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Gillian Lancer Borstal

3 Aug

F/4f; time: 28 minutes

Not the title, and don’t have a producer. Miss Gillian-Lancer spends a good part of this film talking and scolding, which must have been a financial arrangement with the girls, because she is a hard spanker and can bring it when needed.

Miss GL is in a tight little shot meant to be a borstal dormitory. She wears a bit of a uniform, including cap and handcuffs at her waist. One of the girls is a trusty, who will help her spank the other three girls. The models seem slightly amused at the dialogue.

GL begins paddling the girls. They change into bright red leotard-type outfits, where the bottoms can be pulled down to access bare skin. GL also has a cane. The trusty shares in the spanking. The film doesn’t get off the ground.


2 Aug

F/2f: year: 2006;  time: 12 minutes

Christina Lee, another girl, and Miss Gillian Lancer. It must be an older film, done in conjunction with others. The scene is the familiar school cloakroom, where Miss GL has made a number of films. Here she wears on of her familiar outfits, gym clothes. She is in good shape.

The girls are in full British schoolgirl kit. GL has them do some simple PT. She scolds them and brandishes a cane. They will be caned bending over the traditional wood vaulting horse. Regulation knickers, routine stuff, except that GL can be expected to cane just a little harder than the usual domme.

Only one girl loses her knickers. Before the girls are sent odd, she collects their kilts. We assume this is a way of letting the school know the girls have been punished.


1 Aug


10 more short films from this distributor.

’Bottoms Up’ M/2f; time: 32 minutes) This is probably not the title of this film, another British production identified as SPANKINGONLINE. A young ‘Peters’ confronts an ordinary looking blonde, in simple top, skirt, and eyeglasses. Her average appearance makes her upcoming spanking all the more erotic. And Peters will be as pervy as you will see him. The girl has the responsibility of educating a foreign girl and she has failed.

Peters will sort her out. “One of the ways we deal with things here…..a damn good hiding.” He shows the  blonde a paddle. She will be spanked, then  be required to spank her student. 

The blonde takes off her skirt and is wearing no panties. To Peters, derisively: “Happy     now?” She knows what he is all about. She takes her top off. “Take your bra off.” Nose to the wall, hands on head, naked. Very dominating. 

‘Kasha’ is called in. She doesn’t speak English, so the blonde will translate from now on. The impending spanking is explained to her. She is made to stand on a chair, she drops her pants and Peters does the panties, his favorite. 

The blonde’s OTK spanking starts Next, the blonde spanks Kasha OTK, not very hard. Pervy Peters shouldn’t like this performance and he doesn’t. “I want to see  more color.” Now the blonde stands on a chair. Closeups of her shaved pussy. “Don’t cover your breasts.” Peters toys with these two naked girls. Peters spanks Kasha.

 Next phase. The blonde must bend over. “Legs apart, wider… afraid we will see your vagina?” He give her a quick frig. She gets a strap. Kasha is strapped  next, and she counts in her own language. She slips into English. 

Peters goes to get his cane. The girls get 6 strokes each, with Peters’ characteristic swooshes. He likes his girls on tiptoe. Very dominant, hot, erotic. The two cute blondes are sent off, naked. 

‘Breaking of Parole’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) An unusually explicit film from XEROTICS. Agean plays a parole officer and a familiar blonde is ‘Pickard.’ She has been sent to him because all else has failed. With no fanfare, Pickard removes her jeans. No panties. ‘Disgusting.’

She is made to lie on a bench, straddling it, giving full exposure to her vagina. Very Russian, except for even better production values. Handspanking first.

When Agean reaches for the cane, “Please, sir, not the cane.” 18 impressive strokes are shown, with repeats from facial and bottom.

‘The Caning of Barbara Wetford’ (MF/f; time: 15 minutes) Some CP warriors here. Auntie Dublin O’Brien is on the phone with Patricia’s father, a little blonde who sits cowering beside her. (We can’t account for the title.) The girl is constantly late and using profanity. Dublin tells him: “She knows she’s going to get her bottom thrashed.”

The father comes home, John Osborne, the whole Glasgow crew in this film. The little blonde looks plausibly worried. When she tells Osborne she has already been spanked, Osborne wants her pajama pants and panties down. “You call that spanking….hardly touched.” Sweet bottom.

He begins a slow moderate handspanking, low shots, the model has immediately rearranged her hair off her face. Low shots, some puss.

He spanks a bit harder, left handed. Some frontal fuzz, largely teased in this era. Osborne positions a small table and a cane. Patricia kneels up on the table and bends forward to support herself on the couch. A spectacular position when you are endowed as this model is.

A handspanking warmup, then a disappointing caning from Osborne. It must have been part of the agreement, because he knows better. Rub, bare bottom to the wall.

‘Don’t Snigger’ (F/f; time: 29 minutes) Another appearance from Miss Gillian Lancer on her classroom set, with the podium, blackboard, dunce stool, desks, and other familiar accoutrements, all a credit to the attention of the producers. This must have been a Glasgow studio visited often.

Two students, Elizabeth Simpson and blond ‘English,’ will endure long lectures and spankings from the domme. She quizzes the girls and spanks them for their responses. Both girls get OTK spankings in the first round of failures, and a strap, OTK and bent over.

More handspanking before matters require the cane. Simpson gets the first six shots, on her regulation knickers. When she returns to her desk, she seems to wink at the camera as if to taunt “didn’t hurt.” But it must have. Gillian Lancer uses those characteristic wrist snaps. English gets her six, and she reacts differently, gasping and grabbing. White panties.

True to form, the next canings will be on the bare. Simpson pulls her own pants down, to display laddered marks from the accurate domme. 12 more on the bare for her. English next. She has a different contract. Her panties survive for 10.

‘Drunken Wife’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Two actors we have not seen. A brunette comes home, too much to drink. Her husband will spank her. Skirt up, blue panties, a big bottom on a big girl. Panties down, bra off, she strips to garter belt. Bend over a chair for a slow caning, about 15 light strokes, with repeats, not too clever. Zoom on puss. There is slight feel of amateur here.

Dutiful Punishment’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Peters seems to just have completed spanking a young blonde. She leaves the room bare bottom. He turns to an older woman. She bends over the couch, panties at her thighs. He gets right to it. Handspanking, a Spencer strap, then a cane.

‘Fetch the Cane’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ and her frequent partner ‘Peters.’ Elizabeth seems to be Peters’ employee. He is going to spank her for a week of transgressions. This makes sense, because a spanking like this could only be weekly at most.

The first session is OTK. “This is for Monday.” Elizabeth starts to yelp soon enough. Peters takes her panties down and gets his cane. Simpson cannot repress a giggle.

“This is for Tuesday.” About 8 strokes, and hard. “Fuckin’ ow,” we thought we hears. Another cane, 8 more strokes, sniffles from Simpson. Peters checks the camera. For Wednesday, and for a dirty bottom, 10 more strokes.

Simpson must apologize and say ‘sir,’ and Peters will keep caning her until he is satisfied with her sincerity. “Bend over, darling.” Peters directs: “Keep your pants down all day.” We’ve always liked those films which included a short scene of some subsequent walking-around.

Gym Kit’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) A POV style film with ‘Jean Bradley’ and ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ Elizabeth is called into Bradley’s school office. Elizabeth is wearing a long white shirt and blue shorts, not the proper attire. She will be scolded for a length of time and then spanked.

She must bend over Jean’s desk for a handspanking on her shorts. Elizabeth pulls her own shorts down to display full white panties. Bradley pulls them down. Elizabeth hands back a slipper, part of any school office. After this spanking, Elizabeth goes to the wall, panties back up. We’ve seen a more adventurous Simpson.

‘Hunnybunny Spanking’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) A blonde prances around in a dress so short her white panties are on full display. Peters takes her OTK, which she seems to enjoy. Down come the ruffled knickers. Peters spanks hard here. A nice round red bottom, what we bought our ticket to see. She kneels on a chair for a strap. She wiggles her bottom and loves it. Sashay to the wall, hands on head.

‘Miss Hastings and Crawford’(F/f; time: 10 minutes) This is not the Hannah Crawford, but is IS Miss Hastings. In the familiar classroom. Hastings is looking at punishment book logs for Crawford’s last spanking. The brunette will be spanked again. Hastings comments on bruises on her legs. “I was thrashed at home, Miss.” Hastings is wearing her academic gown. She picks up a strap.

Crawford wears her candy striped school blazer. Hastings begins with the strap, very hard as she always does, on red knickers. There is a fade here (too hard?). Hastings pulls down the knickers, but the cameraman must have been surprised, because he missed most of it.

“I’m going to cane you.” Crawford must first stand at the wall, knickers at her thighs. Hastings hooks the cane in them for some contemplation time. Hastings makes some log entries.

Over the desk for the cane. Noticeable bruises. Only six strokes, because this model must have made another movie recently. But hard. Side and rear views. She is dismissed.

‘’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A chunky auburn-haired drama student and the age play guy who has played many headmaster roles in the XEROTICS series. She has reported to his studio for some, uh, pointers. ‘Heidi’s’ hair is in two pigtails. Mr. Williams: “Drama is all about discipline. I’m going to give you a good thrashing.” Heidi seems to be OK with this.

She begins to undress. There is a lot of Heidi, a bit unusual in the CP business. He has her bend over and goes to work, handspanking and a strap. There is a lot of work to be done. She takes off her panties, her last garment. Williams straps her in a standing position.

The cane next, traditional. About 25 strokes, probably repeats, a lot of bruising.

This is Punishment’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) Sarah Collins plays ‘Paulette,’ lolling on a couch. She wears a top and the shortest denim skirt possible. A sturdy blonde with a heavy Glasgow accent challenges her. Paulette is made to strip naked and taken OTK, and spanked hard enough to excite us to expect more.

After a cut, the caning begins. 28 strokes shown, maybe with well crafted repeats. Not much dialogue. The Scottish lady takes a break after 28 and returns for more. Another 20 are shown, she hits some camera apparatus with one backswing. On these 20, the hardest, Paulette cries out and struggles. Hugs at the end.

Spanking on the Job’  (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A brunette female nurse is cleaning a hospital room, and for some reason she takes off her smock and her panties, but leaves her bra on, and climbs into a bed to steal a nap. Of course a doctor catches her. This naughty nurse action lacks the humor of some vintage MOONGLOW films on the same theme.

She tries to coax him out of the spanking she is going to get, but soon she is the diaper position, with a pillow under her hips to make it even worse. The doctor’s spanking seems to hurt, and he is effective in working down her buttocks to her thighs. You would expect him to know anatomy. Lots of puss. She must take off her bra and finish working naked.

‘Three Girls’ (2M/3f) Not sure what is going on here. Dublin O’Brien, Emma Brown, and a third blonde sit at a table in a sunroom, chatting and smoking. Cut to the blonde, posing nude.

Peters and another male walk on set. Emma has laid some spanking implements on the table. The girls argue with the men. It is loud and echoing in this room. The men grab the girls and begin spanking them. Clothes come off until Emma and the blonde are naked. Dublin retains her slip, rucked up, typical of what must have been her understanding in these films.

Peters will use a thick cane on the girls. Dublin gets an especially exciting dose on the bare, justifying her reputation. And a rare lIttle frontal from her when she moves, probably an accident, and she didn’t check the shots.


19 Jun

Agean and Wife’‘ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) A longer film . ‘Victoria,’ Agean’s wife, a tall and thin brunette, has stayed home from work and left her job. Agean finds her lolling on the couch reading love stories in a tabloid. He is going to spank her, and she is not unfamiliar with this.

OTK, a loud and mild spanking. Dress up, just a little G-string to be seen. She stands and bends over for the strap and then the cane, dress off over her head.

The next day and an unproductive job search. Another session, handspanking on her jeans followed by the same strap and cane. You wonder why she doesn’t take him to the bedroom.

‘Bare Bottom Counselling’ (M/2f; time: 30 minutes) A longer film, identified as SOL, distributed by XEROTICS. Scruffy ‘Peters’ sits on a couch talking to a schoolgirl, the model ‘Paige.’ It seems he is a ‘counselor,’  and he has been asked to deal with Paige. He is going to “use good old fashioned methods….I’m going to thrash you.”

Blond Paige seems not impressed. She stands. “Drop your knickers.” He takes her OTK for a standard handspanking. They move quickly to the cane. Hands on the couch, Peters used a very long whippy cane, 15 strokes shown, repeats. To the wall, hands on head.

This school district is mindful of its budget, because a second girl has been scheduled for Peters today, the experienced blond model ‘Hannah  Martin.’ She fights a smile during Peters’ scolding. OTK, Peters does the panties this time. Paige’s bottom at the wall is in some of the shots.

Bend over the couch, Hannah steps out of her panties with style. 20 cane strokes shown, repeats. Peters urges: “Legs apart…don’t worry, we’ve all seen it before.”  He explains what will happen if she moves, a high stroke might cripple her and  a low one break skin.

Paige accepts the offer to take the blame. She will get 10 more cane strokes, which Peters mitigates to 3. (Six are shown, the method of the repeats) The girls are made to face him, skirts up. He wants a look, they know it.

‘Caned on Arrival’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters and Elizabeth Simpson. Did we read somewhere these two players are partners? Peters complains to her about a messy study and marks she made on an antique desk he was about to sell on Ebay. This is a good excuse as any. He shows her his collection of straps and canes.

OTK;  a mild spanking to start. He takes down her little black lace panties. Over a chair for the cane, still mild. “You know what the last one is all about.” Gentle stuff–they must have been making several films this day.

‘Cathy’s Bathtime’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A brunette strips and gets into the tub. An angry ‘Colin’ interrupts her bath, scolds her about something, and gives her a spanking while she stands in the  water. Conventional stuff here, except for a wet bottom and a good suggestion on where to waylay a naughty girl.

‘Horse Shed’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) These brief XEROTICS distributions rarely had scene changes, let alone the exteriors we have here. ‘Peters’  stands outside a horse barn, with a brunette who seems to be asking for a quick spanking. She bends over a fence, he pulls her shorts down, and she eagerly disposes of them. They hurry along, fearing being spotted. They could just go in the barn, but this is more fun. Peters gives her a quick smacking, some frigging, and a finger in her anus in close up. Unusual.

Turns out they are married, and niece ‘Holly Mary’ happens along, spots the frivolity, and runs off in shock. The girl is “barely 19” and “under our care.” What to do with her and just what is it that she saw? She is a thin blonde, wearing one of those pink housedress/smocks so handy for a spanking. “A trip to the horse shed for you.” Back outside and to the barn and into a horse stall.

Dress up, blue panties down, she will have to cool it and wait for the punishment to begin. She gets a whipping with a riding crop, and again outside, with auntie holding her still. Peters is ready, he sends his wife to the house and the bedroom, NOW!”

‘Justice Will Be Served 2’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) This story continues. A guy has caught a girl breaking into his house. He has kept her captive and he is punishing her periodically, as he sees fit. We’ve seen some entertaining CP films about female intruders being caught and given the Big Choice.

The girl has been allowed to sleep. He wakes her up. “Time for your punishment…remember last night, is your bottom still sore?” She is a small frosted blonde, very sexy. He pulls her pants down. He shows her a cane and begins tapping her bottom. She grabs her ankles. “A warmup,” he says. We certainly hope so.

She will kneel on a chair. “Take your top off, and the rest.” Very hot little face and a great fully sunburned body, not your average CP model and not a schoolgirl. Mild caning, and more from a black paddle from yesterday. “You’re going to stay with me an extra few nights.”

‘Lady Customer’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Two experienced CP players. ‘Miss Smith’ and ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ Ms. Simpson has called Smith and arranges a spanking session with her. There will be some reference later that Elizabeth has had trouble at work. Maybe she has been required to take this punishment.

When she arrives, Elizabeth is curious how many female customers Smith gets. “A  few.” Smith wants to make sure Elizabeth has agreed that she is to be the “domme.” “Shall we get cracking then?”

OTK, panties down, standard spanking on a couch. Soft talk, a lot of rubbing. Elizabeth gets to the place where she thinks she has had enough. Not for Smith. “But you agreed to let me be the domme.” She will call Simpson’s boss if she cannot continue with the cane. She has some leverage here.

Smith will use a heavy lexan cane with a handle. Skirt and slip up again, panties are gone. A dozen mild strokes, this is a lethal cane.

‘Masturbators Will Be Punished’ (MF/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Susan.’ a thin blonde, has been caught masturbating and Elizabeth Simpson brings her to Peters. They call the girl ‘English.’ First, Simpson gives her a standard OTK spanking.

Peters will cane her. Over 15 impressive strokes, she jumps on each. She   A second student is watching and wincing. On one stroke: “Shit!” “I beg your pardon?” She earns more. A fast cute tawny frontal flash at the end.

‘Tianna’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Peters’ in a bit of an audition format. He is just about as shaggy and unkempt as we have seen him and doesn’t look much different than we do as we draft this. Cute little brunette Tianna has arranged for a casting spanking. “I like being punished.” Peters explains the procedure and that it might not be as much fun as she is expecting.

Tianna takes her pants and panties off. She has a well-tended little landing strip. Peters takes her OTK and spanks harder and harder, giving her a ‘safe’ word. Was she OK naked with people in the room for the shoot? “I liked it.” Camera zoom on her puss.

”Peters with 2 Girls’ (M/2f; time: 31 minutes) A longer film, a scruffy young Peters. He is going to spank two schoolgirls at some length. The first girl has been bent over a table, pinafore up, her panties already down. “Nervous?’ “Yes, uncle.” He begins paddling. The second girl, ‘Judy,’ gets the same. The second girl is sent to the toilet, where we get an unusually graphic tinkling scene, and no shaving here. Back to the paddling. “I want to go home.”

Peters soon has both girls bare bottom over the table. The setting is an airy sunlit room with rural views.

FADE; another guy enters the room and he will spank both girls. They don’t like this stranger having access. Uncle is bad enough. When Peters returns, he explains that ‘Vernon’ is a long-term employee and has earned bottom privileges.

Peters spanks both girls again, and as always, he likes their legs spread apart. One girl refuses to take her top off, but she does drop her kilt, and takes 6 with the paddle and six from the cane. The second girl gets the same, except her caning is extended to 12, with ‘thank you’s.’ Three more cane strokes for each to conclude.

“She Wants the Cane.’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Peters has pretty blonde standing in front of him. Apparently she wants to be caned, and he quickly points out that she has come to the right place. First, he wants her to drop her skirt. Then he wants the little black boyshorts “off.” “Down?” “Off, down, the same thing.”

First, Peters uses a paddle. She is in a standing position, or view is from the side, a nice little tuft of pubic hair is fluffed. She straightens at each smack. She requests the cane.

Six, in the standing position, then six bend-over. So me repeats mixed in. Peters likes the bend-over view. “Lovely bottom, nice private parts.”

‘Strapped before School’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) Our title. At home, ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ plays a mother or aunt and confronts two uniformed schoolgirls late preparing for school. One is ‘Niki Flynn.’ The second girl, a blonde, has been in the bathroom with cramps. She wants to stay home. There is a cure for the cramps in CP films, but XEROTICS will not go there.

The  blonde gets a standing bare bottom spanking, but must run off to the john again. Niki drags her out again, hoping to avoid a group punishment. GL makes the blonde wipe herself in front of them, then both girls are strapped, pants down. Mild stuff by Niki Flynn standards.

‘Tom Cooper’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Not sure we have seen the late ‘Tom Cooper’ in a short film like this distributed by XEROTICS. We believe it is ‘Leia Ann Woods’ who reports to him in her nightie. It seems she sneaked back into the house late and has been drinking his vodka. “You’re going to get a damn good spanking.” Does she need to go to the toilet before they begin? No.

OTK on the couch, white panties down. He takes the panties all the way off. When Leia goes to the corner, the hem of her nightie rides up. She is sent to bring a chair and the strap.

“Right over.” After the strapping, she is sent for the cane. “Please don’t cane me.” Sweet but ineffectual–these girls rarely offer an alternative. Palms to the floor–this is definitely the athletic Ms. Woods. About 12 strokes, shadows of the film crew probably limited this release. Cooper likes his results, and if we were him, we’d keep replacing the vodka.


‘Weekly Punishment Day’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ spanks her students on Wednesdays. We like this theme, especially when girls must fidget on benches waiting. The doors open, cries are heard. LUPUS, CALSTAR, and others.

Elizabeth has an auburn haired schoolgirl OTK; regulation panties down, a small bottom by CP standards. Mild stuff.

English School – FIRMHAND

21 Nov

A long series, probably made in Great Britain by a company like NORTHERNSPANKING and distributed by FIRMHAND. American models Samantha Woodley and Niki Flynn, with popular disciplinarian Miss Hastings Gore. No frontal nudity at all, the girls keep their clothes on for the most part, except for those knickers, which go up and down for all 25 episodes.

(A)(F/2f; year: 2005; time:9 minutes) American girls ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Samantha Woodley’ meet headmistress ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ in the familiar classroom. The girls are of a disrespectful demeanor, so far not impressed with the British system. They slouch, chat it up, and generally don’t acknowledge the pickle they are in.

After the prototype scolding, Hastings Gore gives them neat stacks of schoolgirls’ uniforms and leaves them in the classroom to change. There isn’t time, and it is not the pattern of this producer, to have a nude scene, which many other producers would have inserted here.

The girls put on blouses, skirts, ties, white panties, and knee socks. Hastings Gore returns and demands a few adjustments, ties tight, etc. She has Niki position a stool, which puzzles her. She drags Samantha OTK and she tries to look surprised about it.

Hastings Gore performs a fierce and fast OTK spanking on Samantha. “OK, OK,” screams Samantha. “It will be OK when I say it’s OK.” Niki has been made to move to stand where she can see the strike on Samantha’s bottom.

The film ends as she anxiously moves into position to be taken OTK herself. Harmless stuff by any standard, but three CP warriors of the future.

(B)(F/f; year: 2005; time:7 minutes) The series continues; early Niki Flynn; this film must have been made in Great Britain, on a set familiar from many other films, and distributed by FIRMHAND.

Ms. Flynn and Samantha Woodley are fully decked out as schoolgirls, white blouses, ties, pleated skirts, white knee socks. ‘Miss Hastings Gore’ is on duty as the headmistress. Ms. Flynn’s hair is longer here. Is this before her cropping in the LUPUS film, or long after?

The girls are in new in England and getting a sort of ‘welcome’ from the headmistress. Samantha was spanked in the first episode. Now it is Niki’s turn. She tells Hastings Gore she has never been spanked before. She goes OTK, full white panties; Hastings Gore always spanks hard, here practically full force, and sometimes with both hands. In these opening segments, the girls will keep their panties in place.

To conclude, the girls display their bottoms for the headmistress, bunching their panties.

(C)(F/2f; time:7 minutes) Niki and Sam are alone in the classroom, taking a look at the spanking implements there, a strap and a paddle. When Sam flourishes the paddle and whacks a desk with it, the thin wood splits and the paddle flies in two. Included in an out-take we see the girls collapse and double over in laughter when this happens.

Hastings Gore hears the commotion from next door and enters the classroom. The girls get the customary scolding, then both receive moderate doses of the palm slap with the large tawse. Both girls depict having a hard time with this. Surely it does hurt, their palms are not toughened like CP actress’ bottoms must become, and the posture of this punishment facilitates easy acting.

(D)(F/f; year: 2006; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore keeps scolding Woodley and Flynn. Samantha is punished here–over the desk, panties punched, the tawse.

Routine stuff, Hastings Gore t0uches the girls at any opportunity. FIRMHAND lists this film as featuring ‘Samantha Woodley.’ Niki Flynn is spectating.

(E)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) The girls recover from their palm slaps; in this episode Niki is bent over a school desk, and the headmistress bunches her panties and uses the large tawse.

A reaction CAM repeat catches her face.

(F) (F/f; time: 2006) Hastings Gore continues to pace on the platform, teaching history. Lots of talk, lots of “Yes, Miss.” The American girls are learning obedience and both are sitting on bottoms which have developed war glows.

Samantha is spanked here, hands on head, skirt tucked up. Hastings Gore does the knickers, and uses a ruler. Samantha faces Niki, who tries to look shocked. 22 strokes of the ruler. Reaction CAM for facials. “We’re not sniggering any more, are we?”

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Niki’s turn for the ruler. Hastings Gore fixes her skirt out of the way and pulls down her knickers. Hands-on-head, 20 strokes, the usual entertaining ruckus from Flynn.

Reaction CAM repeats; Niki sits tentatively, when she returns to her desk.

(H)(F/f; time:7 minutes)Hastings Gore catches the girls trying to break out of the place, taking their civilian clothes with them. She locks the doors and takes the girls back to the classroom.

Niki will be punished first, touch toes. Hastings Gore starts the cane on her white panties. They come down for a standard caning, albeit Niki didn’t like it very much.

(I)(F/f; time: 8 minutes) Hastings Gore calls Samantha out from behind her desk. “Is this necessary? We won’t try it again.” (escape) One sure way to be certain.

Hastings Gore packs up her skirt. Samantha touches toes. The caning begins on her white panties, before Hastings Gore sees to them. Here we have a charming look at why Ms. Woodley’s career as a CP model flourished–firm, round, ample buttocks, and powerful, athletic thighs. Niki hangs her head in fear as she watches.

Reaction CAM; someone pinned back Samantha’s hair along the way, a continuity gaff worthy of the Russians but it doesn’t dampen our enjoyment.

(J)(F/2f; time: 7 minutes) In a gym room, the girls are exercising, wearing sports bra and black shorts. Hasting Gore supervises. She shows the girls the vaulting horse, a piece of equipment with a lot of uses in these British CP films.

Hastings Gore is going to use it to spank the girls. Samantha Woodley goes first; she climbs up and slings herself over. She is suspended so that in fact she can’t move very much. Hastings Gore will use a long-handled paddle, first on her shorts. Six loud cracks, shorts down, for another six, but Hastings Gore ups it to 12 for arguing. A cute “Please, not on the bare,” as her shorts are peeled down. Reaction CAM–this camera is well positioned to catch beautiful faces.

(K)(F/2f; time:8 minutes) Niki Flynn’s turn to drape herself over the vaulting horse. She gets her paddling, 6 on shorts, and 13 more on the bare. Another great facial portrait from the Reaction CAM.

(L)(F/2f; time: 6 Minutes) Niki and Samantha are making Samantha’s bed, in a cold-looking, barren brick room. They are trying to dress, Niki can’t find her tie. Hastings Gore surprises them, holding a slipper behind her back.

Samantha gives Hastings Gore some lip, but it is Niki who will be spanked here. She retrieves a straight chair and bends right over, slipper on her white panties. Reaction CAM. She finds her tie, but the slippering is completed, even after she has put on her tie. Panties stayed in place in this segment.

(M)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) In the same cold brick bedroom, Samantha now gets the slipper, her white panties pulled down immediately. This actress really does have an extraordinary bottom, about which we have said too little.

Hastings Gore slippers very hard, so much so that Samantha collapses after some strokes. Reaction CAM. After Hastings Gore leaves, the girls console and do the lotion treatment. Gales of laughter when Samantha begins in Niki’s bottom: “It will take a lot of lotion!”

(N)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) The girls are in their pajamas, swigging booze from a little bottle. Niki wears traditional two-piece blue pj’s the kind that just have to come down. Samantha, the better endowed, wears a bare-shouldered, low-cut two piece ensemble.

The girls are caught, at least suspected, Hastings Gore hasn’t found the bottle yet. Niki is sent to get the hairbrush. Samantha is spanked first, OTK, handspanking, then the bristle side of the brush, then the flat side. Hastings Gore spanks very hard and fast, setting Samantha to squealing and struggling. [a bell tolls on the soundtrack]

(O)(F/f; time:6 minutes) It is Niki’s return for the hairbrush. As to why she is hanging around in Samantha’s room (other than the booze), “I’ts cold and lonely. It’s like a jail cell in here.” {It’s the British studio, where many films were made.)

Niki drops her pj bottoms and Hastings Gore notes her unauthorized pale blue bikini knickers, which turn out to offer no protection from the hand, hairbrush bristles, and flat side. The antique straight chair squeaks as Hastings Gore whales away.

(P)(F/f; time: 7 minutes) Hastings Gore finds the little liquor bottle the girls emptied; Samantha Woodley admits she got it from Hastings Gore’s desk. That will just add to the zing on her bottom. HG checks both girls’ breaths. [that bell tolls on the soundtrack]

Niki will be spanked in this episode. She bends over the bed for the slipper and pulls her PJ bottoms down herself. “We’ll have the pants down.” A very hard slippering, the usual entertaining Niki-squawks. “Don’t wake everyone up.”

(Q)(time:5 minutes) Samantha’s turn for the slipper for the liquor heist. A long hard slippering. Reaction CAM. The two girls then drop their pants and stand hands-on-head at the wall for more punishment.

(R)(time:8 minutes) The girls, now in prototype white blouses and red kilts, a different school uniform from the start of the series, get into a tussle about something and throw each other around the set.

Hastings Gore, carrying her cane, interrupts. The usual scolding. Samantha will be caned first, bends over, panties down, a model to admire for sure. Caning by Hastings Gore.

Outtakes here, longer than usual, of the fight. The girls break down in laughter. The fantasy mood of these films might be damaged by these outtakes, but we are OK with them.

(S)(time:8 minutes) Niki has been cheating and bullying at school; Samantha does not like being exploited by her. After the usual scolding by Hastings Gore, Nike bends over for a solid caning. Low shots highlight firm athletic legs and the theatrical bottom which we have seen so many times.

(T) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Hastings Gore paces the platform, teaching and scolding her two captive American bottoms. Niki has bee caught cheating. This time it won’t be spanking or paddling, but “straight to caning.”

Niki steps out from behind her desk, bends over, and HG pulls the white panties down. Samantha secures her by holding her wrists. Standard caning for this series. Nothing new by the time we reach this 20th episode.

HG tears up her exam and gives her a “mark of zero,” which will probably cost her her pants on some other occasion.

(U)(F/f; time:5 minutes) Here, Niki will cane Samantha herself because she gave it up and took a whipping herself for Samantha’s cheating. “How many am I getting,” Samantha wants to know, now that a friend is doing the caning. “It has to be twelve.” Samantha bends over the vaulting horse, legs spread. There are hugs at the conclusion.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) Now Samantha is in more trouble, caught shoplifting. Hastings Gore confronts her. “I need to show you that you are not likely to do it again…I’m going to give you 12 good ones.”

Samantha stands on the step of what they call the “punishment chair,” a sort of dunce seat, and she leans forward on it, so, you know, there is her bottom. Part of the humiliation, Samantha has to pull her own knickers down. She gets the strap and has to count out loud.

We get through the series with no boobs or frontal flashes.

(V)(F/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha Woodley sits on the vaulting horse, waiting. Niki herself is going to cane Samantha. She has been taking the rap for Samantha too often. “It is my bottom on the line.”

Samantha grudgingly acknowledges she deserves some punishment. “How many?” “It has to be twelve.” Niki cites her rigorous training as a prefect. 12 moderate strokes, then hugs.

(W)(F/f; time: 6 minutes) For the shoplifting Hastings Gore will continue with the punishment, now Samantha Woodley. “12 good ones,” HG takes some pleasure in announcing.

There is a tall chair in the room with a step, referred to as the “punishment chair.” Samantha stands on the step and leans over the chair. HG asks Niki to pull down her panties, which fall all the way to her shoes. A standard strapping, with warnings that the next implement will be worse.

(X)(F/f; time: 10 minutes) The girls are arguing about money. Niki has found a way to blackmail Samantha once a week. Hastings Gore interrupts the tiff and Samantha tells her what has been going on. The dialogue and subsequent scolding take up fully half of this segment.

Samantha is sent to retrieve the punishment chair again, and this time Niki’s bottom will adorn it. She steps up on the step and bends over. Hastings Gore-panties down. The caning begins, Samantha takes some delight in watching Niki struggle and she deliberately messes up the count. HG swings very hard, as always.

(XA)(time: 9 minutes) A throwback to the beginning of the series. The two American girls Niki and Samantha stand in front of Hastings Gore in the classroom, wearing inappropriate jeans and black tops, acting very salty ‘American,’ and not yet inculcated into the British schoolgirl way.

Hastings Gore explains some of the methods of corporal punishment, including the use of a ‘cane.’ “You mean a walking stick?’ says Niki. HG shows them a big thick fraternity paddle and announces that each girl will receive a taste of it. “10 each.” HG has to keep checking her notes on the school records to get the names right.

Woodley first, “Bend right over with your legs apart.” HG begins cracking with the paddle, and Samantha does a nice job of appearing surprised at the sting.

(Z)(time: 8 minutes) Niki’s turn for the introductory paddle. She struggles, having difficulty holding position. She is very good at this. After HG has left the girls alone, they pull their pants down to check the results, gentle reddening so far.


Rosaleen Young – Collected Shorts 1

19 Oct

Lots of wonderful stuff from this British CP actress, who clearly loved feeling someone’s thumbs in the elastic of her knickers. Collecting here from producers distributed by XEROTICS and others.

Ms. Young must have been very prominent in the spanking scene before her       early retirement. She made films with many of the most prominent—Elizabeth Simpson, Earl Grey, Sarah Harvey Lewis, a delightfully dour ‘Miss Parker,’ the ubiquitous ‘Peters,’ Miss Hastings-Gore, and even Brigella, among others. This includes a little series with Niki Flynn. The sets are varied and innovative—swimming pools, country kitchens, gardens.

‘La Ballerina’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 15 minutes) Xerotics distributes this short video it credits to ‘Real Tears Productions,’ and filmed in the glass-walled studio we have seen many times for other producers, such as SpankedSchoolgirls, surely all affiliated.

Rosaleen Young is twirling about in a sky-blue tutu. She has some dance skills–ballet is on her resume as an actress, more of which skills we will see.

A familiar blond disciplinarian jumps her. Rosaleen is lazy, sloppy, spending too much time with the boys, and generally lacking the self-discipline associated with ballet. There is a cure for that.

The woman takes her OTK, the tutu skirt flips up by itself, and Rosaleen is spanked on the little blue panties which are part of the one-piece outfit. Surprisingly, she has some fading bruises and an errant cane stripe or two.

She doth protest of course, and exclamations of “you cruel witch” intensify the smacks.

Rosaleen bends over the back of a straight chair, in reasonable ballet elegance, panties bunched for the strap.

Here comes the cane. Rosaleen stands in another pose for about 8 strokes, quite hard we thought.

“Take your clothes off.” “I…I don’t want you to see my body.” The tutu is one-piece and off and Rosaleen is quite naked, the diminutive pink vision with the feminine hips. Another pose nude, for a dozen cane snaps which should produce some stripes soon.

The film concludes with naked Ms. Young doing some turns, in just her ballet shoes This is a screen capture, another virtually perfect illustration of the sweet assets of this model.

‘Bath Time For Rossy’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 10 minutes) A typically simple exercise, mild spanking, and the usual celebration of ‘Rosaleen Young’s’ lithe and adolescent body.

‘Miss Gillian Lancer,’ a practiced female disciplinarian for hire, stopped by for this shoot; we’ll guess these CP producers’ studios were not far apart. Rosaleen is coaxed into the bath tub; G-L pulls off her top for her–no bra, the fortunate body of a post-teenager who can market it for fashion shots for years to come. G-L is puzzled at the panties Rosaleen wears, like boys’ jockeys with buttons. But Rosaleen likes them.

Roz is going to get a spanking, now. She bends over the tub and G-L smacks her panties, then pulls them down. We never tire of this trim little body, and from the way Ms. Young poses and preens from time to time, we suspect she is reading her reviews.

G-L turns on the water, Rosaleen climbs in and complains it is cold, and we are now assured of an important part of the British fetish–the wet bottom. G-L fetches a slipper, which Rosaleen doesn’t like the sight of. She has to stand up in the tub and lean against the tiled backboard, for more spanking and another chance to display her now glistening body.

G-L helps her out with a towel, providing leisurely frontals of a tended Mohawk, including a carefully framed and infrequent zoom. It’s not like we didn’t know she has one, it’s just nice to see it now and then. Rosaleen dresses in the bathroom, G-L interrupts again and has her lie across the toilet for more spanking. All we needed was an enema here. Maybe someday.

‘Boyfriend’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 3 minutes) Rosaleen Young’s girlfriend/roommate ‘Victoria’ jumps her for flirting with her boyfriend; despite Roz’s claim that Victoria is so cold that her boyfriend is up for grabs, she gets a spanking, very brief, on her white satin teddy.

‘Black Pen’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 19 minutes) Rosaleen Young, in full adolescent regalia of matching pale blue skirt and top, knee socks, maryjanes, and two long bouncing ponytails, and with a sheepish look on her face–a specialty of hers, walks down an exterior corridor of what looks like a motel or apartment complex. (We’re reminded, these CP producers are aware of, erotic scenes at NUWEST and CALSTAR of girls walking to their spanking doom to a motel door.) She knocks on the door and is admitted–she has been expected and she knows what is coming.

An older and severely coiffed woman, ‘Miss Parker,’  has admitted her. Some brief conversation–apparently Rosaleen turned in some homework with black ink instead of blue ink. This seems to be a punishable offense, or at least it provides the pretext for whatever relationship this is. Is this woman her teacher, her guardian, or a predator circling? As this most interesting little film develops, it would appear this lady’s primary goal is getting at Ms. Young’s bottom.

The woman places a chair and Rosaleen submissively goes OTK. Blue plaid skirt up, little white red-trimmed panties. A crisp handspanking brings color immediately. Panties down.

Rosaleen kneels erect on a straight chair, to receive one of the longest canings we can recall for her. We wonder how they were able to film this. In this kneeling position, she takes about 10 strokes on the bare, panties at the top of her thighs. Loud squawk.

The woman needs to switch to another cane, for no reason we detected. (Hurting too much?) Still in this kneeling position, Rosaleen takes at least 40 more strokes; there may have been repeats, but she was wiggling, shouting, very active, to such an extent that it would have been a challenge to splice in duplicates. No matter–very colorful and perfectly filmed, seamless transitions from one camera to the next. Wild marks on her bottom and thighs.

There is that delightful discussion on what the last stroke must be, and it is–the hardest, jerking Rosaleen to a straightened posture. Maybe our favorite film by RY so far.

‘Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls’ (; F/f; time: 10 minutes) Rosaleen frolics in schoolgirl kit, flipping through a book ‘Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls’ that she found in Elizabeth Simpson’s bedroom. She is rubbing her crotch on the bed as she reads.

Simpson catches her. Rosaleen is amused by the whole thing. She is taken OTK, kilt up, black panties down. Session complete.

Rosaleen returns and finds that the book has been left behind. When she is caught with it again, the die is cast. Elizabeth has a strap. “This isn’t fair. You set me up.” Hard to blame her, with a bottom like that in the house.

‘Fraternity Paddle (F/f; time: 6 minutes). An older ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ confronts Rosaleen Young, who is holding a full-size fraternity paddle. Sarah wears schoolmarm’s robes; Rosaleen has been fooling with the boys and staying out late.

“I let them spank me,” she says. So Ms. Lewis will extend the fantasy, and in short order Rosaleen is bent over an easy chair, taking loud full shots of the paddle on her jeans. As usual, Ms. Young is a tad melodramatic, but she has always allowed fairly rigorous spankings.

Rosaleen drops her jeans and slowly peels her white panties off her bottom, which is always the moment to wait for. More paddling on the bare to conclude this brief exercise.

‘Hot Cheeks’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 17 minutes) Rosaleen stands in front of a fireplace, looking as close to illegal as we have seen her. The CP actress ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ made a number of films with her and here she take Rosaleen OTK for a conventional handspanking. Rosaleen takes down her patented short-shorts.

At the hearth, hands-on-head, zoom in on a red bottom. Elizabeth gets a very large ‘slipper.’ “Oh no, I can’t take that on the bare.” Unusual frontals from Ms. Young here.

Elizabeth brings her cane–about a dozen entertaining strokes on the bare, hands on the mantel.

‘My Room’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 5 minutes) A short film featuring two classic and iconic CP film actresses, ‘Niki Flynn’ with Rosaleen. The girls play step-sisters; Niki’s short hair is a deep dark red here.

The girls playfully tussle on the bed, having some game as to just whose room this is. Niki has arrived in the house and intends to take over the room. Rosaleen is wearing just white panties and a colored bra. Niki gets her OTK, her panties down. for a brief but effective spanking. “My room, my bed, my rules.” she says. She rakes her fingernails gently on Rosaleen’s bare bottom.

We think this is the first film we have seen where Ms. Flynn as the Top. She certainly knows how it should be done. This exercise was just too brief to explore the possibilities. We can’t find it in anyone’s filmography.

‘Phone Bill’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 6 minutes) A brief little film made in a take or two of a scantily clad Rosaleen Young lolling on a bed, hugging her ‘Bobby Bunny,’ running up the bill on a Princess phone land line.

The whole purpose of the exercise is just to watch her undulate on the white sheets, not pornographic and yet very much so. The familiar older woman enters, terminates the call and scolds a squirming Rosaleen OTK for running up a 500 pd bill. Her little shorts come down.

When the spanking concludes, Rosaleen calls a friend on a little cell phone. “You’ll never guess what happened.” Whose plan is that phone on?

‘Pillow Fight’ (Xerotics; F/2f; time: 15 minutes) CP Queen ‘Niki Flynn’ made a few short films with co-queen Rosaleen Young, where she plays an equal role. In these films, where she does not occupy the full screen as often, she seems smaller and more fragile. But there is no alteration of her enthusiasm and our desire to see her get a proper smacking.

Niki and Rosaleen engage in an adolescent pillow fight on a bed they share, the scene for which is featured in other films in this series, ‘My Room’ being one. They wear pajamas. Rosaleen the two-piece flannel type and Niki shorties. Their hilarity is interrupted by a school official, who looks and sounds like a svelt ‘Jean Bradley.’

Such a racket! Jean shows the girls the slipper she brought. Instant silence and decorum. Rosaleen will be spanked first, Jean soon has the pj bottoms down, which is all you can think of when you see a waif like Ms. Young wearing drawstring flannels. Spectator Niki is pulled out of the corner for her turn. Zoom on Rosaleen’s red bottom as an aside. Brief teasing frontals as the girls move about.

After the girls are left alone, there is more pillow fighting and a cut into a scene where Jean is in the process of spanking both bare bottoms at once. This film is mild stuff compared to what both actresses have done.

‘Pool Drenching’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 15 minutes) A cunning idea, in that you know where this film is going from the opening shot. Rosaleen Young, again appearing so tiny in a large setting, cowers on the floor beside an indoor lap pool we have seen used in several films.

Another school situation–Rosaleen wears a green blazer with crest, red sweater, blue skirt, tie, blouse, and we will see what else. A teacher approaches her, ‘Jean Bradley’; again, we think. She will be spanked here, at the pool.

Jean makes her toe the edge of the pool and spread her legs 3′ apart, for “balance,” which she will need. Skirt up–we can’t see because Rosaleen faces us, mild cane snaps, one of which tips her and Rosaleen does a rather athletic half-gainer into the pool, fully clothed. Very competent–she could have just fallen in the water.

Rosaleen climbs out and the position is retaken, skirt off, into the water, out, more clothes come off. Cute drowned rat/wet T-shirt look. We finally get down to just full white panties, soaked to expose flashes of her Mohawk. The longest spanking comes in this sexy undress, just wet panties.

When the teacher is satisfied, she leaves, and Rosaleen pulls her panties down to cool her bottom in the water, hardly necessary but fun.

‘Pool Punishment’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) The same indoor pool scene; Rosaleen is on an exercise bicycle. A woman attends to her, spanking her on her warmup pants as she pedals.

Harder spanking, pedal faster, Rosaleen’s two ponytails are flying. After the session, she climbs off and drops her pants to see what marks were made. She takes off her sweats and is now wearing a pink bikini. More posing around the pool and an impressive back flip into the water from a standing start. The woman straps and handspanks her on the pool edge. We were disappointed Ms. Young did not ride this particular bike naked.

‘Red White and Blue’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 11 minutes) Rosaleen in a Parisian Apache dance outfit of striped jersey and beret, still looking easily under-aged and not like a cabaret dancer, finds some money in a purse, and stuffs, where else in a CP film, it in her panties.

She is in an office, or home, or somewhere, when the girl whose money she pilfered catches her and the spanking begins. “Do you want this job?” When her blue lace panties come down, as they must, the money pops out.

Silly squeals. Bend over for a paddle–Ms. Young knows how to lock her knees, spread her legs, and thrust her buttocks out. The money is stuffed in her mouth to quell the noise.

‘Rosaleen Chastised’ (Xerotics; F/f; time:7 minutes) Also named ‘Make Thy Bed.’ More brief byplay from the Young catalogue; she plays an impetuous young Mistress, in dispute with a maid who she thinks is tardy in tending to her. At least here she titillates you to hope she does in fact get her bottom tanned. The ‘maid’ has gotten control of Rosaleen’s father’s tottering estate, or some such leverage, so that the maid can turn on and spank the naughty Mistress.

In a Victorian setting, down come her bloomers, for a mild caning, and modesty again intact.

‘Rosaleen in the Studio’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 13 minutes) Ms. Young, in a white cocktail dress and not much else, undulates in various poses for a female photographer. She needs no encouragement to assume some naughty postures, this being another film for the actress to merchandise her nifty wares. “Show your bum,” she hardly has to be asked.

The photographer discovers Rosaleen has helped herself to some of her own clothes in the dressing room, and somehow this merits a spanking. After a faux-tussle, Rosaleen is OTK, dress up, only a thong, and maneuvered into the wheelbarrow position, where both buttocks can be smacked.

For some reason the photographer keeps rearranging Ms. Young’s thong. It would be easier if she would just take it off! “You want your dress back?” Rosaleen is cussing, and drops it in anger.

The photographer gets a strap, Rosaleen bends over a chair. The 5’2″ actress knows how to loom large center screen, by locking her knees and sticking her bottom out.

Several straps and fades. Now the photographer (and maybe Ms. Young) has achieved the goal, and the photographer begins rapidly snapping shots. “Show me your bottom.”

‘Rosaleen Young-Interview’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Peters’ interviews Rosaleen from off-camera for her own website,  maybe CANEDANGELS. Since Ms. Young retired about 2005, this is a dated film. As to retired CP stars, we can imagine a statutory limit to just how many spankings a girl would want to take, and we picture them scattered around pools with sultans in the Middle East.

Rosaleen is out of her saucy spankable persona here, a professional CP actress and businesswoman, and not the cute schoolie. But that isn’t fair. No revelations in her remarks, although her sideline into BDSM seems to be referenced. She says she is going to try “upside down caning” in a future film. Haven’t seen that one.

‘In School’  (XEROTICS; F/f; time: 11 minutes) Rosaleen is confronted by the Headmistress, to whom Rosaleen  has delivered a written complaint from teachers about rude things she has been saying. The Headmistress is a familiar domme with a Welsh accent. We’re not good at the accents for the British Isles.

Ms. Young wears a green gingham-print dress and acts about as cheeky and spankable as we have seen her. The Head is going to get to matters right now. OTK, skirt up, regulation white panties, Rosaleen’s usual squawks.

Stand, bend over at the couch, the Head pulls down the panties. “What are you doing?’ Rosaleen gets the strap, and the way her cheeky photogenic bottom shines on this overly lit set, you want the Headmistress to lean into it. She won’t hold position. When she calls the Head a ‘bitch’ and an ‘old cow,’ the spanking continues OTK.

“Next time it will be the cane.” “That’s illegal.” “Not in this private school.”

‘Seeing Red’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) More conventional soft porn for Ms. Young to display her lithe assets. We just read on one of the entertaining spanking blogs that her bottom seems to have been shaped for the paddle. Concur. Here, she lies on a bed, her hair in two long pigtails, wearing just red pantyhose and a bra.

A female comes in and is disturbed to see small holes in the “tights.” “Do you know how much these tights cost?” We guess she doesn’t, because the spanking begins. Tights down, bare bottom but for the modesty thong. The lady cuts the bottom out of the ruined tights, now making them one of those naughty fetish catalogue items, fun to be worn at parties in expectation of later.

Roz’s  friend has a studded strap, a notch above previous implements. Bra off, yet another strap. Conventional, fashion-oriented stuff.

‘Turquoise’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 7 minutes) A trifle if you are a hardcore, but a diversion if you salute the trim little body and adolescent demeanor of Ms. Rosaleen Young. Here she cavorts in a turquoise body suit in front of the mandatory fixture for all British CP films, the fireplace and mantel.

A familiar brunette, Elizabeth Simpson,  smacks her bottom as she takes ballet poses, and after a few minutes of this, she peels down the suit to inspect the results, pink and round.

‘Mary Queen of Scots’  (F/f; time: 5 minutes) Rosaleen has her voluminous Victorian skirts pulled up (no panties or bloomers) and is whipped on her bare bottom, lying on pillows on a bed. “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

‘Weightlifting’ (F/f; time:6 minutes) Rosaleen in an exercise room with the CP actress ‘Brigella,’who will spank her in various postures on the weightlifting press bench. She wears her signature short-shorts, and is all squeals and pigtails as Briggy gets at her bottom in various ways.

The concluding posture is doubled over the barbell.

‘Wet Knickers’ (Xerotics; F/f; time:8 minutes) An entertaining iteration on how to find oneself with wet knickers. Rosaleen wears a simple pink house dress and sits in a puddle of spilled water on a chair in the laundry room.

‘Elizabeth Simpson’ discovers this and seizes on the opportunity by accusing Rosaleen of pissing herself. “Stupid girl!” The dress has to come off and gets tossed right in the washer. Rosaleen wears only light blue panties, which are wet and transparent.

OTK, handspanking, kneel on a chair. Rosaleen stands and peels down the panties stuck to her. Back on the chair, Elizabeth finds a little leather paddle, right there in the laundry room. After the spanking, Rosaleen is set to work tidying up, her panties rolled down to the top of her thighs, her front covered.

Niki Flynn – Collected Shorts #2

14 Sep

‘English School’ (FIRMHAND) 26 episodes with Samantha Woodley reviewed elsewhere.

‘Hot Seat’ feature length from SHADOWLANE reviewed elsewhere.

‘Music Lesson’ (Northern Spanking; F/f; time: 12 minutes) Niki in her charcoal grey schoolgirl outfit, goofing off when she should be practicing her recorder. ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ enters the room and will correct matters immediately with a paddle. Niki hangs her head like she always does at the prospect of an impending spanking.

Gillian Lancer takes her OTK for a straightforward handspanking, full white panties. Nothing special, except for the two legendary CP actors. G-L spanks precisely and crisply, as always. Some paddle added. She’s doing some damage, we will see.

Gillian Lancer directs Niki to lean over the back of a chair. Note two tiny bloodstains on her full white panties, which come down–there are the skin pops. One of the harder handspankings in our catalogue. Niki kneels on the school cloakroom bench at the conclusion to display her bottom.

‘Pray For Your Sins’ (Xerotics; F/3f; time: 25 minutes) A medium length film, only a part featuring Ms. Flynn’s busy bottom. We have reviewed the longer films where she is the featured tush as separate pieces, the SHADOWLANE, LUPUS, and STRICTLYENGLISH productions.

Here is another film which combines religious guilt with corporal punishment. Three girls in schoolgirl kit, individually confess their sexual desires to Sister Mary, a fully habited nun with a Lily Tomlin visage, who has surely heard this before and knows exactly what needs to be done.

The first brunette confesses. Sister Mary helps her to bend over and lower her white knickers, then gives her a conventional mild handspanking and caning, including a long contemplation of her frontal nudity. The girl recites the Rosary as the spanking proceeds. She is left in prayer.

Niki enters next, in her short reddish hair period. Same confession of erotic thoughts. She hands Sister Mary her skirt and knickers. The nun bends her over and throws her sweater over her head so she can’t see what the nun is doing. That bruise over her left buttock, fading, is still there; one of these days we will find the film where she got it. We doubt she fell ice skating at the Wollman Rink. Because she can’t see the cane coming, she flinches when she hears the practice swoosh, a gesture Ms. Flynn excelled at. Standard spanking and caning. She is also left to pray.

A small blonde will be treated differently. She is spanked while on all-fours. “Kiss the Lord’s strap.” This posture shows a full view of her pussy and tramp stamp. When she is left alone after the punishment, she says the Lord’s Prayer, and her self-examination of her bottom becomes masturbation. We hoped Sister Mary would walk back in on this.

‘Private Education’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) Niki with Gillian-Lancer, or Hastings-Gore. Niki in her grey school outfit. Both actresses are older here. Gillian-Lancer wears a cap and gown and is scolding Niki, who chews her nails and does her shy gestures.

Gillian-Lancer takes her OTK, skirt up, white panties down. Standard stuff. A blond student gets the same spanking. Niki bare bottom at the wall.

Niki is spanked again with a slipper then both girls touch toes, or try to, for the slipper.

‘Schoolgirl Discipline’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Another brief Niki Flynn film collected from somewhere. We’ll eventually figure it out and amend here. She is in the familiar classroom with the familiar ‘Miss Gillian Lancer,’ who plays the usual schoolteacher. Niki wears her familiar charcoal grey schoolgirl kit. When you contract with Niki, along comes the charcoal grey.

Niki fidgets before an angry Gillian Lancer arrives, not a good thing if you are one of her students. Scolding for poor work; “You think you’ve got special station (as an American)…I’ll give you special station!”

Bend over the desk, G-L flips her skirt up, full white panties, handspanking. “Knickers down!” orders G-L. Niki does her shocked look. That bruise she carries from studio to studio is still there. She is quite shaved, we see, as she jumps around.

G-L has a strap. “Oh, no, Miss!” Conventional, with Flynn one of the best.

‘Senior Girl Discipline’ (F/4f; time: 21 minutes) A producer we cannot identify so far, maybe ‘NORTHERNSPANKING.’ If you like religious overtones and nuns gone awry, this one goes on your shelf.

Four schoolgirls, one of them ‘Niki Flynn,’ are lined up for a nun, who is wearing full habit. The girls wear the grey schoolgirl kit, which makes us think this is all the more like a NORTHSPANKING oeuvre. Further, the nun, disguised in full costume, sounds very much like ‘Jean Bradley.’ The set is the painted Mediterranean Riveria balcony mural, like a pizza restaurant.

‘Sister Mary’ begins the festivities she will generate by having the girls recite a collective ‘Our Father.’ First, our wayward nun wants an “inspection.” The girls must open their blouses and display their boobs. The nun examines and comments on each girl, and for Niki and a blonde, she pulls away their offensive non-regulation bras, commenting on too many trips to the sweet shop for them. OK for us, though.

The “inspection” continues; the queued girls turn, raise their skirts, and display full white panties. Sister walks down the line and pulls down each pair. She smacks a few bottoms, then has the girls pull their cheeks apart with their own hands. Presumably this is a sanitary check, but we’re not sure any more about this nun.

Now Sister Mary will strap each girl. Each girl must step back, bend and touch toes, and gets a dozen or so hard smacks with a tawse, sharp enough to to extend with repeats. Niki still has that yellow bruise on her left buttock from some other film. They all cry out.

The fourth girl in the row, a blonde, is ordered to drop to her knees and lick between the legs of the first girl, a curly brunette, in a surprisingly long scene, and slurpy. We guess the girls were caught en flagrante.

And finally, the bottoms will be displayed for 2 hours. Niki’s role is minor…she usually is featured and probably paid more.

‘Truth Hurts’ (Xerotics; F/f; time: 13 minutes) Ms. Flynn in the same classroom, again having to deal with Miss Gillian-Lancer, who takes great pleasure in sliding knickers down. Niki is in her usual schoolgirl kit. Miss G. is brandishing a paddle.

Niki bends over school desk, skirt up, full white panties. Handspanking first, squeals,Panties down; Niki has been required to hold the paddle and now we use it.

Over the desk again for the cane, about 6 strokes. Gillian-Lancer is quite good with the cane, short, very hard snaps which always get a response from the first stroke. Very much the ‘Miss Brown’ school. Here, she leaves white lines which ripen to stripes. Niki apologizes, for anything she can think of, just stop this caning.

‘White Slipper’ (Xerotics; M/2f; time: 7 minutes) Niki plays the fidgety schoolgirl, in her charcoal gray outfit. She is waiting for someone.

This must be the punishment room. In blows the male teacher. “Morning, girls…what are you here for?” Niki has done something, “a slippering offense.” Without any more discussion, she bends over the vaulting horse, the teacher pulls her knickers down and goes to work with a white tennis shoe. There’s that famous brave bottom.

A very short redhead student is slippered next. The teacher notices bruises from her last spanking.

Punishment Chair – SPANK-CHRISTINA

29 Jul

F/2f; year: 2005; time: 17 minutes

More spankings in a familiar classroom, seen in a number of productions. We’ll have to investigate to see if is a collection of films of an earlier time. The performances have a classic British schoolgirl theme.

Miss Gillian-Lancer stands at a lectern and addresses an unseen assembly. Two girls stand in front of the group. They will be given a session in the ‘punishment chair,’ a straight-back wooden bar-stool height chair with a footrest.

The first girl steps up on the footrest, leans over, Gillian-Lancer flips her skirt up and pulls her panties down for a conventional spanking. The second girl gets the same treatment.

In the next phase, Gillian uses a large rattan rug beater, the largest we have seen, big enough to cover the entire girls’ buttocks. She doesn’t hit hard with it, but it causes some reaction.

For the final phase, she threatens with a large clothes brush but decides to have the girls spank each other, with the usual threat of what will happen to them if they don’t turn-to. She points to spots on buttocks which need attention. As the girls move back and forth to take their turns, their knickers have fallen and hobble them at their ankles.