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Northern Spanking

1 Apr

M/f; time: 12 minutes

We don’t have a title for this one yet. John Osborne discovers a note on a blackboard not so flattering to him—he’s a pervert and something about his penis. A redhead is in detention. We believe this is Kami Robertson. The spanking will take place in an open shower stall.

Kami takes off her skirt and panties and bends over for an introductory handspanking. Next, she takes off her shoes, socks, and blouse, but pauses for a moment before the bra comes off. When she is naked she puts hands on hips in that defiant little pose. She starts the shower.






Borstal Girls – Dormitory Inspection – NORTHERNSPANKING

16 Jan

M/3f; year: 2020; time: 11 minutes

The producers who have mastered the serial  punishment of incarcerated or institutionalized girls would certainly be LUPUS/RIGIDEAST and MOOD. The LUPUS ‘detention house’ films are the last word, particularly ‘Detention House 3 Whose Bread You Eat .NORTHERNSPANKING gives it a try in just 11 minutes.

Three girls—Jadie Reece, Alex Reynolds, and Amy Cawcliffe stand in a row in front of their beds, wearing only white gymslips and panties. Paul Kennedy is the guard who will inspect them. Some things about this borstal—the girls are better fed and they certainly have soft looking beds, not the more realistic pallets seen at RGE.

Kennedy inspects the girls and soon finds whatever provocation he needs. He has brought a strap and a cane. The girls strip to just panties. No one wears a bra. The three lower their panties and bend over the foot of their beds. Kennedy straps each one, hard enough.

The girls climb into the diaper position on their beds, their panties still at their ankles and now high in the air. Down the row with the strap. Two of the girls move to all fours on their beds and Jadie bends over for a nice hard caning. The girls end up on their stomachs on their beds.

Drug Mules’ Judicial – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 Dec

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 10 minutes

Leia Ann Woods, Andi Switch, Paul. Kennedy. The girls are brought into a concrete walled room which contiains the ‘X’ frame and a spanking horse. Kennedy, in uniform, will spank the two drug offenders. The story here is none too imaginative, and the cinematography is not up to NORTHERNSPANKING  standards.

Looks like guilt or innocence is no longer at issue. Leia drops her skirt and panties and goes over the horse. Kennedy uses a very large cane, not hard, he couldn’t have. Andi gets the same caning. Girls to the wall, pants, down,  facing us.

Leia gets the bastinado, standing beside the horse, and offering one sole at a time. Rather athletic, but not hard. Andi escapes this.



Dedication of On Call Nurses – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Nov

M/f; year: 2019; time: 12 minutes

We have always assumed on-call nurses were dedicated, but it is axiomatic that some girls need a little reminder now and then. An older Paul Kennedy in doctor’s smock, and another hot little British redhead, Lizzy McAllister. She is all in white, hose and all.

Lizzy reports to Kennedy in his small office. She gets a long scolding. A spanking is announced, and Kennedy comes up with a huge strap he had handy. He must see nurses regularly. She bends over a table, handspanking first. Kennedy pulls down her white tights and then her sky blue panties. Her wonderful bottom is a surprise on such a small model.

She drops to her knees. Is she offering something else? The strap is next. At the conclusion, Kennedy laughs. He records these spankings









19 Nov

M/f;  year: 2013; Time: 21 minutes

A conventional spanking film, with Paul Kennedy and a stunning Irish/Scottish redhead, Scarlot Rose. We thank NORTHERNSPANKING for dating their films. It makes it fun to track some models’ careers. We are not familiar with Ms. Rose.

Scarlot has been naughty at a party, so her husband Paul is going to spank her. Again  it seems, for she is just recovering from punishment for damaging the car. Scarlot wears a pretty flowing flower print dress, fresh from the country club party.

She submits easily and goes OTK on the bed. Hem of her dress up, to display frilly pink panties, garter belt ensemble, and nylons. A moderate and sexy handspanking. She stands and removes her dress, slowly. Down to bra, panties, and garter belt. She must wait at the fireplace.

Kennedy gets a cane. She bends forward and takes 12 moderate strokes, standing. Closeups and distance shots may have permitted repeats. Rubbing, hugging, promises. Credits say Zoe Page on camera.



6 Nov

2M/f; time: 13 minutes; year: 2006

Michael Stamp, Kara Jayne Dempsey, and (a relative?) Colin Dempsey. All three wear full dress white naval uniforms, and we will read their ranks from U.S. epilette designation.

Lieutenant Stamp reports to Captain Colin. He is reporting a female officer for committing sexual harassment. A gorgeous Kara Jayne is summoned, a Lieutenant J.G. The scene would appear to be the office used in BARSANDSTRIPES. 

“Are you familiar with corporal punishment?” The officers will tear up all the complaints against her if she will take a spanking. We assume this then is unofficial. Dempsey takes a cane and belt out of a file. We missed how he was able to store the long cane in a drawer. Kara willingly raises her skirt, drops her panties, and bends over the desk, no reluctance.

16 mild and snappy cane strokes to start. The watching Stamp winces. Kara lies over the bench next for a strap. She keeps the front of her skirt down. When she is excused, she sneaks a grabbing grope of Stamp’s butt. Fun for all.

Girl Likes Spanking – NORTHERNSPANKING

2 Aug

2M/f; time: 32 minutes

An unusual spanking film, probably not NORTHERNSPANKING. And this is our title. It features John Osborne in the first part, and in the second independent segment, ‘Peters.’ The female model appears to be the same in each section. Her specialty is having an orgasm by being spanked.

John Osborne confronts the thin brunette. She wears pajamas. He is her guardian or ‘uncle,’ as the British like to use the term in spanking films. She has been caught stealing. “I’m shaking with rage.” He takes her OTK and begins spanking, hard enough that it can’t last. “Thou shalt not steal!” Osborne has gotten the pajama bottoms down. (NOTHERNSPAMKING is very good at pajamas.) A knee between her legs shows some puss.

To the traditional British mantelpiece, for a bendover and the slipper. Osborne notices that the girl is wet between the legs. He wants her legs spread so that he can spank “one cheek at a time.” The girl collapses on the floor.

“Bloody hell.” She is very wet. She must get onto hands and knees. Osborne does a full inspection of her pussy, full screen. He gives her a thorough frigging. “This is the way an uncle finds some pleasure.” The frigging and more spanking bring her to a realistic orgasm, not a melodramatic stunt. She collapses on the floor.

“Stand up, assume the position again” after more slipperiness, harder, she is sent to the toilet to clean up.

In the second part, Peters confronts the same girl, still in those pajamas, at a couch on a darkened set. He soon pulls her .bottoms and panties down. “Why are these wet?” OTK on the couch. “You can’t keep your fingers away from your sticky holes.”

She kneels on the couch for a strap, which makes her gasp. “Will you be playing with yourself any time soon?” Peters gets the cane and he wants the girl to strip naked. She must bend over. “Grab, this is going to hurt.” Six strokes and odd camera angles,which suggests this is not either NORTHERNSPANKING or XEROTICS. Peters checks her pussy before the last stroke, and a closeup catches some dripping. Very pornogrzphic. “Still not dry.” He has not been able to beat it out of her.