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Maid For Spanking – LONDONVIDEO

28 Sep

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 57 minutes

A raucous multiple spanking household. A Brian Tarsis production. ‘Greta Karlson’ (another crossover porn star) is the household madam, and ‘Chloe,’ ‘K. C. Dylan,’ and ‘Liberty’ play staff.

Two maids hustle around, their little Victorian outfits tailored in such a way that their short skirts pop up to flash panty at the slightest movement. They find some CP magazines and stop to peruse, when madam Karlson catches them. No wonder the work is never done. Let the spankings begin. The two girls are spanked in various ways–the madam even has a kitchen stirrer at hand. Given the theatre and the amount of stroking, these girls are household playthings.

In a new scene, two maids report to Karlson. A couch has been stolen, towels and other goods missing, not all that clever, but this is a CP film. When the girls won’t cooperate: “I guess I will have to beat it out of you.” Usual spankings, over a desk, satin panties down. A supervisor, Jenny, is watching, but she must know there are no safe harbors in this household. The girls’ bottoms are blotching by now. During their spankings, the girls name Jenny as the culprit.

Karlson searches Jenny’s room and finds boxes of household items. Looks like she was just ready to call FedEx. Another spanking begins, and after a bit, Jenny must strip naked and kneel on the bed. Lots of pubic hair, and a great body is launched in a surprise from the drab institutional smock. The girl’s hair being up and her eyeglasses masked her eroticism. She kneels on the bed and her boobs hang. The madam knows how to position her girls.


4 Feb

A film of no particular interest, from a producer or distributor we are not familiar with. ‘Brian Tarsis’ of SHADOWLANE is credited with a number of production tasks–his demonic imagination should have led to a better film.

Two mothers are waiting up for their daughters, who are late coming home at night. The daughters are going to be spanked when they arrive, which leads to conversation and a flashback to a scene when one of the mothers was acting in a play with a spanking scene, where her petulance was rewarded with an extra dose. We did not try to unravel the convoluted plot.

Back to the present, the two mothers argue and end up spanking each other, most of their clothes coming off. The two daughters arrive on this scene, and now it is their turn. They get handspankings, the hairbrush, and a paddle. Two spankings simultaneously.

One of Tarsis’ credits was ‘ass director.’ He had four of them here. Were there auditions?

Crossing the Limit – LONDONVIDEO

15 Aug

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 50 minutes

Five showgirl bottoms;  soft porn actresses Olivia Chase, Ashlee Renee, Star Chandler, Alexis Payne, and Amanda Morrison in a largely irrelevant pursuit of each others’  hindquarters. Impresario Brian Tarsis supposedly directed, but where was he most of the time, and where was that demonic imagination he has?

The girls live together and use corporal punishment to s0rt out their domestic disputes, but no one exactly tears up. Alexis Payne portrays the landlord and collects her late penalties also, once again not impressive. Go to CalStar or Pain4Fem to watch what can happen to a young lady if she skips her rent. We couldn’t determine what the “limits” were, or who crossed them.

The Errant Daughter – LONDON VIDEO

3 Aug

M/f; year: 1992; time: 26 minutes

A cupcake of a blonde, Billie, comes home after three days and is confronted by her father, an ageplay spanking actor from the Roue era. Billie is wearing a sexy loose bodysuit. Her father sends her to take a bath, providing us with the traditional nudie sudsy tub scene typical of this era, with the emphasis on a delightful wet bottom. The actress can’t resist a furtive smile for the camera crew probably crowded into the bathroom.

She is summoned to the living room, innocently clad only in a towel, a cunning domestic scene we recall fondly in other CP  films of this era. Bath towels make one think of wet bottom spankings. Where was she last night? “I only went to Bristol.” Father assumed she danced nude there. She came home wearing no underwear.

“You will now be subject to my discipline,” showing her a spanking strap kept handy in his bookcase. She must drop the towel. “Daddy, I’m an adult.” That fact is on full display.

He sends her to put on “decent underwear.” In a reverse strip tease scene, she puts on gauzy white silk panties. Legs open, bare boobs, not so innocent for the era. Back to Father-some outfit for him!

He puts her to exercises–bend-overs to highlight her slik-pantied bottom. He takes the knickers down and starts to work with the strap. Good glimpses between her legs. She is excellent at whimpering and begging and can’t stay put for this strap. Her young boobs pop out from beneath the little slip she wears.

Her crocodile tears degenerate to a touch of anger and profanity. “Bloody hell….you’re supposed to be my father….oww, that fuckin’ hurts!”  The strap is as far as Father goes tonight. Billie pulls her buttocks apart as she rubs, just in case we missed anything.


Miss Bondwell’s Reformatory – LONDON ENTERPRISES

31 Jul

F/3f; year: 1993; time: 57 minutes

A clunky American production; silly Victorian costumes and terrible acting; the lead actress saves the day as her clothes come off. Confusing story (we made the mistake of seeking a plot), but four naked and unusually beautiful ladies.

Pretty auburn-haired Prudence, doe-eyed, pale and freckled, is delivered by her Uncle Cyrus Fenwick to the Madame at Miss Bondwell’s Reformatory. Private arrangements are made at this place to straighten out young ladies. It seems they are also given some brothel training, which should make them very entertaining when they return home.

“Let’s have a look at you.” “I beg your pardon?” Prudence stammers. “Your clothes, get them off….I  want to see your bottom.” Madame (she is played by B&D actress Sharon Kane) rings and sexy maid Felicia appears. Prudence soon strips to just a bustier. Madame is surprised (and so are we) to see she is not wearing a bra or panties. She is handcuffed and led off.

In a dormitory setting, now in their nighties, Prudence meets Alicia, who tells her this place is just a cover for a bordello. She will be delivered to customers soon. The girls are chained to their bunks for the night–hope everyone used the John!

Next day, it’s time for a session for Prudence. A maid pulls her corset stays as tight as possible; b&d collar and cuffs attached, her arms fastened overhead to a spreader bar. Very sweet, pae freckled skin, boobs above the corset, bare bottom and tawny pubis below. After a little teasing, she is released to practice posture walk with a book balanced on her head. An entertaining drill when the young lady is also naked. She gets 10 strokes of a riding crop for each book drop–twice. Great closeups of an absolutely perfect bottom.

The film is divided into scenes. Madame is in bed, mostly naked. Prudence is strung up, made to watch a nude lesbian scene between Madame and a naked maid, Alicia.  Mild faux stuff but sweet bodies. Silly Gothic music soundtrack. Alicia  kneels on the bed, thighs wide, totally exposed, her buttocks and thighs all muscle, for a spanking. Madame is aroused. “It’s so red,” she declares. NOT! Nobody is spanking hard enough here. And, in a turn of events definitely not found in CP, Alicia lies on her back and the Madame sits on her face for some oral attention.

Newbie Prudence is chained up again for the night and told “You will be sent to the other house tomorrow night.”

More scenes: The Madame keeps tormenting her girls. She straps naked Felicia to a St. Andrew’s cross, “your favorite thing,” full frontal, and is flogged on her nipples and thighs, while an anxious Emily watches.

Scene: Emily is fastened on her back on a rack, her legs elevated and spread,  her ankles fastened to a spreader bar, loosely enough so she can wriggle maddeningly, camera shots between her legs. Naked Prudence must witness.

It was cheaper on the budget not to see Prudence’s brothel debut. Madame was pleased. “You could hear him screaming,” she says of Prudence’s client.

The film concludes with several scenes of Prudence in the madame’s chamber; she is pretty enough to arouse us just standing there. She is strung up naked to a pole, nuzzling it between her legs for a mild, sexy spanking and cropping, her round perfect buttocks featured in a closeup.

“I think it is time we go to the rack.” Fastened face up for the flogger, fuzzy frontal closeups, nipples erect. Uncle Cyrus is ushered in by Emily and feigns shock.

In the final scene, Prudence is now the attending shackled maid, ready to receive female trainees.