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Caning Marathon – MOOD

30 May

5m/5f; time: 23 minutes

We have not pursued the MOOD library too much. It just does not suit our tastes, but if you read around, the films are highly praised by the folks who prefer the more severe. This particular film struck our fancy because we like serial bottoms, in the manner of LUPUS.

This will be a sort of nightclub caning contest, among female prisoners who have volunteered, in order to have their sentences halved. Five naked girls–Suzanne, Rose, Lola, Gloria, and Jessica are presented to an eager mixed audience in a darkened theater setting.

Five masked men will do the whippings. The girls are first fitted with bit-gags,  which adds greatly to the erotic scene. The girls are first caned by their partners, MOOD-severe, stripes immediately for all.

For the second round, the girls have been tied over trestles which are on wheels. The idea is to paddle them hard and force the trestle to jerk forward. We don’t understand the language or exactly what the goal is, except of course, our own goal. One of the girls is seen ‘cheating’  by the audience and called out. She is put into a set of stocks, a sort of Biblical frame attached to her shoulders, and caned.

There are three girls left. They are put into  the diaper position for a very nasty strapping.

Two girls left, they are strung up and tied together, belly to belly. They rotate for the cane. One girl drops her gag and gives up. We have a winner. Wonder what is going on among the couples in the audience?


Prison Punishment Show – MOOD

25 May

M/f; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A long film, including previews of other MOOD videos, and cameo chats with the models as their bottoms are salved after the show and they watch their segments.. The story is sort of NUWEST on steroids; MOOD had the budget and facilities to expand on one of our favorite storylines, voyeur spankings.

An audience has gathered in a darkened room with a stage to watch female prisoners brought out and whipped. The girls have volunteered for punishment to reduce their sentences and seem to have been selected by viewers on closed-circuit live TV. Whatever;  in any case, we will be treated to some entertaining spankings.

Two girls are confronted in their cell by female guards and strip very quickly on order. One or both of them will be ‘performing’  before the live audience. Cut to the spectators being seated and instructed on behavior.

Another scene in a prison bathroom. A  naked prisoner must bend over to be whipped by a heavy wet towel. Loud and erotic. In the thousands of spanking films we have reviewed, we think this is the first time we have seen a wet towel used. Don’t we all recall adolescent play with wet towels in school locker rooms? And yet the CP producers don’t film it.

To the theater: a naked prisoner is brought before the audience by two masked  guards. Her wrists are cuffed and strung up to a U-shaped device hanging from the ceiling. Her bottom is to the audience, of course. The sentence is announced, its severity based on how much time in the girl’s incarceration is to be forgiven. This tall brunette will be whipped on the back by one guard and caned on the bottom by another. Her bottom is clear and white. Typical MOOD punishment, perhaps not as cosmetically enhanced. Shots of the spectators, men and women, some are turned on, some shocked. We are in the first category.

The second girl, a very pretty brunette, gets 10 with the whip and 40 with the cane. She will squeal, as will all the girls. They each are fitted with a horse-bit gag, which erotically enhances their cries by making them helplessly useless.

After another bathroom scene where a very pretty naked prisoner is given a cold shower. The third girl is brought on stage. She has a showgirl body and will get 30 each from the cane and whip. She protests that they have the wrong girl, that she is to be released in two weeks. But excuses are not heard in this place. There is an audience, and bottoms are needed.

The error is detected and corrected, but the girl got a whipping anyway. The right girl is found and strung up on stage and given a wicked dose of the whip and cane. She is NOT gagged and is very loud. Tears are dripping even before the punishment starts.

Elite Club Slave Discipline Program 2 – MOOD

12 Sep

M/5f; year: 2009; time: 30 minutes

More weird stuff, and not exactly our preference. Maximilian Lomp appears on stage. Several girls are sleeping on the floor, in bra and panties. He whips them awake. He is wearing one of his monk-hood outfits.

The girls are volunteers for the Elite Club. They want excitement. This would be the place. This is an obedience lesson. They are whipped in various positions.

In a new scene, five naked girls standing facing the camera, fastened to a long bar which is threaded through their elbows across their backs. Plenty of opportunity for frontal torture, something Lomp seems to like or thinks his customers do. Frontal whipping, pins in nipples, etc.

Lawyers at Elite Club – MOOD

10 Aug

MF/2f; time: 45 minutes

Two girls, Monica and Leila, aspiring lawyers, have become entangled with some gangsters, who filmed some sex they had with them and now blackmail them–they must be weekend sex slaves or risk their sexual escapade on  the Internet ruining their futures.

‘Jessica’ represents the ‘Elite Club’ and she will get the gangsters off the girls’ backs if they capitulate to club demands. The girls will be tested. Monica is the first to strip naked; handcuffed, she is suddenly forced to face forward over a board of thumbtacks and screams. Leila is next to strip, and she doesn’t hesitate after seeing what happened with the tack board. She has to SIT on the board, which she does, gingerly. She is tied in place and Jessica canes her thighs while she sits. Nasty.

FADE. Against a white backdrop, the girls whip each other competitively, their bodies oiled. They have to keep a short rope pulled tight between them to keep spacing, as they circle and whip. Leila loses this little exercise and so is whipped by four apprentices, then caned by Jessica.

In another scene, Monica is whipped by the apprentices as the film degenerates into a typical MOOD melee. Lots of bottoms, murky storyline.

Unquestioning Obedience – MOOD

21 Sep

Another tough household to work in–the pay had better be good. MOOD’s ‘Jessica Lee’ is interviewing a girl for a kitchen job at her manor. She brandishes a crop as she talks to the girl, lest there be an misconception about what happens here. She has the girl raise her blouse and drop her pants–this is part of the interview.

The girl signs a contract agreeing to employment terms. Another interview is waiting. A blonde in jodhpurs marches three existing employees into Mistress Lee, and the two newest interviewees are added. Rules are covered, the caning procedure explained. One of the stable girls will be selected to illustrate the punishment process. The girl kneels on the floor, pants down, two strokes on the bare from the crop. A warning.

FADE to dorm, the five girls strip naked, the usual lithe and glamorous cast from MOOD. The girls kneel and get two strokes each. One of the girls, a sexy brunette, is selected for more lengthy punishment. She is tied down on a bed and given 50 wild and hard cane strokes, MOOD style. Surely some cosmetic enhancement, but the far buttock and wrap-around on the thigh show the most.

The ‘Master’ (Maximilian Lomp) overhears two stable girls gossiping about their masters, calling him a “sadist.” He makes them strip and whips them both side by side, on the back, bottom, and thighs. 50 strokes counted aloud. The girls are right about him.

FADE. Another domestic scene. A maid-in-training has broken crockery and confesses to Ms. Lee. Her honesty might mitigate some, but punishment is still needed. Another maid is brought in to do the caning. Not hard enough.

FADE. Another girl has been tied naked over a pipe frame–the plot is getting too convoluted for us to follow. Then more maid whippings. Ugly and harsh.

Crisis – MOOD

7 Sep

MF/4f; year: 2008 time: 61 minutes
MOOD films contain arguably the most severe corporal punishment on the scene. And many of the storylines are sufficiently imaginative you are tempted to draft the screenplay for a sequel. Here is another, very entertaining if you work in an office with a lot of girls around.

A financial brokerage house is having fiscal troubles and must cut staff. The boss will use an unorthodox method to determine who to terminate. His secretary Cathy (‘Jessica Lee’) calls a staff meeting. The men and women are warned of a 50% cut.

One of the girls on the staff, ‘Rose,’ comes to the boss and pleads for her job. He arranges, with Cathy’s connivance, to meet her in a hotel room after work. Here we are in Vodka country, but he pours Rose 4 fingers of Jack Daniels neat. After more begging, he is ready. “Get undressed.”

She strips naked and has come prepared, having brought a huge dildo and body oil. The boss whips her with a belt over the bed. She tries to look excited by this, but she is struggling. After a final 15 strokes, counted aloud, Rose dresses and leaves.

The next day the boss describes the event to Cathy and relates that Rose is ready to be spanked again. Cathy would like to join in. Back in the hotel room, Cathy enters the scene in full maid’s gear. “What are you doing here?” the surprised Rose asks.

Rose strips again. Cathy has a spanking trestle disguised under her maid’s cart. Rose climbs on. (CUT) Rose is tied down and oiled. Cathy does the caning, in the unrelenting MOOD tradition, and certainly Jessica-style. Wicked marks, maybe appearing too quickly. Rose won’t be doing much work for a while, and Cathy is beside herself with excitement.

In the office, Cathy suggests another girl who might come to the hotel room. This girl arrives and strips. She is much more full in the body in the MOOD tradition. “You’ll be my bitch today…get undressed.” This girl never takes her eyes off the boss as she gets naked. Cathy rolls in the disguised trestle and the tying/oiling is again condensed. She wants to know why their office friend Cathy is participating in this. Caning, tears, blood almost immediately. “Beautiful,” exclaims the boss. “Go to hell…I hate you both.” 50 more strokes, special damage to the far buttock.

We’re not finished yet. Cathy wants the boss to entice yet a third girl, ‘Gaby.’ In the hotel room, Gaby and ‘Mercedes’ have been brought in. The Jack Daniel level is going down. The two girls strip and oil each other. Cathy loves it. Both girls are tied into the diaper position, their ankles fastened to the bed headboard. Each girl gets 50 cane strokes, laddered from the lower buttock to the knee. Wicked. blood. Quivering.

Back to the office; these Slavic bond traders will be weeded out. The boss lays off three girls, two of whom he whipped the daylights out of.

Stanford Prison Experiment – MOOD

26 Jul

3F/5f; time: 56 minutes
A psychological experiment, the CP female extension of the original experiment–the behavior of girls will be studied as they are arbitrarily assigned roles as guards or inmates.

10 girls will be paid 5000 Euros each. They draw straws–6 become inmates and 4 are guards.

The ‘inmates’ strip naked and put on sack-like prison smocks, in the nude scene MOOD does so well. The nude girls are first sprayed with a disinfectant, not quite as roughly as LUPUS would have done it, but effective.

The ‘guards’ discuss how stern they should be, how they will control the ‘inmates.’ One girl is a Lesbian, and her partner was selected as an inmate. She wants the guards to go easy on her.

In the first cell, the first girl to be disciplined is made to strip and is manacled standing to a bunk bed. She gets 25 with the belt, and we see for the first time the wicked lust which develops in the guards.

In the second cell containing three other inmates, a blonde gets the same belt whipping. When one of the other girls objects that this experiment is getting out of hand, she earns a nasty 50 cane strokes, bend-over.

Another prisoner, the Lesbian partner, is spread on a desk on her back and electrodes attached to her labia. She screams through this torture.

The group assembles again–the inmates want the experiment to terminate, the guards are enjoying it.

In a final section entitled “Utter Brutality,” another naked girl is attached to a bed frame and caned by two guards. The count is up to 103 when the male administrator stops the “insanity.” Quivering and huge marks.