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Steve Meets Chelsea – NUWEST FD-074

30 Aug

F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes

Another Female/male video. In our interest to review as many NUWEST films as possible, we take a look at this one. We’ve said before this isn’t our genre. ‘Steve,’ poor Steve, reports to ‘Chelsea,’ described as the dominatrix ‘Chelsea Allat’ on NUWEST’s website. He kneels before her and is ordered to strip.

Once he is naked, the white shorts coming last, she wants him to kiss her thighs. We are in NUWEST’s versIon of a sitting room, sparsely furnished. Hard handspanking, and a strapping. Flashes of his cock. He is endowed for the part, but, as we have said before, he is no ‘David,’ who could spring an erection just in conversation.

Some foot kissing, Steve has to ,put on female panties and suck a dildo, you know where it’s going to go. After more strapping, he is made to stroke himself. Face slapping, wanking, he seems erect. We are rooting for him. He must lubricate the dildo, and here HE puts on its condom.

Various attempts to get the dido working, typical NUWEST snafus. When Steve is forced Into the diaper position, the dildo seems to find a home. Lots of ‘ma’am’s’ and sexy talk. Various dildo actions we doubt. On the bed for more spanking then a crouch for the dildo. He must sit on the dildo while Chelsea lies on her back. And to conclude, he gets into the diaper positIon for the long thin dildo. We are convinced.

Bastinado – NUWEST

13 Aug

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A very short and quite plausible depiction of the bastinado process. We see NUWEST made a number of bastinado films, longer than this, with multiple actors, and using demonic equipment typical of Ed Lee’s imagination.

A small brunette walks onto the set. She wears a blouse and slacks. She lies on a sort of workout bench, on her stomach. She bends her knees and raises her ankles. After a cut, Lee has attached her ankles to a T-bar so that the soles of her feet squirm in the lights. Lee often struggled with fastenings. Someone edited that out here.

Lee walks off the set to take a camera and zoom in on the blonde’s bare feet. “I’m going to give you some on your ass because you made me wait.” With a short whip, Lee begins slashing her bare soles lengthwise, not the conventional style. Excellent facials. The girl seems genuinely shocked, as she struggles and curses.

Lee switches to a strap and now whips her soles in the traditional perpendicular direction. The girl cries realistically. Lee reminds her to keep her hair off her face. Lee whips rapidly. It looks like he deflects some strokes and hits the crossbar. It is difficult to tell.

Lee lets the blonde get up. She is very reluctant to put weight on her feet or to put on her sandals, an action which seems real. Lee assists as she limps off the set, off the stage and on through to the outer office, wincing at the pain like you would expect. She slaps at him in pain and anger, a reflexive reaction you will see occasionally around the CP trade when a model’s pain threshold has bee breached and the girl is angry about how the shoot went.

Doctor’s Orders – NUWEST

8 Aug

2F/m; time: 30 minutes

Maestro Ed Lee, as ‘Leon,’ will allow himself to be spanked and strapped by two women. NUWEST made enough of these F/m films, most of them with Lee as the submissive, that (1) there must have been a market, and (2) Lee must have gotten some kick out of it beside payroll savings.

Not sure about the meaning of the title. One of Leon’s female tormentors must be his ‘wife.’ She is going to show her friend how to dominate. Leon walks onto the set. The girls pull down his shorts, bend him over a chair, and begin a typically NUWEST hard handspanking. They will spank, sit and sip wine, spank again, etc. in typical NUWEST rhythm. A bit of a bore if you are not into F/m.

“That’s the only way you can get men to be obedient.” There is another way to quickly access the hearts and minds of men, but that did not happen in the 90’s here. The women alternate spanking him, one prompting the technique of the other. Various implements are displayed.

The girl learning how to spank improves quickly. Several straps, a strop, and a riding crop, which tip breaks off. Lee doesn’t mark much here, and no blood is drawn.

Renter’s Dream – NUWEST NWV-361

18 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An odd film we have not been able to figure out. It seems to have been associated with both NUWEST and OOHTEEKAY. And the production values are very much not in the tradition of NUWEST.

The story is simple and repetitive. Girls are late with their rent and induce spankings from their landlord. Some of the girls find this thrilling and entice their friends to pay late or not at all. There are a series of spanking scenes and narration by the girls. The spanker would appear to be Ed Lee, although we will not see his face or hear his voice. His technique we recognize.

We do see one NUWEST face, either Jodi Cline or Jacque. Lee does all the spanking in an elevated chair, with a base built to withstand the rollicking activity. The best spanking is that of tenant ‘Katherine,’ who is most animated as her bare bottom is whaled. We are led to believe she didn’t know this would happen to her.

Ladies Who Love to Cane #7 – NUWEST

2 Jul

F/m; year: 1997; time: 15 minutes

Maestro Ed Lee will take a series of canings from his girls in five different scenes.

In the first scene, Lee is bent over a chair, wearing one of those corsets he likes. A woman walks onto the set and removes her robe. She is wearing a bra and corset. She canes Lee and soon draws blood on that weak spot on his right buttock. The severity of the scene is lessened by trips to the wall.

Vanna canes in the second segment. Lee pulls down the corset. She wears a pants suit and keeps it on. To the corner.

A brief scene with another girl, shot from a ceiling CAM.

And last, Katie! Lee is naked here. And Katie is wearing only latex bra and cutaway panties. She canes him and for some reason pulls her punches. Katie goes to the wall, sits in a chair, strips off her panties. She spreads her thighs over the arms of the chair and beckons Lee is come over and service her, which he does for a few seconds.

Jodi Does Leg Humping – NUWEST

8 Mar

F/m; time: 19 minutes

Another film surfaces with the FEMALE/male theme. And probably another example of how deep Ed Lee chose to dig for stories. Jodi Cline plays a dominatrix. She is spanking a naked male over her lap. He must be a soldier, because we can see some fading cane marks on his butt.

The handcuffed guy kneels on the floor and rubs his cock on Jodi’s legs until he cums. The camera shots are not great, but as Jodi helps him along with her hand, we get some sense of how he got the part.


Spanked Females 2 – NUWEST

4 Mar

MF/ f; time: 40 minutes

Nine separate OTK spanking scenes, almost all F/f. Very old stuff here, and nothing new by advanced CP film standards. The models all seem to predate the development of the cast at NUWEST. The usual awful graphics, film quality, and acting. But there is a certain authenticity to the spankings themselves. These girls don’t seem to have delveloped the tough skin you might see later.

The girls are mostly brunettes, and conventional in appearance, not so much looking like off a flight from Las Vegas. We won’t detail the nine episodes, except to say  the spanking rituals are carefully preserved—panties down slowly, kicking feet, mild struggling, and a few nods to the schoolgirl thing.