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16 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Sarah Gregory and John Osborne in a more recent film. How can we say this? Their figures are more…mature. We reviewers cannot brag either. The set is a sitting room with modern appliances. Osborne takes Sarah OTK for a standard spanking. Colorful skirt up and a nice little struggle when he works her pink panties down.

Halfway through Osborne switches to a spatula-shaped paddle. Nice maintenance spanking which should keep any girl alert. Sarah is sent to the fireplace, where Osborne adjusts her skirt so that her bottom is fully on display.

John Osborne – Sarah Gregory – MYSPANKINGROOMMATE

29 Apr

M/f; time: 10 minutes

A perfunctory spanking performance, except for the presence of Hall of Famers John Osborne and Sarah Gregory. The film by this producer may well have been work of AAASPANKING or NOTHERNSPANKING.

Osborne interrupts Sarah on the phone and will give her a spanking. We are in a bedroom for a one scene shoot. Sarah wears a blue top and black skirt. After a scolding, he takes her OTK. Her little protest always amuses.

Skirt up, red panties on display. There is some humor between them. Sarah’s muscular thighs always impress us. He takes her panties down for a routine spanking. When he lets her up, she is eager to check and see what happened to her bottom. Mohawk flashes. Nice.


18 Dec

F/f; time: 12 minutes

We took at look at this Clare Fonda film because of our admiration for ‘Dani Daniels,’ who has a body she likes to strut, and whose slightly melodramatic acting is consistent in her work, whether she is being spanked at FIRMHAND or here, or whether she is being  more severely tested to pretty much the maximum in some of her adult film work. She does a very nice job of combining BDSM, spanking, and hard sex.

‘Kay Richards’  seems to be Dani’s roommate, and the girls settle disputes in the most delightful way. Dani strips off a hot little sailor suit and is naked, the best nude view of her we have collected outside her hard-core films. Kay herself is wearing a hot hostess outfit, which she strips off, and she is not wearing panties.

Kay gives Dani and very sexy paddling, two nudes on the screen.

(F/f; time: 11 minutes) Lesbian stuff from Dani, and maybe Kay Richards. Always good for us. Dani needs a favor from her roommate to keep  her job, and the roommate wants to extract a spanking in return. “You know what happens in my apartment.” Awful acting. Both girls wear short shorts and halter tops with bare midriffs.

A silly OTK spanking commences–it is mild,  but Dani makes those same porno expressions she does when she is getting 8″ over a barrel. Denim shorts down, no panties. This hard bottom  makes up for any other flaws in the film. Oblique angles provide facial shots and a view of the smacking. One good overhead of Dani’s bottom under duress. When she stands, she flashes her full triangular bush. When was this film made?

(F/f; time: 15 minutes) Dani and Kay Richards, in roommate status. They wear silly hostess uniforms, or are they carhops, or cigarette girls, or airline attendants 30 years ago, in the era of hot pants? Certainly not Kuwaiti Airlines. Dani’s roommate has been pinching liquor from the galley, her pantyhose is ripped, she is wearing flats instead of heels, she is a mess, although she looks pretty good to us.

Dani has some control over the girl, who is aware: “I know I am on my third strike.” Kay tells Dani that spanking is used in her apartment complex to settle disputes among the girls. She’ll take a spanking. Dani’s eyebrows arch. She is intrigued.

Dani takes the girl OTK. Among her other discrepancies, she forgot to put panties on this morning. And she wears a shorty hostess uniform and works flights. Long conventional uneventful bare bottom spanking.

(F/f; time: 13 minutes) The roles are reversed for the two roommates. Kay has caught Dani in lesbian play with some of the girls. Dani will take a spanking or Kay will circulate the video. Awful acting. Kay reminds Dani that she didn’t hesitate to spank when she has the chance on a previous occasion.

Dani: “I can see you are Lesbianic.” We’ll look that one up. OTK. Dani makes those porno  grimaces. Uniform skirt up. Thong? No, nothing. Overheads and closeups turn this conventional spanking a treat. Zoom to close.

F/f; time: 13 minutes) Kay has gotten hold of Dani doing some lesbian paly with some customers. This is a chance for Kay to give Dani a spanking right there in the office. Dani wears the same little sailor suit/uniform. Most of the film is taken up with a long OTK spanking. We were surprised to see Dani doesn’t wear panties under that uniform. She couldn’t so much as unlock a door without flashing something. Several good camera angles on that unbelievable bottom.

(F/f; time: 13 minutes) Dani and her roommate return from a workout, wearing just short shorts and sports bras. When the girlfriend wants to open a bottle of wine, Dani scolds her and announces a spanking in order. There follows a standard OTK spanking  in the kitchen, shorts down soon, a wooden kitchen spoon handy. Low shots of the two girls accentuate their bodies and the action.


(F/f; time: 12 minutes) Not much new here, except that any time Dani Daniels takes her clothes off, we are interested. She strips, and she likes her pubic hair apparently. Kay Richards comes into the room in that silly uniform, strips naked, and goes OTK. Two great nudes on the screen. Dani uses their house paddle, a blue one


Alaina and Madison Spanked – MYSPANKINGROOMMATE

10 Oct

M/2f; time: 40 minutes
An odd film, serialized on this website. ‘Mr.Ford’ is the boss, and as kinky as they come.
At the suggestion of his employee ‘Madison,’ he has hired her cousin ‘Alaina.’ She is a tall brunette, fetching in a tight dress. When she reports for orientation, Madison suggests she be rude and short with customers, a surprising style at the company. But, no matter what, don’t be late for work.

Sure enough, she is 45 minutes late her first day–flat tire, and a disbelieving Ford confronts her. On the computer at her desk, he clicks onto a video of a girl being caned in the office, her arms over her head. Alaina didn’t catch the portions of her employment contract where she agreed to corporal punishment. Here, in the very first hour on the job, Ford is going to cane her, and in the most weird way.

She retains her tight gray knit dress. She has one of those ‘S’ figure shapes, where her bottom is prominent. Ford is appalled by perspiration stains in her armpits, understandable given the stress if you’re going to be caned in your first hour! Ford will cane her on her armpit–we’re certain we have never seen this before. Then cane on the palms. And, a half-dozen across her boobs, and last, hands-on-head, 6 on her bottom. All for a first offense, no warnings.

Poor Alaina will be punished on succeeding days. Ford jumps her for messing up a customer’s order. She is offered the choice of paying for the error or taking punishment. She receives the same employment-contract caning–the (other) armpit, across her breasts, and on her skirt. At least her clothes stay on, for now.

On another occasion, she collides with Ford, who immediately fondles her an finds her overweight. Tough contract! She must do p.e. exercises–this is an American film, they are called ‘jumping jacks’ here. Boots off, sit-ups, push-ups; Ford raises her skirt and is proud of the cane marks he has caused.

On another day, Ford is disturbed by being able to see her nipples through her dress and he pinches them. “That’s not appropriate,” Alaina protests. The same canings, this time in the office break room, so that other employees might see Alaina’s humiliation. Alaina has to peel the top of her dress down to her waist and take the ‘frisk’ position at the wall. Nice sight.

Ford first snaps off six strokes on her bare boobs and then, still weird, does the run-up caning technique on her bottom, running at her from the next room. He is not very good at this. He has switched to a very large and stiff cane, at least 4′ long, More on the boobs and panties. Her accrued marks do not show here.

And the final scene–Alaina is wearing a belted green dress. She took Madison’s suggestion to be rude to customers. It was a trap of course, and Alaina gets the cane again, more and more on the bottom. She can’t keep count, costing do-overs.

Finally, well into the film, “Take your clothes off…this will be on your bare bottom.” She needs help unzipping, and Ford assists with the panties while he’s back there. He likes his cane marks. Various positions, nice frontals of her carefully tended Mohawk. He shifts to OTK–who wouldn’t want this naked morsel over his lap? Ford grabs her hair to steady her, another infrequent fetish gesture.

Cousin Madison enters–she has heard the screaming. Ford lets the naked Alaina take Madison OTK for pulling the trick, then he takes over. He has Alaina kneel on her haunches at his side so her can drink her in also.

Chloe and Kailee’s Halloween Spankoff – MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.COM

14 Oct

F/f; time: 5 minutes

Tepid and playful spanking exercises from the website, apparently part of a ‘Clare Fonda’ enterprise. Ms. Fonda has gotten some of her CP-star friends to stop by from time to time for a taste.

Kailee bounces around in black bra and black lace bikini panties, the cost of the film paid for right at this point. She is looking for parts to her ‘Devil’s’ Halloween costume, and we don’t refer to the ice hockey franchise. Blond roommate ‘Chloe’s wearing them.

The girls tussle and this is enough provocation for Kailee to spank Chloe. Kind of silly, but all eyes on Kailee. The girls reverse roles–you have to when you have a bottom like this on payroll–finds their costumes, and still do some spanking.

Kailee – collected

1 Oct

One of REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE’s   most popular actresses, Kailee Robinson, with appearances we keep finding  – CHELSEAPFEIFFERENTERTAINMENT, GIRLSBOARDINSCHOOL MYSPANKINGROOMMATE, DALLASSPANKSHARD, and some softcore and more hardcore at SHADOWLANE. We will amend here until we have completed the substance of her work.

‘Ashley Pratt is a Brat’ SHADOWLANE. reviewed on this site.

‘Kailee’s Homework’ (MYSPANKINGROOMMATE; 2F/2f; time:14 minutes) We plow through these many short Internet-oriented films in the hope that something unusual might happen. This is another segment with roommates Lena, Carly, and Kailee.

Kailee has let Carly do her homework, and Lena decides that it is a spanking offense. She gets spanked by the other two girls, then Lena spanks her two roommates side by side.

‘Kailee with Dee‘(REALSPANKING; time: 24 minutes) An entertaining film; Kailee is apparently a ‘prefect’ at the REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE, which may have its perks, but at this place its perils also. Mistress Dee is admonishing her for failing to spank one of the students over whom she has authority.

“I’m going to punish you for this….stand up and remove your underwear.” Kailee kneels over two chairs in the Winchester position, marks from a previous spanking evident. Dee is going to use a nasty-looking cane bundle, four or five sticks taped together. Seven strokes from this, then a half-dozen more with some on the thighs. Dee has always been a determined disciplinarian.

Dee will make Kailee remain in an uncomfortable posture. She kneels on a chair, rests forward on her elbows, and raises her feet so that most of her weight is on her kneecaps. RIGIDEAST would have rolled out the dried peas. The spanking is repeated from the facial angle.

In a new scene, ‘Chelsea’ has been caught cheating and Dee will spank here in her bedroom, assisted by prefect Kailee. Fast bruises.

‘Kailee OTK’ (M/f; year: 2005;  time: 14 minutes) REALSPANKING. We haven’t seen this performance anywhere we can recall. A man we also have not seen will give Kailee quite a memorable spanking and get her naked. He  starts her OTK with hand, slipper, and hairbrush. Really, a model must prepare herself for a spanking this hard. Her bottom and thighs are pink, with white bruises in the center of the cheeks.

The set in the small low-ceiling bedroom. Into the corner, he wants her naked. She flings off her skirt and top with defiance. Hands on head—Kailee  shows why she was so popular at RS. The guy returns with a cane loop. Kailee bends over the bed, boobs hang. The guy canes her and changes the white bruises to mottled colors. One of the most entertaining spankings of Kailee we have seen.

‘Kailee’ (MYSPANKINGROOMMATE; 2F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Roommates Kailee, Lena, and Carly again. Carly is modeling a tarty batman cape outfit, which angers Lena, who seems to rule this roost. She decides to spank Carly for her taste, while Kailee holds her. Silly stuff. The girls turns on Lena and spanks her. No glass broken here.

‘Kailee and Clare Fonda’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Kailee calls at a friend’s house and is greeted by Clare Fonda, who will take this opportunity to spank her. We didn’t exactly divine why, but it doesn’t take much in these short films.

Kailee is wearing a skirt so short she should not be seen, and a black top. Clare starts a standing spanking, then OTK. Don’t have to raise that skirt. Panties down–apparently one offense is that Kailee has ‘borrowed’ some money from their friend. Nothing much to see in this film except Kailee’s bare tush. These girls all play lesbians.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY F/f; time: 7 minutes) Unremarkable work; Kailee is spanked in a flower print dress which proves she is one of the top bottoms in the trade. Her blond spanker keeps her still while OTK by holding her hair. Panties down, some floor kneeling before she is sent to her room.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY; F/f; time: 6 minutes) Kailee is marched to her school locker; looks like a real locker room. Again, her female tormentor controls her by grabbing her hair. The lady flashes a lot of boobs–this has better be a girls’ school.

Kailee receives a moderate caning on white panties, standing. Panties down, she lies flat on a massage table for more. Various angles, maybe repeats.

‘Kailee’ (F/f; BADTUSHY; F/f; time: 9 minutes) Kailee lounges on her bed with a laptop, smoking. an older blonde enters and is angry with Kailee for his leisure. Kailee is made to bend over the end of the bed for the strap on her jeans.

The blonde pulls Kailee’s jeans down slowly, carefully preserving her red pattern panties, which she then pulls down with the appropriate ceremony. The spanking continues and the bruises on Kailee’s buttocks take on different shapes and forms. The blond domina has a little smile on her face. Kailee lies flat on the bed for the conclusion of the spanking. “Remember to clean your room next time.”

‘Kailee and Betty‘ (REALSPANKING; F/f; time: 12 minutes) Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews two of his popular models, Kailee Robinson and ‘Betty.’ The girls giggle over the prospect that Masterson is going to have them spank each other.

Brunette Betty, fuller of face and figure and a bit older than the typical RSN girl, takes Kailee OTK first. Kailee drops her panties herself. The girls switch–Betty is one of those girls whose bottom might actually challenge Kailee.

‘Kailee’ (BADTUSHY; M/f; time: 10 minutes) Another CP producer with a eye for model ‘Kailee Robinson’s’ bottom. She lounges on her bed, on a cell phone with a girlfriend, speaking in teenage rhythms. She is playing hooky and quite confident about it.

A guy barges in, having heard her talking. He challenges her on her school absence. She is staying at his house, and from the look of their ages, she had better keep her bedroom door locked. On the bed, he wrestles her into an OTK position, spanking on jeans, jeans down, white panties.

She lies over her bed for his doubled belt, “something for show and tell tomorrow.” Lots of ‘F’ bombs are thrown about by both of them. Panties down, the belt continues. Overhead camera angles catch the glorious expanse of the perfect Kailee female bottom. Closeups to conclude.

‘Kailee’ BADTUSHY; time: 8 minutes) Male ‘Professor Reno’ confronts Kailee and shows her a drug package he found of hers. One a blackboard a course being taught is identified, “Advanced SexEd.’ The spanking begins immediately. first she is paddled in a standing position, hands on head.

Bend over a desk, skirt up, nice white panties, for the paddle. The professor pulls down the white panties to expose the prototype bullseye bruises which illustrate the paddle has been doing its work, even in this short duration. Convincing gasps and grunts from Kailee.

She quickly lies flat on the desk for more of the paddle. No way to fake this real spanking.

Kailee’ ( REALSPANKING; M/f; time: 6 minutes) Perhaps not her first appearance–she looks theatrical here. She has come to RSN for a ‘cleansing’ for her problems. Therapy here is issued via the buttocks.

Mr. Daniels takes her OTK and begins a hard spanking on her jeans; tears. But she is stoic. Jeans down, blue bikini panties, the bare skin on her bottom is blushed red. Daniels soothes here, she sits for an exit interview, feeling better.

Kailee’‘ (REALSPANKING; time: 2 minutes) Kailee toes a tape line on the floor, fully dressed in top, jeans, and heels. Michael Masterson attends, he is in shaggy long hair and a beard here, a Jesus look.

Kailee takes six strokes of the paddle for each day of school this week. Masterson breaks two paddles in the process of delivering 18 strokes.

Kailee at MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.COM (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Kailee has been hitting on her girlfriend ‘Snow Mercey’s’ boyfriend, and Snow decides a spanking among girls will go a long way. “Is this why you’re always hanging around here?” Snow grabs Kailee OTK while another roommate, ‘Chloe Elise,’ watches. “This is ridiculous.”

Skirt turned up, transparent beige panties down. There is that big, wide perfect feminine bottom, and the camera is charmed. After this routine but colorful spanking, Snow grabs Chloe, who is apparently complicit. Panties down also.

Snow finds a kitchen stirrer and a beach game paddle. She spanks both bare bottoms over the back of the couch, in a memorable shot– two glorious sets of buttocks center-screen. A screen capture. The camera moves from rear to the front for facials.

Kailee at MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.COM (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Kailee has a little dispute with a businessman; it seems her sister blew a photography appointment and offered up Kailee for a spanking as compensation. Guess her sister knows something about this guy.

The guy grabs Kailee OTK, to minimal protests. Dark skirt up, purple panties bunched; the guy spanks until some bruising begins to appear. She sits on his lap for a final scolding. We can’t see where the guy’s hands are. Kailee concludes the film by kneeling on the floor and displaying her red bottom.

Kailee Self Spanking’‘ (RSI; time: 21 minutes) Three 7-minute segments of Kailee spanking herself, by hand, with a hairbrush, paddles, straps, etc. In several places, various poses, not our favorite depiction, but we always enjoy watching this lady.

Kailee’ REALSPANKING‘ (as a Top)(F/f; year: 2005; time: 5 minutes) Our favorites. ‘Kailee’ plays a Top here and she is good at it and will become better. She spanks a dusty blonde whose appearance is not all that different from hers. Hairbrush, typical marvelous RSN bottom-high on her lap. The girl sits sobbing on her bare bottom at the conclusion. She was actually lucky here.

Kailee and Coach Daniels’‘ (RSI; M/f; time: 5 minutes) Kailee keeps breaking Institute rules, and Coach Daniels has the onerous task of having to constantly enforce them. Kailee has a bare midriff and her skirt is too short. “Maybe a little attitude adjustment will help.”

She bends over his desk, the little skirt does its thing and comes up; he pulls down her white panties. He paddles, she jumps and twists, tears at the conclusion.

Kailee and Daniels‘ (RSI; M/f; time:7 minutes) More behavioral problems for Kailee. She sits down on a couch with Daniels–she admits she has been spending too much money. Kailee is dressed here in a white top and jeans. She agrees that a spanking might help her to understand the situation better.

OTK, hairbrush on jeans. She drops her jeans, red panties, and bends over the couch. This actress, spanked as frequently as she was in this era, is very good at looking miserable. Daniels does the panties for his strap. Almost no facials in this episode, unfortunately.

Kailee and Miss Burns‘ (RSI; F/f; 2 minutes) Kailee ‘borrowed’ some money from Miss Burns and earns a two-minute paddling.

Kailee spanks Jessica‘ (RSN; time: 7 minutes) Strawberry blond ‘Jessica’ waits nervously. ‘Kailee’ enters the room brusquely and Jessica knows it is time. She quickly strips naked. No dialogue. Kailee takes her OTK, and begins a hard, steady spanking, so much so that she switches arms a few times. The vigorous three-minute segment is repeated from a right-oblique angle.

Jasmine’s Dungeon‘ (RSN; F/f; time: 4 minutes) Two RSN actresses; ‘Jasmine’ will spank ‘Kailee'(RSN’s perpetual good sport) on a padded trestle in the cellar-like ‘dungeon.’ We have commented, we enjoy spankings in these faux-hard surroundings. GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL seems to have the most dank-looking basement, hard on the bare feet of a supplicant.

Kailee Interview‘ (F/f; RealSpanking; time: 10 minutes) Dialogue suggests this was Kailee’s first spanking at RSN, the beginning of many erotic appearances, as both a Top and Bottom. She does the standard interview format with ‘Mistress Dee,’ who is off-screen as usual. Kailee sits on the Queen Anne chair. The tall, 19-year old brunette is quite relaxed.

“Before I continue this interview I have to get you naked…take everything off.” RSN uses these undressing scenes to elevate erotic tension as skillfully as do any of the CP producers. Self-confident Kailee does not hesitate. As she strips and casually discards her clothing, “You’ll see later what happens if you don’t fold your clothing.” She is soon down to just white bikini panties, which come down. She does not show the slightest embarrassment.

Dee asks her how she found out about RSN. These questioning sessions at this point in the interview are always entertaining, because the model sits naked, not sure what to do with her hands or legs. Kailee saw the RSN site on-line; she was intrigued by the money and the potential new experience; she is glad the site is about spanking, not hard sex; she was spanked as a child. (This time it will be different.)

Dee steps on-screen and takes the naked Kailee OTK on the decorative chair, and makes reference to this her “first spanking” at RSN. An impressive bottom for Dee, and we will get to know it.

Long, slow, moderate, spanking. Dee likes the developing results. “You’re going to be an easy marker,” a helpful attribute for a CP model. Dee asks her, in the naked post-spanking interview, where sitting on the chair is not as easy, “Your pain scale…one to ten?” “About 5.” More good news for Dee, who will have no problem stepping up the intensity in later films. “We’re halfway there.”

My First Day‘ (GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; M/f; time: 13 minutes) Kailee as ‘Christine.’ She sits in interview with headmaster Tom, admitting she has problems, surely music to his ears. He surely saw the bottom on this girl. Kailee wears a pinafore, blouse, knee socks.

Tom starts her off OTK, after she was late for her first breakfast, on full white panties, which have to come down. More interview, more spanking bent over at the fireplace, huge leather paddle, this time for “smarting a teacher,” still on her first day. Bottom on display!

After more interview, to the Headmaster’s office for hands on knees for the cane, for having left school grounds. Christine tells us she was spanked three times on her first day–hand, paddle, and cane, and couldn’t sit down for several days.

Natalie‘ (RSN; year: 2005; time:41 minutes) Reviewed separately. Kailee acts as a Top and spanks the sensational Natalie.

Shoplifter’‘ (GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL; M/f; time: 11 minutes) Actress Kailee plays ‘Christine’ here in some early work; while sitting doing her homework with schoolmaster Tom, a local merchant ‘Mr. Wilson’ phones. He reports Christine has been shoplifting in his store–a tall 5′ 6″ brunette wearing a black bra.

While Wilson is on the phone, Tom makes Christine open her blouse–black bra! Wilson won’t report her to the police if Tom does the disciplining. He will spank her now, on an open phone line.

First, Christine has to hand over her blouse and bra. She stands half-naked. She bends over a table and Tom begins paddling her. She yells loud enough to be heard on the detachable handset. Wilson asks, “Faster and harder.” While Christine squeals, she apologizes to him over the handset.

Spanking finished; she must walk to the wall and “face me”; hands-on-head, modest boobs for this budding adult star. Good for her. He orders her to take off her shoes and drop her trousers; he does the panties; she wears just socks. “That will be your position for the next half-hour.” She will be on display naked. People pass through.

Kailee’s broad feminine hips and rosy bottom certainly illustrate how she was able to market herself in future years.

Sober Again‘ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; 8 minutes) More of the GBS series with Kailee in the character ‘Christine.’ She is seen passed out with an empty gin bottle and just drops left in a Johnnie Walker bottle. Cigarettes scattered about. Silly, but point made.

FADE. Headmaster Tom has found her and she is now in the shower, sobering up, using a hand sprayer, her white panties still on, which will elevate the eroticism of the punishment coming.

FADE. Chistine has been tied face-down on her bed, and facing our way, seen through the wrought iron frame of the foot of the bedstead, her pantied bottom rising foothill style in the background.

Tom begins caning her, and the camera switches to a view from the opposite end. Bare feet tied and wriggling, something for everyone. Tom concentrates with his cane on her lower buttocks, bare and available. Tears. Closeups of a speckled bottom.

Chelsea spanks Kailee and Berlin‘ (ChelseaPfeifferEntertaiment; F/2f; time” 1 hr 3 minutes) Reviewed separately.

‘Revenge of testy teacher‘ (ChelseaPfeifferEntertainment; F/f; time: 21 minutes) Reviewed separately.

Sex and spanking with Kailee and Seth‘ SHADOWLANE
M/f; year: 2009 time: 31 minutes reviewed separately.

Kailee and Seth‘ (M/f; SHADOWLANE) Actress ‘Kailee’ (KI-LEE), well known for many appearances at REALSPANKINGS and a few other places, and of course possessing the sort of hindquarters which can keep a booking agent busy, fulfills whatever promise you had in mind for her in this film. Her partner ‘Seth,’ a tall and thin young guy, of course fulfills his promise when the (long) moment comes.

Seth and Kailee are boyfriend-girlfriend. He is angry at her for flirting at a party, which she only mildly disputes. Just two minutes into the film he decides to spank her, and takes her OTK on the SHADOWLANE couch.skirt up, he soon has her panties down, where we are reminded of why we enjoy her films. She squawks sexily. “It’s going to get worse.” “Why? I’m doing everything you’re saying.”

A hard handspanking, to be sure. Kailee can take good punishment, we have seen and will review when we can. Seth shifts to a heavy leather paddle, which looks like it would hurt even with light strokes.

This part of her punishment concluded, Kailee kneels in front of Seth in the formal position; he drops his trousers and she pulls down his shorts, having to work them over a developing erection, and she can’t disguise her glee. She begins a long and slow blowjob; on Seth there is plenty to work with. He is now naked and she in just her bra.

Onto the couch, she continues the b.j. and he now has access to frig. She takes off her string of beads and bra. Kailee shifts to a long hassock, kneels on it, and Seth, after some handwork, fucks her doggie-style. Onto her back for more. Quite entertaining. It is difficult to imagine the actors were not enjoying this.

Onto to his lap on the couch for more, and he puts a finger in her anus. More doggie style, and Seth acts his orgasm here, without a money shot. Good enough for us.

Director Eve Howard is not finished; back into the OTK position for another five minutes of entertaining spanking, both naked. Loved this film.

Kailee Chelsea stories’(Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment; F/f; year:2008; time:26 minutes) Another example of the greater CP sorority, where ‘Kailee,’ mostly of REALSPANKING, some at SHADOWLANE, stopped by Chelsea Pfeiffer’s website and made a few films.

This exercise is filmed in the empty office or store CP Entertainment has used–we remember Amelia Jane’s bottom under these lights. Chelsea explains to Kailee that this will be an “audition” to see if she can make a spanking film. Kailee has reddish hair here, and less facial jewelry.

The audition“: Chelsea explains the procedure, Kailee hangs her head in embarrassment (just for a moment though). Chelsea has paddles in her desk drawer, which Kailee observes with some trepidation. OTK immediately, Chelsea handspanks hard on her jeans. Loud echoes, good facials of Kailee, bent over, overhead views. Chelsea does the jeans–polka dot panties. Her bottom is already quite red. Panties down. Chelsea likes the glow she has produced.

She switches to a hairbrush; this straightforward spanking would be unremarkable except it doesn’t stop–no breaks, no extraneous conversation. Next, an oval paddle, about the size of a vanity mirror, which covers a lot of cheek. Overheads show blistering beginning.

The switcheroo“: Kailee jumps up. “That’s enough!” It had been a good 10 minutes of almost steady spanking. Kailee wrestles Chelsea OTK, not all that much of a struggle. “I give spankings, I don’t get them!” The same routine for Chelsea, skirt up, panties down, hairbrush, and paddle.

Teacher punished‘ (CPEntertainment; F/f; year: 2010; time: 27 minutes) Another film Chelsea Pfeiffer made at her website with a highly regarded CP actress. Here, ‘Kailee’ is yet another teacher who runs afoul of Miss Pfeiffer at her elementary school.

It seems Kailee has been reported for spanking her little charges. She is rather indignant when she is told such procedure is not permitted. But Chelsea has the obvious solution. “If the kids can take it, you can take it,” and she grabs Kailee OTK. “Miss Pfeiffer, this is highly inappropriate.” A good look at her bottom here–we would say Ms. Kailee is taking very good care of herself.

Chelsea points to the implements which have been laid out in waiting. “What?” questions Kailee. Black lace panties down. “It’s appealing the way your butt gets all red…and warm too.” Kailee threatens a lawyer -hardly, she is pretty much culpable herself. This is the best solution. It is long handspanking.

Chelsea shifts to a cane-loop, sort of a rug beater, but not for rugs. 18″ long, it leaves a white oval pattern when it strikes. Kailee kneels on a chair for more of this, her big perfect athletic bottom mesmerizing. Chelsea is spanking harder; she shifts to a small hard wood paddle, a very specific little instrument. “A cool paddle for a hot bottom.”

“It’s getting very colorful back here. I hope you have a cushion for your chair in the classroom.”

About now, Kailee begins to apologize. “Twenty more” with the paddle. “You’re a teacher, can you count?” She can and she does. “Go stand in the corner with your dress around your waist and your panties around your ankles.” Is there going to be a faculty meeting?

Very entertaining film from two regulars. Chelsea knows how to spank hard without malice and Kailee knows how to take it.

Kailee and Lily (DALLASSPANKSHARD; M/2f; year: 2006; time: 26 minutes) Somehow, after all these reviews, we did not know that Kailee Robinson had a sister in the trade, ‘Lily.’

The girls bicker in Dallas’ studio. Somehow, in her relationship with Lily, when circumstances arise, Kailee is the dominant. Dallas doesn’t like their arguing, so he will spank them both. He sends them both to the ‘corner,’ big enough for two, when they must drop their jeans and panties. Plenty of time to examine these two family bottoms.

Kailee will be spanked first. Typical very hard handspanking from Dallas, the oblique frontal camera angle permits views of her face plus complete sight of her swelling bottom receiving the sharp smacks. It hurts from the first. “We’ll call that a warm up.” Kailee gets through it and probably knows what to expect from Dallas.

Lily is next and the same aggressive spanking produces bruises. She is squawking early and possibly not as sure as Kailee on what Dallas likes to do.

This segment concluded, the girls pull up their pants and Kailee spanks Lily a bit more.

The final segment of this film contains one of the harshest spankings we have seen Kailee take. She must remove her jeans and panties and lie bare-bottom lengthwise on a padded low table Dallas has used for many a bottom, whose function is for nothing but spanking.

She must wait in this pose; he likes contemplation, anticipation, humiliation. Dallas enters and spreads aloe on her bottom. From the look on her face, Kailee knows what that is for. He will be able to spank a wet bottom longer, and it will sting more.

Several straps, excellent facials, more aloe. He keeps strapping, the bruises may actually be bleeding a bit. He uses a longer strap which is almost a whip. Heavy marks on her bottom and down her thighs, very European. Lily has wrapped a strap around Kailee’s wrists and draws her tight and still with it like reins while Dallas whips.

Kailee and Lily—blistered sisters‘ (DALLASSPANKSHARD;MF/2f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) A recent release of  apparently discarded archival film. Lily Robinson complains to Dallas that sister Kailee is always the Top. Now, Dallas is not someone you should ever complain to about anything.

Dallas acknowledges that Kailee is the “alpha female” of the family. He doesn’t like this bickering and will spank them both. Two girls to the corner. “Bare your bottoms.” So nice.

Kailee is spanked first OTK, she soars on Dallas’  lap. Lily is spanked next, and she begins to blotch as she turns red. After Dallas leaves them, Kailee jumps Lily for causing all this and continues her dominance.