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Mischievous Maid – MOONGLOW

18 Jan

2M/2f; time: 42 minutes

Another old-style film from MOONGLOW we could not find in their archives. ‘Lady Elizabeth’ brings the maid, ‘Molly, to her husband Richard, the master of the house. The Lady accuses Molly of putting laxative in the sugar bowl and felling all the guests.

“I expect you to give her a good thrashing….when I  come back I expect to see a very red bottom.” In other films, and in some JANUS fiction, we recall mistresses having maids spanked so they can reap the benefits the master’s ardor. The women get some kick out of a dancing bottom themselves.

The brunette maid has some illicit sexual relationship with her master already. After some faux begging, “Take this skirt off.”  “Do you think that would help?” she actually asks. Down to panties, garters, and blouse;  the master of the house wants the blouse off. A combined hugging and standing spanking. Then OTK, panties down, Molly tries to blame another maid, Sally.

“Do you think Lady Elizabeth will be happy with this bottom?” Sally is sent for–she is an older woman on the household staff. Richard does not discriminate here–Sally is spanked also, handspanking, paddle. She denies the deed also. Lady Elizabeth returns and exclaims,  “Wrong girl!”

Lady Elizabeth will have a go at Molly herself. She wonders why Richard required so many of her clothes off. Panties down again for the strap, then a concluding hug. Richard returns and doesn’t like this female intimacy.

Sally returns and she and Richard try to figure out what is happening. There is a reminiscence of another spanking.  Mr. Cornish, a friend or senior staffer, spanks and canes Molly, over a trestle. In this flashback, Sally is spanked also.

Back to the present, Mr. Cornish is summoned; he has learned that Lady Elizabeth herself was seen buying a large quantity of laxative in town. Cornish and Richard take Elizabeth to the “discipline room.” She is bent over a sort of chopping block and her panties pulled down. Cornish and Richard cane her, 12 strokes in all. Why is her bottom already red?  Lady is loving it. “What didn’t you do that 10 years ago?”


Prison One Hundred – MOONGLOW

15 Jan

M/f; year: 2009;time: 42 minutes

An old MOONGLOW film—it feels older than the 2009 date we saw on our copy. We can’t find any record of the film in the MOONGLOW catalogue.

‘Flavia’ is reading ‘Prisoner of Zenda.’ She falls asleep and dreams of being taken and spanked by a man. He will keep caning her until she confesses who her confederates were in a robbery she was driver for. “One hundred strokes, in groups of 10.” Flavia is strapped down over a trestle and the caning begins.

The first part of this film features her bottom-she is wearing just an inconsequential thong. There are indeed 10 sets of 10, strokes counted aloud by Flavia with some confusion. There are breaks, “to think,” bruises come along after 60 strokes or so, and the faceless considerate caner switches sides at one point. “We don’t want this (other) cheek to be undercaned.”

The guy says he is going to post photos of her bottom on prison walls as a caution to other prisoners, and that he is very much considering returning to the magistrate for permission for a second 100 strokes.

The second half of this film repeats the caning from the facial view, and we are able to discern much more dialogue, a lot of saucy talk, and some cussing.

Schoolgirl Discipline – MOONGLOW

12 Oct

M/2f; time: 51 minutes

We can’t find the correct name for this film. It is an older one, featuring the late ‘Tom Cooper,’ and it contains sufficiently unacceptable and politically incorrect  content that is seems to have disappeared. But we do spanking films here, so what is wrong?

Two girls are reported to Headmaster Cooper. They won’t wear school uniforms. They are marched in–both wear full hijabs, so that only their eyes show. Cooper scolds them, reminds them of the agreement to wear school uniforms, and that he has written permission from their parents for corporal punishment. We are set now for one of the more entertaining spankings we have seen in a while.

The first girl is a redhead. Cooper takes her OTK, and when he gets her hijab out of the way and she stands to drop her pantyhose, we see a G-string and tramp stamp. Now, is that observant? OTK for a sweet spanking, Cooper peels down the G-string.

The second girl, auburn hair, goes OTK and loses her black panties. Another lovely spanking. Both girls are lightly complected and pink up very nicely. Cooper takes every opportunity to stroke and fondle the bottoms, and he will continue to do so. Hands-on-head, bottoms displayed, a good start.

Cooper wants the hijabs off–the redhead is now naked, and the auburn girl gives up her last item, her bra. Continuing the formulaic process, Cooper will paddle both naked girls as they kneel on a chair, using the soft oval paddle and the floppy strap. More fondling. The auburn girl is in tears by now.

Time for the cane. The redhead goes over a table and follows directions we assume to remain silent. 20+ strokes are shown, varying angles facilitate repeats.

The auburn girl positions herself for one of the most entertaining canings we can recall. She buckles at the first stroke and sinks to the floor. She fights to control  and reposition herself, but she struggles on every stroke. 12 are shown, some repeats. Tears and anguish. One can easily imagine this is how a caning would be reacted to by a schoolgirl over the headmaster’s conference table.

Cooper positions both bottoms over the table for one final presentation and fondle.



Humiliated Neighbors – MOONGLOW

25 Sep

2M/2f; time: I hr. 5 minutes

A later film with ‘Joe Stewart’ and perhaps our own enduring favorite bottom, ‘Alison Payne.’ This film contains some explicit sex and certainly illustrates what these actors needed to do to keep coming up with ideas. It was probably made in 2001 or 2002, possibly before death of MOONGLOW director John Kirwood. Compare Ms. Payne here to her first films at KANE in ‘Blistered Young Buns’ or ‘Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire,’ or ‘Academy of Dr. Marcus Blunt,’ 10 or 15  years earlier.

Day one: Alison and Jane have moved in near Stewart and they pay him a visit. They see opportunity and so does he. He serves drinks at a familiar MOONGLOW couch. When he is out of the room, the girls lift his credit card.

Day 2: The bank contacts Joe–the girls spent 2000 pds and he has figured it out. When  Alison stops by again, Joe steps out and returns with his collection of spanking implements, “his pain canes.” “I’m going to try one of these on you.”

Alison looks a little distressed, not as much as she could do in her earlier films. She tells Joe that she’d rather have sex than a spanking. Joe begins fondling Alison, but decides the cane is much better.

Alison bends over the couch and Joe begins snapping the cane on her jeans, leaving white lines. That bottom, maybe not trim model we coveted in her earlier years, is still breathtaking. Joe keeps working her boobs and crotch before he helps her down with her jeans. Oops, no panties. Jeans up and down a few times for the fun of it. Handspanking. Joe slaps her thighs to spread her legs to get at her pussy for a very hard frig, which seems OK with her, Very raunchy stuff in this latter day from these two.

Day 3: Joe escorts confederate  ‘Jane’ into his house. She spent some of the money, so he will start on her. OTK, white panties down, some fondling and frigging during the spanking. Top off, panties gone, Jane kneels up on the arms of the easy chair, her thighs as wide as necessary, for the strap.

Joe calls in ‘Jim,’ another guy who must have been watching the spanking. He is not wearing pants and he strokes his erection. He steps up behind Jane and fucks her doggy-style. Some decent porno filming supports that this was surely real. We wondered where this guy came from. A horny crew member? No face.

Jim must have finished, because Joe returns to spank, strap, and frig. He moves Jane to the couch and puts her into the diaper position. Paddling, strap on her pussy, more frigging, and some attention to her anus here. Not your typical MOONGLOW!

Time for the most serious punishment for the almost naked Jane. Over a chair, Joe’s cane fractures on the first stroke. A second cane, after two more strokes that breaks. “It wasn’t me!” But it was. Eight more strokes with a third cane. Top off, more fondling, and 15 more strokes. Wild marks on her thighs and flanks, and some real welts. He gives her a jolly frigging while she holds her  hands on her head.

Day 4: Alison has been called to return. She sees the pillows he has arranged on the chair. She lies over them. Joe handspanks and straps her on her short skirt, slapping her thighs when she wants to close her legs.

Alison stands and begins removing clothes. Facing us, she removes her top and skirt, and lets Joe take down her bikini panties. She sits in the chair now, Joe flogs her pussy with a weighted strap and we can the full view of Alison.

And Now the Cane – MOONGLOW

22 Aug

M/3f; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A long and formulaic schoolgirl film, possibly boring to some, but it is filled with classroom schoolgirl ritual, and it features three experienced CP models, ‘Brigella,’ ‘Kara-Jane Dempsey,’ and ‘Donna,’ all with a list of film credits.

The girls arrive at detention one at a time. The set is the faux panel wall MG used in many films. ‘Mr. Forder’ presides, a somewhat dour, and we will see, a slightly kinky disciplinarian, who we don’t remember elsewhere in the MG catalogue.

Sweet blond Kara-Jane is a prefect and the Head Girl, dressed in pinafore and knee socks. Forder is going to spank her anyway. He gets her OTK, full white panties down quickly. Over the desk for more spanking and a paddle. Nice rubbing.

Cut, Kara-Jane and Brigella enter the detention room. Briggy, prized by many spankos as an early and courageous CP film warrior, is younger here, and marginally plausible as a schoolgirl. She has the look here of the youngest Katherine Hepburn. Briggy was caught stealing, and prefect Kara is delivering her.

OTK, panties down. When she is moved to a bend-over posture, Brigella  tries to sneak her panties up. After some strap, she is sent to the wall, hobbled by her panties. Knickers play a central role in this film–up, down, thrown around, kicked away. If we were Forder we would have put a pair in our pocket, but he didn’t. Briggy mouths off, so back over the desk. Forder uses a hard leather paddle, which will make all three girls squeal. Briggy is vaguely amused, and as an actress, in full control,

The third girl for detention is brought in–brunette Donna. She’s been caught smoking. OTK spanking and bend-over for strap and paddle. Forder finishes up the two girls with more bare bottom spanking.

He turns over the detention to Head Girl Kara. The girls squabble with her, not convinced her she can hold authority. Kara takes Donna then Brigella OTK. Then she paddles them both. But she will go further–the cane. First Donna on the bare bottom for 13 strokes. She seems to gasp most on the first stroke, and we suspect the intensity was reduced. But great bottom, and noisy, erotic acting. Brigella  gets 16 on the bare, and nary a peep from her.

The girls are back seated, throwing spitballs, when Forder returns. The girls have written no lines, so Forder spanks both Donna and Briggy. Kara observes. Donna is sent to the wall. Forder wants her skirt off, which is a problem, because she is the only girl whose blouse is too short to cover her. Forder will sneak looks for the rest of the film and she will knowingly flash.

And now the cane. “Very rarely do I cane girls.” But Donna and Briggy argue. They were just caned by the Head Girl, which apparently exceeded her authority Donna goes over the desk, 7 strokes, she gasps the loudest. Brigella next. “Strip,” orders Forder. Everyone seems to know this is over the top, but Briggy strips to just bra. She gets almost 20 strokes, and we didn’t detect repeats. Kara counts some of them.

Donna is brought out for 12 more, her bottom is the best of the three, but it’s a tough choice. You’ll want leisure to decide for yourself. Forder wants her legs open more.

Now Forder will cane Kara and the girls may witness. He confiscates her prefect pin and spanks her first. Over the desk, Forder helps her step out of her panties and gets his frontal looks. First a whipping with his doubled belt–25 strokes make Kara cave.

Then 20 from the cane. “Wider” as to her thighs. Are the girls “satisfied?” Kara faces us, hands-on-head, blouse rides up. Forder plays with her pussy with the tip of his cane and hands her back her prefect pin.

At the conclusion of this film, there is a solicitation  to contact Brigella by email at Kane Magazine.



Housemasters’ Wives – MOONGLOW

11 May

time: 1 hr 16 minutes
A series of vignettes made in the same familiar MOONGLOW studio. The actors here are mostly a bit older than normal.
‘The School Play Fiasco’ A school play director, quite an authoritative and demanding fellow, is upset with the dress rehearsal and decides to spank some of his actresses–the first girl is still in her military costume.

He demonstrates the ‘Kiss Me Kate’ scene and takes her OTK, black panties down, for handspanking and a floppy paddle.

After a FADE, another actress from the play, a skinny blonde, is also spanked to improve her performance.

Then a third actress, a brunette in costume, gets spanked, and she is quickly brought to tears.

‘After the Party’ Another male spanker, using the same scene as above, spanks several girls for getting drunk and staying out too late. ‘Zooey’ is the first to be caned. They will use a portable spanking bench– a low cocktail table, where an attachment is inserted to rest on in the center. The girl kneels on a pad and lies over the attachment. She is caned here, and has already been spanked, not in this film. Another girl gets the same experience on the bench with a different male. Quite a parade of characters from MOONGLOW.

‘Sixth Form Memories’ More schoolgirl spankings, from these older actors. A police officer brings two girls to the headmaster for some offense. The Head asks the officer to do the spanking. Why not? That would certainly motivate the Force.

A brunette, the ringleader, goes over the above-described bench. “You can take her knickers down as well.” A clear bottom, not always the case in this film. The headmaster adds his licks, the hardest yet in the film.

FADE. The headmaster canes two girls who were seen going into hotel rooms with rugby players. Too bad MOONGLOW’s budget would not permit flashbacks.

‘A Painful End of Term’ The headmaster with the same blonde and brunette from above. “Here we are at the end of term.” He is going to send them home with red bottoms, an idea you’ll find in the CP literature. The girls are given 5 minutes to think about taking spankings versus bad grades.

A trestle is placed. The girls are caned, on panties then on the bare.

‘A Suitable Bottom for the Cane’
‘The Naval Cadet’ A bubbly brunette in a cellar-like room, cannot keep a straight face as she is scolded by an older woman. The girl bends over a high table for a fast and hard strapping on her slacks. She drops her slacks to display grey knickers and one of the best bottoms for spanking you will find at MOONGLOW. 12 cane strokes, no more laughing. To the wall, hands on head.

‘The History Student’ The same well-endowed brunette is being scolded for poor grades. She is wearing a traffic-stopping red dress. She bends over the back of an easy chair, bottom high, dress up, red panties, 12 crisp cane strokes set her wailing. Quite entertaining. “What do they say about the last one?” “The hardest, Dr. Ryder.” She shrieks.

‘The Security Girl’ The same girl plays a guard who has let a prisoner escape. ‘His majesty,’ maybe ‘John Kirwood,’ will cane her until she tells where the prisoner is. Over the trestle for the cane, on her skirt and on the bare. In addition to having a bottom just made for this work, she is quite the emotive actress. “What a fuss!” notes Kirwood. 12 strokes on bare skin below her panties, then 6 more because Kirwood doesn’t think she is duly chastised.

‘the House Wife’ The same girl receives a call from Kirwood then sets up the portable spanking bench, quickly and efficiently. She is waiting in position when he arrives. 6 cane strokes on her pants, she drops then for 6 more. After this punishment, she is allowed to return to reading her KANE magazines.

Alison’s Beatings – MOONGLOW

11 Feb

Time: 2 hours
One of our collected treasures. Numerous clips of the actress/model ‘Alison Payne,’ one of a number of screen names she used. We have praised her work often enough. Some of these clips we can identify, others are little jewels maybe discarded by MG, and some are from three or four films cited in MOONGLOW archives we absolutely can’t find.

‘The Taming of Pauline’ (5 minutes) A brief BDSM segment, made in the tradition of the films–Alison struggling alone in silence. He hands are tied behind her back and she squirms on a bed, face down, in black undies. A male enters, roughs her up gently, unties her, and spanks briefly.

‘Pauline in the Barn’ (6 minutes) More BDSM; Alison squirms, tied up, on hay bales.

“Pauline Punished for Gambling’ (4 minutes) More aggressive and appealing BDSM; Alison is naked here and stung up by her ankles by elaborate chain pulleys certainly primarily used for a less exciting purpose. Most of the process is shown, not skipped over, all the more erotic. Her tormentor pinches her nipples. Ms. Payne is rarely seen more exposed.

‘New Treatment For Tardiness’ (8 minutes) A male has tied Alison to a captain’s chair with a rope around her waist and strung through her crotch, in the crack, which he tightens to her groans. He spreads her legs and tapes them to a spreader bar. Wrists are taped to the bar later and a piece of duct tape cross her mouth completes the scene.

Alison is wearing a leotard here; in more aggressive porn she would be naked and under greater stress.

‘The Spanked Barmaid’ (14 minutes) Excerpts from a CALSTAR distribution ‘Caught on Camera’; cash-skimming barmaids, reviewed in full on this site. Here is a male boss who enjoys taking the pants off his employees.

‘Tracey’s Office Spanking’ (9 minutes) An excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison loses her pants to her boss.

‘The Nosey Maid’ (sic) (2 minutes) Alison slippered very hard in closeup.

‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ (1 minute) More closeup spanking, some bruises.

‘Extract From Two Dads, Two Spankings’ (4 minutes) Deadly cute Alison taken OTK in a bedroom by a faceless male. Cunning white lace panties are bunched. Actress ‘Jenny Close’ watches, wearing very little. Alison gets a vigorous handspanking and the sole. Classic red bottom. Need to find this film.

‘The Beating of Barmaids’ (11 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caught on Camera.’

‘The Beating of Alison DeBrat’ (12 minutes) Alison Payne is getting spanked by a faceless disciplinarian, who holds a punishment log dated 1993. Alison is caned on her jeans, spread across pillows on a table. She assists by pulling her own jeans and panties down–noticeable welts.

Another bend-over, bare bottom for the sole, and a rare clear bottom.

Over a table, pleated skirt up, white panties down for the cane. She jumps at the pain; instant lines.

A scene from ‘Condomania,’ Alison kneels naked in front of a bed; Kirwood canes her. Very hard; difficult to imagine she likes this, or that he doesn’t.

‘Growing Up’ (18 minutes) Part of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire,’ one of Ms. Payne’s earliest and most entertaining, reputedly made with her boyfriend at the time. She has been made to pull out an old school uniform and is dragged to a for-hire headmaster for some retro school discipline. She is not providing her husband  some spousal service. What could that be? Her performance behavior here will serve as a prototype of just what should be done for a naughty bottom.

’12 Strokes After the Disco (4 minutes) Alison and ‘Jenny Close’ get the cane for staying out late and pull up their disco skirts to see how bad the marks are.

‘Poor Studies, Beaten Bottom’ (7 minutes) Alison takes a sexy caning from a professorial type; neat white lace panties; she can twitch under the cane without peer; which she takes her panties down, she assists. Frisk at the wall, legs spread.

‘Tracey Beaten By Her Boss’ (16 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison is quite comfortable to drop her panties in the office in front of her boss. She has begun shaving. He can’t resist a rub and reminds her of some of the oral sex she witnessed.

The Irish actor in ‘Caned Secretaries’ canes Alison in front of another couple, another secretary from the office and an male confederate of his. This particular girl has been more willing than Alison and the boys want to encourage her. After the caning, the group wants to see the results on her bare bottom.