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Punished For Stealing NU-WEST

30 Sep

M/3f; time:9 minutes

An odd little fragment and a delightful one, possibly made before but released after Ed Lee’s death. In the opening scene, two naked girls are tied down over the bar of a piece of exercise equipment, bent double, ponytails hanging down, bottoms side by side. Lee whips them both, but as was often the case at NU-WEST, it is difficult to determine how hard. The girls squeal obligingly.

In second part of this fragment, Katie walks into the storeroom, drops her denim shorts and panties, and takes a whipping from Lee. Another one of her delightful appearances.

Morgan’s Whipping – NU-WEST FCV-156

14 Mar

F/f; time: 14 minutes

A brief exercise in the garage/utility room. Brunette Morgan in marched in by a female domme and instructed to strip naked. She is cuffed and strung up to the ceiling by a chain. The domme whips her with what we believe is called the dog whip.

The strokes mark immediately, maybe too quickly, on the far side of her back and bottom. There is a slight skin pop and trickle of blood. The domme does some breast massaging. We are not concerned with the authenticity. We loved the theater and the slightly older model. The ladies leave the room hurriedly, Morgan naked, for some fun somewhere else.

Mildred Scott-Housemother – NU-WEST NWV-066

3 Mar

F/4f; time: 38 minutes

A very early NU-WEST, maybe early eighties, when the films were longer, and before Ed Lee’s cast had been assembled. Early graphics, challenged production qualities, and terrible acting. But Lee was always in the vanguard. The simple spankings here presaged serial punishment stories for many studios.

‘Mildred Scott,’ a youngish domme woman, made several films for Lee. This one seems to have disappeared. Thanks expressed to the spanko who found it and offered it for view. Mildred plays a housemother here, a storyline promising a bevy of bottoms. ‘Housemother’ means sorority girls. There will be four girls, very pretty, but not of the showgirl cut. Mildred narrates and introduces Deidre and Anne, tall light brunettes with big hair of the period, who act like they had just put their fingers in a wall socket. Both wear ankle-length dresses and heels with straps.

Deidre is taken OTK at the foot of a bed on the sparsely furnished bedroom set. Mildred raises her dress and peels down the panties and pantyhose. She handspanks for about 8 minutes, moderately hard, some pushing rather than slaps. Deidre squawks all the way through. Anne is spanked in exactly the same way for her 8 minutes. Repetitive but effective.The film was made before Lee began the the repeat sequences from different camera positions, Here, the facials and angles are cut in.

In the second scene, Mildred faces two more sorority girls, blondes, who sit before her on their haunches, wearing just full cut dark panties, nothing else. Mildred will spank each girl, also for about 8 minutes. Some boob shots mixed in. Simple stuff, but very erotic, these submissive girls awaiting their fate. The film was made when bare bottom spanking was naughty and illicit.

Mistress V of Denver – NU-WEST

11 Feb

F/m; time: 23 minutes

One of NU-WEST’s odd Female dominant films, which we will pass over quickly, so that you can scratch off your list. ‘Mistress V.’ narrates. She is a dominatrix, practicing in Littleton, CO. “Do you have the nerve to come and see me? I am a professional dominatrix. I have a bad boy downstairs right now.”

Segue to the guy, Joey, to be punished. He is cornered, then over her knee. He is wearing his sister’s panties. A rather uninteresting spanking, bare butt. Mistress switches to a hairbrush and then a Spencer paddle, and last, a mild caning. He is just a bit pink. The closing handspanking is the hardest. We’ve said before— we would have liked to see the mkstress check to see if he liked it.

Her contact information is shown in a graphic.

L.A. Spanking Society #2 – NU-WEST

8 Feb

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

A very old film, the usual terrible film quality, and the second oldest graphics we recall from NU-WEST. Two girls sit on a bench in negligees, Michelle and Lisa. The male actor informs us in narration that if we like to watch spanking, more can be arranged. He has the girls show their panties.

He will call the girls out one at a time and spank them. Michelle is first, OTK. He raises her nightie and pulls down her panties immediately. The brunette does some sexy kicking for a moderate spanking. The guy has to hold her wrist to keep her still. Nice overhead shots. She has dirty bare feet. The guy has arranged her panties to cover any exposure between her legs. Various angles and repeats.

Lisa comes out next. Same bare bottom OTK. Michelle has been placed at the wall, but she pulled up her panties, a fetish detail not missed in later years. Closeups on mild welts and bruises. Maybe this was a sort of advertisement by NU-WEST to find a spanking market.

Housewife’s Dilemma – NU-WEST

16 Oct

MF/2f; time: 29 minutes

A very old, washed-out film. These are getting very rare for us to find. Another film which predates the appearance of the regular NU-WEST cast. A girl narrates: she still must spank her 18 year old niece ‘Kelly’ , and if it isn’t effective, she gets spanked herself. That will motivate you.

The aunt talks with her husband. Kelly is out late. ‘Greg’ demands ‘Margaret’ get the hairbrush. “Oh, for God’s sake, I’m a grown woman.” But she goes and brings the brush. The scene is a cheesy living room setup. Margaret must take off her skirt, which she tosses off in anger. Greg takes her OTK on the couch and he spanks quite hard with the brush on her pantyhose.

Kelly comes home and reports to Greg. She is a skinny dark blonde, dressed as a schoolgirl. As we have described before, these models are conventional-looking people, before the budget will permit the arrival of Lee’s statuesque bodies. Greg takes Kelly OTK and is shocked to see she is wearing racy black string panties. Kelly wasn’t expecting this spanking, or was she?

After this spanking, she must put on conventional panties, which happens off-screen for some reason. Another OTK session, Full white panties now, which come down. This model might not be the glamorous type, but she competes well in the bottom department.

After this long spanking, Greg decides that Margaret needs some reaffirmation of her duties. He paddles her standing at the couch. Hard enough, with a big fraternity paddle. The quality of the film is such that you can’t tell if her bottom is bare or in pantyhose. For good measure and domestic tranquillity, and probably a bit of revenge, Margaret gives the same paddling to Kelly. For an old film, there is quite a lot of effective spanking here.

Slapped Silly, Spanked Soundly – NU-WEST

11 Oct

3F/m; time: 29 minutes

A film which suggested a paucity of ideas coming out of the front office. Ed Lee kneels on the Oriental rug on the mostly empty sound stage.. He will be spanked and slapped by three of his female cast. One is Joanne Jameson, always nice to see her. The other two we don’t recognize.

As often happens in these F/m scenarios, two of the girls strip to panties and stockings, providing some visual interest otherwise missing. Not much action, and even Lee gets off easy here.

Whipping Post – NU-WEST

6 Oct

3F/m; time: xx

An interesting rip from somewhere. This is our title. A totally naked guy is strung up to whipping post planted in the sand in what is probably California scrub desert. He even has bare feet. Nice stressful position. He is really stretched and appears nicely helpless. Three girls, topless and wearing jodhpurs and boots, will take turns flogging him, from his shoulders to his knees.

The exterior camera shot is washed out to the point we are not sure who the girls are. One might be Jodi Cline. The girls pose so that all three sets of boobs and covered bottoms are on display as the whippings proceeds. Very NU-WEST. The guy’s penis flaps around as he writhes under the flogger. And maybe he does goes a bit aroused. We hope someone helped him out at the end. He was a good sport.

Katie and Ed Lee – NU-WEST

5 Oct

F/m; time: 5 minutes

A delicious little fragment someone has excerpted. We have reviewed close to a thousand NU-WEST films but so far cannot identify this piece. An older Katie wears only a bustier and no panties. She is spanking Ed Lee on the faux prison set. He is naked, and in his grey ponytail period.

Katie rocks him with a series of OTK hairbrush spankings, very hard, and necessarily short. As they move around the set, we get intimate shots of Katie, bottom and front, NU-WEST’s way of appealing to all customers with these F/m stories. We don’t see Lee’s butt during much of this session, which gave them the opportunity to fake.

Brenda Scott: Spanked and Milked – NU-WEST

11 Sep

F/m; time: xx

Note from the start, the title is ambiguous. Brenda does the work. She has a completely naked male standing in front of her. He is a muscular young blond with flowing surfer hair popular in the 90’s and now by Major League pitchers. His big penis rests for the moment. He is a real blond. This film will be a bit more graphic for NU-WEST.

Brenda sits in the OTK position, staring at the guy. You can see she is trying to avoid looking at his jewels. She begins stroking his cock into the beginnings of an erection. She adjusts her skimpy blue slip and the OTK spanking begins. There are spanking sessions, filmed from the front and overhead, and more standing penis stroking. His erection is improving.

The handjob intensifies. The surfer finally cums for Brenda, who, along the way, couldn’t resist self-satisfied glances at the camera.