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Three Girls with Hairbrush – NUWEST

22 Dec

3F/ m; time: 30 minutes

Our title. Early, predictably clunky NW, and as we have said before, we seem now to be down to reviewing the less popular F/m films bouncing around. A tall blonde narrates, and she and brunettes ‘Veronica’ and ‘Ann’ will spank ‘Ronald.’ We’re told Ann has made a few other films for NW.

CUT. Off to a fast start, Ronald is over the blonde’s lap, his white shorts down, getting the hairbrush. Crisp. Little yelps, and they seem justified. Veronica and Ann watch and try to keep straight faces. We wIll not see Ronald’s face and hear only fragments of dialogue. Each girl will take a spanking turn of about 10 minutes. There are cuts between the girls- one could easily argue the guy needed a break.

Ann seems to spank the hardest with the hairbrush. Different camera angles throughout probably allowed the editing of repeats, once again, understandable. 30 minutes of this hairbrush could be not possible. And to conclude, “Never underestimate the power of the American woman.”

Housekeeper’s Niece – NUWEST MM-197

15 Dec

F/f; year:2007; time: 10 minutes

One of NUWEST’s advertised short films, and with a reason. This is about as far out there as NW would go. Ed Lee, gray ponytail, creates a scenario you might find in erotic short stories. He sits in a barcolounger, wearing one of his KMart bathrobes in a sitting room setting.

An older woman enters the room and announces: “Squire, my niece is here to begin her training. Would you like me to prepare you?” He mutters assent in a disguised voice. She is carrying a bottle of baby lotion and a towel. She gets down on her knees, fishes out Lee’s penis, and lubricates it.

She leaves  the room and returns with ‘Gretchen,’ who wears  a little girl’s sailor dress. It is actually ‘Katie,’ in a long dark wig. We’ll be able to identify her from her squeals and a bit of dialogue. There is the squire, cock out, waiting for the entertainment to begin. The spanking starts, OTK, on skirt and white panties, bottom facing the squire.

“Pull your panties down.” “No!”  She must see the squire in arousal. OTK again, quite a thatch of pubic hair for this date of release. After more spanking, the squire wants to inspect her bottom, close up, bent over in front of him, where he can touch.

The aunt now kneels down in front of Lee and explains how to do a hand job, hand here, another here, cup the balls, stroke “until you see white juIcy stuff come out.”  No way, “No, I can’t.” She is dragged OTK again and the aunt spanks harder. Katie caves. Katie gets  down on her knees and goes right to it, with the lotion and her hands. She is not hesitant, almost eager,  and it doesn’t look like the instruction was necessary. Zoom on his erection. She massages his balls. Overheads and angles. The aunt flogs Katie’s bottom to spur her on. (Not the first time we’ve seen Katie service the master)

“Here, let me do it.”  The aunt takes over and soon we hear sounds of an orgasm, but no money shot. “That’s how you do it.” This film could be considered the fantasy completion of any voyeur spanking.


Visitor From Brazil – NUWEST

12 Dec

2F/m; time: 30 minutes

Another odd film from NW. An opportunity for more of the voyeur fetish. The set is humming-loud, music plays on the intercom, and there are the usual reverberations. We can’t comprehend the infrequent dialogue, but we will guess. ‘Katie’ plays a tourist from South America who has contracted to have a man whipped for her. She sits observing, off-camera.

A man is strung up on the empty set, wearing just loose jockey shorts. Two statuesque ladies come on screen and strip  to classic NW foundation garments–bra. panties, hose, garter belt, and heels. One is a young and smashing ‘Joanne Jameson.’ They quickly pull down his shorts and go to work with the strap and flogger. They ignore his cock, maybe not permitted when this film was made. A glance or a chuckle maybe?

The two girls alternate whipping him in a long and repetitive stretch. We watch them and are afforded some closeups (of them). The girls switch to a cane. The guy doesn’t seem to react.

After a FADE, the guy’s shorts are back on, probably at his request, because the girls will flog him front and back, round and round, up and down. Not as tough as often seen at NW.

Petticoat Punishment (Janet Beckwith) – NUWEST

5 Dec

F/m; year: 2012; time: 29 minutes.

First, we’d like to gratefully acknowledge two ‘Compleat Readers’ who  have been pointing out adjustments which could be made to some of the 1000 NUWEST reviews we have written. Archeology.

Another odd film, copyrighted 2012, but surely much earlier,  featuring a performance from the late Janet Beckwith/Veronica Lord, young here.  This weak production was probably culled from the files. She will spank Ed Lee in three episodes, which details are not important to cinematic history. In the first episode, Lee is naked, on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor of the empty set, with a pail and tiny brush. We know from his biographies he was a former Marine, so he knows how this is done.

A very young Beckwith, in short dark hair and trim figure, not so domme-like yet, sends Lee to the corner. He wears just a little apron and is careful not to flash his jewels. After some corner time,  she takes him OTK for a conventional but meaningful spanking. Lots of camera angles.

Next scene. Lee stands in the corner in a housedress. OTK again, he is wearing heels, pantyhose, and panties, the whole nine yards. He must have known he had customers for this. Small paddle, hurts more.

The third episode. Nurse ‘Jessica’ marches Lee to Beckwith. We don’t recognize the nurse, another indication of how old this film might be. Jessica is set up to sit and observe, the voyeur thing. They call him ‘Leon.’ Another OTK session, with the hairbrush. Crisp. They inspect his butt with some amusement in the corner at the conclusion.

9 to 5 LEDA Style – NUWEST

24 Nov

6F/m; year: 1994; time: 30 minutes

An odd version of the 1980 Hollywood film. Six LEDA ladies will work over their boss ‘Jack Wilson,’ and maybe do to him what any oppressed girl might fantasize. A naked male is strapped down over a trestle. We will never see his face or hear much from him. The six statuesque ladies Wilson has mistreated at the office will walk onto the set one at a time and have their fun with him, plus an extra.

We recognize some and catch names–Karen, Amy, Jill, Brenda, Maryellen. One girl will sit at the guy’s head and scold him while another girl flogs his back and butt.

For the finale, they take a gag out of his mouth–it had been as invisible as was his face. They want to hear him moan when the strap-on dildo finds its home. One girl does the duty, the  reaming seems not so real–the guy’s legs are strapped too close together and we don’t get the obligatory side view.

We are not  F/m fans,  we have said. This clunky film does not quite make it because of the directorial and staging lapses, but as always, we admire NUWEST’s inventiveness.

More Naked Whipping -NUWEST FCV-114

25 Oct

M/3f;  year: 2009; time: 20 minutes

Another film on the same barn formula in Ed Lee’s metal prefab horse facility in San Marcos. The setting is perfect  for CP films–concrete floors, steel bars,  harsh industrial atmosphere.

A hefty Vanna has brought three girls to the barn, two brunettes and a blonde. The girls are ordered to strip naked, which they do without objection. Just how they are convinced to go through with all this we can only guess. The lighting is poor in this room. The girls undress casually as if we were in a locker room. Vanna marches the three naked girls out onto the barn floor, bare feet on the concrete. She  fastens each girl,  hands over head to the bars, at the door opening where the horse’s head would protrude. This will permit a camera to get an unobstructed facial from inside the stall. Soon, the three girls are strung up, squirming slightly, bottoms awaiting the arrival of Ed Lee. This is our screenshot.

Cowboy Ed arrives, snapping his single-tail whip, not the dog whip and not quite a bullwhip, but nasty in the wrong hands. He walks the line of nudity and taunts the girls–shot of their apprehensive faces. Lee will start on the blonde. After teasing her with soft feints, the first slash of the whip is across her buttocks and she surges very nicely. Lee keeps moving her hair to expose all of her back, but really, there is plenty of magnificent target.

Lee will move from girl to girl, two or three minutes each, back and bottom, then up and down the line for random slashes and some flurries. Cameras from inside the stalls  allow the facial view. Vanna returns to release the girls.




Two Sisters Over the Rack – NUWEST

18 Oct

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 10 minutes

Ed Lee continues his quest for novelty in his films. Here he has had constructed a sort of tripod out of wood poles, the sort of device you would see holding a pot over a fire in a 1940’s Western movie, or more currently, an advanced version of the Salvation Army frame for the donation pot. But this one must be more sturdy, with crossbars, to hold the bucking body of a naked girl being whipped.

Exterior. The first girl bent over tied to this frame might be Jodi Cline. Her shorts and thong are at her splayed knees. Lee uses a lash. “I wouldn’t get any exercise if it wasn’t for you girls.” Even in 2006, NW has its production troubles. The sound varies from camera to camera. He unsnaps Jodi’s bra and lets it fall.

A scond girl is whipped in the same way. Her offense: “Time to teach your ass a lesson….no  tattoos!” She got a tramp stamp. Better closeups here. Lee slashes forehand and backhand.