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Northern Spanking

1 Apr

M/f; time: 12 minutes

We don’t have a title for this one yet. John Osborne discovers a note on a blackboard not so flattering to him—he’s a pervert and something about his penis. A redhead is in detention. We believe this is Kami Robertson. The spanking will take place in an open shower stall.

Kami takes off her skirt and panties and bends over for an introductory handspanking. Next, she takes off her shoes, socks, and blouse, but pauses for a moment before the bra comes off. When she is naked she puts hands on hips in that defiant little pose. She starts the shower.






Russian Slaves #89 – Tales From Life In Convent NETTLES

22 Aug

M/f; time: 59 minutes

Typically corny Russian fare, and as usual, the awful acting and staging are offset by a rousing caning of a very pretty girl. The scene is a convent. ‘Nikita Mikhalkov’ plays the Father, ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ a Mother Superior,’ and ‘Gerry Geroshvili’ a ‘deacon.’ ‘Aleksandra’ will be the unfortunate trainee. Again as usual, actor and subtitle spellings are approximate.

Aleksandra is a prostitute off the streets, brought to the convent for redemption. Gerry is caught having sex with her. 15 minutes of dialogue leads to the decision to have Gerry himself give her 50 strokes of the cane, in the ‘torture room.’ Punishing her is his punishment. But first she will be trussed and left hung upside down for the night.

Aleksandra is summoned and made to strip naked. All the characters wear nearly authentic convent clothing. She undresses slowly—headdress, tunic, shift, and last, bloomers. The model is very good at embarrassment. Father Nikita drools and manages a few fondles. Lovely clear bottom.

Off to the torture room, the large ballroom set used throughout these films. After a cut, Aleksandra is hanging from a frame upside down, professionally tied in a complicated configuration kinbaku or shibari style, which distributes her weight. The night has passed, the group assembles to see her hanging naked. Gerry is required to flog her, front and back, as she swings in her rope harness.

Another day: naked Aleksandra has been released and she climbs willingly onto another platform, knowing how to position herself and place her knees on pads on all fours without direction. Gerry proceeds with a 100 stroke caning, typically Russian-fierce, with inconsistent development of stripes. At least he switches sides, so the wraparound strokes on the thighs are even. Why 100 rather than the 50 awarded, we missed.

Nikita and Nadezda come onto the scene and are impressed with the results of the caning. Gerry whispers to Aleksandra that he is now in the mood to fuck her again.

Discipline in Russia #10- Spanking in the Bath House – NETTLES

2 May

2M/2f; time: 41 minutes

More naughtiness in a rented bath house, where no mothers tell honest girls never to go. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and a male friend and two girls have rented a bath house, over which they are quite impressed. The four undress and head for the elevated indoor pool. Gerry himself shows some frontal nudity here, reminding us there are more graphic pornographic versions of some of these films elsewhere. This one is for the CP market.

While the couples are in the pool, someone lifts Gerry’s wallet. When he calls the front desk, two female employees show up, and one girl is dumb enough to be caught with Gerry’s money in her blouse. The boys’  female companions want to see the employee girls whipped, and so do we.

The girls are made to strip and marched to the showers, where one of those perfect Russian benches has been placed. Gerry comes up with a cane somewhere and the first naked girl lies on the bench. She is a sophisticated looking brunette, not a floozy type, and her hair is pinned up to solve that problem. Gerry delivers 25 characteristic strokes, moving from side to side. There appears to be some cosmetic intervention, but this hurts. Tears and quivering.

The second employee has been held captive watching and now she goes over the bench and is tied down. Same caning, not quite as long, but more serious welts. Maybe they stopped. A lot of flash camera still shot action, so someone liked her bottom. Two striped bottoms to the tiled wall. The boys should be ramped up for their girls now.

Russian Slaves #65b -Beria and the Schoolgirl – NETTLES

2 May

M/f; time: 15 minutes

Another ‘Beria’  fragment, about a legendary KGB figure who picked girls off the street for torment for his own pleasure. ‘Vladimir’ plays Beria in his typically corny way. He summons guard ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ and wants to see the prisoner ‘Gavrilova,’ a schoolgirl they seem to have plucked from somewhere.

The little brunette cowers in front of the two men in the office set. She wears one of those black dresses with a white apron, a cheap version for a schoolgirl or a maid. The costume doesn’t matter much of course, because it won’t last long. For the fun of it, Beria wants Gerry to whip the girl, there in the office. There is a long table waiting. The girl is ordered to strip–the scene is cut and she is naked. Too bad, we enjoy these stripping scenes from embarrassed girls. Hands-on-head naked, she is called an “enemy of the people.”

Gavrilova climbs up on the table and is tied down Russian style, facing Beria as he sits at his desk. Gerry uses a heavy cane, there are immediate red stripes, quivering, and some struggling. The camera  films the caning from one end of the table, a fortuitous and effect angle, showing the girl’s bottom, Gerry in  action, and the delight of Beria.

The girl rolls around between strokes and she much be encouraged to reposition herself, lest Gerry cane her kidneys. At the conclusion she is taken to her cell naked, Gerry escorting.

Russian Slaves #91, 92 – Family Lipovsky – NETTLES

15 Mar

M/f; time: 40 minutes

Daughter ‘Irina lolls reading a magazine. Mother ‘Gelina’ (Nadezda Dozorova) arrives and has learned Irina has been skipping school. Actress Irina is a tall, sophisticated brunette, not quite the schoolgirl any more and not the more common CP actress. Gelena slaps her face–these particular cheeks will get off lightly. Father ‘Nikolai’ (Nikita) comes home. He will sort things out. “Take off your pants.” Bloomers off, he makes her kneel on IKEA plastic tables for a handspanking. His first smack is hard enough to leave a full handprint.  A lot of talk and hugging forgiveness.

A ‘Captain Lipovsky’ arrives with a search warrant. A corny toss of the house produces a book of illegal poetry. Off the family goes to the police station. The origin of this book must be ascertained. On a silly set, with the windows covered with sheets, the captain interrogates first Nikolai and then Gelena, intimidating them by handling some surgical instruments on his desk. Flourishing forceps, he wants Nadezda’s skirt and pants off. She gets it and quickly signs some confession.

Irina will be questioned separately, in the next video. She is taken away. We will see her next in a medical room, with some very intimidating looking gynecological equipment. A masked ‘doctor’ attends–apparently ‘Nikita’ plays this part also, having practiced this craft in the ‘Gynecology in Russia’  series. Snap–rubber gloves. Irina first refuses to strip and plays shy reluctance well enough. But she is threatened enough that she caves and slowly undresses.

Naked, she is very unhappy about having to climb onto the high gyno chair and put her feet in the stirrups. The doctor coaxes her to slide forward to access her vagina and anus more easily. And, a new one for us, he wants to check her virginity through her anus. Squeals.

They take her to a punishment room. Her clothes are back on. She strips again and is tied down to a bench Russian-style. Slow and sexy. The captain goes to work with a switch and comments on how quiet she is. But not for long, she begins to mark up and  the squeals start at stroke #9.

He splinters switches, there are screams and wailing. The captain changes sides to spread the marks, like a good caner. An 80 stroke session. Irina finally confesses where the poetry book came from, if you care to translate the Russian, 3 minutes of her crying naked on the bench.

Russian Slaves #88 -Punishment for Hooch – NETTLES

15 Mar

M/f; time: 59 minutes

We have reviewed most of this series, as well as ‘Discipline in Russia,’ from NETTLES. The company’s affiliations lead to a lot more product, emphasis toward the hardcore side, such as ‘Spanking Them,’ ‘Sex in Russia,’ and ‘Gynecology in Russia,’ surely among others, where the prurient fetishes are fulfilled, often with the same actors. We don’t pretend to review this genre.

We’ll play along with these CP farces, on the assumption they couldn’t have been serious. ‘Nadezda  Dozorova,’ ‘Nikita,’ and ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ play government police who can no longer make their arrest quotas as Russian culture evolves. Even their pay is sporadic and in jeopardy. They survey the rack and trestles in their station (the same ‘ballroom’ set) and bemoan the circumstance that they will no longer be able to punish girls here.

But some daylight–there are still ‘hooch’ makers about, distilling and selling booze on the black market. They decide to trap and punish a hooch girl. Nadia and Nikita disguise themselves as customers, call on a girl (‘Avdotya’), make a booze deal, leave, then return and burst in, in uniform along with Gerry, and arrest her. The girl had actually checked the bills used for the payment to see if they were counterfeit. Russia! And when she escorts them out, the actress actually stumbles over her silly costume dress.

The bend Avdotya over a couch, throw up the silly dress and pull her panties down. They like what they see. They will take her back to the police station and whip her until she gives up her supply sources.

Cut to the station. Avdotya dangles naked from the trestle apparatus, trussed Japanese kinbatu style. Gerry teases her with a flogger. Every intimate spot is available. A silly crown hat the girl wears remains in place.

“After 12 hours of bondage”: Avdotya is now tied down naked on her belly on the platform, bottom soaring. That hat survives. Gerry will now cane her until she talks or dies. He wants to know, where is her ‘apparatus’? A long caning ensues, using swtiches. Some of the stick fray and break. Some strokes are faux. Gerry alternates sides to distribute the punishment on the far buttock and flank. There was surely some cosmetic help. She finally confesses. They will leave her here for three days. Zoom on a bottom where the random damage seems quite credible.

Discipline in Russia #21 Funny Games #1 – NETTLES

5 Jan

MF/2f; time: 40 minutes

The first in this three-part series; some randy housebreakers/home invaders talk their way into an apartment shared by two girls. The set is the large decoratively trimmed ballroom-like space, nice apartment!

A guy at the girls’ door claims his electricity is out and needs to make the phone call report on their phone. The girl goes off to find her phone, and she is gone a long time;  apparently, like us, she occasionally misplaces it. The guy finds her panties and is fascinated with them. He is joined by his invasion partner ‘Sveta,’ who quickly unpacks a large satchel of spanking implements and dildos.

Another girl, the flatmate, enters the room and is shocked to see these two interlopers. She’s a cute one–we don’t ask too many questions about this goofy plot, just get on with the spankings, please. She is grabbed, tied up, and threatened with a knife. The second flatmate, the blonde,  returns from the phone search, and she is jumped. Both are restrained with plasticuffs and the abuse begins.

The couple cut off the blonde’s panties and begin with an electric dildo, which seems to quiet her. The brunette flatmate is spanked. The blonde’s torment continues–she kneels on the couch for a horsetail butt plug and the rest of her clothes come off. The brunette must dance and remove her bra and panties, quite nice.

This part 1 features the blonde’s spanking- fifty strokes  with paddle and strap counted awkwardly in the subtitles. NETTLES-style marks and bruises.

Discipline in Russia #13 Reform School – NETTLES

11 Dec

MF/4f; time: 54 minutes

Pretty much the whole nine yards from NETTLES, and not the only time. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli,'(as ‘Aleksandr’) in yet another spelling of his name, ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ and four girls playing students, make up the cast.

Aleksandr confronts the four girls. Frosted blonde ‘Luba’ and blonde ‘Tanya’  are first. They were caught at a disco. Even though this is supposed to be a ‘reform school,’ the girls seem to have evening privileges. Aleks is going to whip both girls, and he jams them against the wall. They are ordered to strip, which after some protest, they do.

Luba bends over a desk and is given a fierce paddling with a heavy Spencer model. The other girls have to hold her down. Thirty or so strokes, quivering, massive bruises. Aleks continues to abuse her as she is pushed back to the wall.

Tanya over the desk next–she gets the cane. She is taller. Aleks wants her to “cave in,” relax the arch in her back so that her bottom sticks out more. 30+ for her also. He rips off her blouse and unfastens her bra. She has a difficult time holding still.

Part 2 of the film starts at 34 minutes. Nadezda is on the scene here and she will take over punishing the second two girls, a blonde and brunette. The girls have been writing lines. According to the subtitles, she is going to strap their palms and legs. Aleks returns. He straps the girls’ palms. They do not like it at all.

The subtitle reads, “Now take off your panties and put them here.” But only the skirts come off. The girls lie on a table and are alternately given the bastinado on their raised heels. They get off easier–a lot of the strokes don’t fall on the arch of the foot. We assume the first two girls were paid more.


Agency – NETTLES

12 Oct

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

This film is most likely part of either the ‘Russian Slaves’ or ‘Discipline in Russia’  series. The actors and the sets are the same. And, we might add, the subtitle writers are the same. ‘Nadia Dozorova’ calls on an agency which supplies domestic help. The female head of the agency describes the professionalism of her girls and that she uses corporal punishment to discipline them. This seems to excite Nadia.

A contract is signed, 50% of the fee is paid in U.S. dollars, and ‘Lena’ is summoned. She is an attractive short-haired, light brunette. Nadia leads her away by the hand.

Almost universally, maids have a bad time in these series, and in CP films in general. At home, immediately, Nadia wants her clothes off, is she clean? Soon nude, she looks clean to us, sexy, and shaved.

FADE. Lena is at work, in T-shirt and panties. Nadia finds a way to be dissatisfied with her work; she calls the agency. They will come to the house and give Lena an attitude adjustment on the spot, just what Nadia wants to see. The aforementioned female agency head (a ringer for American TV actress Amy Carlson) and Gerry Geroshvilli (trouble!) arrive. He’s a partner in the firm. Lena immediately begins to beg.

In the house there seems to be a suitcase of spanking implements and dildos. Standard household issue? Nadia puts a dog collar on Lena and tests the dildo batteries, to the amusement of all. Lena is tied down on her back, legs spread, and Gerry goes to work with the first dildo. Punishment? An electric wand, a rabbit dildo.

CUT. Lena is now tied kneeling on all fours on a couch for a whipping from Gerry. The agency head and Nadia get comfortable to watch the beast in action. Lena fights tears, and the NETTLES cosmeticians help the scene.

Gerry now turns on his female partner, who has apparently not being doing well by him. Despite the plethora of bottoms he must have access to, right here, in Nadia’s house, he is going to whip his partner. He gets down to bare skin and gives the joilly NETTLES whipping.

Discipline in Russia #45 – Provincial Russian School #1 – NETTLES

3 Oct

M/f; time: 39 minutes

NETTLES’ principal stockholder ‘Nikita’ plays a schoolteacher, sucking up to his headmistress, in the person of ‘Nadezda Dozorova.’ He waits impatiently for student ‘Masha,’ who is late for her appointment. A pretty auburn haired pigtailed girl shows; she wears a maid’s outfit, odd for a student, but at least it is not the plaid kilt cliché.

Nikita notices the girl has gotten an unauthorized manicure. Scolding, palm slapping, Nadezda arrives and is equally affronted. Nikita orders Masha to take off her panties, they are actually bloomers. Masha falls on her knees–she doesn’t want to be spanked.

Bloomers gone, she pulls up her dress, she is shaved, and Nikita will get almost a face full of puss as he spanks her in a standing position. He spots some navel jewelry, which just inflames him more.

Time for Masha to strip naked–she is one of the very best models you will see in this series. Spectacular. She bends over the desk naked for more spanking. Nikita is very proud of the red bottom he has achieved so far. Very hard handspanking, done in corny strikes.

CUT. Masha is kneeling on two chairs in the British Winchester position, but here she has leaned forward onto her elbows, so that her bottom is highest and her thighs spread. CALSTAR never exploited this naughtiness. Nadezda returns on this salacious scene and is impressed. Puss closeups.

Nikita convinces her that Masha should be spanked every day and that the school policy should be changed to add this most persuasive and productive form of instruction. Nadezda will seek the approval of her Directors and the official licensing.