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Oranges, Pears, and a Peach – NORTHERNSPANKING

27 Aug

M/f; time: 22 minutes; year: 2004

Sam Johnson and Paul Kennedy. Sam is slightly older and maybe challenging the limits a bit when she wears full schoolgirl kit. Kennedy sits reading her school record.

There is a cane on the table. He makes her hand over her cell phone, which she has hidden in her panties. He begins by giving her a standing handspanking. She bends over for more on her white lace panties. Routine stuff. She gets the cane next, on the bare. She is allowed to rub and leave, without her phone. Those panties! Girls would rather take a spanking than lose their phone.


26 Aug

2M/f; time: 10 minutes

Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron, and Lance Andrews hop a Hansom and run over to the studios of NORTHERNSPANKING. More likely, they made the tape and sold it to them.

A St. Andrew’s Cross sits in a barren room. It is a sturdy structure, with a wide base, maybe on casters,  and extra supports. We see it in its entirety here. If it is the same device FIRMHAND uses, we couldn’t tell. Pandora walks onto the set, her wrists cuffed behind her. Cameron and Andrews want her naked, so they release her to peel off her dress. There is nothing underneath.

Naked, nice and trim. Pandora is fastened to the cross. She gets a gentle flogging from both men. Her squirming is the highlight. The director had placed the cross far enough off the wall so that a camera can slip in to allow facial shots to be mixed.


20 Aug

3M/3f; time: 26 minutes

An odd and funny film, big cast, all older CP regulars on the Glasgow scene. It is as if they got together in the marketing office and said, “Let’s make one for us this time.” Michael Stamp, Lucy McLean, Morgan Taylor, Ellie Roberts, James Walker, John Bayer. With the exception of a few actors, we are not sure who is who and we did not despair.

The scene is a simple dinner table in what looks like the corner of a set. No tablecloth, no crystal. Reminds us of some of those kitchen spankings at NU-WEST. A couple bustles around, two couples arrive. Everyone is a generation senior to the conventional CP model. After a long discussion at the table, the men begin to spank the women. Various postures, panties up and down, all rather harmless, just interesting to see some of these senior characters get spanked.


9 Aug

M/f; year : 2004; time: 40 minutes

A rare long film from NORTHERNSPANKING, featuring a British model who only made a few films we are aware of—a few here at NORTHENSPANKING and a long series at BARSANDSTRIPES. Hannah Martin  is a willowy and expressive blonde, with a nice little trait of twitching her bottom in response to strokes. And she is one of the more brave ones.

Here Hannah plays a nurse who has been caught tampering with medications, and under interrogation, it transpires that she also has been performing as a stripper at night. This gives supervisor Paul Kennedy all the leverage he needs.

Hannah stands before him, wearing that great British nurse’s smock featured in many films,  so easy to get off. After a long scolding, he takes her OTK. She yelps nicely from the start. Smock up, print panties. She puts up a legitimate and entertaining struggle to keep him from pulling them down, but he succeeds. He makes her stand in front of him on full display.


Next will be the cane. Hannah is caned in almost all her films. The smock comes off, and the matching bra and panties soon follow. Very nice. Unabashed frontals. A naked caning, bent over. To the wall naked. We always like to imagine Office visitors at this point.


27 Jul

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Not the title. John Osborne makes a short film in the manner of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray.’ He is seen gently flogging himself in his sexual play dungeon. He shows a blond girl this room and she expresses the anticipated fascination with the spanking implements and equipment.

The girl slowly strips and bends over a wood frame. He takes down her panties and  flogs her rather gently.  The device is poorly positioned in the room to show the whipping. Not the best portrayal of this story.

Kami Expelled and Thrashed -NORTHERNSPANKING

6 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 12 minutes

The marvelous Kami Robertson with Paul Kennedy. Kami looks as barely legal as we have ever seen her. Two ponytails, blouse, tie, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. In this garb, she looks tiny. One of the best schoolgirl personas we can recall.

Kennedy holds a cane. Kami can hardly look at it. Hands on the couch, kilt up, Kami already red. Cane on her full white panties. She takes off her kilt, blouse, and tie, stripping down to just bra, panties, and socks for the moment. Cane on her panties, before she pulls them down. Sweet stuff.

Northern Spanking

1 Apr

M/f; time: 12 minutes

We don’t have a title for this one yet. John Osborne discovers a note on a blackboard not so flattering to him—he’s a pervert and something about his penis. A redhead is in detention. We believe this is Kami Robertson. The spanking will take place in an open shower stall.

Kami takes off her skirt and panties and bends over for an introductory handspanking. Next, she takes off her shoes, socks, and blouse, but pauses for a moment before the bra comes off. When she is naked she puts hands on hips in that defiant little pose. She starts the shower.






Borstal Girls – Dormitory Inspection – NORTHERNSPANKING

16 Jan

M/3f; year: 2020; time: 11 minutes

The producers who have mastered the serial  punishment of incarcerated or institutionalized girls would certainly be LUPUS/RIGIDEAST and MOOD. The LUPUS ‘detention house’ films are the last word, particularly ‘Detention House 3 Whose Bread You Eat .NORTHERNSPANKING gives it a try in just 11 minutes.

Three girls—Jadie Reece, Alex Reynolds, and Amy Cawcliffe stand in a row in front of their beds, wearing only white gymslips and panties. Paul Kennedy is the guard who will inspect them. Some things about this borstal—the girls are better fed and they certainly have soft looking beds, not the more realistic pallets seen at RGE.

Kennedy inspects the girls and soon finds whatever provocation he needs. He has brought a strap and a cane. The girls strip to just panties. No one wears a bra. The three lower their panties and bend over the foot of their beds. Kennedy straps each one, hard enough.

The girls climb into the diaper position on their beds, their panties still at their ankles and now high in the air. Down the row with the strap. Two of the girls move to all fours on their beds and Jadie bends over for a nice hard caning. The girls end up on their stomachs on their beds.

Drug Mules’ Judicial – NORTHERNSPANKING

3 Dec

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 10 minutes

Leia Ann Woods, Andi Switch, Paul. Kennedy. The girls are brought into a concrete walled room which contiains the ‘X’ frame and a spanking horse. Kennedy, in uniform, will spank the two drug offenders. The story here is none too imaginative, and the cinematography is not up to NORTHERNSPANKING  standards.

Looks like guilt or innocence is no longer at issue. Leia drops her skirt and panties and goes over the horse. Kennedy uses a very large cane, not hard, he couldn’t have. Andi gets the same caning. Girls to the wall, pants, down,  facing us.

Leia gets the bastinado, standing beside the horse, and offering one sole at a time. Rather athletic, but not hard. Andi escapes this.



Dedication of On Call Nurses – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Nov

M/f; year: 2019; time: 12 minutes

We have always assumed on-call nurses were dedicated, but it is axiomatic that some girls need a little reminder now and then. An older Paul Kennedy in doctor’s smock, and another hot little British redhead, Lizzy McAllister. She is all in white, hose and all.

Lizzy reports to Kennedy in his small office. She gets a long scolding. A spanking is announced, and Kennedy comes up with a huge strap he had handy. He must see nurses regularly. She bends over a table, handspanking first. Kennedy pulls down her white tights and then her sky blue panties. Her wonderful bottom is a surprise on such a small model.

She drops to her knees. Is she offering something else? The strap is next. At the conclusion, Kennedy laughs. He records these spankings