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Female/male Whippings – NUWEST

11 Jul

F/m; time: 30 minutes

Four F/m episodes. In the first 11 minute segment, Ed Lee is fastened, bony and naked, to racks in his San Marcos storeroom. Joanne Jameson is on hand to whip him. The action is filmed from two different angles. No dialogue. (There rarely is when Lee is on the receiving end.) Long  repetitive action. Joanne uses the dogwhip, in the ‘flurry” fashion. Lee’s bones and grunts identify him.

#2 Lee is strung up naked on the sound stage and whipped by a girl in bustier and thong. No faces or dialogue.

#3 Lee again, back in the workroom for 7 minutes. Strung up naked, Joanne whips him, and this time she too is naked. Lots of rest pauses for caressing, and maybe Lee gets his balls tweaked. We couldn’t quite tell.

#4 9 minutes. Another male, hooded, muscular and tan, is string up to bars in the big tile room set with the bed. Katie, and maybe Vanna or Julia, take turns having fun whipping the guy while they sip wine. We wanted them to overheat and strip, but not this time.

Naughty Boy – NUWEST

27 Jun

3F/m; time: 27 minutes

We don’t have the title for this oldie yet. We’ve said, F/m spankings are not preferred by us, but here again, as usual, NUWEST used the nudity of the female dommes to attract both sides of the market audience.

The set is the large, high-ceiling tile-walled room somewhere on Ed Lee’s property. A naked male is tied down over the tilted box. We will never see his face and hear only muttered grunts and phrases from him.  He is being attended by ‘Jacque,’ ‘Julia Jameson,’ and a third model.

The action is repetitive, although colorful. First, the girls, fully clothed in conventional dresses, will take turns strapping him. One girl straps, a second sits with his head held between her legs, and the third girl stands with her back to us, closest to the camera. There are several angles shot of this action, rather good from NUWEST. The girls admire his developing red butt.

The girls strap impressively hard. The guy wriggles and gasps. The girls use the silly taunting talk which made NUWEST comically unique in this era. Of course the girls are becoming overheated. “Let’s take our dresses off.” They strip to bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings, the usual NW foundation display.

The rotating strappings continue, the girls are careful to keep switching sides to distribute the pressure on both buttocks. The female pantied bottom is kept in the shots. And for the final strapping round, the girls strip naked. Lots of pubic hair in this era.

Jacque picks up a cane and goes to work, while Julia and the third girl masturbate themselves off to the side. A bit silly but fun. Jacque: “Next time, you cane and I get to cum.”


Spankings of Her Life – NUWEST

7 Jun

M/f; time: 25 minutes

One of Ed Lee’s mischievous films,  for us. ‘Julia Jameson’ plays a secretary working in an office. She rushes in to her desk, late again. Lee confronts her. “Well, Jameson!” No acting being done here, but we enjoy the setup.

Julia had agreed to a spanking on the next occasion she was late. Nice office policy. The OTK spanking will now begin, No excuses. Skirt up, panties down, she must make an apology after each smack.

FADE, another story. Julia is scolded by ‘aunt,’ in the barren studio set up as a domestic scene. She has been using drugs. She wears jeans and a black top. OTK, jeans down, loose beige panties, dirty feet. Standard spanking. Bare bottom to the corner. Julia great to watch.


NUWEST the Jamesons

6 Jun

2F/f; time: 26 minutes

We will have to come up with a title here. Cousins Julia and Joanne Jameson, very young here and exciting, thin, darker hair, will take turns spanking  girls. Skirt up, white panties, the action seen from overhead, pantyhose and panties down.

The cousins strap a girl on a bed, bare bottom.

Another girl is strung up. The cousins are wearing jodphurs and boots and just bras. They strap the girl, lots of pubic hair in this early film. The cousins keep checking with the director. The rope attached to the girl’s wrists is attached at the wall and released to allow her to collapse and rest.

Next, a caning, on the mild side. Overhead views.



Over the Knee Tape 5 – NUWEST

6 Jun

F/m; time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee here, wearing women’s clothes, will be spanked by a brunette. “Well, Leon, now you know what we women have to put up with for years.” She spanks him here.

In the next scene we watch Lee getting the hairbrush on a bed through the doorway, the voyeur view. The girl doing the work is in bra and panties.

In the next scene, we are in the studio, with ‘Julia Jameson’  and maybe ‘Jennifer Brooks.’ Lee is on his knees. Jennifer shows Julia how she wants Lee spanked. This is hot work. Julia: “Do you mind if I take my clothes off before I begin?” OK here. The best part of these F/m films for us.

The next segment: Joanne Jameson is whaling on the pantied butt of a blond guy. She was really one of the very best spankers at NW.

Next, ‘David’ is spanked by a tall blonde.

And last, David again with a plump brunette. An odd angle, no facials, maybe not David.

To Amuse the Ladies – NUWEST

6 Jun

3F/m; time: 29 minutes

A guy will take a beating from three different girls. First, a statuesque blonde, in black latex. A guy stands in front of her and gradually strips naked. She slaps him in the face, almost hard enough to knock him off his feet.

The second domme, is it ‘Karen Bell’? She also slaps and starts up with the martinet, very hard, as the first blonde watches. Full body whipping.

Now, three girls, ‘Louise’ has joined. They are wearing just undies.The girls force him to bend over, one grabs his balls. After some whipping like this, onto the floor to lick their boots.

Over a chair, very hard whipping. Then Louise sits on his face  while others torment him. She keeps her panties on, probably for legal reasons.

And last, Louise reams him with a dildo. Their struggles to hold position suggest this was mostly authentic.


Reformatory – NUWEST

16 May

F/3m; time: 29 minutes

We have not found the title to this film. but will amend when we do. An oldie; three guys are tied down bare-ass over  one form of chair or another. A woman we don’t recognize, from the early years before the NW cast was solidified, will do the punishment. She will move from guy to guy and cane each very hard. The scene is the empty studio, with its normal harsh light and hum.

Presumably Ed Lee knew the market for F/m CP and got some jolt out of it himself. The stark institutional feel here is helpful. We won’t see the boys’ faces. After 20 minutes of moving from butt to butt, there are welts, wheals, and some blood. The lady canes very hard. There is no effort to fake or soften the punishment.