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Cane on a Nail 2 – LUPUS

11 Feb

M/f; year: 2011; time: 39 minutes

A LUPUSDREAMS production, made on the same storyline as the first ‘Came on a Nail,’ made at the beginning for RIGIDEAST, 11 years ago. We think most spankos would agree that LUPUS began to lose its fastball as the years progressed. We still return to the ‘reform school’ or ‘headmaster’ series.

The film opens with a straightforward bare bottom handspanking underway. A well nourished redhead is getting a spanking from an older man, an uncle or guardian type. Same as film #1, except this guy is a pervert. After he finishes spanking her, she falls on her knees, begging for no more. The guy uses a hand-held video camera to capture her misery, and we will see excerpts of many of the succeeding scenes through that lens. The guy is a porno.

And the girl is excited by being spanked. She goes to the toilet and masturbates. The guy sneaks into film her. Here we see she has cane marks on the FRONT of her thighs, not from this film.

“Oh, so much..” The title of the next segment. In her two-piece pajamas, the redhead checks a page on a message board, showing tick marks of her transgressions. A lot of them. The guy enters and she tries to escape him by crawling across her platform bed. She is captured, her pj bottoms come down and he straps her, very much in the LUPUS style. He takes her top off so that she is naked, and the strapping continues. When he is finished, she must kneel on a washboard, hands on head, another LUPUS Touch. He films it all, to her face.

Cut to a shower scene, where she is masturbating again. He sneaks in to film this too.

‘Friday’ This appears to be the day of the week the transgressions are accounted for. There some great Friday nights in CP literature. She takes off her pj’s and pulls on a school uniform and waits with a cane. This guy really has the British Vice. After a segue, the redhead is naked again, the camera has been set up on a tripod. She kneels on a chair and takes 12 hard cane strokes, the legitimacy of the strokes can be seen on her far buttock. Video screen views.

Another blackout. She is masturbating again, naked in bed. A nice detail, her knees are roughed up from the washboard. She is caught again, more tick marks on the score sheet.

‘The day after’ The redhead is in her nightie here. She strips slowly, video filmed, apparently trying to seduce the guy to save her bottom. Since this is LUPUSDREAMS, we were hoping she would drop to her knees in front of him, but it didn’t happen. The ending was confused and the LUPUS website was no help. You have to speak Czech.

Mirror of Soul – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

13 Apr

M/f; time: 35 minutes

With this film we believe we have completed reviews of all the films from LUPUS. This is a weird one, if you are like us and have come to the party for some spanking. A professor visits his daughter’s grave in a cemetery. The girl had died recently in a sanatorium. As the professor leaves in the gloom, an untuned MG sports care races by him. The soundtrack is Artie Shaw’s ‘Begin the Beguine.”

Back home, the professor (the Orson Wells-like actor) witnesses the departure of the live-in nurse who had cared for his daughter. He spikes her drink and knocks her out. He is going to take revenge for her failure to care for his daughter.

Fade; the girl wakes in her bed in her undies, chained down. She is cold, she won’t eat, and she puts up a good fight to escape. She won’t use a potty the professor gives her and will soon piss on herself. We were hoping the professor might give her an enema, but not here.

There are flashbacks to the care for the daughter–cold, no food, rough treatment, abuse.

The professor chains the nurse into his daughter’s wheelchair and leaves her. The professor moves chessmen on a board to illustrate progress in his plan. When he finds the girl’s wet panties, he cuts them off with scissors. When she won’t take a shower, he puts her under a cold stream of water.

Mostly naked now, the professor forces the nurse to do some exercises. He uses a riding crop for encouragement. He cuts her slip, bares her breasts, and burns them with a cigarette, torturing her the way he thought his daughter Melanie was tormented.

When the nurse hides and tries to attack the professor when he enters, he grabs her and places her over the bed for a real caning, after 28 minutes of film. It is a fast and brutal whipping up to LUPUS’ standards, and since the nurse is not tied down, the stripes are wild and varied, on her bottom, back, and thighs.

He leaves the mostly naked nurse chained to furniture and returns to the cemetery for more grieving. There he decides on mercy and will release the nurse. But on the way out, he is hit and killed by the very same MG. So, in Edgar Allen Poe style, the nurse is left to die.


22 Sep

MF/f; time: 37 minutes

Catalogue #004, filmed in the household used for these first five or six films. And a dark and nasty film. (A reader more careful than we points out this was released elsewhere as ‘Czech Brutal #1. Appreciate the diligence.)

A mother is scolding her little blond daughter, for drinking? Or does the title refer to the mother’s chugging from a flask, to cover her guilt for what is going to happen to her daughter?

The mother will spank her and pulls her panties down facing the camera, intended as quite a show at the time. Typical hard handspanking for this tiny girl.

A man arrives at the door and enters the sitting room, where the blonde cowers, panties back on. She must know what the guy is here for–there is some arrangement.  He is not family, and moves as if he were a guest.

He takes over the spanking of the girl. Her panties come down again. The mother finds and brings a kitchen spoon. The girl  gets a wicked spanking with it, most of the round bruises show up on one buttock.

FADE. (there are a number of them in the film, an easy way for early RIGIDEAST  to effect scene changes.) The little girl is sent upstairs and returns with a cane. No spanking film is complete without some bare-bottom stair climbing.

The guy will cane her, she takes off her top and is now naked. Her mother holds her in place when she kneels on the couch. Big cane and paddle marks soon on both buttocks and thighs, and we are only at the halfway point.

The girl is sent to her room, another stair climb, this time naked. Another FADE, the guy follows her to her room. In the sitting room, the mother swigs from a flask. She knows what is going to happen upstairs and will be hearing it soon.

The guy will cane the girl as she kneels on her little bed. The garret overhang prevents full cane swings, so the girl shifts direction. These adjustments don’t happen much in later films. He teases her in naughty places with the cane tip.

The blond lies on her back on the bed and assumes the diaper position. She is so small and light that in fact he can hold her legs and ankles with one hand while he snaps at her buttocks and thighs with the cane. She struggles, but it doesn’t matter. A long and nasty experience.

He fondles; she moves to bend over the foot of the bed. He unfastens his pants and we FADE out. You would have thought she knew this was coming and might have volunteered sooner. Downstairs, mother hears her cries, expecting this, and shrugs them off.

Rigid Father 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

5 Sep

M/2f; time: 34 minutes

Another very early RIGIDEAST, #006, containing the elements of corporal punishment genius later so brilliantly expanded.

A  very pretty young brunette, long chestnut hair halfway down her back, big brown eyes, wears a long skirt and blouse. She reports to her ‘father,’ if we are to assume so from the title, in his office/library. She will be left to wait, hands on head. Long holds on her sad and remorseful face. She even has circles under her eyes.

Her father enters the room, wearing suit and tie. There is a long Czech scolding, and after 8 minutes she goes over his lap. She knows what to do and there is no dispute. The father pulls her full length skirt up and takes some time in picking at her perfect white panties to ensure they are fitted the way he prefers.

He begins a slow and moderate handspanking, which gradually increases in intensity, for about 8 minutes. Long facials as the girl wrings her hands and sucks her fingers. Classic slow spanking ritual.

Finally, the girl stands and faces us. Her father slowly pulls down her panties. We will have a long frontal of her fuzzy brown natural bush. She has had her pants off before with this guy. He keeps smacking her, jolting her balance.

The girl is ordered to strip to gymslip and panties and to fetch a cane from the top of a bookcase. She knows just how to stand on a stool and reach it. The girl falls on her knees to beg, but the caning starts. Hands on a chair, the first 5 strokes on her panties. Her father pulls the panties down, and he does it with style. 20 more strokes on the bare, slowly done, very erotic. The girl struggles to hold position.

A young redhead enters. A sister? She doesn’t flinch at the sight of the marked-up bottom of the brunette. The redhead is taken OTK, panties exposed, as the film fades. Spanking night in this house.


Jailbreak Hotel – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

31 Aug

M/2f; year: 2012; time: 28 minutes

A ‘LUPUS DREAMS’ production, combining corporal punishment and sex. A goofy production. No subtitles, and we don’t worry about the plot.

A prison ‘doctor’ nips at vodka he has disguised in the infirmary medicine bottles, and idea we will put to use.

Two girls in a prison cell, one mulatto girl is apparently new. She will be used by her cellmate in some lesbian games. When the blond cellmate fucks the girl with a brush handle and the girl complains, we get to see the drunken doctor in action.

The doctor gives the mulatto a rough gyno exam in the infirmary and is too drunk to detect any damage. So  a guard takes the naked girl, puts her in a pillory, flogs her, then fucks her from behind. He has a real fire hose.

Some blowjob scenes. Lots of talk. We didn’t care.

From the Headmaster’s Study – The Immodesty LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

7 Aug

M/3f; year: 2005; time: 56 minutes

An odd film in this series, so much dialogue even the subtitles don’t suffice. Two girls in full Victorian garb report to the familiar headmaster. Pavel Stastny.  They’ve been sent to be punished, the only reason to report here.

A redhead will go first–she must pick a cane off the rack, and she had better hurry, before the headmaster makes his own selection. She is strapped down over the trestle and her bloomers opened. The second girl kneels on the washboard facing the action.

Pavel canes the redhead, just as hard and colorfully as always at LUPUS, 60 strokes, as  he had announced, and the girl screams all the way. The girls switch places, and as the brunette’s bottom is being prepared, she seems to talk herself out of the whipping, possibly suggesting, reading between the lines on the cryptic narrative on the LUPUS website, that she is sexually excited by a caning.

Cut to a gathering of the school Council, LUPUS characters seen in other films. In a scene almost 15 minutes long, they seem to be discussing this phenomenon of girls being excited by floggings. Councillor Ehrlich is there, a preacher we have seen,  a character named ‘Freud,’ and others. What to do with Julie?

We return to the headmaster’s office, where he is going to cane two more girls, ‘Julie’ and ‘Rajbova,’ both of whom take prototype LUPUS bare bottom canings over the trestle, but seem a bit randy and over-friendly as they move naked around his office after their whippings.

Soul of Honour – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr 15 minutes

The two ‘Erhlich’ girls, ‘Paulina’ and ‘Kristina,’ crochet with their mother. The maid ‘Dora’ is informed that ‘Counsellor Erhlich’ is due home. She is dejected, because the counsellor is the terror of the house, and there are three tender bottoms here to testify.

When the counsellor arrives, he puts on his lounge jacket and checks for dust, already on the prowl for some action. Everyone shrinks from him. The girls have been failing school courses and hiding warning notices. They discuss what to do, knowing that showing fear just heightens their father’s perversion.

Erhlich calls for Dora and makes her unbutton the top of her uniform, then bend over and let him check her bottom. No bloomers? His wife enters later and objects to his treatment of the maid. Is she beyond his interest? She is, he complains about her aging, and admits he likes the young stuff.

He has caught his daughters lying about something, so he marches them to a dark, dank, cavernous, and dusty basement, makes them strip off their nightgowns, and leaves them to shiver away the night on the concrete floor. Probably better than a whipping.

Erhlich runs into his friend the headmaster (Pavel Stastny) and learns of the girls’ deceit.

While taking a bath with the assistance of Dora, Kristina tells her of the letters they have kept from their father. Dora will bring a fluid which erases words, but when they try it in the girls’ bedroom, holes are burned in the paper.

Back home, Erhlich selects his cane, displays it on the hassock, and calls Dora to bring his daughters. They confess what they have done, and unwittingly implicate Dora. A long scold, the mother is chased away, the girls must grovel. They have challenged his honour and good name.

“Go to the bathroom, take off your clothes, and prepare for punishment.” After 51 minutes of this and LUPUS’ attempt at conventional movie making, we are ready for the action advertised. The girls report to Erhlich in just their slips.

Paulina must go first. She takes a practiced household posture we haven’t seen before. Slip off, naked, she straddles the hassock and leans forward so that her head and elbows reach the floor. This places her bottom high and her thighs wide apart. Total vulnerability. Erhlich gives her a ferocious LUPUS-style caning, terrible emphasis on the far buttock, thigh and flank. This position puts so much flesh in play the stripes are far longer. He should have alternated sides. Kristina shivers in fear as a spectator, then gets the same.

Ehrlich goes to the bathroom, where Dora has been told to wait. She strips naked, he helps, and she gets her caning  leaning into the tub. Blood spatters. A bit too much for us, we have to confess.


Detenton House #4 -Psycho pt 2 Johan Returns – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

7 Mar

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 37 minutes;
In part 1, Johan was caught fucking one of the female students given to his care to punish on behalf of the headmistress. He gets excited. In part 2, we are relieved to see that Johan is still at work–his teaching certificate was not pulled.

Johan takes a phone call from a distraught mother who wants two of her daughters disciplined by the headmistress. But since she is not available, Johan offers his services again. A matronly mother marches two schoolgirls up the dark stairs to the office. LUPUS does its usual fine job of portraying doom and gloom. The girls know what can happen to students in these rooms.

The girls are taken into Johan’s office; mother will wait in the ante room. Brunette ‘Veronika’ and little blond ‘Renata,’ two LUPUS regulars. After a scolding in this office, Johan takes the girls to the inner sanctum, the punishment room. They shrink in horror at the scene. There is a spanking trestle, a gynecology chair, and a myriad of spanking implements. The girls hang their heads in fear and shame. LUPUS excels here also.

The girls are ordered to strip. Veronika is taken first and is fastened naked over the trestle, wearing just garter belt and stockings. Johan probes between her spread thighs. Mostly naked Renata shrinks on the floor in a corner in the fetal position. She will have her own different experience. Johan canes Veronika–her waist strap cannot restrain her wiggling–10 strokes. The mother can hear the screaming from the outside room. John tightens the straps and adds some rough hemp rope to fasten Veronika even more securely. The caning continues–the ropes and straps don’t work so well.

The mother peruses Johan’s desk and discovers files and tools which suggest he likes to dissect bodies. Behind a curtain she finds the more grotesque instruments of dissection and body organs in bottles of fluid.

Renata’s turn, but she is steered to the gyno chair. She gets her feet into the stirrups; Johan probes her pussy with rubber gloves and then straps her vagina viciously with a heavy tawse.

Renata is moved to the trestle, and more rope is used this time to secure her. Johan uses a big Spencer paddle and produces the classic RIGIDEAST bruises. After this wicked spanking, Johan rubs a salve on her buttocks and the amply available thighs and pussy in between. We thought it would be an irritant, but Renata remains calm. Johan ties Veronika to the frame of the trestle to keep her in place and goes out to see the mother.

The mother accuses him of terrible deeds and he seems to dream of being whipped by her. Next we see the mother on the floor, her throat cut by one of the dissection tools. More dreaming? No subtitles.

Johan releases the girls. He has a special stool, with what amounts to an 8″ peg, the thickness of a broom handle, sticking up in the middle. No doubt what this is for. Renata is forced to impale herself on the protrusion, slowly, and without lubricant. Veronika soothes her as the deed is done. She is lucky it is her vagina and not some other place. Johan is a psycho.


4 Feb

MF/2f time: 30 minutes
Two schoolgirls gambol their way home, carrying papers in their hands. From the title, we presume these are report cards, and this being LUPUS, we can imagine what is going to happen.

At the ‘house,’ which is a pre-fab East European apartment, a group of men and a woman, the girls’ parents and visiting cousins,  sit drinking and laughing, not a good environment for two girls in trouble to enter. Jan Zlatousty is one of the revelers, but luckily for the two girls, on this occasion he will only witness what is about to happen to them.

There is a cut to a third girl being caned in another apartment. Another report card has been brought home. Her screaming can be heard throughout the building. A ferocious caning, from the knees to the top of the buttocks. The LUPUS website claims 125 strokes in less than a minute.

The girls arrive and present their report cards. The spankings will begin immediately. A large wooden kitchen spoon is brought in, its head about the size of a small saucer, a really effective implement. Both girls are spanked OTK, very hard, panties down. The ritual takes up most of the film. The spectators keep on eating and drinking during this diversion.


11 Oct

M/f; time: 20 minutes
An unadorned adventure from ‘LUPUSDREAMS, and perhaps the hardest paddling we have ever seen, matching RIGIDEAST’s  ‘Wild Party 1,’ but longer. Just an amateur film we’ve collected and revised here exceeds this.

A blonde in a light blue party dress is being paddled by her uncle, who wears a dress shirt and bowtie. He wields the dreaded Spencer paddle, a big one.

The first 20 strokes are on the bare, creating the typical round bruises. And he is educated and careful, moving around to strike different parts of the bottom.

The girl is ordered to take off her dress, which turns out to be a struggle. She almost rips it over her head. She shivers and stands now in a little white slip, which soon comes off. No bra. Naked. She bends forward, hands on a stool, for 11 more wicked strokes.

After a FADE (understandable, someone needed a moment here), the blonde stands in just full white panties, hands on head, posing for the guy at his desk. He lights a cigar in self satisfaction.

Rest over, the blonde lies across the stool for 21 more strokes, panties down. There are bruises now fully on both buttocks and down both thighs. She kisses the paddle to conclude. We counted over 60 strokes.