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27 Jun

M/f; year: 2009; time: 29 minutes

We joined Dallas’ website to pick up a few of his best films we have not been able to find. Dallas was pleased to welcome Niki and describes this as one of her most severe spankings, which is easy to refute if you return to her LUPUS work. But we applaud his noble effort. We would agree this is one of her best works, and long enough to ensure a thorough job.

The storyline: Niki’s boyfriend has sent her to him for punishment, and he wants documentary proof. She endangered whitewater rafters by carelessly ignoring fastening of safety straps. Niki wears a floral outfit, shorts and halter. Shoulder length hair. Dallas scolds her, insuring this will not be an ordinary spanking. “This will be a good one for you tonight.”

Dallas starts her off in his traditional posing–submissively positioned to wait in a corner, hands on head,  bottom bared by herself. After a wait, we follow her bottom into an adjacent room, where she bends over the odd padded trestle. “You are no novice to spanking. This is purely about punishment.”

Dallas begins strapping her bare bottom. He has her pass back the straps, three of them, a part of her submission. Varied red, purple, and white bruises, and tears. We’ll have to check back to see when we last saw Ms. Flynn cry. She reflexively twists and kicks up her legs to avoid the strap. Lots of facial shots. She admits she has been nervous about this visit “for weeks.” “15 more” with a huge strap, prison-style size.

And to conclude, Dallas could not resist taking her OTK for a very hard handspanking on her well-marked bottom, a bit of an additional shock to Niki. Dallas tells her the next visit would be three times worse. We can hope. They hug. Credits give a dedication to Ms. Flynn.


School Lessons – OOHTEEKAY

27 Jun

F/2f; time: 42 minutes

Another conventional schoolgirl spanking filmed in a small studio on ‘Spanking Street’ in Glasgow. ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ will be spanking students ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘O’Connor’ in detention. She has attended to a number of pretty bottoms on this familiar classroom set, a non-inclusive list of a number we can remember–Emma Brown, Samantha Woodley, Dublin O’Brien.

The scene is one of the best-appointed classroom sets we have seen in the CP genre. A platform with a cluttered teacher’s desk, blackboard, school desks, wall maps, dunce stool. A rack on the wall holds a rug beater, straps, and canes. FIRMHAND did their nice classroom, as did Ivor Gold at REDSTRIPE. Every detail is correct here, and all the spanking ritual, hands-on-head, panties at half-mast, etc.

Gillian-Lancer strides back and forth on the platform lecturing on 18th century British industrialists. She will stop her intentionally tedious lecture to bring O’Connor and Flynn forward to be spanked OTK, first by hand, then a big dust brush, and then the cane, all to increasing squeals. The girls’ full white panties will go up and down. A buxom, older, and cosmetically improved Ms. Lancer is more formally attired here in gray suit, glasses, and heels, and is at her dour and menacing best.

O’Connor is another classic redheaded Irish  colleen. The Glaswegian producers have long coveted the pale skinned redhead. Niki’s hair is faint copper here, and still short, maybe remaining from that on-screen shearing at LUPUS in 2008.

Lancer has taken up a rod, the meaning of which is clear, to punctuate her lecture. The final punishment will be a caning. The girls, in turn, grab their ankles and take 6 strokes, very hard, with the little short sharp wrist shots this domme specializes in. Plenty of marks and wheals. In a touch of authenticity, that far buttock takes the brunt. Poor O’Connor gets confused, loses count, and earns an extra. Gillian Lancer could always be counted on for a severe and erotic performance. the intensity here could be compared to LUPUS, except for duration.

Schoolgirl’s Private Diary – NORTHERNSPANKING

14 Jun

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Silly stuff; ‘Niki Flynn’ catches ‘Adele Haze’ writing in her diary. Don’t know why that is offensive.

Niki first straps Adele on her palms, then spanks her with a sneaker, as she kneels on a chair. Niki does not look like she is into the part.

Traveling Disciplinarian and Novelist – NORTHERNSPANKING

2 Jun

M/f; year: 2011; time: 15 minutes

A joint venture between NORTHERNSPANKING and RESTRAINEDELEGANCE. ‘Niki Flynn,’  very nattily dressed in a red suit, works at a laptop in a comfortable sitting room. She receives the character ‘Hywell Phillips,’ playing his recurring role as a ‘traveling disciplinarian’ for hire.

It seems Niki’s publisher has retained him to give her a new form of motivation to make her deadlines. She hangs her head in embarrassment and shame, as she often does in her films, as the reality of the moment sets in. She is going to be spanked and doesn’t seem to object. Must be in her contract.

She kneels up on her couch. Hywell has brought a bag of canes, a flogger, and paddle. He asks her to lift her skirt, then “Knickers down, please.” Warrior that Ms. Flynn is, there are some faint bruises. Hywell lays on about 20 mild strokes. Niki complains a bit much. She signs a waiver and will be spanked again if she misses the next deadline.



19 May

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 23 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Niki Flynn,’ wearing white gymslips and black panties, play ping pong. Silly, giggly, they try to spank each other.

‘Michael Stamp’ interrupts this frivolity. He will take over the spanking and has them both bend over the game table. The paddle is handy.

Panties down for both–we’re not sure we can recall a seen where Niki and Amelia are bare-bottom in the same shot. Niki compares very well. Nice stuff. Brief frontals as they recover.


19 May

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 12 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘Katie Rose James’ are in bed together. Big cast; ‘Lucy McLean’  and ‘Paul Kennedy’  play their parents, and because the girls are say they are sick, a doctor has been called.

The doctor (‘James Walker’) arrives in scrubs. We don’t see his bag, which is disappointing. A doctor and two girls in bed in  CP movie has potential. We are assured he is a “qualified doctor.” The doctor breaks up a fight between the girls and decides he will spank them. Kate is bare bottom; Niki has nifty little white panties.

When he catches the girls trying to sneak out, they get another spanking. With those scrubs he wears, we wondered why he couldn’t think of other remedies.

Parlour Maids Punishment – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 May

MF/2f;  year:2009; time: 39 minutes

A long film for NORTHERNSPANKING, with a cast of Glagow regulars and American visitor Niki Flynn. The couple ‘Michael Stamp’ and ‘Lucy McLean’ come home from the movies and are disturbed to see that the fireplace has not been cleaned out.

Stamp shouts for the maid on duty, “Flynn.” Niki reports, in full Victorian maid’s garb, a long gown, apron, and the Molly-cap. After a scolding, Lucy will give a spanking, probably fun for them to do before bed. Niki must take the traditional pose at the mantel. Lucy tucks up her long skirt and opens her bloomers. She paddles Niki’s bare bottom quite hard, not always the case in these NORTHERNSPANKING costume dramas.

After this spanking, Niki must kneel and finish the fireplace work, her bloomers open. But she makes a mess. “Fetch the cane,” demands McLean. While Niki is gone, the couple plans the spanking, and Niki accidently re-renters the scene before this dialogue is complete. But they keep rolling.

She returns. “Assume the position.” Niki raises her skirt and grabs the mantel again. Lefty McLean begins caning, the bloomers are open. 15 sharp strokes, no fooling around. Stamp sits and watches, reading his book. We love the storyline and remember a naughty story in JANUS where the master of the manor was allowed to take his maids to the cellar once in a while for more extended instruction.

Niki counts out and thanks her master and mistress for the last six. McLean leaves a little pattern of white lines on the red bottom. Stamp gets up for a very close look at Niki’s bottom.

‘The Next Day’ The scene changes from the parlour room to a bedroom. Another maid is at work, ‘Pandora Blake.’ She wears the same uniform. Michael Stamp is upset with her about a poorly made bed and reminds her of other transgressions. Another maid to spank. There is no “report to my study” stuff here.

“I am the master and you are the wench….we need a lesson in discipline.” He orders Pandora to get the hairbrush, the white one. Some mild argument. “Lift your skirt.” He spreads the bloomers, which almost fall open by themselves. “Ah yes, Mistress Lucy has obviously been here quite recently.” A standard crisp OTK hairbrush spanking, except that Ms. Blake’s thighs are open a bit more for us.

After this spanking, Stamp has her finish her work, of course with a bare bottom. Stamp will continue her spanking here in the bedroom, now with a traditional Victorian rattan rug beater. The symbolism is good, but the implement does not really impact that much. Stamp is a milder spanker than McLean. We hear Niki’s voice interrupt, but she is quick to leave when she sees what is going on. “Sorry, sir.”  “I’ll see you later.”  Maybe not good news. Back to work to conclude.




12 May

M/f; time: 17 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘Adele Haze’  are fully decked out schoolgirls doing their Latin homework. Niki pulls rank as a prefect and makes Adele do her work. Nice antique table and bench.

‘Latin Class-Next Day’: In a little narrow classroom set, Stephen Lewis presides in his master’s robes. He is studying Niki’s homework while she squirms in his presence. Ms. Flynn always entertains when she wiggles apprehensively before a spanking. When she can neither read the Latin well or translate her own work, Lewis’ suspicions are confirmed. There is a cane on his desk.

Niki bends over a desk and Lewis takes her panties down immediately. About 20 moderate strokes are shown, excellent oblique and rear views. Very good Niki here—she can make it appear to hurt, maybe not RigidEast (“Prague,” she calls it) , but we endorse.

Before Lewis releases Niki, she must turn over her prefect’s pin. She will report to him tomorrow with revised homework and get caned even harder for just more mistake.

Niki returns to her room and jumps ‘Adele Haze,’ who has been ghosting her Latin homework. Niki gives her a long spanking by sitting on her back and then bare-bottom paddle.



12 May

M/f; year: 2010; time: 9 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘William McGonagall.’ Niki is a college student and she reports to McGonagall in his garret office. Niki wears a silly tutu and ripped stockings. She came from a rehearsal.

McGonagall reminds her of some college policies which prohibit “alternative sexuality.” He shows her a strap. He will relax the rules for her if she will take a spanking. “You’re not touching me with that.” But yes.

McGonagall begins a handspanking over his desk. A bit silly. Ms Flynn has done better. “You’re a pig…are you done?” “This is just the warmup.” When he takes her panties down, “You’ve seen enough!” After this brief spanking, she is sent off. He calls the director of the show she is working on and encourages that she get the part. Sounds like director sends girls to McG, the pig.

Delinquent in Court – NORTHERNSPANKING

12 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 4 minutes

A very brief performance from ‘Niki Flynn,’ during one of her visits to England. She is in the dock in court, being sentenced, “You are sentenced to 30 strokes of the paddle.”

She is taken directly from the dock to the punishment room, no preliminaries. She is ordered to drop her slacks and panties. “The Executioner” wears a white mask. He is a short bald guy, maybe either ‘James Walker’ or ‘Michael Stamp.’ He gives Niki a simple and straightforward paddling, very entertaining, as per usual from Ms. Flynn.