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10 Dec

M/f; year: 2010; time: 15 minutes

Paul Kennedy and Kami Robertson on a simple set; Kami is trying to read in bed. Kennedy wants her to turn out the light and go to sleep.  She sneaks her light back on      to keep reading. She wears midnight blue silk pajamas, her hair is long and flowing.  Very nice.

Kennedy will give her a spanking. We  ‘re glad for that, but we shouldn’t discourage girls from reading. After all, she wasn’t texting. OTK on the bed. After, she kneels up at the headboard for some paddling. Nice red bottom, some puss, great pajamas.

Castigation and Caning -NORTHERNSPANKING

9 Dec

M/f; year: 2007; time: 27 minutes

Somehow we  have missed this older film,  the wonderful ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Paul Kennedy.’ Niki’s hair has grow out since her shearing for Lupus in Prague in 2005. She is a full fledged schoolgirl here, elegant detail, not internet schoolgirl stuff. A local shopkeeper calls on her at home. She has been shoplifting, her parents consent to remedies, and the shopkeeper knows she is alone. Niki fidgets and hangs her head (she may have been the best in all of CP at this) as she hears the alternatives she has. We know them.

Shopkeeper Kennedy explains to her how he was caned when he was her age and how effective it was. “Have you ever had your bare bottom thrashed?” Kennedy still threatens the police. “There has to be an alternative.” Kennedy has checked with the parents. He sends her upstairs to get the family heirloom cane, hidden away in retirement. Dialogue and sexy tension postpone the inevitable, a preference of ours. “I’m going to give you a thrashing you will never forget.”

She must bend over at the fireplace, a traditional place for all this. Skirt up, full white panties. Fifteen strokes, first on the knickers, repeats don’t concern us. “Arch your back and push your bottom out.”

“Pull down your knickers.” “Oh, no!” Twelve on the bare skin, white lines on pink. Whimpering. “Last few, grab your ankles.” Six of the hardest. More whimpering. Kennedy tells her her parents have said they will want a look at her bottom.

Spanking Interrogation – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Sep

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 20 minutes

Action is underway; a tall brunette, in prison smock, has already lost her panties and is being flogged by ‘Major Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Captain Michael Stamp.’ They intend to whip her until she gives up some information on a terrorist they are after.

The scene is just an office chair in an empty room; window blinds have been drawn to minimize sunlight, but the lighting is still poor for the film. When the  girl refuses to take her shirt off, the men do it for her. They could have just ripped it off, but they slowly and gently unbutton it. She is down to bra and panties. “This is humiliation!” That it is. She insists this is all illegal and that she will go public. “This is 2005, and we don’t exist.”  Covert ops.

In bra and panties, she bends over. She has one of the huge tramp stamps. They ask her if she has ever had the cane. She says no. What would be the most tactical answer to that question? Kennedy begins caning first, 20 or so snappy short strokes–it can come worse. “Sore?” “Oh, yah!” Captain Stamp takes over, 6 from him, much harder. The girl collapses on the floor and begins to  talk, but not enough to satisfy the boys.

They handcuff her to the chair and go for a meal, and expect to take a full statement from her when they return. This would have been a good time for one of those prickly naughty seats, but NORTHERN doesn’t use one.




8 Aug

2M/3f; time: 17 minutes

An entertaining film where the actors are in and out of character. ‘Paul Kennedy’ has three girls put on cheerleader outfits to enhance the fetish. ‘Claire,’ ‘Anna Svensson,’ and a brunette ‘Jane’ make up the three. Paul has brought another guy with him to give him tutorials on spanking. Now this is job retraining! Government funded?

Paul will demonstrate the spanking techniques and implements. Claire is take OTK first by Paul, panties down. When the guy takes over, he spanks much harder, as he will in each succeeding instance.

Paul gets out his paddles. Anna is paddled on the couch. Paul demonstrates that this paddle must be used on “one cheek at a time.” The guy again paddles very hard. Anna gasps in surprise.

Now Paul will demonstrate the cane. He explains that bottoms should be warmed up first, so Jane is spanked OTK, red panties down. Then she touches toes–six mild cane strokes from Paul, but 6 legitimate ones from the guest.

Three bare bottoms at the wall–Paul points out the different effects of the hand, paddle, and cane on the three bottoms. We hear the prompting of the director/cameraman ‘Peters.’ The film continues  now with a bit of caning for each girl. Jane and Claire get 4 strokes. Anna declines and it is respected. Jane admits to the camera that the caning is turning her on.

Some brief girl on girl spankings, more caning for Jane, sort of time fillers.


8 Aug

M/f; year: 2018; time: 9 minutes

Despite the date, this film is surely from the archives. ‘Paul Kennedy’  and ‘Sarah Gregory.’ Sarah returns  home.  “Hi, Dad.” She wears a silly pink gingham dress;  we love Sarah, but it is time for her to move on from schoolgirl stuff. Kennedy has been alerted that she was trespassing and stealing apples. When you’re wearing a pink dress and probably white panties, a spanking would be in order.

She had been warned;  next time would be bottoms-up. Dress up, OTK, tight white panties. (Ms. Gregory knows about panties, and these still have their label. ) Powerful thighs, buxom up top. Ms. Gregory has fleshed out, but she goes to the gym. Standard bare bottom spanking.

Kami Robertson in the Shower – NORTHERNSPANKING

27 Jul

M/f; time: 12 minutes

An odd little setting. A sort of shower position. with a hazardous-looking tile step/seat to stand or sit on, a clock on the wall within range of water, and a potted plant. We suggest the producer just over-decorated an open shower stall. But what the heck, we’re here for the bare bottoms.

Kami was caught writing ‘Mr. Osborne is a pervert…” on a whiteboard. He is, of course. After a long scolding, he will spank her in this shower environment. She takes off her skirt and panties for a handspanking to start.

Then blouse, shoes, bra off, naked. More spanking. Then the cane, a first six, not hard, followed by 6 more, much harder. Osborne wants her to rub  her bottom. Now he is going to sit down and watch her take her shower. Kami goes to turn the water on for the hand-held device .

A Stable Relationship – NORTHERNSPANKING

30 May

M2f/2f; time: 31 minutes

Three experienced CP actors–Leia Ann Woods, Kara Jane Dempsey, and Richard Harris.

The girls are in a faux barn setting. Both wear jodphurs, blazers, and boots. Kara has accused Leia of having sex with her husband, about which she seems proud. Kara is going to give Leia a cropping. There is no argument. Leia bends over for the riding crop on her pants, just moderate.

“Now I’m going to spank you.”Kara wants her to drop her pants and panties–again, no hesitation, except Leia appears to have thought she was done. Bare bottom, she kneels on the floor and bends forward over a bench. Kara straddles her and spanks vertically, a very long spanking, with some results.

Kara’s husband bursts in on this and is melodramatically appalled, because it seems he knows Kara has been fucking Leia’s husband. Opportunity for another spanking. Down come Kara’s jodphurs and panties. Leia has the first turn. After her handspanking, Kara stands on the bench and leans against the wall frisk-style for a strapping from Richard.

Big hugs at the end. “Wasn’t that fun?”