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School Lessons – OOHTEEKAY

27 Jun

F/2f; time: 42 minutes

Another conventional schoolgirl spanking filmed in a small studio on ‘Spanking Street’ in Glasgow. ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ will be spanking students ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘O’Connor’ in detention. She has attended to a number of pretty bottoms on this familiar classroom set, a non-inclusive list of a number we can remember–Emma Brown, Samantha Woodley, Dublin O’Brien.

The scene is one of the best-appointed classroom sets we have seen in the CP genre. A platform with a cluttered teacher’s desk, blackboard, school desks, wall maps, dunce stool. A rack on the wall holds a rug beater, straps, and canes. FIRMHAND did their nice classroom, as did Ivor Gold at REDSTRIPE. Every detail is correct here, and all the spanking ritual, hands-on-head, panties at half-mast, etc.

Gillian-Lancer strides back and forth on the platform lecturing on 18th century British industrialists. She will stop her intentionally tedious lecture to bring O’Connor and Flynn forward to be spanked OTK, first by hand, then a big dust brush, and then the cane, all to increasing squeals. The girls’ full white panties will go up and down. A buxom, older, and cosmetically improved Ms. Lancer is more formally attired here in gray suit, glasses, and heels, and is at her dour and menacing best.

O’Connor is another classic redheaded Irish ¬†colleen. The Glaswegian producers have long coveted the pale skinned redhead. Niki’s hair is faint copper here, and still short, maybe remaining from that on-screen shearing at LUPUS in 2008.

Lancer has taken up a rod, the meaning of which is clear, to punctuate her lecture. The final punishment will be a caning. The girls, in turn, grab their ankles and take 6 strokes, very hard, with the little short sharp wrist shots this domme specializes in. Plenty of marks and wheals. In a touch of authenticity, that far buttock takes the brunt. Poor O’Connor gets confused, loses count, and earns an extra. Gillian Lancer could always be counted on for a severe and erotic performance. the intensity here could be compared to LUPUS, except for duration.

Over the Knee – OOHTEEKAY

6 Apr

M/f; time: 20 minutes

‘Cecil B.’ enters a kitchen with a credit card bill; his wife, who is cleaning, has bought too many shoes. “But I like shoes.” “You like shoes, I’ll show you shoes.”

He grabs the frosted brunette and begins spanking her over the kitchen counter. As with almost all of his performances, it isn’t much of a spanking, and maybe worth risking for a few pairs of shoes. He parks the girl in a corner while he goes for his spanking implements.

OTK, skirt off, just a G-string. Standard uninteresting handspanking and with a big round leather paddle. The girl tries to look like it hurts.

G-string off, the girl kneels on a bench for a big leather strap which looks like a scrap from a tanning factory. But there is no tanning here.

Mother and Daughter – OOHTEEKAY

15 Jan

F/2f; time: 20 minutes

Another story where a mother, ‘Mrs. Jones,’ is called to school for a naughty daughter and gets spanked herself.

The headmistress scolds a brunette and her mother, the girl struggles to keep a straight face. The girl has been truant, writing false notes, etc. James will give them a “good spanking” because, we would suggest, no one is taking this very seriously.

The Jones’ are marched into a mostly empty office. Mother and daughter are spanked OTK in turn. Panties and thong down. Mom is a naughty dresser.

The headmistress positions two chairs Winchester-style. Both get the strap. Then both bend over a chair for a bigger paddle.

This would be one of the weakest versions of this plot line and not recommended.

Girls in Borstal Discipline – OOHTEEKAY

4 Jan

F/4f; time: 44 minutes

Disciplinarian ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ is credited as “Wardess and Dorm Captain,” not good news if you are assigned to her, but music to our ears. She has control of four girls in khaki institutional uniforms. The plot and spankings will be confusing, so we won’t labor to sort it out.

Lancer jumps the first girl, ‘Ansonia,’ a brunette who is some kind of prefect. She is partially undressed in a corridor. Back in the dorm, Lancer begins spanking the other three girls in various ways. She directs Ansonia, “Strip them off and send them to me one at a time.” This sounded good, but it didn’t happen.

Various unimpressive spankings for the rest of the film. There are so many good spanking films. Save your time for another.

Punishment of Penny – OOHTEEKAY

20 Oct

F/2f; time: 51 minutes

Two schoolgirls run through the countryside in gym clothes. Later, one girl is seen taking another girl’s money, the reason for which is never resolved.

The two girls, brunette ‘Penny Thompson’ and blonde ‘Mandy Jones,’ are seen frolicking in the shower, fully clothed for some reason in yellow pleated skirts and blue blouses. School authority ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ breaks up this hilarity and hands them towels to dry off. Miraculously, they seem to be completely dry and well-kempt. This would have been a better time to have them remove all the uncomfortable wet clothes.

Miss GL goes and gets a slipper, to deal with them right here in the shower room. But she doesn’t do much. After an excessively long scolding and hands-on-head, she spanks both girls OTK on their blue knickers.

Another inexplicable scene–while we watch, both girls change into full schoolgirl kits, blazers, ties, etc., without showing us anything. The girls are spanked again, and Mandy is give two textbooks to hold at arms-length, which she doesn’t do correctly and in fact stops when GL is out of sight.

More spanking for gum chewing; GL produces her canes. Penny is caned on blue knickers and on the bare, not worth detailing. Too much talk, not enough spanking.

The Collegiate – OOHTEEKAY

20 Feb

F/f; time: 58 minutes

An odd little lesbian adventure, nothing more than a long OTK spanking in one scene; a tall blonde in inexplicable cap-and-gown greets a conservative brunette at her door. It seems this girl is in trouble at school and the alternatives are the usual–dismissal or acceptance of corporal punishment. The girl admits she understands that CP means spanking.

Two cats walk calmly about the residential set and one or both will be in most of the shots. The blonde steps off-screen, then returns, having removed her gown. She now displays some classic dominatrix garb–bustier, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels. She has a stack of spanking implements. The girl can’t suppress a smile at this corny sight.

The girl goes OTK and the blonde begins the spanking with a kitchen spoon on the girl’s jeans. But the girl is on the wrong side–“I’m right-handed,” for both the spanking stroke and the camera angle. This happens more often than you would expect in CP films, where rehearsal is apparently minimal.

Quite a few implements are deployed–the spoon, a Ping-Pong paddle, spatula-shaped paddle, fly swatter, foot-long thick wood paddle with holes, floppy strap, and a sole.

After the girl strips to bra and panties (a little thong, it is), more spoon, several paddles, and a short double-cane. After the girl is cornered for a minute or two, the undies come off and she is naked.

More OTK, legs spread, dirty feet (no carpet in the room). Bend over the couch for a flogger, a longer double-cane, and other tools. The domme rakes her bottom with fingernails.

Dressed For Punishment – Oohteekay

10 Feb

F/f; time: 39 minutes

A ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ Uniform Discipline film; a tall thin pigtailed blond student adjusts her schoolgirl clothing–jumper, tie, blazer, skirt, knickers. She is on the familiar classroom set, awaiting ‘Miss Daley,’ played by Gillian Lancer.

Daley enters, scolding and stalking the girl. Between the heavy Scottish brogue and an annoying echo in the room, we can’t hear much of the dialogue. there is a lot of talk.

Daley begins preparing her for the punishment–helping her off with her blazer and her jumper. Daley finds a boy’s necktie in her blazer, which incites her even more. The girl’s little skirt is pinned up, exposing regulation dark blue full knickers. After a short OTK spanking, hard enough to get things started, the blond girl is sent out of the room to fetch the cane.

The blond returns toying with the cane, seeming rather nonchalant about the whole thing. She unfastens her rucked up skirt and hands it over. The first caning begins. The girl bends over a school desk and takes 6 fast moderate strokes on her knickers.

Hands-on-head at the blackboard, the blonde pulls down her knickers to inspect the damage–wheals already evident.

“Later That Evening” Screen graphic. The blonde lies on her bed in her spare dormitory space, nursing her bottom, even through she has had only six strokes so far. Daley enters and pulls down her pants to see for herself.

Daley helps the girl off with her blouse–down to a gymslip. After a crisp OTK spanking with a hairbrush, the blonde is ready for more caning. Hands on the bed, “Stick out your backside.” six more sharp cracks, still on her knickers. Daley checks the marks, which certainly are developing.

Daley helps the girl pull on a knee-length nightshirt and takes her panties from her. Another bend-over, nightshirt flipped up, six more cane strokes, this time on the bare for the first time. After more scolding, a last six on the bare, 24 strokes all told. Zoom on significant wheals, wild and a bit random, consistent with the various positions.

The girl sobs in bed. Some screens are repeated “through a keyhole.”