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Housemasters’ Wives – MOONGLOW

11 May

time: 1 hr 16 minutes
A series of vignettes made in the same familiar MOONGLOW studio. The actors here are mostly a bit older than normal.
‘The School Play Fiasco’ A school play director, quite an authoritative and demanding fellow, is upset with the dress rehearsal and decides to spank some of his actresses–the first girl is still in her military costume.

He demonstrates the ‘Kiss Me Kate’ scene and takes her OTK, black panties down, for handspanking and a floppy paddle.

After a FADE, another actress from the play, a skinny blonde, is also spanked to improve her performance.

Then a third actress, a brunette in costume, gets spanked, and she is quickly brought to tears.

‘After the Party’ Another male spanker, using the same scene as above, spanks several girls for getting drunk and staying out too late. ‘Zooey’ is the first to be caned. They will use a portable spanking bench– a low cocktail table, where an attachment is inserted to rest on in the center. The girl kneels on a pad and lies over the attachment. She is caned here, and has already been spanked, not in this film. Another girl gets the same experience on the bench with a different male. Quite a parade of characters from MOONGLOW.

‘Sixth Form Memories’ More schoolgirl spankings, from these older actors. A police officer brings two girls to the headmaster for some offense. The Head asks the officer to do the spanking. Why not? That would certainly motivate the Force.

A brunette, the ringleader, goes over the above-described bench. “You can take her knickers down as well.” A clear bottom, not always the case in this film. The headmaster adds his licks, the hardest yet in the film.

FADE. The headmaster canes two girls who were seen going into hotel rooms with rugby players. Too bad MOONGLOW’s budget would not permit flashbacks.

‘A Painful End of Term’ The headmaster with the same blonde and brunette from above. “Here we are at the end of term.” He is going to send them home with red bottoms, an idea you’ll find in the CP literature. The girls are given 5 minutes to think about taking spankings versus bad grades.

A trestle is placed. The girls are caned, on panties then on the bare.

‘A Suitable Bottom for the Cane’
‘The Naval Cadet’ A bubbly brunette in a cellar-like room, cannot keep a straight face as she is scolded by an older woman. The girl bends over a high table for a fast and hard strapping on her slacks. She drops her slacks to display grey knickers and one of the best bottoms for spanking you will find at MOONGLOW. 12 cane strokes, no more laughing. To the wall, hands on head.

‘The History Student’ The same well-endowed brunette is being scolded for poor grades. She is wearing a traffic-stopping red dress. She bends over the back of an easy chair, bottom high, dress up, red panties, 12 crisp cane strokes set her wailing. Quite entertaining. “What do they say about the last one?” “The hardest, Dr. Ryder.” She shrieks.

‘The Security Girl’ The same girl plays a guard who has let a prisoner escape. ‘His majesty,’ maybe ‘John Kirwood,’ will cane her until she tells where the prisoner is. Over the trestle for the cane, on her skirt and on the bare. In addition to having a bottom just made for this work, she is quite the emotive actress. “What a fuss!” notes Kirwood. 12 strokes on bare skin below her panties, then 6 more because Kirwood doesn’t think she is duly chastised.

‘the House Wife’ The same girl receives a call from Kirwood then sets up the portable spanking bench, quickly and efficiently. She is waiting in position when he arrives. 6 cane strokes on her pants, she drops then for 6 more. After this punishment, she is allowed to return to reading her KANE magazines.

Alison’s Beatings – MOONGLOW

11 Feb

Time: 2 hours
One of our collected treasures. Numerous clips of the actress/model ‘Alison Payne,’ one of a number of screen names she used. We have praised her work often enough. Some of these clips we can identify, others are little jewels maybe discarded by MG, and some are from three or four films cited in MOONGLOW archives we absolutely can’t find.

‘The Taming of Pauline’ (5 minutes) A brief BDSM segment, made in the tradition of the films–Alison struggling alone in silence. He hands are tied behind her back and she squirms on a bed, face down, in black undies. A male enters, roughs her up gently, unties her, and spanks briefly.

‘Pauline in the Barn’ (6 minutes) More BDSM; Alison squirms, tied up, on hay bales.

“Pauline Punished for Gambling’ (4 minutes) More aggressive and appealing BDSM; Alison is naked here and stung up by her ankles by elaborate chain pulleys certainly primarily used for a less exciting purpose. Most of the process is shown, not skipped over, all the more erotic. Her tormentor pinches her nipples. Ms. Payne is rarely seen more exposed.

‘New Treatment For Tardiness’ (8 minutes) A male has tied Alison to a captain’s chair with a rope around her waist and strung through her crotch, in the crack, which he tightens to her groans. He spreads her legs and tapes them to a spreader bar. Wrists are taped to the bar later and a piece of duct tape cross her mouth completes the scene.

Alison is wearing a leotard here; in more aggressive porn she would be naked and under greater stress.

‘The Spanked Barmaid’ (14 minutes) Excerpts from a CALSTAR distribution ‘Caught on Camera’; cash-skimming barmaids, reviewed in full on this site. Here is a male boss who enjoys taking the pants off his employees.

‘Tracey’s Office Spanking’ (9 minutes) An excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison loses her pants to her boss.

‘The Nosey Maid’ (sic) (2 minutes) Alison slippered very hard in closeup.

‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ (1 minute) More closeup spanking, some bruises.

‘Extract From Two Dads, Two Spankings’ (4 minutes) Deadly cute Alison taken OTK in a bedroom by a faceless male. Cunning white lace panties are bunched. Actress ‘Jenny Close’ watches, wearing very little. Alison gets a vigorous handspanking and the sole. Classic red bottom. Need to find this film.

‘The Beating of Barmaids’ (11 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caught on Camera.’

‘The Beating of Alison DeBrat’ (12 minutes) Alison Payne is getting spanked by a faceless disciplinarian, who holds a punishment log dated 1993. Alison is caned on her jeans, spread across pillows on a table. She assists by pulling her own jeans and panties down–noticeable welts.

Another bend-over, bare bottom for the sole, and a rare clear bottom.

Over a table, pleated skirt up, white panties down for the cane. She jumps at the pain; instant lines.

A scene from ‘Condomania,’ Alison kneels naked in front of a bed; Kirwood canes her. Very hard; difficult to imagine she likes this, or that he doesn’t.

‘Growing Up’ (18 minutes) Part of ‘Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire,’ one of Ms. Payne’s earliest and most entertaining, reputedly made with her boyfriend at the time. She has been made to pull out an old school uniform and is dragged to a for-hire headmaster for some retro school discipline. She is not providing her husband ┬ásome spousal service. What could that be? Her performance behavior here will serve as a prototype of just what should be done for a naughty bottom.

’12 Strokes After the Disco (4 minutes) Alison and ‘Jenny Close’ get the cane for staying out late and pull up their disco skirts to see how bad the marks are.

‘Poor Studies, Beaten Bottom’ (7 minutes) Alison takes a sexy caning from a professorial type; neat white lace panties; she can twitch under the cane without peer; which she takes her panties down, she assists. Frisk at the wall, legs spread.

‘Tracey Beaten By Her Boss’ (16 minutes) Another excerpt from ‘Caned Secretaries’; Alison is quite comfortable to drop her panties in the office in front of her boss. She has begun shaving. He can’t resist a rub and reminds her of some of the oral sex she witnessed.

The Irish actor in ‘Caned Secretaries’ canes Alison in front of another couple, another secretary from the office and an male confederate of his. This particular girl has been more willing than Alison and the boys want to encourage her. After the caning, the group wants to see the results on her bare bottom.

One Man and His Cane – MOONGLOW

4 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

An historic collection of 13 clips from old MOONGLOW films, made by the late ‘John Kirwood’ during his time at MOONGLOW from 1995 to 2002, or so. He was, to read the blogs, a beloved producer, director, and spanker, who could apparently appease competitive female bottoms to produce memorable work. In most cases, we have not been able to find these early films. There are few male participants in the CP trade to challenge his sardonic sense of humor.

‘Beaten by the Abbot’ (6 minutes) Kirwood wears his wizard robe and pointed cap, a comic outfit the girls must have squealed at. He has a peasant girl, ‘Anna’ (June Yates), naked over a chair for a caning, for having stolen apples. This might have been an excerpt from ‘Misadventures of St. Joan.’

‘The Cane and the Girlfriend’ (WO7)(6 minutes) An older girl strips naked and is caned over a bed, in just her boots. Minimal faces, note the tattoo of her right buttock.

‘The Cane and the Pretty Lodger’ (W07,old WO2)(6+ minutes) A naked ‘Alison Payne,’ one of her several screen names, and just stunning here in our judgment. Love that absolutely untouched pubic thatch. She kneels on a chair, in just heels, for a memorable caning.

‘Caned by the Abbot’ (7 minutes) (1997) Kirwood canes a naked auburn-haired girl in his same costume; not much facial from the girl. ‘Miss Arc’ appears on the edge of the shot; is this also a part of ‘Misadventures of St. Joan’?

‘Flogging of Lady Bogner’ (12 minutes) An excerpt from ‘Two More From the Crop,’ where a baroness is flogged bare-bottom by the manageress of a restaurant for trying to duck out on her bill. Chef John Kirwood halts the punishment of one of his prized customers.

‘Caning of Manageress’ (12 minutes) Kirwood takes the pants off his restaurant manager for flogging Baroness Bogner.

‘Flatmates Discipline’ (W06 old WO7) (12 minutes) Actress ‘Lucy Bailey’ kneels naked in the Winchester position for the cane. Kirwood, in his ‘Gardener Mudstock’ role, is caned by him in his bathrobe. Another suggestion of the ‘flasher’ image he used. Another girl watches.

‘Gardener Mudstock and the Squire’s Daughter’ (4 minutes) A short-haired, slightly older girl strips naked for Kirwood, in a flannel shirt here. Brief caning.

‘Karen is Soundly Cropped’ (6 minutes) Kirwood canes a faceless naked girl, bent almost double over a chair, so that her buttocks shine in the studio lights.

‘Mark Anthony (sic) Beats the Maid’ (7 minutes) A male in Roman toga and some armor canes a naked girl on the faux-panel MG set.

‘Mark Anthony Beats Octavia’ (9 minutes) A stunning blonde takes off her tunic for the centurion, for a naked caning. She is one of those models who, after a short spanking, should receive some other sort of attention.

Lucy Bailey, excerpts from ‘Marriage Guidance’: Almost 20 minutes of Lucy receiving her bare-bottom training in a parlor room setting in front of another couple.

Dancing Red Bottoms – MOONGLOW

4 Jan

time: 15 minutes

Straight-ahead spankings from MOONGLOW, no dialogue, almost no faces. The magazine JANUS liked to tease us that an occasional celebrity would stop by for an anonymous photo session. This film is another way of how it could be done.

There are about 10 spanking scenes here; it may be all the same female model. Strapping on white panties; caning on red tights; the white knickers–“Take them down.”

Flat on a bed or bending over it–handspanking, bend over for a strap and cane. Part of the girl’s face and her blond hair appear, as well as the disciplinarian in an academic gown.

We don’t recognize nay of these scenes from monger MOONGLOW films; they may be excerpts from rejected films or in fact volunteer, walk-on bottoms.

New Girls – MOONGLOW

10 Nov

2M/2f; time:45 minutes

Standard fare from MOONGLOW, although we have always thought the spankings in these early British films were harder than their successors and of many other British producers.

Brunette ‘Naomi,’ with a ponytail hairstyle suggesting the early 1980’s if not before that, reports to one of the regular ageplay MOONGLOW disciplinarians frequenting many of the films in this era. She wears a little white PT outfit. She was seen with another girl entering an office where some money was reported missing. “I’m going to spank you on your bottom.” “You can’t do that.”

He takes her OTK, little skirt up, white panties. After a short spanking, she drops her panties herself and bends over the desk for more. Another memorable MOONGLOW bottom. She steps out of the panties puddled at her feet and gets the sole from the man, rather hard.

FADE. The guy paces with his cane in the faux-brick lined room used frequently by MOONGLOW. Naomi knows tentatively at a door, where a sign reads “Detention Room-Punishments in Progress.” Naomi’s hair is down here. Hands-on-head, she giggles a bit at the dialogue but gets control of herself. Tie off, she starts to unbutton her blouse but stops, a long scolding. She drops her panties under her skirt, bend-over, the guy gets a rub of her bottom.

A brief caning over a bar stool sort of bench, skirt off, she twists under the cane and probably accidently flashes very full bush. Talk-cane-talk. The frisk position at the wall for more of the cane.

The second “new girl” is ‘Christine,’ identified as ‘Julia’ on MOONGLOW’s website. In an exterior scene, we see Christine on a shoe-sized cell phone. She is having a gentle disagreement with a guy, who takes her into a camper recreational-vehicle, gives her a short spanking, then drives away with her. We are treated to one of those windshield filming scenes so much fun in CP movies, where the girl is being driven somewhere for a little special attention.

The film concludes with a long segment of Christine being spanked on a bed, wearing just panties, then nothing. Various positions, handspanking, crop, cane.

Thrice Beaten – MOONGLOW

9 Oct

M/f; time: 55 minutes

Numerous brief episodes from the MOONGLOW archives, and not excerpted from other films as far as we can tell. Maybe these are cutting-room floor sequences. We will be more interested in the models and any unusual settings here than the action.

‘Seen Smoking’ An older ‘Elena’ gets “six of the best” over a chair for smoking.

‘Rude Words’ Elena is bent over a chair for writing naughty words on the blackboard. 6 on the pants.

‘Boys in the Woods’ Elena over a trestle for 8 strokes. She is able to visibly clench and relax her buttocks.

‘The Music Mad Cleaner’ MOONGLOW’s ‘Tom’ spanks a black girl, who is lazy and distracted by her headphones as she cleans.

‘But a Few Days Later’ Spankings often don’t take. The same girl is spanked for the same reason.

‘The Lazy Cleaner Spanked to Orgasm’ Another spanker gives the same girl probably what she came for.

‘Miss Woods Is Caned by the Senior Secretary’ Leia Ann Woods here, and it’s always our pleasure, Miss. The paneled MOONGLOW set; Ms. Woods’ bottom is bare for a mild caning.

‘The Senior Secretary is Caned’ The senior girl gets spanked by her boss. She wears knickers with the bottom cut out–that alone should be actionable. “We’ll have these down.” The cane surprises her.

‘New Arrival Aleesha is Initiated By Gillian’ model Aleesha.

‘Leia Ann Woods Meets Gillian’ Leia is naked here, rare for her.

‘Sophie Spanked Morning After Christmas’ Newspaper graphics; bald-headed guy does some spanking.

Punishment Date – MOONGLOW

8 Sep

M/f; time: 52 minutes

Early MOONGLOW, featuring one of our favorite bottoms, attached to the actress ‘Allison Payne,’ her most common stage name. This film may have been titled ‘Wife’s Sister,’ the storyline fits that title.

A woman arranges for a man, her husband (?), to spank her sister Allison. She has been in trouble at work and this punishment will prevent her firing. The man enters the room where Allison waits. She knows him, seems to be expecting him, and must know what this is about. She has run off and escaped this once before. She is alarmed by the armload od spanking implements her carries. “Not all those!” Allison, with her low flowing chestnut Irish hair, wears a loose black jersey and tight white tights, making for a delightfully scandalous appearance, in her best places.

He selects a paddle with studs, eliciting a gasp. Throughout the film, the spanking scenes are repeated with frame reversed–the right-handed spanker becomes left-handed, etc. But those buttocks are symmetrical. Only a model like Allison, this bottom, can pull off this duplication. Allison kneels on a chair, elbows over and onto a table, more paddle. She is muttering curses.

Spankings continue–riding crop, rug beater, martinet, tawse.

The guy sends Allison to “put on something sexy.” You wonder just what the sister’s wife intended to happen here. Allison returns in bustier, garter belt, and stockings. The brother-in-law pulls down her top and helps himself to her boobs.

Allison lies full-length on a blanket-covered table. Her wrists and ankles are tied to the legs. Panties come down for the first time, at 25 minutes. [a loud motor noise intrudes, like a panting dog, albeit a very big one, another flaw which may explain why this film has been so scarce]. Puss shots between her thighs. “You won’t get away from me this time.”

At a pause she asks, “What are you looking for?” “I am admiring the view,” More spanking with a shoe horn. More martinet. “You can’t walk out on this one.” He checks her bottom, “It’s getting a bit warm.” And red.

A leather sole next, when she twists around, there is some hair under her arms, setting an early date on this. More riding crop, the studded strap.