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Stepdaughter – NUWEST NWV-012

2 Jun

MF/f; time: 31 minutes

Extremely early NUWEST, as the catalogue number indicates, and the worst production values, acting, and staging. But the film does have that illicit brown-wrapper, under-the-counter, smoker feel to it, which may have been relevant in the 1970’s or so when depicting a young girl having her pants taken down and spanked by ‘parents.’

Ed Lee is ‘Jeanine’s’ father, and there is a stepmother. The couple debates on who should discipline Jeanine, by which they mean, who is going to pull her pants down and spank her.

Jeanine stays out all night and ignores her stepmother’s scolding. She won’t take a spanking. “You’re not my real mother….you’re a mean old witch.” When she is threatened with boarding school, she surrenders.

There follows a series of ineffectual spankings, by Lee and the stepmother, in varying states of undress, all in the kitchen, one set, and so poorly staged we can’t tell what is going on.



Stepdaughter – NUWEST NWV-012

11 May

MF/f; time: 31 minutes

As clunky and crude a NUWEST film as we have seen. Ed Lee is the father, and with his wife, the stepmother of his daughter ‘Jeanine,’ they spank her for various things in the kitchen of their house. The girl is 18 years old and not keen on the treatment.

Plenty of chances for Ed Lee to roll out his lingerie fetish and to create the salacious and illicit scene of a teenager having her pants pulled down and spanked on the bare bottom in a domestic setting. The film may well have been marginally legal when it was made.

Therapy of the Ruler- Sylvia and Denise NWV-018 – NUWEST

5 May

F/f; time: 23 minutes

A very early film from NUWEST, around the time when 8 MM films were being converted to videotape. The production values are terrible, as you would expect.

Denise is already naked, tied standing to the foot of a bed. Sylvia is whipping her–she has been smoking, adulterous, hitting her son, and not going to church.

Sylvia shows her the hickory ruler she will use, and a gag if Denise is too noisy. “We’ll try a few to see if you scream.” The spanking is  mostly harmless, with more an air of BDSM that corporal punishment. This session ends with Denise sent whimpering to the wall, naked.

“Well, you’re ready for more discipline.” Denise is fastened to the door, arms up. The positioning and fastening are not shown.

After another cut, Denise is tied face down on the bed, for the paddle. She is promised her next spanking in a week.

Sandy and Bill – NUWEST NWV-477

28 Apr

M/f; year: 1979; time: 10 minutes

One of the early soundless 8 mm films converted. For some reason, spanking aficionados often refer back to these films. We  have never found much interest in them, other than to recognize the groundbreaking aspects. We always feel like we’re watching in the basement of the American Legion after the wives have gone home.

Bill jumps Sandy when she gets home; she has done something. She shows him a buttock tattoo she has–maybe that’s it.

OTK spanking, beige spankings down, quite a struggle.

New scene: Bill is on the bed in jockey shorts smoking a joint. Sandy dresses for the day in the bsthroom and catches Bill. She takes him to the living room by the ear and spanks him with a hairbrush. That’s all there is.

Sonia Spanks Debra – NUWEST NWV-236

28 Apr


A brief film, like they had time at the end of a shooting day. The bedroom setup; Sonia spanks Debra on the end of the bed. Loud echo in the empty studio. Various views of this uneventful spanking–front, oblique, overhead.

Sonia gradually gets to Debra’s bare bottom, skirt up, pantyhose down, some silly squawking.

Women Spanking Women 1982 – NUWEST NWV-416

26 Apr


An old film, with the crude production values, bare studio, no props. But pretty girls, dressed conventionally off the street, and crisp spankings, filmed possibly in a time when bare bottomed spanking was still shocking. Three segments.

“Hello, I’m Pamela. I’m going to get spanked. If you’d like to watch, just stay tuned.” Just enough voyeur feel to convey the eroticism Ed Lee was essentially inventing in this era. A girl comes on stage and spanks Pamela OTK, panties down, classic full bikini tan. The girls switch. Tight, perfect bottoms.

Two more girls, the spanker scolding in a foreign language. Conventional spanking, white panties down, kicking and struggling.

And two more girls, the same foreign spanker uses a ruler on the white panties of her submissive.


Scream Christopher Scream – NUWEST

13 Apr

4F/m; year: 2001; time: 57 minutes

A long film for NUWEST, and another F/m format, not our bag, but wild things can happen at NW, and this is one of the best. NUWEST’s ‘Debra’ and ‘Julia Jameson’ are joined by ‘Coleen,’ a large Amazonian lady by NW standards, but appropriately endowed.

Coleen has brought ‘Christopher’ to be punished. A muscular  male in black undershirt, shorts, and dog collar kneels in a submissive position in front of the girls. He is Coleen’s  husband.There is a list of offenses–Debra has a clipboard. She will train him. “I’ll enjoy every minute of it.”

The first offense–annoying and rude interruptions. “For this first one, Julia will give you a sound OTK spanking. You can keep your shorts up for this one.” Julia begins the spanking, fairly hard, eliciting an immediate gasp, but Coleen wants her to smack harder. Coleen takes her turn, and she does hit harder. And Debra’s turn completes the trio.

Christopher kneels again, more scolding, and Coleen slaps his face, forehand and backhand, quite hard, no  fooling around.

Another offense is cited, waking Coleen carelessly; Debra: “Another go-around. Let’s lose the shorts.” Another handspanking from the three girls. Debra does the shorts. They  note Christopher is quivering. “Good.” They know that’s a sure indicator of effective spanking.

For the next offense, the girls use a hairbrush; these punishments are beginning to have results. “You haven’t even whimpered, you’re so tough.” (He will learn.)When he begs for water, Coleen squirts him with a water bottle.

And the next offense–he has been caught staring at the ass of ‘Jackie’ in the office, “oh-goaling” (oogling) the girls call it. For this, NUWEST’s ‘Jackie’ is called onto the set. She takes off her white panties and puts them over Christopher’s head. “Breathe in. Get the full effect.”

Christopher sits on the stool or stands so he can see Jackie flash her bottom. They adjust the panties for his eyes. This provides our first look at his cock. The girls tease, because nothing is happening. “Your little cock is in boot camp….are you nervous?” We’ve said before, NW’s ‘David’ is an infrequent example of a guy who can spring and maintain a boner just by conversation. The girls play with Christopher’s jewels, to little effect. They yank, stretch, and slap his cock, and  when Julia slaps, quite hard and with evident experience, he begins screaming. They observe purple blood blisters.

The next offense-he has left doors unlocked. After a FADE, he is fastened naked to a trestle. The girls strap him. Julia leaves the set and returns with a strap-on dildo. The girls laugh, knowing she is best at this. With slow and erotic preparation, including a condom put on and Christopher licking the dildo, she proceeds to fuck him. From the side, Coleen whips him while Julia works. This produces some of the loudest screams you’ll hear from San Marcos. Debra take up the whip, more screams.

After another FADE, Christopher’s ordeal with the four girls takes on a new dimension. Coleen bends and drops her panties and Christopher provides oral from the rear. She then sits for frontal attention. He seems to bite her.

All four girls will cane Christopher, a long and apparently unedited sequence. 16 from Debra, 60 rapid-fire from Coleen, 28 from Jackie,  about 40 from Julia. who gets him screaming and breaks a cane. Then Coleen has the wife’s privilege of using  the sjambok whip. She practices on the chair seat to get him quivering. 6 strokes. He  howls, unembarrassed by now with panties over his face.. More oral/anal for Coleen before he is finished. He kisses all the girls’ bottoms but is not allowed to look.