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Renter’s Dream – NUWEST NWV-361

18 Jul

M/f; time: 25 minutes

An odd film we have not been able to figure out. It seems to have been associated with both NUWEST and OOHTEEKAY. And the production values are very much not in the tradition of NUWEST.

The story is simple and repetitive. Girls are late with their rent and induce spankings from their landlord. Some of the girls find this thrilling and entice their friends to pay late or not at all. There are a series of spanking scenes and narration by the girls. The spanker would appear to be Ed Lee, although we will not see his face or hear his voice. His technique we recognize.

We do see one NUWEST face, either Jodi Cline or Jacque. Lee does all the spanking in an elevated chair, with a base built to withstand the rollicking activity. The best spanking is that of tenant ‘Katherine,’ who is most animated as her bare bottom is whaled. We are led to believe she didn’t know this would happen to her.

Ladies Who Love to Cane #7 – NUWEST

2 Jul

F/m; year: 1997; time: 15 minutes

Maestro Ed Lee will take a series of canings from his girls in five different scenes.

In the first scene, Lee is bent over a chair, wearing one of those corsets he likes. A woman walks onto the set and removes her robe. She is wearing a bra and corset. She canes Lee and soon draws blood on that weak spot on his right buttock. The severity of the scene is lessened by trips to the wall.

Vanna canes in the second segment. Lee pulls down the corset. She wears a pants suit and keeps it on. To the corner.

A brief scene with another girl, shot from a ceiling CAM.

And last, Katie! Lee is naked here. And Katie is wearing only latex bra and cutaway panties. She canes him and for some reason pulls her punches. Katie goes to the wall, sits in a chair, strips off her panties. She spreads her thighs over the arms of the chair and beckons Lee is come over and service her, which he does for a few seconds.

Jodi Does Leg Humping – NUWEST

8 Mar

F/m; time: 19 minutes

Another film surfaces with the FEMALE/male theme. And probably another example of how deep Ed Lee chose to dig for stories. Jodi Cline plays a dominatrix. She is spanking a naked male over her lap. He must be a soldier, because we can see some fading cane marks on his butt.

The handcuffed guy kneels on the floor and rubs his cock on Jodi’s legs until he cums. The camera shots are not great, but as Jodi helps him along with her hand, we get some sense of how he got the part.


Spanked Females 2 – NUWEST

4 Mar

MF/ f; time: 40 minutes

Nine separate OTK spanking scenes, almost all F/f. Very old stuff here, and nothing new by advanced CP film standards. The models all seem to predate the development of the cast at NUWEST. The usual awful graphics, film quality, and acting. But there is a certain authenticity to the spankings themselves. These girls don’t seem to have delveloped the tough skin you might see later.

The girls are mostly brunettes, and conventional in appearance, not so much looking like off a flight from Las Vegas. We won’t detail the nine episodes, except to say  the spanking rituals are carefully preserved—panties down slowly, kicking feet, mild struggling, and a few nods to the schoolgirl thing.

To Please the Master – NUWEST FCV-006

4 Mar

2F/2f; time: 30 minutes

One of our constant readers alerted us to the circulation of this film. It is an oldie, containing most  of the annoying characteristics NUWEST corrected in later years—washed out images, poor camera angles, and that cursed intercom studio music overdub. You can’t hear a girl squeal.

Ed Lee sits  throne-like in a  chair center-stage with his short glass of whiskey. His entertainment: ‘Brenda Scott’  and blonde Joanne Jameson come on stage, move to a (too far) corner, and strip to bra and panties. They will settle a score between them by spanking each other and give Ed a view.

First, Joanne will fasten Brenda  to one of the NW bondage devices. It is a vertical wood post attached  to the wall, with a waist high center bar protruding horizontally. Brenda’s wrists are fastened high to the vertical bar, her ankles and waist to the support for the horizontal bar, so that her bottom is thrust out so perfectly. Joanne pulls her black panties down and begins to lash her. Lee directs Joanne on where he wants the strokes to fall.

Ms. Jameson is her usual sexy self, as she lashes Linda. She’s got white undies on, and you won’t see any loosely fitted panties at NUWEST. The girls will switch places as Lee sips his single malt.

(our copy of this film has Joanne’s segment cut off. It will surely turn up and we we amend.)

Three Girls with Hairbrush – NUWEST

22 Dec

3F/ m; time: 30 minutes

Our title. Early, predictably clunky NW, and as we have said before, we seem now to be down to reviewing the less popular F/m films bouncing around. A tall blonde narrates, and she and brunettes ‘Veronica’ and ‘Ann’ will spank ‘Ronald.’ We’re told Ann has made a few other films for NW.

CUT. Off to a fast start, Ronald is over the blonde’s lap, his white shorts down, getting the hairbrush. Crisp. Little yelps, and they seem justified. Veronica and Ann watch and try to keep straight faces. We wIll not see Ronald’s face and hear only fragments of dialogue. Each girl will take a spanking turn of about 10 minutes. There are cuts between the girls- one could easily argue the guy needed a break.

Ann seems to spank the hardest with the hairbrush. Different camera angles throughout probably allowed the editing of repeats, once again, understandable. 30 minutes of this hairbrush could be not possible. And to conclude, “Never underestimate the power of the American woman.”

Housekeeper’s Niece – NUWEST MM-197

15 Dec

F/f; year:2007; time: 10 minutes

One of NUWEST’s advertised short films, and with a reason. This is about as far out there as NW would go. Ed Lee, gray ponytail, creates a scenario you might find in erotic short stories. He sits in a barcolounger, wearing one of his KMart bathrobes in a sitting room setting.

An older woman enters the room and announces: “Squire, my niece is here to begin her training. Would you like me to prepare you?” He mutters assent in a disguised voice. She is carrying a bottle of baby lotion and a towel. She gets down on her knees, fishes out Lee’s penis, and lubricates it.

She leaves  the room and returns with ‘Gretchen,’ who wears  a little girl’s sailor dress. It is actually ‘Katie,’ in a long dark wig. We’ll be able to identify her from her squeals and a bit of dialogue. There is the squire, cock out, waiting for the entertainment to begin. The spanking starts, OTK, on skirt and white panties, bottom facing the squire.

“Pull your panties down.” “No!”  She must see the squire in arousal. OTK again, quite a thatch of pubic hair for this date of release. After more spanking, the squire wants to inspect her bottom, close up, bent over in front of him, where he can touch.

The aunt now kneels down in front of Lee and explains how to do a hand job, hand here, another here, cup the balls, stroke “until you see white juIcy stuff come out.”  No way, “No, I can’t.” She is dragged OTK again and the aunt spanks harder. Katie caves. Katie gets  down on her knees and goes right to it, with the lotion and her hands. She is not hesitant, almost eager,  and it doesn’t look like the instruction was necessary. Zoom on his erection. She massages his balls. Overheads and angles. The aunt flogs Katie’s bottom to spur her on. (Not the first time we’ve seen Katie service the master)

“Here, let me do it.”  The aunt takes over and soon we hear sounds of an orgasm, but no money shot. “That’s how you do it.” This film could be considered the fantasy completion of any voyeur spanking.