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Joanne’s Pain and Pleasure Trip – NU-WEST

25 Aug

MF/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

A NU-WEST find for us. Ed Lee combines his fetishes, again with the help of his carpenter. Joanne (we’re told, we never see her face) is tied down on a table, wearing just silk panties, garter belt, and nylons. She is arched over a bar, knees wide, hips elevated, face flat and hidden, wrists tied. Lee and Karen attend. Lee sips whiskey, his ‘assistant.’

Lee cuts Joanne’s panties off with scissors in closeup. Absolutely fuss puss on display. Lee goes to work with his dog whip, and Karen steps in to fondle and frig. As the whipping and play proceed, Joanne begins to surge and jerk on the table. Lee reaches under to play with her boobs while Karen probes. Karen pries open Joanne’s labia and she gasps.

The whipping continues. Some mild stripes. Aggressive frigging. A flogger next. Lee then lubricates a very large dildo. Karen strips off her latex dress to display the classic dominatrix harness with open boobs. She will insert the dildo, working it faster and faster, while rubbing Joanne’s clitoris. Full porn. The whipping and dildoing continue to conclusion.

Punishment at Cornwall Naval Barracks – NU-WEST

24 Mar

M/3f; time: 28 minutes

An unabashed deviation from the NU-WEST formula, although not completely new to Ed Lee. Three attractive young men will come into the familiar faux punishment chamber, drop their white underpants, lie over the padded bench, and take whippings from a shirtless male disciplinarian. The guys flash their jewels on occasion. The strappings look fierce enough to restore order in the barracks

Red Bottomed Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NU-WEST

11 Feb

MF/f’s ; year: 1984; time: 25 minutes

A very old film, the anticipated poor production values, and the early cast which precedes the NU-WEST regulars. The girls in the third part are probably showgirls. They won’t be spanked hard enough to affect their night job, although we have always suspected that a slightly pink bottom might be popular.

I- A mother awaits her two daughters, who have missed curfew. They are going to be spanked on the spot.They apologize. ”It won’t happen again.” Mother ensures them that it won’t. The blond daughter is spanked first. Skirt up, traditional NW undergarments—full panties, garters, nylons. Standard spanking. The second girl, similar, is spanked. Panties remain for both.

II- Four girls (showgirls), in various stages of underwear, use a hairbrush on each other. Again, panties stay on.

III-The bearded guy we see in early films. He comes to the NW office for a 1 PM appointment with Miss Jensen. He has to wait 45 minutes. It appears he is a consultant, brought on to spank some of the female employees. He is called in and proceeds to spank a brunette OTK on the desk. Quite hard, panties do come down here. The girl squeals nicely.

Don’t Talk Back – NU-WEST

24 Jan

2F/f; time: 18 minutes

Very early film, the usual poor production, and just the barren sound stage. Three schoolgirls in pinafores and kneesocks. The film predates the formation of the NU-WEST cast, al least, they are not here. Two of the girls will cane the third girl.

The victim bends over the back of a chair and her pinafore is pulled to expose full white knickers. The girls alternate caning her, surprisingly hard, in sets of six fast strokes. There is a lot of pacing and circling in the NU-WEST way, having the effect of both letting the sting settle in, and of course eating up tape time. Some good overhead angles.

The panties come down at seven minutes. Both flanks are taking a beating from cane wraparound. Heavy tears. The film conclude with a fusillade of alternated single strokes. The girl kicks and screams. One of the caners looks over to the camera to see if they are done.

Co-Ed Whipping – NU-WEST

3 Dec

2F/mf; year: 1998; time: 20 minutes

The primary cast members on display. A naked Ed Lee is manacled face to the wall. Katie enters to the bare studio and strips naked quickly. Longish blond hair here and the cutest little bikini tan, tight pale white bottom. Joanne Jameson patrols the scene as a domme. She wears a bustier, garters and stockings, but her boobs hang out and there are no panties. Joanne wears spike heels and appears a foot taller than barefoot Katie.

Apparently Katie is going to be punished because she refused to cane Lee. ”I don’t want to cane him, I want to paddle him.” Joanne removes a flogger from the wall and begins lashing the perfect white bottom, just hard enough to make Katie squeal and jerk. Joanne moves to the wall and lashes Lee. She reaches around to check his cock. Don’t know what she finds, but Lee grunts.

Back to lashing Katie, a nice grope of her pussy and a fondle of her boobs. Joanne is quite the Amazonian here. Those heels elevate her persona. Back to Lee’s cock. She must be rough, because he squirms on tiptoe.

Katie is let down and given a cane to Lee what she was asked to do. After some positioning and instruction, the first stroke is very hard, but this severity is not repeated, maybe because the Boss muttered some protest. Joanne urges Katie to cane harder, and might have used another cane to accomplish that, but she doesn’t. Great front and rear views of naked Katie at work.

Punished For Stealing NU-WEST

30 Sep

M/3f; time:9 minutes

An odd little fragment and a delightful one, possibly made before but released after Ed Lee’s death. In the opening scene, two naked girls are tied down over the bar of a piece of exercise equipment, bent double, ponytails hanging down, bottoms side by side. Lee whips them both, but as was often the case at NU-WEST, it is difficult to determine how hard. The girls squeal obligingly.

In second part of this fragment, Katie walks into the storeroom, drops her denim shorts and panties, and takes a whipping from Lee. Another one of her delightful appearances.

Morgan’s Whipping – NU-WEST FCV-156

14 Mar

F/f; time: 14 minutes

A brief exercise in the garage/utility room. Brunette Morgan in marched in by a female domme and instructed to strip naked. She is cuffed and strung up to the ceiling by a chain. The domme whips her with what we believe is called the dog whip.

The strokes mark immediately, maybe too quickly, on the far side of her back and bottom. There is a slight skin pop and trickle of blood. The domme does some breast massaging. We are not concerned with the authenticity. We loved the theater and the slightly older model. The ladies leave the room hurriedly, Morgan naked, for some fun somewhere else.

Mildred Scott-Housemother – NU-WEST NWV-066

3 Mar

F/4f; time: 38 minutes

A very early NU-WEST, maybe early eighties, when the films were longer, and before Ed Lee’s cast had been assembled. Early graphics, challenged production qualities, and terrible acting. But Lee was always in the vanguard. The simple spankings here presaged serial punishment stories for many studios.

‘Mildred Scott,’ a youngish domme woman, made several films for Lee. This one seems to have disappeared. Thanks expressed to the spanko who found it and offered it for view. Mildred plays a housemother here, a storyline promising a bevy of bottoms. ‘Housemother’ means sorority girls. There will be four girls, very pretty, but not of the showgirl cut. Mildred narrates and introduces Deidre and Anne, tall light brunettes with big hair of the period, who act like they had just put their fingers in a wall socket. Both wear ankle-length dresses and heels with straps.

Deidre is taken OTK at the foot of a bed on the sparsely furnished bedroom set. Mildred raises her dress and peels down the panties and pantyhose. She handspanks for about 8 minutes, moderately hard, some pushing rather than slaps. Deidre squawks all the way through. Anne is spanked in exactly the same way for her 8 minutes. Repetitive but effective.The film was made before Lee began the the repeat sequences from different camera positions, Here, the facials and angles are cut in.

In the second scene, Mildred faces two more sorority girls, blondes, who sit before her on their haunches, wearing just full cut dark panties, nothing else. Mildred will spank each girl, also for about 8 minutes. Some boob shots mixed in. Simple stuff, but very erotic, these submissive girls awaiting their fate. The film was made when bare bottom spanking was naughty and illicit.

Mistress V of Denver – NU-WEST

11 Feb

F/m; time: 23 minutes

One of NU-WEST’s odd Female dominant films, which we will pass over quickly, so that you can scratch off your list. ‘Mistress V.’ narrates. She is a dominatrix, practicing in Littleton, CO. “Do you have the nerve to come and see me? I am a professional dominatrix. I have a bad boy downstairs right now.”

Segue to the guy, Joey, to be punished. He is cornered, then over her knee. He is wearing his sister’s panties. A rather uninteresting spanking, bare butt. Mistress switches to a hairbrush and then a Spencer paddle, and last, a mild caning. He is just a bit pink. The closing handspanking is the hardest. We’ve said before— we would have liked to see the mkstress check to see if he liked it.

Her contact information is shown in a graphic.

L.A. Spanking Society #2 – NU-WEST

8 Feb

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

A very old film, the usual terrible film quality, and the second oldest graphics we recall from NU-WEST. Two girls sit on a bench in negligees, Michelle and Lisa. The male actor informs us in narration that if we like to watch spanking, more can be arranged. He has the girls show their panties.

He will call the girls out one at a time and spank them. Michelle is first, OTK. He raises her nightie and pulls down her panties immediately. The brunette does some sexy kicking for a moderate spanking. The guy has to hold her wrist to keep her still. Nice overhead shots. She has dirty bare feet. The guy has arranged her panties to cover any exposure between her legs. Various angles and repeats.

Lisa comes out next. Same bare bottom OTK. Michelle has been placed at the wall, but she pulled up her panties, a fetish detail not missed in later years. Closeups on mild welts and bruises. Maybe this was a sort of advertisement by NU-WEST to find a spanking market.