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Drug Mules’ Judicial – NORTHERNSPANKING

28 Nov

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 10 minutes

A simple well-done exercise on the punishment room theme. ‘Paul Kennedy’  has ‘Leia Ann Woods’  and ‘Andi Switch’ in a harsh, concrete walled chamber. one of those basement situations. The furniture is a St. Andrew’s cross and a spanking trestle.

The girls know this is punishment time, there is no resistance. They strip, drop their panties, down to just a top. Leia is first to lie over the trestle. Kennedy canes her, fast, hard, and brief. Andi is next, pulling down her panties. Lots of frontal time as the girls are scolded.

And a slightly offbeat touch. Leia stands on one foot in front of the trestle and lifts her other leg to offer her instep for some bastinado. Kennedy is kind and actually canes her bare feet where it doesn’t hurt, but Leia does the act.


18 Oct

M/f; year: 2010; time: 14 minutes

Kami Robertson and Paul Kennedy in a trifle which could have been easy to film at the conclusion of a workday. Kami is supposed to go to sleep but she keeps turning the lights back on to read.

Paul keeps returning and decides to spank her. Kami is wearing midnight blue silk pajamas, and we have to wait a bit for her to kneel up and lose the pj bottoms for the paddle. Nice red bottom, one of the better actresses in the business.



18 Sep

F/f; year: 2013; time 10 minutes

Somewhat mild stuff from NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ sits on her bed, in full nurse’s uniform, including a stethoscope around her neck, reading a book. She is either late for her shift or not leaving for it early enough.

‘Caroline Grey,’ also in uniform, enter and challenges her. She must be the senior, because after just a short argument Amelia is OTK on her own bed. Skirt up, white panties and white garter belt/stockings. Fashionable as always. After some handspanking, the slipper follows, hard and taking up most of the film. Panties down, lots of the best scenery in the CP film world.

Admittedly we are jaded. But we’ve always thought, when nurses are mad at each other, why don’t they throw in an enema? They would know how to do it and make it just a bit punitive. Ed Lee at NUWEST has some erotic nurse enemas, rubber gloves, etc.


Sleepless in Surrey – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 Aug

M/2f; time: 10 minutes

‘Adele Haze’  and ‘Niki Flynn’ cuddle in bed. ‘Stephen Lewis’ catches them.  Niki is wearing loose two-piece pajamas, erotic in a CP film.

Lewis grabs them by the ears and marches them to a sitting room seen in a number of NS films. Scolding, spanking. Niki first, OTK, her pajama bottoms come down but her panties  stay in place for the moment.

Adele is spanked OTK next, then Niki again, and this time the panties come down.


Caned by the School Counselor – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 Aug

F/f; year: 2017; time: 10 minutes

We took at look at this film because it is copyrighted 2017. We were curious to see if NORTHERNSPANKING has changed much as the years pass. We are fans and have reviewed many NS films with the regular Glasgow casts. This film features American actors and is delivered with the same productions values and in a conventional format we remember. Paul Kennedy directs.

‘Ava Nichole’ is a very nubile schoolgirl, dressed in kit. Her parents have hired a “school counselor” to supplement her supervision. Ava was just spanked at school today (an explanation for having made another film very recently), and now the counselor will continue. “We are going to have a discussion with this, the cane.”

Bend-over a table, a mild caning on a slightly red bottom.

Personal Diary of Niki Flynn-Shipping Forecast – NORTHERNSPANKING

18 Jul

M/f; year: 2006; time: 6 minutes

A curious little story. We are to believe that Niki Flynn has the fantasy of being spanked by her boss (Paul Kennedy) while she rehearses the script of her ‘shipping forecast’ broadcast. Kennedy whales away on her bare bottom while she reads the script. Then they head down the corridor to the studio, no pants. We can do the voyeur thing of imagining her walking down the hall to the microphone.

If you can read perfectly while someone is flogging your bottom, you should be good in performance.

Christmas Pantomine – NORTHERNSPANKING

20 Jun

Large cast; time: 30 minutes

What were they thinking, our review notes say. ‘Amy Hunter’  as Goldilocks, ‘Dublin O’Brien’ as Cinderella, ‘Michael Stamp’ as Jack (beanstalk), ‘Jadie Reece’ as Little Red Riding Hood, ‘Paul Kennedy’ as Prince Charming, and ‘John Burger’ as Daddy Bear. This root canal is called ‘Goldilocks  and the Three Bare Bottoms.’

We can’t bring ourselves to detailing the story. Suffice to say, there is a silly story merging the fairy tales of the characters, where the girls get very insignificant spankings.