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Prison Canings – MISSMARCHMONT

8 Jul

2M/3f; year: 2004; time: 48 minutes

Spankings in future England; Great Britain has reinstituted corporal punishment in its prisons, a salacious fantasy found in some early videos. Here, female prisoners receive a much more piquant version of the ‘Welcome’  found in ‘Nell of Bridewell.’

A stark, edgy setting looks like a real prison. Two athletic hard-looking male guards, properly uniformed, not in Halloweeen gear we’ve seen in Rigid East or Mood, will inititate two new prisoners and discipline a third, in gruff boot camp style. Hard Days’ Work.

Newbie ‘Carole Johnson’ is hustled in first, a punky pink-blonde with body jewelry, manacled at wrists and ankles, exquisitely helpless. She is stripped hastily and roughly and stands stiff and nude, mug-shot like, hands on head, facing us. She has a solid sexy body but is not going to turn her back to us until later. A  guard snaps on rubber gloves the way you do it in these films and gives her a less-than-gentle body and cavity search. Johnson puts on a prison uniform, is rechained, and marched to her cell, to be dealt with later. We are as eager as she is frightened.

The second new prisoner, ‘Katherine Mitchell,’ gets the same harsh procedure. She has a wondewrful tearful, frightened, troubled countenance, a combination of acting and makeup. She is a blonde pontytail, with a patch of tawny fuzz. The nude mug shot scene is memorable. She tries to bribe her way out of her punishment and provides the guard some (implied) oral sex. A bit of detail would have been nice to see, but we understand the law.

It is time for Johnson’s caning. She is brought to the punishment stool and freezes when she sees the strap and cane. This essential moment in all institutional punishments is just a second in duration, but is done to perfection. Her chains are removed, she drops her uniform pants and panties, and she is ritualistically fastened over an ordinary wide-based stool, at the wrists, knees, and ankles. Her back is pinned down with velcro straps. Bottom-high, bare, and ready. The guard first taunts and measures, then lays on fifteen hard strokes. Welts and wheals materialize even as we watch closeups.  The second guard holds her miserable face up to the camera by her punky hair, as if she were a show-dog being  judged. She is released, re-manacled, and led off, bare bottom, to sleep on the floor.

Mitchell is next on the guards’  schedule. She too shrinks at the sight of the stool. Pants off, over she goes and is fastened. This ritual rattling of chains, straps, knots, accompanied by worried, fearful glances from the helpless victim, provide  theatrical, skin-tightening tension, done so well by LUPUS and MOOD. Her crisp white tight panties are left in place but are now ceremoniously ripped off and stuffed in her mouth. “It will help you to chew on these.” Both these girls’ bottoms were worth the wait to see. She is caned just as fiercely as Johnson and and is made to stare into the guard’s face as the strokes fall. We read in her plaintive eyes bewilderment as to why this is happening after the service she provided the guard. He gets to lie and she gets to pay.

The third punishment is forAlice Davis. She has been caned before. She sees a bundle of birches leaning against the wall. “No, sir, not the birch, sir.” She is released from her chains, stripped of her jeans, and roughly fastened bare over the stool. The birches are indeed fearsome to behold. Not a bouquet of nettle-like twigs, but in fact five or six long spiked branches–in effect, a half-dozen thin canes, all in one. Davis takes eight solid strokes; there are substantially widely spaced marks immediately. She cries out, gasps, cusses involuntarily, and huffs and puffs throughout the punishment. We agree it is the most impressive birching we have seen and it couldn’t have been allowed to go on much longer. Davis desperately begs forgiveness at seven strokes. She is released, remanacled, led off, bare from the waist down. “Take her to solitary. You and I may have something to do.” She groans because she knows this means she is getting a visit.

The Way of a Man and a Maid – MISSMARCHMONT

28 May

M/f; time:44 minutes

A maid wears her apron and nothing else; actors Karl Strong and Leia Ann Woods play out a naughty relationship on the dining room and kitchen floors. Strong, as ‘Lord Malthorn,’ with his shaven-head, drill sergeant demeanor, has his maid Leia helpless. She wears just an apron–no bra,  no panties, and this is her master’s playtime. She kneels before him, shining his shoes, while he prods her with his riding crop. Ms. Woods has always played the subjugated creature as well as anyone.

At his direction, she slides over his boot and pleasures herself on his foot, hidden by her apron, very sexy, back and forth. She kneels erect, elbows on the table, he handspanks her–the apron covers nothing. Her bottom is already quite red, as if there were a prequel to this film.

On the cold stone floor, kneeling mostly naked, head to the floor, he crops her pussy, knees apart. Leia is totally submissive. Kneel up, Strong pulls her apron down, plays with her breasts, slaps her face, and makes her hold his crop between her teeth, like a dog.

Strong fondles and probes as Leia remains prostrate in front. We can’t help wondering when the maid will be ordered to open the lord’s britches.

Into the kitchen, Leia works on the floor with a scrub brush, bottom up, an obligatory scene in every maid/spanking story. Strong will string her up here. Fast with the knots, he secures her wrists, throws the rope over an open beam, and cinches it to a stove handle, pulling her tightly erect,  but not torture. Spanking and fondling, he rips away her superfluous little apron so that she is naked. Leia quivers as he spanks and crops and twirls her to provide frontals. We are amused at her one-piece bathing suit tan in this Victorian story.


13 May

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Prison ‘intake,’  to a new level; a very brief exercise, every second is piquant. Set in London, 1895, a sweet-looking blonde is sent to Newgate Prison, where hellos and goodbyes are done with a cane. The girl begs her guard to be let off; he is a pevert, he makes her pee in a can in front of us, then “I’ll be back for your ride on the horse at 9 AM.” 

The blonde is convincing in prison shift, shackles and chains, hair cropped, and a sad helpless countenance behind barred doors and a setting reasonably authentic, rather than a high school drama club cardboard set.

The guard checks his supply of canes and the “horse,” yet another creative design entrant for the Museum of Spanking. It is a large barrel-shaped leather or cloth device, off the ground on a short pole, like a spring-loaded rocking horse in a playground. It is squat and wide, with knee positions to pull the girl’s legs open as she lies forward as if she were a jockey.

The guard practices cane strokes, slashing the horse where the buttocks are going to be. The girl enters and watches fearfully as the guard whacks a few more preparatory cuts. The blonde is directed to pull off her shift and is left wearing a sort of bustier, but very erotic,with no panties or bra. With resignation, she climbs into position, spreads her knees and lies forward for fastening.

Her ankles, knees, waist, small of back, and wrists are strapped down, and quickly, with less rattling and fanfare than some of MM’s competitors. Very erotic again. we needed to slow down at this point. Her high bare bottom brightens the cell-like scene.

With a “Welcome to Newgate” announcement, the guard lays on 18 legitimate, full-swing strokes. The blonde begins to howl after three or four strokes; her bonds are spaced just right and loose enough to allow her bottom to thrash and surge between strokes, adding measurable intensity to the caning. Perfect closeups; mean but not brutal red wheals, and distinct unhappiness. And the guard was not stupid to have her pee before she mounted.

It only takes a few minutes and she is released with a “same when you leave” notice when her three-month sentence is up and her stripes will have faded.

Miss Birch’s Study–Part 3 – MISSMARCHMONT

8 May

F/mf; time:  59 minutes

Part 3 of producer Nina Birch’s spanking fantasies, beautifully made, camera work which catches every follicle, our first co-educational bare bottom spanking scene. Nina plays a headmistress in a conventional classroom setup at Brichwood Academy, London, with every detail attended to. This is a longer review–the film is longer and it is difficult to omit describing so many surprising segments.

Miss Birch calls in Peter Clark–is he a teacher or an aide?–dressed a bit improbably in tie, matching blazer, and boyshorts. It seems he has been paying attention “more to your girls than to your homework.” And Nina has dealt with him before. “I’ve speent too much time dealing with your bottom.” She takes him OTK and soon he stands to remove his boyshorts to expose white jockey shorts. He covers his genitals, where something appears to be happening. Back OTK, Nina tugs down the jockeys and spanks hard on the bare; both are quite facile in the process.

The segment completed, Peter stands, keeps himself covered and gets his shorts back up. There is an additional transgression to be dealt with. For raiding the supply cabinet without permission, Nina slaps his palms with a heavy ruler, which procedure is depicted as dreaded and painful in all these fantasies. His effeminate cries of pain belie the behavior he will demonstrate later. Nina brandishes the cane but he is let off for now.

The second segment involves a student–actress Rachel Lloyd, the tall charming short-haired brunette, whose flaired hips are unmistakable even when she is fully dressed. In Marchmont style, her school uniform is exacting in its detail. Nina is suitably stern as the headmistress. “Appaently you are just fascinated with boys.” Her blazer off, OTK for her. Nina noted her “very short skirt,”  which almost exposes her panties as her bottom arches OTK, and we haven’t even started yet. She is a dramatic lapful. Skirt up, “non-regulation” black panties soon down, a lovely mole on her left thigh must be entertaining. “A stinging bare bottom is the only way to get through to you.”

After Nina does a very detailed buttocks inspection, Rachel stands, Nina pulls her pants up for her, and she learns she was caught wearing nail polish last week. This earns the tawse on the palms. Rachel falls back when she sees it–“No…” At the conclusion of this session, Rachel dresses, must face the wall, hands on head, skirt up, panties back down. A  charming closeup of her reddened bottom, with a Shakespeare bust on the desk in the foreground, will remain in your memory.

In the next segment, Rachel is back in the headmisstress’ office. “It’s not fair, I haven’t done anything wrong.” She is accused, with an accomplice, of bullying other students. Over the desk, blazer off, jumper-dress raised, she is handspanked on panties. Sophisticated garter belt and stockings. Nina needs something “harder,” a long strap on her pants. “Stick it out.” Hard rhythmic strokes–no pulling of punches at Marchmont. Nina needs to know who her confederate is in the bullying.

Pants down for the tawse. it is getting tough. She confesses, it’s Peter Clark! In perhaps the best cornering of a spanked bottom we have ever seen, Rachel must pin a coin against the wall with her nose, bottom bare, hands behind back, skirt tucked up.

Clark is summoned and can’t miss Rachel’s red cheeks. He is accused and tries to blame Rachel. Nina: “I’m going to put you in a humiliating position like your friend here.” First, he must hold heavy textbooks on his palms, arms outstretched. (Check Vida Garman in ‘College Classics #3’ for the last word on how to depict this). Ms. Birch is not shy–she pulls up the legs of his shorts and slaps bare thighs when his arms sag. At this point Rachel lets the coin clatter to the floor.

Both must bend over the desk; Rachel is bare and Clark is down to jockey shorts, a first for us. Without hesitation Nina pulls down Clark’s shorts and seems all too familiar with it. His bottom is muscular. She is going to give the both of them a slippering, the thick sole-shaped slab of leather designed just for the purpose of a sizzling spanking. She alternates bottoms; and they color quickly. It is a fearsome instrument. To conclude, she shows them the cane. “Oh, no, Miss.”

Peter stands and recovers his shorts to protect his modesty and hide any excitement he might be experiencing. Nina and Rachel: “Take your clothes off now, except for your underwear.” Over the desk again, the camera holds a perfect closeup of her perfect bottom as she takes at least 20 legitimate full-swing strokes–the stripes materialize, repeats are not evident, Nina fondles with care between strokes, and Rachel gasps in quiet desperation.

It’s Peter’s turn. “You’re going to receive a severe caning–take off that tie and shirt.” Over the desk in just his jockeys, carefully positioned. Ms. Birch gets his shorts down. At least 25 rousing strokes–she draws some blood. “Stop sniveling. Keep still and stick it out.” Nina positions Rachel so her striped bottom is also on-screen.

Side-by-side bare bottoms. Still not satisfied, she gives them four more each. They thought they were finished. Rachel is sent back to class, naked in the halls, clothes bundled. “Oh, no,” she utters, to this last humiliation. Nina has other plans for Peter. They embrace–his jockey shorts are at half-mast and her hands are wandering. She whispers: “You’re sure you haven’t told anyone what we do?”

He helps her undress to bra and panties and begins a spanking which is clearly a prelude to more activities.


My Fantasies: Impressing the Boss Pt 2 Nina Birch – MISS MARCHMONT

1 May

M/2f; time: 1 hr 14 minutes

Actresses Nina Birch and Rachel Lloyd play out the fantasy of being punished in your office by your boss. There are many erotic versions of this theme, where young ladies wrestle with the big choice, when confronted with their tardiness, incompetence, or disrespect. One of our favorites is CALSTAR’s  ‘Railway Office Spankings.’

The Boss here confronts Nina and Rachel in an office, the set is no more than a folding table/desk in an open room. Both girls are competing for what they think is one glamorous job in New York. The Boss is going to take advantage of his leverage to see how far they are prepared to go to get the job. In fact, we hear in a phone call that the Boss has TWO jobs in New York and that he is just going to have his fun with them. He will achieve that, we hope you’ll agree.

The girls have seen his spanking magazines about and know he fancies girls’ bottoms. To decide “which of you is most committed,” he suggests “a method I have used before…a CP session.” The girls grudgingly admit they know what that is and agree to proceed. Trap set, cage door open.

The Boss feels their bottoms–the girls are beautifully dressed with typical MARCHMONT detail as if they were actually interviewing, rather than some tarty office outfits seen elsewhere. He gently bends Nina over his desk and works his hand upskirt between  her thighs. Same feel for Rachel, then jackets off.

Nina is first OTK, a slow erotic fondling and handspanking. The Boss is going to drag this out. Skirt up, black panties, Nina gets sweet facials from the camera, here and throughout. This is just a preliminary, a reconnaissance. Rachel is next  OTK, the same exploration.

The Boss steps out of the room and the girls check the state of each other’s bottoms and unbutton each other’s blouses to check breasts. The Boss returns and is delighted with their progress and asks them to take off those blouses.

Side-by-side over the desk, skirts bunched up at their waists, the Boss slaps their bottoms with a leather “slipper,” a chunk of sole-shaped hide manufactured just for human bottoms. The slipper–it is an effective little devil, rings loud and both girls yelp. “Oh, that really stings,”  says Nina.

The Boss directs Nina to slipper Rachel. “If you hold back it will reflect.” They switch. Nina’s bottom is pleasingly red and we applaud her skill at facing the camera as she is spanked.

Next, what? “The strap, sir.” Nina is first to bend over. The Boss gets a leisurely frig in before he starts. Rachel switches. The Boss keeps up a light conversation with these two mostly naked girls who are gradually getting a major workout. Even under this pressure these British models can construct sentences as if they were at the British Museum, as opposed to the trash talk we hear during American paddlings.

Both girls agree to take off their rolled up skirts, then their panties, providing a leisurely frontal pose. Rachel straps Nina, then the Boss and Nina each take a cheek and handspank Rachel. Such a melee this is. Next–this must have stung, she gets the strap on one side and the slipper on the other.

The Boss picks up the cane and the girls know he is reaching the moment of decision. Nina goes over first. “The amount of strokes you take directly affects whether you get the position.” Nina gasps and moans through almost 30 strokes. Great closeups, no repeats, loud echoing cries, and lines you can count. At about 27, Rachel wants to reprieve her. “She’s proved her worth.”

Rachel takes her place. Her strokes are much faster for some reason, but just as difficult. The Boss compares his two prizes at the conclusion and says he needs a few days to “think it over.” They are both going to get the New York jobs. Returning to London for sales meetings will be interesting for them.

Discipline Academy/My Fantasies Nina Birch Pt 1 – MISSMARCHMONT

24 Apr

F/f; time: 1 hr, 20 minutes

The actress, director, producer Nina Birch released three films of spanking fantasies–about school and office scenarios, some involving men in surprising situations. Here Ms. Birch acts out six spanking fantasies with another actress, named either ‘Miss Marcmont’ or ‘Miss Harper’; the video is subtitled ‘Discipline Academy, Strict Headmistress.’ The segments catalogue ritualized schoolgirl punishment behavior, positions, panty placement, language. 

I-Smoking Hot Bottom (8 minutes): Nina has been caught smoking at school. Miss Marchmont threatens her with a cane, but she first gets a hard handspanking, bent over a school desk in a barren classroom. Nina is a strong-looking, short-haired blonde in school blouse and plaid skirt. Her bottom is wide, soft, and firmly feminine, which is why she does this work. Marchmont bunches her pants and the reddening process begins. She gets more tonight at Detention.

II-Wandering Hands Are Sore Hands (14 minutes): Nina sits at detention, writing repetitive lines and playing with herself. Miss Marchmont catches her, smacks her palms with a ruler (“These hands don’t go down panties.”), then spanks her OTK, pants rolled to the top of her thighs. “I’ve caught you with your hand in your panties….you’re lucky I don’t have a cane with me.”  Reddening increases.

III- Testing Times (11 minutes): Nina sits at a simple classroom desk.  Miss Marchmont checks her poor work and uses a cane to point to the blackboard. “What you need is hard punishment.”  Nina bends over a desk and takes full-stroke  shots from a large monogramed fraternity paddle, large resoundng cracks which set her howling and produce circle bruises and a further rouging of her bare bottom.

IV-Vanity Unfair (15 minutes):  Nina must report to Miss Marchment; she’s been caught putting her hands in a boy’s pants; Miss Marchmont is going to put her hands in HER pants and ratchet the spankings up a few notches. Her lesbian-tinged supervision deosn’t take kindly to boys. Ruler on palms; very hard fast paddling bare bottom OTK with a hairbrush-sized very hard paddle–ouch. Panties all the way off, ruler and handsmacks on her thighs. “Just remember, there’s a cane in a minute….I’m going to giveyou 12 hard strokes.” Ritual posture over the back of a straight chair–12 strokes. Marchmont is very enamoured of Nina’s chiseled bottom.

V- Advantage Miss Harper (11 minutes): This is a lesbian encounter; the actress identified as Miss Marchmont above calls Nina in,decides to strip her in search of unauthorized jewelry. The search for “jewelry in strange parts of their bodies” leads to some spirited nipple tweaking and such a lusty frigging grope between Nina’s legs that you feel it yourself. “Nothing down there.” A few cracks with that inpressive small wood paddle; Nina keeps losing her clothes and is finally naked for the first time in the video. Harper: “Touch me very slowly.” Harper slowly undresses her, Nina fondles. They rub nipples.

VI- P.A. Punished (18 minutes): The last fantasy is unrelated to the school setting above and is set in an office. All of us in this spanking fetish have imagined this one., with some help from Hollywood.  A charming, sophisticated, elegantly dressed Nina sits in a baronial office setting. She has made some crucial errors. The solicitor she works for is furious (and clever!) and offers her the big choice–he throws paddles on her desk–quit or take a spanking.

Nina stares at the wood paddles and equivocates. The solicitor grabs her and pulls her OTK and begins a vigorous handspanking on the skirt of her blue suit. “Is this really necessary, sir?” Skirt up, panties bunched. “Does it sting?”  “Yes, sir.”

She squeals as the attorney hauls her panties down. “You feel embarrassed, your bare bottom on display?” Like he felt in court, unprepared because of her negligence. She stands, takes off her jacket and tries to cover her front before she must put her hands on her head. Very sexy, and the full fantasy of an office secretary spanking. She is perfectly dressed in suit, blouse, stockings, black garter belt, and matching underwear.

Up on a chair, kneeling for the hard little wood paddle with a coaster-sized hitting area, a real detailed stinger. And some strapping over his knee with his foot up on a chair, so that her legs kick free. The lawyer is surely having a fine morning.

A long private bottom rub closeup at the end. Ms. Birch goes on our list. And the attorney, when he goes home that night, imagine his wife asking: “How was your day, dear?”


19 Jan

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 57 minutes

Bare bottoms in the sunshine, miltary discipline, streaking romps, paddles and canes. A mischievous storyline–a severe Army corporal, the familiar shaven-head male actor from Miss Marchmont, marches two female recruits into the woods where he can have his way with them. Actresses Leia Ann Woods and Elizabeth Simpson, early in their CP careers before they opened up their own CP shops, as ‘Clark’ and ‘Peters,’ respectively, will be doing some extra PT, to say the least.

But first, Corporal must inspect them. They must raise their shirts to ensure they are not wearing bras, then drop their shorts for him to verify their regulation knickers. The first exercise–they run a 5-mile course through the woods with Corporal setting the pace, wearing a backpack, like a  good leader. When this course is complete, they must mark time,march in place, lifting their knees to touch Corporal’s cane. The director took the trouble to ensure perspiration stains on their little outfits.

More PT, up, down for touch-toes. Corporal urges them on with a strap. “Green vests off….this is not holiday camp!” Skimpy white gymslips remain. Next, upper-body pushups–our man uses his cane to poke them. Star jumps, then situps. “This is the British Army, not the girl guides!” The girls sit  and lock legs to do a seesaw exercise which plays havoc with the stomach muscles. They are sent for another run in the woods, “a little competition.”

Things get interesting. Peters must drop her shorts, down to white knickers. She will be spanked until Clark completes running the course. Corporal pours water over her knickers as he spanks then tugs them down. Clark returns, the girls must switch places, and Peters is sent off running, with a wet bottom and her knickers at her thighs.

When Peters returns and Clark’s spanking stops, she is sent off again without her pants, and Peters gets the strap. The girls reverse this as before, and it has become time for the cane.

The two girls stand side-by-side in the clearing, bottoms bare, in just gymslips. Each in turn steps back one pace, bends over, and takes 5 cane strokes, until each girl gets about 25 strokes. Not severe, but humiliating here in the sunshine.

This concludes today’s activities. Corporal is going to repeat this every day until he gets some behavioral progress. The girls must double-time back to the barracks without pants. We can imagine a collection of guys hanging around the Quad, knowing Corporal has been doing his thing in the woods.


Headmistress of Briar Hill – MISS MARCHMONT

18 Oct

F/2f; time: 25 minutes

Experienced CP actresses make a conventional schoolgirl discipline film. At Briar Hill, Friday nights are reserved for punishment. The girls line up outside the headmistress’s office. Actress ‘Eve Harper’ plays the Head and can barely withhold her enthusiasm for this night of the week.

The film opens with a crisp handspanking underway. Blond actress Nina Birch is OTK, in school uniform. The scene is the Head’s office. Nina’s cries mingle with the strains of a female opera aria, which Harper properly plays on Friday nights to mask the anguish. Harper takes her shorts down, bunches her panties, and switches to a ‘slipper,’ a nasty-looking thick leather sole cut by a craftsman who must have wished he could witness the testing. Harper then threatens with a cane, but Nina will not get it this time. “Next!”

Actress ‘Susan Fox,’ a short brunette in pigtails, looking close to not-legal, enters. She’s been caught smoking. “Let’s get on with it…there are people out there waiting to be punished.” OTK, handspanking, black bikini panties don’t cover much, but no matter, they are down.

Susan kneels on a tufted chair for a mild slippering and a little more fondling than would seem necessary, especially if there are customers waiting. “I’m enjoying seeing this bottom every week.” Next a thin rigid strap. “Keep that bottom sticking out!”

For the cane, Susan stands, hands on the arm of the chair. It is more like a thick stick. She jumps and gulps at the pain. “You know what the last stroke is?” “The hardest, Miss.” Harper fingers and soothes again–these Friday nights! “Lovely lines coming up on this bottom.”

“Pull up your panties….slowly..slowly. Next time the senior cane.”  What was that cane we just saw?  if there is a bigger one, that will be something. “Next!”

The Finishing School – MISS MARCHMONT

12 Sep

M/f; time: 32 minutes

A common title, because it delivers the perfect vehicle for CP. A familiar male character, who generally whips up a storm, and dressed in academic robes, has a pretty young lady (‘Claire’) standing in front of him. She must already be in trouble, because she wears only a blouse and white knickers. When he steps away for a phone call, she steals some candy from his coat pocket hanging on the door.

When he returns, he sees she is eating something. Down with the panties. There exists an interesting rule in this school–when your pants are down, your hands must be behind your back. It was Claire’s guardian on the phone; she is sent to speak to them in the next room, but must keep her bottom bare. Very humiliating and quite preparatory, both strengths at Miss Marchmont.

The don makes Claire bend over a wing chair, panties perfect at her thighs. Conventional spanking, except this nasty guy pries her buttocks apart so her can smack in the valley. Over a table for the strap, all conventional.

The cane comes next. “This will be your second caning this week.” About 15 moderate strokes; she jerks at his feints and wooshes. She is sent off.

Later in the evening, at bedtime, there is another call with the guardian. While Claire is on the line with them, no pants on, the don has his hands between her legs and is positively frigging her. She has to keep her composure.

She is sent into his study to bend over and wait while he concludes the call. Apparently the guardian has asked that she be strapped and caned. He caresses her already thoroughly marked bottom, his middle finger striking home a few times. About 15 concluding cane strokes, then nose to the wall, but first one more frig.

Prison Canings Volume 1 – MISS MARCHMONT

31 Aug

2M/3f; time: 50 minutes

This film is mentioned in places as one of the most severe in the genre (at least at the time). It certainly makes the playoffs for us; the harshness of the punishments, a departure for MISSMARCHMONT and a nod to the Eastern European influence, it is greatly enhanced by the detailed sets and costumes. The canings occur in a barren room, and the long prison corridor with cell doors visible adds immeasurably.

Two male Marchmont regulars–one is Karl Strong, in realisitc military uniforms, drag the first girl in for some attention. This prison apparently practices a ‘welcoming’ procedure. ‘Carol Johnson,’ a chunky punky girl with highlighted blond hair and nose jewelry, looks  ripe for a little straightening out.

The guard helps her off with her bonds–wrists handcuffed to a waist chain and ankles manacled–the complicated restraints add significantly to the erotic anticipation. The guards then assist Johnson in removing all her clothes. Hands-on-head, shaved clean, shoes off, legs spread. Strong puts on rubber gloves and inspects cavities–Johnson grabs her ankles but we don’t see the anal part. Johnson is given prison dungarees but “no knickers,” because she won’t be needing them. Chains on, she is marched down the corridor. Wonderful intimidating preparation.

The next prisoner, blond Catherine Mitchell, wearing eye shadow which makes her look tired, miserable, and very frightened, is brought in, released from her msnacles,stripped naked, and given the one-two with rubber gloves. Strong is a bit more aggressive with his hands this time. “How tough are you, girl?….I’ll make you scream.”

When Mitchell offers some way to lessen her punishment, guard #2 directs her to drop to her knees. We don’t see what she is doing, but she will pay later. She s dressed and dragged off.

Time for the Welcoming. Johnson is dragged in, stripped of her jean pants–she has no knickers. She is strapped to a wide-based, large stool, thighs spread and fastened, ankles strapped, head down, wrists tied to a low rung–sexy rough bondage. Strong takes up the cane, a large thick affair, makes his measurements, and lays on 15 wicked strokes, plus “one more for me.” Marks ripen as we watch. The second stroke may have broken skin, as did others. Guard #2 holds her face to the camera by her hair. “Please stop,” she whimpers. “Now you know why you didn’t need knickers.”  At the conclusion, she is taken to her cell, without pants and manacled. Rough stuff.

Mitchell is brought in and takes a very frightened look at the stool. The guard who apparently didn’t like his blowjob: “I’m going to enjoy every crack.” Mitchell is strapped to the stool. Her white panties are ripped off and stuffed in her mouth. Very good. A  similar 15 rousing strokes, the assisting guard yanks her face up by her blond hair and forces her to maintain eye contact. Wicked. And he demands a weak little “Thank you, sir.” (She has spit out her panties.) At the conclusion Mitchell looks very thoroughly subjugated. We watch her striped bottom led down the corridor.

As if we haven’t seen enough, there is more. Blond ‘Davis,’ an existing prisoner in uniform, has been having lesbian sex. “I sentence you to the birch.” She knows. “Oh, no, no…sir, not the birch.”

Chains off, she is ordered to strip down–shoes, socks, jeans, no panties. Fastened to the stool. The guard swishes the birch bundle. A word about the package–a fearsome collection of about 8 thick, stiff sticks, like 8 canes, three feet long. A swipe would be like 8 cane strokes covering most of both cheeks. 8 separate swipes were taken. She is stunned after the first and each thereafter. Things get quiet and desperate.

An ad lib “Shit!” from the actress elicits even more humorous response. Guard: “What?”  “Shit…sir,” she repeats. Davis is contrite and begging soon enough. She is released, re-fastened with her chains, and taken to Solitary without pants. It is one of the  guards’ turn to join her there, generating an alarmed glance from Davis. Very LUPUS.