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Discipline in Russia #13 Reform School – NETTLES

11 Dec

MF/4f; time: 54 minutes

Pretty much the whole nine yards from NETTLES, and not the only time. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli,'(as ‘Aleksandr’) in yet another spelling of his name, ‘Nadezda Dozorova’ and four girls playing students, make up the cast.

Aleksandr confronts the four girls. Frosted blonde ‘Luba’ and blonde ‘Tanya’  are first. They were caught at a disco. Even though this is supposed to be a ‘reform school,’ the girls seem to have evening privileges. Aleks is going to whip both girls, and he jams them against the wall. They are ordered to strip, which after some protest, they do.

Luba bends over a desk and is given a fierce paddling with a heavy Spencer model. The other girls have to hold her down. Thirty or so strokes, quivering, massive bruises. Aleks continues to abuse her as she is pushed back to the wall.

Tanya over the desk next–she gets the cane. She is taller. Aleks wants her to “cave in,” relax the arch in her back so that her bottom sticks out more. 30+ for her also. He rips off her blouse and unfastens her bra. She has a difficult time holding still.

Part 2 of the film starts at 34 minutes. Nadezda is on the scene here and she will take over punishing the second two girls, a blonde and brunette. The girls have been writing lines. According to the subtitles, she is going to strap their palms and legs. Aleks returns. He straps the girls’ palms. They do not like it at all.

The subtitle reads, “Now take off your panties and put them here.” But only the skirts come off. The girls lie on a table and are alternately given the bastinado on their raised heels. They get off easier–a lot of the strokes don’t fall on the arch of the foot. We assume the first two girls were paid more.


Agency – NETTLES

12 Oct

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

This film is most likely part of either the ‘Russian Slaves’ or ‘Discipline in Russia’  series. The actors and the sets are the same. And, we might add, the subtitle writers are the same. ‘Nadia Dozorova’ calls on an agency which supplies domestic help. The female head of the agency describes the professionalism of her girls and that she uses corporal punishment to discipline them. This seems to excite Nadia.

A contract is signed, 50% of the fee is paid in U.S. dollars, and ‘Lena’ is summoned. She is an attractive short-haired, light brunette. Nadia leads her away by the hand.

Almost universally, maids have a bad time in these series, and in CP films in general. At home, immediately, Nadia wants her clothes off, is she clean? Soon nude, she looks clean to us, sexy, and shaved.

FADE. Lena is at work, in T-shirt and panties. Nadia finds a way to be dissatisfied with her work; she calls the agency. They will come to the house and give Lena an attitude adjustment on the spot, just what Nadia wants to see. The aforementioned female agency head (a ringer for American TV actress Amy Carlson) and Gerry Geroshvilli (trouble!) arrive. He’s a partner in the firm. Lena immediately begins to beg.

In the house there seems to be a suitcase of spanking implements and dildos. Standard household issue? Nadia puts a dog collar on Lena and tests the dildo batteries, to the amusement of all. Lena is tied down on her back, legs spread, and Gerry goes to work with the first dildo. Punishment? An electric wand, a rabbit dildo.

CUT. Lena is now tied kneeling on all fours on a couch for a whipping from Gerry. The agency head and Nadia get comfortable to watch the beast in action. Lena fights tears, and the NETTLES cosmeticians help the scene.

Gerry now turns on his female partner, who has apparently not being doing well by him. Despite the plethora of bottoms he must have access to, right here, in Nadia’s house, he is going to whip his partner. He gets down to bare skin and gives the joilly NETTLES whipping.

Discipline in Russia #45 – Provincial Russian School #1 – NETTLES

3 Oct

M/f; time: 39 minutes

NETTLES’ principal stockholder ‘Nikita’ plays a schoolteacher, sucking up to his headmistress, in the person of ‘Nadezda Dozorova.’ He waits impatiently for student ‘Masha,’ who is late for her appointment. A pretty auburn haired pigtailed girl shows; she wears a maid’s outfit, odd for a student, but at least it is not the plaid kilt cliché.

Nikita notices the girl has gotten an unauthorized manicure. Scolding, palm slapping, Nadezda arrives and is equally affronted. Nikita orders Masha to take off her panties, they are actually bloomers. Masha falls on her knees–she doesn’t want to be spanked.

Bloomers gone, she pulls up her dress, she is shaved, and Nikita will get almost a face full of puss as he spanks her in a standing position. He spots some navel jewelry, which just inflames him more.

Time for Masha to strip naked–she is one of the very best models you will see in this series. Spectacular. She bends over the desk naked for more spanking. Nikita is very proud of the red bottom he has achieved so far. Very hard handspanking, done in corny strikes.

CUT. Masha is kneeling on two chairs in the British Winchester position, but here she has leaned forward onto her elbows, so that her bottom is highest and her thighs spread. CALSTAR never exploited this naughtiness. Nadezda returns on this salacious scene and is impressed. Puss closeups.

Nikita convinces her that Masha should be spanked every day and that the school policy should be changed to add this most persuasive and productive form of instruction. Nadezda will seek the approval of her Directors and the official licensing.

Discipline in Russia #33 – Punishment By Husband For Treachery – NETTLES

27 Sep

2M/f; time: 50 minutes

NETTLES, in our amateur observation, easily compared to NUWEST for conjuring demonic and novel ways to get a girl’s clothes off for a spanking. Some of the regular cast here–Nikita and Nadezda are husband and wife.

Nadia has discovered that their son’s wife, their daughter-in-law, is having an affair, and has been seen around. She informs Nikita, and since he is a major of police, he will know how to handle these things.

The son ‘Andrey’  is informed, then ‘Tatyana’ is summoned. She denies, but is clearly worried about what will happen to her. The family decides the matter will be handled the Russian way. Andrey gets a cane. “Undress!”  Tatyana is another big healthy Russian girl.

Andrey canes her in a standing position. There are immediate marks, maybe too quickly. She jumps around but stays in position. Andrey wants a confession. Nadia enters and urges Andrey to be even more severe with her naked daughter-in-law. The camera exploits the girl’s wonderful bottom dancing full screen.

She lies over a hassock for a longer and harsh caning, all the while being scolded. Nikita joins to have a few whacks, then Tatyana must crawl to the wall and take up the supplicant’s position.

Discipline in Russia #9 – Punishment in Russian Bathhouse #1 – NETTLES

26 Sep

M/f; time: 55 minutes

‘Nadeszda Dozorova’ and ‘Gerry’ agree to rent their bath house to  some young girls. The girls are warned–no sex, “no whoring.” Now this is NETTLES, what are the chances of that?

The instant the girls are alone, off come their clothes and the Lesbian games begin. Two guy return and round up the naked girls. Blonde ‘Ira’ (spelling is sketchy at NETTLES) is tied down to a bench, Russian style, in the bathhouse. The other two naked girls are made to kneel erect in a shower stall and watch the whipping.

Gerry removes his belt and begins the whipping. Ira screams and counts. She is soon well marked, skin pops, tears. She is released and the girls leave. The boathouse spankings continue elsewhere in the series.

On this edition, there is a separate story: ‘Corporal Punishment in the Russian Family’

Nadezda appears here as the mother, of ‘Gerry’ and a girl. The family is in the kitchen, soup is the main course. Gerry and his mother are mad at the lazy sister, and they decide that now is the time for a whipping.

She will be spanked there in the kitchen. She strips off her skirt and panties. She kneels on a chair and Gerry uses a small rugbeater, which frankly does not look very intimidating, unusual for NETTLES, which usually spares no skin. The girl’s bottom is soon heavily marked, which doesn’t seem possible.

Nadia inspects Gerry’s work, and now the daughter will clean up the kitchen, bare bottom,

Russian Slaves #86 – Prostitutes in the Private School -NETTLES

26 Sep

M/2f; time: 54 minutes

Good old ‘Nadia Dozorova’ plays a headmistress who has discovered that two of her girls are acting as prostitutes on the side. We see the two girls discussing their clients–penis size, kinkiness, the headmistress has overheard. She is required by local law to report this to the police or lose her school license.

The girls, Oksana and Irina, just wanted pocket money, they say, even though their parents are wealthy. Nadia reports the girls to the police and they come, the actors ‘Nikita’ and ‘Gerry,’ the NETTLES shock troops. Not good news for these two girls.

The girls’ wrists are manacled and they are taken away. At the station, the normal interrogation, followed by the order you wait for–they must undress.  Irina needs help with her bra. Her fingers won’t work. Nervous? When the girls are naked, Gerry slaps faces and the guys decide they want some Lesbian entertainment. They want to see what these girls will do for their ‘foreign’ clients. And they also want some of the money these schoolgirls must have stashed.

Gerry takes Irina away, and Nikita will start on Oksana. He slaps her breasts and pussy, then gives her a long standing spanking while she keeps her hands on her head. Long facials, nice job of fighting tears. He is spanking hard, because Oksana jolts and jiggles, her sad face a big part of the show. Nikita loves bottoms.

Presumably we see more of Oksana and Irina in the buff in episode #87.

Discipline in Russia #29 Cruel Father – NETTLES

22 Sep

M/2F; Time: 1 hr, 4 minutes

Sisters  ‘Lena’  and ‘Tanya’ descend to some serious Lesbian games. They fondle and soon get each other naked. The set is the large white-walled ballroom-like space. Their father enters and breaks up the fun.

He  gives both girls brief spankings on the edge of the bed. The girls put their clothes back on and are directed to report to him  that night, one hour apart.

Lena arrives first, and she strips naked, leather cuffs are placed. Her father ties her down across the bed Russian-style and begins whipping her with a doubled jump rope.  She rolls and spins on the bed in agony. She is getting 40 strokes. At one point, in a film cut, her position is reversed on the bed, because one buttock is taking too much of the punishment. Loop-shaped bruises and welts, tears, sexy struggling.

This whipping takes up much of the film. Lena must kiss the whip after the 40 strokes. She untied and must kneel erect at the wall for a while.

Tanya reports at her hour, strips naked, and is tied down in the same way. The father uses a doubled strap this time. This whipping is truncated and not as severe. The credits indicated this was a ‘part one,’ but it seemed complete.