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14 Sep

F/fm; time: 11 minutes

A short film, maybe a fragment from another video, or simply a self-contained vignette from the archives. Worth a moment.

‘Joanne Jameson’ is whipping a male and female on the barren sound stage. Typical colorful and rudimentary NUWEST. We’ve tried to say before–despite vastly improved production values, equipment, cast, histrionic storylines, no producer ever achieved, for us, the raw eroticism we find here.

First, Joanne is whipping a blonde, naked, strung up. She’s got a full scale untended pubic bush, to note the era. Next Joanne whips a naked male, whose face we will never see. Joanne is wearing a tight dress with a very short skirt. Very nice. She is built for it.

In a larger shot,  we see both the naked male and female, as Joanne slashes from bottom to bottom. Joanne has stripped to just pale blue bra and panties, and heels of course. So easy to watch.



Vintage Caning – NUWEST

29 Aug

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A film in black-and-white, or adapted to appear that way, to communicate the ‘vintage’ image, a bit  awkward, as typical  from NUWEST. Five sequences of Ed Lee himself being caned by one of his cast models.

(1) Katie canes Lee, she is fully dressed here, she circles, swooshes and canes.

(2) Now, Joanne Jameson, topless, and getting more buxom than her initial teen years. Lee is bent over a horse, wearing a little half-slip.

(3) A blonde in bra, panties, and knee boots. She canes Lee. He is over a trestle.

(4) The wonderful Debra, thin and regal, wearing just a bustier and panties, her breasts bare. Lee is naked here. Debra goes a little easy on him.

(5) And Katie again, and this time she wears no pants, so we can watch her as she circles Lee. Cute pubic trim. Our reward for these F/m episodes. He is over a trestle and wearing a girdle. Katie canes hard and fast. He struggles and the girdle comes down. In some of these segments, Lee’s right cheek bleeds in the usual vulnerable place.

LEDA – Strap-on – NUWEST

23 Aug

F/mf; time: 24 minutes

This film did not have a title. We have some researching readers out there. ‘Julia Jameson’ takes a small brunet(te) onto the bed on the large tile-walled stage. We can’t tell yet if the person is male or female, which for some reason measurably enhances the eroticism. We know Julia can flog and ream the best of them.

She helps the person on with panties. “Don’t worry, you’re only going to wear them while I’m spanking.” This can’t be reassuring. They will be coming off. The usual sexy talk–Julia is amused that HIS worker friends would be fascinated as to how he spends his evenings.

Julia makes the little guy kneel up on the bed while she gets her strap-on. She proceeds to fuck him hard, doggy-style. Piped studio music covers his gasping, but from his face, Julia might actually have penetrated. She crushes him flat on the bed and keeps pumping, then rolls him over onto his back without disconnecting. The gender is confirmed.

He has become, Julia calls him, “a tenderized piece of meat.” It strains a bit to imagine how this is real, but that is  not the point of CP films. More OTK, then another ramming on the bed, before the guy collapses in exhaustion.

Stephanie’s Playthings – Jessica NUWEST NWV-156

23 Aug

F/f; year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

‘Stephanie Locke,’ in leather, narrates: “Our victim this afternoon is Melina Christopher. Apparently this porn actress played the part of Jessica,  or the NW graphics department screwed up the title. We’re here for the spankings. Stephanie explains that for the ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Mische’ versions of this format she didn’t spank angry, but here, she is. Before the spanking begins, she plugs her availability for Femdom services–write to SHADOWLANE, boys, if you want a spanking.

FADE to spanking action. in the large empty studio, tall brunette Jessica is being spanked OTK. She wears bra, panties, and bustier, typical NW foundation garments. Her long hair will hide her face for most of the film, mostly out of poor staging. Vigorous moderate spanking. Stephanie hauls her full white lace panties down.

FADE. Jessica has been strung up  now, the set shows some cheap furniture and the faux paneled wall. Mild whipping, Jessica keeps her legs spread and bottom out without prompting. Stephanie takes the panties down. Lots of pubic hair. A riding crop.

Stephanie pulls Jessica’s boobs out of her bustier. There is a pause, Jessica’s wrists are lowered, some adjustment is made to her manacles, then the whipping continues. For a break, Stephanie gives her a drink of water from a glass, not easy between arms pulled over her head. No water bottles?

Fast cropping to bare bottom. Boobs hang. Best facials for the closing embrace.


Female/male Whippings – NUWEST

11 Jul

F/m; time: 30 minutes

Four F/m episodes. In the first 11 minute segment, Ed Lee is fastened, bony and naked, to racks in his San Marcos storeroom. Joanne Jameson is on hand to whip him. The action is filmed from two different angles. No dialogue. (There rarely is when Lee is on the receiving end.) Long  repetitive action. Joanne uses the dogwhip, in the ‘flurry” fashion. Lee’s bones and grunts identify him.

#2 Lee is strung up naked on the sound stage and whipped by a girl in bustier and thong. No faces or dialogue.

#3 Lee again, back in the workroom for 7 minutes. Strung up naked, Joanne whips him, and this time she too is naked. Lots of rest pauses for caressing, and maybe Lee gets his balls tweaked. We couldn’t quite tell.

#4 9 minutes. Another male, hooded, muscular and tan, is string up to bars in the big tile room set with the bed. Katie, and maybe Vanna or Julia, take turns having fun whipping the guy while they sip wine. We wanted them to overheat and strip, but not this time.

Naughty Boy – NUWEST

27 Jun

3F/m; time: 27 minutes

We don’t have the title for this oldie yet. We’ve said, F/m spankings are not preferred by us, but here again, as usual, NUWEST used the nudity of the female dommes to attract both sides of the market audience.

The set is the large, high-ceiling tile-walled room somewhere on Ed Lee’s property. A naked male is tied down over the tilted box. We will never see his face and hear only muttered grunts and phrases from him.  He is being attended by ‘Jacque,’ ‘Julia Jameson,’ and a third model.

The action is repetitive, although colorful. First, the girls, fully clothed in conventional dresses, will take turns strapping him. One girl straps, a second sits with his head held between her legs, and the third girl stands with her back to us, closest to the camera. There are several angles shot of this action, rather good from NUWEST. The girls admire his developing red butt.

The girls strap impressively hard. The guy wriggles and gasps. The girls use the silly taunting talk which made NUWEST comically unique in this era. Of course the girls are becoming overheated. “Let’s take our dresses off.” They strip to bras, panties, garter belts, and stockings, the usual NW foundation display.

The rotating strappings continue, the girls are careful to keep switching sides to distribute the pressure on both buttocks. The female pantied bottom is kept in the shots. And for the final strapping round, the girls strip naked. Lots of pubic hair in this era.

Jacque picks up a cane and goes to work, while Julia and the third girl masturbate themselves off to the side. A bit silly but fun. Jacque: “Next time, you cane and I get to cum.”


Spankings of Her Life – NUWEST

7 Jun

M/f; time: 25 minutes

One of Ed Lee’s mischievous films,  for us. ‘Julia Jameson’ plays a secretary working in an office. She rushes in to her desk, late again. Lee confronts her. “Well, Jameson!” No acting being done here, but we enjoy the setup.

Julia had agreed to a spanking on the next occasion she was late. Nice office policy. The OTK spanking will now begin, No excuses. Skirt up, panties down, she must make an apology after each smack.

FADE, another story. Julia is scolded by ‘aunt,’ in the barren studio set up as a domestic scene. She has been using drugs. She wears jeans and a black top. OTK, jeans down, loose beige panties, dirty feet. Standard spanking. Bare bottom to the corner. Julia great to watch.