failed to say her prayers at the right time, so she will be caned again. The film ends as the caning starts.

‘I need some discipline’ (F/f; time; 7 minutes) A blue-eyed blonde sits with Miss Smith on the house compound set. She is a college girl and admits struggling. She wants some self-discipline and goes along with the idea of accepting a spanking from Smith.

They go inside, and the spanking starts in the kitchen in front of the stove. OTK. Smith takes the white knickers down. Clear bottom. Nice facials. Rubbing. Routine spanking.

‘Kayla’s Spanking Session’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Kayla is a round-faced full figured brunette, maybe not fluent in English. Peters is talking to her from off screen about the experience of spanking. Kayla drops her black latex slacks to display black mesh panties.

OTK, thong down, bottom full screen. Kayla is enjoying it. She stands, hands on head. Kayla is amused. She will now bend over for the cane. Six of a slipper, then six of a cane. Marks show.

‘Knickerless Schoolgirl’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Anita and Ms. Svenson. Anita reports to her and looks a mess, rumpled, disheveled, gaunt, waif-like. “No iron in your house?” Svenson will spank her. She goes OTK, her skirt comes up, and there is shock. No knickers. The spanking begins in earnest. Firm, hard handspanking. Anita is accused of “knocking around with the boys from St. George’s Comprehensive School.”

Anita displays her usual sensational bottom. She can look a mess, but when the skirt comes off…..Anita must return tomorrow, spiffed up, and with knickers. After a segue, we see her trying on knickers.

‘Late home’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A male and Sarah Harvey Lewis are waiting up for a girl, who arrives. After the scolding, she takes off her pants, is taken OTK on the couch, and both the guy and Sarah spank her on the bare, very lightly. It’s a day off for Ms. Lewis.

‘Laura caught’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Laura enters the red bathroom on the garret room set, and like a number of other girls, sits and the toilet and masturbates, even to the point of squirting. Rather unusual for XEROTICS. Girls are always caught, and Peters does here. He takes her into the bedroom and spanks her on the bed, spreading her legs and probing her vagina. Her boobs have been pulled out of an opening in her blouse. Closeups. We are certainly off-formula here.

‘Leia Ann Woods’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Need a title on this one. Always have time for Ms. Woods. A woman has caught her with a boy in the house, doing “homework.” Leia is dragged by the ear to a familiar couch. Leia wears two of her favorite colors, red low cut blouse and black skirt.

OTK she goes, little black skirt pops up, her panties match her blouse. A slow and moderate handspanking to start, knickers down soon. Leia kneels on the couch for a large and wide tawse and then a paddle, again on the mild side. Best part is how Leia’s red bottom shines in the lights. And last, Leia lies over the couch arm, the woman puts her between her legs, reaches over to spank her.

‘Lottie looking for work’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Lottie Kinsade has come to Peters looking to make some spanking films. She has been referred by ‘Jodie.’ Throughout this film, Lottie will say little more than ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ suggesting a language barrier. But dialogue is not part of the audition to work at XEROTICS, nor part of our interest in reviewing these films. She wears a sort of flannel shirt and jeans, dress, Peters points out, is not good enough for filmmaking.

Lottie nods that she has had some spanking film experience. Peters explains the routine and shows her the spanking implements. He says he is a bit concerned that she has never been caned. So he will “test you out with the cane…across your bare bottom.” If she passes the test, Peters tells her she can expect 2 or 3 films in the next few months.

He wants her naked from the waist down, shoes, jeans, and knickers “right off.” He notices a pink bottom. “Your boyfriend?” And he tells her, as Peters often does, “legs apart,” better for the balance. 12 moderate strokes to start, we didn’t see any repeats, the “final few even harder.” And last, a “final six,” producing squeals. Frontal shots, she is shaved. And hired.

‘Maisie caught masturbating’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters catches Maisie masturbating with a dildo. After 10 minutes of scolding and recrimination, Peters is ready to take some action. He gets her pajama pants off, bends her over, and begins the spanking. A long handspanking for the rest of the film.

‘Maisie Dee Introduction’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Peters does one of his audition themes with the model Maisie. Here, Maisie wants to try some spanking fantasies. She wears a jersey top and distressed jeans. Peters of course can’t give her a contract until she passes his test.

She drops her jeans and he pulls down the knickers. A mild OTK handspanking to begin,face to the camera. A standing handspanking spanking to conclude, hands on head.

‘Maisie in uniform’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Maisie stands in full uniform, including blazer. She takes a long scolding from Peters, over 7 minutes. Finally, Peters pulls down her knicksrs, He gets his view and we get her bottom. OTK first, the. Bend over for the slipper. Nothing of interest here despite the length of the film.

Disobedience of Maisie Dee’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Schoolgirl Maisie and Elizabeth Simpson argue. After a segue, Maisie is taken OTK for a brief and routine handspanking, followed by a bend-over for a slippering.

‘Maisie Dee and friend’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A brief spanking. Maisie another girl, whose bottom is fully and uniformly red, so much so we don’t recall a spanking ever causing this. After a short session, the girl does oral sex on Maisie, but it is simulated

‘Maisie-Dee Spanked to Orgasm’ (M/f; hear: 2012; time: 18 minutes) SOUNDPUNISHMENT not XEROTICS, but this is a good place to put it. Maisie is in the familiar studio with the couch and wall mirrors. She has switched on her laptop and is watching a spanking video Agean cat he’s her. If that is what she wants, he is the right guy.

OTK, white knickers, a routine spanking. Knickers down, then to the corner, where she continues to masturbate. OTK again, they laugh and hug at the end.

Spanking for Teasing the BoysMaisie Dee(M/f; year: 2012; time: 14 minutes) Another SOUNDPUNISHMENT. In the familiar studio. Maisie wears a scandalous little kilt. She couldn’t move a muscle in that skirt. A male makes her bend forward to show her knickers.

OTK, kilt up by itself, standard handspanking. To the wall; then Maisie climbs up on a table and drops her kilt. Turns out her knickers are part of a leotard. She unsnaps the gusset and pulls the garment over her head.

She gets into the diaper position on a hassock. Handspanking. She is naked.

‘schoolgirl training’ (M/f. time: 9 minutes) Not the title. Maisie uses a toilet. After a segue, she is sitting at a desk, being scolded by Peters. He finally takes her OTK for a routine spanking.

‘Paige Gina Cat Kara J’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey must be a prefect. She reports Paige, Gina, and Cat to Agean, who wears academic robes. The set is the dining room of the stone country house, a schoolroom here. The girls march in to face him.

An exciting afternoon for the don. Gina and Cat turn and drop their knickers for him, and Paige goes OTK. Standard spanking, knickers down. Tall blond Cat next. The girls all fight snickers. Cat has a small and tight bottom for such a tall girl, and muscular thighs.

Gina waddles out next, stumbling over her knickers. Agean will now cane the girls. Each gets 6 rather polite strokes. And for good measure, Kara Jayne gets a brief spanking and csning, on the recurring theory that no good deed goes unpunished.

‘Paula is punished’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Agean with a blond schoolgirl at the exercise wall, the scene of numerous films. “You here again.” Without much discussion, the girl bends over the back of a straight chair. She wears a red pleated skirt and red regulation knickers. Agean pulls a slipper from the wall for a standard warmup start.

The cane comes next. Agean does the knickers. 12 very light strokes, certainly an agreement. 12 strokes shown. The girl jumps anyway. She rubs, there are stripes, how?

‘Punishment Room 201’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Smith and Angelina on a set we haven’t seen before, a sort of padded room. In a short film. Angelina will be strapped with a double strap. The tall brunette is very sexy here.

‘Red Slipper Vol 3’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Jean Bradley catches Kami Robertson masturbating on a couch. Bradley gives her a standard and unremarkable handspanking and slippering.

‘Rubbish Detention’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) A good cast-John Osborne with Elizabeth Simpson and O’Connor, in the familiar fully equipped classroom with the platform for the teacher. The girls, in full schoolgirl kit, sit and wait for Osborne. He enters in academic robes and the spanking will begin.

In ritual style, Simpson is first and steps up onto the platform and bends over the teachers’ desk. Kilt up, full white knickers. A handspanking begins. Simpson is directed to pull the knickers down, more spanking, then to the corner, bare bottom. Straightforward and well acted.

O’Connor is called out next and given the same spanking. Osborne himself pulls down her white panties. When the redhead is finished, Osborne puts the classroom dunce cap on her before her corner time.

‘Sally home late’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Peters scolds auburn haired Sally Carter for coming home late from school. She lies over her bed, takes a handspanking on knickers, pulls her own pants down, for more of the same. Nothing here.

‘Saturday detention’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A bit of invention here. Peters and Elizabeth Simpson in a classroom, quite early in their careers. She is standing on a chair. Peters has hooked canes in the neck of her shirt. As she stands, he handspanks and straps her. He pulls her jeans and knickers down, as she retains her balance standing on the chair. He canes her in this position. The strokes must not be hard enough to jolt her off the chair. It is a cute scene, but it doesn’t work.

They figure it out. Elizabeth raises her arms to rest her palms against the ceiling tiles, giving her more stability for harder cane strokes. Peters has been playing with canes, resting one between her butrocks, hooking others in her bra strap. At one point, he whips her with two canes.

Simpson turns and faces the camera. more cane play, she holds one in her mouth. She tries to hold a book on her head and puts her arms straight out in a stress position, for more light caning, no longer having her ceiling grip.

At last she gets back on the floor, another goofy position. Peters tries to arrange her over the back of a straight chair with her palms on the floor, but the chair is not sturdy enough to support her, so she lies over the seat in the more conventional posture, for the final spanking.

‘Simpson OTK Spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with, we believe it is Dean Harvey. On the barren white set, which always means focused spanking without much time for plot. OTK, handspanking on jeans to start. Routine stuff. She will drop her jeans for the spanking to conclude.

‘Simpson’s session’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) A straightforward workout from a white-blond domme we have not seen much of. The set is a blank stage. Elizabeth Simpson drops her jeans to display white lace knickers. A prototype OTK handspanking, followed by hands on the chair for a strap. All in a day’s work for Simpson.

‘Strap for Lianna’ (F/f: time: 7 minutes) A blond woman wakes up dozing schoolgirl Lianna. She takes Lianna’s cell phone and head phones away, stands her up, and takes her knickers down. No argument. Standard OTK and bend-over strapping. Not much here.

‘Tears after school’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A blond schoolgirl stands in front of the big table in the dining room of the stone country house. She announces that she is ready “to have my bare bottom caned.” She bends over the table and Peters pulls her knickers down. Wonderful shot of her peeking at camera in anticipation.

12 strokes shown, probably 6 with repeats. Lovely wheals ripen, to add to the cane marks she already brought to the table.

‘Teenage Rebellion Punished’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Anita and Jean Bradley. Anita is sitting reading a magazine in a messy room. Jean Bradley interrupts. Bradley takes her OTK, kilt up, her bottom is already red. Bradley does not like the skimpy thong Anita wears. Anita has one of those perfect, hard, high bottoms so coveted in this business. A standard but very entertaining spanking.

Anita must get off Bradley’s lap and get.a hairbrush from the bureau drawer. Before she lies back down, she slowly takes off her kilt to display a charming mohawk. OTK for the hairbrush.

‘two schoolgirls strapped’ (M/2f; time: 4 minutes) This short film seems part of something larger, but the story is self-contained. Agean has two schoolgirls in tow. He gets right to spanking them. OTK, thong down, handspanking and strap.

‘waiting for a thrashing’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Lottie Kinsade and Peters. She is standing with Peters, her knickers already at her thighs, waiting. OTK for a handspanking, kilt up, then the slipper. Slow motion repeats.

The Wife’ (M/f: time: 3 minutes) Agean catches his blond wife drinking wine and lounging at 2pm. He will spank her. She wears a slinky red dress, also odd for mid afternoon. A fast OTK spanking on the couch. Dress up, matching red knickers. After the spanking, over a chair, knickers down, for a thick cane. Moderate.

Kennedy and Woods – AAASPANKING

9 Feb

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Paul Kennedy and lights-out Leia Ann Woods sit on a couch, having a silly tussle about domestic matters, each fighting laughter and waiting for the action to begin. Ms. Woods has a slight reddish tinge to her hair here. He grabs her OTK. She is ready herself. Skirt up, black panties, standard spanking on the black leather couch.

Knickers down, The folks at AAASPANKING see a lot of bottoms. Even they know this is special. Kennedy produces a strap and continues on her bare bottom.


5 Feb

35 More

‘Abby’s slippering’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Blond braided hair Abigail narrates that she is about to be given a slippering. Abby drops her knickers and shows herself, frontal and bottom. She’s been spanked recently, and she shaves. She bends over a vaulting trestle, Peters gives her a very hard slippering. The film ends with a long palm slapping with a strap, with delightful frontals throughout. This model is a gamer.

‘Abi Back Again’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Frosted blonde Abi, in schoolgirl kit, on the empty set with the wood floor. Spankings are usually fierce in this setting, given the sparse setup. Mike Stevenson will do the spanking, a caning.

Stevenson lays on over 90 strokes shown, normal repeat technique. Fast flurries and slow rhythmic groups. No matter how you count, this model took a severe Stevenson-style whipping.

‘Bare bottom special’ (M/2f; time: 15 minutes) Two blondes laugh and giggle over what it is like to be spanked. One blonde in a pink halter describes to the other blonde, in full schoolgirl kit, how the cane stings and burns. “Oh, my God.”

Peters requires the schoolgirl to remove kilt and knickers and do a twirl for the camera. “You’re going to be spanked, so you see what it’s like.” She goes OTK, A standard spanking. The schoolgirl stands and puts her palms on the chair for a strap. The schoolgirl is sent to the wall after the strapping.

The other very tall blonde comes out.OTK first. Following comes rhe same strapping, hands on chair. Two red bottoms at the wall.

Bitch in the Kitchen’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Miss Smith and we believe it might be Victoria, a tall and well put together brunette. Victoria works for Smith on a visa, and Smith reminds her that when she doesn’t do her work “you get a spankin.’” Victoria has been working in the kitchen for 2 hours with little done.

Smith positions a metal chair and Victoria goes OTK. Striped knickers down, Victoria is recovering from some heavy bruises, notable strap marks. After the introductory spanking Victoria finishes working at the sink bare bottom.

Smith returns with a heavy thick doubled strap. Victoria bend over the kitchen counter. Smith doesn’t have to swing hard to make this strap effective. The girl’s bruises are compounded. She will have to take a few weeks off.

‘Disobedient Girlfriend’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Mike Stevenson greets his girlfriend Anne. She has been out late with her friends and earns a spanking. Stevenson takes her OTK for a colorful spanking on the couch. A lovely clear bottom is turned pink full screen.

‘Dressed for School’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Maisie is stark naked and putting on her school uniform. A reverse striptease. Peters arrives and is very displeased with how sloppy Maisie looks. Peters picks at her clothes, especially her knickers. He pulls them down and gives her a routine standing spanking

‘Elizabeth’s slippering’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A young Elizabeth Simpson waits in a sitting room. She is completely decked out as a schoolgirl—blouse, tie, pinafore, knee socks, and maryjanes. On a table are two canes, a strap, and a slipper.

From off screen, Peters directs her to select the floppy white strap, and to pull down her white knickers and put her hands on the easy chair. He begins a conventional strapping. Slow motion repeats in intimate closeup. At one point Peters straps Elizabeth’s hand when she reaches back to cover. That seems to hurt more than the strapping. Girls are warned about that. Peters finishes with a tennis shoe.

Ellie Gets the Slipper’ (M/f: time: 8 minutes) Schoolgirl blond Ellie Maye is in her bedroom. She tries on a g-string or a very minimal thong. She waits in apprehension. Agean enters, Ellie pulls down the thong she just put on, and Agean spanks her with a slipper. Closeups of rubbing and a lot of puss.

Horse shed’ (M/2f; time: 19 minutes) we have reviewed this earlier. Open with an exterior shot. Peters and Sandra at a barn door. She wears one of her familiar gym outfits. She leans against a wall, drops her shorts, and Peters gives her a rather friendly bare bottom spanking, including some extensive frigging, vaginal and anal.

He keeps checking around and we see why. Little Ellie Maye comes skipping along and is horrified by the sight of Sandra bent over for Peters. She runs off. She wears a little pink house dress and knee socks. Peters and Sandra move interior and have a long discussion on what to do with Ellie.

Segue. Ellie has been summoned. They are going to turn this thing around and blame her for running around in the fields. Another long discussion, and they march her outside to the barn door again (same camera position). Peters brings his crop. Inside the barn or shed they go. Plenty of lighting has been set up.

Ellie is cornered. She pulls up her dress and Sandra pulls down her blue knickers. Good for Ellie, she has taken a few weeks off and has a clear bottom. This is just for humiliation to start. She is taken outside, knickers back up and then surrendered again. Peters and Sandra bend her through a fence onto a rail, dress up, Peters uses a strap here and keeps looking around to see if anyone is coming.

After this moderate exterior spanking. Ellie returns to the sitting room, blue panties back up, and displays herself, full frontal, perfect shave. She sticks her tongue out for the camera.

Ellie outdoor spanking’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) Ellie Maye, a thin ponytailed blond schoolgirl, in a brief exercise, mostly a girlie show. She stands on the patio of the stone country house, rolling British swards in the background. She pulls down her g-string and flaunts her bottom in an exhibitionistic performance on the patio. Peters catches her and gives her a standing-up spanking, probably what she wants.

‘Emily’s Slippering’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Tall brunette Emily stands in front of a fireplace in what look like pajamas. She is confronted by a young John Osborne. He positions a chair and takes her OTK. She is so tall her bottom soars in his face. Osborne drops her pj bottoms for a hard spanking. He drags the pants off her ankles so he can spread her legs wide for the full view. She is visibly wet.

To the fireplace, bend over ninety degrees. Osborne will use one of her fuzzy bunny slippers. She is so excited now that Osborne lets her collapse to the floor, where he gives her a thorough frigging.

English Lessons’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Peters and a schoolgirl. She spends almost the first half of the film standing in a corner, pulling her knickers up and down to a musical over dub. Peters arrives and smacks her bare bottom. “We’re not doing very well, are we?”

She is studying English and seems to be mostly amused by standing there with her pants off while Peters smacks and scolds, now with a strap. Bend over at the conclusion.

Erica in Trouble ‘ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Leia Ann Woods knocks at the door of the glass wall parquet floor set. She is received by Peters and a long scolding begins, during which she rubs her skirt in apprehension.

Leia is directed to get a slipper out of a desk drawer and bend over the desk. Peters smacks her skirt for a bit before she rucks it up to display those boy shorts she has. She gets the slipper in various positions. The shorts come down.

Peters goes for a cane, after a blackout. Were they resting? 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles and in slow motion. Leia steps out of her puddled knickers for no other reason than the theater. And she keeps her knees locked and her bottom out during the bend-over, in a style few models can match.

‘Five PM Detention’ (M/f: time: 11 minutes) A pretty blond schoolgirl waits in her room. Peters arrives, his voice off screen as usual. The girl is failing in school and has been warned. Here comes the punishment. She raises her blazer and her blouse to show white knickers. Peters has her pull them down. He asks when she was last caned. “Last week.”

She spends one hour in the corner bare bottom to think, before Peters returns to begin the caning. Peters lays on 12 strokes as the girl lies flat on the bed. Closeups show the cane marks from last week. She will be allowed back in the household, but she won’t be permitted to wear knickers for a while.

‘Hanne caned’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) An SOL film. Hanne and Peters. The sexy thin blonde stands in an overlit room. On direction, she drops her pants, and has to be reminded to keep going, to also take down her black lace knickers. Peters starts with a round leather paddle. Then the cane, about 12 strokes shown, repeats. Hanne bends over and spreads her legs, so that her face can be seen through her legs, as well as ample pubic hair. Cute caning for a professional.

‘Have I Got A Job’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Jean Bradley is interviewing brunette Angelina to be a call girl. Angelina likes spanking, harder and harder. “Well, you can make a bit of money with spanking.” Of course there has to be an “initiation test.” Standard OTK spanking and rubbing, maybe a little more than Angelina anticipated.

Bradley wants the rest of her clothes off. Spanking is only part of the trade. Angelina is busty and powerful. Bradley returns with a strap and a paddle. Angelina is hired, and we would say, for top rates.

In disgrace’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) An auburn haired schoolgirl stands at the antique stove in what is probably the stone country house. She shrinks away from Agean when he enters the room. She has been caught fighting. She goes to the corner and pulls her regulation knickers down.

The girl positions a bench and Agean begins a conventional OTK spanking. Next comes the cane. The girl bends over the kitchen table. Now that is a country girl’s bottom. About the mildest caning possible, as was the handspanking.

‘Kissie got too’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful. Moved to Camilla Scott collection.

‘Late night Spanking’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Stevie and Harley sneak in the house after having been out all night. Lilly is waiting for them. Blond Stevie Rose wears nothing but a bikini and fuzzy leggings. She is first to go OTK. Her bottom is already red, so whatever she was doing all night included some attention to her bottom. Bikini bottoms down. Lilly has a kitchen spoon at the ready.

Harley is next. She gets the same spanking. All rather conventional.

‘Library assistant’ (M/2f; time: 8 minutes)A guy is explaining to a girl who works in his library. He spanks for mistakes. A second girl confirms. This can’t be a government library. Both girls drops their jeans. He first spanks the girl who confirmed the practice. She has been spanked recently, and hard. The second girl is invited to stand and add some spanks. The storyline here is not worth examining, silly spanking.

‘Miss Smith’s strap’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Miss Smith and Isis in a residential setting. Isis is a big girl. She bends over at the fireplace and puts her hands on a mantel. Hem of her little dress up, just a thong. A big bottom, sticking out nicely for Smith. Routine handspanking and strapping, some bruising.

Missed job interview’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson is very unhappy with Fae, who missed a job interview despite Simpson’s preparations. Fae kneels up on the couch and Simpson pulls down her knickers. From the look of Fae’s bottom, Simpson must have been disappointed in Fae very recently.

‘Naughty assistant’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Johanna pay a visit to Blogger Richard Windsor. He wants to call her ‘Joanna,’ but she makes it clear it’s JO-HANNA. On his desk is spread quite a collection of spanking implements, nine in fact. . She is his employee and we see how he settles things.

Johanna goes around to his side of the desk to begin the OTK spanking. This is not going to be good for camera angles. How will they handle it? The handspanking continues. Skirt up, lime green panties. The camera person must have climbed up onto the desk to shoot down on Johanna. Windsor completes the handspanking and Johanna gets up to select an implement. This episode continues below in ‘Visiting Mr. Windsor…’

‘Naughty Elizabeth how it used to be’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Tom Cooper and Elizabeth Simpson, on the same couch set we have seen him spank a number of starlets. She has run up a 700 pd. phone bill. That will be a lot of spanking by any calculation.

He takes Simpson OTK. She is wearing cargo pants and a logo T-shirt, an outfit we have seen before. Cooper commences a long handspanking. He allows her up, and wants her pants and knickers off. He gets a doubled strap from another room, Simpson bends over, and the punishment continues. He works her over with the strap. Soon her bottom and both thighs are red.

Cooper leaves the set again and returns with a cane. 16 strokes are shown, repeats at least once. But hard and impressive. If it were us, we’d collect her cell phone and make the next appointment.

‘Take down your pants’ (M/2f; time: 7 minutes) Two girls enter a house through the kitchen. As they go further inside, Agean greets them in a sitting room. They shrink back, knowing what is coming. With no discussion, Agean positions a chair and takes the first blonde OTK. Routine handspanking, grey slacks and thong down. Some facials suggest this really hurts.

The second girl goes OTK. Same bare bottom spanking. Routine.

Thursday Discipline’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Can this be?Is that Ms. Hastings-Gore/Gillian-Lancer standing there? In front of a fireplace, wearing schoolgirl stuff. She is with a young Agean, so the chronology could be right. The set is one of the XEROTICS ‘mansions.’

OTK she goes, kilt up, Agean takes down her white knickers As the spanking proceeds, HG’s knickers find their way to her ankles. She kicks them off over her high heel maryjanes. Hands on head, red bottom displayed, while Agean gets a strap. Hands on the chair. Various angles on the strapping, from the floor, and overhead.

HG is not going to avoid the cane. 14 strokes are shown, with the usual repeats from various places. No hypocrite is Hastings-Gore.

‘Visiting Mr. Windsor, the implements’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A continuation of ‘Naughty Assistant’ above. Johanna has pulled her knickers back up, climbed off Windsor’s lap, and she selects a huge fraternity paddle and a cane. Johanna places her palms on the windowsill of a picture window, Windsor pulls down her green knickers again, and he goes to work with the paddle and cane.

And he finishes her off with a big razor strop of his own selection. They hug.

‘Pyjama Spanking’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Danielle and Katie Didit in a bedroom scene. Danielle should have gone to bed, but she is on her laptop. Katie sees photos of her smoking, so a spanking is in order.

Katie takes Danielle OTK. The spanking starts on her pajama bottoms. Pj’s down, straightforward spanking for the rest of the film.

‘Strapping for two’ (M/2f; time: 4 minutes) Agean and two schoolgirls in pinafores, in a sitting room. Both are handspanked then strapped on the bare. Brief and unremarkable.

Strip spank’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Surely not the title. What would you title this little gem? Tom Cooper at work on his couch, the overlit scene. He has spanked a number of starlets in this setting for XEROTICS distribution. Here we have Leia Ann Woods. She enters in a schoolgirl pinafore and begins to strip. Hurry girl, we’ve only got a few minutes.

When the pinafore comes up, there are no knickers. Pinafore off, knee socks, shoes, white blouse, no bra. Stunning naked body. Hope Ms. Woods got limo service to her shoots. OTK with Cooper. Fabulous. Moderate handspanking on an already pale pink bottom. New pink brings up deeper bruises and cane marks. Cooper does an admirable job in preserving this national treasure.

‘Studio Caning’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Kirsten narrates her fierce caning. The set is the familiar glass walled punishment room. She shows us her white knickers, and she is fairly popping out of her blouse. Peters starts with the cane. Kirsty bends over—we’ve seen, this model can bend double. The first 12 strokes are on her knickers, the last few intentionally on her thighs, which propels her out of position.

Knickers down, Peters keeps it up. 5 on the bare, she screams. All sorts of marks. Then her bottom gets a breather—a session of palm slaps with a slipper. Bend-over again for a few from the slipper, and 8 more of the cane, counted out. Some on the buttocks crease. Real welts, low shots show the damage. A significant punishment for this series.

‘Talking nonsense’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful/Kissie. Moved to Camilla Scott Collection.

‘Trip well earned’ (F/2f: time: 9minutes) Stevie Rose and Misty, with Lilly in the domme role. American actors. There is some disagreement about a trip to Hawaii. The dialogue is garbled for us. Somehow spankings are in order. Mist heavy with facial jewelry and tattoos, goes OTK first. Mild and silly to begin. Slacks and thong down, tattoos all over the place.

Stevie OTK next. She is blonde here. Pajama pants and red polka dot panties come down. Moderate spanking. Not much to this film. We wait to see Ms. Rose take a real spanking.

‘Wendy Lloyd’s slippering’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) A delightful romp. Peters in his pedagogic ‘Mr. Wetherall’ character. He sits at a desk, schoolgirl Wendy at hers. The set seems to be the converted upper story office space we have seen before. Wendy looks over at the director, as if to say “Now?”, then hands her paper over to Peters. You know he isn’t going to like her work. A cane is hooked into the globe of a floor lamp in her line of sight.

Wendy stands and bends over her desk. Her pinafore exposes some white panty. Peters makes her pull the knickers down and begins spanking with a slipper (leisure shoe). Wendy’s bottom is mostly clear. A touch of pink just from sitting? She steps out of her knickers, because Peters will soon need her to spread her legs. He is a demon.

Very hard slippering. Wendy struggles to hold. Legs wide, full puss. Hands on head. A conventional spanking made perfect with the acting and Wendy’s round bottom. We will watch for her.

‘Drop your knickers’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Peters in his ‘Mr. Wetherall’ character, again with Wendy Lloyd and here with Kara Jayne Dempsey. The set is the same as ‘Wendy Lloyd’s Slippering’ above. Wendy bends over her desk, her skirt comes up, knickers down, she takes about 5 strokes of the cane. Peters seems to lighten up after a loud squeal.

In the background, Kara has taken off her skirt. Peters calls her forward for a close look at Wendy’s bottom. Three more cane strokes, then it’s Kara’s turn. She drops her knickers. 14 strokes will be shown. Peters fishes her knickers from her ankles with his cane so Kara can spread her legs and rise on tiptoes. Wendy out again for a few more strokes. Two lovely clear bottoms.


30 Jan

36 more

‘Acting sick’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful/Kissie. Moved to Camilla Scott Collection.

Bare bottom girlfriends’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Two girls play with each other on a bed. One brunette wears just a bra and thong. She has a few ripe stripes on her bottom already. The other girl wears a black latex dominatrix outfit. If there is a dildo around somewhere, we see here who would wear it. The domme starts spanking her girlfriend. Spanking, strapping, caning, thong down and bra off, frigging, lesbian stuff. Some oral sex at the conclusion.

‘Bared and caned’ (M/f; time:6 minutes) Agean catches a schoolgirl urinating on the patio of the mansion complex set. He takes her inside by the ear and, holding a cane, gives her an uncomfortably weak scolding before the punishment begins.

The frosted blonde begs to no avail, then kneels on the floor. They jostle around a bit before they settle on her in a bend-over position for a brief caning. Not much to this film; the creative people weren’t working today.

‘Caning sexy girl 1’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Blond Kristy in the glass walled room. She is taking quite a beating from Peters. Plaid kilt up, handspanking and quickly the cane. A long and colorful caning; Kristy’s glasses finally fall off since she is bent over.

Peters wants her kilt off. More bend-over caning. The rest of her clothes must come off, which, given the way the buttons on her blouse were pressing, we were hoping for. Kristy is soon naked, the scene jumps, something happened in the filming at a critical moment. Back bent over for the cane, boobs hang. She is bent almost double, unusual and very impressive. Heavy bruises, black and blue. Naked Kristy to the wall. Very nice.

‘Caning at home’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A smarmy little redhead schoolgirl, Abigail, sits on a couch. She is loaded with facial jewelry, and what all else we will see. She stands and removes her skirt. Peters steps into the frame and pulls down her knickers. After more waiting and a leisurely frontal, the spanking begins.

Peters takes her OTK bare bottom. An invasive spanking, Peters likes to pry and probe. After Peters puts ointment on Abigail’s bottom, she gets a moderate caning for the rest of the film.

‘Caught at home’ (M/f: time: 10 minutes) Danielle and blogger Mr. Richard Windsor (the spanking blogger). He puts the schoolgirl kneeling up on her bed for a long handspanking, knickers down.

‘Clothes disgrace’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Mr. Henderson confronts tall brunette Cher-like Isis about her dress. The set is the low ceiling garret room space. Isis wears clunky shoes, a white mini skirt, and a knit halter top.

Henderson wants her naked. She strips in about 20 seconds. Little print panties. And quite a tramp stamp. So much for the offending clothes. She bends over at the couch and Henderson begins with a big strap. Isis already has a red bottom, so the new bruises appear quickly. He takes up the cane. Six strokes are shown, repeated from side and bottom views. They are hard enough to show all six laddered stripes. Isis must kneel, knees apart, and display herself. She masturbates furiously to conclude the film.

‘Dempsey caned’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kara Jayne, that would be. Another straightforward caning on the big table in the stone country house. Pretty Kara sits on the table, dressed in tartan plaid schoolgirl stuff. Colin jr. has a cane.

Colin has her pull her knickers down. He teases her pussy with the cane. Kara climbs up onto the table and positions herself all-fours. Colin wants her legs further apart until her knickers are stretched tight at her knees. This improves her balance for the caning she is getting and of course enhances the views. The caning concludes with Kara back standing on the floor, legs wide.

‘Discipline of Maisie Dee’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and blond schoolgirl Maisie Dee. She gets a five-minute scolding before she goes OTK. A long and routine handspanking, on her knickers and on the bare. Maisie stands and bends over for the slipper.

‘Double punishment’ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) We believe it is a very young Kyle Johnson with two girls, early Stevie Rose and Marie. Kyle spanks the two girls one at a time OTK in the conventional manner. Dresses up, panties down. After long spankings, he paddles both bsre bottoms side by side. No innovation here, but we have a chance to see stars in the making.

‘Evening Detention Discipline’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Blond schoolgirl Lottie Kinsade sits in conversation with Peters. She is being held after school and therefore missing the bus, so Peters has had to pick her up. He’s discussed it with her teacher. He is going to use corporal punishment at home. “It might be the 21st century out there, but here it’s 1953.” She bends over a plastic bucket chair and her knickers come down. There is a clock on the wall to allow us to compare elapsed time with this shoot. Why do they do that? Handspanking first, followed by the slipper, and concluding with the cane, about 8 strokes shown. Some slow motion mixed in, unusual.

‘Game night luck of the dice’ (4f; time: 10 minutes) Stevie Rose, Marie, Anna, and Daisy are going to play a dice game of stripping and spanking. Not much happens here; Stevie and Marie are spanked by Anna and Daisy for most of the film. This cast and idea needed more development. We would have loved some strip poker type tension.

‘Girl spanked’ (MF/f; time: 10 minutes) Jenna lies in bed on a faux hospital set. A doctor hovers over her. He has so many treatment choices. What will he select? Sarah Stern enters the scene, playing Jenna’s mother or guardian. Stern will be a lot less understanding than any doctor, and she knows the treatments which make impressions. .

Indeed, she grabs Jenna’s ear in bed, pulls her out, and starts a paddle spanking over the foot of the hospital bed. She must have brought the paddle with her, unless maybe it is hospital equipment. After a reddening warmup, Jenna must drop her pajama bottoms. Sarah has Jenna step out of her pj’s and pull off her top, so that she is naked.

The paddling seems to intensify, We are hoping the male doctor stops by to check on the progress. Nice low shot up Jenna’s legs. At the conclusion of the paddling, Jenna gets her palms slapped, offering us a cute fuzzy frontal.

‘Hanne masturbates’ (M/f; time:14 minutes) Schoolgirl Hanne sits on a toilet masturbating. She uses a hand held sprayer to squirt herself. We assume she is standing in a drained area. Upstairs she goes, where she is confronted by Peters, who notices her wet clothes. It would seem the phrase ‘Stupid girl’ might apply here.

Peters takes her wet panties away from her. Hey, an almost clear bottom. Almost 8 minutes of scolding elapse before a caning begins. Routine performance.

‘Her Severe caning’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Abigail with Peters. She has been caught misbehaving in school. She was promised a severe caning next time and here it comes. She is instructed to bend over a school desk. Peters swishes a thin cane, something he likes to do. Skirt up, the caning first on maroon knickers. Ouch. Hard. 14 strokes shown, repeats. Then: “Take them off.” Abigail will stand for more on the bare, 9 shown, quivering, the alternate camera angle produces some naughty views.

‘Hide N’ shriek’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Stevie Rose and Marie in an exterior scene, along a rocky path in high desert hills, like California. Both girls are American. Is XEROTICS distributing an American product? The girls play some silly hide-and-seek game which ends up in a spanking.

Marie spanks Stevie bent over a rock, on her jeans, then her print panties, then on the bare. Mild stuff and mostly silly. Marie picks up a paddle off the ground. “I can totally use this on you.” At least Marie has gotten Stevie a bit pink. The roles reverse and Stevie gives Marie the same harmless spanking.

‘Housekeeper strapped’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Danielle and Janna. Danielle plays a dominant here. Even though she is dressed as a schoolgirl, she has authority over Janna, who is dressed as a maid. Janna is going to get a spanking for being lazy.

Janna sits cowgirl style on a straight chair, hem of her uniform up, for a strap on her white lace knickers. Danielle is good with the strap. Janna stands and unzips and drops her uniform. She is wearing rather sexy undies for a housekeeper. The white knickers have to come off. Back on the chair, kneeling for more strap.

‘Katie Masturbates’ (M/f; time:9 minutes) Post graduate schoolgirl Katie sits on a chair masturbating. Agean catches her, and after the pro forma scolding, she will go OTK. At this point there is nothing left to hide, so her knickers come down immediately in frontal.

“Right over.” A routine handspanking, except maybe for the camera’s invitation between her legs. A session with a strap kneeling on a chair.

‘Kayla’s extreme thrashing’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Brunette Kayla, in full school uniform, including blazer, is first scolded by Peters then sent to Elizabeth Simpson to be punished. She was caught smoking. You can fantasize that Simpson hears tentative little knocks on her office door from time to time as schoolgirls come and go

Simpson takes her OTK and removes her full bottle green school knickers. Kayla has been well spanked, and recently. After the handspanking, Kayla must bend over Simpson’s desk chair for a strap, small fraternity paddle, and the cane.

‘Liar wife’ (M/f; time: 25 minutes) Brunette Victoria lolls on a couch, wearing only a negligee or light house dress. Usually this sort of indolence results in a nice spanking. Looks to be no different here. Agean enters and confronts her. She has been fired from her job. Through a glass door someone can be seen in the next room. Maybe Elizabeth Simpson?

Agean begins with an OTK spanking on the couch, dress up, reddening bottom. After this warmup, Victoria must stand and bend over the couch for a strap. She looks familiar with the process and realistically unhappy about it. Victoria takes off her dress and now is down to just a black thong.

Agean has a cane. 12 moderate strokes are shown, repeats, nice marks. Victoria jumps up in pain on several strokes.

Segue. Agean is not happy with Victoria’s job search, so he is going to spank her every day until he is satisfied. “What, again today?” Another handspanking on the couch, on her jeans. She stands to drop her jeans and gets the strap, and of course the cane again. Eight strokes shown, repeats. This will be every day.

‘Model no show’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) We think the earliest performance of Peters and Elizabeth Simpson we have seen. The set is a familiar couch scene, which will survive the years as these two produce many videos. Ms. Simpson is not quite of schoolgirl age, but close. They play spanking film producers. Simpson has muffed up some scheduling. “You’re fuckin’ useless.” She is amused by the dialogue. As the years will go by, she is most entertaining for us when she is ‘useless.’

Elizabeth drops her cargo pants, quite willingly. When she has shimmied OTK, Peters disposes of her black panties immediately. Peters directs her to look into the camera. We don’t need to repeat how beautiful, sexy, and fun-loving she is here or will be in her career.

Handspanking and slipper over his lap, lovely. Elizabeth stands and bends over the couch. And last the cane, about 12 moderate but perfect strokes. Hands on head to the corner. Until further notice, we think this is the earliest film we have seen by the pair.

‘My name is Erica’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Leia Ann Woods in a schoolgirl character. With no hesitation, she leans over a stool and pulls her boy shorts down. The caning begins. Peters does the deed. 18 strokes are shown, repeats. Straightforward, no dialogue.

There is a pause while Leia kicks away her knickers, then we resume. 24 more strokes shown, with repeats. Leia was asked just to bring her gorgeous bottom and courage to this film.

‘My name is Fae’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A demure and simple brunette schoolgirl. Peters instructs her to strip naked and lie over a pillow on a low table. There follows a naked strapping with three different implements and a caning. Fae’s bottom is full screen most of the film. Simple story but effective.

‘Out of control birthday party’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) relocated to Camilla Scott collection.

‘Out All Hours’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) An older guy is waiting up for Kirstin. He must be very anxious, because he checks his watch every few seconds. Blond Kirstin arrives, gets scolded by the guy, a guardian of sorts. Of course he will practice spanking as a punishment.

He wants her jeans off, which she does almost before being asked. He is lefthanded, and Kirstin is confused as to how to lie over his lap. Hot struggling. Up she gets and bend over the couch for a strap. Her pussy is peeking through her thong strap. She has a hard time keeping position. The cane next, almost 20 strokes shown, from both sides. maybe repeats, but very hard and erotic.

‘Party Interview (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Cat (Johnson) and a young Agean are interviewing girls for a spanking party. The people coming to the party are referred to as “customers.” An older girl is the first interviewee, and of course an audition is needed.

Cat will spank her over the table where they sit in interview. Tight latex skirt up. “Nice knickers,” says Cat of the black lace scanties. Knickers down. We know from our notes now when we see the crescent or little bird tattoo, this is the plucky Ashleigh. The cane has to be tried also. Cat, who is mostly a submissive, is not very good at it. Agean takes a close look but resist touching her.

‘Paulas Re-education’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Agean and Elizabeth Simpson on what to do with Paula. We know, but it takes a minute of democracy to get there. Little blond Paula is called in. She is able to use up almost 5 minutes before the spanking can no longer be avoided.

Before Agean takes her over his lap, she must pull down her own knickers and expose herself frontally, which doesn’t seem to phase her. The spanking begins. Her little bottom seems to be clear. A long handspanking, Simpson takes a careful look at her red buttocks, and she grabs ankles for the next part. Simpson takes up the cane for about 10 strokes. Paula yells after each one and has to held still by Agean.

‘Prefect caned’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Sandra, a slightly improbable schoolgirl, will be caned by Dean Harvey. The set is the room with the desk and blacked-out windows, also with the glass walls. Harvey pulls her knickers down immediately and begins caning.

Over 50 strokes are shown, including wild ones down the far thigh from a whippy cane. Three camera angles permit repeats. Sandra counts some of the strokes, unrelated to our number and indicating the repeats. It is a wicked caning regardless, and she is very brave. Sandra has bent over the back of a straight chair with her hands flat on the seat, perfectly positioning and stabilizing her bottom.

‘sgs pick pockets’ (F/2f; time: 17 minutes) Emily and Joanna, in schoolgirl pinafores, search through clothing hung in the cloakroom set often used. They are brazen and open about it and will deserve what they get, which might be entertaining, given the length of this film. Miss Hastings-Gore catches them. You were hoping it would be her—this is her studio, and she knows how to leave a lasting impression.

After the scolding, blond Joanna is sent to get a cane. It is a huge one, almost a walking stick. Brunette Emily bends over first. Medium sized knickers leave more of bottom bare. And of course it is already pink. The first cane stroke is a shock, what we hoped for. HG does not skimp. Emily screams through her strokes, 9 strokes depicted, and the caning is repeated NU-WEST style from the side and bottom view.

Joanna had been placed at the wall and made to hold paper money she stole against the wall with her nose. Now it is her turn for the cane. Just as hard? Closeups of Emily rubbing her wheals. HG warms Joanna up with a ping pong bat, then 6 hard cane strokes on the bare. As with Emily, the strokes are so severe she needs time to recover. Not sure why, but this heavy cane did not leave tram lines on either girl.

‘Spank training’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kayla and Maisie. They are going to experiment with some spanking. Kayla begins to spank Maisie as she kneels. There shouldn’t be any mystery about it, given the redness of her bottom. A long handspanking and slippering, until her bottom and thighs are a furious red.

‘Spanking strippers’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Michael. Stamp and two blond strippers play on a blacked out blank stage set. The girls wiggle and flash for him and he smacks them. The girls gradually strip off their little outfits and spank each other and let Stamp spank them.Two runway bodies and some silliness. Not a schoolgirl in sight.

‘Strapping for Simpson’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Peters, the founders. A good old fashioned whuppin’ between them. Simpson lies on her stomach on a fashionable brass bed. Simpson is induced to get up, drop her designer jeans and colorful panties, flash a frontal, and climb back into position, placing a pillow under her naked bottom.

Good for Simpson, she has a clear bottom today. Peters begins with a strap on her bottom, Lovely in good lighting on the pillow. Despite the title someone assigned, Peters shifts to a cane halfway through. Despite Simpson counting out 10, there are more strokes, some repeats. She gasps sweetly and takes her medicine here.

‘Stupid SG caned’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Kara Jayne Dempsey full screen facial closeup. She is waiting in the glass walled punishment room, wearing a school uniform. Kara quickly strips down to just bra and knee socks—-blouse, skirt, tie, and white knickers off. Kara bends over the desk, a clear bottom.

Peters steps up with a strap and cane. He has given a number of wonderful spankings on this set, which we have described. He begins with a strap, followed by 34 cane strokes shown, repeats from several angles. Glorious perfect bottom. Ms. Dempsey can take a closeup from either end. There are some wild strokes. Kara flashes a cute frontal, gathers her pile of clothes, and scurries off.

‘Trudy Caned’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes)Trudy is a small dark blonde. The set is the barren blue wall prop set. Mr. Stevenson is the disciplinarian, never good news for any model when she sees the cast list. With no setup, the caning begins immediately. Stevenson reaches under her kilt and pulls down what must be only a g-string.

Stevenson proceeds with a long caning, often in fast spirts. He moves from forehand to backhand, in order to distribute the damage. Trudy had some marks to begin with. This is real punishment. There have to be repeats. A memorable caning.

‘Waiting for the cane’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Little schoolgirl Fae fidgets on an empty set. She is being scolded by Peters for causing a ruckus on the school bus. When she was spanked three weeks ago, she was promised a caning for the next infraction.

Fae turns around, raises her kilt, and pulls her full white knickers down. Peters warms her up with a brief handspanking, then lays on about 14 moderate cane strokes. No facials, no repeats that we could detect. All bottom in this episode.

Yes, you get your bottom spanked’ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Maisie. She is going to be punished for using foul language. Conventional OTK spanking in an easy chair. When Simpson sees Maisie’s black knickers, sne wants to know happened to the white knickers she bought for her.


27 Jan

37 more

‘Anita GB’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A continuation. Brunette pigtailed Anita is naked from the waist down and getting smoothly an knowledgeably into the diaper position on one of the double beds in the garret room. The camera goes between her legs.

‘Annual Medical’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Tall Trudy and Mr. Henderson. Trudy has had her physical and it has been determined that she is masturbating too much. So she will get a spanking—might as well spread the irritation around.

Henderson begins caning her on her regulation knickers, and then on the bare. mild to start, but the strokes get harder. Long and slow, repeats, facials, her wild braided hair very erotic. Heavy marks and quivering. Surprising after such a tepid start. Trudy will have to take some time ofF to recover from this one.

‘Bare Bottom academy’ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Masie and Fae. This trio must have made a day of films. The girls report to Simpson and soon are bent over with their knickers down. Both girls have the usual carry-over red bottoms, and brunette Fae has a few stray welts. Simpson handspanks them side by side. And a strap side by side. The girls have to adjust positions for Simpson to get her backswing. Lots of rubbing.

‘Bully’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Blond Masie had a fight with her sister and bullied her. Peters has her upstairs for a scolding, and from the look on her face, she knows what’s coming. Peters is not happy with her naughty clothes, a soccer Jersey top, a flaired mini skirt, and scandalous little knickers with a design of even smaller knickers on them.

Peters just pulls down the offending knickers immediately and begins a handspanking as she stands. Maisie turns and gives us a long shaved frontal while pudgy scruffy Peters continues scolding. He will now use the slipper. Bend over at the couch. Seems like routine stuff, but Peters makes her really sob.

‘Caught with the boys’ (F/f ; time: 12 minutes) Sarah Stern sits in a familiar classroom. Mr. Nightingale brings Sophie in to her, caught with the boys. Sophie is a chunky brunette who keeps her glasses on through thick and thin. Sarah is going to spank Sophie and it seems there is a spanking trestle at hand. Over the trestle for a paddle. White knickers.

Sarah wants Sophie to strip, which she does. Let there be no mistake why the boys were after her. It would take more than one boy. Sophie lies naked back over the trestle. Sarah wants her leaning far over so that her bottom is highest. For the cane. As Sarah canes her, Sophie kicks her bobby socks and maryjanes, all she is wearing. The camera can’t resist those boobs as she hangs over the trestle. Viva Sophie.

‘caught fighting’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A blond schoolgirl stands sulking at the antique stove, probably in the stone country house set we see from time to time. Agean confronts her and sends her to the wall and has her drop her knickers. The camera person is casting shadows in the overlit space. Agean takes her OTK. She is a big girl. Bend over the kitchen table for the cane. Routine.

‘Cold comfort farm’ (M/4f; time: 5 minutes) Four stunning schoolgirls at the stone country house. Maybe the piece de resistance of this series, and we wonder why the producer did not make a long film of this episode.

The four girls move around the property, the wind whipping at their hair and their little school skirts. Agean appears, carrying a cane. He herds the girls into a gravel parking area, closes a swinging gate, then has them climb up on a rail and bend over the top of the gate. He then flips up their skirts and pulls down the knickers of each girl.

He proceeds to cane them, “right down the row.” They squeal, one after another. After just a few strokes each—it is not easy to do a concentrated caning on the fence—the girls are sent off, walking down a road with their knickers at their thighs. Cute film.

‘Company Policies’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful. Relocated to Camilla Scott collection.

‘Oh Dear Maisie’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Maisie on the familiar couch. The girl is scolded about something before the spanking starts. Simpson takes her OTK bare bottom. A good view of this tight little bottom, for once not well spanked.

‘Erica Caned’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Another short film with Tom Cooper, who is usually on the more severe side as a disciplinarian. Erica is presented as a normal schoolgirl, thin, demure, and made up to be on the plain side. Cooper confronts her, she bends over and drops her white knickers, and he goes to work with a doubled strap. No warmups here.

Perfect scene—Erica grabs her ankles, her knickers are at her thighs, she wears white knee socks and high heeled shoes, she keeps her knees locked. There are a few fading marks on her thighs. Cooper shifts to the cane. Erica takes her caning without much reaction. Various camera angles permit repeats. Cooper gets in his stroking and feels. White lines appear across the red cheeks.

‘Exam Cheats’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Mr. Nightingale brings Sophie and thin brunette Lucy into the well appointed classroom to Sarah Stern. The girls have been caught cheating, and it is customary to deal with their hands first before we get to their bottoms. Sarah straps the palms of both girls, taking up the first third of the film.

Stern will begin strapping the girls, over a small vaulting horse. This particular producer has the props. Each girl bends over in turn, strap on white knickers. The girls alternate over the trestle. Sarah pulls their knickers down along the way. Conventional stuff, perfectly depicted ritual, and no so severe the girls can’t make another film in a few hours.

‘For your own good’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Yet another spanking for Elizabeth Simpson, this time by a guy. They play husband and wife. She is “going out with the girls,” she says. But he thinks she looks too sexy for that. He takes her OTK and starts to work on her black transparent panties. She doesn’t object at all. Maybe this is a cheap price to pay for whatever mischief she had planned.

The set is the empty blue walled space, with white wood floors, just a prop, we’ve seen, from some long shots. But the British paid more for lighting than NU-WEST did with a similar idea. Elizabeth will take a straightforward handspanking, strapping, and caning.

‘girls caught’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, with two girls who dressed to appear no better than they should be. The blonde, Trudy, is interviewing the brunette to be a call girl, and she tells the busty brunette this house offers a bit more. “Spanking? I don’t know.” When she hears it will pay more, she will try it out.

Peters, who must run the house, interrupts them and is displeased with the scene. He can now spank them both. The buxom brunette wants a job. Peters makes the brunette discard her denim shorts and orders Trudy to strip down and go OTK. He shows the brunette Trudy’s bruised bottom. “That’s what you’re going to have to take if you want to work with us.” “OK.”

She takes the brunette OTK. She must drop her G-string. “I’m not so sure about this.” After her demonstration spanking, Peters puts her in the corner and pulls up her halter top to expose her boobs. He likes this humiliation. More spanking for Trudy, a slipper this time. He lets Trudy have some cracks.

‘Inappropriate Uniforms’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two saucy schoolgirls, Chessie and Rosie, sit in a classroom with Michael Stamp. Tall blond Chessie will be spanked first. She rises and comes to the front of the little classroom and bends over Stamp’s desk. Her little kilt comes up by itself. Stamp begins on her white knickers with a paddle. Love to get that blue blouse off, but probably not a good idea in a classroom. She takes her own knickers down. Stamp develops two rosy symmetrical patches with the accuracy of his small paddle.

Pigtailed dark blond Rosie up next. Stamp will use a large Spencer paddle. This will be different. Paddle on white knickers. Rosie takes them down. Chessie is in the shot, rubbing her ruby red bottom. Two bottoms to the wall. Very nice.

‘Kayla’s Extreme Thrashing’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and schoolgirl Kayla, a normal appearing brunette, by that we mean not a showgirl model trying to make some money in the daylight. Simpson will spank Kayla and has her OTK immediately in her office. Model Kayla has been spanked VERY recently, which does not deter Simpson.

Kayla bends over the desk for first a floppy leather strap and then a half-length wood fraternity paddle. If the title word “extreme” is applicable, it is here. The cane will seal the deal. Simpson makes her touch toes for this, which we know from tutorials makes it hurt more.

‘Kirstin saucy spankings’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A young Peters and blond Kirstin. She has failed him some way on the domestic scene, for which a spanking is the punishment. “Take your pants down.” She goes OTK. And next, bend over at the couch for a strap and cane. Only one glimpse of her face. They seem to struggle with dialogue.

‘Kirsty and Hanne’ (M/2f; time: 18 minutes) A very crusty and scruffy Peters flexes a cane as he speaks to Kirsty and Hanne. After famous Hanne shows her bottom, Kirsty removes her school kilt and is taken OTK by Peters. He gives her a standard spanking, except he pulls her cheeks apart and pokes her pussy, which she doesn’t like. He has her stand and bend for a mild caning and some more poking between her legs. Hanne is watching and is clearly next.

In fact, Hanne is spanked next, but there must be a part 2 to this film, because it was all Kirsty.

‘Lesbian sexy girls’ (MF/2f; time: 17 minutes) Another film at the stone country house. Two familiar blondes, one we know is Kara Jane Dempsey. Kara approaches the other and sticks her hand in the girl’s knickers play with her. The girl being pleasured checks with the camera to see if we are enjoying it too.

A third woman catches them and will have the pleasure of spanking these two bottoms. She enters the house and reports them to Agean, who is wearing academic robes. He takes charge of the girls, they put hands on head, he pulls down their knickers. The first blonde will be spanked. She has a significant pubic patch, noteworthy in these films. The second pretty blonde, Kara, gets the same bend-over spanking.

Agean moves to the cane, the first blonde out again. She must be getting paid more to flash her pussy. Kara gets the same caning, lovely, tight little bottom. The girls are sent off after another frontal, the first girl on full display and Kara covered.

As these films go, the male dominant Agean will turn on the female supervisor, the older woman. She seems to accept her fate. Agean gives her an impressive bare bottom handspanking over the desk, and just when she thought she was done, he takes up the cane. This actually seems harder than the two schoolgirls got. White lines on a red bottom.

‘Lesson in honesty’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful. Relocated to Camilla Scott file.

‘My Girls’ (F/2f; time: 5 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson sits on a couch with Maisie Dee and Kayla, on the same couch set we have often seen. Apparently no one has recognized Simpson’s birthday. And she is sad. She is a madame and these are two of her working girls. And in this establishment spanking is featured. Simpson will be cheered up if she can spank the girls, and they are only too happy.

Masie is OTK first, knickers down. A bottom tan must be standard in this place. Simpson, to Kayla, playfully, as she spanks: “You, you fuckin’ slut. you’re next!” As the girls switch, “Come on. chop. chop. Time is money.” Routine stuff.

Naughty girls need the hairbrush’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and blond Masie. Masie has not cleaned her room. Simpson parks her on the stairs, panties exposed, while she gets a hairbrush. Simpson pulls her knickers down and pushes her up the stairs. Not the best stairway bottom scene, but a good try.

Into the messy bedroom, Masie kneels on her bed, down on her elbows, bottom high. Simpson urges her around, “You know the position,” until her bottom and puss are center screen. A rather long handspanking, a mild warmup. The hairbrush is easy too, but Masie hollers.

‘No Effort’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Hastings-Gore and a girl named ‘Crawford.’ The set is the little gym/cloakroom layout, and HG wears one of her tennis or gym outfits. HG torments the girl and puts her through some unremarkable PE exercises. A paddle and cane on her regulation knickers and then on the bare. Nothing much to see here.

PE Lesson’ (MF/2f; time: 11 minutes) Two schoolgirls, Sophie and Lucy, with a guy, soon joined by Sarah Stern, in a well equipped classroom seen with a number of producers. Sarah spanks both uniformed girls, bent over, with a slipper, on their white knickers and on the bare. Routine colorful stuff.

‘Ready to be punished’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Peters canes one of the familiar blond models over the big table in the dining room of what we have been calling the stone country house. Exteriors there have segued into this room. The girl pulls down a scandalous white thong, the kind she would wear only if she expected someone else to remove it, and bends over the table, for a brief and effective caning.

‘Rowina Caning’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Little brunette Rowina and Mike Stevenson. The set is the empty blue room. Looks like the schoolgirl is going to get a caning. She rubs her bottom as she hears the news. Hands on a chair, the first strokes are on her bottle green knickers, then on the bare. Fast brief caning. Wheals develop on screen. Rowina hardly reacts.

SchoolGirl Thief’ (MF/f; time: 8 minutes) Katie Didit and a bearded Mr. Atkins discuss the behavior of a girl, Danielle, in their house. She has been stealing. After a segue, the girl is brought in, scolded, and the spanking starts. Katie begins with a handspanking. The girl lies bent over a couch, and Katie stands beside her to do the handspanking and use a hairbrush.

‘sgs caned’ (M/2f; time: 6 minutes) Two schoolgirls knock at the back door of a building which looks like the country stone house set. They rub their already spanked bottoms as they wait to be admitted. Inside, they face Agean, in what looks like a simple setup for a classroom.

One girl is made to stand on a bench, hands on head. Agean pulls down her knickers to display her red bottom. The second blonde lies over a school desk. Agean pulls down her knickers and will cane her. Rather hard to start, and an uncharacteristic wild aim for Agean. There are segues and repeats. He must have been prompted to calm down. But there are tram lines.

The girls switch, the other blonde climbs down and goes over the desk. Another entertaining caning, not quite as much damage. Two bare bottoms at the wall on the bench.

‘Spank My Bottom’(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Monica will narrate. “I’m about to be spanked and caned across my young bare bottom.” Peters pulls down her knickers full screen. Lovely blond Monica has been spanked recently. Hard handspanking. Peters adjusts her so that his knee is between her legs. Her reddening buttocks accentuate the old bruises.

She narrates—the cane. Hands on the bed. Peters makes her spread her legs. The caning is mild, with a lot of fondling.

‘Spanked and then caned’ (M/f; time:23 minutes) Gina and Peters. She has failed him as a prefect and will be spanked for it. He reaches under her kilt and pulls her white knickers down very slowly, right in his face. Gina goes OTK for a long and slow handspanking on a clear bottom.

Gina goes to the wall and displays her red bottom. Peters flicks her vagina and sees she is excited, so he requires her to masturbate. The caning comes after a long frontal shot. Gina kneels on the couch, knees spread, more pussy. The model has smaller buttocks, so this view comes easily. Routine caning.

A lot of display takes up the time in this film. Gina stands for the cane, then kneels again on the couch for more. Lots of wild marks on her bottom, including the far buttock and thigh.

Spanking Wife’ (M/f; time; 11 minutes) A girl comes home very late at night, quite drunk, having been out with her friends. Her husband is waiting up for her. He will give her a spanking, which she doesn’t seem to mind, and being drunk, finds some fun in it.

Routine OTK spanking to start, skirt up, green knickers down, a mature figure. She tries to seduce him and he wants her clothes off. She strips to just garter belt and nylons. The naked lady kneels up on a chair for a moderate caning.

‘Teacher in Trouble’ (M/f; time:9 minutes) An older teacher and a bearded guy. Looks like a review Is coming from the headmaster. The teacher can’t control her classes, and more is expected at this expensive school. The Head will illustrate by spanking her. After a segue, she bends over a spanking trestle he has handy. Let’s hope he keeps it in a closet.

After a handspanking over the trestle, she is willing, but not thrilled, to stand and pull down her knickers. She must be getting paid well at this school. The Head completes her review with a caning, back over the trestle.

‘Thrashing for two’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Masie and Fae will be spanked by Elizabeth Simpson, as directed by Peters, who is shooting the scene. Brunette Fae is taken OTK first on the couch, a lovely bottom. Blond Maisie is beckoned to the couch, Simpson bares her bottom and gives her the same spanking. Some slipper for Maisie. Two bare bottoms at the couch. Nice models.

Three girl interview’ (M/3f; time: 12 minutes) Peters, from off-screen, interviews Elizabeth Simpson, Fae, and Maisie, after they have made a spanking scene. The girls laugh and giggle about their “long day.” Fae and Maisie discuss the experience and show us their bottoms, with help from Simpson and a few smacks. Doesn’t look like that tough a day. Two nice botttoms, but no real spanking in this episode. The girls are amused to present frontals at the end. Maisie has a full untailored growth, Fae is shaved.

‘Trespassers will be spanked’ (M/2f; time: 5 minutes) Two girls are caught trespassing on what looks like a yard of an industrial site. It would appear here that trespassers have a spanking gauntlet to navigate before any police are called. One of the girls here is the estimable Dublin O’Brien.

The guy marches the girls to workspace and begins a furious spanking. The brunette must bend and hang on to a stepladder for a rapid handspanking on her thong. Dublin gets the same, and after a bit he pulls down her thong. The brunette is brought back to lose her thong. Then the guy spanks the girls with a small paddle, again fast and furiously. Dublin protects her modesty, as always. Too bad this exercise is so short.

‘Unexpected Caller’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Alex Hyde and Bow Faithful. Looks like Alex is waking up Bow in her bed. He plays some sort of trustee or custodian sent to supervise. This plot has resulted in some wonderful spankings. FIRMHAND and CALSTAR films come to mind. Alex rips the covers off Bow. She cowers and knows what is coming.

He drags her out of bed, takes her OTK, and works her pajama bottoms and knickers down. He then stands and removes his belt. He could be taking his pants off, but it is the belt he needs. Bow arranges herself over a pillow for a whipping. The director is struggling with camera angles. Too much furniture in the shot.

After the whipping Alex calls her employer to report the discipline is complete and hands Bow the phone to make her apologies for her behavior.

Very Honest’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The model is identified as Erica, and is Leia Ann Woods, although we will not see her face until the last seconds. The set is the blacked-out space with the desk and parquet floor, where we have seen rousing beatings of Nicky Montford and Sarah Collins, among others. Erica is standing, getting the slipper, bare bottom, and the punishment is underway.

Peters is doing the work. He takes over with the cane, just moderate. She is bent double, holding her ankles. Very nice ritual. At one point she steps out of her puddled knickers and puts them on the desk. pussy closeups. When the caning is complete and Leia walks off the set, she throws Peters a look of scorn, as if he got to her.

‘Weekly Discipline Report’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Michael Stamp with two girls, wearing yellow house dresses. Must be punishment day. The two girls kneel in easy chairs set side by side. Stamp pulls their knickers down and alternates spanking the two bottoms, with a crop and a meter stick. And some handspanking for good measure. Rather tepid stuff despite the good setup and potential.


22 Jan

F/2f; time: 33 minutes

Probably not the title, but surely a STRAND production. The familiar office. Leia Ann Woods and a blonde had been helping themselves petty cash and we’re warned to replace it, but they haven’t. So Miss Lina will take it out in trade, as it were.A long film always a pleasant situation with Ms. Woods in the cast.

The girls seem amused as they are scolded. A deal is made, the clothes start coming off. Leia is quickly down to bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Leia keeps going, bra and panties off. Lina starts a mild OTK spanking of Leia on the desk while the blonde strips down in the background. The blonde is spanked next. The two girls have no trouble with frontals as they move about the scene.

The mostly naked girls cough up all the money they’ve got and shiver a bit as Lina shows them the straps coming next. The girls bend over in turn, Leia with her usual locked knees and s.tiff back. Two straps and a floppy paddle. Two bottoms side by side over the desk.

As the girls dress slowly, Lina is happy to tell them there is no hurry paying the money bs k. The girls get it. The spankings will continue.