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Rough Sex #1 – NETTLES

12 Apr

F/2f; time: 20 minutes

Subtitled ‘School For Secretaries,’ and a good title it can be for the screenwriters. Two students have been sent to a matron-type by the school–they have been caught drinking and are always tardy.

Without much more talk: “Pants down, on the bench.” A blond girl goes first. She drops her slacks and panties and lies on the bench in the Russian style. The woman ties her in place with soft white rope. The second girl, a brunette, watches wide-eyed and frightened. The girl is whipped with birches and switches, in the typical manner. The brunette must get hers in the next film.

Rough Sex #6 – NETTLES

12 Apr

M/f; time: 26 minutes

Subtitled ‘Omon Action.’ We are knocking off a few more of these Russian films and moving on. In this instance, the setting and furniture can be found in any number of ‘Discipline in Russia’  or ‘Russian Slaves’ films.

‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ in his Omon police role. He picks a pretty prostitute off the street and brings her back to the ‘ballroom’ set we recognize. He is more aggressive in these films. He begins to rough her up and gets her clothes off. He puts a dog collar and leash on her and flogs her as she crawls around.

There’s the platform with the letter ‘H’ structure in the middle. She is forced down on it and frigged very hard. After a cut, she has been to the vertical frame into the diaper position, ankles and wrists fastened. He gives her a mild bastinado with a crop. And while he is at it, and she is exposed, he crops her thighs and pussy.

In this posture, he inserts a candle in her anus.

Gerry unties her and she kneels on all-fours. More torment. We  expected him to drop his pants but not here

Private Pain #7 Spanking Time -NETTLES

20 Mar

2M/f; time:1 hr 3 minutes
Probably not NETTLES, and a strong feeling of amateur, but that can be said for many of the Russian CP films. We bother with this film because its demonic storyline fulfills another spanko fantasy.

Two men play cards and a sleazy-looking girl hovers about, apparently the girlfriend of one of them. From the look on her face and her demeanor, we surmise that she has just been offered as part of a wager between the two men. This theme can be found in NUWEST and CALSTAR, but this one is the best and most aggressive, if you can overlook the production values.

The dark-eyed brunette is wearing a short black latex outfit. She hangs her head when she hears what has happened, which we can only guess, because there are no subtitles. She goes and gets the canes–this must be her house. She falls onto her knees and shows white panties. She may be begging, or offering something other than a caning.

The caning begins, long and hard, very Russian. Both guys cane her; her panties come down. She must stand and display her bare bottom as the card game continues. She gets another hard caning, and now some playing with her pussy, frigging from both guys. Various postures. One guy holds her face up to the camera as the punishment continues.

Next comes the diaper position on the couch, her legs spread. Dress off, she is wearing just garter belt and stockings.

Both guys must be ready by now, because she begins a blowjob on one while the other guy spanks and frigs. Then she rides cowgirl on the other guy’s lap.

More spanking and caning, both guys at the same time. Various positions and torments. The girl has been the evening’s plaything.

NETTLES – Russian

7 Mar

M/f; time: 12 minutes
A short NETTLES film. We could not find a title,and the segment seems to be freestanding, not an excerpt. It is sufficiently entertaining to warrant a review without knowledge yet of its origin.

A very cute short-haired brunette wears a denim overall jumper, the kind of little outfit you know must come off. She is being scolded by a guy for bad performance at school, at least according to the crude subtitles. The scene seems to be set in a corner of a NETTLES studio, stuff just pushed out of the way. An electric fan is seen cooling the actors under the studio lights.

This very cute girl is going to get an unusual spanking. First, the guy lays 12 crop strokes on each palm. She is brought to tears. We have seen many times that models dislike palm laps more than spanking. She wipes tears with a free hand.

Now it is time for the little denim overalls to come off. She strips down to white T-shirt and white panties. She kneels for the crop on her mostly bare bottom. She takes this more bravely than the palm slapping. While her bare heels are available, he adds some bastinado.

She pulls the T-shirt over her head. No bra. Now naked, she kneels for a Russian dose of a leather belt. She poses a bit at the end, suggesting this was a complete segment and maybe an audition?

Discipline in Russia #16 – NETTLES

11 Jul

F/5f; time: 56 minutes
Formulaic schoolgirl stuff from the Russians. We enjoy it more when there are Russian cultural wrinkles, not so much attempts to copy British fetish.

Teacher ‘Nadezda Ivanovna’ (we have to rely on subtitles for spelling) reports that three girls were out all nigh dancing. The headmistress is ‘Nadezda Dozorova’; she will be delegating to others in this film.

The Head wants first to talk to the two senior girls who were “on duty” last night–a redhead ‘Natasha’ and blond ‘Tanya.’ Neither girl can evade responsibility. The Head appoints Nadeszda I. to spank them both.

Tanya will be spanked first. The other girls are summoned, prefect Natasha and the three girls who went dancing. Tanya takes off her white panties and goes OTK. She has a fascinating tan on her bottom, with a thong line. We’d like to see that beach. She counts out 30 smacks. We asll know all these bottoms are going to be tended to.

Natasha gets the same OTK treatment. The headmistress is called back to admire the two spanked bottoms. She gets her cane, for now it is time for the three girls.

They will each get 30 strokes. They lie side by side over and desk and the teacher pulls down each pair of white panties. The teacher canes each girl one stroke at a time, until all 30 are laid on. The side-by-side bottoms prevent the traditional full swing and inhibit the experience, but the scenery is nice. The girls’ stripes vary as their bottoms were reachable by the cane. The director must have realized that the tall brunette’s hair would interfere with the facial shots, because it is suddenly pulled back.

The canings are moderate and long. The Head is invited back to see the handiwork, and the girls kneel up on chairs for one final display.

Russian Slaves #19 – NETTLES

21 Jun

M/f; M/f; time: 28 minutes 2 episodes
The Russians pick up plot ideas from the British; they needn’t have–there are ample stories out of the East.

A girl has been sent to the headmaster for corporal punishment. She is a small brunette with a sophisticated hairstyle which makes her look older than the schoolgirl she portrays. The headmaster or teacher announces the punishment–12 strokes on each hand AND each foot, then 24 strokes on the bare bottom. She was caught in the boys’ dorm.

First, a dozen cane strokes on each palm, not all that hard. The brunette then removes her jacket, skirt, and panties and kneels on a footstool, offering her bare feet for the bastinado. The strike angle doesn’t work, so she kneels up on the chair to provide a better target.

For the cane on the bottom, she strips off the rest of her clothes–blouse and bra are all that are left. She is a well-built student, a lot of girl packed into a small body. 24 cane strokes, a few positions, full frontals, very nice.

The second episode is another Continental-influenced story, a girl in full maid’s costume being disciplined by her master, who the subtitlers insist on referring to as the ‘Barin.’ She bends over a table for a conventional strapping.

Russian Teen Spanking

15 Jun

Video #5 (M/f; time: 51 minutes) We will assign these films to NETTLES, for lack of knowledge of who the producer is. The screenwriting doesn’t feel like NETTLES. There are some elements of classic domestic spanking situations, not the histrionic comedy often developed in the ‘Russian’ films.

A very pretty brunette has done a shoddy job of cleaning the kitchen and she is going to be spanked for it. It will be mostly mild stuff. Her husband, boyfriend, or housemate starts on her black skirt, a handspanking and wooden spoon. Skirt up, transparent white lace panties.
Her skirt keeps going up and down as they change positions.

Finally, she takes off her bra and panties. Naked spanking, but there will be no tears here. Strap and big paddle. Long nude views. More spanking, in the diaper position. Then she is cornered, nude, another nod to classic CP films not-Russian.

The second half of this film is a repetition, from different camera(s) and probably some outtakes. We were not sufficiently interested to figure what which or what.

Video #6 (M/2f; time: 55 minutes) A similar plot, a brunette returns to a messy apartment, her doing apparently. She starts to sweep but is interrupted by her male companion. The spanking will start immediately.

OTK, her skirt rides up, no panties, just a little thong. Various spanking positions not interesting enough to detail. She put to work in the kitchen bare-bottom. After a spill, she is spanked again. Bra off, now all that remains is the little white lace thong. He uses a huge reformatory strap, a real weapon used only mildly. Finally, the thong is kicked away, naked, OTK again. The guy caresses after each stroke, the best idea of all, if only he would smack a little harder. Back to work again, this time jaybird.

A second story: a post teenager makes the bed in her apartment, apparently waiting for her roommate, who soon arrives, a very cute brunette. Both wear schoolgirl kilts. The arriving girl, we’ll call her ‘A,’ takes ‘B’ OTK for a formulaic series of spankings and positioning–white thong, hands-on-head, straps, paddle, bend-overs, blouse and skirt off, etc. Nothing special, mild spanking, but the models are first class.