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9 Aug

F/f; time: 14 minutes

This is the only film we have found where ‘Nicky Montford’ hooked up with the Spanish Strand Video Remington Steel folks.

‘Sarah Stern’ is interviewing Nicky as her government benefits officer. We will learn that Nicky has been filmed dancing at a local club, for cash and tips,  while claiming disability benefits. We’ve said before for other films, you’ve got to admire this British government efficiency.

Sarah thinks that if she gave Nicky “a short sharp shock,” she would “make everyone happy” in the enforcement system. Nicky is not going to argue. She bends over, hands on chair. “Take them down.”  (jeans) Blue striped bikini panties. Nicky pulls them down–there are some faint old marks.

Sarah uses a Spencer strap, on Nicky’s bottom AND thighs, and soon achieves a uniform but mottled redness. By Ms. Montford’s standards, this was a light day, although a little more aggressive for ENGLISHSPANKERS.

School Inspector – ENGLISHSPANKERS

6 Jul

2M/f; time: 15 minutes

The film features the indefatigable ‘Nicky Montford,’ who gets a credit above the title. She wears a school tunic, and a spanking is just ending at her house, from her ‘guardian,’ as the film opens. A school inspector arrives at the house, complaining about her and bringing a sheath of letters reporting violations that she never brought home. Ms. Montford has a difficult time keeping a straight face during this dialogue.

She’s been doing a bunch of things at school, changing into naughty uniform variations and quite available for blowjobs. So the guardian will spank her again, and the school inspector doesn’t mind at all staying to watch, thank you very much.

The guardian begins by strapping Nicky’s palms; then, tunic off, panties already gone. She kneels on a chair, blouse up for the strap. There are some deep marks healing. He straps her hard, and she turns red over her whole bottom. This is not the wicked spanking she often takes, but it is impressive. The guardian: “She just seems to take it and soak it up.” The story of Ms. Montford’s career. The inspector manages to get a feel of her bottom and is satisfied.

Full Body Whipping

27 Feb

M/f; time: 15 minutes
Model ‘Nicky Montfort’ performs in one of her specialities. She is naked, tied spread-eagled facing us. Her wrists are fastened to the ceiling and her wide spread ankles tied with rope.

A bald headed male will flog her, front and back, from her shoulders to her thighs. He can walk around her for full body coverage, but the camera can only cover her front.

The scene is a sort of workroom, a good place for this. Nicky is always quiet; otherwise, a gag would have been fun. She develops pink spots all over her body. The guy flogs and whips her, and adds a few frigs, which Nicky seems to like. To complete the torment,he chokes her with a leather cord.

One Errror Too Many – STINGINTHETAIL

27 Feb

M/f; time: 22 minutes; year: 2006
The male disciplinarian with the George Washington hairstyle and ‘Nicky Montfort.’He seems to be her boss, and Nicky confronts him wearing an evening dress. In an improbable setting for a boss and employee, a sitting room, he confronts her with “a catalogue of catastrophes…you’re going to get the thrashing of your life.”

After brief scolding, he takes her OTK, pulls up the dress to expose black panties. As usual, Nicky is docile and submissive. A standard spanking to begin,except that ‘George’ pays unusual attention to her thighs.

Nicky bends over the couch, down come her panties, and now the guy uses a Spencer paddle, large enough to cover both buttocks. And he hits hard. After this session, Nicky sits bare bottom on the leather couch. We gave a little shiver on her behalf. Without help she gets into the diaper position for a handspanking.

More scolding. Nicky kneels on the couch for the crop. She stands again, for more of the crop and handspanking. She is a compliant soul. The guy takes his time and fondles her bottom, part of the experience fOr Nicky.

Now comes the cane for this famously brave actress. The first batch of 12 in the bend-over position. There are repeats. The guy switches sides to spread these very hard strokes to the other buttock–3 more.

Nicky next assumes a pose she excels in with her long tall frame. Dress gone, naked, she moves toward the fireplace and grasps an overhead beam, spreading her legs. More caning, in sets of three, the guy switching sides to alternate cheeks. Again, he pays off usual attention to her thighs. Nicky may be one of the few models who can tolerate this.

After some rubbing, she is allowed to put her evening dress back on, but she must leave her panties behind.

Nicky Montford – Collected Shorts

22 Oct

A model reputed in many places to have had one of the highest pain thresholds in the CP genre.

‘Detention’ (Xerotics; M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Peters’ has Nicky in detention. She has been caught on camera with four other girls doing something, and he is simply going to paddle her bottom until she identifies them. We have said before, there is no better actress to be subjected to such an endurance test.

We get right to it. Stubborn Nicky stands and drops her skirt and panties and bends over the desk. A fierce paddling insues, with a large, thin, fraternity-sized wood paddle. “There were four girls involved. I want their names.” Nicky never talks; we’d liked to have seen her visit the LUPUS studios like Niki Flynn did.

The paddling sequences are repeated, side and rear views. Good shots of Nicky’s smoky face and her misty visage. A sequence of 30 strokes, then a set of 20, another 20, and 5 to conclude.

Peters relents and lets her go. He had to stop–her bottom is a mass of bruises and skin pops. If Ms. Montford has been taking a little something to get through these sessions, we understand.

‘Last Chance’ (; time: 9 minutes) Ms. Montford stands in front of a teacher, and as in most of her films, the spanking begins very soon. She wears the usual schoolgirl kit; after a brief scolding, she bends over a table. “It’s not fair, sir.”

The teacher drops her panties to the floor, handspanks her briefly, then shifts to a slipper. In the corner, hands-on-head. The cane is next; for this she has to be naked; she strips full-screen to just panties, and the teacher has reserved those for himself and he peels them down.

Touch-toes; Nicky takes one of her patented stoic canings. Little or no sound from her; you can count the stripes ripening. They change positions on the floor and continue the caning–this probably gave Ms. Montford a little break. The teacher finishes her off with a nasty little paddle, her boobs hang nicely in an oblique view. Naked at the wall–zoom to her bottom.

“Nicky Montford Talks’ (; 5 minutes) The famous Ms. Montford sits in an interview setting with a male. She wears her usual long pigtails, blouse, necktie, gray skirt. She can pull of the schoolgirl.

She likes the challenge of a spanking, she says. There are many films to support it. In this brief exercise, she is taken OTK, her full white panties come down, for a loud and slow handspanking. The two keep up casual conversation as the spanking continues. They kiss and she departs.

‘Montford Again’ (; M/f; time: 8 minutes) Nicky walks on the set, wearing schoolgirl kilt and blouse. Quickly over the desk, white panties down. Her bottom and thighs are already marked.

The male ‘teacher’ spanks her with a slipper, handspanking, and then some from the cane. Quite hard in this short time frame. Nicky struggles a bit under the cane. [school bell on the sound track]

The teacher sits on his desk and takes her over his knee for more handspanking and a good opportunity to run his hands over her bottom. Closeups show this lady has taken quite a dose.

‘Severe Discipline Series (O)’ (FIRMHAND; year: 2003; time: 12 minutes) This may be the most severe and convincing caning we have ever seen, closely followed by some at LUPUS/RIGIDEAST. The wicked sessions at MOOD and PAIN4FEM are too staged and theatrical for our amateur observations and personal taste. The sessions here are distinctive also in that the stroke sets are delivered with such rapidity that it would have appeared impossible to insert edits.

Nicky is behind bars. The male voice is that of the disciplinarian seen often at XEROTICS or possibly one of the FIRMHAND staffers. He demands she give up the names of some of her friends involved in a caper with her. Not going to happen with Nicky.

“Ever had the cane before?” “No.” she steps out from behind the bars. “Drop your jeans….touch your toes.” Six loud, hard, very rapid strokes on bare skin just below her white panties.

She won’t talk. TWELVE more on the same skin–bang bang. Welts and stripes by now.

Nicky insists she just can’t tell. So, an amazing EIGHTEEN more, delivered in just seconds, full throttle, with panties pulled down now.

She still won’t talk; the disciplinarian sounds both amazed and a little concerned at this point. He is forced to escalate the dose once again. This time, TWENTY-FIVE in maybe 30 seconds. Nicky’s bottom looks like one from Eastern Europe film, but we saw it happen with limited opportunity to splice.

After still more questioning, double-down again. FIFTY! Is this possible? Even the disciplinarian is amazed. “You took 111 strokes,” he observes.

[police sirens] “We just brought in your friends…you could have saved yourself.”

‘Witness’ (SpankedSchoolgirl; M/f; time: 9 minutes) Model Nicky Montford is going to get one of her patented whippings, which are largely without precedent in the CP world in our observation. Lots of spankings are harder, but we can’t think of an actress who always takes one of the harder spankings. Another brunette schoolgirl is pulled in to be a witness to what the male disciplinarian calls a “thrashing.”

Without any further explanation, Nicky drops her own panties and touch her toes. She wears a blouse, tie, and kilt, but now, no knickers. We counted almost 60 strokes! Surely there were repeats. Not a sound form her, pro forma, except a cry or two halfway through, and also with exception to shot to her thighs, which she didn’t like.

(Three girls)(; M/3f; time: 13 minutes) Worth your time to watch Nicky take another formidable beating. Three girls stand in front of the frosted-glass set used over and over by this producer, Nicky and two others, one of whom looks like a thin Leia Ann Woods. They wear white gymslip tops and white panties.

The girls are called out one at a time for palm slaps, and like most models, they don’t like it very much.

Then a strapping for each girl; to focus on Nicky, she bends over, panties down, an oblique view confirms her stoic face as the whipping proceeds.

Then the caning portion. Nicky gets almost 20, same oblique, same controlled expression, some grimaces. [nice touch, a school bell rings on the soundtrack]

Pants-down poses for the three girls for a still camera flash session. We amend earlier observations. THIS may be the hardest caning we’ve seen Ms. Montford take.

Nicky Montford-Prison Caning – FIRMHAND

24 Sep

M/f; year: 2003; time: 12 minutes

One of the most fierce canings we can recall; a short four-part sequence from FIRMHAND. CP queen-extraordinaire Nicky Montford, whose eyes look a little glazed in this performance, stands in a simple holding cell. She is brought out and stands in front of the bars.

A faceless male interrogator demands to know the whereabouts of the rest of her confederates. Nicky is not going to squeal, which sets up the scenario we need.

Segment 1: “Drop your jeans. Touch your toes.” She receives six cane strokes, loud and fast, on a bottom only partially covered by her panties. Immediate stripes.

Segment 2: Since she won’t talk, things will escalate. “Touch your toes.” 12 rocking cane strokes in less than 10 seconds. Wheals brighten; she isn’t talking.

Segment 3: Panties down this time; touch-toes; another dozen full-force strokes in maybe 12 seconds.

Segment 4: “Touch your toes”; an  unbelievable 24 more strokes, rapid-fire, the whippy cane leaving a big pattern of wheals wrapped around her right flank.

Segment 5: If you haven’t had enough, she takes FIFTY more strokes; ferocious;  her body quivering and shaking; bloodflecks on her bottom moonscape.

Art Class-Nicky Montford – SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

25 Jul

M/f; 9 minutes

Actress Nicky Montford, teflon bottom; Short episode, one of many from this brave actress. She has failed her art exam three times and will now be punished to see if that helps. Her instructor bends her over a table and raises her skirt to expose white  panties, then takes them down.

“You’re going to present this bottom to me.” Handspanking and slippering, shown in oblique. Cornered, hands on head.

In a new scene, Nicky must remove all her clothes–tie, blouse, skirt, white bra, and the instructor does the panties honors.”Touch your toes.” 12 strokes of the cane–this actress can really take it. When she is left alone, she sneaks her knickers back on and is caught. “Take them off.”

Touch toes again, long braids and boobs dangle, 12 more strokes. The instructor continues on, with a small thick paddle on her bottom and thighs. Nicky is silent as always.

She is cornered naked, hands-on-head, the lighting so good you can see every freckle. “Not a sound!” Easy for Nicky.